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marie kondo meme.j…

invitation to come listen to me ramble about marie kondo Anonymous 149500

i've dwelling on the marie kondo method for 3 years now. i've been thinking about it but also practiced it. in small ways at first but right now this has become a personal industrial revolution. now that i have seen the other side after a life of being messy, i know i have been missing out. this is way better. makes me suspicious that people would talk about anything else, as if they did not know how nice this is. i didn't know either i guess.

Anonymous 149501

does it spark joy.…

what was confusing the most of me was this idea of making it into a marathon. in her books she mentions to compmletely pause the life until this shit is handled.

this is what her netflix series is about. there she is actually shown helping messy americans by coming to their house with a translator and guiding them into doing such a marathon. is quite the interesting sight

the marathon makes sense to me now that i have felt what always knowing where everything is feels like. when the home is a functioning machine then so little time is needed that complicated projects become easy. this is way better to be active and not get thrown under the bus by life.

the reason for the marathon is: if the marathon was done now or a week from now makes a difference. it is not meaningless. if i had it in a week i would think "i wish i had this sooner!". that's how strong the difference feels to me.

Anonymous 149504

580ml Sturzglas RR…

i'm currently singlemindedly focused on making my place of living into a tool that helps me get my life done with little effort. i started thinking of all objects as tools. tools are useful. things can also be ornaments without use. i think the practical aspects of objects are so much more important then how ornamental it is now that i have felt it. who cares if a kitchen has the right color, this is so trivial and also ruins the flexibility. if i made a wall beautiful and then decided i want to move a shelve there, then the beauty has inhibited me and placed a cage around the embodiment of creativity.

i've made quite the progress so far despite having historically being lazy and messy. made my own furniture, completely rebuilt the kitchen, already completed a lot of storage i want to have here with custom fit shelves, threw stuff out i neither used nor liked, started mealprepping in batches eating wonderful healthy, raw, plant-based food, made it tasty and as convenient and accessible to me as fastfood. fun fact when my father comes visiting me, i can always just give him a prepped meal of mine. now he becomes expert in finding excuses to visit me 😆. this was impossible before but now i have this fully functioning, well thought out kitchen, more like a small food factory!

a few days ago i made nice cream from 12kg of banana🍌 and ~5kg of red grapes🍇. blended the raw fruit up with some lemon juice, filled it in my high-tech glasses, put the glasses in both the freezer and fridge and have been munching on them since. my father has been coming by and i always give him a glass. sharing food has just become completely effortless to me. it makes no difference if my father comes by or not, the food is ready made in the fridge. i just have to take an extra glass out of the little factory fridge.

Anonymous 149505

indoor cat went ou…

basically this is teaching people autism. it is a gateway into autism, a personal industrial revolution providing infrastructure for personal growth. being this organized is very useful and has advantages i did not expect. generally i have looked down upon traditions of order because they all necessarily come from a place of subservience and sacrifice, this is different. this comes from a place of wasting the least, doing the most with the smallest amount of effort and distraction.

the method teaches the optimal speedrun path on how to clean the room so that it becomes insanely useful. this is how to turn your home into the place where you can do exactly what you want to do, how you want to do it and when you want to do it. this is how to turn your life into a canvas to paint on.

i highly recommend this. basically she destilled the best learnings from decades of autistic cleaning obsession so they can just be tried out and completely skip trial and error. i experimented with different systems and organizational approaches to find what i like but i think it would have been better if i did just the basic marie kondo method because it would have reduced the time where i did not live on this higher level of ability.

Anonymous 149506


Anonymous 149507


these boxes are so nice. euroboxen. i hope there are systems as nice as this everywhere else. there size is reliably 40cm*60cm, these can be stacked high, they come in different heights, they come in different sizes always in perfect half sizes so that two small one perfectly stack on top of one big one if desired.

i just have shelves where these boxes fit. this means i can use them as drawers but i can also take them out and bring the stuff inside to where i want to use it and create instant assembly lines to quickly get something done. i don't always do it that way but having the option is nice, it gives the choice of hurrying something. also i can just change positions of these boxes, if i do this i have to bother to label the boxes though because otherwise changing them around often makes it hard to know where they currently are.

i could be rambling about boxes all day but i have to keep going. currently my raised bed on top of 2 shelves is done, which allowed me to throw my stupid bulky bed out. was way easier to disassemble then i expected. repurposed some of the wood already but more importantly i have now space to move around in this rat cage of a small appartment and my stuff can now fit under the bed. the amount of storage i have now is so ridiculous, i'll be able to walk to the bathroom soon without having the turn sideways to fit

Anonymous 149508


i can already feel the difference of how nice this raised bed with built in shelving is. my sofa can now freely move around. i keep it next to the bed for now so i don't die if i roll down.

