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Anonymous 14618

Have you ever done something evil?

Something minor you consider evil, something major others would, just anything that can be considered evil in any way. What was it? Do you regret it? Were there consequences? How do you cope with it?

Posting this thread on /b/ instead of /feels/ so we can keep the discussion interesting and broad, not focusing solely on feelings.

Anonymous 14619

I once had two boyfriends at once. that was probably one of the worst things I've done if not the worst.

Anonymous 14620

Oops, I shouldn't have posted before finishing. I feel bad about it but I got to end one of the relationships before the other guy found out. I feel guilty and would never do that again. I was very young and insecure and unsure of how to say no to any type of affection, that's why it happened. But it was evil anyway.

Anonymous 14621

I killed an animal when I was really little. Haunts me to this day.

Anonymous 14626


>be me
>be raised as a nice and obedient christfag, under the impression that I must please everyone around me
>be taught from early childhood to always be polite, to greet and respect the elders
>fast forward until today
>come across that grumpy old lady who hates me and my cousin, casually sitting on a bench
>walk past her bench
>say nothing
Damn, it feels so good to be bad!

Anonymous 14635

begone Satan.

I made out with a girl in a church's restroom. Yes, really.

Anonymous 14636

I used to have fantasies about 2 or 3 of my boyfriends friends when we first got together. A lot of his friends are cute stoner/skater dudes that happen to be exactly my type
(would still smash tbh but I could never do this to him, it would crush him).

Anonymous 14637

watch out.jpg

Anonymous 14638

want to praise the Lord with me next Sunday?

Anonymous 14639

Update: I apologized. It was really silly, I thought she will be thunder and lightning when I meet her again but she just wiped away my tears and said something along the lines of "Why are you so sad, my child? It's no big deal."

I'm heading straight to our father for a confession before the guilt eats me whole. I'm anxious that he's not gonna be very pleased when he'll hear what terrible thing I've done. Please pray for me, crystal cafe!

Anonymous 14646

I broke a couple up for no reason other than I thought they were annoying together. I was friends with both of them, but seeing them together made me feel jealous so I told them both behind their backs that they were planning on breaking up with each other. They then actually broke up with each other because of that, and never talked to each other again.

Anonymous 14647

I hope you die

Anonymous 14650

You want someone to die for making out with another person in a church?

Why don't you say that to the pedo priests and pedo pastors? Or someone who actually deserves it? Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous 14651

I crossed the road one time when i was little, my mom told me to look both ways, and i didn't.

Anonymous 14653

pure cinnamon-roll attempting to be a sinamon-roll.

Anonymous 14657

Wow you're lucky to still be with us

Anonymous 14661

how do you know what i say beyond my one response? but since you're so triggered i hope you brain yourself on the kitchen sink

Anonymous 14663

I manipulated a guy out of anger, he lost all his friends thanks to me, started feeling like trash after seeing how depression started consuming him, things got worse when he decided to use his tax return to buy me expensive gifts, all girls I know love gifts and being pampered but I don't like it idk why

Anonymous 14666


Well, his fault for not seeing what a manipulative cunt you are. I laugh at these kind of dudes

Anonymous 14667

TBH he deserves it. Idiots pining for pretty female attention only to get shit on make me laugh.

Anonymous 14668

>ruined his life out of a whim

Anonymous 14670

It's a thread to reveal your wrongdoings, don't be so harsh or others won't want to share anything anymore and the fun will be over

Anonymous 14671

ik, I was talking about the idiots above me who say it's the guy's fault
It's understandable, reading about someone's destroyed life gives me a hearty laugh too so no biggie!

Anonymous 14672

I ignore people sometimes

Anonymous 14682

You're a monster. How do you even sleep at night?

Anonymous 14732

With you in my arms <3

Anonymous 14733

I just kind of lie all the time to save face.

Anonymous 14740

I lie a lot. I'm also consistently late to places. When I was a child, I mistreated animals because I was so fascinated by them. It really freaks me out I used to be like that because I always loved animals, even then, but I didn't realize why what I was doing was bad for animals when I was a child.

Anonymous 14789


I will just dump some

In the psychward I yelled at this girl to kill herself, and told her a lot of harsh things as she was crying. The only reason was because she was doing this at like 3:30am and she couldn't do it in her own room but instead left her bed to sit directly next to my door and do it. I kind of just wanted her to go run off somewhere else. No regrets, consequences or coping involved.

I betrayed a trusted friend and hurt her feelings really bad. If I even gave any details I would sound selfish and immature, I just kind of cut contact with her in anger and refused to even hear her out. I regret it. There weren't even any consequences, I apologized to her after over a year and all she said was that she missed me and forgave me.

I stole money from my grandpa as a teenager, because he would sleep so heavily. and just leave his wallet in his jeans.

I laughed at this one boy who had a speech impediment in school.

Anonymous 14790

Even remembering that boy, it's like that cliché about the bullied kid becoming rich and hot as an adult was only invented to make people feel better. Most likely he has suffered self esteem issues and been negatively affected. There wasn't any reason for him to be treated that way.

Anonymous 14794


>Used to bully this one uptight kid in grade school, he was really obsessed with keeping his desk tidy and my friend and I would mess it up to anger him.

>All but sexually assaulted a guy friend in middle school that friendzoned me. Used to say really creepy shit/touch him/etc. all the time. Feels bad since he was an easygoing type and never chastised me. He was also a good 80lbs smaller than me at the time, which may have intimidated him.

