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Kiwi Farms Thread Anonymous 156200

LC doesn't work atm so I thought we could have a thread here.



Anonymous 156205

Can we just ban everyone from kiwifarms / lolcow. You autistic scrotes just sit around documenting other losers all day how pathetic

Anonymous 156290

I’m a lolcow migrant and I feel like we shouldn’t tarnish CC anymore with this

Anonymous 156522

Can we stay if we're mostly just /g/ and /ot/ lurkers? I like it here better now. Sorry the farmers can't behave and are shitting up your site, I used to visit occasionally for the tranquility and it makes me sad to see them disrespecting this place.

Anonymous 156553

Hell no, i welcome our unhinged lolcow sisters but the kiwitards need to fuck off from here.

Anonymous 156645

Honestly. One containment thread, then two, then three… Like what the fuck? I can't believe these parasites. And you look at their thread they're all crying like drug addicts without their heroin because they can't gossip for 12 hours. Just shut the fuck up or at least stay in one thread and stop shitting up the board with multiple threads for the same things.

Anonymous 156656

Nta and I agree that the farmers can't shut up and waste posts but to be fair about a third of those posts are probably Blaine.

Anonymous 156663

There's a post limit.

Anonymous 156806

You can stay if you're nice and not overly judgemental. I don't like lolcow because a lot of the anons there are mean and judgemental.

Anonymous 156844

Ngl I'm a farmer but I'd easily choose CC if it were even slightly more active. I like being able to have conversations online and it's a bit frustrating when the threads are a lil slow on a day, but God it's so hard with LCF sometimes. The threads are active but jesus some farmers are fucking annoying

Anonymous 156848

Help it be more active by contributing nona!

Anonymous 156859

This. I wish we had general threads here instead of like a whole thread based on a question. Or maybe my opinion will change using here. I’m over cows

Anonymous 156862

Last year I came here for the first time and I was literally the most active poster. I left because I felt insane doing that but honestly I'm really hoping some /ot/ and /g/ farmers stay here and liven up the place

Anonymous 156868

Aw thank you Nona, the mood over here is so much calmer and nicer. I love lolcow but the judgement and hostility is one of my main gripes with it as well, it honestly feels like a lot of them are just bored and have pent up anger and they just sperg it on the first post they see that they disagree with. It really kills the vibe.

Anonymous 156875

You can start the general threads yourself

Anonymous 156876

Nta but that's a very warm and kind thing to say

Anonymous 156877

Totally agreed. You're welcome here!

Anonymous 156882

It might be a good idea to chat about small improvements we could make to CC. There's obviously nonners interested in sticking around, if we have common goals to work towards it'll help with the integration and gradual growth of CC

Anonymous 156887

Maybe all of you that are uncomfortable with the vibes should migrate to here with us and help make it active.

Anonymous 156905

…Of happiness or sadness?

Anonymous 156906

Like happy tears or sad? lol, cause I was thinking the regulars of CC probably wouldn't want a pace change because it seems the slow and calm nature of the threads is part of CC's appeal.

Anonymous 156909

butter frog.jpg

It's definitely become more active in the last two months. Unfortunately, ever since lolcow and farmers started coming here in the last two-three weeks, there's been a definite cultural shift. Women are far meaner in their replies, and more likely to accuse anyone who doesn't toe the party line of being a man.
I ultimately think the trick to this site becoming more active is there has to be more random posters on /b/. More random threads about anything and everything. It gets women more interested in conversations and sprouts discussions more often.

Anonymous 156911

We're going to have to gatekeep hard though. The number one rule of preserving a community is making sure not just anyone can blow in and fuck it up for everyone else. Right off the bat I can tell you the problem with lolcow is weight spergs, the anons who keep writing weird fanfics about murdering dogs every time someone hints that they don't like a cat, and people who take shit way too fucking seriously like recent putchased thread OP

Anonymous 156915

How do we gatekeep though? I've never seen a gatekeep that's actually worked. If people want to use your site/be in your fandom/whatever they will stay even if you don't like them.

Anonymous 156918

We really have to smack down the ban hammer on those sorts because it only takes a handful of retards to ruin a board and LCF has just so so fucking many

Anonymous 156920

>the anons who keep writing weird fanfics about murdering dogs every time someone hints that they don't like a cat
I feel like I've encountered that very person on another site. What's up with that? Some people take it so personally if you mention you don't like cats/dogs. It's just an opinion, and not even one that would affect that person.
What is a weight sperg? I know logically it isn't, but it sounds like a species of frog.

Anonymous 156921

Aww no that's the worst part of lolcow, I'm tired of getting accused of being a scrote or a tranny based off stereotypes. Even just using the word "Nona" sometimes gets people sperging at me, it's so annoying

Anonymous 156925

Stricter rules on certain things and also potentially just not ever having gossip threads. After a few bans a farmer will leave and go back to LCF

Anonymous 156926

You get called a tranny for doing anything. I don't think anons realise how backwards it is to call real women who like traditionally feminine things trannies. It's validating trannies in a way imo.

Anonymous 156929

That's not anything we can do though, unless you're a mod.
I agree with you but when I asked that question I was more so talking about what can the average CC user do.

Anonymous 156932

>what's a weight sperg?
It's a fucking cancer is what it is. If you go on LCF, particularly the gossip threads, its literally just anons shitting and pissing and crying over how fat someone is or isn't + post after post after post of anons just calling eachother fat and arguing the definition of obesity

Anonymous 156935

More users means more mods

Anonymous 156936

Oh, we got a flavor of that when one of your weight spergs got lost and found herself here and then proceeded to sperg about boob size and Billie Eilish for weeks.

Anonymous 156938

Scary thought though, what if lolcow never comes back? The farmers are already posting pics of Shayna in the bunker thread lol, they'll completely take over this site

Anonymous 156940

That doesn't mean good mods.

Anonymous 156946

I hope lolcow comes back so all the annoying anons stay there.
It feels like CC is the only place online for girls who are genuinely socially awkward and autistic, if CC gets overtaken by normies that would suck.

Anonymous 156957

We'll be alright. Realistically the only anons who will stay here are the ones who vibe with the place already, most farmers hate CC with a passion and wouldn't stay here if you paid them. The likeminded will stay here and help out

Anonymous 156986


So what I'm picking up from this, is that we must be as crystal cafe and autistic as possible for this week to discourage others from invading. Quick, what is everyone's hyper fixation? Where's the girl with the pop sockets who can't even use them?

Anonymous 157005

>everyone's hyper fixation
My most autistic one is how rollercoasters work and seeing them move. I got this hyper fixation after the Smiler incident happened. I've considered getting into engineering just to become a rollercoaster engineer.
My current favorite rollercoaster is the fønix
I think it has a really nice pace to it

Anonymous 157025

Aw this is really cool Nona, it's actually really relaxing watching the carts loop around the tracks. Would you ever go on one or is your interest just in the mechanics of it?

Anonymous 157034

My special interest is cactus plants. I have a collection that overwhelms my house. I have also considered pursuing a career that puts me in the vicinity of cactus plants

Anonymous 157047

Thank you for being kind anon.
I love going on them! But I'm still interested in the ones that I haven't been on. Whenever I travel, I always make sure to experience that country's rollercoasters.

Anonymous 157052

Mine is mass shootings. It sucks because I can’t sperg anywhere without sounding like an edgelord. Also makes my search history look terrible. I wish I had a hyperfixation about something that was actually useful.

Anonymous 157080



Anonymous 157099


my hyperfixation right now is dodo birds, and pigs. About the dodo birds I’m so sad about what happened to them. They weren’t stupid, they just had no fight or flight response because they had no natural predators and lived in peace. Human colonizers took advantage and killed them all. What I’d give to see a dodo, and I never will.

Anonymous 157121

Has this turned into a literal bird thread?

Anonymous 157210


Math? Nice! That was always my favorite subject in school. Tell us something about math.

That's super cool. The Smiler incident was seven years ago, that's a good hyperfixation. Seal of approval. In your opinion, which rollar coaster is the most technologically impressive?

There must be a few, but what are some careers you can do with cacti? Which of your cacti is your most cherished? I like to recreate them in my art, but I'm hopeless at keeping plants alive.

Ah man, that sucks. There really are some categories that are completely ruined by people being edgelords. How long have you been on this current kick?


Yeah, it's such a shame that humans showed up and ate so many things to death. Have you ever heard about the only cold blooded mammal, that island goat?