basically the bed is on top of 2 ridiculously sturdy shelves who stand next to each other where the mattress is just laying on top. each of the 2 shelves has 6 levels of shelving space where i can slide 4 or 6 boxes in. they are made slightly asymmetrical so that they become stairs i can use to walk up to the bed without having to climb.

so when i go to bed i will sleep on top of 56 of those boxes!! that's a mindnumbing amount of storage. i had boxes underneath my old bed. 3 big boxes and i never know what to put in them. now i don't have a bed anymore but i sleep on top of 56 boxes, each 60cm deep, 40 cm wide and up to 20cm high.

attached is the final design i went with. green is the matress where i lie on top and underneath are the levels of shelving. this is only one side though. the other side behind it is smaller to create a path to another similar looking but bigger shelve that takes the space of the entire wall. the space between the shelves i made sure is big enough to comfortable walk in between and pull boxes in and out.

Anonymous 149512

i am laying 1,55m above the ground. this is how far i would fall if i rolled out the bed. one side i just secured with the sofa, so when i roll down there, that's not dangerous the sofa would catch me.

the other side is open though. i could fall 1,55m down there… i have to find a way to secure this a bit at least in the beginning. there has to be a way.

Anonymous 149514

banana crate.jpg

boxes are wonderful, they make everything better.

i started buying euro crates but those are expensive so they will take me a while to afford and accumulate. what i noticed too late, supermarkets here have everything in paper boxes that are sturdy. i just take these home every time i shop and use them as poverty boxes until i can afford better ones. stores usually compact them with a machine into bricks. they are annoying byproduct for them and people can help them by taking them home.

banana crate is very useful for me. it is just slightly smaller then a euro crate so it fits in the same shelving. i had like 6 and this summer i found about 8 more. also nice because they have a similar size: watermelon crates. there are all kind of crates to score though.

there are smaller crates that fit nice into shelving that is not 60cm deep but just 30cm deep. mango crate is nice, tomato crate is also nice, a lot of produce also comes in this half size.

Anonymous 149515

is nice to change which box goes where to minimize distances and be done with a complex task by instantly turning stuff into assembly lines.

when my home is canvas for stuff like that i can do a million things, how to even live the DIY lifestyle without this important invention of boxes.

i've grown up around hoarders, was shit. a bit of autism is nice, it has clear advantages over hoarding because as a pure hoarder i can never find what i am looking for and that is too devastating of a disadvantage for a life i have grown to realize.

what good is having lots of stuff when it takes 5 times as much effort to do anything because everything is blocked by clutter from being functional.

Anonymous 149522

I'm a hoarder and the Kondo method doesn't work for me, I hoard things BECAUSE they cause me joy. What do I do in this situation?

Anonymous 149525


it is quite the empowering event.

considering each thing and wondering if it sparks joy, this is teaching the unfortunate how to care about if they like something or not. to some people concentrating on something, giving focused attention to something is a practice they might be too busy to bother to do. this trains the decision ability, teaches people to manage their own life in their actual reality better.

Anonymous 149526


i think i read 2 books in total

>The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2011)

this i remember to be awesome

she also has a lesser known book that goes more into details. those are things i doubt make as big of a difference as the popular book, though i am still implementing everything myself.

just recently hit me how much this impacted my life. i just naturally put all the summer energy in doing this and now i start to reap the benefits of this place that is basically tailored around me to enhance my abilities. that is life-changing magic, the title seems to describe the result of the process quite accurately. it would seem like an empty marketing process but dud actually achieve some life-changing with me.

Anonymous 149527


when you are a hoarder then storage space is the canvas you paint on. if you had stuff neatly in a functional boxes storage then there would be one thing that would be completely missing from your life:

these moments of clutter. where you know where something is but first you have to get a bunch of other stuff out of the way. basically not having to do this will enhance your ability, you can then do stuff you have been meaning to but did not find time to because suddenly, when you live in a functioning place, you have time for everything.

hoarders also don't tend to have free spaces which are necessary to shuffle stuff around and hold the stuff to quickly change what goes where.

i doubt many hoarders have achieved this beautiful mindstate of always knowing where something is, being able to rely on it because it has been given a prominent space.

Anonymous 149529

this concept of a marathon is solid. she says to stop everything and clean up everything. make it the single focus of their life until a satisfactory ground for a more decision-based life is establish.

i think if people knew how good it felt to live in a place that functions, they would understand why this is worthy of dropping everything else and singlemindedly focus on it until it is done, because everything that comes afterwards becomes so much better.

this concept of clutter makes a lot of sense. when there is clutter in a place then everything is obstructed. you wanna do something but first you have to clean other shit that parks on it off. this sucks, being messy is a dumb life, it weighs everything down and making it impossible.

of course cluttered people feel exhausted all the time and can barely do any projects they think are interesting, because there is always clutter to deal with which makes everything so much more cumbersome that it should be.

Anonymous 149530

I think cleaning is pathetic and for slaves. I’ll only ever let a maid or a moid clean up my mess.