>Lied to my mom about my porn consumption growing up, and even if that's normal I feel bad since we're so close.

>Flipped my shit many, many times and scared people. Never punched or hurt anyone, though.

>I've faked empathy/sympathy for years, tears and all. I'm not a person with ASPD, I just dramatized what I do feel to come across as nice to others.

Otherwise, I feel as if I'm always on the edge of doing something really awful. I won't go into detail because it would probably belong on /x/ or /nsfw/, but I have a lot of sadistic, sex-charged, often non-con fantasies about men and have mentally/emotionally brought myself to a point at times where I was actually considering acting on them.

>inb4 edgy

Yes, I am an edgelord. I'd never hurt a guy irl, due to my moral compass and the law. Just need a maso-sub boyfriend, I guess.

Anonymous 14795

Cheated on, abruptly dumped and replaced most boyfriends I had for no reason other than the fact I got bored of them. A few of them were really emotionally fucked up and one actually attempted suicide, which I told people about braggingly.

On the one hand, I understand why I did it when I take past experiences into consideration. On the other, I don't think it justifies my actions in any way and I feel awful about what I did now and don't know what to think.

Anonymous 14818


>led on people who were romantically interested in me for validation, often with materialistic or financial gain involved
>bullied someone online
>took screenshots of my friend's saved passwords in the browser settings and sent it to myself then deleted it, used her passwords to read through forum posts she made and kekked (many years ago before any sites made you confirm a new IP prior to login)
>shared someone's nudes without their consent
>shared someone's underage lewds without their consent
>been in relationships purely for my benefit
>cheated with my partner in the same room
>probably a lot more

go ahead plz

Anonymous 14821

unnamed (10).gif

Anonymous 15048

After seeing some other people post in this topic, it has reminded me of my other sins.
>posted original public link to a lolcow's revenge porn
>once told a girl she was ugly on anon on Tumblr
>called someone a bitch and included their race in the same sentence
>Is a judgemental shit-talker, etc.
>doesn't like autistic people
>feels like fat people with EDs are just attention whores
>regularly compares self to siblings to feel validated regarding my medicore to bad life choices
>has likely been emotionally manipulative on accident
>compares self to those with "worse" mental illnesses like BPD so I feel better about myself
>can't stand other people with my mental illnesses
>hypocritical in general
>is miserly, can't bear to part with my money on other people because I hoard money
>can only get off by pretending that I'm being preyed on sexually by some sort of predator figure, also often imagines self as far younger than they are in such fantasies
>treats other people if they are as shitty to other people as I am
>regularly would blame sister for shit I did when I was a toddler

Boyfriend cheated on me, told me, and after we decided to stay together; with his knowledge, I had all his passwords and I regularly stalked through his text messages, emails, and Facebook messages after that. The way he cheated on me wasn't cyber related at all, though. Anyway, after we broke up years later, I still would look through his emails and FB messages when I was bored.

Anonymous 15049

oh yeah, almost forgot this one
>isn't attracted to people own age, only would want to be with someone of legal age who is younger than me if they are okay with me being controlling of them and treating them as inferior to me, otherwise is strictly attracted to older women (I'm lesbian)

Anonymous 15359


I've never done this to girls in real life before. I feel so much guilt over this and I'm scared it'll become a habit. It's fucked up and wrong.

My bf's "sister" has been clingy and overprotective of him due to his illness and she often acts threatened around me because she wants to feel the closest to him, but not romantically (it's ironic because he doesn't open up to her because she's also a huge bitch to him, I swear she has BPD). Anyway, he often has me sleep in his hospital bed with him because I'm thin and can easily slip in, and his "sister" was just sitting in a chair next to him before she saw how he liked me sleeping next to him in his bed. After she saw that and I was gone, she posted somewhere a pic of her and she was in his hospital bed. It pissed me off because she clearly was trying to discredit how close I am to him (there's a lot of other reasons why I think this) by sitting like that with him.

Why do I feel guilt? Because I don't like using girls' appearances against them when I dislike them or insult them.

But in my head, I am comforted by the fact this fat cow probably had to make him move over a whole lot so she could sit next to him like I was. You'll never be thin like me, fatty. You don't have hospital workers telling you that you look like a model like they tell me.

I feel like a piece of shit. She's not ugly at all, either, beautiful even, to a lot of people. I hate myself even though it feels good to think about her like this. I don't like being a bitch and I feel ugly now.

Anonymous 15473

IDK if it's evil but anytime a roommate has been out and left the door unlocked, I've always at least once gone into their room. I never took anything or looked for personal secrets, I didn't try on any of their clothes or anything. I just wanted to be in their space. Idk why I liked doing it… I guess it was kind of a thrill about being in a forbidden space? I have opened drawers before to see what was in them but never moved things around. Like I said, it was just about being in the room. I was only ever there for like, 5 minutes at a time.
I justified it by feeling like I would have nothing to hide if people went into my room, but then again with roommates I always kept the door locked when I could and never left personal items lying around. Probably I should stop and admit that people just deserve their own space.

