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Anonymous 144905

Is being afraid to go out at night a meme? Nothing really bad has ever happened to me besides random drunk men trying to talk to me or scare me.

Anonymous 144909

Nah it's real especially for girls and women in worse off areas, more chance of sexual assault or getting mugged, moids gonna moid.
There's too many schizo homeless men around where I am to walk, one of them broke into a lady's house to try to assault her. Someone needs to give them poison sandwiches.
If any women find yourself having to walk alone frequently, get a gun.

Anonymous 144922

>random drunk men
This is more than dangerous for most women

Anonymous 144937

depends on where you live i guess, but where i live there have been repeated uber kidnappings or just men who follow/pick up random women on the street at night and stuff. maybe check your local news

Anonymous 144938

Anonymous 144942

Note about the "fear of crime" part: the confounding variable involved is that men put themselves in far more situations where they might be victimized. Women in general have more defensive/people pleasing behaviors or avoid danger.

We ignore this as a society because, well, we know that plenty of women make "dumb" choices. It's just "dumb" choices in relativity to women is just often what's a "normal" choice to a man.

Anonymous 144946


So, let me get this straight: there was a post insinuating that women just think they're vulnerable and easily victimized are just schizo and paranoid…but me noting that this is probably due to men being privileged to be less vulnerable in most situations and women being more likely to make defensive choices and trying to avoid certain situations is apparently the most tranny-male shit here?


Anonymous 144948


Anonymous 144956


ive been thinking about this a lot since i moved out. i really want it to be just a meme but im so scared. i wanna be yolked and start butch maxxing so ill be less afraid. rn I look like a girl in like a renaissance painting or something its humiliating but also my best trait

Anonymous 144966

Depends on how diverse your neighborhood is

Anonymous 144968

Isnt this what trannies to do kids (eggs)?
What do you mean

Anonymous 144974

Anonymous 144975

Oh good. Yea trannies have definitely tried to co-opt that term. Threads all day on /tttt/ about “cant wait to yolk the tight kinky egg in the second grade class I substitute in when I finally convince her to hatch!”

Anonymous 145010

Anonymous 145034

Anonymous 145047

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 145055


I already have huge fights with my friends about this, I really like to go out at night and I have been out at night weekly for years, personally I believe this fear takes a lot on the women..
Other friend once said to me she went to the gym and when she got there there was no woman around so she came back home, I mean, wtf.
If we want space we have to occupy space, go out!

Anonymous 145059

cute pic.

Anonymous 145072

This article is gaslighting bullshit. Women are much more physically vulnerable compared to men, who commit the vast majority of violent crime. There is nothing "paranoid" about women being worried about criminals.

Anonymous 145073


If you live in a European or Asian neighborhood the chances of violent crime happening to you are pretty low. Most sexual violence is committed by somebody the victim knows, and when it's not, it's nearly always committed by a certain people I'm not allowed to discuss.

Anonymous 145083

There's section 8 housing behind my neighborhood. No fucking way am I going out taking a walk at night when one scrote broke and stole my security cam in broad daylight. I used to walk around the houses when I was a teen at 1am, but I'm anxious to even walk down to the park close by in the afternoon because of crack heads shitting it up now. Getting stalked when playing pokemon go there once was enough.

Anonymous 145085

You must live in a safe area then. Both my sister and I get followed home by men if we go out at night. No more. At this point I'd just rather be a hermit.

Anonymous 145124

I guess owning a large enough dog and walking the dog with you at night can make you safer?

Anonymous 145127

Idk I don’t really like nighttime cause I’m scared of the dark. But that kind of stems from my mom and aunt locking me in closets and the bathroom in the pitch dark.

Anonymous 145536

I wouldn't be so sure about the european part. Sure, normally I feel somewhat safe out at night in Poland, but I would be terrified of going out alone in Germany or other countries who took in a lot of muslim refugees.

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