Anonymous 149531

mpv-shot0023 (1).j…

defining a home for every item is an essential part of the method. this is done in the marrathon once enough space from throwing away has opened up. that way there is always a default place for everything where you can find it and return it to. when no place is defined, there is no place to return stuff to and returning something to a defined place is magic. you can depend on finding it for quick succession of ideas that are often gone in seconds.

when everything has a place you are able to respond to seconds! of inspiration and do things in seconds that might take an unorganized person minutes.

imgaine something annoying only taking a few seconds because you have basically a factory waiting for it to handle it. thats what it feels like.

Anonymous 149532

>I think cleaning is pathetic and for slaves

this makes you sound all tough and strong but beneath it all it reveals that you have overestimated your abilities to live a life that actually fits your foot that you don't need constant hand holding to walk a step in. you sound like you could do nothing alone, that's not a good look for you most likely.

Anonymous 149536


son doesn't know where his underwear is so he texts his mother where his shit is. that's got to be annoying. well that's what a messy's life is about, not finding things in the mess.

Anonymous 149537


I don’t care about being tough or strong. I refuse to cook, clean, do chores or perform any other form of slave labour for that matter.

Anonymous 149539

I assume youre just memeing but entitled people like this make my blood boil. Cleaning your own mess is the most basic human courtesy you can extend. Tossing it to someone else makes you objectively a shit human. Its like the shopping cart test. People who cant perform keep the basic social candor of returning their cart to the corral betray themselves as subhuman and deserve to be shot in the back of the head over a large trench and decomposed with a sprinkle of lye.

Anonymous 149540

I have heard about marie kondo but I admit, I'm a bit too overwhelmed to begin learning about her
Can you recommend any resources or should I not start at all anon?

Anonymous 149541

She has a netflix show where she helps people clean their homes. You could watch one episode to get the jist and invest further if youd like. Its called “Tidying Up”. I dont think its as amazing as the world suggests based on their reaction to it, but to the hyper consumerist “my things are my being” american collector existence, it’s probably pretty earth shattering.

Anonymous 149543


>Can you recommend any resources or should I not start at all anon?

the book is interesting, also available as audiobook. the netflix show makes the ideas accessible because they show people living through the process and give before and after comparison and constant updates at every step of the marathon.

there is probably good videos about it on youtube that i don't know about.

i guess whether to start or not should be decided by how healthy your ability is to do the things you mean to do. do you wish you had more time and energy to do the things you love? is there tons of stuff you wish you did but somehow don't find the time? then there is the possibility of this system, this big investment of time that will help you save time in the long run by making everything easy.

Anonymous 149545

i'm somewhat worried to sleep on the raised bed., this is much higher then i anticipated it being but i did put some woodbeams in place, if i actually roll down the worrysome side then those beams will catch my fall or most of it.

was somewhat surprised by how exciting this has been for me. i was planning to have quiet evening of playing some sim city 4 but somehow i feel compelled to jump around and look at the bed instead, i don't even want to focus on the game.

Anonymous 149568

I'll never get it. The very idea of living in an amazon warehouse absolutely terrifies me. Order, efficiency, utility. There's no soul, no beauty in that.

Anonymous 149574

Seethe harder slave.

Anonymous 149588

So you never cook yourself a meal or tidy your own bedroom? That's awesome. Who performs your "slave labour" for you, is it your parents?

Anonymous 149589

slept good on the high bed, again experiencing the "why didn't i do this sooner" feeling :D

Anonymous 149593

I kinda do the kinda thing naturally since I hate to keep stuff. Each time I had to move out I was reminded of how much stuff I own and I hate it.

So I have a rule for clothes it's did I wore that this year and do I still like it? If it's yes to booth, keep. Else throw away or if I really like it, I keep another year (and note it on my phone).

If it's an object, since I hate dusting stuff, I mainly ask myself if it's a gift. If yes, I keep it.

As for books… I don't own much since once I read it, I give it away (unless it's my favorite author/book or something)

I would really do something about old gift tho, I don't see myself throwing/giving them away but I'm not a fan of keeping them eather

Anonymous 150066


I'll never get it. The very idea of living in an amazon warehouse absolutely terrifies me. Order, efficiency, utility. There's no soul, no beauty in that.

i've said the same thing until i tried it. i grew up around messy people who never know where their shit is and their home is not functioning. i know where all my stuff is and i can use it to do stuff.

living like that doesn't compell you to be an amazon worker, it gives you the option though.

when i meet my father in 2 hours and my kitchen is ready for everything, then i can just make something from fresh real ingredients, no problem. when there is a sale at the supermarket on some rare quality fruit, i know i have the infrastructure to buy lots of it and instantly turn it into nice things.

i kind of grew sick of considering objects precious. of objects having stories attached to it. reminds me of this phrase: treating people like objects and objects like people.