Anonymous 157278

I was always weirdly fascinated by mass shootings even as a kid. I remember when the VTech shooting happened some magazine my dad was reading printed a super long article about it. I think I was around 9 and I remember being so transfixed reading that article and looking at all the pictures. I didn't get into seriously researching them as a hobby until I was 18. I think that was definitely for the best.

Anonymous 157294


Did you know, the Oilbird is the only nocturnal flying fruit-eating bird in the world.

Anonymous 157297

They look bedazzled.

Anonymous 157309

This is so cute! I wish I could see your cactus collection. I would love to get some small cacti to decorate my office at work. They should be pretty easy to take care of right? Or are some easier than others?

Anonymous 157313


Whoops meant to quote >>157210
I know! Nocturnal birds tend to get those big shiny eyes, soft feathers, and camo colors that make them look like they are made out of starlight. Not to mention the whisker-like bristles.

Anonymous 157367

Is KF up? I can’t connect to either .st or .net but I’m not sure if it’s just me

Anonymous 157376

the st works for me but it is super slow and buggy

Anonymous 157409

Please go back to lolcow if you are going to act that way. You can ignore her, or ask deeper questions about her fixation if you wish to know more, but we are attempting to continue crystal culture and not make this board into the toxic swamp that is lolcow.

Do you know why they evolved to be nocturnal? Seems like it would offer no advantage for a fruit eater. And why are they called the oilbird?

Anonymous 157434

Their exact relationship to Caprimulgiformes is debated, but it's believed they evolved from a nocturnal, insectivorous common ancestor. So they kept the nocturnal part and instead switched food sources. Fruit-fed young take longer to develop, so they are at greater risk of predation, which eventually led Oilbirds to become deep cave dwellers, which then in turn probably selected for even more of these nocturnally-associated traits. The reason they are called Oilbirds is a bit sad. Their slow-growing, fruit-fed chicks have to bulk up with a lot of fat in order to develop, so people use them as a source of oil, especially for torches.

Anonymous 157468

i just took an ornithology course and am thoroughly enjoying your bird facts. we only did local-ish birds for ID though, so i know nothing about these. i was curious about them looking so similar to nightjars!

Anonymous 157470


are they related to kiwi birds at all? for some reason they look a bit similar to me

Anonymous 157472

You can honestly get into criminal justice and work your way up to FBI. As weird as you think it would be, that fixation of yours can be put to good use when building cases on the shooters in court.

I’m really into mass shootings and wondering why people did what they did, and it does suck that it’s filled with those weirdos who simp over the killers. Like the ones on tumblr who made all those cringy posts and photo edits of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Anonymous 157473


samefag also do you know anything about american ibis? I see these guys all over the place and they make really funny noises, they're very cute and I always see them travel in groups

Anonymous 157480

people are always questioning mass shooters and wondering why when the answer is very obvious: they're spoiled bitchtitted faggots with no achievements or anything to be proud of, like many resentful, highly bigoted (usually racist) males and that's all there is to it. idk why people try to make it into more than it is

Anonymous 157487

Although probably true 99.9% of the time, it is also interesting to see what set off the eventual catastrophe. The catalyst for these things aren't always obvious to normal ppl

Anonymous 157494

But what about their life background? Is there a common theme? Is it a particular lifestyle they live? Is there signs we may have seen but didn’t take seriously?

A lot of times, it can be boiled down to what you stated. Then you have Columbine, two teens who were tired of potentially being bullied and resented everyone around them so much. Plus, they also had interests which wouldn’t be weird normally, but they were weird when you take into account them having (my memory is foggy) the issue with police or school prior. Is there a way to prevent this in the future?

You have the California uncle shooter and Christchurch shooter which both were just brain rotted moids. I know the incel had behavior that should have landed him in the touch grass hospital, but I’m unsure if the CC shooter had anything other than being a brain rotted moid.

Then you have Sandy Hook. That one still makes 0 sense to me other than the moid potentially just wanting clout like some other shooters. He still seemed like he needed a touch grass hospital visit though.

Anonymous 157496

*California incel shooter

Sorry for samefagging, I hate autocorrect

Anonymous 157519

That's true anon. And one day I hope that I could somehow put this knowledge to use in a productive way. I actually do work in the mental health field, although it's not super related to criminal psychology. I'm sure this interest has probably aided me in my job somewhat, even if I can't exactly put my finger on how.

I mean this is a fair point and whenever there is another shooting it makes me depressed, because it is kind of the same story over and over but in a slightly different way. Plus this new wave of mass shooters demonstrate a sort of self-awareness that also makes me sad. At this point the mass shooter has become an archetype that disillusioned young men want to emulate (I mean I guess it's always been, but it's much more widespread than before) and it's upsetting that we even got to this point. Even still, whenever I think that I've grown out of it and that I've lost interest I always find myself reading about them again sooner or later.

Yeah this is all true. I also think it's interesting to notice patterns and trends in shootings too. Like I saw a chart someone made that linked all of the mass shootings that have been inspired by Columbine and one has to speculate why Columbine in particular had such a huge impact on people when there have been many mass shootings since then. That even in other countries, mass shooters have been inspired by Columbine and rarely anything else. I've often wondered if Columbine never happened, how many mass shootings also might not have happened as a result. Or like looking at news coverage of shootings and how that has (and hasn't) changed over time is interesting to me too. As for Sandy Hook, I have a lot of theories for that one in particular but I don't want to make this post too long

Anonymous 157589


That's so cool, I'm jealous! Even with them being my primary interest, I never got to take an actual class on them in school. Learning local species is the best. There's just something about getting to connect with natural history in real life that can't compare to reading about it in a book or online.
They aren't closely related, but the Kiwi is also a nocturnal bird, which would explain their similar facial bristles and cryptic coloring.
One thing I love about ibises is they are a great example of how you can tell so much about a bird just from its bill. Ibises use their downturned bill to probe soft sediment for invertebrates and other food. Curlews are shorebirds that also have a downturned bill, and they use it in the same way. What a beautiful picture, I love its bright blue eye.

Anonymous 157605

ah makes sense why they both have the bristles, I'm guessing nocturnal birds use them to navigate in the dark
cute, I love birds with long beaks like that

Anonymous 157612

Yeah exactly! So you're definitely right about them looking similar.

Anonymous 157733

does anyone else get 403s? first lolcow related subforums got locked, then general ones and after that site didn't load.

Anonymous 157736

Are you only learning about this now? We've a been here for like 2 days and blown through post limits faster than any normal CC threads multiple times kek

Anonymous 157739

kiwifarms via st loaded for me normally around half hour ago, i could go into few subforums and open threads and when i wanted to go to next page it prompted login. both with lolcow threads and kiwimesh complaint thread. after refresh i got 403, it's like this for me today. it loaded slow but finely yesterday

Anonymous 157742

KF offline. Just refreshed while reading and got 403 forbidden error. Sad. Wtf. Now what

Anonymous 157743

it's just sad to see these places gone, both lolcow and kf. they literally saved my life by driving me from troonism and accepting that i'm a woman.

Anonymous 157747

Same honestly. I almost fell for the “they/them” pronouns because I felt GNC. I am still gnc, but I accept I’m a woman and there’s nothing wrong with that at all because women aren’t a monolith of “cute girly nice teehee”

Anonymous 157751

Same here! Seeing moids interacting thinking no one’s looking made me realize a lot (about them and myself)

Anonymous 157767

We (lolcow) were mentioned on the Josh and Mister Metokur stream. He talked about how if Kiwifarms gets permanently nuked then Keffals is immediately going to take down LCF and orgasm from invading womens spaces. I'm more disgusted by the fact that he's right about that than I am about the wanking joke

Anonymous 157786



Anonymous 157795

Does anyone know what the site logo was?

Anonymous 157814

it was poa.st logo. some people had their normal avatars but some had it replaced, like nool had

Anonymous 157853

idk what poa.st is and im to scared to look it up kek

Anonymous 157913

i believe it's one of many reddit-type clones made due to reddit's increasing strictness regarding hate subs? but it also says it's part of the fediverse so it's possible it's just another forum.

Anonymous 157931

it's like a twitter alternative for edgy nazi scrotes

Anonymous 157964

Well that lines up with a Keffals inspired attack considering most of their kind either start or are still in exactly that demographic

Anonymous 158611


so nools account was hacked and someone wanted to export all of user data. he isn't sure if attacker got the data in the end.

Anonymous 158617

i remember when there was a data leak before and some people had e-mail addresses with their real name

Anonymous 158648

How can they take password if Xenforo only allows exporting username and email?

Anonymous 158667

> Assume any IP you've used on your Kiwi Farms account in the last month has been leaked.
Should lurkers without accounts be concerned? Asking for my dim-witted friend,

Anonymous 158677

Why would they?

