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Radfem general Anonymous 150263

For general radical feminist discussion.
What is radical feminism?
Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women.
Some radfem basics in simple terms
- women are oppressed on the basis of sex not gender. Sex is a tangible reality, gender is not.
- femininity is not innate and is oppressive by keeping women self conscious and subordinate. A high focus on femininity leads to a decrease in resources, time, money, etc
- prostitution, pornography, and surrogacy are all dehumanizing commodifications of the female body. Consent cannot be bought, and the sex industry encourages trafficking, rape, coercion, abuse, and drugging of women and children.
Suggested reading
Woman Hating Andrea Dworkin
If looking just for troon goofing try the terfposting threads.

Anonymous 150264


Anonymous 150265


Anonymous 150380

>- femininity is not innate and is oppressive by keeping women self conscious and subordinate. A high focus on femininity leads to a decrease in resources, time, money, etc

This!! This this this! I feel this in my bones! So many beautiful girls I knew and grew up around were so insecure for absolutely NO reason! And it was always the really sweet girls that were treated the worst. Striving to perform femininity by itself and not learn about your shadow side, and how to use it absolutely destroys a person. You need your ruthlessness sometimes because nobody is really going to look after you but YOU. Forcefeeding women the idea they should by shy, nice all the time, fear their "dark" ruthless side, where it's necessary can absolutely destroy them. You have to know how to use both good traits and "bad" traits in life or you will be run over in the real world. Good God I was raised this way to be kind of a self depreciating shrinking violet when I was really young. It's like you're taught to hate yourself, and your own will when you're young. Thankfully I also caught onto the bullshit early on and completely changed myself but that's hard. Women are sabotaged by psychological femininity period. Did anyone else grow up to realize this the hard way??

Anonymous 150494

>even if you're not feminine as a girl you're made to hate women as a whole because of how much women = feminity

^this. The patriarchy wins by continuing to reward women the more feminine they behave. As if getting men to want to fuck you is all there is to live for as a woman. it sucks.

I'm sorry you had to endure that experience that when you were 15. you didn't deserve that.

Anonymous 150572

Do these kind of labels even matter?

Anonymous 150784


>Andrea Dworkin
>early life

Anonymous 150828


Anonymous 150844

It’s a moid pointing out that le radfem is a Jew.

Anonymous 150854

Not reaklt radfem but feminist in general, what do you think of the book manipulated man? I'm honestly shocked it was written by a 70s feminist and not present day incel moid.

Anonymous 150858


picrel, they produce manuals for doing so

Anonymous 150860

Ew I hate how before she just basically strips all her clothes off (the ideal woman hurhurhur) she dresses like a little girl, pigtails and all. With the "teehee" finger to her mouth. Fucking awful. At least "treat her right" and "avoid saying bodacious ta-tas" are decent advice, though that advice extends to literally everyone. Just treat people like people it isn't hard!!!

Anonymous 150880

I can picture the castrated scrotes getting even more apeish and brainlessly violent after getting their dicks chopped off, I feel like in an ideal world we'd just reduce them to being less than %5 of the population and even keep those surviving moids locked away in a hole somewhere for safety.

Anonymous 150881

There was a tiktok recently of a female waitress saying she wore pigtails to work one day and she got the most tips she'd ever gotten. Other waitresses chimed in and said they experienced the same or tried it after they saw her video and the same happened to them. Increase in tips, and some men even went out of their way to compliment their hairstyle.

Anonymous 150882

I propose we don't do that at all, that sounds fucked up actually. Learn how to behave and respect humans or be sent to a gulag or the firing squad.

Anonymous 150887

I am generally more neotenous, in facial features as well as body (I'm petite in height and stature) and every day I grow ever aware of how true this is for most men.

Anonymous 150889

>I know a guy who does research on artificially grown tiny brains and there have been serious advances in artificial meat and neonatal care units
>I know a guy
Why do you think any of that research will benefit us?

Anonymous 151007

Objection, your Honour. >>151003 Never specified that the hair pulling occurs during oral copulation.

Anonymous 151008


Anonymous 151009


Anonymous 151013

absolutely zased

Anonymous 151304

I love this picture so much, I am going to spread it from now on.

Anonymous 151543

child propraganda.…

Anonymous 151922

>LOL when was this written
The date is on the magazine. Look closer. You should be able to tell just based on the clothes though the era.

Anonymous 151988

Screenshot 2022-09…

How do yall feel about political lesbianism? I don't know what's the general opinion on the US radfem sphere, but here in the hispanic one it's pretty well accepted/encouraged and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, both for straight women and for us lesbians.

While I understand our society forces/teaches us that only with a man we will be happy, there are women who fully and genuinely find men hot and are attracted to them, it’s not our fault that most of them are monsters, telling them that their attraction is wrong just feels tone deaf and in a way, victim-blaming .
People who are pro political lesbianism say that what they do is to tell straight women to “re-examine their heterosexuality”, and while I don’t rule out that a few of them could be bi or lesbian actually, that’s not the case in the great majority of cases. And telling them that a woman can give everything a man can and more is just wrong for straight women. Yes women can fulfill you in most ways… expect sexuality. And you can’t just change your sexuality at will (conversion therapy anyone?), some women are ok without a partner, but others are not, sexual closeness is on our nature, you can’t just ask women to deny their needs.

And for us lesbians, I just hate how it makes the way I was born a political stance and a choice when it’s neither of these things. Yes, I’m proud to love women, but It wasn’t a choice, nor I’m making a stance against society. Again the whole thing just feels very tone deaf to homosexuals too, I practice female separatism, but that’s not what makes me a lesbian,
I want to participate more in my country’s radfem circles, but it’s hard when most women (who are sexually attracted to men exclusively) call themselves lesbians for only wanting to be around women, and the ones who don’t, encourage this behaviour.

The way they preach “every woman can be a lesbian” is just wrong and hurts both heterosexual and homosexual women.
Attraction to men is real and it’s not women’s fault most men are evil, nor they were brainwashed.
Lesbianism is being a woman and sexually & romantically being attracted to other women exclusively, not being a woman who decides to live with other women.

Anonymous 151996


For Latina women, feminism and lesbianism is a very serious issue and something that is risky. Most of the countries with the highest femicide rates in the world are South American countries, the prevalence and history of Catholicism forbidding abortions and homosexuality and forcing women to become baby factories has still mentally and physically scarred many women.

In first world countries we have the privilege of saying we hate men, that we are lesbian and would love to live in all female communes. For many Latina women it’s literally a matter of life and death, so I don’t think it’s fair to compare our struggle with theirs. The Latina feminists I’ve met have been more extreme than western feminists I know, but that’s because the patriarchy and violence against women that they’re fighting against is so much more extreme too. So I think they deserve a bit more lenience and understanding.

Anonymous 151997

i see where you're coming from and if i had the same ideas about sexuality as you have i would probably agree, but (and i hope this doesn't come across the wrong way) i really do not think sexuality is all that fixed.
based on my personal experience and on things ive witnessed in other people's lives too, women have a far more flexible sexuality and romantic orientation than one would think, and i'm sure this would apply (likely to a lesser degree but still be present) to scrotes too if only they were less neurotic about their masculinity.
i do believe in preferences, even strong ones, 100%, but i think it's absolutely possible to fall in love or feel sexual attraction towards someone who isn't of your preferred gender, either by chance or because of continuous positive reinforcement, think pavlovian conditioning.
if this sounds like i think conversion therapy works i absolutely don't think it does for the simple fact it's forced and traumatic, while to truly experience an exception to the rule of one's own sexuality for it to happen it should be a totally free, organic and natural experience that produces positive feelings.
many political lesbians might not fall into this category, but i think a good portion do, and i don't doubt some of them truly end up becoming if not lesbians, bisexuals.
it might be annoying for some to hear but while i don't think that everyone is bisexual, i think everyone has the potential to be bisexual.

Anonymous 151998

Not actually lesbians just bi women with a preference for women which is based but calling it lesbianism isn't.
Straight separatism is always an option if you're not interested in women at all, I follow some very epic women on twitter who only keep 2d and movie men in their life.
Also this encouraging women to seek relationships with other women platonic or romantic to keep them safe from men based, the rest of the weird twisting sexuality thing less based. I do think they're just looking at it as a woman seeking women will keep her from a scrote having easy access to harm her. Encouraging bi women to choose women and telling het women it's possible to live a fulfilling life without a nigel is the way to go.
Pretty much a lot of people are bi but haven't had a reason to explore it or think about it in depth, because it's easy to ignore it and go whatever I'm straight when their preference heavily leans to the opposite sex.

Anonymous 151999

>"Women should become lesbians to own the men"
>"I was born a lesbian there was no choice in the matter"
When your sexuality is a handbag

Anonymous 152000

I'm from argentina, that's why I asked here, since I guess most of this site's userbase is from the US I wanted to see other opinions.
"Everyone's a little bi"…. That's what homophobes have been always telling me, that I could trick myself to love men too. I don't care if some women why to pavlov themselves onto liking women, but saying that EVERYONE could like any sex if they try is just in bad taste; we have been killed and abused using that as an excuse.
Again, I'm agaisnt the rhetoric that we can like anyone if we put our mind onto it, not agaisnt the people who do it.

Anonymous 152002

I think you're reading my post wrong, could you elaborate?

Anonymous 152010

so something as complex as love and attraction boils down to body parts? kind of sad to think about.
i dont doubt people can be entirely straight or entirely homosexual, but to say that never, ever in any situation case or instance across history someone could find a person that they fall in love with even if, say, they're a straight man and that person is also a man, seems a bit unlikely to me.
i'm not advocating for people to "try" to love or feel attracted to what is normally not what they like, that's disgusting and i'm sure it wouldn't work if it came from premises like repression and abuse, and i didn't say i think everyone is bisexual either, i said everyone can be bisexual in my opinion, it doesn't mean they will necessarily ever experience a bisexual attraction in their life because they might never be in the headspace to and/or find someone that might be an exception to their rule.

Anonymous 152011


I think the ‘everyone’s a little bit bi’ thing is mostly said by gays, in reference to heterosexual women and men. Some studies show more than half of straight identifying women have felt romantic or sexual attraction to another woman at least once in their life.

Straight men are far less forthcoming about their potential bi-ness, but from the popularity of tranny porn and ladyboys among straight men (this isn’t new btw, ‘straight’ men have been sodomizing each other for thousands of years, European men have been going to Asia and South America to have sex with transsexuals for decades, some say it’s a domination thing which I agree with as male sexuality is extremely toxic and obsessed with powerplay but that’s a different subject, however moids do need some form of attraction in order to get aroused enough to have sex with another man…)

Overall I think most people are majority straight or majority gay and that is what is the real them. You are right that bi women should be encouraged to date women and women should be helped to know they don’t need a man to survive anymore.

Anonymous 152012

I never say that? Body parts aren't everything, but sexual organs are what you have sex with, of course it's gonna play a huge role on who you're attracted to.
Of course, you can love and be fulfilled with someone you aren't attracted to or want to have sex with, that's just a part of relationships, but that's not a sexuality. Platonic relationships are a thing.

Anonymous 152032

Tell me you have never had sex without telling me have never had sex.
Of course, everyone knows we orgasm via mind reading with the other person. Never heard about anyone who orgasmed after touching their genitals, what a silly image.
Also why do you sound like a trannie trying to pressure others onto having sex with him.

Anonymous 152033

Transgender logic

Anonymous 152040

>so something as complex as love and attraction boils down to body parts? kind of sad to think about.
>I thought sex was had between people, not organs.
Do you share meals with other stomachs and tongues?

Yeah, my tranny alert is ringing, especially because you felt persecuted by the other anon when what she said had nothing to do with your ridiculous rhetoric, you just came out of the wood to victimize yourself, strangely accurate troon behavior.

You are the sum of your parts, and yes your sexual organs define you, because unlike other organs, they determine your whole endocrinal system which in turn determines who you are (a woman, or a subhuman male). Your argument about sharing meals with other stomachs is obviously absurd (sexual organs determine the nature of your shared sexual activities, you don't have interaction with anyone's body while eating a meal (except the dead animal you're eating, maybe)… duh). But even that stupid analogy could be debatable in the argument you're making, seeing how important to our overall behavior and mood our stomachs/guts health has been recently discovered to be, so once again; we are our organs.

Doesn't mean we are just meat, complex systems have emergent properties. But you are determined by your organs. YWNBAW.

Anonymous 152041

And I feel my question got de-railed…
My TLDR is that women can and should seek company of other women, but people shouldn't attack them for being attracted to men (since it's not our fault they're like that) and that we shouldn't force them to be attracted to other women, the same way we shouldnt force gay people to be attracted to their opossite sex. If they find out they're bi or somehow manage to pavlov themselves onto being sexually into women, good for them, but it's not always the case. I agree with female separatism and encourage women to embrace it, I'm just agaisnt the victim blaming and lowkey conversion therapy rethoric. You can have a fulfilled relationship with a women while not being attracted to them, but that's not a sexuality (lesbianism), it's platonic and it's ok. That relationship is not less strong than romanticsexual ones, just different. I don't know why people can't wrap their head about that, not kind of love is stronger than other, but sexualities are called sexualities for a reason, you need to be attracted to both the inside and outside of a person for it to be a sexuality.

Anonymous 152043

Oh no, experimenting is completely ok,that's how we find out what we like on the first place. My issue was with completely straight women calling themselves lesbians because they prefer to be around women, while not being attracted to them on the slightlest. Words have meanings.

Anonymous 152051

"words have meaning"

Anonymous 152065

As I said, I'm not from the US, English isn't my native language and I tend to forgo proofreading, sorry. I'm sure my posts before got a bunch of typos too.

Anonymous 152366


>so something as complex as love and attraction
Lol, it's not that complex. It's an easily replicable chemical cascade in the brain that can be easily bent towards different people. Why do you think soulmates aren't a thing? Because it's a bad evolutionary path. A creature that can only ever love one person will not procreate as much as a person who can love different people as long as they check a series of boxes that the brain labels "good mate."

>boils down to body parts?

Of course. You are nothing more than body parts. The brain is a body part.


>I thought sex was had between people, not organs.
If you look at this for a single second, this breaks down on so many levels. One, if it doesn't involve the sexual organs, what is sex? Is it two people touching? Do they have to be naked? Does love have to be involved, what about lust? What about if only one person is involved? If it has to be between two people, is a man penetrating a horse with his penis not sex?

Anonymous 152368

Holy shit that post

Anonymous 152533

Any blackpilled radfems here or are you all with bfs and husband's?

Anonymous 152534

What does amab mean? I can’t keep up with this retarded troon lingo.

Anonymous 152549

I hate men. I don’t see them as sentient being. They are more akin to chimps to me, though far less cute.

