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Marijuana Anonymous 149617

Any stoner anonettes? What are your favorite strains and why?

Anonymous 149663

Whatever I can get from a dealer shout out states with no dispensaries

Anonymous 149677

no because my parents love me

Anonymous 149717

no fave strains cause im young (19) and broke so i just smoke whatever i can get, i honestly prefer edibles to smoking. i also only recently started smoking

Anonymous 149724

I prefer edibles since I already do enough damage to my body, but I guess the time I had aurora borealis was pretty good.

Anonymous 149734

durban poison is great, so is any variation of lemon sour diesel

Anonymous 149835

Me too but I live in Canada where 19 is legal age 😎

Anonymous 149836

Didn't have to call me out like that

Anonymous 149865


Sativa that makes me energized and wanting to dance and draw. But I also love going to sleep stoned, but "sadly" it mostly makes me excited to listen to music, keep chatting with friends or drift off into fantasy land. Just getting my hands on weed in Germany is often a pain in the butt.

Anonymous 152367

>Sativa that makes me energized and wanting to dance and draw
I am so jealous of this. I feel tired constantly and I desperately want to feel this way

Anonymous 152467

Hippie anime.jpg

That does happen to me aswell. I really believe that it does not depend so much on the stain you consume but the mood you are already in. When it's sunny outside go for a walk or so. I ride my bike uphill, smoke and then ride downhill with the wind in my face and music in my ears. This energizes me for the rest of the high. If I smoke infront of the computer having sit around all day it makes me tired and my eyes heavy.

Anonymous 152514


Just reminded me of this meme lel.

Anonymous 152517



Fixed it for you.

Anonymous 152522

Why don’t you smoke a blunt and calm down.

Anonymous 152529

Do you get triggered by women with colored hair irl too or just online?

Anonymous 153680

i like everything with lemon in the name. i only smoke gentle 4 puffs (that means inhaling 4 times with a lot of air so it doesn't get so hot in the lung) 3 times in a day. i still consider this microdosing.

i usually only smoke at home, every so often i've been to the woods which was nice but i like to be alone and when i am high people have zero boundaries with me and try their hardest to find excuses to be close to me, talk to me interrogate me, touch me or block my path. also i hate to pretend to be depressed in public as to not attract anyone, at home i can be happy unpunished and dance and hum to the music.

Anonymous 153875

I used to be a stoner and stopped cause ultimately wasn't good for me and realized it can make you really unattractive… I'd see people and myself with this permastoned look and dark circles and it was just not the vibe. Can also make women more masculine and lose hair prematurely. I don't want to be perceived as just a stoner so I am taking on full sobriety until I balance out and that's my baseline.

Anonymous 157104

sparkin up for cc as i type this



I find a lot of women's spaces are anti-weed, which is fine but kind of an interesting trend. Obviously it's not for everyone, but it's my one vice and I like it a lot. Makes me feel chill and less obsessive. Comfy

Anonymous 157162

>cheaper than anxiety meds
>easier to get your hands on
>about the same or fewer side effects
>not as addictive
>not as dangerous to quit
At some point it becomes a clear better option for some people, for who it calms anxiety, rather than increase it.


Honestly, as someone who was bounced from SSRI to SSRI during my most formative years, it's nice to finally have some agency over what I put in my body. I know the risks of smoking weed and I choose to do it anyway because I feel like for me personally the benefits outweigh the risks. Some people don't like it and I get that too, I feel the same way about drinking.

What's your favorite movie to watch while stoned? I like to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox, or if I'm the mood to really relax I'll put Barbie movies on lol

Anonymous 157204

Same here. Finally quit the habit of daily smoking and I've never felt better. I realized I was using weed as a cope for my depression and general dissatisfaction with my life. Now that I'm not smoking, I feel so present with my day to day and have been actually available to make the improvements to my life that make me able to live with myself. Also I dream again when I go to sleep and didn't realize how sad it was to trade that for smoking. I agree that it comes off as really unattractive now that I'm out of it, but when I was a daily smoker I didn't see that

Anonymous 157308

I had a psychiatrist who actually recommended me to use things like weed or even magic truffles recreationally, if it works for me. It's a matter of time until you can get those things as a prescription for anxiety and/or depression anyway. Yeah, there are risks, but with most meds the side effects heavily outweighed the tiny benefits for me.

Studio Ghibli movies or the Grand Budapest Hotel. My favorite thing to do though is read philosophy, because I feel like you kinda need to be high to even follow the train of thought of some people.