Anonymous 158685

Just think for a second. If every person who visited KF for the last month without an account had their info leaked, it wouldn’t even matter. It’d be like half of Twitter because people were going there constantly to see the drama.

Anonymous 158709

it doesn’t really matter if people get your IP imo but people who registered with their real emails are fucked kek

Anonymous 158712

Keffals can't wank, he has no dick.

Anonymous 159079

tinfoil but is this why blaine wanted to "convert" everyone on lolcow to using kiwifarms, he was trying to encourage them to use their regular email address as well. that was only a few months ago is it possible he had something to do with this most recent hack or knew it was going to happen?

Anonymous 159084

If they're really scared about the IP thing, just tell them to unplug their router box, wait like 10-15 minutes, then plug it back in. Problem solved, should have a new IP address. Either that or they should look into paid VPN services (that aren't the garbage overused ones like NordVPN) because they're useful for people who enjoy pie-rating vijya gam, movies, etc.

There is no help if they signed up using an email (or username) that leaks private info. That's just not being a dipshit about your security on the web 101, but from my understanding with Facebook being what it is, kids are taught the opposite of cybersecurity anymore. To their disadvantage.

Anonymous 159131

well men lie all the time and deceive people so yeah, I'm kinda sus when you were all "join kiwifarms, use your own email address!" in the meta thread back in July and then suddenly everyone's emails and IP's are jacked.

Anonymous 159135

Just throwing this out there- no, Blaine didn't do the hacking kek he's a 30 year old with no job so he spends all day larping. He's a whole one step up from Elaine

Anonymous 159138

Josh must've downloaded something for them to be able to use his sessions.

Anonymous 159143

It legitimately doesn't matter if Blaine even did manage to pull of an ebic kiwifarms hack. We've already established that IP means nothing and nobody uses emails or whatever on imageboards

Anonymous 159153

can someone tell my why some people hate Josh Moon? (obv I don't mean his regular haters, but people in this sphere because I've seen some comments hating on him here and on other boards)

I have listened to his streams for a while and he seems to be pretty level headed and interesting to listen to.

Obv Kiwi Farms is a controversial site and a lot of weirdos are on there, but I honestly haven't found anything about Null that seems to be particularly damning. I just don't really understand why he is a polarizing figure in imageboard culture. I'd like to learn more about it- I will probably keep watching his streams regardless but I like to be informed.

I don't really mind Kiwi Farms (apart from obviously not enjoying moids doing moid shit)

I just want to make sure the dude didn't run a cp ring or some shit that I don't know about

Anonymous 159159

Fucking around with kiwiscrotes doesn't have any impact on us tho. It probably doesn't have much impact on them tbh, most people are internet literate enough not to use personal emails over there except for a handful of actual tards

Anonymous 159189

because they were banned on kf

Anonymous 159202

I don't think you can proove that this isn't a larp. There's no evidence that the Twitter page hackers have anything to do with you kek

Anonymous 159212

Ok but in one month when Josh isn't exposed for having a weird ring then that's confirmation that you're larping. You say you don't care to prove anything because you are a larper

Anonymous 159216

Prove it faggot

Anonymous 159230

I bet if any of us look at your little edgy larper mamamax ass aesthetic account you call a "hacking group" we wouldn't find a single thing that commected you to this. Kek, let me guess, you have the occult symbols in the pfp so you probably post references to demons and edge lord glitch pics/gifs ooooo so hackercore

Anonymous 159240

Is Blaine the same as Unabashed Hermaphrodite?

Anonymous 159248

yes, don't respond to him

Anonymous 159259

No? Kek when do you ever care about not being tied to things you do? You make it so obvious all the time and literally come to us excited to tell us things you did. If you did this you wouldn't be able to restrain yourself from letting everyone know that you did it. It doesn't matter, a month will pass and Josh wont be exposed for ring. You're such a liar its unreaallll

Anonymous 159261

LC mods said there are several trannies in the spam ring. Only one seems to do the incoherent schitzoposting with retarded images/videos attached however

Anonymous 159277

Oh c'mon you know that's true. It's in your nature and it has been for a long time. Does it say it in your onionfarms thread too?

Anonymous 159293

Says the CP spammer. Why should we believe you? Everyone knows, even on your thread

Anonymous 159303

The moids are here lock up thread

Anonymous 159306


Yes. He's also a cp, gore and black gay porn spammer.

No,they said one OR several and later seemed to realise that it's just one(blaine) after they red texted him several times afterwards.

Anonymous 159311


The post farmhand was responding to.
Spoiler: this abomination is also the handposter from one of the cc threads.

Anonymous 159317


further down that thread redtexts for his samefagging 1/2

Anonymous 159319

All troons are retarded and not good

Anonymous 159320


Anonymous 159327


Anonymous 159331


Anonymous 159333

He needs to stop spamming and acting like a retard and no one would think these things about him

Anonymous 159336


Anything they get their greasy hands on to mod or partake in inevitably turns to shit, they shit up every board and forum I am on in unrestrained weaponised retardation and I'm done with it. Don't they have their gross little Discord / Twitter hives to play in?

Rules are pretty clear, no maleposters which and should indicate no troons, but they insist on being everywhere. Fuck off.

Anonymous 159337


Last but not least, farmhand confirming exactly what the tranny does right now.

Anonymous 159340

wheres the new bunker thread

Anonymous 159345

Honestly yeah, he’s annoying but I’ve never sensed anything nefarious about him.

Anonymous 159346

It's all fucking him, stop responding and report

Anonymous 159357


"Go to jail" kek.

Anonymous 159361

Literally no one would have cared if he just fucked off but he spends ALL his time on imageboards spamming and saying really sus stuff all the time that a creepy moid would. He’s admitted to spamming certain things and also even if he was “”””framed””””” no one could believe him because he himself makes himself untrustworthy. He said he spammed lc with bbc or whatever one time and ther was a time someone on lc said “Erika posted loli on lc to see how long it would take to take down” and he constantly larps as other people so why should we believe him saying it was someone else? He doesn’t make a good case for himself at all and he says violent misogynist stuff about women all the time which again makes him not someone you want to listen to. He just sounds like a loser and has sus people surround him anyway

Anonymous 159370

they changed the redtext on all of the posts about rachelfag and updated them to say it was the troon samefagging all along
he admitted on a voice call on discord to dating a 16 year old and soliciting nudes from him (aka child porn) and it's all been recorded - he is literally a self-admitted confirmed pedophile
multiple site admins and mods have also confirmed he is a pedophile who spams child porn and then samefags to whiteknight himself (usually exactly when it starts getting spammed of course since he is the one spamming it)
do not reply to the ugly loser schizophrenic pedophile tranny, always report and ignore his posts and any posts whiteknighthing him as he is the only one who does that
he will eventually die alone in his room with his cp stash

Anonymous 159372

And Samefag even then he’s a creepy aggressive mentally I’ll moid and I really don’t care for him and wish he would leave our spaces alone. I don’t care if he’s “framed” or whatever or not he needs to leave and figure out how to fix that problem with lawyers and proffessionals which again I don’t believe he even cares he just wants to annoy and harass women instead of putting money and time into people who would help him.

Anonymous 159382

How does Keffals manage to sound like such a narcissist abuser with every post he makes?

Anonymous 159383

Lawyers to help clear your name if you’re honest at all about being a spammer of illegal stuff. But you don’t care you just want to annoy women. There are people who can help you but you choose to spend all your time into acting like this online building a retarded rapport of yourself

Anonymous 159385

Not being a spammer*

Anonymous 159393

kiwifags are so autistic and they hold josh hostage, i never saw loyalty bigger than one of kiwifags. keffals is faggot and i hate his typing style, heck, how he even speaks. he got chop at 18 and he's still a fucking retarded 18 years old moid

Anonymous 159395

despite being considered a safehaven founder for gencrit feminists, he's your run of the mill misogynist who wants a bangmaid at the end of the day. he literally wrote a longass post last year(ish?) about how he wants a traditional woman and family and how he hates KF because hosting it has prevented that.

other than that, read his ED entry for a surprise!