Anonymous 152550


Anonymous 152551

Birds can reproduce more at once. A mother bird can lay multiple eggs a year. Child birth devastates human women and can take way longer than a year to recover from, and we can only pop one unit at a time in typical cases.

Anonymous 152553

That's so fucking cool lol, I'm so glad there are bp radfems here. Everytime i said something about men here I'd get hate and even get called a moid by str8 women. As a bp radfem I believe women are major perpetrators of patriarchal bs and they enable men's horrible behavior. Do you agree?

I agree re:financial independence. I'd love to be a separatist but I'm too poor for that. I need to work and deal with men, oh well. I'm content enough to just not want a relationship w them beyond the surface level.


Anonymous 152555

The pornification of modern culture has fully blackpilled me. In a way I’m thankful, because without it I’d still be a bluepilled retard who wanted to get married, or still believed men are actually capable of love or monogamy. Top kek my sides.

Anonymous 152561

>if only they were less neurotic about their masculinity.
I think its the other way around the more neurotic they get the more gay they become.

Anonymous 152564

Assigned male at birth.

Anonymous 152641

alicen grey.png

Anonymous 152789

Cat calling.png

Anonymous 152793

Scary thing is that in my Western European country sex for rent offers are legal and very common and landlords fully exploit it.

Anonymous 152989

liberated women.pn…

Anonymous 153033

Good point. Catcalling and sexual harassment isn’t about forging a connection to a woman or really trying to have sex with her, it’s about power and making women feel scared, trying to enforce the idea that we are mens property and exist solely to be assessed and subjugated by them.

Anonymous 153151

I don't think it's that insidious.

Anonymous 153156

yeah it is

Anonymous 153260

From what research there is, that's how most pedophilia is induced today. Men aren't born that way, they get on the hedonistic treadmill by watching porn, but the brain requires larger and larger dopamine hits so the porn gets more and more depraved until they're watching gore and CP.
I wish we could do more research on why it happens to some men but not all, but ethics committees won't approve any research involving porn because the changes made in the brain by it are permanent.

Anonymous 153286

sobering reminder.…

Anonymous 153310

I was speaking mostly to catcalling. Sexual harassment certainly can be about a power dynamic.
Catcalling can be rather innocuous, or at worst just vulgar. And the motivations for doing so isn't so Machiavellian. Kinda just what happens when someone is outspoken and has a sex drive. I don't think it's more complicated than that.

Anonymous 153320

You are giving males too much credit, nothing it's gained from giving them the benefit of doubt

Anonymous 153330

You’re literally replying to a moid.

Anonymous 153355

I feel this very hard atm anon. Like, everything I do and say to some men (even online) is taken to be sexual or my role to their pursuit of sex.

I'm getting tired of it. It just feels like a constant. I don't feel like a person sometimes.

Anonymous 153357

Just stop caring what moids think and do whatever the fuck you want.

Anonymous 153614

Nice try, but it doesn't matter to men whether you play along or not, they still do it to you. She can't do what she wants, because what she wants is to not be sexualized.

"Male fantasies, male fantasies, is everything run by male fantasies? Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about it. Even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy: pretending you're unseen, pretending you have a life of your own, that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole, peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else. You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur."
Margaret Atwood, The Robber Bride

Shame that Atwood bowed to the almighty troon.

Anonymous 153626

Living in fear is the most pathetic, handmaiden shit you can do. Men want you to be scared of them. Men aren’t scary. They’re fucking pathetic. You will be sexualized no matter what you do. Men even sexualize women after death. There is nothing you can do to stop peoples thoughts about you, you only have the power to react or not, so, stop giving them any power or relevance, and ignore them.

Literally just stop caring about moids thoughts, protect yourself physically, and they cannot affect you. I said this in another thread, but whoever you let live in your head rent free becomes your master. The more seriously you take retarded moidmonkeys coom thoughts, the more credence and power you give them over you.

Also. Stop being scared of the phallus, those pathetic ugly pork swords and the slimy gunk that dribbles out of them. Men aren’t scary, they literally have a big dangling overgrown clitoris and ugly wrinkly scrote dangling between their legs and vomit in pain when you kick them in the groin. Their whole lives revolve around sex and women. They’re lowly, miserable, pitiful creatures.

Any moid urge can be immediately stopped by a flying bullet, so arm yourself with a gun or some other lethal weapon. And then, carry on with your life, do whatever the fuck you want to do, and realize there is nothing more to worry about. Literally just stop giving a fuck, about what anyone thinks of you, ESPECIALLY moids. That’s the secret to life.

Anonymous 153628

Something I love seeing is older women who treat men in a very offhand way and are unintimidated and unbothered by them.

I’ve noticed a big difference in the way most young women interact with moids vs most older women. Sometimes I cringe at how accommodating, overly nice and polite younger women are when dealing with moids. Of course this isn’t their fault, it’s social conditioning. But you can tell these girls are scared of them. I believe this comes from lack of experience with moids and the way all girls are indoctrinated to be nice and loose with their boundaries for fear of upsetting moids. Older women have mastered the art of not giving a fuck and being a bitch to men, and that’s something I respect immensely.

Anonymous 153629

>Men aren’t scary
Rape, murder, and assault rates across the entire world disagree with you. Men are the number one danger to women.

Anonymous 153631

Are men magical beings with the power to stop a bullet with their force fields or instantly heal a nice deep stab to their carotid artery? I wasn’t aware of that. Men aren’t scary, they want you to be scared of them though, and only a tiny percentage of them will ever have the audacity to actually rape or murder someone. If you ever encounter one willing to do that, you simply hurt him first because you’re always prepared, and that’s that.

Anonymous 153636

Some of you dummies really give men so much more credit than they’re due. The way you talk about them, makes it seem like they’re these awe inspiring superhuman beings with eerie powers that everyone should be terrified of. Men are made of flesh and blood like you. They’re not invincible beings with Hulk strength and godlike powers. They’re pussies with slightly more upper body strength on average, which is why they prey on people who are a little bit physically weaker than them in the first place. That’s irrelevant now because we aren’t living in days of hand to hand combat. Buy a gun, go down the shooting range, and learn to aim and fire that shit correctly. Stop being scared. Fear is control, fear is what men use to subjugate women.

Anonymous 153637

based. the 2nd amendment is unironically the best thing possible for womens lib. getting sick of the victim mindset certain nonas keep trying to push and reinforce here. enough of the constant demoralization and patronizing us as perpetual victims at the mercy of moids.

Anonymous 153670

a machete and maybe a partner. years ago, I saw a video where two Brazilian ladies decapitated a man, cut open his stomach, and placed his head inside.

Anonymous 153755

Thank you for the empathy anon. That is a good quote. Sad but good.

I think my issue is that even when I've got a degree of physical anonymity, I still manage to get cornered into it coming down to physical looks and their attraction. I don't like it. One guy digitally stalked me to find pictures. He didn't seem to think anything was wrong with this either???

It's easy to say ignore it and just continue on but it does start to weigh on me a little bit.

Anonymous 153757

Mace or bear spray with a long aerosol range, so you can get them from a distance. A sharp knife for backup is always good, especially a foldable hunting knife with a blade that locks. Even in countries where it’s illegal to carry weapons, there’s almost 0% chance of you getting stopped and searched with it if you’re a woman and as long as you remember to take it out before going to any places with metal detectors.

With the way society is heading and the increasing number of lone wolf incel attacks that often specifically target women (still rare thankfully, but increasing nonetheless) I would recommend every woman carries at least some form of self defense in her purse every time she goes out.

Anonymous 153766

You claimed men aren't scary or dangerous. Why would you need a bullet for something that isn't scary or dangerous? You've just proved my point that men are dangerous and we should always be aware of danger. You've got one thing right, women should get more comfortable with guns.
Ultimately, for home protection I would recommend a dog and a shotgun with a laser sight. The dog to alert you for when you're asleep, even a little dog is fine as long as it barks when something is amiss. And the shotgun because it has a wide spread and you don't have to be very accurate when you're bolted out of a sleep by your door being opened. The laser sight to give you better accuracy in the dark.
Also, ladies, dead men tell no tales. You either do that double tap and shoot them again in the chest so they die before the police arrive, or else you put off calling the police until they're dead. If they're dead, a jury/police will more easily believe you that you feared for your life and that lethal force was the only thing you could do. If he's alive, the jury will see an injured, crippled man who can claim that he was merely stealing food when you shot him for no reason.
Next, get your story straight. Keep as few details as possible and when the police start pressing, say the phrase "It all happened so fast, I don't know." Keep repeating. It fucking saved my ass during a murder trial and your lawyer will be able to do so much with that phrase. Also, try to get the police off your back very quickly, only allow them a few questions. If they keep pressing, tell them that this is all so confusing, that you're going to need a lawyer. They will tell you that only guilty people need a lawyer. But the police will absolutely frame you. And once you say the magic phrase "I will not be speaking until my lawyer arrives," shut up. They'll try to get you to talk, but ignore their questions and keep your lips sealed. And f they ask if you've been drinking/smoking/etc, the answer is always no. Even a little? Just last month? No. If you've got anything in your system, it's better to turn down a drug and alcohol test and look guilty than do the test and confirm it.

Anonymous 153769

Nobody said men aren’t dangerous. They simply pointed out only a small percentage of men will ever attempt to rape or murder a woman in their lifetime and that living in fear is retarded, especially if you’re armed and can protect yourself. Most rapes and murders are committed by someone the woman knows anyway.

Anonymous 153771

Right here hon -→>>153626 "Men aren’t scary,"

Anonymous 153772

Are you actually scared of every man you see? That sounds like a terrible way to live nona.

Anonymous 153905


Are you scared of every large dog you see? Of course not. Your subconscious runs a quick evaluation of the threat before kicking it up to the conscious. Greyhound playing fetch or man walking in the park with his daughter? No threat. Man walking behind you at night or pitbull running towards you? Threat level increased, evaluate situation and act accordingly. If you haven't, you should read Gift of Fear. Good book that discusses why you should trust your gut.
Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 153907

I refuse to live in fear.

Anonymous 153921

Our fear instincts evolved to help us survive when we were living in a feudalistic tribal setting with much less food, no electricity or door locks or cell phones or police department, frequent invasions, wars, murders and rapes by other tribes, as well as having to fight off animal predators like sabre tooth tigers. 95% of your ancient fear instincts are useless and irrelevant to a modern day lifestyle.

Anonymous 153933

You honestly think the police are going to help you if you've been raped/murdered? Hate to break it to you sis, but the police are the worst of the worst moids and rapists know it. They do not great the police, or rape rates wouldn't be so high.
Oh really? Do you leave your house and car unlocked all the time?

Anonymous 153934

*Fear the police. Autocorrect.

Anonymous 153935

>do you leave your door and car unlocked
I don’t live in a city or America, so yes.

Anonymous 154289

most important asp…

Anonymous 154293

male dominated.png

Anonymous 154404

Absolutely not your fault anon. Its shitty we live in a society where you have to be so alert to men trying to hurt you. And you were just a teenager. Still young and unsure. I'm sorry this happened to you. I can't imagine how scary it would have been.

Anonymous 154706


Anonymous 154864

How effective do you think exclusively female, or female oriented spaces in society would be to mitigate violence, or sexual abuse? Not just bathrooms and abuse shelters, there would be health clinics, stores, transportation services, and other things for women and children, run mostly by women. Ignore the possibility of transwomen interfering with this, do you think if this was accessible, would it decrease the cases of crimes men commit against women and children?

Anonymous 155684


society if men weren't allowed around children

Anonymous 155792

>society if men weren’t allowed

Anonymous 156888

Absolutely. I think women can be vicious and aggressive, but our level and percentage of doing so is much less than your average male. One, a female only space would have less violence in it. That's proven by violence statistics. And two, the threat of rape would basically disappear. Women can rape, but it's just so rare that I would not hesitate to ask a woman (versus asking a man) for help if I was alone and vulnerable.
Are female only taxis illegal in America? I want to say they are, but I don't know if that's a more recent thing that only happened in the last ten years.

Anonymous 157017

Y defect detected

Anonymous 157051


"Males may be wired to be less focused on sustained tasks… males are less able to ignore things around them"


A woman is vicious and aggressive when she feels threatened or her children are in danger. A man is vicious and aggressive because man

Anonymous 157158

NTA, but this contributes nothing to this thread. Mindlessly accusing other women of being men neither explores nor expands radical feminism, nor raises consciousness to empower other women to take action in their life.


So one of the things about radical feminism is that gender does not exist. Gender is short hand for gender stereotypes and those are a reflection of the cultural and social mores of the patriarchy across time. So in your sentence, it would have been more accurate to use the term sex.
Although I sense a lot of victim blaming in your question, I'll try to answer the underlying question of why do women allow rape to happen to ourselves as a class.
Well, for one, we're all conditioned to be this way. From before we are even born, the cultural conditioning starts. When people are handed an infant and told it's a boy, they use words like sturdy, handsome, and a good size. When handed the same infant but told it's a girl, they hold it more delicately, are more afraid to interact, and use words like pretty and beautiful. From before we are even born, all of society and culture tells us "You are a girl, this is how a girl acts and behaves." And any girl who tries to oppose this, behavior most commonly found in homosexual and autistic girls, is punished. Eventually, most girls will fall into line and in fact will become the next generation of enforcers by enforcing these gender stereotypes on their peers and daughters.
So through this cultural conditioning that a woman's place is serving others, we internalize this idea of martyrdom and it translates into women staying with men who leave the woman worse off than if she was single. The notion that being single or a spinster is the worst thing a woman can be is also strongly tied to why women stay with men who bring nothing to the table, who actively drag down these very women struggling to support them.
So what can we do about it? One, we can lean in. We can encourage little girls to be loud, assertive, and bossy. We can avoid clothing that is decorative or restrictive so that she can explore her environment without fear of being punished for ruining clothing. Allowing girls to grow confidence in themselves will help inoculate them against patriarchal brainwashing about what a women's place in the world is. To more established women, we can offer internships and mentor relationships to only women. In most countries, it is illegal to only offer this to women, but since you have the final say on who your interns are, you can disqualify men without directly saying why.
As part of communities, we can donate to women only shelters, volunteer at safe houses, and hold charity events for diseases that mainly affect women. By strengthening the female community, we empower women to either avoid toxic males before they can ever affect us, or to identify and leave them if a woman is trapped by one.


Most women aren't pinkpilled, and they've been conditioned all their lives to think that moids make good partners and will protect them instead of brutalizing them. It isn't the woman's fault when the demon wears such a convincing mask.

Anonymous 157359

>glaring red flags
Most women are taught all their lives to ignore red flags. Most don't actively choose to be involved with rapists. It's honestly retarded if you think they do.


You need to address whatever the reason is that you feel the need to go after victims instead of focusing all your hate onto the rapists

Anonymous 157369

it's a man


Asking them to feel empathy of any kind really is too much, isn't it?