Anonymous 15635

Many times in my time as a student (high school, college, grad school) I have scammed my way out of writing papers – I am super responsible and get good grades for the beginning of the year, and then at the end I just straight up don't hand papers in and teachers/professors always believe/don't follow up on my lies and excuses. I usually get As on these missing papers. It's dope, but I do feel badly about manipulating kind teachers and also I'm paranoid about "getting caught". I'm almost done with grad school though so…

Anonymous 15647

thanks for this thread. most in this thread arent that bad but some are a delicious butter bath of "thank god i'm not this fucked"

ive led on literally countless guys/manipulated them for attention/emotional support/validation, but tbf it's not like they cared about me anyways so it's not really mean, imo. most guys wont really care about us anyways, so there's really no reason to feel bad about manipulating them, plus i never did it w the intent to get anything out of them other than emotional support and validation, which i feel is not so bad

and i stole from teachers that weren't nice to me when i was like, 9-11, never got caught but the teachers brought in the school cops to threaten the thief into returning the items (it was a lot of stuff, ngl)

Anonymous 15711

I had more than one boyfriend at the same time, sometimes even 3 official boyfriends for a short period of time. I was very young and I didn't know how to say no. I would never do anything like that again, but I don't regret it.

Anonymous 15763

back in 2007 when myspace was a thing, one of my best friends made fake profiles for her 'cool friends' that only she knew. they had names like Nebula and cool shit like that. the sole purpose of those profiles would be to comment on her own profile saying how cool she was, etc, just making herself look better. the friend even made msn accounts for these 'friends' and would switch between accounts to chat with us about how cool our 'mutual friend' was.

i thought i'd play along with this for the lolz. i made a profile of a boy and did introduce him to my friends as someone i'd met while staying at my dad's house on the other side of the state.
i used a cute emo boy pic but nothing special. fast forward a week later, i didnt do ANY flirting or anything but one of my real friends admits to me they they have a crush on the fake person i invented.
in order to get out of the situation, i, like any sane 12 year old, had the fake profile boy commit suicide.

the next day i get called down to the in-school counselor office. two of my friends are sobbing, talking about the suicide, etc. i play along and say that his parents were holding a funeral but that i wouldnt be going as it was the other side of the state (5 hrs away).

we never really talked about him again but i will always remember how i started the profile as a joke, accidentally catfished my friend into falling in love, and then killed him. my friends from when i was 12 now all think they 'have a friend who committed suicide'

rip Kallen

Anonymous 15789

that's too damn funny

Anonymous 15864

HAHAHAHA thank you for this story

Anonymous 15867

I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it. You're reacting to it far better than my past friends would if they found out hehe

Anonymous 15879

I knew this girl who was lainey/june tier but racist, I fucked her boyfriend and made sure she knew, I'd leave my panties or bra in his bed and cover him in hickies since she pretended to be a coolgirl cuck, basically until he left her for me just for me to dump him too kek

Anonymous 16022

kek i just read your post in the june thread. nice. sad for your puss though that you'd fuck a guy that gross, but it's still a pretty amusing anecdote

Anonymous 16031

I don't mind, imo girls who pretend to be cucks need to be taught a lesson

Anonymous 16059

I catfished a really creepy/needy guy with an alt account online back in jr. high while still talking to him on my main account. He had a foot fetish and always wanted to RP cuddling a lot, along with what now seems like textbook Tumblr otherkin BS, and I never got the guts to tell him off about how much it creeped me out at the time, yet still I decided leading him on with an alt was better. He got so attached that eventually I deleted the alt and fed him a story about how she had done something wrong, gotten into a fight with me, and moved away, and any time he tried to bring her up, I told him I didn't want to talk about it.

I feel bad for it at times, in his defense, but then again he was at least 8 years older than me and tried to do the same shit again when I last talked to him. I finally got tired of it and blocked him, and haven't heard or talked to him since.

Anonymous 16139

I steal my siblings candy and soda and never confess anything.

Anonymous 16140

When I was like 11 my cousin dared me to push my cat into the pool so I did.
It was funny at the time, but mean because obv cats hate water.

No consequence other than a shocked cousin and my parents mad because the cat could have put a hole in the pool liner.

Anonymous 40783

>Used to be mean to some of the kids my mom would babysit when I was a child.

>I used to catfish people when I was bored or wanted some attention.

I no longer do it. I found it fun when I was in my early teens though.

>Sold nudes that weren’t mine.

I made $45 then I quit. I could’ve kept this going but I decided not to.

>Would fake my emotions 90% of the time.

I was a people pleaser and it was so exhausting. I learned that my feelings matter too.

>Had a couple online relationships, but ghosted them both. I also ghosted a few online friends.

I don’t think I was in love with either of them, it was more infatuation. I enjoyed the attention they gave me. As for my friends, I ghosted them when I was in one of my weird moods and never contacted them again.

Do I regret any of this? I used to, but I let all regrets go. I got enough shit to deal with so I’m not bothered by this stuff anymore. If I had to relive my life again with the knowledge I have now, I wouldn’t make these choices again.

Anonymous 40787

I've done a lot of terrible things. One of which is not helping a bedridden aunt, and teasing a college friend about her open zipper in public.
At some point after and with lots of reflections, I've been really depressed on the realization that I'm not a good person. I feel like I can blame some of it on upbringing, but my psyche makes the point that I should be correcting my behavior myself regardless of anything that has occurred in the past, which I agree with.

Anonymous 63002


stole candy from a baby (toddler?) once.
it was the good shit. like one of those chocolate bars that costs like ten dollars in the store. all wrapped up. they weren't even going to eat it, they were just kind of holding it.
little baby didn't even know what was going on. i was all:
>omg look at the dollie!
and when she looked i took her candy.
i don't think i'll ever forgive myself but that shit was so good

Anonymous 63109


Destroyed a marriage or two, not counting my parents btw
Remember girls, men DO NOT really want open-relationships, they're just too cowardly to leave. Never sign prenups, always take the money.