Anonymous 159400

Do you really not see the way you act just buries yourself a deeper hole? You need to step back and see why nobody likes you and it’s not for your “”””chaotic good””””” behavior it’s because you spam and act like a weirdo all the time. You’re not making yourself look credible or trustworthy at all

Anonymous 159409

The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, but culture wars have broken people's brains and they don't realize this

Anonymous 159412

oh yea it's total scum of the earth running ED but I won't pretend they don't have a nice collated source of null's "passionate defense" of """""""free speech""""""

Anonymous 159418

Samefag but again if you’re 100% honest about not being a cp spammer you can talk to people who can help you. Stepping away from the internet can help and changing your name and building irl relationships. Putting yourself out there all the time as le evil mastermind isn’t helpful at all, you’re 30 years old and spend all your time doing this wasting your life away. What you do is leaving a huge digital footprint

Anonymous 159424

>>they changed the redtext on all of the posts about rachelfag and updated them to say it was the troon samefagging all along
Right, I forgot about that. I noticed they changed the redtext under one of the pictures he used to larp with. Nevermind he obsessed over that rachel woman (and other literal whos) the first times he sperged out on /meta/, so it's definitely both him.

Anonymous 159429

>doesn’t impact my irl

Then why do you care so much about not being seen as a pedo?

Anonymous 159439

Because you literally just care about terminally online peoples opinions. Seriously get help if you’re actually innocent

Anonymous 159440

I've talked to his ex gf before and she said he is too mentally ill to function basically, he is unable to build irl relationships or hold down a job because of his schizophrenia or whatever freak mental illness he has and she left him because he would go on scary schizo rants and she was afraid of him
stop responding to him, he definitely spams cp and his family is afraid of him and hates him because of what a scary freak he is - same with everyone else unfortunate to encounter him irl, he is never going to change this is his life
he has multiple twitter accounts dedicated to harassing rachel he has nothing better to do in life than listen to the voices in his head and act like a lunatic
he had hundreds upon hundreds of posts in the rachel threads, those threads were basically him talking to himself, and he had been at it for months

Anonymous 159453

Dude just get professional help being terminally online isn’t helping. Change your name and stop posting again if you’re innocent this doesn’t make you look good at all. You act like you can’t do that

Anonymous 159457

>other women

Anonymous 159461

Because it would literally only benefit you?

Anonymous 159464

Professional help isn’t a bad thing at all

Anonymous 159476

Therapy and changing your name legally and stop incriminating yourself by posting obviously as yourself? It’s easy to just step away from the internet if you don’t want people thinking you’re a pedo or whatever

Anonymous 159489

Are any of these people your close family and friends though and not some gay discord troon circle?

Anonymous 159546

Its literally made up tho

Anonymous 159549

schizo pedo troon made that kuz thread himself and is 100% a pedophile, he trawls around looking for underage boys to message on discord and had cp of one of the ones he e-dated
he definitely hates kuz because kuz rejected him due to how ugly he is - troon also has meltdowns when other moids on tinder reject him and he obsesses over the men who rejected him/made fun of him the same way he does with kuz
he's made comments on lc about how he thinks children are sexual and how he fantasizes about r*ping children
he's been reported multiple times by multiple different people to his local law enforcement because he is retarded enough to have his real home address on his onionfarms account, idk if they will take action or not but they are at least aware of him and have records of his pedo posts and shooting threats and records of him admitting he is a nazi on his personal twitter along with some of his deranged racist rants

Anonymous 159558

They can't put him in a padded cell fast enough

Anonymous 159565


Anonymous 159672


that was like months ago when his thread was made on lc i dont think it was him taking down lc or whatever

Anonymous 159681

besides farmhands locked it because it was autistic and not even a cow

Anonymous 161333


All the anti-KF articles dropped at once, anti KF twitter handles were registered, and a hacking group suddenly started posting? All at the same time the ADL and the former assistant director of the FBI bashed Kiwifarms?

What a bunch of odd coincidences.

Anonymous 161338


People on Twitter are saying there was a script that gathered info/credentials from people's systems who just browsed KF? I'm not technically inclined, any truth to this?

Anonymous 161370

If that’s even true, who cares? There is nothing wrong with browsing kiwifarms. It’s gossip that is often about people who are actual pedophiles or are otherwise nefarious. Gossiping is frowned upon, but not illegal. If your ip is leaked, it will likely not be noticed among the hundreds of thousands of ip addresses that would be leaked in a scenario like this. If you had an account and posted threatening or compromising shit, then it’s a different story. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry.

Anonymous 161382

I'm more concerned with passwords and the like than my IP, to be honest.

I'll just go through and change them to be safe. You're probably right and I'm being silly but it'll make me feel better and it's never a bad idea anyway.

Anonymous 161472


More open admissions.

Anonymous 161473

Then it still wont matter because a few thousand random Twitter users went on kiwifarms to get screenshots. What are they gonna do? everyone who just browses without an account is mixed in with Twitter fags kek dw anon you're safe

Anonymous 161477

No that’s unlikely. Troons just want hyperbole of scaring people. But that’s not how software works.

Anonymous 161794

"troonshine" was made by Josh to test how the hacker got into the site, these people are retarded liars.

Anonymous 161919

Oh. Kiwi's are a lot larger than i expected. I thought their body was as large as the fruit.

God damn though. that egg laying process

Anonymous 162005


Anonymous 162286

I’m still not over how terfs aligned themselves so brazenly with kiwifarms and now people associate any trans critical talking ponts with kiwifarms.
What a timeline.

Anonymous 162291

i want to go back to 2005 this shit is so tiring

Anonymous 162299

Because one side is retarded autistics being retarded and autistic and the other side is psychopaths with immense political power who want us dead and want to wear our skin.
I will side with the autistic smelly kiwimoids every single time. Fuck troons and their American commie-fascist army.

Anonymous 162304


Why couldn't terfs make their own platforms or grow their communities? The closest I've seen is ovarit but a bunch of users were mourning the loss of KF which was pathetic plus it's overrun with millennials who have no idea who to communicate with gen z.
I understand reddit is impossible because they got banned several times but no one made a video on youtube talking about the blatant censorship online or on reddit. They correctly identify tiktok as a major source of influence among gen z but during my early questioning days I struggled so much to find any kind of content that addressed the questions I was so afraid to ask.
To ask someone to go on kiwifarms is too much plus I don't trust anyone that claims he/she peaked because of an ugly man in a dress.
The whole KF thing has made me really annoyed but idk who to direct it at.

I want to go back to 2014 because at most you just dealt with "omg I use finger guns, I'm so gaaay"

Anonymous 162307

Ok enlighten me what else was going on?
The internet during 2005 was very toxic and had porn ads everywhere, why would I want that

Anonymous 162308

Then dont use the internet in 2005, go outside

Anonymous 162309

I hope you enjoy what comes next, troon. The tide is already turning, and we all know how this ends. Tick-tock.

>Why couldn't terfs make their own platforms or grow their communities?
We have them. If you don't like the ones that exist, make your own. Troons target us with much more hatred than they do Kiwifarms or other critical moids. They hate us and want us dead, literally. Women put themselves in much more danger by speaking critically about these scrotes, even with the Kiwi saga they attacked women IRL first and foremost (what does Josh's mom have to do with Lucas Roberts?). So of course you won't see us out in the open as much.
>no one made a video on youtube talking about the blatant censorship online or on reddit
Several people have do this, and they are always banned. Magdalen Berns was an outspoken radical feminist, and she was constantly showered with hatred and death threats, and when she passed away tragically with a brain tumor the troons celebrated her death.
>They correctly identify tiktok as a major source of influence among gen z
Tiktok is owned by the Chinese communist party and is built to push gender ideology (and any ideology that will weaken us) on Western gen z. This is not a conspiracy theory, it's reality. Look it up. Look into the differences between Tik Tok (which is banned in China lol) and Douyin. Radical feminism will never make it to Tik Tok on a large scale.
>To ask someone to go on kiwifarms is too much
Obviously. You wouldn't need to ask them to go on Kiwifarms, you'd simply need to show them screenshots and archived pages of troons being pedos and misogynists. That's what they are scared of, not Kiwifarms users.

Anonymous 162314

>Tiktok is owned by the Chinese communist party and is built to push gender ideology
Didn't the Chinese government that banned or tightened media portrayal of feminine men?
Maybe at most tiktok is promoting social divisions in the west the same way Russia was allegedly doing during the US elections

Anonymous 162326

That is what I said. The algorithm pushes videos that promote troonery on Western Tik Tok, while Douyin does the opposite, all while Tik Tok is banned in China.

Anonymous 162565


Anonymous 162953

you're not fooling anyone tranny

Anonymous 162954

Only a tranny thinks everyone else is a tranny ngl

Anonymous 162955

Lolcow users are worse than trannies tbh.

Anonymous 162956

Omg yes, no cap it's insane over there now, even a year ago it was so much nicer and like now it's just pure infighting male aggression energy there.

Anonymous 162958

You don't pass.