Anonymous 150067


i'm so glad i've been in the habit of just rejecting all gifts and being known as someone who doesn't like gifts… there is so much stuff i want to have in my amazon warehouse, i'd hate for it to be full of stuff i just keep because someone gave it to me.

Anonymous 150307

Cleaning is a pathetic pickme pastime, literal handmaiden shit

Anonymous 150332

Do you shit everywhere or leave a massive mess whenever you attempt to do anything or?

Anonymous 150410

Queen moment

Anonymous 150435

Rofl just admit you live in a decrepit hoarder house practically under a pile of your own waste ok

Anonymous 150436

Cleaning is fucking easy when you live alone. It takes 20 mins out of your day to get everything done. The machines do it for you.

Anonymous 150498


>Cleaning is a pathetic pickme pastime, literal handmaiden shit

what changed my attitude towards is this: when i eat off a plate and the plate has food on it, when is the best time to clean it? as soon as possible because as the moisture left on it from the food evaporates, the plate becomes harder to clean.

cleaning it now takes 10 seconds, cleaning it tomorrow takes 30 seconds, cleaning it in a week takes a minute.

since i am doing it anyway, when would i want to do it to deal with cleaning as little as possible? when the problem has not grown beyond 10 seconds of work.


>Re : two days is clearly not enough. I'm still not done with clothes.

clothes took me a while. ended up just completely rethinking my relationship to clothes altogether. now i just have a few colors that i wear and a few types of clothing in those colors. ended up in clothing minimalism.

>The machines do it for you.

dishwashing machine is probably nice. never had one, currently thinking hard about getting one.

Anonymous 150941

found 7 more banana crates today. made a banana crate shelve that can hold 29 banana crates. storage problem will soon be solved.

i kept trying to solve my problem with things but seems like all my efforts up to now where almost useless. just making the space to have more storage was the solution.

took me years to figure this shit out to this extreme level i am on currently.

Anonymous 150943

i'm drunk with storage! i have currenty 20 empty banana crates in the banana crate shelf and 12 more that have stuff in them. feels good.

Anonymous 150946


the logistical nightmare i imagine when having lots of clothes… of having a closet that is accessible and clear so that all clothes can be seen at a glance. i guess it is technically possible but i doubt many reach this peak where all clothes are accessible at all times as easy as possible as to optimize for the choice of what to wear being as uninhibited as possible.

soon i have a 4 m long clothing rod (technically 2 because one is high and one is low. the high one i can still reach while standing. is more like a scaffolding really, in my room just in plain sight! not hidden in some furniture! just out in the open on wirehangers where i can see all my clothes at once!

Anonymous 151363

I'm dumb so I can't tell if shelving-bed anon and banana crate anon are the same person. Either way you're awesome and I love your energy.

I've been moving a lot the past year and I've gotten rid of SO MUCH stuff. Minimizing clothing was a godsend.

Now I'm living in a very small space… Almost all my stuff is stuck in big packing boxes with stuff I use regularly laid on top. I hate it.

I want to spend a week cleaning up and organizing so badly. Sadly the room I'm living in now has a ton of unused clothes that take up half the space and aren't mine so I can't get rid of them. Having hoarder-like family members sucks.

Anonymous 151612

block shifty game.…


I want to spend a week cleaning up and organizing so badly.

do it, don't even waste time worrying about whether it is possible! that's someone elses problem in the future. you start doing it and then the things that will make the most sense you can not do, instead you have to find the 50th best thing to. tedious process but it is rewarding with little bits of progress that you can benefit from. like a video game but you actually win something when you beat it, a slightly easier life.

Anonymous 151615


>the issue is the dust

not an issue for me, i have fans strategically placed in every room that gently guide a wind out the open balcony door, then i take my trusty leafblower and just blow out all the dust.

here is the process:

1)i turn 5 fans on, open the doors and windows up completely and make sure they are pointing the airstream towards the open door.

2)i just blow on everything, dust starts being whilred up but since there is a stream of air from the fans, the dust follows the airflow and just disappears out the appartment.

dust comes in through the window, i blow it back out through the door, i don't collect it, that's tedious.

Anonymous 151790

Japanese women don’t have much say in society and it’s restrictive for both men and women, so excessive cleaning and tidying might manifest as a form of control when feeling disempowered

Anonymous 151825

This kind of living is very far removed from human nature. These people literally live in minimalist pods, go work 12 hours then play pachinko or shop and buy a bunch of overpriced western goods, and are lucky to touch grass 1x a week if that. And then Japanese people wonder why they’re so depressed. Their society is technologically advanced but it is so far removed from what actually keeps humans in touch with themselves and nature.