Anonymous 64169

I had a boyfriend completely lacked empathy (he said he has that issue with everyone, but it didn't make me feel better), said my social anxiety was a chore to deal with, i would have crying fits on the floor, and he'd literally walk over my body and ignore me, I would have mental breakdowns daily due to emotional manipulation, and he ignored me for another girl, so out of revenge, i made a fake account pretending to be a random stalker, and secretly harassed him and this other girl for months to troll for information, and i physically threatened him as this fake person to scare him, and sent a bunch of pizzas to his house lol

Anonymous 64170

apart from that, here's every single bad thing I've done

>in kindergarten, i stole a bunch of toys from our classroom, i manipulated my teacher into thinking i had to go to my locker to get a girl a gift because it was her birthday, and would just shove the toys in my locker

>i had crazy jealousy issues as a kid, and i always needed to be the center of attention in a friend group, and for some reason, i'd randomly set people against each other just because i liked the drama

>one day for literally no reason, i got bored, and made a fake angry note full of insults, pretending that it was from friend A, and sent it to my friend B, and would try to get them to fight

(i still don't know why i did that, but it ruined my reputation at that school, for good reason. i deserved it. her mom made sure i went through hell for the rest of my time in that school district lol, i still have no idea why my 10 year old ass did that, but i stopped doing that after this event lol)

>was very lonely/socially retarded, had no friends, and so i'd lead guys on just because i liked the validation/attention when they were interested in me

>they usually ended up becoming obsessive and stalker-like, and i'd victimize myself, and say, "I have no idea why they thought they had a chance with me. it must be because i'm so nice uwu"

>unable to get attention irl so i would do lolcow-esque things online

>got cheated on in my 6 year relationship, and when he cried to me about how all of his family died, i comforted him, but afterwards, changed my mind, and i told him it was karma for cheating on me, and sent a long in-depth note psychologically destroying him, he died 2 weeks later from cancer himself

>threatened suicide toward abusive partners, would justify it as they were abusive themselves

>try to "shape" partners into being what i want them to be

>verbally abusive toward people

That's all I can really think of. I don't do any of these things anymore, but I used to be a BPD-tier headcase.

Anonymous 64173

Define evil.

I was put in charge of a system for a company that could cost them 3.5 million dollars in schedule if I fail, and I have plans to bail right as my patchwork efforts to set up this system fail.

Anonymous 64174

>got cheated on in my 6 year relationship, and when he cried to me about how all of his family died, i comforted him, but afterwards, changed my mind, and i told him it was karma for cheating on me, and sent a long in-depth note psychologically destroying him, he died 2 weeks later from cancer himself

I must be a terrible person but I actually find this to be very based

Anonymous 64222

completely warranted. You did the right thing minus harassing the random girl.

Anonymous 64232

I'm dirrectly responsible for getting a 16 year old girl raped

Some girl from school was just being a massive bitch and making my life hell
So i waited till her parents were out of town (her parents were friends with mine)
Set up a rape fantasy post on craigslist, found some guy and gave him details on how to get into the house and where the spare key is located.

Got a message from the rapist the next day of him saying how realistic "my" screams, pleading and struggling was.
Dont think she ever reported it to the police or even told anyone, because that shit would have made national news, and my parents would have at least told me about it.
She ended up getting onto antidepressants not too long after.
No idea how she's doing today, her family moved away 2 years ago

Anonymous 64235

Lol, I love you guys.

And yeah, the girl was innocent in the matter, 100%.

Anonymous 64245


>things that never happened

Anonymous 64787

>at uni
>go to visit a school friend at uni in another city
>one of her group of uni friends is dating a guy at my uni on the same course as me
>have a fun weekend
>over the uni year, become friends with the boy
>he helps me out during a difficult period in life
>start to become more and more attracted to him, but don't do anything because he's been with his current girlfriend for years and obviously loves her.
>later in the year, she breaks up with him
>meet him in a bar and he's really drunk and very upset
>tells me he's thinking about killing himself
>try to cheer him up, end up taking him back to my place because he was almost blackout drunk, and I was only a little less so.
>cuddle him in bed and tell him it'll be ok, he's falls asleep in my arms
>end up thinking it was a good idea to grab his dick/suck it cause I was drunk and horny.
>next morning he wakes up and leaves
>later on, admit what I had done
>he doesn't seem too bothered, says he doesn't remember anything but appreciates my honesty.
>keep going as friends
>later in the year, get a message from my friend telling me that she just got a weird message from this guy, asks me to go check on him
>go to his house, one of his housemates lets me in
>he's locked his door
>ask for help breaking it down and get into the room
>I walk in to find that he has cut his wrists and taken a bunch of pills (as an aside, he did it all while watching Wall-E, still find that sort of funny)
>call an ambulance, he gets taken to hospital
>he survives but we grow apart
>several years later, see that he's posted on twitter about getting an award for the best masters thesis in his uni
>like the tweet
>he blocks me
I think that's probably the worst sequence of events really.

Anonymous 64885

you're probably one of the most horrible persons i've ever seen anon. hope you'll have fun in hell.

