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Best reddit communities Anonymous 15480

I know that reddit is generally hated among imageboards, but from time to time I find some pretty cool stuff there. So, Miners, what are your favorite reddit communities to follow?

Anonymous 15496

I like /r/Catloaf and /r/shortscarystories.

Anonymous 15510

I like /r/trashy for the laffs

Anonymous 15520

I don't hate Reddit but I don't understand the interface very well

Anonymous 15525


for the lols
/cringepics used to be good, idk now tho

Anonymous 15529

Sometimes I browse /askmen for specific questions (regarding cheating/monogamy/violence/etc.)and feel anxious even if half the guys are reasonable. I just love making a boogeyman out of males for myself. /bluepill has an opposite effect on me and I enjoy that, too.

Also /amiugly to get a sense of what normies actually think about beauty. And /truerateme for what incels think kek.

I made an account but never use it.

Anonymous 15582

/askmen makes 99% of men seem nice and reasonable, I don't trust any of them to be genuine behind a username tbh. I'd assume it specifically attracts men who are trying to suck up to women.

Anonymous 15583

kek it's funny you say that because regarding most of the questions I care about half of the answers actually seem shitty to me.

Like men admitting they're only mono because of jealousy, some admitting to rape fantasies, some admitting to wanting to fuck every woman they see, loving how they can overpower their spouse, etc.

Anyway, it's the flavour I prefer when I feel like hating and fearing men…but not too much.

Anonymous 15586

“Woke” men are trash. Same with leftist men and men into submissive fetishes. They arent better

Anonymous 15591

Then what is the "best" type of man?

On topic, I like r/fountainpens, r/muacjdiscussion, r/subredditdrama, r/mealprepsunday

Anonymous 15604

i only ever use /redditgetsdrawn but i wish there was another place like it because the rules are a bit much.

Anonymous 15608

Nta but would you say that there's a "best" type of girl? That's relative.

Anonymous 15610

tbf that anon probably just hates men. Which is fair.

A feminist sub bf would actually be ideal, imo, and I don't even identify heavily with feminism. If he's comfortable being soft and submissive both in day-to-day life AND in the bedroom…he's not really hiding anything (aside from regular relationship shit, like cheating or whatever. But that goes for women, too).

Feminist men who are secret doms are the ones who freak me out.

Anonymous 15612

>that anon probably just hates men

Or maybe she thinks there's a fine line between a raping caveman and a neutered eunuch.

Anonymous 15616

There's literally a subreddit for anything…


/rupaulsdragrace (super active, if you're a Drag Race fan it's a must)



Anonymous 15625

I never used reddit. Really.
So can anybody explain this newfag why is it hated among imageboards?

Anonymous 15628

Subreddits for your specific hobbies like your favourite animes or series tend to be comfy and fun. The secret is to not go to any big subreddit.

Anonymous 15642

I know and respect that, but that anon just seemed to be implying that even a soft spoken, female-positive, sub guy is a secret misogynist. Which I disagree with.

If she wasn't, and was just putting sub men down, then: Different strokes for different folks, anon-chan.


Yeah, I know this. Hence the 'CEO who goes to a dominatrix' stereotype and 'lazy-ass daddy dom' stereotype.

I just distrust fellow sadistic dom(mes) in general. Perhaps it's projection, but as a sexual sadist it does bleed into other parts of my life (general anger issues, low empathy, etc.). If you disagree and your opinion is different, that's fine. We probably won't change each other's minds.

Anonymous 16145

r/ooer is quite good, sometimes.

Anonymous 16150

Came here just to say this. Subscribe to ooer, you won’t regret it.

Anonymous 16401

I look at r/piracy because I hate paying for shit and Im not very tech savvy so I go there for my information

I also recently found r/redditgetsdrawn which I enjoy looking through to get some inspo

Anonymous 208901

I don’t buy have the shit men say on /askmen
They’re just lying to make themselves look decent

Anonymous 208905



Anonymous 211427

A lot of subreddits that I liked more or less got ruined (rip girlgames). I need to find more fun subreddits tbh

/blockedandreported (political but it's small so it's nice and sane I guess)
My country's subreddit

Anonymous 211613

is it really for lesbians?

Anonymous 211795

I like going on subreddits for specific names like /r/Colin or /r/ellie. Just pointless shitposts about how their name is superior

Anonymous 211806

nta but it’s infested with transbians

Anonymous 211823

Figured, I will never forgive reddit.

Anonymous 211889

Sad, my name subreddit is just about a movie character.

Anonymous 212176

I thought there was one of them that’s actually women that’s kept on the downlow.

Anonymous 212348

You’re thinking of r/actuallesbians. r/actauallylesbian has very bitter lesbians and highly gender critical lesbians I guess.