Anonymous 152471


could be. that control ideology i don't think is mentally healthy either.

it could be that in her case it is a manifestation of those poor choices of personality you mention. from my practice of the teachings i can't detect such behavior towards lifeforms in me.

though today i smacked a wasp away. just took a piece of cardbord and whacked it, i guess less gently then i would have expected. wasp couldn't dodge me, i was too quick and my timing was too perfect.

i think when it comes to objects and my own life, that is the one place the management skill (that you have all reason to warn about because managing people is the worst) is appropriate. i feel like having the option to do many things in one day is a nice skill to have developed. whatever thing i want to do or make, my place helps me. having that is better then not having that. if i don't have that then every day feels the same.

being a celebrity seems to fuck people up too and she has that going for her.

Anonymous 152473


>Whatever happens, she'll find a konbini open 24/7 a 5 minute walk away from her home.

that does seem kind of nightmarishly consumerist. i tweaked the method so it focuses on DIY and batch food preparation. i don't feel like a consumerist one bit, i feel more like a little factory that has the storage and tools to create things i want from increasingly rawer getting materials/ingredients.

all my walls are storage for boxes, i sleep on a raised bed above boxes and then i have a lot of tables with nothing on them so i keep using them for DIY stuff. like batch cooking, pasteurizing, sewing, building, repairing, electronics.

having foldable tables and little carts on wheels is also nice; that's way better then not having it.

Anonymous 152481

seems like you can't see the method without the cultural context. you probably believe this practice of judging everything but the thing itself on your prejudices helps you to quickly make sense of things.

from my perspective this seems foolish because it completely disregards anomaly. you could be right about all your social and cultural analysis and then disregard accidental genius.

all the way to the bottom of the post with you:

Anonymous 152486

Nah, she’s a pickme and moids dickride her because she’s Japanese, has a constant fake smile and likes cleaning. Pathetic desu.

Anonymous 152493


i guess when you want to find out which toothpaste is good, you go in the toostepaste ailse of walmart and looks who buys which toothpaste for an hour and then pick it based on what the others picked.

Anonymous 152494

it never felt that consumerist to me. i think i watched the entire 8 episodes of the show and read the book and probably seen other videos of her but consumerism never struck me, i thought it was valid information helping me to make better choices for my life, which is not a typical consumer life. it never stood out to me, i don't remember being repelled.

Anonymous 152495

Anonymous 152498


which is not a typical consumer life

except for buying a lot of things in the last weeks, throwing my money at things because i thought it was a real possibility of some economic collapse happening and a hard winter coming. i thought this year might have been the last year where buying stuff is easy.

Anonymous 152518


>Woah, that sounds cool

yeah, in the last weeks i experimented with taking advantage of produce deals. bought ~50kg of fresh fruit and made it into nice cream, few weeks ago i found a deal on avocados.

whatever nice stuff the supermarket has, my little factory is ready so i can buy a lot once i encounter a nice deal like that and eat it for a while. i can't believe how cheap and convenient batch food preparation is. i never did this. i just improvised everything all day every day.

now whenever i prepare something to eat, i make like 6-20 portions and then i have this ridiculous convenience of already having lots of food that i love. i can eat unlimited of it because it is 95%-100% raw vegan.

so a little bit of work in my factory (an hour or two while i listen to something i like) and i have days of convenience food. i buy the raw and make it convenience with small bursts of effort. i never knew such a life was this easily available to me.

Anonymous 152626


so far i have a freezer/fridge combination which is really too small for me so i compensate with rotating stuff around when i made too much. i put part in the freezer and part in the fridge and once it is deep frozen i switch places, meanwhile i also eat the stuff so it keeps reducing anyways.

i foolishly threw away an old but perfectly fine standalone deep freezer in a burst of minimalism a short while back and now i regret. i had no idea how much i will appreciate freezing. i bought silicone reusable freezer bags and they are awesome for big portions. they are too annoying for small portions though.

i do have a borrowed Einkochapparat (see picture) that i have not used yet. i don't think this is considered canning but it is similar maybe. it is stacked with glasses that have rubber seals and clamps to hold a glass lid in place. it is filled with water and the glasses full of food and then water is boiled. after it has boiled enough, the glasses have vacuum inside and are shelf-stable for a year or more. interesting technique, looking forward to play with it after i have completed my fast/detox.

Anonymous 152634


>I really like the idea that I can pick the best vegetables/fruits now, season them, and eat them during winter.

i've seen a video of a very active pasteurizer who also farms a bit of vegetables in her garden. basically she has a supermarket in her basement with hundreds of glasses of food. whenever she cooks, she cooks like 8-20 glasses full of something. lots of old german recipes with animal products in it which are nasty to me but the thought i can very much appreciate. she said when her friends and family visit her, she takes them to her basement and they always get to pick a few glasses to take home for free.

what stuck me: i can either prepare a small portion (or cook in a small pot or pan) of a dish and eat it until it is eaten which might take me 30 minutes. the dish usually doesn't last more then a few hours.

so maybe an hour for 4 portions of food (including shopping and cleaning)

OR i can invest a bit of time and batch prepare (or cook in a big pot) and then cool/freeze/pasteurize. that food then lasts for days. if i did this once of twice a week i would have amazing food for the entire week. if i did it twice or 3 times a week i would have a growing stockpile.

so maybe 2-3 hours for 20-30 portions of food (including shopping and cleaning).

with fruit this even easier because i don't cook it. i just peele or chop or blend it and it is ready to be cooled or frozen.