Anonymous 64984

While this is the worstthing I've ever done
Its not only bad thing I've done
So I'm going to hell regardless

The big thing for me though is that I don't feel any regret or guilt for what I did
Making the life of someone I hated miserable doesn't exactly fill me with shame

Anonymous 64986

tell us more of your evil stories anon please

Anonymous 64999

When I was 9 my brother had a pet bird
I don't know why but one day I took it out of the cage and just squeezed it to death
Fed it to the cat afterwards
I think the cat was put down because of it, I only remember being told that my parents gave it away

I caught a girl cheating on her fiancé, I used that as blackmail to get her to get her father to give my brother a job
He got a sweet 80k/year job, brother bought me a switch to thank me for helping him.

I've done a lot of pickpocketing.
Before covid hit my friends and I would go clubbing every weekend.
My friends would dress sluttish, get drunk, and find guys to fuck.
Meanwhile I'd dress modestly, be the DD, and mostly look after my friends.
It's so easy to slip your hands into some guys pockets when a half naked slut is on top of him already.
I've probably made about $5,000-$10,000 over about 2 years.

I've also "made friends with" a couple of underage boys

Theres more things, but these are the only real ones that you could consider as "evil" everything else is kinda minor

Anonymous 65003

Fuck you for killing the bird and the cat

Anonymous 65021

I think you've got antisocial personality disorder. This shit ain't normal, i hope you're lying. That poor bird.

Anonymous 65051

images - 2020-10-0…

I still don't really get what happened with the bird either, I was just sitting playing games in my room.
Then just got up, went to my brothers room and killed it.
Fed it to the cat, Then went back to my room and kept playing games till my family came home.

I didn't hate it and it didn't annoy me, it wasn't making any noise. It was a decade ago too, so I don't know why I did it.

Asked my parents just before about the whole incident and they confirmed that they put the cat down because of it.

>I think you've got antisocial personality disorder.

I feel like I'm some degree of sociopathic
I don't feel any remorse for the bad things I've done, but I also can at least identify that they are bad.
Plus I really don't care about anything except for myself, and a handful of people.
So yeah I guess you are right.

Anonymous 65059

Do you plan on seeking therapy anon? You sound dangerous ngl.

Anonymous 65062


>i've also "made friends with" a couple of underage boys
meaning what anon?

Anonymous 65069


I don't really see a point in seeing one, after all I don't feel any guilt for any of the things I've done.
Probably a sign that I should, but we'll I just don't care to.
Besides no-one has ever caught me doing anything bad.

Meaning exactly what you think it means.

Anonymous 65070

Why the fuck would your parents end a cat's life just for being a fucking cat (in their eyes, as they assume that the cat hunted the bird down)? You only do that if the animal is dangerous to people or deathly sick, and it's not like it was danger to people or anything. Just throwing innocent animal's life away like it's trash. Fuck you and your family.

Anonymous 65071

Look dude if you can at least recognize that you have a problem, you need therapy. You've hurt people in the past and will do it again. You need to prevent that.

Anonymous 65113

Turns out it got out a lot and killed a lot
Killed lot of birds and small mammals around our house, got into a neighbours yard and killed some chickens
My brothers bird was just the last straw apparently

Except I don't feel bad for anything I've done
No point seeing one realistically if I'm just going to tell them "Yeah I feel great"


Maybe? If so no one in the family has actually shown any signs of it
Even me hasn't externally shown any sociopathic behaviour that has been noticed by others.


Well Australian but yes, no fbi, no Chris handson and an age of consent of 16
That said I may have gone below 16 in some cases.

Anonymous 65128

You should think of it as a favor to society. Maybe getting the professional help that you need will help you understand your behavior better and stop it before someone gets hurt again.

Anonymous 65132

When I went through an edgy vampire phase when I was like 10, I held down my 8 year old sister and 'bit' her neck for minutes on end, and I think I humped her at the same time because it felt great. I didn't remember it until recently, but I think I molested her. I brought it up recently to apologise, and she cried. I feel like a fucking monster, what the hell is wrong with me?

Anonymous 65133

Except I don't care if other people get hurt
I really only care about myself and a handful of people
I don't care if anyone else dies or gets hurt

Anonymous 65141

That's the point. You go so the professional will help you see that this way of thinking needs to be fixed. Not to get you to care, to get you to stop committing objectively harmful behavior.

Anonymous 68302


Don't listen to the haters anon we all do weird things with animals when we're young, me my sister and some neighbor kids would run over frogs with our bikes we also poked a hole in one and its insides were dripping out as it hopped away, actually typing it out now is making me feel bad
Anyway other than that based with the way you treat moids I'd love having a friend like you

Anonymous 68304

alright anon, just keep to yourself and stop being such an asshole. i don't give a fuck if you care, just do it for the sake of not getting your selfish ass in trouble. pathetic. you sound truly pathetic or underage, but i wouldn't be surprised if you thought your negligence in not growing out of your stupidity or getting it treated was notable or interesting given you've apparently grown up around imageboards.

Anonymous 68381

I don't know if it's bad, but I didn't want to create another thread: I feel so alone that I send nudes to men I know online to pretend they love me and care about me.

Anonymous 75425

IMG_3632 (1).PNG

Coming from a Christian home I can relate to your extremism. I don't wave thank you to cars anymore when I cross the street. Fuck em!

Anonymous 75428

I've ghosted people who I just didn't like being around anymore with no explanation after they had annoyed me enough. Some of them were legitimately annoying and not good people but it's still evil, one was a 3 year Internet friendship but in my defense she was adamant I wasn't bisexual but a repressed lesbian and it drove me insane.