>men are human

You got a source on that one anon?


I'm a lesbian, but I feel empathy for women who have been raped. You got that, scrote? Em-path-y. It means you recognize someone else as a person like you, and feel bad they had to undergo something horrific. Maybe I'm going too fast

Anonymous 158878

Some of us aren't exactly petite and delicate. Some of us are naturally built like a German peasant and would have to go out of their way to not look athletic and strong in some way. Should I just beat myself up all my life over not fitting the perfect image of femininity? Should I starve myself? Or should I be healthy, take care of myself, be strong and have strong bones? Being strong makes life easier, like grocery shopping, doing yard work, recovering from surgery, recovering from illness, having a slightly easier time defending yourself, it can be important for your work (not just manual labor, but something like working as a nurse even) and I can keep going. Aesthetic isn't all that matters in life. You just sound like a conservative who wants to go back to the time when women all had to pretend to be sick and lay on a couch all day to enhance how delicate they are.

Anonymous 158895

>tfw no strong German Peasant radfem GF

All the lesbians in my area are handmaidens, I will undoubtedly die alone. For real though you sound really cool

Anonymous 158904

that sounds like cultural feminism

Anonymous 158923

Leave Stacy tf alone

Anonymous 158926

> Women are simply naturally more delicate, both in behavior and physical form. That doesn't mean they're less than men. Why would you think that? Like being big and strong is something a woman should strive for? For whose benefit? So we can be violent like moids?

This is what you wrote and if you can’t see why your post is dumb then you’re too far gone already.

Anonymous 158931

>You sound like a troon with your whinging about how women should all be less feminine to make the minority (you) feel better about yourself.
I didn't say that, you're the one saying women should embrace their uwu femininity and just try to be delicate.
>You're still conflating being healthy and strong with a moids idea of being a bodybuilding wannabe moid. Women used to be outdoors and do much more labor intensive work in the past, but they were still more feminine than men and weren't sculpted like men.
Yeah and most medieval peasant women would be less delicate than the average sedentary man nowadays kek.
>You're projecting so much because you're insecure about moids preferring pretty and skinny girls.
I'm not into scrotes.
>You sound like a bitter cunt, and it's very moidy to be honest. Yeah, all skinny and pretty girls should be self-hating and stop trying to look prettier than you so you can feel better. You don't care about other women, you're just projecting your bitterness and hiding behind feminism which is sick.
I didn't say that, you're the one saying the most important thing about a woman is being delicate and beautiful, even if that isn't important to her personally. You're the one assuming that if a woman wants to be strong, she wants to be exactly like a scrote.

Anonymous 158935

No so we can protect ourselves psychologically from moids

Anonymous 158940

If anything I love other fierce women best of all? And I hate that troons turn being female simply into a fetish

Anonymous 158945

Leave, handmaiden. You don't understand radfems, and you never will.

Anonymous 158954

I don’t even know what you’re writing. I am in favor for women being strong. I am criticizing that anon because she is asking what is the purpose of a woman wanting to be strong? For whose benefit? Women don’t need a societal reason to be strong. We can do whatever we please and handmaidens think other women want to attack them because they’re NLOGs.

Anonymous 158980

You sound very immature/under age

Anonymous 158988

You're the only one who is obsessed with aesthetics and looks. I'm just saying that it should be okay for women to strive to be strong and that it doesn't automatically mean someone is an I quote "violent ape".
You're the one calling me a "cunt", isn't that whiny incel scrote language?
>What do you want, 90% of the female population to stop being happy to be delicate and pretty so a big-boned girl like you can feel better about herself?
I never said that. You're the one who said every woman has to fit your worldview, not me. Allowing one woman to be herself, without assuming she is a violent ape, doesn't mean other women aren't allowed to do whatever they want?

Anonymous 159005

You are legit insane and all of your rhetoric is based off of moids and their approval. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Anonymous 159006

How many times do I have to say I'm not into scrotes? If scrotes weren't interested at all in me, I would celebrate, throw a huge party and everyone would be invited. What is there to be jealous of?

Anonymous 159038


Why tf do handmaidens like you think radfems hate femininity? Are you the type who only invades radfems spaces when your scrote made you mad, only for you to go "not my Nigel!" When someone says shit that makes you think?

I see this often with libfems who haven't come to question their choices. Challenging yourself is a great way to establish your truth. If what the things you like is rooted in pleasing others, it's worth questioning.

Scrotes actually hate true femininity and are adverse to female peacocking. They don't appreciate our aesthetic unless they want to emulate it. If they do appreciate it, it's from the angle of being able to destroy something beautiful.

Your immediate take on how some may look shows how little you actually understand about the movement. There's a reason why you'll find many of the most extreme radfems who came from backgrounds where their appearances could be seen as an asset. Getting to see that side of men, especially from an early age, paves the road towards becoming a radfem.
In other words, you're more than likely to find a bunch of angry, hurt, tired Staceys in radfem spaces than you are these so called "unfeminine femcels" you're thinking of.

Feels like projection. No, really. Most of the women I've met who'd write the shit you do are the ones who think being pretty and ""feminine"" makes your life easier because that's what they've been told. They don't fit into that mold, so they go the extra mile for male approval at the cost of insulting other women in hopes of compensating for what they feel they lack while never addressing their internalized misogyny.

I hate self hating women like you. You enable scrotes and would hold a woman down to be raped just so the man you're helping will love you more (he won't).

Anonymous 159062

>how hard her life has been becuase she's big-boned so everyone else has to pretend being feminine isn't normal for women to make her feel better. Literally troon mentalitly.
I never said that.
>It's okay for women to be strong for health and athletic reasons
You literally said any woman who wants to be strong wants to be a violent scrote.
>Point to me where I said every woman has to fit my world view.
>Women are simply naturally more delicate, both in behavior and physical form. That doesn't mean they're less than men. Why would you think that? Like being big and strong is something a woman should strive for? For whose benefit? So we can be violent like moids? Doesn't make sense.
>Because she clearly decided to be masucline and strong because she loves it so much, not because she is insecure about her looks and is compensating.
How am I compensating, when by your own admission, I'm making myself less conventionally attractive? I'm naturally strong and "masculine" and I decided to lean into it, instead of pretending all women have to be delicate.

Anonymous 159067

I do embrace my femininity and don’t even lift weights. I still agree with the other nona, who you call she-grug lmao. I would actually agree with your arguments if anything the original Nona said was truly how you are depicting it. That Nona is simply choosing not to adhere to these expectations and if you were a feminist in anyway shape or form, you’d accept this. True feminists advocate for feminine women and strong women.

Anonymous 159068

Idk who you think this mythical Stacey is, but she sure as hell never fit a handmaiden archetype. Most men don't see a difference between people like you and Staceys. Coming into radfem spaces just to insult other women is peak femcel. Who exactly are you trying to impress? A male?

Anonymous 159092

You're the only one here trying to police other women. Nobody said you're not allowed to be feminine, you're the only one who started with policing women who want to be strong.

Anonymous 159114

Only TIFs strive to be like moids. How tf are you taking from what she‘s writing that she wants to be a strong nasty ass lumberjack moid because she chooses to not be feminine? Because she wasn’t born with a typical feminine body - her words, not mine, she chooses not to give into society’s pressure of femininity. Women who don’t wear makeup, don’t shave, don’t wear traditional women‘s clothing. These women aren’t trying to be men. You are seriously choosing the wrong battle here.

Anonymous 159119

> Began this shit by outright attacking another woman, has only double down while gaslighting everyone else and claiming them for attacking feminity
> Added "failed" Stacey to my post because she(?) needs to stay attacking
> Trying to turn feminity into a competition in a space where people are trying to cultivate it away from scrotes
> Can't decide between accusing people of being a scrote or a femcel
Can't tell if you're a lolcow retard who has no idea where she is, or what. You're literally on a site that worships girly aesthetics and beauty routines while being a good space for radfems and terves. This is not a contradiction. You are, though.

Anonymous 159125

>You're clearly bitter because moids don't think you're as appealing as more feminine and delicate women.Your obsession with being more masculine is completely reactionary to that.

Ok s it’s either a scrote or a troll. I think the original nona is bad ass and doesn’t need to justify herself anymore. Peace

Anonymous 159133

It's funny that she went for the sweaty lumberjack insult because now I'm picturing myself with plaid print extra long acrylic coffin nails over here while welding an axe.

Anonymous 159142

I didn't even know it was an insult, but she was trying to use it like that. I mean, you go outside to chop wood, I think some degree of sweating is inevitable? Women actually bathe after doing that kind of work, so it's not processing to me like one.

Anonymous 159147

There is nothing wrong with visual femininity but //Psychological// performative femininity is a death sentence

Anyone brainwashed to believe it serves them became a cult serving corpse long ago

Anonymous 159164

>You're clearly bitter because moids don't think you're as appealing as more feminine and delicate women.
Again, I'm a lesbian. I wish all scrotes wouldn't be attracted to me. Who is the one who is projecting?
>It's obvious you're all obsessed with moids and what they think
You're the only one who keeps bringing up how important it is to appeal to scrotes and thinks that is the only motivation a woman could have to care about women's rights.
I didn't rant about feminine women, I ranted about the expectation that all women have to aspire to beauty and being delicate, when some just don't want to or for some it doesn't come naturally. You're the one who started ranting about how women who want to be strong want to be exactly like scrotes. You equated the two.

Anonymous 159173

What the hell does this evening mean "trying to be men" Are you going to call it "trying to be a man" if I don't do one sided emotional labor or give a fuck? What the hell is this? Why are you so fixated on it

Anonymous 159188

Nah, moids gave me too much attention and beat me, raped me, for being a woman, for my femininity. Women who want to be violent like men surely exist, but will never be able to carry any sort of crime out to the same extent as they can. I didn’t read any violent statements or implications from that nona. She stated more practical uses of being strong. You can gladly prove me wrong with direct quotes from her posts. Being a strong woman will never, ever reach the level of what a moid can naturally achieve. Female bodybuilders may seek this sort of male power, but this is an assumption on my part.

Anonymous 159205

It’s very clear you’re a moid. Hope the euphoria boner is worth your time today xx

Anonymous 159209

You don't pass.

Anonymous 159222

>don't shit on other women
Says anon while calling a woman all kinds of vile things

Anonymous 159228

>cried about feminine women laying on couches all day
I didn't say that? I obviously referred to the practice where men in the past would force women to limit physical activity, to "preserve natural delicate beauty". Which is what the whole delicacy sperg reminds me of. It also refers to how I personally would have to limit my physical activity to avoid being too muscular, because oh no, it would make me exactly like a "violent ape". Also there are many strong and/or muscular feminine women.
>narcissist femcel who hates prettier girls for getting better treatment from moids. You can dislike moids, but don't shit on other women.
Why are you so obsessed with getting better treatment from scrotes, while constantly shitting on other women?

Anonymous 159242

Reminder to report the moid and ignore him. He gets a kick out of pretending he can fit in.

Anonymous 159251


>female grugs hate femininity are repulsive to men gluggluggg

Anonymous 159262


Anonymous 159270

Tbf it would be nice if they would skip all that, build better robots work for them, settle into simply being peacocks and stop the pissing contests altogether

I cannot stand that men are mostly violent/ crazy over sex. Just cut it out

Anonymous 159273

God I hate masculinity lol

Anonymous 159278

At that point it's better if they get re-educated or killed.

Anonymous 159279


Any s like ethnography? I got this in the mail yesterday and am excited!

Anonymous 159281

Femininity is mostly a psychological performance and APPEARANCE is not even what I'm talking about, I'm talking about being easily psychologically manipulated from a young age because you're raised to be accommodating and emotional laboring that exceeds what men will ever do. Plus men are fucking ugly 90% of the time and it would be nice I'd everyone were a healthy mix of masculine and feminine. Femininity by itself is kind of a joke, so is masculinity.

Anonymous 159283

My worldview is that I want to build bungalows for a women only community, for lesbians and febfems who want to live together. So feminine women can do whatever they want in peace, without the male gaze and so gnc women can also do whatever they want in peace. I want to live away from scrotes and I've indicated that several times.

Anonymous 159292

Whatever I just got here >>159281
Yap more lol

Anonymous 159296

hopefully you bake and cook everything too instead of buying it at the store or else you’re not actually feminine. Only feminine women bake everything from scratch, knit their own clothes, and buy wood from the store. Or have their Nigel do it for them hehe. These things are no way mutually exclusive either ♡

Anonymous 159298

Can you summarize a little ?

Anonymous 159301

I know just how deep into feminine hell will they pull you? With their screeching shaming bullshit ?? Look at how bad it is in asia! We all know how deep the mind games go, we all have mothers we weren't born yesterday.

Appearance is 10% of femininity the rest of it is crab bucket bullshit and mind games

Anonymous 159309

Yes, I’ve been trying to read more non-Western women, like San women of South Africa. Would you recommend this one? Any other books you’d recommend?

Anonymous 159315

The difference is I think radfems try to crawl OUT of the bucket instead of stay in it.

Anonymous 159316


Also their system is pretty based

Anonymous 159329


Any nonas*
It's a study on the Kurdish radical feminist movement
I've learned a lot after only reading two chapters. Dilar Dirik is not only a gifted researcher and writer; she's an empassioned radfem whose pen scorches ink onto paper with rage

Anonymous 159341

I feel like I'm escaping. I feel this nameless force trying to pull me back in trying to say I should be a troon. But I'm not even masculine looking I'm not even masculine presenting! mentally though I'm a guy. God I can't stand the troon culture.

Anonymous 159349

Honestly I am super feminine and probably look more feminine than you. Moids flock to me constantly I don’t even have to convince them. I’m so obsessed with them tooo!! Oh wait, that’s the only lie here.

Feels good to be me while supporting the other women around me who choose to be their natural selves. ✌︎

Anonymous 159355

Did I say I hate feminine women ? I think you have me confused with someone else

Anonymous 159359

And on all honesty I love a lot of feminine looks

Anonymous 159360

The one calling people ”she-grugs” is a male right?

Anonymous 159362

I like them all though I like gnc women a lot too

Anonymous 159365

Pretty convinced of that, some scrote trying to stir up infighting

Anonymous 159368

I have no idea who "troon gf" is and don't care. I know for a fact the retard claiming radfems hate "feminine women" and calling them she-grugs is a man. The troon is doing his usual thing of replying to himself.
You don't pass.

Anonymous 159371


Nonas stop taking the scrote's bait

Anonymous 159435

I am a short, thin and big boobed woman with very long hair, and a very traditionally feminine appearance and don't feel the smallest bit pressed by radfems. It is obvious you are a moid. Fuck off. You are unwanted here.

