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Anyone struggle to drive because they're short Anonymous 142735

I'm sub 5ft and I struggle to see where the car is going when I drive. In my country we have to drive the car given to us by the driving institute which is a standard sedan car.

We can't bring our own cars to lessons and tests….

Anonymous 142747

Bring a pillow to sit on

Anonymous 143006

Harmony Juvenile D…

Use a booster seat :3
Oh but then your wee legs might not reach the brake and accelerator. Aw jeez i don't know, that's a tough one

Anonymous 143079


she just needs stilts after that, then she'll have it all.

Anonymous 143080

you should be able to adjust your seat. if not, >>142747 should work.

Anonymous 143083


Anonymous 143115

obvious jokes are not bait.

Anonymous 143135


Anonymous 143149

God tier bait

Anonymous 143166

I struggle for the exact opposite reason. I’m over 190 cms, and the roof of the car is pretty low. the top of my head bangs up against it and I have to look at some awkward down-upwards angle in order to see the road.

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