Anonymous 75429

bisexual is the best sexuality tbh. All of the options none of the drawbacks, unless you are dumb enough to have sex with someone with aids.

Anonymous 75435

If someone is treating you badly, it's not your job to educate them. Ghosting is fine.

Anonymous 75520

I don't think ghosting shitty people is a problem, I find ghosting crazies is what most people do to to avoid obvious drama. In my experience "Ghosting" is something high maintenance people accuse others of. I've experienced it with a friend who spammed my email (since I blocked her on everything else) with articles about ghosting and long rants about how I should feel bad for not wanting to be her friend lol.

Anonymous 75521

Yeah, that’s not how a normal person reacts. Most people will send two unanswered messages before they give up.

Anonymous 75525

That's why I said shitty people.

Anonymous 75528

My biggest crime has been wallowing.

Anonymous 75573

ghosting is a generally a shitty thing to do but these malicious controlling people keep using the word the wrong way. to be harmful, it requires a somewhat meaningful relationship between the two people and an understanding that they are to keep that relationship going. ceasing communicating when the relationship is already crumbling or when it's just an acquaintance is not "ghosting", it's just normal.
when those conditions are not met, what they mean when they complain about "ghosting" is "this person stopped talking to me and i am mad i can't control them so i will launch a smear campaign on them for revenge".

Anonymous 75574

I got caught emblezzing about two years ago. I still live in fear that theyll try to take me to court. Ive been very thankful for covid shutting everything down. Everytime I get a background check Im terrified of them finding out. Even though I was never charged. Im still paranoid about it. To make matter worst I got a new job and its right next door to a building from the same company I stole from. I'm paranoid someone would recognize my car. To be fair the manager in at the other location was also caught emblezzing, we werent in it together, it just turn out that everyone was stealing.
I also emotionally cheated on my boyfriend and to this day the thought hurts my heart.
Ive clean up my act and have been honest working since then.

Anonymous 75639


I have severe IBS that was even worse in middle school due to not being able to use the bathroom when needed. (Caused more anxiety and made it worse.)
Was in a class where no bathroom breaks were allowed and sat next to the class retard. The IBS gods deemed my guts worthy for immediate evacuation, shit my pants, was so, uh, fluid that no sound happened but oh lord you could smell it. Another kid asked me if I could smell that horrible smell, and I fucking pointed at the retard kid and scrunched my nose up.
I told the teacher I was going to throw up and hid in the bathroom until school was over, and rumors were flying everywhere that the class retard shit his pants, and he never lived it down. He was no longer just the retard who aggressively demanded to be referred to as by Harry Potter, but as Harry Pooper from that day forward.
I have done worse but I do chuckle evilly about this to this day.

Anonymous 75662


Anonymous 75663

i feel worse for you than the retard…

Anonymous 75665

i've been thinking about this one all day

Anonymous 75666

Simon Stålenhag kr…

a crystal.cafe love story… <3 (me too anon, im a chronic ghoster and i ruin my relationships with pretty much everyone because of it)

>doesn't like autistic people
i dont think anyone does. i keep falling for them though damn it.

>The big thing for me though is that I don't feel any regret or guilt for what I did
>Making the life of someone I hated miserable doesn't exactly fill me with shame
if this is even real, you are genuinely evil. please never talk to anyone ever again.

are you me? i do this just to anyone its genuienely bad. i used to have a crush on this one super autistic dude (so autistic he didnt even leave the house) and we spoke every day. one day i just stopped messaging him. he still messaged me every day for months until i "returned". we talked for a week til i left again. he still sends me a meme almost every day. fuck.

Anonymous 75667

wait so why did he block you? it feels like we're missing something. do you feel like you're responsible for the suicide attempt?

Anonymous 78664

im kinda in a similar situation except i was under 10 and it was my cousin. im afraid to bring it up to her because i dont want to (re?)traumatize her. it tears me apart and i have no idea what to do. its a personal hell and i regret with my entire being that i brought it on her

Anonymous 78935

When I was 8 or 9 some lady in our neighborhood had this cage next to her house, like some animal cage. Me and my friend tricked a girl into going in it and we locked her in and left her there. The same girl we tricked into eating a deer poop by telling her it was chocolate. I suck…
Another time me and the same friend found a backpack somebody left at school that had $50 in it. We split the money and buried the backpack in the woods. I feel worse about ditching the backpack than taking the money, that was really unnecessary…I think we thought people would test the backpack for fingerprints or whatever because we were dumbass kids.

Anonymous 80576

>When I was a kid, I hit some of my animals. It didn't happen often or badly, but I feel really bad about it even to this day
>Scammed a lot of little girls in dress up games when I was 11-14, thought it was funny and taunted them
>Sexted a 14 yo when I was 18, he sent an unsolicited nude, I got scared and blocked him

Anonymous 80702


>In middle school I encouraged one of my friends to pour his lunch milk on a bully. The bully ended up punching him and he had an asthma attack and had to go to the hospital. He ended up switching schools.
>Called a popular girl a whore to her face simply because she looked at me wrong (also in middle school)
>Dumped the only person that ever truly loved me because she was prudish
>I sort of live a double life. Despite being a bisexual Jewish woman I go on 4chan and post racist, misogynistic, homophobic shit I would never say IRL because I live in a completely pozzed area and I’m sick of cancel culture and woke shit being shoved down my throat all the time.