Anonymous 159436

I haven't been responding for like half an hour, yet anons are still being accused of being "she-grug"

Anonymous 159450

Fierce ambitious challenged bold does not give a flying fuck

Anonymous 159452



Anonymous 159455

Mostly a jokester and prankster though

Anonymous 159562

You keep rehashing the same sentences. Give it a rest. Egg_irl is missing you!

Anonymous 159587

Miners, just as a reminder, please don't reply to the retarded XY schizo pedo tranny!

Anonymous 159591

Still haven't responded.

Anonymous 159620

if you somehow are a woman then please go be a pickme somewhere else. your posts reek of smegma

Anonymous 159621


troons btfo

Anonymous 159652

male or retard?

Anonymous 159722


We know it's you posting the same shit over and over again, Blaine.
Fuck off forever.

Anonymous 159731

Dear tranny,
stop using the term she-grug what the fuck even is that
also kill yourself

Anonymous 159772


Er yeah feared for being a pedophile, I guess

Anonymous 159804

The room-temperature IQ anons shitting up the thread about how "radfems hate women!1!1!1" "they want women to act like men!1!1" "you're just jealous cause I'M HOT" need to go back to twitter. Many of them actually believe only men are somehow predisposed to advantageous traits (independence, rationality, ambitiousness…) and telling women to aspire to them and question why so many of the things they claim to enjoy only benefit other people is somehow sexist lol

Anonymous 159814

Anon, CC have always been filled with a big amount of moids and trannies because CC lives in 4chans mind rent free.

Anonymous 159815

its male

Anonymous 159875


Cope and seethe "women who want to be strong want to be like violent men"-chan. So much for defending women's expression.

Anonymous 159923



Anonymous 159946

It is only one person saying that and he is a well-known tranny around here.
I wonder what our mods are doing, are they asleep? Anyway, remember to report his posts.

Anonymous 159952

>Ur just jelly of Stacy
>Ur literally a female incel.
Moid hands typed this post.

Anonymous 159957

Reminder that the troon keeps ban-evading and LARPS as different anons unabashedly. Go look in /meta/ for a list of things to look out for. Remember to report any posts shitting on lesbians, terfs, and radical feminists as him, because it is him, every single time.

Anonymous 159964

based and correct. they're men or need to go back to 4chan if they're female

Anonymous 159981

>Frothing hatred of gnc/unattractive/masculine women
>Uses femcel as an insult
>Hates manhood because he thinks he can't be lazy Like women can (who live life on easy mode!!!)

Butthurt transcel spotted lmfao

Anonymous 160033

All the tranny. Report him.
MOOOODS. Wake up.

Anonymous 160042

do we have enough jannies or are they just dealing with far too much troonposting to keep up?

Anonymous 160052

The fact that you have been sperging out for hours about "she grugs" and how much you hate unfeminine women clocks you as a male. I don't know a single woman who is pompous enough to argue with women for hours how much more sexy and feminine she is and how we are all just jelly, even if she is a "Stacy".
Troons cope by saying femininity is important to womanhood so they can slather on lipstick and spinny their skirts and feel more valid as women.

Tldr your seething hatred of ugly women, attachment to femininity over biology, and the fact you've been on this shit for hours clocks you as a incel-to-troon pipeline failmale.

Anonymous 160054

admin has said for a while they're pretty badly understaffed and she has been busy.

Anonymous 160088


I severely underestimated moid insanity. Will they ever cease

Anonymous 160226

Then why is it impossible to get in contact with the mods and become a janny ?? What in the hell???

Anonymous 160504

women astronauts.p…

Anonymous 161648

Yeah, we severely need more mods and janitors. Shame it's so hard to vet people.

So ladies, how have you raised radfem consciousness or helped women today?

Anonymous 162280

told the ladies they can't use yaoi to explore gender because yaoi is written by women for women and yaoi characters are nothing like irl moids.

Anonymous 162348

Faithful walrus_27…

Lol, nice. How they'd take it?

Anonymous 162376

I'm not into kpop but somehow I get a bunch of YouTube shorts about it reccomended to me and the one I saw just now was about female kpop fans complaining about certain idols being "pick mes"
It makes me laugh because isn't every single one of them a pick me?
Isn't their whole job essentially elite pick meism?

Anonymous 162377

Pickme has lost all its meaning as with any word that suddenly becomes popular on the internet. Nowadays you get called a pickme just for disagreeing with someone else's opinion.
I think one feature of being a pickme includes putting down or competing with other women in front of men to gain their approval. I don't think Kpop girls do that but I only follow boygroups so I wouldn't know for sure.

Anonymous 162379

Wasn't one basically hate-mobbed because it was revealed she was into a rad fem author or something? They might seem like Pickmes but essentially they rarely have any other choice if they want to keep on being idols.

Anonymous 162409

It died down and I laid low since I reached my terf quota of the day with posting anti sw johns interviews that no one in the group engaged with kek

Anonymous 162490

I don't understand this comic.

Anonymous 162517

>prostitution, pornography, and surrogacy are all dehumanizing commodifications of the female body.

could someone explain the surrogacy part to me ;-;

Anonymous 162528


>aren’t they elite pickmes
Yes duh because real moids are so rotten that only the fantasy is bearable. Somebody has to pretend to be an irl bishie. Even if they’re getting paid by female paypigs for it!!!

Anonymous 162529

commodifying and commercialising womens reproductive organs for sale is gross

Anonymous 162531


Anonymous 162537

Probably what those angry female fans mean is that they think the pickme dudes are being insincere and cringe. There are nice guys in kpoop (few and far between, plus the type of attention whore that becomes an idol is probably gonna be on the narcissistic spectrum in the first place) however there’s a subset of idols who pretend to be nice and chivalrous and stuff but you can tell it’s tryhard and very fake and usually there’s other behavior they displayed in other situations where they weren’t being watched that they display their true asshole side.

There’s other instances where it’s clear the dudes are just being super careful, saying insincere things to win over fans and probably being filmed too so they treat being nice to women as a photo op or as a way to advance their image.

It’s that creepy ‘nice guy’ behavior where they’ve learned to act and hide their real personalities. I agree with those other fans that these type of insincere and corny male idols are really annoying. However sadly tons of girls still fall for their bullshit (and then get surprised later when their nice guy oppa is revealed to be an asshole)

Anonymous 162605

The crown Mario holds turns anyone wearing it into a beautiful woman. Because Peach is sick, Mario is coming to Bowser's house to force the crown onto Bowser and have his way with him. Bowser is trying to prevent this.

Kek. Yeah, I started quietly pushing the radfem ideas into my work and I got the JK Rowling fans on board immediately, but haven't made much progress with the others.

Anonymous 162608

I hate men so much holy shit

Anonymous 162790

Dumb question but for very gendered languages like Spanish, French etc what do people who think they're non binary do?

Anonymous 162804

for french they create stupid ass "iel" pronoun

Anonymous 162807

Lmao it’s real

Anonymous 162824

In Portuguese they came up with "elu". It sounds stupid and also somehow extremely masculine (most words ending with the -u sound are masculine). Once again, women being erased.

Anonymous 162851


recently this thing snuck in TRA/non gc spaces so I've been thankful. OP in the qrt is a tim.

Anonymous 162854

What’s sad is they’re both making their lives revolve around men. Ugh.

Anonymous 162856

>tfw I'm not into either

Anonymous 162950


i get what you mean but it's a meme making fun of there being a point of being a woman in the first place
me neither but I'd take gremlin fujos over "make up is empowering and feminist actually" girls

Anonymous 162951

>gremlin fujos
My secret kryptonite ngl

Anonymous 162959

>best hair color that suits you
>orange skin with banana yellow hair
maybe his definition of "most suitable" is looking like bimbified donald trump

Anonymous 162974

Makeup isn’t feminist or empowering but it’s fun and makes life less boring and ugly. What’s wrong with that? Not everything a woman does has to be a political statement. Let women live.

Anonymous 162975

Negative IQ take. At least read the thread of posts you're replying to.
Handmaidens and troons always act the same.
>make retarded political take about being a woman
>get responses saying it's retarded
>no bulli omg let women live not everything is political :'(

Anonymous 162981

Troons are not "other women", Bl*ine.

Anonymous 162982

Thats not Blaine retard

Anonymous 162990

I agree with you nona. Don't forget every online space is an echo chamber and makes people the most radical version of themselves, until they become caricatures. Nuance is important, enjoy your life with makeup.

Anonymous 162991

Amen, but never forget to not shame women that don't wanna use makeup themselves, much love, spread that peace!

Anonymous 163000

Except no one was saying it. The troon co-opted the conversation, which started in the first place by some other troon saying being a woman is about makeup and other vapid things.
Women are still requried to use makeup to look professional in some workplaces, men almost never wear it and are never expected to, there is no witch hunt against women who like makeup. Libfems shut the fuck up challenge.

Anonymous 163005

You need to stop projecting troonery, self hatred and malice everywhere challenge.

Anonymous 163006

The original tweet that started the conversation was by a literal troon.

Anonymous 163007

>women should shut up
Gee, I wonder where else we’ve heard this.

Anonymous 163008

Yes, some women should. Feminism doesn't mean amplifying everything that comes out of every woman's mouth.

Anonymous 163009

didnt say any of that. You can conform to patriarchy as much as you want.
just don't claim it's feminism, It's not that hard of a concept.

Anonymous 163016

libfems by definition of not being radical include men unfortunately.
I like to think it's just a series of bad actors/moids who benefit the patriarchy picking and choosing women who haven't fully peaked and can't imagine a reality outside patriarchy.
From my experience of getting peaked as a libfem, we just need more spaces where moids aren't allowed so we can scrutinize patterns and criticize their behavior.

Anonymous 163018


This was a pretty radical adjacent take but to my surprise OP's libfem and was busy kicking out radfems in the comments kek.
They're so close, they just instantly fold to troons and shy away at the idea of having terfy thoughts.

Anonymous 163026

>Except no one was saying it.
No one was saying what? Do you realize your answer doesn't make sense in the context of my post or are you too retarded to see that you're pulling a strawman and creating enemies in your schizo head? I just answered to another nona that she didn't have to feel like using makeup is a crime, and you answer with "no one was saying that". Wtf connect your neurons if you wish to talk to other people, if you just want to vomit your anger you can do it at your therapist's office.

The nona who said she enjoyed makeup didn't say "being a woman is about makeup" you crazy schizo, this is all in your head. How obnoxious can you be seriously.

Anonymous 163035

The radfem gaze is just as annoying and burdensome as the male gaze.

Instead of everything women do having to be attractive to men, it turns into everything women do has to be some kind of bold feminist political statement and she’s not allowed to deviate from the suffocatingly straight radfem path or she’ll be screamed at and called a pickme handmaiden by other radfems. You say the male gaze is problematic because it puts women under so much pressure to conform to a certain high standard or risk being ousted from the group. Isn’t the radfem gaze also pressuring women to conform to a certain high standard or be ousted from the group?

Anonymous 163036

>troon says girl life is about makeup and pleasing men
>other anon (not sure if it’s troon or real woman) replies saying life is about getting off to men fucking each other
Both revolve around guys. How about we stop talking about and caring about men altogether? I’m really bored of the moid subject.

Anonymous 163039

Reminder the tranny on his discord bragged about samefagging and started fights between libfems and radfems to divide us. Stop falling for his bait already.

Anonymous 163043

I didn't even read your entire post because it's pointless. If anyone built a strawman it was the poster who went "let women live" as if anyone was saying otherwise. The whole conversation was about a troon who literally said being a woman is about being vapid. If you butt in with your "uwu wearing makeup can be fun too" in this context you are either trying to derail the conversation on purpose or you're too stupid to understand the issue being discussed.
Tired of wearing kid-gloves with people like you when you do nothing but hinder any sort of critical discussion of patriarchy.

Anonymous 163046

It does. I don't give a fuck about women who choose to be slaves. Be a slave, idc. Get the fuck out of my movement.

Anonymous 163049

Very true nona. At some point they become undifferentiated from scrotes it's insane. You're a pickme, a bimbo or a troon, you're not good enough for them and they feel superior to you. Moid behavior.

Oh please, stop with this. Every fucking discussion on this website ends with this: "no, stop it, it was the troon all along!". No it isn't, stop talking about the troon for five minutes. We can't have any discussion without someone coming in to say we should shut up because the troon is here.

Ok so you're really retarded. If you think this is a good look right now and that you've succeeded at appearing superior, i'm sorry to tell you that you failed. I hinder conversation but you're the one not reading posts (allegedly kek) because we disagree with your schizo ass. You also don't answer to the nona who made a very good point saying that you're basically replacing the male gaze with your own version of it, which is as tyrannical. But tell me again how we can't talk about the patriarchy, you fucking moron.

Anonymous 163051

You can keep calling me a "schizo" it won't change the fact that you derailed a conversation about a troon telling women that womanhood is about makeup.

Anonymous 163061

Still don’t understand the point radfems make about encouraging men to sexualize us. Men will literally sexualize anything including feet, ankles, armpit hair, cancer patients, little kids, wheelchairs, womens head hair, poop, amputees, tiles, hands, foreheads, geriatric pensioners and baked beans. I dress like a slobby hobo in public and creeps have still tried to molest me and sexually harassed me before. It makes absolutely no difference how you present yourself, whether you wear makeup or not.

Men don’t magically respect you or see you as a virginal pure human being who deserves to be left alone just because you dress like Jesse Pinkman. Men see us as holes and wish to rape us even when we dress in burqas and binbags. We can’t escape sexualization by men. The only thing we can do is live life however we want and arm ourselves in case they ever get handsy with us. That’s it. You shouldn’t stop having fun or trying to look the way you want just because ~men might like it~. Men are gonna view us as rape meat even if we cover ourselves in literal shit, dress like crackheads and stop shaving forever.

Anonymous 163063

Didn't derail anything. We were multiple posters, you know, just answering to your bullshit. But tell me what did we derail that was so interesting? A troon being completely unhinged? Yes, i saw that, colour me surprised. Like anyone in this thread i wish he would kill himself asap. But tell me the interesting conversation we derailed, because you sure don't seem to have anything to add about the fucking troon either?

See how dumb you are to try to act superior just because we disagreed with your shitty take on women who wear makeup. Now let's get back to radfem things indeed but this time stop trying to hate on other women and trying to police their choices for once in your life.

Anonymous 163066

exactly. it’s like telling parents they can’t dress their kids in cute outfits or give them pigtails or cute dresses because ‘pedos might find it alluring!!!’ peds are peds and they’re still gonna sexualize children whether they’re dressed cutely or not, because they’re just inherently gross monsters. it’s the exact same with ‘normal’ men.

Anonymous 163071

This is the troon 100%. He always comes in with "Stacies", as if we were moids who hate "Chad". >>163063 if this isn't also the troon (unlikely but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt), the troon is agreeing with you. Should be enough proof you're in the wrong.

