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Anonymous 143886

If you have to be famous for something, what would it be?

Anonymous 143887


Anonymous 143908

Gordo travesti

Anonymous 143909

Creating a virus that selectively targets trannies and causes every last one of them to die long slow agonizing deaths

Anonymous 143910


Anonymous 143911

I want too
Verry good one, I pray for it to be true because it’s hilarious

Anonymous 143924

the world's biggest shit in the world's biggest toilet

Anonymous 143929

This but it targets the Y chromosome

Anonymous 143980

being obscenely rich and using that wealth to engage in stupid and ridiculous antics.

Anonymous 143998

I would like to be famous and have money from my animations and comic

Anonymous 144793

Do you have any favorite artists that you follow?

I like heikala, Tomas Sanchez, Ilya Kushinov

Anonymous 144821

show us your work

Anonymous 144822

animated tv shows and movies I create

Anonymous 144823

Decyphering some language. Perferably linear A
Alternatively proving some unexpected but exciting lignuistic connection (for example, the slavs and scythians were related, or something crazy like that)

Anonymous 144832

I also do that, let’s hang out

Anonymous 144834


I would have to draw something special for this website because i dont want to doxx myself. But pic is one of my drawing

Anonymous 144849


Anonymous 144851


Anonymous 144917

What kind ?

Anonymous 144923

Anonymous 144959

very cute and the hair is totally psychedelic

Anonymous 144960

art.. music and poetry and the visual stuff i make to go along with it

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