Anonymous 80861

>Jewish woman
>Pozzed area


Anonymous 80876

Holy shit anon, the bully/milk thing sounds a lot like the things I did in school. I made a fake insta account of a guy who called my friend fat, followed everyone from our school, and made him “come out as gay.” The fat friend I did it for ended up telling me it was “too mean” and stopped being friends with me. I was a really bad person in middle school. I still kind of am…
>I go on 4chan and post racist, misogynistic, homophobic shit I would never say IRL
Jesus it really sounds like I typed this, minus the misogyny and homophobia. If people irl saw the racist things I’ve typed online, my life would be ruined. I want to be your friend lmao we’re both awful.

Anonymous 80891

Nah, California
Lol what did you say

Anonymous 80913

>made him “come out as gay.”
This is genius.

Anonymous 80918

>what did you say
Mostly derogatory stuff about hispanics since I am also from Cali. I don’t wanna get banned for /pol/ talk so I won’t say more. I do feel guilty about it though since I’ve met some of them who seemed decent. It’s just irrational venting I guess. I just started meds for anger issues haha
>This is genius.
Thanks queen. I thought it was hilarious while I was doing it but now I feel guilty bc it must have been humiliating

Anonymous 80920

Don't feel bad, the bully deserved it. Hopefully taught them a lesson too.

Anonymous 80921

I wished you'd all say these nasty things irl. I appreciate a proud and honest bigot over people who act all nice in front of you but behind your back they think anyone of your gender or ethnic, religious etc. background should be exterminated. Internet really made me have trust issues kek.

Anonymous 80922

>I wished you'd all say these nasty things irl. I appreciate a proud and honest bigot
People can’t because of doxxing, losing their jobs, getting kicked out of their college, etc

Anonymous 80925

only if you live in the US, no?

Anonymous 80930

I know I have racist thoughts but I don't actually think like this when dealing with individual people, if it makes you feel better

Anonymous 80940


Anonymous 80944

For me, I honestly do think it, but I don’t let it show or treat them differently,

Anonymous 80950


Made a kid in school cry by bullying him.

Anonymous 81169


I harass troons on the internet, i guess there's some evil in me

Anonymous 81283


I outed my troon cousin to the family for no reason other than for laughs.

My cousin ending up blaming the outing on another family member (KEK) and my aunt and uncle don't talk to my cousin anymore because of it.

Now, I listen to my uncle give based anti-troon Thanksgiving speeches in front the entire family at the table. Truly blessed. Truly.

Anonymous 81391

>I outed my troon cousin to the family
HAHA ily anon, how’d you do it?

Anonymous 81396


It's a male tranny, right? Those are always funnier to laugh at when they seethe

Anonymous 81399


Sometimes you need to be evil for the greater good and that’s ok

Anonymous 81434

My Dad is a blabber mouthed boomer moid who loves to stir the pot and watch the resulting shit storm and drama, so I used that trait to my advantage. As soon as my cousin told me about wanting to transition I immediately told my Dad about it. Naturally, my Dad gossiped about it with his other siblings, and it spread through the woodworks like wildfire until it got around to my Grandma. My grandmother is known in our family for being nosy and socially retarded, and she called my Dad to see if this was a real thing or if he was just pulling her leg.

When my Dad confirmed that yes, it was a real rumor, she called my aunt and uncle and asked point-blank if my cousin being a troon was a joke. Troon cousin confirmed it was, in fact, the truth and ended up getting kicked out of the house that same day. My cousin blamed it on one of our other cousins, who was also told in confidence shortly before everyone else found out. This other cousin was particularly close with my grandmother, and based on the timing between telling the secret and having everything go to shit, troon cousin made their assumptions and put two and two together. I never told my troon cousin it was actually my Dad who learned everything through me, though.

I laughed the entire time, tbh.

Anonymous 81439

did this guy ever do anything bad to you anon
i will admit it seems fucked that you got him kicked out of his house just for being a troon, and i say this as someone who is very skeptical of trans shit

Anonymous 81469

agreed. he should be helped not kicked out, youre just making him more certain in his "identity" lolz

Anonymous 81474

funny but disgusting. I hate family conflict and it hurts. wouldn't be able to live with myself

Anonymous 81476

Yeah thirded, the troon cousin sounds like a teen in an identity crisis, getting kicked out will only validate their worldview that everyone hates trannies just for existing and wants them to suffer. This person could have been salvaged but OP just wanted to be petty and watch shit burn. Assuming any of this is true

Anonymous 81486


Yes, female to male.

>did this guy ever do anything bad to you anon

Yes. They weren't my favorite person, even pre-transition. I won't go into many details, but we went to the same high school together. I started there in my senior year not knowing anyone, while my cousin had known everyone in the town their entire life. When I first started attending, my cousin spread a rumor about me that left me on the receiving end of some pretty vicious bullying. During one of the final instances, I was physically harmed by girls my cousin was good friends with. When I confronted my cousin about it they brushed me off, played dumb in front of the entire family, and said it was only "a joke."

I was told later on that my cousin was given the option of seeing a professional in order to get help, or leaving the house. They chose the latter. You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

>The troon cousin sounds like a teen in an identity crisis, getting kicked out will only validate their worldview that everyone hates trannies for existing and wants them to suffer.

My cousin was twenty-two at the time. They didn't end up out on the streets afterwards, and outside of my aunt and uncle, almost everyone else in my family was supportive. My Grandma, unfortunately, even paid for my cousin's mastectomy about a year later.