Anonymous 152794

i'm hardcore deep into raw vegan lore, mostly fruitarian at this point. i've only eaten real raw fruit this summer for 70 days in a row during a herbal detox. i'm still on that detox though i was busy a few days and didn't eat much and got so thin that i became somewhat too underweight for my taste and started eating raw vegetables, raw seeds and even a bit of oil for a few days so i guess i cheated a bit, no big deal though.

now i am back for the final strech of only fruit, currently on day 115 of the detox. this shit works, i wish i had learned about this when i was younger.

i don't even buy shelf-stable juice, i buy bags of apples and juice them myself.

yes it is cheap. for some reason the capitalism of fruit and vegetables works in favor of the consumer. when produce is at its best, it is cheapest in the store. so when you just go to the supermarket and see what is currently cheap, you usually end up with the best quality ripe produce. i couldn't name you something else where the thing becomes the cheapest the higher the quality becomes. modern economies that prey on the consumers would want it to be exactly the opposite, they would want food to be expensive when it is good but nature had other plans…

Anonymous 152798

You’re not worried about the lack of protein in your diet?

Anonymous 152800

during the times i 'cheated' (meaning i ate vegetables and seeds as well to quickly gain back some weight) i got heavily into batch making these ridiculous raw salads, all from completely real fresh perishable vegetables.

usually consisting of nothing but …

-bell pepper

…and a sauce. i also experimented with cabbage, onion, sweet potato (yeah raw!), carrot, in similar somewhat less watery vegetables. mostly i applied what i learned from watching indian curry cooking videos on youtube and just applied it to raw salads. i can now make salads that taste so good that i binge on them while happily thriving. if i have fruits and salads, nothing is missing from my life. i feel strong, i have the energy to be active all day, i don't waste time watching stupid content, i believe in myself, i come up with good ideas and then immedeatly start creating. i love this way of eating and from now on i will do this every summer, only eating cooked food when the temperatures are getting colder.

nope. protein is not real to me, people keep talking as if it was essential but i don't see it. at this point i have lived years without it. the human body can make everything from amino acids. proteins are actually complicated to digest for the human organism while fruits and vegetables are not. to disprove the importance of protein look how little protein is in mothers milk. barely any. when i see a protein eater, the protein eater wants to be like me, i don't wanna be like the protein eater. the directions of envy clearly flows in my direction.

Anonymous 152801

That sounds very interesting but the paleo diet appeals more to me, eating that much fruit just doesn’t really make sense to me unless your ancestors came from a place where fruit grew in abundance, like a subtropical climate. I react really badly to all the sugar in fruit and I know it’s because my ancestors who are all from Northern Europe probably only had access to certain kinds of berries and maybe apples and such during summer/autumn if they were lucky, things like bananas, mangos, pineapples or whatever were only incorporated into their diet within the last 50 years or so. Not to mention so many fruits are GMO now. I also find I react badly to grain and wheat and oats and other crops. I assume my ancestors ate almost entirely meat and dairy and that’s the only thing I can see to eat regularly without my stomach feeling sick.

Anonymous 152802

Also to add, for the longest time I thought I was lactose intolerant but I realised it’s because the cows at my local dairy farm are also GMO cows. I switched to A2 organic whole milk and raw milk and my stomach aches completely went away.

Anonymous 152804


Hmm no fruitarians always look saggy and haggard to me. What no collagen and orthorexia does to a mf.

Anonymous 152806


sugar in fruits is not the same as the white powder people stir into coffee. i think it is irresponsible to use the same word for both.

a organism should eat what it is equipped to digest and evolved around. a cow has multiple stommachs, i don't. those stommachs have functions. i look at what organs humans have and what those organs are able to digest.

most omnis never go that deep. they just listen to whoever talks loudest and go with what they are already trained to eat. i guess is hard to question the happy meal when it has been part of the training since childhood.

i'm glad i questioned every habit and got rid of every destructive one. was worth the effort and now i have this easy life with a healthy body while everyone around me struggles.

Anonymous 152807

>sugar in fruits is not the same as the white powder people stir into coffee.
It raises blood sugar in an identical way to refined white cane sugar.

Anonymous 152808


those pictures are always posted by reactionseekers. why you never show the people that make it work is what i am wondering.

Anonymous 152810

>a organism should eat what it is equipped to digest and evolved around
What do you think your ancestors mostly ate and what do you think their diets evolved around?

Anonymous 152811

The cell walls of fruits and veggies are made up of cellulose aka plant matter. Humans don’t have the enzymes to digest cellulose. Plant matter passes out of the digestive tract the same way it went in, which is why you’ll find sweetcorn in your poop after eating it that day.

