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Anonymous 145943

How do you guys usually spend your birthdays??
>I usually spend mine alone in my room. No friends or family to celebrate and my bf never requests the day off. One year my roommates gf bought me a cake though and a card. It was so nice I cried.

Anonymous 145946

Just a meal with mother, sibling and boyfriend, then a slice of cake, don't got any friends for throwing a party

Anonymous 145947

It feels worse when you do and they don’t do anything for it. Sometimes he’ll buy my cheap last minute gifts. But usually he’ll just throw the fact he bought me something in my face.

Anonymous 145948

I usually order nice food, watch some youtube and stress that its my birthday and i should be enjoying myself more (whatever that means)

Anonymous 145949

I used to escape my tiny apartment and just spend the day people watching while avoiding my parents so they couldn't shame and degrade me while expecting me to treat them like showing up is a grand favour to me.

However, I recently moved in with my boyfriend, so this time he made me a delicious personal cake, took the baby and let me have a day to myself. I closed all the blinds, sat in the soft lounge under a pile of rugs, readied some drinks and watched my favourite movies. He got his family to babysit, we cooked dinner together, went out for a walk on the river at sunset, came home for dessert and cuddled.

Anonymous 145963

why do you fakecels all have bfs

Anonymous 145972

Birthdays are an archaic concept and need to be abolished.

Anonymous 146055

Birthdays are the only traditional festivity in the world meant to celebrate an individual, gathering all of their beloved ones in conmemoration of the day you were born so you have a day for you.
It represent the best of our occidental cultura, celebration of individuality, love and cakes!

Anonymous 146059

>It represent the best of our occidental cultura
>celebration of individuality
almost made me vomit

Anonymous 146065


I always try to gather as many friends as I can
I plan various stuff, that could be a nice memory, but still keep a place for spontaneity
If I don't have my friends around, I just go and find random people to spend time with, like this year.
It's not like I am super extroverted or something, but I like to remember my birthdays and it's better with people and action around

Anonymous 146068

>It's not like I am super extroverted or something
>I always try to gather as many friends as I can

Anonymous 146070

Used to think the same but then you see all the posts about being used as a wallet, maid or blow up doll, dating 4channers, getting cheated on with trannies, not getting any gifts or orgasms ever, etc. I think they're just lowering their standards to hell just so they can say they have a bf but theyre just doormats.

Anonymous 146071


Yes, I do believe introverted people can have friends

Anonymous 146081

The individual needs to be abolished for the good of the collective.

Anonymous 146093

Every dick needs a lick.

Anonymous 146094


i just tell my parents to buy me a cake, or we just eat one outside and go to some park, thats p much it

Anonymous 146124

Birthdays are annoying Holy f. If it's a day I get off I want it all to myself. I socialize enough at work, when I get home I'm done. I enjoy getting gift cards in the mail, that's always fun though. Maybe I'll go out to dinner with family but I don't want anything tiring

Anonymous 146137

I haven’t had a good birthday in years. Either someone ruins it, I’m alone, or something else happens. I don’t have any friends (besides my partner) and no family. I’ve basically given up on birthdays.

Anonymous 146149

collective is wack
people are mostly dumb

Anonymous 146154


Same I have no friends or family, just my husband who may or may not pay attention to me anymore than on any average day. How do we end up in this sad position? I dont want gifts or a party I just want friends, it seems like many other girls are just magically given friends its just not fair.

Anonymous 146440


I usually just buy myself something nice. Idc about being alone most of the time. It's better than being rejected and ignored

Anonymous 146885

i usually sleep through it

Anonymous 146899

Same, I have never had a birthday party and it makes me sad, I only stay at home or go to the park alone.
I do have friends I hang out with sometimes, but they never do anything for my bdays (and when I try to just hang out during it, they cancel on the last minute).
On the other side, I got my sister whose bday usually last +3 days because all her friends want to hang out & give her gifts, & later she complains at me that she has no friends; it gets on my nerves so much…. My friends don't even remember my birthday most of the time.

Anonymous 147794

This year for the first time ever I had a birthday with no cake. What a cringe tradition. I don't mind people sending texts or calling me on that day, but I wish I could chill on my own like any other day, I hate being the center of attention. My family is also really boring so I don't feel like spending time with them for that long

Anonymous 147795

Wanna come spend time with me?

Anonymous 147806

Being either on the spectrum and having childhood trauma means no one wants to be your friend (only use you).

Lucky me, I got both.

Anonymous 147816

spend my birthday taking naps also i got sick. Probably going to celebrate this weekend with my family.

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