Anonymous 162962

No, you don't.

Anonymous 164550

Ironic miners complaining about censorship when you can get permabanned off this site for one sentence of wrongthink.

Anonymous 164553

No joke, idk why all these 'right wing' spaces act so leftist, must be the horseshoe effect us centrists warn about in actions.

Anonymous 164566

Maybe some are likeable and you fixate on the bad ones to create an echochamber and not think about the core issues at play?
It is but women silence other women all the time, and sometimes they do it in the name of silencing men. It's a fine razor edge to walk to be a woman in the man's set up trap world tbh.

Anonymous 164615

>why do media conglomerates support trannies
Because trannies are just hypersexual moids and society always caters to this particular demographic’s whims. Trannies always get to retain their male privilege.

They also do nothing but consoom all day, there’s a lot of them in tech, they make up a large amount of twitter and certain other social media’s userbase, they are cash cows for big pharma and they usually nolife politics. So all these outlets are scared of them.

Anonymous 209907

anyone watch the Turkey Tom X Josh stream? Turkey Tom came off guarded and at first i got annoyed with his "She/her" shit about Keffals and constantly seeming like he was defending keffals simply because he wants an interview and not to be "Cancelled".
But also, Josh comes off creepy at some points. Asking what race his girlfriend was, acting like he was "Schooling" Turkey Tom because he's younger and josh is now 30. The "I'm apart of the racism community" comment. They both were kind of cringe and immature. There's no where to discuss this that isn't very biased, but I would like to talk about it.Then in the MATI podcast he said he "Hates" anisa, besides simply being a sex worker, what the fuck did she do? Kek.
It was a very surreal situation IMO, neither looked good and outside of the keffals shit, I don't think Josh is convincing anyone he's a totally well-adjusted person who just runs a gossip site. That he's not a shut in who can't talk about his life because of "The troons" when I cannot be convinced he has much to talk about anyway.
The thing about people like Josh or even Mister Metakor and Nick Rekita is that in the end, they are really no better then the people they talk about.
Just slightly less shitty.

Anonymous 209925


I know next to nothing about Turkey Tom besides the fact he's a drama youtuber but he's probably looking for videos that'd get him views and an interview with keffals would definitely give him that. But I think that it's extremely unlikely he'd ever get an interview because to the troons involving yourself with Kiwifarms in any way that's not trying to murder Josh means you automatically support them. Playing minecraft with Josh in a stream puts him on their permanent enemy list. If being a drama youtuber was a red flag streaming with the owner of the big bad harassment site the worst thing he could do. I haven't watched the stream because honestly I don't want to watch a 30 y/o man play minecraft but I think that Josh is still just as childish as he was on blockland. He presents himself as some wise old internet veteran who's got all his opinions figured but if you put his blockland posts and kiwifarms posts side by side you notice common themes, like that he cannot handle any criticism. I haven't checked in a while but is making a thread on him still outlawed? I feel like he's just as susceptible to being trolled as the cows he follows. For some reason it's always the most dedicated cow followers who happen to be the biggest cows themselves. I will never understand his obsession with race, it's always fucking weird when he randomly brings it up and I usually just tune him out. There's a lot to dislike about anisa so focusing on the sex work as the sole reason he doesn't like her is odd. I remember something he said on poast about hating "whores", picrel. He basically blamed sex workers for making women misandrist ?

Anonymous 209926

i watched josh during the keffals thing, and he seemed okay at first but he got annoying fast. he is a whiny nerd who sees himself as a "sigma" male. the era of the moid drama channel ended five years ago, and anyone still doing it is living in the ashes.

Anonymous 209933

I do not see any difference between current josh and block land josh, he just uses that rage towards people that his audience hates. He'll wish death on people he feels should'nt live, he'll go on, Everyone whose "X" should be "Violently x, y and z and DIE!"
Instead of wishing he was gay (because he hates women) or going through a gay phase, he now hates gay men to an comical degree. He's the same weirdo. He also doesn't hide it and the people who like him also think the same, like hating people who aren't white, hating women who don't make their dicks hard or the ones who do for making them hard. Josh often sounds like a fat teenage nerd raging.
Also I feel like he doesn't really like Mister Metakor. I haven't been in a while but didn't he create that thread and isn't the op full of him being mad that people, "Suck his dick" meanwhile his whole site sucks his dick. I laugh at people who act like Josh is sooooo normal compared to the cows and he's so smart. They are looking for a new daddy, so in a way I think thats why he did the interview with Turkey Tom.
He's younger and at some points it felt like Josh was trying to "Son" him. He could'nt get away with that on someone more assertive, aggressive and wasn't a "Fan" more so less biased.

Anonymous 209967

Anisa is pretty fucking insufferable. Her husband spent 15k on her fake tits, then she starts an onlyfans and acts like she's heroic for doing so because her dad has dementia and she's trying to pay for him to be put into a nice facility. Her and Ian then go on to buy a million dollar house in Seattle. They have plenty of money, anyone can see that, but she tries to act disadvantaged for attention. What I don't understand is people taking Ians side, both of them are honestly awful. Allowing your significant other to do this when you have the means to pay for all your needs is shitty.

Anonymous 214673

don't know whose here but Josh plans to do a stream with Destiny and Turkey Tom. I expect a shitshow. I felt Null and Turkey Tom both looked retarded but Null more. I imagine they'll try to avoid certain shit to start a debate? But regardless there's certain null-isms that he's not going to suppress
>Sperging about race
>graphic details about a troons body
And I assume that when it comes up Destiny isn't going to laugh it off but will question him on it and if Null cannot come up with an answer thats not simply, "Racism community is very diverse and blah blah blah" he's going to look like a idiot. Not even to the woke bros, but he's very extreme. He also doesn't think that highly of destiny anyway, I noticed when he dropped the doc, he slowly began to "WarM' up to him because he was useful I assume.
Now he's doing a stream with him, I feel like it will be a Jontron moment for Josh.

Anonymous 214875

I honestly find his eloquence and way of writing kinda hot.

Anonymous 214931

qrd on the stream? idk if I wanna watch all that

Anonymous 215149

I may do notes on MATI but I will sure do some on the destiny/null stream.

Anonymous 215173

MATI so far
>Talks about how he felt people were hard on Turkey Tom
>talks about Keffals X Keemstar doesn't really get into much of the stream they did, just says he basically sucked girl dick
>Points out that Whang! Liked the tweet "trans rights" from Keffals, says he loves keffals and he eats stink ditch.
>Spoke to Whang! Once and Whang! had to explain to who he was
>Talks about why he wants to talk with Destiny, says he leave if things get to personal. Doesn't really wanna talk about trans shit
>Goes int the Velma situation, clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.
>Says Velma is "Black"
>Is corrected she's Indian
>"How can you tell they didn't give her a dot or dimples"
>Goes on a tangent about how Indians aren't attractive and nobody finds them attractive. How it's racist but not racists because, when it comes to attraction you can't force people to be attracted to certain races.
>Then says, well nobody finds indian attractive in his expereince
I love how this fat ass ugly white man is always calling people ugly/unattractive based on their race or what he thinks everyone thinks.

> Is currently saying he's not a racist, he's not filled with hate, he's just racist.

It's clear he reads around because there's been a lot of talk about how racist he is.
>Pretending to care about ugly ass Martin Luther King statue and how it is ugly.
I do not understand why a man who said multiple times he does not want to be around black people/other races, constantly talks about them.

Anonymous 215177

He sounds unintelligent, why do people like him or listen to him

Anonymous 215179

because he hates the things they hate and he provides a site thats entertaining. It's why people watch most people to be honest. I don't like josh anymore, because I clocked his bullshit after the Keffals shit, which got a lot of Lolcow girls (and a lot like 5) hawt, for the only man openly and unapologetically agasint the troons.
Josh isn't feminist, he's not a good person, he's entertaining and has an entertaining site, he's not even smart.
If you are a racist, troon hating person who likes to gossip, then you "Like" josh, if you ignore all that and focus on just the troon hate (Which a lot of people do and I did) then you "Like" josh. If you listen to him, he's just an angry gossipy fat dude who thinks he's important because his gossip site

Anonymous 215188

I see Josh as a mini cow, not interesting unless you notice certain retarded things. I didn't start to truly dislike him until I saw people defending every fucking thing. It made me actually look at the site/drama and things. I like it here better because it's not taken over by weird people clearly from kiwifarms/other places

Anonymous 215251

This. He wishes he could be a proper lolcow but he's just a mild weirdo.

