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Anonymous 14438

what other female-oriented chans do you know about? why do you prefer crystal cafe over them?

Anonymous 14442

I only know lolcow besides crystal cafe. I like it better here because people seem to be more chill, and we don't have 2 boards obsessed with a bunch of nasty internet nobodies. I don't hate lolcow, and I lurk sometimes, but I prefer cc in general despite it being smaller.

Anonymous 19528

Yes, because I love my Nintendo Switch, but I recommend making new animal-related threads to keep varied conversations going.

And here, have a doggo, if i heard this irl i would get me started on paroxetine with clonazepam for sleep, been taking lorazepam everyday for a flip android phone that I came across as offensive in any way they are so insecure, so terrified of looking like a hamplanet.

Anonymous 129908


Anonymous 129941

dont name them since we have troon lurkers, let them find it on their own

Anonymous 129942

I feel like one use of the sage button is for posting in 3 year old threads that never went anywhere anyway. Just saying.

Anonymous 129943

Male Larpers will find out too

Anonymous 129948

jesus your people sage obsession
troons are not interested in bl or kpop anyway lol

Anonymous 130012

They ain't but they would like to lurk. I know what Chan she is talking about. There are at least 2 more that I know of but it's better if they aren't shared so openly. Trannies are the scum of the earth and they are terminally online because their lives are dogshit so I wouldn't wish trannies upon anyone's community.

Anonymous 130048

What journey must I traverse to find female chans? I like cc much more than lolcow, people on that site are kind of mean

Anonymous 130106

Same anon

Anonymous 130123

I prefer lolcow since it's faster and I'm sure there are more actual women there than here. I just ignore the drama boards, and it seems to be what many other nonas do over there. The thing is that there are more unhinged posters over there who start fights over the stupidest shit. You eventually get used to it. Also, scrote raids aren't as common in the off-topic boards, i think.
I know there are many women at choachan.cafe (not sure if it's women-only since I'm not into K-pop kek) and magalichan? I think that was the name of that brazilian IB for teen girls (sounds like a terrible idea tbh)
Other than that there's fujochan but the userbase there sounds underage/male/insane from what I've heard

Anonymous 130131

Lurking through various threads is your best bet. Alternative imageboards get namedropped every once in a while.

Anonymous 130185

choachan.cafe is women-only.

Anonymous 132419

disagree, i really don't see that many men here and i'm a longtime farmer

Anonymous 132633

Well asides from lolcow there’s that kpop one which is definitely female oriented, there’s also this cute sushi themed one idk if its female oriented but its comfy but i have braintot from years of tumblr usage and can’t enjoy calm comfy things
CC is nice but I wish it had more boards, i believe that might help introduce better discussions.

Anonymous 132638

This place is too slow for more boards sadly.

Anonymous 132647


Anonymous 132796

sushigirl? it is v cozy. i don't think it is female-orientated, although i cant remember ever seeing anything misogynistic there really

Anonymous 132810

That kind of website would be overrun with moids pretending to be female and no one would know. At least here it's easier to tell if someone's (possibly) a male or not due to the topics we talk about.

Anonymous 132816

Popped into see what it was about and woah - That sites so confusing to use

Anonymous 132832

Yeah I'm honestly kind of getting tired of all the edginess and hostility that gets thrown around nowadays on this board, a while back it was a lot comfier. Seeing nonas going on racist rants or posting Nazi girl coquette tradwife inspo screams annoying pickme trying to be one of the dudes. I feel like a lot of nonas have been picking up gross moid opinions and from their retarded channer discord bfs.

Anonymous 132837

i think it's pretty sexist to assume women are not interested in or can't discuss politics. there are certainly moids posting here without disclosing themselves, there's nothing that can be done about that. the point of a moid ban is to make sure that they can't be obnoxious enough to post in the open or to declare that they're moids. there's no reason why men couldn't be banned on sight in such a place as well if they identify themselves as such.
yes, i'm sure the place would be raided to hell and back, but so is this place.

Anonymous 132859

The regulation of "womanly" behavior on this site is pretty worrying, and I wouldn't be here if 4chan weren't an absolute cesspool. The moderation consistently skews towards anti-intellectualism and uses fear of male influence to justify censoring any strong opinion. Every woman is capable of forming their own opinion, even if it is close-minded. It's infantilizing to say that women can only be racist or bigoted if they're influenced by a man. I get that it's annoying to argue about being trad or communist or libertarian or fascist, but if there's not a place to argue those ideas as women then we're essentially defeating ourselves and setting up future generations for failure. So yes, if crystal cafe mods are hostile to important discussions then we need to go elsewhere

Anonymous 132862

It's what I think as well. But I also think it's ok if Admin wants to keep this a comfy place. Maybe it would be better for this place if we had a different place to discuss whatever we want freely, it would drive much of the unwanted "edgyness" and hostility out of here.

Anonymous 132875

women can be racist assholes, sure, but when a lot of women come from 4chan to here, it seems like there's a particular reason for their very vocal racism, which isn't that common irl or even on other female imageboards. it's extremely convenient and would make a whole lot of sense that women and girls who come here who have spent possibly years around men on 4chan are going to be racist or hold more scrotey belief systems. sorry, but being very racist online is typically something men seem to think is a great hobby. less so women who are totally not influenced by chan culture or coquetteish tradwifery surrounding chan culture.

Anonymous 132949

That's not what I meant…

Anonymous 132982

It's patronizing to invalidate other women's opinions because "they are shaped by 4chan". Many newer users came from mainstream social media and their views are shaped by mainstream american liberalism as well. This place was an offshoot of lolcow, which ultimately is an offshoot of /cgl/ on 4chan, so it isn't weird that 4chan users made a big proportion of the original userbase of this board.
A minority of posters being racist tradwives is not an excuse for there being zero alternatives for women to discuss anything freely and anonymously. This doesn't only affect politics. It's absolutely impossible to discuss anything with any sort of depth if disagreement is discouraged and everyone's worried about maintaining a cozy hugbox environment. That's why there are so few threads about anything other than men and troons here, and the ones that exist are dead.

Anonymous 132994

It's funny that you say that because even despite what you said I feel like CC really is one of the comfiest places online. What you said applies to everywhere online, in comparison to them CC is Heaven. Unless you know anywhere better the pls do share!

Anonymous 133014


Anonymous 133051

this changes everything

Anonymous 133061

Visitors =/= posters.

Anonymous 133075

where is this information from? how did they collect that data?

Anonymous 133083

There are google trackers and others that analyze your gender based on your account or something

Anonymous 133085

This implies that a lot of these supposed females could be trannies, which would make a lot more sense

Anonymous 133124

Trannies have different interests compared to the average female ones though, they are closer to average male ones. It's a pretty well known phenomenon (like all those memes about troons stemlords, codecels; plus plenty of them are pornsick).

Anonymous 133129

Google picks up on things like your shopping habits, too. So, if they're looking up dresses, makeup, and such things, Google will assume they're a woman.

Anonymous 133169

i miss asherahsgarden

Anonymous 133170

what even happened to that site?

Anonymous 133377


and just how many of those "females" are troons I wonder…

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