Anonymous 157715

agree nonas! i smoke maybe too much for what i need in life right now, but i always felt like other women around me thought poorly of me because i would always out-smoke them. most of my female friends don't smoke at all. i don't mind and would never pass judgement on them for it, but i miss my one best friend who could smoke all night with me and we could just chill together.
i like watching confusing movies and thrillers when im stoned.. it makes it more satisfying when my brain figures out the twists in the plot. but lately i've been getting high and watching scary movies. tonight i watched Nope, it was really good i enjoyed it a lot

Anonymous 157765


High thread

Anonymous 157766

Most women my age are into an artificial form of cocaine, 3-Methylmethcathinone. People get massive memory loss, they end up losing entire years when they used it. Highly addictive rebranded bath salts, remember the Miami face eating attack?. And I'm the weird one for being a stoner. Sorry my idea of fun isn't to stand as a zombie in a club, risking that a scrote would eat my face after taking the zombie drug. Or it could be contaminated with something even worse and idk if testing kits even exist for this yet. If that makes me boring, fine.

Anonymous 157782

can anyone rec any legal RCs that are good for anxiety reduction? i can't use like any altcannabinoids or weed bc of the anxiety…

Anonymous 157788

Kanna tea worked for me, but you can't use any Kanna product if you're on SSRIs. Valerian root isn't even a recreational drug, but something that helps against anxiety and you can get it in many drugstores. Things with passion flower could help too and had similar results as benzos in some trials, without the side effects, but is also not a recreational drug obviously.

Anonymous 157791

samefagging to say I don't support any research chemicals, because you don't know what you're receiving and because it's new, there are generally no test kits available to make sure it's not contaminated. I've heard way too often of people dying from bad batches.

Anonymous 157850

I have the flu so I haven't smoked for a week or so because I'd have to go outside and fuck up my lungs more but I miss it kek. Amnesia haze is the best strain by far imo, it's chill but also makes me feel energetic, it's the only thing I buy these days. If it's legal where you are, what strains do your shops sell? Just curious lol.

Anonymous 157898

you have the wrong friends then! All my friends smoke weed. Actually pretty much everyone I know smokes or takes edibles at least occasionally now that it's legal where I am. Even older family members.

Anonymous 157952

Do any of you make your own edibles? I like to make budder out of trim in large batches and then use it throughout the year to make baked goods. Those Betty crocker cookie/brownie bar box mixes are my fav to use.

Anonymous 158029

How do you make the butter? Which utensils do you need? Is it hard to control the THC dosage?

Anonymous 158129

It's very easy tbh, I use a small slow cooker that I got at a second hand shop and when I can Ill use a cheapo candy thermometer to check the temperature. If you're using flower you want to decarboxylate (decarb) it in the oven to activate the thc before grinding and combining with melted butter. Let the butter saturate, stir so it doesn't burn, pour thru cheese cloth to strain plant matter, and portion into molds, wa la. There's a lot of tutorials available on sites like Leafly if you need more specific instructions. I'm a med patient in a legal state but ymmv. Trim is nice to use because, well, unless you're making hash it's garbage otherwise. I usually just dump it into the slow cooker on warm for a few minutes to toast/decarb and then add the butter as I go. Hope this was helpful. For me, Edibles are a game changer for chronic pain and pms symptoms.



>stoner thread
>anons coming in just to talk about how icky weed is and how glad they are they stopped smoking every day like an icky stoner

Wow good for you, I am actually clapping in real life because I am so impressed by your superior willpower. You are no longer in danger of overdosing on the dangerous marijuanas. If you ever want to get down off your high horse let me know and I'll see if we have a ladder that can reach you kek

Anonymous 158584

sorry for OT, but do you guys accept namefagging here? i dont see many people doing it and im from LC so they don't really appreciate it there. and it's in the rules not to self identify here.

Anonymous 158601

Why are you irritated by people sharing their experiences as ex-stoners? The thread is about weed, and asking if anyone here is a stoner, so some people said they used to smoke but now they don’t.

Anonymous 158638

Clearly this is just a comfy thread looking for stoner anonettes to talk about smoking weed, not have a huge debate on why it's bad for you. Maybe you should be asking yourself why you're trying to harsh my vibe? I don't go into husbando threads and sperg about being a lesbian who thinks men are disgusting. I just stay out and let them enjoy their space. Not everything needs a back and forth all the time, you know?