Anonymous 152812


>What do you think your ancestors mostly ate.

just look at the organs. do i have sharp teeth like a cat for killing and ripping meat off warm bodies? no.

Anonymous 152814


what if chewed the corn and predigest it in your mouth

Anonymous 152815


Chewing helps turn it into mush, however you’re still not digesting it. Human stomachs and intestines (in fact, most animals) cannot break down cellulose, we don’t have the enzymes to properly digest plants and vegetation.

Human stomachs can dissolve animal bones however. There’s medical literature where people accidentally swallowed fish or animal bones and they didn’t need surgery because the bones naturally dissolved in their stomach acid.

Meanwhile other people who accidentally swallowed something made of plant matter, like a wooden toothpick, had to have it surgically removed because the stomach can’t break it down.

Anonymous 152817


that's all surface stuff, i like deep fringe stuff

Anonymous 152820

Lol okay, whacko.

Anonymous 152822


all you did was retweet the common criticisms. that's boring to someone who has hears it all, read some basic faq or make some experiences yourself so you csn catch up.

Anonymous 152823

Testosterone is the root of moid degeneracy. Moids voluntarily depriving themselves of testosterone is the best thing that could possibly happen to us.

This guy just had anorexia though. The fruitarian nonsense is in all likelihood a cover story to hide the fact that he suffered from a "female" disease from his fellow moids.

Anonymous 152838

>moids voluntarily depriving themselves of testosterone is good
Trannies already do that and they’re still violent rapey pedophiles, it’s the xy chromosome that’s evil

Anonymous 152928

Of course the guy was insane because only insane people try fruitarianism in the first place as this thread proves, it is a form of orthorexia/food phobia.

My neighbors autistic kid has it, literally refuses to eat anything except certain fruits, as a result he looks sick, has almost no muscle mass/tone and is feeble looking.

Anonymous 152933

Good point. I'm going to clean up all the stuff piled on boxes this weekend. It shouldn't take long. The only problem is all the storage space in the room I use is already taken up with unworn clothes of my husband's grandmother. We've gone through it with her and gotten rid of two bagfulls of clothes but she refuses to get rid of stuff… Even clothes that are hand-me-downs that she hasn't worn in a decade.

Anonymous 152961


only deeply rejected people resort to provocation. if you did better in life you would have chosen different dialog.

Anonymous 152962


banana boxes are great. they are big and you can get them for free in the supermarket. currently building my second banana box shelf. this one will be able to hold 20 banana boxes 😎

Anonymous 152969

It's her house lol.

I love you. Unfortunately there is no room for more boxes.

Anonymous 152994

neti pot man.jpg


you are missing out i think, this feels too good. today i hunted down ~8 more banana boxes and 5 blueberry boxes.

the blueberry boxes are about as big as a banana box, black color and only about a third as high as a banana box. so they make perfect little sliding drawers, i think they look good.

that's so much storage, i am getting drunk from power. every time i am in the supermarket, i grab a few. i think i was at 4 different supermarkets today because i felt lucky and those were mostly on the way i was going anyway. maybe a 1km detour at most. first one had 4 boxes, second one 6 boxes, third one had nothing, fourth one had 5 boxes. that's quite the successful hunt!

i build furniture from these, basically i build a little factory from trash that is sufficient for little bursts of autism. with this i can finally make experiments irl after a life of only living inside video games.

i could never take the time to do this if i still had a demanding job or an education system that tried to consume my life. these just rob the humanity out of a person. i work just enough so that i can afford to be poor, the rest of the time i am busy living life, thriving, learning, dancing, healing, training, practicing, effort. have not felt the urge to be lazy for quite some time. i still know how to smile from being lazy though, that's important i think. i've known happiness and enjoyment so deeply, even when i am busy i can feel the charm. people around me are wrecks though. it is easy to tell from their envy. for me it is hard to believe how overweight and sick many people look. i guess they don't know life can be nice.

#successful poverty

Anonymous 153233

That looks harrowingly bad, my god

Anonymous 153243

You still living does not mean you are comparatively healthy. The shit you say actually implies cognitive decline.

Anonymous 153366


when i eat only fruit, my poops are effortless and often. i poop 3 small poops a day. comically small poops.

with fruit this rich in juice, takes like 2 wipes and everything is clean again. meanwhile many dairy eaters have such a hard time getting the shit of their asshole, they swear by moist toiletpaper or bidets.

i've seen omnivores say that they basically have to shower after each poop. that's funny to me.

when i only eat watermelon my poop turns pink. when i only eat fruit my body doesn't stink. i had no idea how bad people smelled before because my sinuses where blocked and i was nose-blind.

Anonymous 153367


i think counting is stupid. i've never heard a good reason for counting this stuff. i eat purely based on what i feel and on availability/budget.