Anonymous 215386

So far the destiny thread is pretty chill and informative. Josh shines when he's speaking on technicals. Destiny is very reasonable so far. Not a shit show

Anonymous 215388

Not thread I mean the stream

Anonymous 215403

Turkey Tom is pro-troon and a low IQ zoomer although I liked his videos on Chris Chan and Bella Janke. DesTiny is a fast talking midget and a sex pest who is overdue for a #MeToo-ing and it will be glorious (I've heard he makes women sign NDAs before he fucks them.) Great company there for Josh. As for Josh, he's an internet jannie and simping for him is dumb, his streaming content is just his sub-jannies organizing kiwi content for him to talk about. KF is alright though if you avoid the incels.

Anonymous 215406

Samefagging to say the tranny threads on KF are intolerable because the moids there are obsessed with "stink ditches" and men cutting off their dicks which is a very small minority of troons and the troons still sporting their rape sticks are the ones women actually have to worry more about but nobody cares about this because it is just scrotes horrified and threatened by other scrotes getting the chop not anyone who actually cares about the women's issues.

Anonymous 215409

>troons are only threatening if they have a dick
>who is jessica yaniv
>who is keffals

Anonymous 215411

I said worry "more" about (all other things being equal) not that dickless troons are safe they're just more likely to be relatively less threatening HSTS and the AGP freaks are more likely to keep their dicks, but it's not 100%. Clearly. My point is the dick chopping discourse on KF is cringe and distracting.

Anonymous 215418

I think the neo vag horror is quite entertaining tbh. It's satisfactory to see these perverts castrate themselves. They think they're gonna end up with a fully functioning vagina so they can have their powerful girl-gasm, but instead they lose sexual function.

Anonymous 215420

>It's satisfactory to see these perverts castrate themselves.
so they should be encouraged, not shamed.

Anonymous 215742

I hate that they compare almost every cow with Chris Chan. You can open a random thread and comments are like "this is like when Chris Chan did x". It's very autistic and forced imo

Anonymous 215752

I'm sorry but most the people on Kiwifarms and even Lolcow (to lessor extent), "Care" about woman's issues they just hate troons. Troons overwhelmingly don't pass, look gross, are gross and the surgeries are gross.
I fully believe if Tims passed more on average, a lot of scrotes claiming to gender critical, would be mocking women who complained about them
>Uh most transwomen look like women, uhh, most transwomen aren't dectatble, Holes are just mad that a woman can be created and they are scared of being created. Uh, sorry but this all seems like some crazy talk. Transwomen aren't even all that different, how can they even tell whose in their bathrooms?
They'd sound just like TRA's but more so in the "Ha ha natal woman mad at transwomen". You notice that a scrote can have the most extreme opinion on TIMS, but if one passes to them or is "Based", they'll be like, "She/her" or "they/them". Blaire White is so popular with scrotes because they think he passes and he says "based" things. Even if at his core Blaire believes he's not a gay man and he's "Better" then other trans. He still hates women.

A lot of kiwi scrotes can sound like "male feminist" in the way they parrot shit that women have said like they understand it, but even thats bullshit. If the woman is a certain color/weight or even does certain things, they'll be saying the most incel type shit about her or misogynistic comments. Hating troons and understanding troons harm to women/childern doesn't equal caring about women.
They just hate troons and know that the kind of talk enrages them. Even if troons acted the same way on average but passed more, a lot of scrotes would be telling women to shut the fuck up about them

Anonymous 215922

This is all over /c/ as well

Anonymous 216421

i don't have an account on kf but lurk. i like reading the powerlevel essays that users post - how they are autistic and were fat and wore glasses in school. sometimes they are funnier than the cows featured.

Anonymous 216796

Nick rekita and his black friend is gross, Josh is gross and I know nobody is here but I don't think I can stomach to watch Josh anymore. Josh is a fat ugly racist misogynistic retard.
Nick friend told a story where he said he fucked/got this girl into Bdsm that he was dating her mom or knew her mom as soon as she turned 18. Funny enough Josh went on a racist rant about how he never liked Drexal, how he knows things about black people that's not allowed to be said, but he interacted with him normally.Also his weekly, "I don't want to live around black people!! Black dick!!" Rant.
Also, funny how Josh will claim to not be friends with people who are friends with gross people. He tried to imply the story Nick's friend said was fake. However why would a grown man even lie about something that gross? But because he likes Nick, he will still associate with him even if his friend allegedly told a story about grooming a 18 year old girl he knew since she was underaged.
I'm sorry but there's no funny or entertainment. Josh is a vile disgusting person and he hangs with vile disgusting people. He talks all day about tranny dicks and gay male sex.
But then acts like he's above it. He's a loser.

Anonymous 217518

I am so glad the phase of anons crushing on Josh for being the grand defender of women against troons seems to be passing because it was retarded. Josh hates troons for good reason but not because he's an ally to women.

Anonymous 219683

It feels like more and more the
>Add nothing but be sarcastic
>Be "Funny" aka "Not fun"
>rant about random shit
People on Kiwifarms constantly shit up the flow of good threads. Highlights are useless, when a "Funny" comment can be highlighted over a useful one. 99% of the people the site claims are sooo funny and are so beloved are fucking annoying. I do not want to here your faux woke larp. I don't care about your 100% funny "rage" towards something.
A lot of them are attentions whores who spend everyday on Kiwifarms and in every thread while acting "Above it all"

Anonymous 221384

Dyn isn't funny, he constantly derails threads with needless sarcastic bullshit.

Anonymous 221406

>He talks all day about tranny dicks and gay male sex.
But then acts like he's above it. He's a loser.
The owner of kiwifarms thinks he's above the degenerate shit he's based his entire life around? Now that there is a shocker and a half.

Anonymous 221427

Where did Nick tell that story?

Anonymous 221634

Nta but a majority of what Nick says is in his Discord, it's probably I'm there if it wasn't on his own stream. Have you checked his farms thread?

Anonymous 221687

I wonder if KF has indeed gotten worse or if I'm the one who has less patience with it nowadays. Yesterday, I visited it and there was a feautured thread of a youtube channel about shopping carts. I thought that sounded pretty silly and funny so I decided to check, the op is about some dumbass moid whose gimmick is bugging people who don't return the shopping carts, because apparently that is an issue burgers feel very strongly about people started arguing about the morals of it. So there are pages and more pages of pointless arguing, I've come to expect stupid infights filled with racial slurs from kiwis, annoying as fuck, but business as usual. I don't and never had an account on KF, I visit occasionally when I want to check up on some cow I haven't kept up with and I don't feel like going through their LC threads, and yet I looked at that thread and thought "why is this full of newfags?", there were too many posts arguing that the guy who goes out of his way to provoke unsuspecting strangers for youtube content was totallly not a lolcow. So like, what is going on? If that isn't a lolcow what is a lolcow? It's one thing if you don't see the point of keeping up with internet clowns, but in that case why would you even be in a website like KF? I'm just confused.

Anonymous 221716

Going through that thread I thought the same thing. I think KF has gotten worse in that there are more users who are non-cow board users, and those people tend to be the most autistic; I bet you there are also a few underagedfags there too.
I think it helps to remember that normal people don't use KF, so it's hard to assess the behavior there with a more normie perspective. But that shopping cart guy is definitely a lolcow. It made me so angry when he was harassing that woman in Florida when she was just trying to leave and wasn't even being rude.

Anonymous 221926

I hate when there's a semi interesting thread about a woman. Every once in a while 3 types of retard posters come by to shit it up.

1. "X is Y and I would sex." Who fucking cares? Unattached moids will fuck anybody that lets them.
2. "You guys are all retards and X is the best because she has titties" then the thread gets derailed with simp and incel being tossed around.
3. A moid explaining his idiotic armchair psychology of women with some sort of BS auch as "all women are intensely insecure of their attractiveness". This is the worst derailer because he writes essays and is so convinced with himself the other retards believe him and they don't fuck off.

I wish the site just stayed invite only forever and you could get banned for excessive moid behavior in the Beauty Parlor.

Anonymous 221952


Why is he tweeting that, instead of just contacting someone himself? And who wears dumb merch shirts like that? Make some kiwi plushies.

Anonymous 221993

giga stacy portrai…

Anonymous 222043

this makes me miss a lot of the old kiwi posters. they used to call these people out and typically were successful in running them off the boards since they refused to pander to their idiocy. i hate that these clowns are taking over every online space they can with their stupidity.