Anonymous 158681

Not being obtuse on purpose, but there are people here saying they used to smoke, and decided it wasn't good for them for valid reasons. Not everyone who is saying they don't like to smoke is being rude.
>>153875 she focused on her personal experience, never used derogatory language, just found it unattractive because of how she and others looked while stoned.
>>157204 she had similar feelings, but both never said it was "icky"
I think they're just focusing on how weed was wrong for them personally, so it seems fair for them to share their experiences. It hasn't devolved into a debate it seems, they're just talking anecdotally, and casually.

Anonymous 158693

Okay, I'm trying to be neutral about this, and just pointing out that some people have valid experiences, and they're not being mean or trying to offend people on a personal level. I don't think those anons were trying to start a serious debate about how weed is wrong, nor were they trying to be mean towards all stoners. They said they used to smoke a lot, but some found it to be a bad coping mechanism, it wasn't attractive to them anymore, or they feel better not smoking as much now. Sorry you're irritated by this, but I don't think people were trying to be hurtful in the first place.

Anonymous 158699

If you don't like to smoke that's valid, but how about making your own thread to post about your own experiences? Stoners are having a different experience than you, and we just want to chill. Imagine if you were doing something you enjoyed, and then someone came around and started talking about how much it sucks and how unattractive it was? Would you just be like "haha yeah thanks for the input, really contributed to my day" or would you be like "hey how about just let me enjoy myself in peace, since I live in a fucking hellworld and I'm a decent person who works and pays my taxes and puts up with sexism and I just want this one fucking thing, just let me relax for one fucking second without picking apart one of my only little joys in life"?

Congrats on your sobriety, sis. lmao

Anonymous 158705

>Not trying to be mean

I quit weed because it made me SO UGLY, stoners are UGLY and MASCULINE and LOSE THEIR HAIR.

Fuck off

Anonymous 158707

Stress also makes you lose hair

Anonymous 158713


all my friends do dabs but I still like to roll joints lol

Anonymous 158725

>smoking weed can make me lose hair
REEEEEEEEEEEEE PROVE IT i refuse to believe this is real

Anonymous 158732

Become less attractive to men while simply relaxing and vibing? Weed is the gift that keeps on giving

Anonymous 158740


Lmao they really are pathetic creatures. Got any fun memes?

Anonymous 158745

The thread was asking if anyone here was a stoner, and asked about strains. There was never any guideline that said "do not post here to talk negatively about weed, or anything that could be construed as negative." I think it's perfectly fine for people with experience smoking weed to talk about it here, and if they said they stopped smoking weed, then that is relevant to the thread topic.
Both of those anons said they found it personally unattractive, one said she saw in herself and other people that they had a permastoned look, and dark circles under their eyes from smoking so much. It's not being mean about all stoners, she's just giving her personal experience, and is not being overly rude about it, it's just not appealing to her anymore because of these things she noticed. Is it kinda negative? Yes, but it's not shitting on all stoners, she used to be a stoner, and I think she's free to share her experience here since it's related to the thread. Also, saying that some women can become more masculine, or lose hair prematurely, is not necessarily being mean. You can state observations like that without being mean, though it is kinda negative. Here's one study about hair loss and weed https://faseb.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1096/fj.06-7689com

Anonymous 158753

How am I doing this in bad faith, what would be a good faith argument to you?

Anonymous 158757

Do a dab,

Anonymous 158760

Are you saying I can just smoke weed instead of injecting T

Anonymous 158767

Got any hate memes then?

Anonymous 158772

So yes?

Anonymous 158776

Why do you have to argue at all? I'm genuinely asking you here.

Anonymous 158787

I bet its only relevant to men's scalps

Anonymous 158793

Basically every medical study is male focused and they just assume we'll react like smaller men

Anonymous 158796

Well yeah you think they do drug studies on women? I wouldn't be surprised if they tested ovarian cancer treatments on men

Anonymous 158804

I think people who used to smoke are valid to talk about their experiences. If they have somewhat negative experiences as stoners, then it is relevant. The thread asked if anyone here was a stoner, some of the people here used to be, and gave some slightly negative thoughts about weed for why they stopped. There is no guideline about ex-stoners talking. I want to hear the experiences of stoners, and I think some ex-stoners should share their experiences because it's relevant to the thread. The ex-stoners were not trying to be hurtful to all stoners, nor were they shunning all weed smoking. They focused on their personal realizations, some of it was kinda negative, but they didn't seem to be trying to hurt everyone here in the thread.

