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Anonymous 14431

Why can't I paddle the pink canoe while thinking of my crush? It feels wrong for some reason,I don't know why.

Anonymous 14434

I get the same issue, it's like a weird guilty feeling, like I feel rude or some shit.

I kinda came to realize I'm pretty demi, I don't feel right thinking in a sexual context with a person unless there's a romantic intimacy going on.

Doesn't effect general masturbation to porn or hentai or whatever, but I can't focus on an actual person without this weird wrong guilty awkward feeling.

Maybe look into demi? hope my ramble helped in some way.

Anonymous 14435

I used to get this but it was because I was repressed and also felt bad sexualizing someone against their will.

Now I'm generally less empathetic and more selfish, so I don't care. It's also not as if they'll ever find out, and if they do (in a relationship context) it would be fine anyway.

Also, could be what >>14434 said.

Anonymous 14447

is bopping the cat to a celebrity wrong? rather, would you guys say it's wrong? i'm going to do it anyway just curious

Anonymous 14461

I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with it except in situations where it's like, nudes stolen from their private accounts or something

internal fantasy is your own business, so as long as it feels cool to you, and you're not contributing to any skeevy stuff with what you might view, its all good

Anonymous 16558

lmao demi is a made up term for people to feel special. it's normal for some people to feel okay with this and others to not, your preference isn't an orientation. calm down.
it's not weird anon, I've never been able to. I agree, it feels rude even though it's internal and no one will ever know. I'm currently dating someone and I find I can think about them just fine, but it's because I feel like i have "permission." as long as you have another way to get off, it doesn't matter. just have fun ;)

Anonymous 16560

ohh that's an old thread
I feel guilty when thinking of my husbandos, like I don't deserve them and it's dirty

Anonymous 16568

I don't really enjoy studying fluid dynamics anymore I'd rather stop completely honestly

Anonymous 16576

Whenever I spank the front butt to a somebody I'm crushing on I can't climax due to guilt so I just quit trying years ago.

Anonymous 16581

how many years no-slap?

Anonymous 16582

I think they mean they stopped trying to flick beans while thinking of other people, not the counting of the beans themselves.

Anonymous 16583

Yeah I can't do it while thinking of anyone. I feel wrong and like I'm crossing boundaries, like I know I wouldn't like it if someone did it to me so I have that same respect for others, I guess.

Anonymous 16591

whats up with those weird euphemisms…
i cant really masturbate to the thought of people i know irl either, it feels kinda violatory for some reason. i guess i dont like the thought of others masturbating to me, so i dont like doing it to them either

Anonymous 16843

Oh, I wonder how common this is for women in general or is it only the nicey nice miners? Is this a common thing or are we weirdos, is all I mean.

I feel guilty doing that to a crush and just quit entirely, it drains any arousal I had up to that point.

Fortunately I have hardly any sex drive when single so it doesn't actually matter.

Anonymous 16844

>is this a common thing or are we weirdos
Both. I'm not shunning it, but pushing it to your lover is probably going to make you even more lustful for them, whatever bad that is to you.

Anonymous 16978

Nope I could never either. something feels wrong about it and it turns me off immediately. it feels dehumanizing in a way like my brain goes "omg anon that's so creepy of you, stop it! that's a kind person!".

At most i had a dream where i kissed my crush and touched their leg. i felt like a sick pervert when i woke up lol. made me so ashamed, i couldn't talk to my crush for a few days because i remembered the dream and felt disgusting.

sidenote. that's a very overly quirkyyyyy style of reddit eupherism. i don't like it at all tbh.

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