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/costco/ - Costco General Anonymous 144971

New general thread for all Costco discussion.

Topic for this thread - what food items do you like best from Costco during the current cycle?

The Bare Chicken Chunks are OUT - they've increased the price considerably and lowered the meat quality. The Ramen bowls and Orange Chicken is still a fantastic deal as of July 2022.

Anonymous 144991


I never go to Costco. What could I buy in bulk for one person?

Anonymous 145042

The ramen bowls pack comes with like 6 bowls…

You could eat them in a week yourself.

Anonymous 145056

I avoid carbs

Anonymous 145060

You could get the bacon and chicken though
The bacon is a pretty good deal

Anonymous 145061

Also the CostCo rotisserie is a very good deal
$5 for a full cooked chicken

Anonymous 145069

reaaalllly wish we had this in my country

Anonymous 145074

did my mom post this thread

Anonymous 145130

>she doesn't regularly spend $800+ on Costco runs every week
What are you even doing with your life, anon?

Anonymous 145137

Kirkland signature vodka is top tier, add in a palette of lacroix and I can be a functioning alcoholic for another week

Anonymous 145377

You are missing out on great deals

Highly recommend you check out the Kirkland Japanese whisky, it's like $40 and super smooth

Anonymous 145418

is that pic from a pokemon game? which one

Anonymous 145436

my sister brought home costco muffins last night. i forgot how good they are, but they're too big, i can only eat half.

Anonymous 145556

costo is mid as hell, trader joes and safeway is where its at

Anonymous 145560

LMAO enjoy getting ripped off sis

Anonymous 145647

trader joes is admittedly a good deal though
best bread by far, costco bread sucks ass

Anonymous 145650

I go to Wegmans and I look down on you all

Anonymous 145835

As yes, Wegmans. Or as my dad likes to call it, Weggies.

Anonymous 145837

There's a costco coming to my area. Just want to know one thing: what is better to get at Costco in bulk? To justify getting the membership.

Anonymous 145841

Going to call it that myself now. Thanks

Anonymous 145921

You can get some decent deals on tires there but keep in mind you'll need to get serviced at a Costco if you want to use those benefits. If you're someone that has to drive far to get to your Costco, might not be worth it for you.

Most basic food items, like rice, other grains, condiments, meats like chicken breasts, bananas, - make a list of things you typically use and eat. You can probably score them at Costco. Do the same with what you use to clean, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, vitamins, q-tips.

If you're just a single person household, it probably won't make sense for you to get a membership. 2 people minimum, in my opinion.

Anonymous 146818

Wegmans is probably the one thing I miss about living in New York. Costco's got cheap gas though.

Anonymous 146822

Costco sisters, I have to figure out a way to spend less than 60 bucks a month on food. Help me.

Hardmode: I have a big appetite and am trying to avoid carbs.

Anonymous 146825

Maybe it's the fatass in me talking, but I don't think this can be done without buying bulk rice/potatoes/pasta. Starchy foods are way cheaper than fiberous veggies and protein. That said, I'm trying to stay under 40 net carbs a day and the frozen riced cauliflower, carb balance tortillas (though the spinach ones in regular grocery stores are even better for this), and keto bread are a godsend for trying to cut back without totally giving up staples. Also their chicken breast/thighs and individually wrapped fish are great even if you live alone assuming you have freezer space. Those premier protein shakes they stock are also helpful for when you don't have time to make food or if you want to make bootleg dessert (just mix a bottle with some chia seeds and leave it in the fridge overnight for "pudding"). I'm sure there's fresh options that are good too but I live alone and mainly get value out of my membership by buying gas there since it's almost always 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else.

Anonymous 146826

Yeah that’s the thing. I could easily live off 15 bucks worth of pasta and ramen for a whole week. But I need to avoid carbohydrates almost entirely. I’m not in the US so our costcos aren’t quite as cheap. Veggies and protein are a lot more expensive. Fruit is cheap here but has a lot of sugar. The cauliflower rice thing sounds good though, cauliflower is very cheap here and I like it a lot. I guess I will just have to eat those cheap kinds of veggies and maybe add some spices to make them more palatable. Thanks for the advice nona.

Anonymous 146827

you can get a lot of dehydrated veggies for cheap online (my friend bought a years supply for 300 dollars) i dont know what they have at costco. i usually mix them with rice, but if you are avoiding carbs i really dont know what you can do without spending a lot on meat. check frozen tilapia or see how much tuna is if you like fish. a bunch of veggies mixed with some tuna is pretty good.

Anonymous 146828

>Frozen veggies
Cool I didn't even know that existed, thanks sis

Anonymous 146829

I've found riced cauliflower is at its best when you serve it saucy, like with curry, in bootleg risotto, or with stew. It also isn't bad if you give it the fried rice treatment. Also spaghetti squash is a pretty good subsitute for spaghetti if you don't own a spiralizer or have the patience to cut up zucchini (I don't). Zucchini is stupidly watery anyway and ruins sauces. Good luck.

Where's your friend getting the dehydrated veggies?

Anonymous 146830

i would have to ask, but she just searched online and found a company that you can order from.

Anonymous 146940

No costco near me, I go to BJ's instead. But I wish there was one nearby in a reasonable distance, I really want those stupid just bare nuggets. Anyone know of any similar lightly breaded nuggets?

Anonymous 146942

be careful with canned tuna - if you eat it multiple times a week it's possible to get mercury poisoning - keep it to under 2-3 servings a week.

Anonymous 146968

Went to Costco for the first time today with a friend and, holy shit, it was complete chaos. It was still interesting and I did spot a few very good deals.
I.e., water, a decent blender (100$ normally but at 50$ there), real olive oil, some organic items at nice bulk prices, certain drinks, etc.

Also, isn't there less mercury in sardines? Not as good but it's a great source of protein regardless.

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