Anonymous 163076

Woah this comeback was so le epic that he had to post it twice

Anonymous 163077

The last posts are good enough reason to ban anyone peddling libfem rhetoric here on the grounds of them probably being moids trying to undermine radical feminist discussion.

Anonymous 163080

Yeah, radfems like the other poster don't even realize how close to religious scrotes they are. They literally sound like muslim moids wishing to hide women being burkas saying "but it's for their good though". You can't dress feminine or you're a demon bimbo pickme chasing the male gaze, you have to hide! Wow, what a great radical feminism.

I'm the poster you quoted (so definitely not the troon) and don't worry it's obvious to me that this is the troon waking up right now (we called him, now this waste of a human is really here). He's not agreeing with me he's insulting me, and even if a troon is agreeing to the basic point that women can use makeup, i don't care. I'm not talking about men, i'm talking about other women. The troon will never be a woman regardless of how much makeup he puts on his repulsive face.

Anonymous 163081

My dad is chill he straight up vibin rn

Anonymous 163083

Bless you for always proving radfems are always right about everything.

Anonymous 163086

I bet you agree with women wearing burkas in western countries because "it's their choice" lol

Anonymous 163087

Yupppp and even if radfems got their way and every woman stopped shaving, wearing makeup or cute clothes, men would still end up sexualizing us, even if you lower the bar significantly for attractiveness men literally don’t care. They’ll just move on too fetishising something else about us.

That’s why in the Middle East moids can easily jack off to a woman’s ankle. They can’t be alone with women, so they dress up little boys as girls and rape them instead. You cannot take the rapey nature out of men. Even when straight moids are out in prison they start fucking other mens asses because men are just disgusting coomers full stop. In India, tons of men have a bellybutton fetish due to sarees revealing that body part only. It’s insane lmao.

It doesn’t matter if you cover yourself up and try to look as ugly or plain as possible, men are still going to disrespect and sexualize us.

I respect the point radfems are trying to make, but ultimately it’s pointless and their rants will only fall on deaf moid ears. It’s not up to women to make ourselves look worse and beg for a crumb of male respect because we don’t look like slutty bimbos. Men don’t care how we present ourselves. The urge to rape us and dehumanize us will always be present in men and we can’t change it. All we can do is use the second amendment to its fullest extent and learn how to fire a gun correctly.

Anonymous 163091

What is difficult for you to understand? Point to me the post saying women should not wear make up. Go, justify your first pearl-clutching post.

Anonymous 163094

It sounds more like radfems are advocating for women to wear burqas tbh. They seem to think any woman who dresses up is doing it for the male gaze and is gonna get raped and is somehow inviting it upon herself because she’s a ‘pickme’. Radfem rhetoric like this honestly reminds me of religious rhetoric that tells women they have to look modest in public or men will sexualize them and they will get raped. Newsflash, men would still sexualize and jack off to 8 pixels zoom-in of a woman’s shoulder. What we wear makes no difference. They will dehumanize us for being female, whether we’re modest or not. If you’re immodest and look slutty they’ll just do it more openly. But they still view all women in the same way.

Anonymous 163096

So, do you think wearing burkas in the West is "each woman's choice" or not?

Anonymous 163097

Still waiting for this btw. Excited to know where you saw the ebil radfems oppressing feminine women in those posts talking about a troon.

Anonymous 163098

I’m old enough to remember gamer-gate (yikes) Many of the feminists fighting off incels at that time were severely overweight, wore no makeup, had hairy armpits, were lesbian etc. They were physically, as far from bimbo libfems as you can imagine. And guess what? Moids still threatened to rape them, made deepfake porn of them, and debased them concerning their looks. It literally doesn’t matter how we look. Men will never ever respect us. Arm yourselves ladies. Go down the shooting range and learn to aim and fire correctly. That’s all you can do.

Anonymous 163099


This is my first post btw >>162990, and you call that pearl-clutching? (another degrading and misogynistic expression used against women, too, you keep showing us your true colours) I was very chill, didn't answer to your post just saying to the other nona that she was right to feel that makeup is ok. That is literally it, and then you or another idiot became really agressive here >>162975. Everyone was chill before this, once again it's the unhinged "radfem" who started strawmaning and calling people retarded.

Anonymous 163101

Most of the "feminists" involved in the gamergate thing were the most obnoxious libfems in existence, actually. Pro-porn, pro-prostitution, pro-troons, the whole circus.

Anonymous 163102


Radfem general more like infighting general.

Anonymous 163103

Women can wear whatever the fuck they want as long as she feels comfortable as an individual. Some women feel safer and more secure covered up. They feel like men will sexualize them less (which sadly isn’t true, tons of hijabi porn exists) Most women have been forced to do it, because moids tell them they’ll get raped if they show their hair. I’m against religion as nearly all of them are patriarchal as fuck. If a woman really wants to wear a scarf for her feeling of security she has a right to do so. If she doesn’t she has a right to rip it off and burn it.

Anonymous 163106

Not true at all, plenty radfems on twitter and tumblr at that time. Libfems were too busy having sex with their bfs to care about internet memez.

Anonymous 163107

Nevermind its libfem general. No thoughts just vibes lol.

Anonymous 163110

What is the purpose of this >>162974 post, when in the thread it is responding to
>no one said women can't wear makeup
>no one said makeup was a political statement EXCEPT the troon who defended makeup in the first place
Explain your (or from the libfem you are defending idc) derailing.

Anonymous 163112

Hahaha thank you, now I can be sure I should disregard everything you say.

Anonymous 163114

>not true
You are wither a young zoomer who didn't live through it or arguing in bad faith. Literally google the people involved.

Anonymous 163115

Wait wait wait. So in your opinion makeup and shaving is anti feminist and appeals to men which reinforces the patriarchy.

So, how should women look and dress to be the ‘perfect feminist’ and defeat the patriarchy, in your mind? You know Andrea Dworkin was mocked for being obese and unattractive and not looking after her appearance, and she still got drugged and raped by men when she was in France. So I’m not sure what a woman’s dress sense or personal appearance does to defeat the patriarchy. Men will still sexualize and rape women who intentionally try to make themselves look less attractive or appealing.

Anonymous 163116

I'm the anon you're arguing with and i am NOT the one saying burkas are ok, we are two different posters, i swear i thought you couldn't be dumber but somehow you surprise me again. I hate religion just as much as i hate the twisted self-righteous tyranny of your dumb takes.

And i'm not going to answer for the other poster, you're asking me about the post of the other anon and i'm not in her head, she probably felt like you were showing contempt and she was right because you (or another like you) jumped right after to tell her she's retarded.

Anonymous 163117

I’ve wanted to wear a burqa in public tbh and I’m not even Muslim. I just hated men looking at me. Sadly I know they’d still be looking at my feet and hands or eyes and wanting to pull my dress off and rape me. There’s no winning. Dress sense ain’t gonna defeat the patriarchy sis.

Anonymous 163121

At this point it is clear you believe you can decide other people's opinions just by repeating them often enough. Except that's not how the world works.
No one, literally no one in this entire discussion said women should not wear makeup. This is a strawman you invented in your head because people making fun of a vapid troon made you feel attacked somehow. It is irrelevant for the conversation, but I'll still say it: I wear makeup daily myself, because I feel like. That still doesn't erase the fact that the expectation for women to wear makeup, put very clearly and literally by the troon we were discussing in the first place, is misogynist to the core.
No one needs to be a "perfect feminist", one just needs to shut up about their personal choices when radical feminism is being discussed.
And burkas and niqabs should be made illegal. I don't have anything more to discuss with a libfem who supports the human equivalent of a cattle tattoo.

Anonymous 163122

How’s it a troll post? I genuinely get disgusted by men looking at me and sexualizing me but they’re gonna do it regardless because they’re moidmonkeys. If anything a burqa would probably draw more attention.

Anonymous 163124

Obviously. Most women I have met in my life who hated male attention never thought of wearing fucking burqas of all clothing. They usually went for baggy clothes.

Anonymous 163125

Shut the fuck up Blaine.

Anonymous 163127

Some women want to cover themselves up. Why do you have a problem with that? I’m not comfortable going out in shorts. Even if I wear jeans and a t shirt men still look at my tits and ass. If wearing a binbag would make men stop sexualizing me I’d honestly wear one. Sadly men still want to rape us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to cover ourselves up though. Policing what women can and cannot wear is extremely totalitarian.

Anonymous 163129

No. I’ve been raped so I can talk about it all I want. And btw I was dressed like Jesse Pinkman at the time. Still didn’t stop my rapist!

Anonymous 163130

I said I don't do discussion with burka-defenders. If we left our destiny up to you, we'd all already be on the streets being murdered for not wearing a scarf properly like in Iran. Fence-sitters are as bad as moids.

Anonymous 163131

>the expectation for women to wear makeup
Most moids hate makeup though…they constantly complain about it and make jokes about taking us swimming.

Anonymous 163136

Yes, moids will often force women into doing something only to berate them for it. Porn and prostitution exist for the sake of moids, yet they hate prostitutes. They want easy sex, yet they hate "sluts".
This dualism does not mean that those things are actually made by women for the sake of women. Makeup is the same thing.

Anonymous 163137

You do realise that there are women in Iran that are getting killed for not complying to forced hijab right? Hijabs/Burqas also reinforce the idea that it's women's fault men rape them. Why would you even want to wear that shit?

Anonymous 163138

Because she is a libfem.

Anonymous 163139

Burkas aren’t necessarily religious. It’s literally just a piece of clothing, and the easiest thing to call it by is it’s Islamic name because it’s the closest noun we have for it. You could call it a shroud or a veil or whatever. Do you go around yelling at pieces of fabric nona? Do you go around ripping womens headscarves off? You realize that politicizing fabric is just peak male schizophrenia? Right? Cloth isn’t the problem. The religious doctrine is. Maybe start getting rid of that first? Cure the cause ya know. Not just the symptom.

Anonymous 163144

When Islam is erased from the face of the Earth maybe we can discuss how innocent "pieces of clothing" that are coincidentally shaped like a niqap may or may not be. Until then, they are symbols of oppression.

Anonymous 163145

Islam promotes femicide for a multitude of reasons, way beyond a piece of cloth. A man can beat or kill a woman for whatever reason he feels like it in Islam, he can justify it using any reason he wants. You sound like a nurse right now ranting about covering up a sepsis rash (hijabs) instead of treating the underlying disease (sepsis aka islam). You treat the underlying illness not the symptom.

Anonymous 163148

Even if you erase Islam patriarchy is still going to exist.

Anonymous 163150

Great. First step: ban all religious symbols, including niqabs.

Anonymous 163152

No actually it’s the opposite. Religion isn’t the problem. Patriarchy and men are. You could have a completely atheist world and men would still be patriarchal as fuck.

Anonymous 163153

Exactly. Plenty of atheist moids still support anti abortion laws simply because they hate women.

Anonymous 163157

You know it’s funny. Czech Republic is the most atheist country in the world. And their country is absolutely rife with porn, pedophilia and prostitution. It’s literally known as the brothel of Europe. Age of consent is 15. Child porn was free to access and possess until the last couple years there due to mounting pressure from the EU to ban it.

Just goes to show men will be men whether they believe in a sky daddy or not.

Anonymous 163158

If there were no men, there would be no niqabs lmao. Even in these countries, in single-sex spaces women are not required to cover up.

Anonymous 163160

Idiot, I fucking hate Islam as a whole. I dont just fixate on hijabs but I can criticise the clothing because gasp its apart of Islam itself.

Anonymous 163162



Anonymous 163164

I hate both Islamic and atheist men you stupid tranny lmao.

Anonymous 163168

In my non Muslim country it’s common to wear shawls and headscarves because it gets cold here. Are you gonna ban them too? What about Covid masks? Is covering your face bad when it’s a piece of cloth but okay when it’s 3ply tissue?

Anonymous 163169

When will you realise that its moids and their handmaidens who cause these problems? You act as if this problem doesnt also exist in other religious countries?

Anonymous 163170

Pedo rapist moids who force women to cover up and erase their individuality and personhood are worse than regular pedo rapist moids.

Anonymous 163174

No, because they are not symbols of Islamic oppression. I already said we can discuss how harmless niqab-shaped pieced of cloth are in a world where actual niqabs don't exist.
But as of now, they exist, Islam exists, so niqabs and burqas are disgusting symbols of oppression.

Anonymous 163176

Congratulations on ignoring every other serious answer you got.

Anonymous 163177


Are you fucking retarded? People wear these things because they dont wanna get sick and fucking die. Why are you equating wearing masks and headscarves to oppression wear? Get the fuck outta here.

Anonymous 163178

Islamic men are forced to cover up in public too, to be fair. They’re literally forbidden from wearing short trousers, and are encouraged to wear the same kind of hat and beard style that makes them all look the same. In Islamic countries like Chechnya and Lebanon you can see plenty Muslim women without headscarves, wearing skirts and showing their legs. And yet, the men are just as brutal and rapey as the stricter Muslim countries. I’m not Muslim, I’m just saying clothing makes no difference. Men will be awful regardless.

Anyway, this thread has become troon central and he’s baiting all the time now so I’m dipping.

Anonymous 163180

Why are Islamic men such manwhores then? Where are the Islamic men being beheaded or killed by the police for wearing shorts? Receipts please.

Anonymous 163182

The Quran doesn’t even say women have to cover up tbh. It was something their prophet advised his wives to do so men would stop staring at them. And so religious schizos who want to wear their sky daddys skin and copy him as much as possible. Nowhere does it say women have to wear burqas.

Anonymous 163188

Yet, you are light-years away from getting it. If the fact that women don't "choose" to wear niqabs when only in presence of other women doesn't make it crystal clear that they are a symbol of male oppression, either through legislation or fear of consequences, then I can only conclude that your brain is too rotten from liberal propaganda and you will never, ever support true woman emancipation.

Anonymous 163190

It’s so obvious this is Blaine posting now because he’s creepily obsessed with Muslim women.

Anonymous 163192

Niqab bashing? On a radfem thread? Must be a tranny!

Anonymous 163198

It is not only a piece of clothing until Islam is erased from Earth.
Delete Islam, then let's see who chooses to wear a niqab.

Anonymous 163217

1 in 50 children in the west are reported to have been raped by their biological dads (actual figure is higher) its 1 in 5 children for stepfathers. Men will literally rape their own kids. Banning Islam won’t stop that.

Anonymous 163218

Cool, has nothing to do with my point. My point is niqabs are not only a piece of clothing, they don't exist in a vacuum, they are a symbol of Islamic oppression and a statement that women are inherently dirty, sinful and inferior to men.

Anonymous 163224

Great, all for it. Until then, all of their symbols of oppression should be banned, including niqabs.

Anonymous 163225

Why don’t you go tell that to the Muslims then lol. Yelling about it here isn’t changing the world at all.