Anonymous 158811


>um, ahcktually, guise, weed is super bad for you, I'm just sharing my experience, aren't you glad I am here to rescue all of you from potentially losing your feminine beauty because of the devil's lettuce? You didn't explicitly say that you didn't want autistic nerds shitting up your thread so I'm legally allowed to be here!


Anonymous 158814

stoney (2).gif

Anonymous 158818

Literally yes. My aunt missed that she was having a heart attack because she never knew the symptoms are different for women than they are for men

Anonymous 158826

If you're this offended by people giving slightly negative experiences about why they stopped smoking, then you seem really insecure. You can't ban people from this thread, so just deal with it, and grow up.

Anonymous 158833

This makes no sense


Who the fuck are you talking about? The only people here who don't see mtf trannies as male sexed are moids, like you. That gender bullshit was invented by a documented pedophile. And this has nothing to do with weed


Maybe you're the one who can't deal with people thinking your opinion is worthless? Lol

Anonymous 158842

I'm not crying, I'm just here to see what people have to say. The people getting aggravated that some decided to not smoke because they didn't like it as a coping mechanism, or it made them have eye bags, are losing it over something really trivial.

Anonymous 158843



Anonymous 158849

It’s obviously a tranny. Ignore him, he just wants attention

Anonymous 158855

I'm okay with that, but I'm trying to say that some people here aren't being overly mean when they give reasons for why they stopped smoking, that's all I wanted to point out.

Anonymous 158857

Goddamn he's everywhere. Invading female spaces is the malest behavior, they really think they're entitled to everything

Anonymous 158860

It's not really up to you to decide how a post made others feel, is it?

Anonymous 158892

Yeah people can feel however they want, and I think that being irritated and exaggerating a very lukewarm take on why someone personally stopped smoking is an overreaction. No one here was talking about weed like it's the devils lettuce, it makes everyone ugly, or that they're superior for not smoking. The anons said it gave them eye bags, it was a bad coping mechanism, they feel better not smoking, and that for some people it can cause premature hair loss/aging. That isn't the same as insulting all people who smoke weed, or demonizing weed. It was mostly anecdotal and based around how it didn't benefit themselves, so taking it personally like some of the people here did was why I tried arguing against that.

Anonymous 158905


words words words words lol

Anonymous 158916

What's your personal experience like with weed? Do you think it has any personal benefits for you guys? Anything potentially negative you experienced?

Anonymous 158930

I think positives are that it has helps me deal with chronic pain and unwind. I don’t necessarily need it to calm down, but it sure helps. I also prefer it to alcohol in social settings. I think the biggest negative is that it is a time eater, can make every day feel the same if you use it frequently, and can make you feel complacent with boredom.

Anonymous 158950


Being high feel good. Also I have a little cauldron of anxiety-related mental illnesses, and getting stoned helps me with things like intrusive thoughts, or compulsive rituals like checking to make sure the door is locked over and over. It helps me relax and focus on the moment. I've tried to address my problems with legit pharmaceuticals, but I hate the way meds make me feel brainded 24/7. At least with weed I can choose when I want to be dulled down, and then still be sober for work or family time. I'm just a caffeine in the morning and weed at night sorta gal

Anonymous 159227

I smoke for similar reasons, anon. I have a historically extreme reaction to most of the psychotropics I've tried. Weed helps me manage ptsd symptoms and chronic pain without me needing to be on muscle relaxers or opioid analogs all the time. Personally, I am a wake and bake and all day stoner most of the time, and the people around me seem to appreciate that I'm not a raving asshole all the time anymore.

Anonymous 159718

Nice to see no one has gotten irritated so far because you said some slightly negative things about weed.

Anonymous 159755


Anonymous 159781

Is this cannibalism

Anonymous 159877


literally nothing is happening and you are still mad. Maybe smoke a little and chill out?

Did you nonas know that weed backwards is deew? Lmao

Anonymous 159891

I'm content that retards stopped shitting up the thread with misconstruing people's experiences, that's all

Anonymous 159901


Anonymous 159972

Not sure why you think I'm autistic when I'm not the one getting pissed that people make different lifestyle choices from my own. I don't care if you smoke weed, no one here is trying to persecute stoners like some of you guys think.

Anonymous 159983

Thank you nona! I also deal with chronic pain and weed helps me, but smoking is too harsh for me. I'll try that.