Anonymous 224994

The common mati stream
>Josh barely knows what he's talking about on smaller topics that take literally two seconds/mintues to research, instead inserts minority/race rants
>35+ mintues of in detail rants about Ethan Ralph/his wife/troons

Even when you squeeze the juice out of Mati, it's constantly becoming more and more retarded. What makes it weirder to me is he could just pull up a kiwifarms post or thread to know what the fuck he's talking about in context. We all know kiwifarmers love making 3 paragraphs about every little detail of every little thing

Then again, like Josh more often then not most threads regardless of context has at least 1 rant about minorities, troons,hating women/certain women,troons,the Jewish etc. Etc. Etc.

Anonymous 225177

>hating women
What do you mean? He's spoken out about the retardation that some dudes hold towards woman over trivial shit.
The only thing you could really get him on is the fact that he talks about Ethan Ralph and his wife waaay too fucking much on stream relative to how interesting they actually are.

Anonymous 225195

You must be relatively new to listening to Josh. he thinks women have the reasoning skills of children and can’t make decisions for themselves

Anonymous 226483

Do you think Josh has accepted he will never have a normal wife and kids? Over 10 years of running a gossip forum and he turns it into gay shit "as a prank" for a day.

Anonymous 226517

We are reaching levels of "I can't breed" never before thought possible.

Anonymous 228644

anybody else actually kinda like kiwifarms tbh?

Anonymous 228652

It's fun to lurk if you don't go on there on regular, the same with some boards on lc

Anonymous 228849

People who post statistics as proof are 'tards in my book, exactly because anything can be made up these days.

I only trust my own anecdotes.

Anonymous 228851


You're joking.

Anonymous 229020

You shouldn't listen to me or anyone else, in the same way I don't plan to listen to others. Everyone lies. Trust yourself and your own experiences.

Anonymous 230170

Can Josh talk about black men without bringing up their dicks? He talks so much abou dicks.Troon Dicks, gay male sex and he claims all black men talk about is their "BBC" but it's like everytime he talks about black men he brings up "BBC".
Kiwifarms has gotten better as a site simply because kost highlights in the threads I'm in aren't unfunny jokes but actual on topic posts. So that's nice.

Anonymous 230173

He seems like he'd be a shitty dad and bf tbh. You can tell he feels very strongly about certain things so if his wife doesn't agree with something he'd divorce her.
He also has a huge ego, like despite him being fat and not attractive, rich or really providing much for a woman in terms of stability, he thinks he deserves a certain type of woman who looks a certain type of way. To be 30 he's very immature and I doubt he will have kids. If so, he'd do so when he's completely offline but he has internet rot for sure.

Anonymous 230179

Actually white moids bring up BBC online the most in order to incriminate black people but whenever it is not posted on an anonymous platform the dude is white. Males have such twisted psychology and obsession with dicks. Who draws or vandalizes with drawings of dicks the most? Moids. So strange.

Anonymous 230182

They use porn terms to describe women AND men. You are right the only time I see BBC being brought up is in gross porn context, fetishist who are also racist and plain racist 99% of the time white men.
Let Josh tell it all black men do is talk about their dicks, meanwhile he has a whole site dedicated to mainly white men who talk about cutting off their dicks, flipping their dicks inside out and other mainly white men discuss it at length.
Nobody is more obsessed with "BBC" and "tyrone" then racist white male who claim to hate them.
At least in their narrative the black man is talking about his own dick, not the next man's like they do. ##I feel it bothers these types because they are jealous and so racist they believe all black men have huge dicks and are just hypersexual non humans so it makes them feel insecure that they are bragging about their dicks, while all Josh has to brag about is being white and owning a site. But just a theory##.

Anonymous 230199

>implying there's someone in the world willing to put up with him long enough to have kids with him

Anonymous 230211

Not wking but shitty people have kids all the time, with other shitty people.

Anonymous 231503

Kf is down

Anonymous 231511

I wouldn't say he's the kind of person to divorce his wife over a matter of opinions. But he's definitely opinionated to the point where I'd be very hard to get into a relationship with him if you're not exactly what he wants, let alone sustain one long enough to get married.

Anonymous 231513

sage next time?

Anonymous 231586

da update (7 may 2…


Anonymous 231901

They insult people with what they find to be the most threatening thing in the world: their own self-delusion that all women of their own race can't help but throw themselves at black men. It shows their simplistic world view of what they think of anyone who isn't one of their own.

Anonymous 231914


If you're allergic to using Telegram (I don't blame you) but want to be kept in the loop, use a Chrome extension called "Feedbro" and subscribe to this feed: https://tg.i-c-a.su/rss/kiwifarms

Attached is what the result looks like in action. (Poor Josh.)

Anonymous 233429

You actually can archive Tor pages, huh.

Anonymous 233783

If kiwifarms truly dies and Josh releases all the information and fucks off forever. I can see Rekita truly shitting on Josh. Without Kiwifarms I truly think Josh will sink into depression. Regardless of if he has an actual life the only place he holds authority is on his site. Without it he's just an fat racist sexist retard with strong opinions on things. I don't dislike the site and it serves a purpose and deserves to exist, but Josh is throughly unlikable.
No charm, nasty sounding voice, constantly speaks on women like he's some God gift. Like nobody cares if you find Asian woman unattractive or that you hate gay people.
Besides deeply unwell women nobody sees you as a catch.

Anonymous 234068

It's actually noticeably how much slower the farms becomes in terms of post per min when it's on TOR.
Like the kind of stuff that happened with Idubbbz would've gotten a TON more replies within an hour, had KF still been on the clearnet. I just really hope it comes back soon cause most other drama sites (imo) are not as good as the farms.

Anonymous 234108

Guhhhh the site is so much slower on tor

Anonymous 234647

As much as I hate kiwifarms. I think its deletion would resemble a turn for the worst for the internet. Troons are not going to have the political influence they currently have forever, especially with how retarded and unserious the ones "in charge" of their movement are. But they are not the only ones who are gunning for the site's takedown. It seems like every flavor of shameless attention seeking fag is jumping on board with Keffals and Co. Even Nick Fuentes supported the site's shutdown and makes it out to be the center for all of his harassment.
KF is pretty much the only place that's even somewhat "gender neutral" (though not to give the scrotes there too much credit, they're obviously still sexist) when it comes to shaming attention whores.
Everywhere else, the direction seems to be moving toward the mindset of "shame every woman who does anything at all that men even kind of don't like, but when reactionary scrotes act shamelessly for attention praise them and pad their ass."

Ecelebs are literally trying to create a version of the internet where nobody at all shames them for being desperate for attention.

Anonymous 234678

you people are fucking insane

Anonymous 234882


Troon spotted

Anonymous 235063

Where else? All we hear about are shitty male republicans, tates, tiktok cretins, molesters, rapists

Not that there couldn't be more. But I'd like to know where exactly you see that

Anonymous 235065

in which section you get the infos?

Anonymous 235172

I have very little idea what all is actually going on but that's not going to stop me from forming strong, schizopost-tier opinions.
I did read the statement KF put up regarding their situation and if it's even remotely true then the closure of KF under those circumstances forms an incredibly dark precedent. So dark that it's difficult to imagine it being the actual precedent. If a troon rapist is able to cover up his history of rape indefinitely just by being sufficiently dedicated then, for example, every conspiracy theory regarding Epstein suddenly becomes completely credible.
And if the social machinery defending the rapist was put in place due to his troon aspect rather than his rapist aspect then every conspiracy theory regarding law enforcement coverups with respect to Aiden Hale's school shooting becomes credible.

Anonymous 235173


why does this dog look like joshua conner moon

Anonymous 235190

is kiwi farms dead?

Anonymous 235240

it's on tor now
maybe never come back to clearnet
and you already know how slow tor is

Anonymous 235249

Its fur makes it look like it has a fat face

Anonymous 235268

I also use tor daily and it works quickly. Maybe its a problem with your machine.

Anonymous 235285


NTA but there's no PC built in the past 5 years and sold commercially that has an issue with loading data the size of a webpage, Tor uses a huge amount of bandwidth, which means slow performance is likely due to slow internet. It's slow for me and I feel this is because I use 4G. 5G I imagine makes Tor run much faster.

Anonymous 235426


he just read my post on his stream LMAO

Anonymous 236082


Anonymous 236139

I'm not quite getting the 1 gigabit at 1ms of ping my connection has with tor. Not even close, more like 100 or 1000 times slower. Why?