If my cousin did walk away with an 'everyone hates trannies for existing' mindset, I certainly haven't caught any whiff of it. Outside of their parents not coming around (And, I mean, who can blame them?) there hasn't been much, if any, suffering.

>OP wanted to be petty and watch shit burn.

Eh, you're not wrong. 'The lulz' were a motivating factor and I thought the reactions from members of my family would be funny. I didn't expect it to go as far as it did, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of the situation while it was happening, either.

Anonymous 81500

good for you then lol she's young and probably regret transitioning 10 years later

Anonymous 81502

>male tranny
>female to male
so which one is it kek ftm are female troons

Anonymous 81522

Typically, revenge only ends up hurting you more but what you did was pretty funny and based. Fuck that hoe

Anonymous 82590

katze lachs.gif

I once went shopping for my parents and I had the full intention to keep the rest of the moeny they gave me, before they told me I could keep it.

Anonymous 82780

you're the only one in this thread going to hell

Anonymous 82789

she probably hasn't had a decent night of sleep since, I seriously hope this is fake.

Anonymous 82799

You should buy a candy to this kid and say sorry, or, buy candies in bulk for many kids. I think these are the right way to atone.

Anonymous 83039


I attacked a guy with a knife who was trying to basically "sell" me and my friend to his friend. I don't regret it and it was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced, seeing someone who had tried to fuck me over instead being afraid of me. I think about the rush I got from it all the time.
I also killed some small wild animals when I was 14. That I regret heavily because they did nothing to deserve that. Not that it is an excuse, but I was being heavily physically abused at home and it had caused me to normalize violence.

Anonymous 83040

What kind of knife?

Anonymous 83041

idk, some knife I bought at a gas station for like 10 dollars

Anonymous 83509

I stole an ipod touch from a devout christian while in the locker room. Afterwards I joked that she probably realized God didn't want her to have it.

Anonymous 86247


I casted a jinx on an asshole for hacking my accounts. Also had a 4chan SJW femanon call me a monster for manipulating her outburst against her. Some people have to learn things the hard way.

Anonymous 86250

Same here. I used to have mice for pets as a kid and mistreated them and later got them killed.
>kept two mice in a cardboard box
>chased them with my hand from corner to corner
>squeezed the life out of one because I can't contained myself for how cute it is
>parents eventually replaced it
>left the box of mice outside
>one was flatten dead and one is missing

Still feel awful about it to this day. Don't ever let kids own small animals because they'll mostly treat them as toys.

Anonymous 86411

how old were you?

Anonymous 86419

Somewhere around 6-10

Anonymous 86421

It's not necessarily true, your parents probably didn't teach you well how to behave with animals. Not put it all on parents because kids can always be dumb but usually they can learn to be gentle with animals if that kind of behavior is modeled and taught to them.

Anonymous 86430

agree w this, anon's parents sound retarded and it affected her development, most likely. unless she just really sucked at absorbing their attempts at getting her to understand how to treat animals. if they never taught her, it's definitely on them though. i think a lot of children aren't taught by their parents to respect animals, however. most parents just don't respect animals in the first place and don't instill it into their children either

Anonymous 86539

I had an argument with a unpleasant girl on an online game so I logged onto another account to pretend to be a charming guy and then had a kind of e-relationship with her

Then another user said 'wait a second you're that tard from earlier' and i was exposed

Anonymous 87356

I lead guys on for validation. I didn't even really consider what I'm doing was evil until I read this thread, but if it is then I'll bite.

I have 2 "boyfriends" and a circle of men who think I'm single and fawn over me, sometimes buying me gifts and the likes of that. I consider myself single. None of them know that I'm a lesbian. I don't feel bad about any of it.

I used to sell my underwear on the internet. These guys would keep in contact. I know their names, phone numbers, and I know that they all have wives. I could easily blackmail the hell out of any of them if I wanted

Anonymous 87357

Kinda gross but so are the men buying used underwear online.

Anonymous 87421

I feel like you're not that evil. Every girl I've met like you was either abused as a kid or cheated on. So you hurt others in an attempt to fill the void. But it's never enough.

Anonymous 87424

holy based
you should tell their wives though

Anonymous 87425

Fucking based. You show those moids their evil by enabling porn-addiction behavior.

Anonymous 87515

how is it worth the emotional and mental labor of juggling this for like, shoes or whatever crap men usually buy women they like? unless they're buying you a house or a car, it aint worth it to me. also, not evil

Anonymous 87704

I wasn't abused as a kid

I can't tell if calling me based here is ironic or not. I plan to snitch to their wives when they eventually stop giving me money

There is no emotional juggling. I don't care about any of them. This is my world and they're just living in it. I respect no man, it's that simple

Anonymous 87706

i think you underestimate how much mental labor is going into this act. spending any time with them, at all, is putting in time and mental labor

Anonymous 87797


Around 8 years-old I have stolen things from my 2nd grade teacher and student. From what I can remember, one was a vintage plush of Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks that my teacher keeps in the classroom and two that were gifts given by students which are a clear round stone with orange light brown rocks in it and a little cream white dog figure that looks like a mix of chihuahua, cocker spaniel and pomeranian both either sitting on her desk or window. From the student, I stole a Burger King keychain plush of Harmony from Care Bears that hung on her backpack. Now I'm 22 and still feel bad for what I've done considering that my 2nd grade teacher is a kind elder woman and the student a well-behaved girl. Sometimes I think of them of how they end up losing their things and tried looking for them. Sadly, I lost those said stolen things over the years.

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