Anonymous 153370

I eat junk food and meat all day long, I take nice big solid shits that clean out my ass pipe fully and when I wipe there’s barely anything on the paper. You probably have diarrhea all the time because you don’t eat solids, shitting 3x a day is not normal either, means your rectum is constantly full and needing to be expelled, your shit should come out at once.

Anonymous 153372


>really makes you think the whole 'you need protein' shtick

washing fruit from a knife or from a plate is always so effortless. using soap even is almost overkill.

washing eggyolk drops from a plate is so much work.

the reason i think this matters is because this shows how difficult something will travel through the human body after it is swallowed.

the fruit basically flies through the human body like it is on a slip and slide. stuff with lots of protein they slow everything down in the body, like a glue was swallowed.

eat fruit for a week and then eat protein heavy food and watch how your clear sinuses are suddenly getting congested with mucus.

Anonymous 153374

Humans can’t digest plant matter.

Anonymous 153376


i went down to bmi 17-18 this summer, i don't think going lower is a good idea. i do feel good now so next summer i will probably go down to 18 again.

is unbelievable how good my raw vegetable salads with nuts tasted after i was a skeleton. i eat so much and my poops where gigantic. if i saw that poop laying in the street i would feel uncomfortable, wondering what gigantic animal would shit this much! especially hilarious after being used tiny fruit poops.

those salads where made from shredded cucumber, bell pepper and sometimes cabbage with a sauce from mostly just blended tomatoes. only about a week of detox left and then i eat those again.

Anonymous 153378


>cognitive decline

that's nothing but you gaslighting because you are out of things to say. my advice is live a more interesting life and then you have more interesting things to say and can finally stop resorting.

Anonymous 153379

Humans can’t digest plant matter.

Anonymous 153381


>not normal

normal people are sick and depressed, you'd be wise to seek for better ways of living then being normal.

Anonymous 153383


you don't know who can do what, you are just a decorative pillow wondering what all the ruckus is about

Anonymous 153399

Humans cannot digest plant matter.

Anonymous 153426

found 5 more banana boxes today, also built another shelf with space for 20 more banana boxes, probably putting one more level on the shelf and then it can hold 24 boxes.

storage problem will soon be solved.

is very nice not to have stuff cluttered around everywhere. all my tables and surfaces will be clear.

will be using laptop not on the table anymore, instead i place the dock with laptop on the shelf and then just put the 2 monitors on the table and place mouse and keyboard on it (which are both wireless). that way i can juggle the table around.

soon replacing my cardboard (literally) tabletop from ikea with a slightly smaller tabletop so that takes up less space. i don't need as big a table now that i am going for shelf-computer 😌

Anonymous 153428

circle of life.jpg

Anonymous 153436

>implying weak anemic malnourished vegan breadstick arms are useful to save anybody

Anonymous 153492


if you were thriving, you wouldn't bother to talk shit, you'd be too busy living life to resort. here i see you resorting, thus i know your life is shit, thus i know you don't know what you are talking about and merely play "notice me" with someone who you think is interesting who does not consider you interesting back no matter how much you insult or provoke.

Anonymous 154714

>she also has a lesser known book that goes more into details.
Which book is this? The illustrated masterclass?

Anonymous 154745


i'm glad i kept all those little transparent plastic grape trays because they are perfect for little stuff like clothespins, usb chargers and i have like 50 of them and they all perfectly stack into each other when not in use.

i have a shelf that is only 20cm deep and it is perfect for having all these little fruit trays with different useful stuff in it.

like a tool box but as bit as a door

Anonymous 154746


>Which book is this? The illustrated masterclass?

may have been something called masterclass, i already deleted it. "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" from 2011 i kept though.

Anonymous 162980

This kicks ass, I haven’t seen or read Kondo’s work but I really agree with the methodology of minimizing effort of stupid shit to focus be more industrious in a personal sense and to focus on better things. I’ve started in small ways such as eating the same breakfast every morning (i dont mind doing this) so i mix my eggs and grind my coffee before bed like clockwork so that when i wake up, my morning is streamlined and done without thinking or distraction. I generally feel happier in the mornings when i used to hate them. Totally convinced to read and watch Kondo’s work now. Ty nona for sharing your experience!! Will likely be incorporating your advice into my life as well

Anonymous 172613

>for 20 more banana boxes
how many hectars your home is

Anonymous 173656


in their current form they are basically drawers in a shelf. the shelf is just a frame that i can slide the boxes into and out of.

since the shelves can hold 6 banana boxes stacked on top of each other, i don't need no mansion to hold it.

this truly is the ultimate form of personal storage, i wish i had known about it sooner. i have not gotten used to it, it still feels very new mysterious and i am still a while away from having it feel familiar.

Anonymous 233007

Banana box nona- how are you doing? I've been thinking about you lol.

I moved a few months ago but I'm only really getting to organize now. First thing is getting all the cold weather/warm weather clothes seperated, throwing out what I don't want, and putting everything away.

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