Anonymous 163231

Women in the west and places like Poland can wear whatever they want and abortion still got banned. Again you’re obsessed with fighting the symptom and not the underlying cause.

Anonymous 163243

That wasn't me. That was the troon, as he himself admitted.

Anonymous 163246

Abortion banned = bad
Abortion banned and niqabs = worse
Is this hard to grasp?

Anonymous 163249

Western culture is literally encouraging underage girls to make pornography tho. Pornhub had to take down a shit ton of videos because they were CP. Mostly made by verified female users who were underage.

Anonymous 163252

Non sequitur + "Eastern culture" has as much, if not more of a problem with pornography and sexualization of children.

Anonymous 163253

Again you’re obsessed with a religion when that religion is simply a symptom and not the root of misogyny.

Anonymous 163255

I don’t know any Muslim girls who were raped by their dads tbh. I knew a shit ton of western girls who were. And I had a big Muslim female friend group.

Anonymous 163259

You know a Muslim girl who was raped by her dad? Did you help her report it to the police?

Anonymous 163260

Is "clothing" a symbol of oppression inserted in a framework where women are sinful and inferior and there are countries where women are killed for not wearing "clothing"? Yes.

Anonymous 163264

Women are deemed sinful and inferior if we don’t wear sexy clothing in the west. Men call us dykes and throw things at us. They talk about wanting to correctively rape us for dressing like lesbians and having short hair.

Where does the line between modesty and oppression end, hmm?

Anonymous 163265

Yeah, I am sure no Muslim girls were ever raped by their dads lmao.

Anonymous 163266

>she told me the story years after it happened
And? Why didn’t you help her report it? Most places don’t have a statute of limitations for rape or incest.

Anonymous 163268

None of what you said is remotely true, and I'm sure even you know the comparison is ridiculous. It's very telling that you're willing to twist yourself into a knot to defend a woman's right to self-brand as a second class citizen.

Anonymous 163269

No one said it doesn’t happen. From what I’ve seen, raping your kid is way more common in the west. The states with the highest number of pedophiles and incest perpetrators aren’t exactly Muslim hotspots.

Anonymous 163271

And what happened?

Anonymous 163273

I’m not supporting forced clothing of any kind. I am saying banning women from covering up is also oppressive, and that is what the the other anon was trying argue should be a priority to own the Muslims, or something.

Anonymous 163274

I don't care about saving her, she can go cover her hair elsewhere. I care about that cancer ideology existing in my society, for my female children to be exposed to.

Anonymous 163276

You’re going to be in for a shock when you find out that female children in the West are exposed to far worse than headscarves.

Anonymous 163281

This. The average age children first see porn now in the US is at 5 years old.

Anonymous 163282

tf, source? and dont just give a one word answer

Anonymous 163286

1 in 9 girls and 1 in 20 boys under 12 has been raped or sexually abused in the west too.

Anonymous 163288


Religion is co-opted by those in power often because, simply, it can be an easy troll to herd-control people and get people policing one another.
I find it kind of funny that, hhem, some people here are having a Redditgasm and blaming everything on religion because like anything else, it is a tool that can easily be weaponized. Religion didn't create human greed or mens' desire to violate or control or abuse–it can create a cover for it as well as facilitate it in specific scenarios.

The majority of men that do bad things aren't religious…their actions just had little to do with their faith or lack thereof. However, you can guarantee that certain religious communities would cover for the degeneracy of such a man in order to maintain the status quo. It is similar to how "mental health" has been increasingly strawmanned to handwave around the evil men do by woke men or why there's more and more people screeching about it in terms of school shooters. Hell. A lot of male anarchists are basically rape-apologists or opportunistic rapists, and likely are in a similar boat where they have a vested interest in blaming stuff like religion and mental health for why men do evil shit.

Why does this happen? Because when anything gains leverage, power, etc, as a concept, people - especially ruthless assholes - can hijack and use it–especially in the name of greed and control, especially the oligarchs and the elites.
HOWEVER: this doesn't mean all of these "tools" are the exact same in how they're used for fuck's sake.

And, holy shit I don't know why I have to say this, there is a difference between the hegemony of Islam and the ways it directly oppresses women in Iran and etc, than how religion manifests in other places (usually bad but rarely as insane). That evil against women is now considered literally virtuous and moral in such an explicit, state-mandated way is an extra layer of oppression and this is an extra dose of bad for the women there. We see shades of this in a lot of other countries, but rarely in such a blatant "woman bad, man good" way.

And yes ultimately the obsession people have with "choice" and women making a choice will never cease being ridiculous considering it overstates the relevancy of individual's feelings in almost inescapable power structures. It's like playing 3D chess in Chernobyl.

Anonymous 163291

Again with the whataboutism.

Anonymous 163329

>If a radfem points out that your actions are not feminist actions, in fact they support the patriarchy, this makes her actions scrote like.
Nona, this is the most brain dead take in existence. Please accept that the radfem thread is not for you.

Anonymous 163332

kek, I said troll instead of tool. Phoneposting kills brain cells.
thank you, but it's mostly just knowledge of who the fuck benefits from the endless derailing and deflections. So many vultures swarming right now.

Anonymous 163333

This. The coverings are too closely tied to male power and religion. There is too much shaming going on within the community for it to be a true choice. So until then, I will treat girls and women who wear it as people who are forced to wear it. Though in place of it being completely eliminated, I will also accept every male of the same culture being forced to wear it just as much and in the same way as the women.

Anonymous 163376

What's this from?

Anonymous 163411

Imagine missing the point this badly

Anonymous 163524

>patriarchy expects women and girls to pretty up, take up smaller space, get uncomfortable clothing, even get facial surgery just to get treated decently unlike men and boys who dont have to do all that
>radfems acknowledge this and thinks it's unfair and makes no sense so they don't do it

Ooohhhhh man hating radical feminism is exactly just as bad as the patriarchy tho ;_;

I feel like if this is still your pov, you haven't fully understood why radfems hate the beauty industry (btw makeup industry mostly has moids as the leaders) and just see it as virtue signaling.
I still wear skirts and have long hair, really just be aware it's not feminism. Some ladies here acting so moidy in their kneejerk reaction to any criticism of beauty culture. We/I understand everyone has their own reason for conforming, but it's completely useless to fight us off for criticizing why we have to do it in the first place.

I just want more indulgent women who take up space, don't bother looking feminine for political reasons or otherwise.

Also for the love of god the og troon nona was talking about was the qrt in the tweet pic.

Anonymous 163847


Stole off rf twitter

Anonymous 163850

>it's completely useless to fight us off for criticizing why we have to do it in the first place
It’s also completely useless to criticize something while also partaking in it. If you were really against it you would just stop partaking in it altogether. You say you have your reasons for needing to conform to male gazey stuff. Okay well what are those reasons and are they really that important and life threatening? If you have principles you should live by them imo. I would call someone who eats meat and wears fur while complaining about animal cruelty a retard, so people also have the right to call radfems who rant about how fucked up it is that women are made to partake in perormative femininity but ALSO partake in said performative femininity for the male gaze retards as well. Nobody forces you or any women to wear makeup or skirts or shave btw. You can literally stop doing any of those things anytime you want without severe repercussions. So I don’t get this idea of being ‘forced’ to do it.

And men will sexualize literally anything including tiles and ankles and cars, so talking shit about how women who do x are unfeminist because it appeals to the male gaze in itself is kind of retarded. We all know men could jerk off to and sexualize just about anything. Personally I don’t care what women wear or choose to look like because I know men will sexualize us no matter what, I just can’t stand the hypocrisy of radfems at times. Muslim women in burqas probably think women in jeans and t shirts look like sluts and are trying to appeal to the male gaze, radfems think women who wear dresses and makeup look like sluts and are trying to appeal to the male gaze. It’s hella male gazey in itself. Like a meta male gaze or the radfem gaze. But if those are your principles and what you truly believe in, you should be living by them. You can’t possibly expect others to take you seriously if you don’t even live by what you preach.

Anonymous 163851

Just to be clear, you're a different anon complaining about hypocrisy then and not the whole "wahh the pressure of radfem gaze is annoying", right?

You're in your full right to criticize me and others who do it. We're all in various phases in our life, some live in countries with strict gender roles, maybe you wouldn't get murdered but you wouldn't get treated like human being and or get hired for jobs.

Completely valid you see it as hypocritical, not denying that me and others conforming has benefits, but not everything is all black and white and I trust you understand that nona.

Anonymous 163853


What do nonas think of Sneako?

He popped up in my yt recs despite never searching redpill or incel content before, which furthers my suspicions that blackpill stuff is a psyop and youtube is purposely pushing this misogynistic bullshit at young men and trying to make it mainstream.

Anyway, he was bitching out women, saying how le redpill is real because
>all redpilled men just want to fall in love and have kids (not letting moids access our wombs and destroy our bodies with their crotch goblins is oppressing them apparently)

And according to him, women are terrible people because they’re
>like disney movies
>get lip fillers

Anonymous 163857


>just have empathy for the people who are most likely to rape and murder you sis!

Anonymous 163859

I misread your post and thought he got lip fillers himself kek.

Unfortunately moidy redpill/mra/incel talking points are so common even in the mainstream that the pipeline is hardly a surprise at this point. Was watching a casual funny moid video commentary and he goes on how he understands men being creepy collecting dating site data bc they're lonely but understands it's creepy and cringe. I wish he'd just straight up say it's unforgiveable but male solidarity is just too strong.

Also Remember to not engage with the video (clicking, liking, commenting, disliking, etc) to not boost it further in the algorithm.

Anonymous 163860


>incarceration rate for rape in the US and UK is less than 3%
>men commit 96% of violent crime despite being just 49% of the population
>scrotes still somehow manage to perform mental gymnastics and make themselves the real victims

Anonymous 163862

We need to develop a lethal virus that only targets the Y chromosome tbh.

Anonymous 163871

Men are so psychotic lmao, it’d be funny if it wasn’t so terrifying how delusional and self righteous they are, especially about their scroteish need to commit violence. Even when they commit crimes against women, they play the fucking victim, this is the moid mind in action, no matter what objective information is presented, his hurt feefees, mommy/daddy issues and delusions will always take precedence.

‘The male cries out in pain as he strikes you.’

Anonymous 163872

Yup. There was a video with some African woman crying and saying how she wished she had gotten married and had kids and how it was too late. All the comments were scrotes laughing (pretending to, anyway) and talking about the wall and how she deserved to die alone.

These are the same creatures talking about how women don’t like ‘nice guys’ like themselves, who are desperate to convince women that we need a moid to live. This is the way scrotes talk about women behind their backs while pretending to care and love us to our faces. And they still think they’re of any value to women whatsoever. Hilarious.

Anonymous 163873

Honestly, the obsession scrotes have with marrying off women and making them have children makes me want to puke. Even if incels aren’t personally getting laid or reproducing, notice how they still WANT all women to be married off to a moid. Forcing women to get married is important because to men, marriage represents male ownership of a female. Men chimp out when a woman doesn’t belong to any man. It confuses their tiny overemotional little moidmonkey pea brains.

Moids WANT all women to have kids, because they know it destroys a womans attractiveness to other men, and makes her more emotionally, physically and financially dependent on him. They want to cripple women because it gives them control. Moids are such pickmes, so desperate to feel relevant to women, they hang their ugly saggy scrotums out screaming PLEASE PICK ME, telling us that we have to pick them or we’ll be ALONE 4EVA.

When we reject them, they fake laugh through their incel tears, and threaten us with the fact we’ll become cat ladies. As if that’s somehow worse than being married to an incel or being forced to become a moids bangmaid dishwasher baby factory. As if women don’t have endless options even until they’re 90, as if men don’t abandon their wives and children constantly, as if these men don’t talk about ‘trading women in after she turns 35.’

If your enemy keeps pushing something at you and telling you how it’s good for you and that you need it, you should know something is very very wrong.

Anonymous 163887

I Love you Andrea Dworkin

Anonymous 163908

It's so funny that they act like that with older women who don't have children when they spend their 20s running from women who want marriage and children and making fun of them.
They want to have their fun, be immaturr useless manwhores in their youth, and then settle down in their 30s with a virgin 18 year old to have their children. Anyone who doesn't fit this lifestyle, they take as personally offensive.

Anonymous 163935

Lol yep they wanna chase Stacy until they’re 40 and their sperm is autism baby soup. Then they want to settle down with Beta Becky and use her as a rent-a-womb.

Anonymous 163991

idk, i think it's good and right to shame women for being complicit in their own oppression, so that they stop doing that (which is good and right). I'd be okay with it if you weren't lying to yourself about your reasoning.
you miss the point by saying "make-up isn't about men, i do it for myself" - you aren't doing it for yourself, that's delusional - you're doing it because of peer pressure from other women, and society at large. you are not choosing to wear make-up; you are choosing to concede to social pressure even though it costs you time and money, and you have come to believe that you are happier in those chains, because the alternative is being a social outcast.
You don't feel good in make-up, this is a lie you tell yourself - in reality, you feel bad when you're surrounded by women who are all conforming to the standard and you aren't - that good you feel in make-up is you no longer feeling bad - like a smoker taking their first drag of the day.
You are conforming to prevent you from feeling bad due to the social ostracisation that women foist upon other women for not meeting their minimum standard of womanhood.
Yes i know better than you about your own motivations - die mad about it.

Anonymous 165197


Surprising take from a trans identifying male. TIMs seem to come down on one of two opinions on drag. Either it's amazing and expressive and you're transphobic for questioning it, or else it mocks and degrades trans women and their should be banned. I've only seen two or three tims express that it's won't because it mocks women.

Anonymous 165199

Thank you autocorrect for making me look illiterate.
*Their = therefore
*it's won't = it's wrong

Anonymous 165261


Anonymous 165449

Prob why we het murdered less. We actually account for it. Men are too stupid to think into the future or plan. Its a higher order logic skill they never evolved.

Anonymous 165450

Several studies have shown this. Men are not able to think long term or problem solve to the same degree as women.

Anonymous 165451

>better fighters
No, this is bullshit and you are perfectly aware of it
>suffering is bad
Male isn't. Btw that's a really dumb statement, cuz all ethical questions are not abstract but contextual.

Anonymous 165453

Same, I don't think about it either. Mb its connected to the way a person was raised. Because I had the childhood of a typical moid (aside from entitlement towards women) - my parents did everything for me and I didn't think about my safety or wellbeing at all. Whereas a typical female childhood - which is being pushed into the responsible caretaking role from young age, could give you some sort of perpetual anxiety over that kind of things. Oh, and women aren't legally protected from anything, so that could manifest this way (in my case it's not anxiety though, but debates living rent free in my head)

Anonymous 165473

Men are likely to be murdered as a lifestyle. A man who is in a gang, or who gets road rage and attacks another man, or who runs drugs. All male activities that lead to a man being killed by another man.
A woman is more likely to be murdered because she is a woman. She goes out late at night and is attacked by a man. She posts photos and a stalker finds and murderers her. Or she dates a man and he beats her to death. So to avoid death, a man just only avoid very obvious death traps like gangs and cartels. But a woman must avoid going outside, being attractive, or dating and so develops heightened sense of awareness.
It really is interesting how unhinged men are. When was the last time you heard the story of a man posting his picture online and a female fan uses the background reflected in his eyes to track him down and rape and murder him? Because that is a thing that has happened to women.