Anonymous 162151

Grand Budapest Hotel is easily my favorite movie and I watch it every winter over a nice dinner, maybe ill try it after smoking this year

Anonymous 162839

>not smoking weed with the loving fam

Anonymous 162888


Anonymous 162889


Anonymous 162890


Anonymous 162906

Did you know garfield is in your local music scene

Anonymous 162919


I really enjoy taking a 10mg edible once every few months. Ever since I did mushrooms a few years ago, I almost feel like I'm tripping when I take a strong enough edible. Not hallucinations but just very different perception of myself and reality.

>picrel my dumbass high note to myself from this week

Anonymous 165690


Anonymous 165714


Anonymous 165716

i like weed but all of them are basically the same to me. theres cheap weed and then theres fancy nice weed and that's pretty much the only binary involved. im stoned right now off of something called like "grapefruit sour dream" or something idk

any anons still using pipes or rolling papers, please just consider trying a dry herb vaporizer for your flower. its an expensive initial investment but it pays for itself because you can get more high off of less weed

Anonymous 165903

girl same. idc what it's name is I just want to make sure it gets me high.

Anonymous 165904


I really like weed but I REALLY love acid. I have no idea where to get any most of the time in my town and it makes me sad

Anonymous 165967


Have you ever heard about reserach chemicals? Basically all of the almost-like chemicals are quite fishy, last not as good or long, terrible hangover and so on. But the ones for LSD are similar to LSD. People still argue if there is any difference at all. Back then it was called AL-LAD or P-LSD, now it was banned in most places and currently 1V-LSD is on the market. Depending on your location you can buy them online and its even legal because most countries ban one and the next is already on the market. Most shops still accept crypto or cash payment for security. This has worked for me for years now.

Anonymous 165968

What country ?

Anonymous 165969

I've actually tried to buy mimosa bark this way before, I could never get through. I need to try again, I completely forgot about that. I wanted to make dmt

Anonymous 166086

Germany. But it works quite the same for most European countries I guess.

Anonymous 226396


all day everyday

Anonymous 226451


I eat gummy worm edibles with chocolate chip cookies, drink tea, and turn on some music, when my self-deprecating thoughts are fucking up a relaxing night.

Anonymous 230572


Anonymous 230700

Is this true??

Anonymous 230718


I smoke from fat doobie. I like the strains sour diesel and cheddar cheese, and some others I forget the names. I like them because they make my brain whirr, though I'm always thinking (it's a curse). I get high and play vidya or listen to music.
L8, but imagine not smoking with your parent(s)

Anonymous 230748

Anonymous 230752

No idea what strand I'm smoking because I just do what my friends manage to get for me but oh boy do I like that

Anonymous 230758

Going to bed now stoned with my heated blanked. Luv ya'll! <3

Anonymous 262097

weed ruined my fucking life

Anonymous 262117

i need to be put down at the vet if i ever devolve enough to do dabs

Anonymous 262126


I used to sleep so well after smoking weed, but now I'm back to waking up 2-3 hours earlier than I should, the way I do when I'm sober.
What's worse: When I don't have weed, I just bear with it and manage to get enough sleep after a few days after which the cycle repeats. When I DO have weed, the discomfort and sleepiness make me insanely eager to just hit the bong again, and if I do that, the day is practically ruined because it makes me too lazy and apathetic.
I have also started getting weed comedowns I didn't use to have. It happens when I smoke more than a couple of days in a row.
I wish I could enjoy weed the way I did when I was new to it.

Anonymous 262153

Weed never forced you to smoke it.

Anonymous 262154

still ruined my fuckin life

Anonymous 262155

images - 2023-12-2…

Getting blasted tonight after work nonas!
I don't know what strains are bc where I am its really you get whats available and there's no picking and choosing. I got a new dealer and whatever strain it is makes me bubbly and I have fun doing things.
Whatever I was smoking previously made me depressed and existential with a tummy ache :(
Gonna do some painting maybe.
I'd recommend listening to the milk eyed mender by joanna newsom. Any soothing album recs for background noise?

Anonymous 262156

Ok, fine. Explain how it ruined your life please.

Anonymous 262159

I like the ones that smell sweet, like Skittlez. I'll be honest though, I don't really notice any difference between indicas and sativas. The soothing/energizing effect is just kind of random.

Anonymous 262170

Just ordered some Colorado Cookies. Can nonas recommend me some anime to watch while high?

Anonymous 262204

Watch the artsy ones

Anonymous 262209

I took some edibles and had a near death experience so I think Im done for a bit.

Anonymous 262211

I tried watching Slayers ovas but they were a little too complex for the stoned me.

Anonymous 263340

Damn literally me lol. I feel like I play better when I get high.

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