Anonymous 215137

What's with TwoX going full separatist radfem these days?

Anonymous 215391

r/badeconomics or at least in the past, the mods really put their all to suffocate and kill activity as much as they can instead of just moderating and discouraging political posts.
The sub is essentially users finding bad takes, articles, posts, etc about economics and explaining in the most dense way possible why that post is bad. You're encouraged to be as technical as possible and reference papers. I kind of liked the sub when I was an undergrad but like I said it's a shell of it's former self.

Anonymous 215392

r/mmorpg I don't like the posts but they're funny to laugh at. A whole subreddit for people who supposedly like mmorpgs but bitch about them at any chance or go into insane detail about why x game is not an mmorpg. I pop by every few months and I'm delighted to see the insane amount of salt.

Anonymous 215393

it's such an indulgent subreddit and the activity is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't think most posters actually have an end goal they're just sharing worlds they developed and researched.

These two are equally as indulgent as r/worldbuilding

Anonymous 215394

nothing wrong with that but how is reddit allowing it lol

Anonymous 215395

Details on this? Isn't 2X a libfem tranny supporting sub

Anonymous 215429

Screenshot 2023-01…

Yeah, but since the abortion ban, they're turning into proper feminists. The change has been brutal.

Anonymous 215440

How is that radfem separatists?

Anonymous 215480

It isn't, it's just a screenshot of the current front page. Nowadays the posts read like they're seeing through the constant misogyny for the first time, pointing at medical misogynistic malpractice, workplace sexual harassement, organizing retaliation, calling for the dumping of men and the celibate life being the only acceptable one.
Good for them I guess, but I'm surprised at how vehement they are, and how extreme this very mainstream place has become (the same way incel rhetoric is going mainstream in other places).
I take it as a sign of high polarization on the web, fueled by well, reality and the ability to see it thanks to the diffusion of feminist ideas following the attack on basic rights such as abortion and contraception (and probably some foreign influence encouraging division by adding fuel to the fire with a few spambots).

Anonymous 215491

I wish you would understand how tame of a reaction that is, it's baffling that you'd compare to incels.

Anonymous 215497

Don't misinterpret, I know they're not comparable, but they are shown to be two extreme reactions in mainstream medias.

Anonymous 215498

Is it worth using the site? Is it active?

Anonymous 215500

It's actually a lot more radfem on reddit than it is on cc, they just hide some of it. I can really feel the old influence of pinkpill and gc. Especially because it's impossible to troll 2x and fourthwave. They follow the rules about stupid trannies because they have to, but given the freedom I know they would roast trannies to kingdom come. Unfortunately for me I always screw up and question teen mastechtomies and the like., Even if I try like hell to follow the rules i always find a way to get myself banned. Have probably been banned over 50 times. I had to start using TOR to circumvent bans and post kek.

Anonymous 215502

but not even "separatism" is anywhere near extreme though.

Anonymous 215509

It's so sad that women have to resort to being tame and "well behaved" towards males who mock us and hates us toeven be allowed to discuss our specific issues. It's truly dystopian, 10 years ago I would have never guessed we'd ever be in this situation. I hope the pendulum swings HARD on troons.

Anonymous 215563

Yeah it's fucked but they're still forced to listen to tons of radfems. Which part of me thinks they must truly hate. They can't say anything or do anything about the manhating they used to ban you for all the time. (I used to get banned for that now I dont) There are hardly any trans posts in twox, and nobody talks about trannies much. Witchesvspatriarchy is a lot worse than twox. I just block the trannies that post in there though. But yes it's very irritating. There are so many communities on reddit that are hobby related, that aren't toxic like others. It's hard to just leave that part of reddit.

Anonymous 215705

I wouldn’t call that radfem tho it’s still very much basic feminism. The 2x subreddit always had elements feminism interwoven in.

Anonymous 215908

r/thathappened is my least favorite only because the absolute greasiest of redditors will reply to a totally plausible story with “r/thathappened” and it makes me wanna tear my eyebrows off

Anonymous 219697

Just found out about r/truegirlgamers. It’s obviously libfem if it has to survive but doesn’t allow vent posts like r/girlgamers so it’s not clogged up with vent posts.
At least they haven’t banned discussions on Hogwarts Legacy

Anonymous 222576

When hasn't it been? it's a good thing anyways, fuck trannies

Anonymous 222996

r/craftsnark is the only one I’m actually active on.

Anonymous 223001


Anonymous 223044

It's still full of troons and handmaidens. Just scrolling for less than 5 minutes, there's already a post about a troon being condescending to "cis" women and being showered with validation. Any place that doesn't instantly ban any male of any "gender" is shit.

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