Anonymous 165500

You are absolutely correct, but keep in mind you're answering to a moid. He's BTFO by his own stupidity so you did well to answer, showing us once again that men lack the most basic sense of emotional intelligence to put themselves in women's shoes for one second. Start treating and analyzing women as human beings and perhaps we'll do the same, scrote (joking we won't).

>muh women so embarrassing hahaha afraid for nothing hurrdurrr meanwhile us men so strong and brave derp but still cry for us pls because we die more reeeeeeeee

You can't out yourself more than that, every cliché is here. They think they're superior and flaunt it, but they still cry like weak bitches about their fate being harder than ours. Make it make sense, are you strong and fearless or are you a bitch crying online to women? Kidding, purely rhetorical, we all know already.

Anonymous 165513


KEK holy shit why are moids so self pitying and fragile

Anonymous 165515


They use emotion as a form of manipulation and denial. They cope and tell themselves if they are depressed or cry it means they must be good people. They can’t take responsibility or admit to being monsters.

Anonymous 165674

There are entire threads right now on reddit on memes, teenagers, and political compass how this poor man has been mercilessly bullied when his only crime was teaching little boys how to love themselves. It just gets so tiring how men do nothing but terrorize and demonize women, yet pretend they're the victims when the consequences of their actions happen. Peterson is a blow hard who blames women and feminism for the plight of men. He claims if we laid down and accepted our fate as inferior beings, that society would ruin so much smoother. I would rather death than see myself and other women treated as breeding cattle again. Any culture that dies when women are treated as equals deserves to die.

Anonymous 165699

Didn't he go into a napey time coma from eating too much meat too? So much for scrotes being the physically stronger gender when red meat puts them down for months.

Anonymous 165717

I know. He’s also a benzo addict who had to fly to Russia and be put into a medically induced coma to stop chomping pills.

Anonymous 165725


We already know pedos are overrepresented in research and other STEM fields. Really makes you wonder how much pedo bias is in our academia.

Anonymous 165729

Of course he’s German.

Anonymous 165742

I still don’t know what his gib was. All he seemed to push towards men is that they need to clean their rooms and penises a bit more? And talked about how women want strong men and how leftists are loonies. And then he just goes into some spiel about bible stories and Disney movies and assigns huge importance to them. It just seems so dumb? This guy made hundreds of millions of dollars of peddling crap to fatherless male discord users.

Anonymous 165760

Pffft they never will. They think it's they're birthright. They're such warped backwards lunatics.

Anonymous 165761

Their entire life revolves around cooming to kiddie porn. Castrating them and nuking their sex drive seems to be the only way to incentivise them to rope.

Anonymous 165763

Goes for all moids. Ejaculating is their reason d’Etre. Take that away and they’ll immediately kill themselves.

Anonymous 165767

That’s why transsexual males become more likely to off themselves after surgery.

Anonymous 165769

Lol yep. They don’t kill themselves because they’re sad. They kill themselves because the hormones broke their dick.

Anonymous 165997

Honestly, most of you on here aren’t even real radfems, and/or haven’t read any real theory. I’m positive the demographic of this site has evolved into 90% coquette femcels, but I could be wrong?

Anonymous 165998

This better be real. I’m looking forward to it.

I ironically bought his 12 rules for life, but now that he’s become such a simp for the incels, he’s lost any appeal of his normie fans.

Anonymous 166035

The demographic of this site always had femcels, radfems only came when they got banned from reddit.

Anonymous 166036

Most girls here have boyfriends or husbands tbh.

Anonymous 166040

YWNBAW cp and gore posting incel tranny.

Anonymous 166043

It's the troon coping about being part of the incel-to-troon pipeline. Just report and ignore.

Anonymous 166047

The TERF threads have literally been here since the beginning.

Anonymous 166064

They literally have not.

Anonymous 166101

It's really hard to get a grasp on the statistics of cc population because it being so slow means that many users will only check in every two weeks or so, and two, it seems like there are a lot of transitory users.
I think we have a much higher rate of radical feminists when compared to the general population, but it's still a low number because of how few women even know what radical feminism is, let alone being willing to follow its tenets.

I would assume as much. Most women are heterosexual. But I suppose if cc had as many users as there are radfems on Tumblr, that we would need a separate thread for separatists versus non-separatist radfems.

Anonymous 166111

I post here practically everyday but it is very frustratingly slow.

Anonymous 166116

You mean like kiwi farms was slow
This site is unheard of

Anonymous 166122

Either way with all the tranny hate exists I'm surprised it's not faster. ( personally I don't hate trannies, but I think a LOT of what they do is toxic, and a ton of them definitely ARE predators. You can't just cancel someone because they want to discuss that. Period. Not being able to is what makes the whole movement incredibly sketchy.) And I'm not surprised they garner so much hate tbf.

Anonymous 166124

yea hopefully things get fixed by next year

Anonymous 166138

It is not black and white thinking to want to discuss the problem side of the trans movement either though.

Anonymous 166144

Well if you try to talk about it in trans friendly spaces or make a public statement you get banned or canceled soooo? Both sides are ridiculous imo.

Anonymous 166145

I have no contrl over the insanity on this site though so I ignore it

Anonymous 166197

Most of it is not, some of it is literall kill all men, all men bad which is. Yes most men bad, society has made this so, not debating that idc.
Point being all of a certain group, any group = bad is black/white thinking, period.

Anonymous 166237

squid games.jpg

>Point being all of a certain group, any group = bad is black/white thinking, period.

>All slave owners are bad

>All rapists are bad
>These statements are incorrect according to OP
Do you have oppositional defiance disorder or something? Some groups are bad. Doesn't matter if they got that way through nature or nurture, how they effect society is what matters. I think you are confusing the realization that bad people do not constantly perform evil actions with the idea that some groups are bad.

Anonymous 166242

>calling me OP
Okay w/e newfag I am dismissing your disingenuous argument with one of my own.

Anonymous 166288

How did the slavery being temporarily prove that it wasn't bad? I don't believe in slavery for modern prisoners either. Either pay them a fair wage for making them work, or else let them sit in their cages.
Also, rape is not the term used in animals, but even if you are using the term, I'm still going to classify an entire species of males who rape as "bad."
Cranky because you have no argument, aren't you?

Anonymous 166294

Jesus fucking christ this moid
Clearly has good relationships with no one
Fucking plague moids need to be put down no offense

Anonymous 166313


I see surprisingly small discussion here about what's happening in Iran.
What do Nonas thing of it?
tl;dr the Iranian "morality police" killed Kurdish 22 year old woman Mahsa Amini for "improper use of hijab". That caused a wave of anger against the regime in Iran and amongst Iranians abroad, and now they're marching against the regime. Hundreds of people have been killed/arrested/disappeared. A few hours ago the police raided Sharif university and shot at the protesting students and teachers.

Do you think anything will change in Iran?
What should radfems do to support our Iranian sisters?

Anonymous 166315

All I've heard about it was that it had something to do with politics and they have an actual internet blackout going on. People are trying to get them onto encrypted p2p shit like Signal so they can still talk to people. Gonna have to look into the matter more, but if your post is accurate then yeah, no woman should get murdered for "improper use of hijab" (whatever that means. Unless she was using it as a war sling to attack innocent people on the street or something there's no reason for that).

Anonymous 166574


Societies across the world and in history have basically enforced this system in which women are the designated punching bags and lightning rods for weak mens' frustrations (especially obvious when witch hunts are done, and women are used as "examples" to pressure the masses into obedience). It's to keep the masses dumb and perpetually in-fighting.
This is why it's almost normal for men to not really like women and - in technologically advanced societies - have a paraphilia for a hyper femininity that's pretty much impossible unless in a snapshot (i.e., a small period in a girl's life). Men rarely want a real romantic relationship and this is embodied by how they hyperfixate on getting with women–then steeply devalue her and usually neglect his children. Society wants people to blame men having 0 honor for their loved ones and feeling more tribalism with random men more than for their families, because it encourages women to be in a state of anxious and insecure attachment…and likewise, keeps the masses occupied with perpetually blaming women for weird shit. Stockholm syndrome vibes, yes. Society has to pressure women into being preoccupied on the idea of getting with a man because in a truly egalitarian society, there'd be actually 0 incentive to get with the AVERAGE man, with everything known. No more hiding how normal men almost by default harm their loved ones, so the expectation is for them to just not be violently awful. Did you know that in some countries, men cheat and shit on their wives openly? That the bar is this: not beating their wives? They like the idea of womens' service and accessibility being his to monopolize.
And, for society to reap the 10000s of invisible labor they're told is of 0 value (even if it's demanded or needed) from neurotic women in a state of perpetual overcompensate on behalf of others. Why wouldn't they when society basically hates them?

Ironically, a lot of the men that are the most honest about this are those like the incel-herder/milker Jordan Peterson and others, that actually imply that women should get with problematic, dangerous bad boys–as long as they're a bitter, spiteful loser with 0 prospects and 0 functional empathy nor social skills. I.e., one that might shoot up the school.

1000000s of married women are "lonely." Why? They're with someone that isn't capable of a dyadic relationship and is, by design, distant. There's a study on how the mental health of married women with emotionally distant spouses is substantially worse than single women so it isn't just about being abused. It's about the slow torture of being with someone that doesn't see you as human nor is capable of making a meaningful connection with someone, the reality of which women are…sorry to use this word but I'm not sure what else to use…gaslit about. That shit STINKS.
That's what makes this stuff about men laughing about women hitting the wall such a beautiful encapsulation of the absurdity of gender relations. They are admitting most men are incapable of actually loving women and will pretty much not give a shit about their wives. Oh. You're admitting you want women to be a slave to a man that would never give a shit about her if she was a few years older? Ok.

Anonymous 166607

No, like researchers literally don't use the word "rape" when it comes to non-human animals. They use the term sexual coercion. Animals can absolutely consent or not consent to sexual advancements among themselves.
And yeah, I always thought it was weird that it's illegal to give a horse a hand job, but not illegal to give a horse a hand job for the express purpose of collecting his semen to sell. Though it's not so much doing it by hand as holding a giant ona-hole nowa days.

So what exactly are you supporting here? The rapists or the slave owners? Cause based on your reaction, I'm guessing you love a man who raped someone since you're so touchy about defending them.

Anonymous 166615

Nta but all this chimping from the banned troon for saying men and incels bad kek. You know it enrages them because it’s true. At least womens hate is based on poor treatment and not seething about not getting muh looksmatch stacy.

Anonymous 166616


I am coming to the realization that gay men are not neutral or allies in the fight for women's liberation. I guess I always thought that since they knew how it felt to be hated so much that it was illegal to exist, that they would stand for women's rights. But I'm realizing that they have as much entitlement and disdain towards our bodies as any other man, but that they are just the lowest men in the male hierarchy.

Anonymous 166617

Even the image used for the article looks blatantly creepy as fuck.

Anonymous 166644

What are you talking about, chimps and dolphins are frequently described as raping other chimps and dolphins. And the word rape IS used.

Anonymous 166645

Gay moids are still moids. You can still defend same-sex attraction, it's jus that your fight ends where the moids begin.

Anonymous 166671

Then again how idiotic would I be if I tried to pretend they weren't mostly bad? I'd be wasting my time on a hell of a lot of chaffe

Anonymous 166782

It's really not. For non-human animals, the scientific term is sexual coercive. Yeah, some people who are ignorant may use the term rape, but those are the same type of people to point at a chimpanzee and call it a monkey.

I thought because lesbians defended gay men so much in their same sex attraction fight, that they would support lesbians in their women's rights fight. Apparently that is a one way street though.

Anonymous 166827

Is this bait? Unwanted sex is rape. It’s not coercive (never heard that term describing animal sex in my life lmao). The dolphins and chimps literally violently attack one another. There’s nothing coerced about it. They just attack and rape the other animal.

Anonymous 166847

Males are so fucking pathetic. They constantly shit on us for not being exactly like them (deranged hierarchy obsessed rapists), but freak the fuck out when we exhibit any traits they claim to respect. They drone on and on about how much they hate us and want us to stop annoying them, and yet when we ignore them and do our own thing they throw the biggest mantrums. Women who aren't wanted find a hobby and get over it, men who aren't wanted seethe like fucking toddlers.

Anonymous 166860

This. Lonely ignored women buy cats, join a book club or a cooking class. Lonely ignored men go on rape sprees and commit mass shootings.

Anonymous 166862


Men: women are too impulsive, impractical and illogical
Also men:

Anonymous 166868

I'm baffled at lesbians TBH. when the moids literally - literally - fucked themselves into a sex plague (HIV/AIDS) and the lesbian mopped their festering bodies, kept the survivors more or less together through all of that - where was their thanks?

caping for bisexual and/or homosexual moids is pointless.

Anonymous 166869

Shit like this, if meth picks up in your area, move. Its only going to get worse.

Anonymous 166926


Anonymous 166999

If anything I've noticed I'm treated a lot more "respectfully" (the same but with less outright vulgar and assaultive behavior) when I dress and present very feminine and meticulously.
Otherwise when I'd wear no makeup and dress like "Pinkman" I get some of the most cretinous and crude creeps coming my way looking to take advantage of my perceived like insecurity or weakness. However again when I'm very put together I get more indirect "courting" sexual harassments hidden under slimy thin veils when they're still just the same cretinous creeps pretending to be my friend.
Whether I'm what they want to call a frumpy bitch or a sexy slut there's still harassment but I admit there are times one is less hurtful than the other and I feel the need to put on that makeup so I get a little less overt hatred.

Anonymous 167045

>women have a far more flexible sexuality and romantic orientation than one would think

This is literally what incels say. Do you think this is a broken clock thing?

Anonymous 167049

facebook meme.png

Anonymous 167052

It's not like consent would fix it either. Most of us agree that someone killing someone or beating someone who "consents to it" is not ok, because that person, adult or not, was probably led to that decision by mental illness or manipulation. The only difference in BDSM is that it gets men off, which is why we're not allowed to criticize it.

Anonymous 167053

>Why do you think any of that research will benefit us?
Because she is proposing we create humans artificially, both og which are conducive to that goal. Why the fuck else? Are you dumb?

Anonymous 167054

Crocodile tears. Its all very showy and its hilarious how men eat this up too dumb to realize he's playing them.
Peterson didn't start out incely, but when he attracted them as his audience he started pandering to them hard. That's just proof he doesn't really give a shit he's just appealing to his audience.

