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The Earth isn't feeling so great Anonymous 142633

i'm hearing about the people in the northern hemisphere feeling absolutely cooked with these heatwaves recently.

soon it will be summer where i am.

the weather is scary, and i don't like where things are heading

(;A; )

[image source is Kazuki Takahashi's instagram, November 10th 2016)

Anonymous 142636

The earth is feeling perfectly fine. The entire world could light up in nuclear fire and it would keep spinning. Worms in volcanic tube vent at the bottom of the ocean could not give a single fuck.

It is humans that aren't feeling so great.

Anonymous 142637


>It is humans that aren't feeling so great.

Anonymous 142638

Last I checked those aren't planets. If mass extinction events make you sad I recommend you not look up the history of the earth.

Anonymous 142639

the sentence makes sense either way.

If you're standing in a crowded elevator, and you say "this place/elevator feels uncomfortable", it doesn't necessarily have to be about the elevator's feelings

Anonymous 142640


>It is humans that aren't feeling so great.

Anonymous 142642


>It is humans that aren't feeling so great.

Anonymous 142643


autist taking things too literally
>It is humans that aren't feeling so great.

Anonymous 142644

>the sentence makes sense either way.
I thought that at one point, but I no longer believe it. If that were true many would recognize that the overwhelming majority of people who die from natural causes each year are from cold exposure, not heat. There's a vast amount of anti-human rhetoric in the "green movement" that strikes me as putting the cart completely before the horse.

Anonymous 142645


Choose a different animal to cry over, possibly their food.

Anonymous 142646

Great Barrier Reef, please don't die on us! :(

Anonymous 142647

There we go! Now that's something to cry over.

Anonymous 142650

Are you in NZ OR Australia op

Anonymous 142653

It's like 90% dead, not even joking. It's mostly been bleached in the last few years

Anonymous 142654

But fuck people genuinely, they're too overpopulated and mostly behave like a cancer save for the non corrupt

Anonymous 142655

Humans do it to themselves

Anonymous 142656

And this is why I don't agree with >>142639

Anonymous 142657


Anonymous 142661

doesn't change the fact that they are legitimately starving off quickly even if their population went up previously

Anonymous 142675

Its pretty cleae their population has consistentlt been risong since the 50s and has had a recent spike.

They now actually believe the melting icecaps could be beneficial to the bears


Sorry you were brainwashed

Anonymous 142722


ikr it feels like the world is a machine that has become over torqued and is now running hot(not just the climate). The economy has been living on borrowed time and largely fake for like 20-30 years now and that can only go so far, now things start to come crashing down. I think it's all gonna become way worse.

Anonymous 142723

i used to think it was just because i was younger but lots of stuff actually was better back in 2008-2013ish. people seemed nicer, even the internet was a nicer, safer place compared to the shitshow we have now. i got my shit together and my life's nicer than it was, but now a lot of the world seems rotten…
there's definitely beautiful lovely stuff everywhere still but everyone's got this air of doom about them. i miss optimism.

Anonymous 142727


ppl in this thread acting like "yaaaay humans are dying" or "the earth will be fine even after mass extinction"

Whatever your thoughts on the fate of Earth's lifeforms, the weather isn't going to feel good while we're in it. ( '_') i bet you will complain about the weather too someday.

Anonymous 142736


No shit sherlock. I swear some of you people are being obtuse as the dudes on reddit. Of course the people complaining about the state of the earth aren't going "Oh no, this rocky planetary body has been smushed into smithereens :( The non-sentient rocky planet that has no feelings because it's a literal planet, is not feeling good, and wont be able to spin around the sun for any longer :("

they view earth's lifeforms as part of earth, and when a lot of them will face difficulty or will become extinct, a part of earth (no matter how small in relation to the literal rocky body of the planet) has lived, then died. even if new life comes again in the future and the ecosystem and foodchains of earth rebirths/reinvents itself, the creatures in the past still suffered and died, and could constitute "the earth not feeling so great (in the past)", if someone views Earth's lifeforms as part of Earth.

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