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Anonymous 144496

I wonder if any of the FBI agents that monitor 4chan are hot. I mean they have to meet certain physical requirements so even the older guys are probably fit af.

Anonymous 144499

Likely all mormons. Only onea who can pass the bg check. And anyone on desk duty is likely the leath athletic and most nerdy mormon you can imagine

Anonymous 144502

I think society should be more aware of how fucking nerdy mormons can be. I don't mean in the sense that they read the Book of Mormon and refuse to do anything naughty, I mean doing actual nerd shit like playing DnD and reading fantasy novels. This is true with the youth of other 'serious' denominations too.

This could be taken lots of different ways, I leave that up to others.

Anonymous 144516

I think the point was that there are also plenty of athletic and non-geeky mormons, but they would be doing other duties.

Anonymous 144551

>no degeneracy/coomerism
>family values

Ideal bf. I'm tempted to take the Mormonpill now. Sadly there are almost none in my country.

Anonymous 144554

Big doubt mormon men don't have their own flavour of skewed views about women.

Anonymous 144559

Mormons are totally fucked up behind the smiley faces. Moids and sadly women, too. I was friends with a bunch as a child, and one girl's mom hit that magic child number of like 12 all in the name of Joseph Smith and Jesus. It's sad. Don't take the mormon pill unless you're good at faking, and the moid's family is loaded.

Anonymous 144563

I mean Mormons are into some kinky shit. The sexual repression does weird stuff to the brain
I was watching a documentary series on the dark web and this FBI agent who was going through all the content was pretty cute, nerdy but cute. Some of the younger guys are just better at all the tech stuff.
I mean FBI agents up until last year could have technically smoked weed. Plus it only goes back 7 years. So I doubt their just a bunch of Mormons.

Anonymous 144569

>sexual repression
No such thing. This a lie to promote unhealthy sexual habits and pornography. Someone who seems 'repressed' is really just a degenerate keeping it under wraps. It is not how someone who is genuinely healthy sexually or disinterested is.

Anonymous 144571

No offense but that’s really fucking stupid.

Anonymous 144693

This. It's hard to make sense of what that poster means but all of the interpretations I can come up with are retarded.

Anonymous 144764

ngl, "sexual repression" is exactly the line sex posi moids use to try to make women KiNkY, so >>144569 isn't totally off-base.

i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you _maybe_ aren't a moid who balks at any criticism of his dear porn. so, why do you think that OP is wrong?

Anonymous 144780

I heard of a guy who joined the FBI just to be able to access child porn legally.

Anonymous 144783

Mormon men are freaks. So much child labor, sexual abuse, pedophilia and polygamy goes on in their communities. I've seen Mormon girls talking about how when they turned 14-15 their name was put in the book at their church and seedy old men got to pick them for their harem like they were in a catalogue.

Every time I go on christian mingle the whole place is full of Mormon women who divorced their husbands and Mormon men who are on their 5th marriage. Wasn't Travis Alexander a Mormon too? He liked fucking Jodi in the butt and called her the three hole wonder. I hate Christian men with a passion.

Anonymous 144785

Only a tranny could write a post as cringe and thirsty as OP's.

Anonymous 144798

Or a lonely fbi agent.

Anonymous 144808

i dont care

Anonymous 144818

Sorry I like a man in uniform

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