Anonymous 167057

I agree. I used to be much more open to BDSM but one, the entire community aids and abets predators and rapists, and two, like you said, it's not about the woman consenting, it's about the man needing violence to be sexually satisfied.
I hear a lot of women say that people who are against BDSM are sexually boring. But there are many ways to experiment that doesn't involve being sexual violent towards yourself. Something that really brought home the logic for me is a woman asked if I would punch my best friend in the face because she asked me to. Would I continue to punch her as she continued to ask for it? Or would I be too disturbed and realize that something is wrong because she is asking me to enact violence on her? And now, would would the situation change if I was sexually aroused by punching my best friend? Because I love her, I still have a duty to see to her best interests, even if she wants to use me to self harm.

Anonymous 167546

How would you change society through legislative means, if you hypothetically had the political power to do so?

Anonymous 167615

even better
>create separate government whose sole population is female

Anonymous 167620

They don't just freak out when women display those traits they HATE it because it's a mirror they can't justify. With other moids they justify it by saying it's in our nature to do these things women could never understand. So when they see a women that does understand they can't justify it anymore.

Anonymous 167779


Peterson used to more of a sensitive intellectual type. He does the Rogan grift because it makes him more money. He's a sellout, but he still has the emotions that made him want to help people with psychology not far from the surface.

That's not to say he's a misogynist, he is, but he cares deeply about other men

Anonymous 167780


*that's not to say he's not a misogynist


Why do scrotes take tips on ‘masculinity’ from someone like Peterson? He’s possibly one of the least masculine guys out there, who isn’t just a full blown troon.

A droopy dopey looking armchair pseud with a skinnyfat physique, a pillpopper, cries over small insults, gets angry and triggered over tiny things, and spends his whole life attributing mystical meanings to Disney movies. He’s unironically a faggy cucked schizo.

Anonymous 168418

The fact that we too have the choice to be as evil as they are, but for the most part do not act on it is something they do not want to acknowledge in any capacity because it completely shatters their belief that they A. Have more control over their instincts than we do, and B. Are morally superior in any way whatsoever. Women need to be placed in a different category entirely because otherwise it becomes obvious what blights on society males are. I wish more women would realize that the only thing males are good for is being a meat shield against other violent males. They create our problems and then sell themselves as the solution because they have no purpose in life aside from nutting in as many of us as possible and they can't fucking stand it.

Anonymous 168440

This. Women have just as much access to knives and guns as men yet don’t even commit a fraction of the crimes that men do (in fact I’d argue many of the ‘female offenders’ listed are really just MTF troons) Men blame it on our weakness or some shit but it isn’t hard to fire a gun, they just really cannot stand to admit to themselves that women are morally superior to men in every measurable way.

Anonymous 168881


Just came from a reddit thread in relationships where a guy proposed to his girlfriend using a low quality walmart ring hidden in a chicken sandwich at KFC. Woman was mad and was asking if it was okay to be upset. The comments, filled with men and older women who had said yes to their chicken sandwich proposal, were absolutely tearing her apart. Screeching about how the fact that she cares at all is a sign that she's a shallow b*h who should die alone. That if she really loved him, that she shouldn't care if he proposed over the phone while pooping.

I am so sad at how now, even scraps are considered too good for women. That any modicum of self respect or standards is to be put aside in order to capitulate to a man's self esteem and desires. How could anyone ever think that this is an appropriate way to propose to someone you love?

Anonymous 168882

Can you link the reddit post? I want to see for myself lol

Anonymous 168884

KFC proposal.png

Looks like logic is starting to prevail and all the people calling her a snob are being downvoted.

Anonymous 169047

My mother annoys me with her actions, but I can never be truly mad because all I can see when I look at her is the results of years of trauma. I heard a radfem say that daughters are harder to raise because you have to break their spirit in order to fit them into the patriarchy, and through the act of breaking them, you are reliving all of your own breaking and it retraumatizes you.

Anonymous 169075

I think that’s true. I also think that women internalize everything and become extremely self critical, so when women have daughters they see themselves in her, they become critical of them in a way they wouldn’t with anyone else.

Anonymous 169097

>when women have daughters they see themselves in her, they become critical of them in a way they wouldn’t with anyone else.
damn, think your insight is exactly right.

>heard a radfem say that daughters are harder to raise because you have to break their spirit in order to fit them into the patriarchy
this makes sense, of course, but… can they simply not? come the fuck on. push back a little. I'm permanently no contact with my mother because of how much she abused me. there wasn't a moid around for many of those years to influence her. the thing is, while I know they are pushed to break their daughters, I can tell a part of her liked hurting me. and I know I am not alone and many girls/women have mothers like mine.
part of why it took forever for me to even grasp the entire moid question is how badly my own mother mistreated me. that kind of abuse directly sets up a girl/woman to not realize the scope of the male threat.

Anonymous 169212

>can they simply not?
Absolutely, and it is the duty of every parent to not traumatize their child, especially in the same ways the parent was traumatized. But most people never get that far into introspection. They see that this is the way it has always been done, and so they do it the same way.
Plus, there's those motherly decisions where certain actions will break a girl's spirit, but they'll make her less likely to be a victim to males. I can't think of any western examples at the moment (except maybe how little girls are not allowed to play in parks or wander as far as little boys of the same age), but breast ironing is done to prevent sexual harassment and rape.

Anonymous 172517

That's horrible. I honestly think the world and its laws would be more civilized if only women were allowed to make laws.

Anonymous 172602

It's more complicated than that…
When a woman get pregnant/is about to have a child/has a child, suddenly she has someone else to protect. So shit she tolerated for herself becomes intolerable.
But there is another, stronger effect if she has been abused as a kid: a kid abused sides with the abuser during the abuse. Meaning: if you're getting beaten up, it is easier to empathize with the one doing the beating than the one being beaten up. It's an extreme form of dissociation very easy for kids when they relate to their parents (since at some point their own identity were fuzzy: is the breast I latch onto me or someone else? It takes some time to figure it out).
So, once an adult, when the former abused kid find herself in a triggering situation, she automatically sides with the abuser, meaning she becomes the abuser.
An example:
Kid breaks a glass. Abusive parent beats the shit out of her. Kid sides with the parent: the parent must be right and I must be wrong. During the beating, the kid identifies with the parent, understand the feelings (anger, rage whatever… identifying with themself would be too painful).
The now adult kid hear glass being broken, and it triggers a memory, and the adult adopts the abusive role, since the alternative in that moment is to be the beaten up kid.
Later, the adult both hates herself and rationalizes what she has done.

Anonymous 172652

well, then my mother can enjoy not being contacted by me for the rest of her life. despite everything there are mothers that are nurturing to their daughters. the ones that weren't can go ahead and reap.

the older generations will only learn with pain. no more mother-daughter lateral cruelty.

Anonymous 172713

Sir, this is the radfem thread. We discuss women's liberation here, not your fetish.

I've been thinking about make up a lot recently. I've gone without my entire life, but the social pressure is getting to be too much. Being an example to young women keeps me going, but the flesh is weak and I just look so stunning in eye liner.

Anonymous 172768

>the social pressure is getting to be too much

Can't relate. I've had zero pressure from other people regarding my appearance, most women around me don't wear makeup either.

Anonymous 172914

That sounds nice. I'm glad there are pockets of peace. I'm the only one who doesn't wear make up here.

Anonymous 173002


itaewon crowd crush information, from nytimes. women were overwhelming the ones who died in the tragedy.
so now they will acknowledge men and women have fundamental physical differences from each other. and that women are more at risk for these kinds of incidents, on the most basic level.

and yet they still want trannies to compete in womens sports, invade female spaces etc. it’s all so sickening

Anonymous 173034

males probably have stronger diaphragms as well. women being shorter must have contributed.

Anonymous 173090

anyone who has ever been in a concert with an excited crowd or a mosh pit knows this.

Anonymous 173322


>know leftist moid
>leftist moid keeps bringing up pro-tranny arguments cuz he hates the thought of me being a terf
>it devolves into a debate because moids love debating so much
>in a debate bad faith arguments are allowed and the point is to win, in contrary to a discussion where the point is to find whats true and what isn't (basically if it was a discussion instead of a debate then he wouldn't need to use bad faith arguments because it would go against the point of both parties participating)
>moids love debates because it's a battle of words and they like the idea of winning
>moid brings up my traumas of sexual assault and abuse to justify that i'm wrong
>i abandon the debate because triggering my trauma response
I knew moids are full of shit but FUCK YOU for ruining my halloween! i know i shouldn't have entertained the conversation to BEGIN WITH but i was too caught up in my anger to let it go (which i know is what he wanted in the end)

Anonymous 173686

You have to remember your natural place Nona. That idiot male with his innate need to sow discord and "win" a conversation is so far beneath you, to be mad at his lack of civilization is to be mad at a dog for hiking his leg. If a homeless alcoholic sneered at your choice of couch cushions, would it bother you? Or do you not care about the opinions of someone who has done nothing?

Anonymous 174297

It seems like all online radfem activity takes place on discord now. But I thought discord had a lot of troons working for it, is it safe to post stuff in private discords?

Anonymous 174400

Discord is the last place I'd expect radfems to be lmao

Anonymous 174403

i don't really see radfems on discord but i feel like the radfem community on tumblr is still very active idk

Anonymous 174544

There are a handful of servers. Once you find one you basically find all of them

Anonymous 174546

Yeah it’s active which is a good thing. I wasn’t able to keep up its such a negative environment but for some reason I have no problem regularly visiting lc

Anonymous 174588

It's very clique-y though. I feel like no one ever follows anyone small back, so there's no way to really break into the community.

Anonymous 174596


I hate Discord so much. I hate that you have to give your data to some shady as fuck corporate conglomerate in order to even have a shot at making friends online these days. Discord is literal glowie spyware, but all alternatives (IRC, Matrix) are dead. Fuck this…

Anonymous 174599

Can you point me to some leads to browse, I mostly get on there for art.

Anonymous 174620

Just search radfem or radical feminism in the tags, and you'll come up with most of the major players. Pinterest had an even stronger community, but there's not as much interaction.

Anonymous 174695

NTA, but I do love to show men the inconsistencies in their logic and race circles around them until they become so frustrated that they just start going in circles and getting angry. Then I tell them that if they're going to be emotional, this debate is over.

Anonymous 174704

Any Russian radfems here? What about Korean or South American? I always wonder how the radfem movement is like in non-Western countries. Are your views more socially acceptable, since the gendy libfems don't have so much power in your countries? What do you think of Western radical feminism?

Anonymous 174774

Feminism is in no way acceptable in russia. don't know about korea, but from what I heard it's also looked down upon

Anonymous 174779

Why would you say that? A bit of a weird thing to say…

Anonymous 174785

I know what I'm talking about lol I'm russian

Anonymous 178946

>watching livestream of the Artemis I launch
>interrupts for a corporate HR-approved segment on women in space stuff
>"I don't feel like a woman at NASA, I just feel like a person!" one says
>inspirational music swells
I'm so tired.

Anonymous 179322

I did. The amount of times I was guilt tripped for having a "mean/blunt" tone to my voice and not being "open" to others is ridiculous. I never put up with it as a kid, I was always pissed at whoever rebuked me for not being friendly enough, I would rather hate society than my shadow self. She and I are best friends.

Anonymous 179469


I agree on the idea that "straight" women are more same sex attracted than previously thought. I've done research and the studies I've seen shown bisexuality in women is much more common than previously believed. In fact, self-identified bisexual and straight women's arousal responses to women and men have been noted to be the same. Meanwhile, self-identified homosexual women's arousal responses have only been positive for women. So, at least according to those studies, no, not all women are bi, but most of them may be, and the rest lesbian. So idk, maybe female heterosexuality isn't as cut and dry as people make it out to be.

Where are all these evil heterophobic lesbians trying to shame you into being gay? Its tasteless to compare conversion therapy which has traumatized countless homosexuals to some radfem on Tumblr telling you to stop dating men.
> sexual closeness is on our nature, you can’t just ask women to deny their needs.
Women don't Need to fuck men to live. You won't die if you don't get a boyfriend.

Anonymous 179842

I know it's been said 1000x, but it's scary how a man can seem perfectly normal and polite until you reject him, and it's like a switch goes off.

Anonymous 179861

>Where are all these evil heterophobic lesbians trying to shame you into being gay?
>You won't die if you don't get a boyfriend.

Found the evil lesbian, lol. In all seriousness, how can you not see the parallels between you telling straight women that they shouldn't date men, and the church when it told lesbians that it's okay to be born gay, but they just can't date women as that is a sin? If it was easy to change sexuality, it would be done more often. Until then, you only divide the community by telling OSA women that they are stupid and weak for being attracted to men. It would be better served to raise women's standards for men so that inferior men are left out of the genepool.

Anonymous 180182


Gross and distasteful. You would think companies want to make their customers feel good about themselves while using their products, but they love putting us down.

Anonymous 180194

No1curr. This is literally nothing you're not being oppressed because a tampon company made a stupid joke.

Anonymous 180195

I kek'd

Anonymous 180202

Well, they're troon supporters who push the idea that troons can have periods too and use dehumanizing language towards women. So this bad joke is only another piece of evidence they don't give a fuck about their customers.

Anonymous 180205

Then blast them for that kek not because they made a stupid joke. Plus companies have to be supportive of troons anyway or else they'd get cancelled. If you think this is dehumanizing you are extremely privileged and need a big wake up call to the reality most women face, a tampon company making a joke about how they're in women's vaginas and men aren't isn't it.

Anonymous 180211

of course they're not. why would you ever think so? moids like women. they can be creepy or possessive or downright horrible about how they express that - and they often are - but biologically they like women.
gays, on the other hand, don't like women. with everything that entails.

Anonymous 180284

Ayta having a meltdown in the twitter thread?

Anonymous 180545

>If you think this is dehumanizing
I am obviously talking about their "people with vaginas" and "trans people can also menstruate" shitck.
Either way, I am extremely privileged to live in a country with relative gender equality, yes, and I also won't apologize or feel bad about it because I'm not a Twitterfaggot.

Anonymous 180734

They're not doing that to attack women they're doing that because troons would have mental breakdowns and arson their company headquarters if they didn't kek. Anyone in a professional setting knows this. I'm in the medical field and while I personally hate trans people I am basically forced to comply with the gender neutral terms for women's things. Stop taking it as a personal attack on you.

Anonymous 180770

the social media intern that wrote that tweet seems male. why are they making teenage boy jokes at the expense of women and sexualising periods, which some girls start at around 9 years old? they're normalising this because they don't give a shit about women and their products are literally toxic.

Anonymous 180852

This. Just shows how trashy the very idea of a tampon is. Just use pads or cups, and avoid the toxic shock sponge.

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