Anonymous 237221

The more I watch MATI the more i realize that Josh really thinks highly of himself, and rants about nothing. Even when i skip through podcast hoping to find random news on cows I like, it's 6/10 chance I land on him ranting about non-white people, or on some white supremacist rant. Does he have any other personality outside of being white and owning a website?Thats the only reason why he feels so highly about himself.
Oh and hating troons and "fighting' for free speech. I don't want kiwifarms to go away, but it's been gone for a while and i literally don't miss it or care it's gone.
It's been on the decline anyway, i've seen some screenshots of legit Incel like bullshit on there now. Gossip sites are on the decline tbh

Anonymous 237222

And by "Gone" i mean on Tor, which I cannot be bothered to go on to read threads that may be dead or full of random rants/unfunny bullshit.

Anonymous 237974

Finally found the source of that pic from his stream, I lol'd

Anonymous 237978

He's very bad at hiding the fact that he is every bit as misanthropic as the users of his site.

Anonymous 237988

he thinks women should be housewives. i pointed out a flaw in his argument once and he didn't even reply to me because he knew he couldn't justify it

Anonymous 238570

call to kiwifarms.…

It's back on the clearnet here:

Anonymous 238571


Anonymous 244751

Null is such an angry baby all the time, I can't fathom why this tard has such a dedicated fanbase when he can't even interact with his own users without exploding in anger

Anonymous 245104

They are like him, well the ones who spend all day on kiwifarms are. Josh isn't likeable, I feel like people meme'd themselves into believing it but he's not. Scrotes who like him don't like him but like he believes everything they do and allow them to spend hours a day talking about transgenders, Jews and black people.
I remember how they'd be like, "how come everyone Josh is cool with becomes a cow?!" They were always cows and Josh is a lolcow himself. Kek it's never normal well adjusted people who just so happen to become retarded. They always were.
Then they act like Josh is always very reasonable and nice, when he isn't. He regularly sounds deeply mentally ill and paranoid. People constantly try to convince everyone that Josh is a normal thinking person.
I also don't believe the meme that he's this perfectly functional person off site with friends, a spouse etc. He just can't talk about it because the troons. Nah, I just think he has nothing going on. He has the type of brainrot that's hard to turn off. If he does have anything I bet those relationships are hell.

Anonymous 245186


He has made the same mistake his fanboys/chris chan obsessives in general always do: Thinking that because they're not as weird as the weirdo on screen, that must mean they're normal.
Their basis for what's "normal" has been skewed by relentless exposure to the whole of human depravity 24/7
The top 10% creepiest people are still less FUBAR than people like keffals and CWC by a long margin, but you still don't want to be near them in public.

Anonymous 245226

felt up by a retard?

Anonymous 245231

fucked up beyond all repair/recognition but thats fine too.

Anonymous 245258

Tor only has been shit. Only absolute mongoloids have found their way on. Anybody who says it's better is one of them.

Anonymous 245861

Null did a stream with Ralph, I won't be watching but I am reading through responses, of course they are acting like Null is such a fair rational guy for coming on Ralph's stream, even shitting on Nick Rekita and some scrotes are being "Softer" or less aloggy towards ralph because their E-daddy went on his show.
I saw a take where someone said that Nick Rekita must hate his wife/kids because he still will speak to ralph who talked so much shit about them. The same can be said about Null, he must hate himself. Ralph was calling him a pedophile, wishing he died. Kek. They all were talking so much shit, so why is it okay for Null to go for "Content" but Nick can't go because, "he hates his family omg". They all talked shit about eachother.
It's funny to see the reactions, even if subtle. I'm also waiting for Nick R and Null to finally fallout. These scrotes act like 12-year-old girls.
Also, Null being nice to people in person and then talking shit later isn't, "He's so fair, he's so chill, he's so reasonable", no it's being two faced kek. It's being a coward. It's being manipulative. It's literally shit mean girls do, "I told sally her shirt was okay and we talked for a hour, that dumb fucking bitch I hate her so much-".
People praise him for not screaming and acting a fool, why would he? He'll do that later on his forum or on podcast, where it's safe to do so.
All it took for people to think Ralph may have a chance to change is talking to null? Kek, this gross fat fucker who calls his wife/daughter a bitch, released revenge porn? Teenage fucker? yeah okay. I already see some fan fictions about how this will totally change him if only a little bit.

Anonymous 245867

link to the stream?
I need something to puss me off before gym time

Anonymous 246388

thats so cap junior, also why would you not factor in non-white births in those countries? its almost like they are a part of the demography, most of them pay taxes you idiot.

I don't know why people are so resistant to people of other races, news flash, white people arent being forced to not have kids, they just have issues with themselves.

anyway i want more young people so brexit doesnt happen again.

any old fucker who voted leave should go kill themselves

Anonymous 247203


Anonymous 247315

Irish protestors s…

Anonymous 248738


Anonymous 248756

This is weird as hell but it makes me happy to think about. A website creating an irl newspaper to keep itself going during downtime…is this the ultimate bunker? No chance the subscribers' addresses won't be leaked of course. I won't be personally signing up to this but I'm kinda rooting for it to work out somehow.

Anonymous 248760

> It would be funny
Why do these losers try to convince themselves that their autistic obsession with tormenting internet randos is “funny”? It’s beyond sad.

Anonymous 248762

That's the worst part tbh. I'm a farmer and I thought "I would actually buy that" Then I realized I would need an address on file. Hard pass after that.

Anonymous 248763

only if they include the daniel larson thread

sage 248769

I guess you could use a P.O box or have it shipped to a known abandoned place for a while lol

Anonymous 248773

this is really funny but there is no way i'd ever give kf/null my address

Anonymous 248774

there are people who have actually bought kf merch……

Anonymous 248794

as much as I'd love a revamping of sent in/printed media, this is the last website I'd want to see do that. "Want horrid pictures of trannies and alcoholic manbabies beijg sent to your house monthly?
No, No I fucking don't

Anonymous 248796

The only reason it's gotten to this point is cause a hoard of tech trannies don't like having their dirty laundry aired out to the public, so they'll do everything in their power to shut a place like KF down.
I think it's less about the cows themselves, but the idea that you can't do something as basic as gossip without having half the internet try and shut you down that irritates null into doing something so outlandish that it's almost comedic.

Anonymous 248798

Nobody here is on the side of trannies banning Kiwi Farms. That doesn't change the fact that lolcows are a pathetic and often disgusting thing to be obsessed with. Less than 2% of them are just normal people who can't look away from a Jerry Springer trainwreck. It's almost all people who are only slightly less dysgenic than the autists they gossip about. If you showed most people unhinged troons, they'd recoil, not laugh.

Anonymous 248897

happy kiwi cat.png

I'd buy 10 copies and give 9 to friends & family. They can thank me 20 years later, after they sell it as a collectible item for 50 000 American dollars.

Anonymous 248898

fuck r.png

There is value in documenting the worst of humanity. You are not forced to consume this content.

Anonymous 248899


Anonymous 248906

>There is value in documenting the worst of humanity.
No there isn't.
>You are not forced to consume this content.
Thank God.

Anonymous 248908

There literally is
How do you think a lot of the screencaps in the terf threads stay circulating online
And thats the super petty pro of it
If you want a serious tangible upside is the oddly ammount of times archived posts in there and enciclopedia dramatica has been usted in court

Anonymous 248926

>If you want a serious tangible upside is the oddly ammount of times archived posts in there and enciclopedia dramatica has been usted in court

Such as?

Anonymous 248928

ON the top of my head, 2 at least without even having to look up:
Nick bate with encyclopedia dramatica
The cuban animal right activists with the fur sadists
Pretty sure the chrischan videos where he gives shout out to his fans using his mom were used to proof she is too fucking old and demented to consent

and so and so. If you are actually interested is not hard to look up these cases up

Anonymous 250218

Does anyone have the tor link for kiwifarms?

Anonymous 250221


the clearnet is kiwifarms.pl

Anonymous 250228

Thank you so much nonita

Anonymous 250410


Anonymous 250434


Anonymous 251464


Anonymous 251465

No suprise Libertarian and Conservative are in the lead, though I'm surpised Beauty Parlor hasn't bumped Liberal.

Anonymous 251492

Nobody wants to vote 'liberal' these days, because it's associated with trannies.

Anonymous 252515

I hate the incels thread on kiwifarms. I want to laugh at incels, but every other post consists of incels defending their honor and none of the actual content gets highlighted. I don't know why mods don't just threadban the incel posters. I appreciate the lax rules, but when every other post is just "incels are right seeth normies" you should probably start threadbanning the shitposters.

Anonymous 252555

That's how I feel about just about every "Plauged" thread. I just want to laugh at an idiot but I have to deal with a whole political argument every time I try to check up on someone.

I've heavily cut my use of the site because everyone is so upset and reactionary. Articles and Happening people are the worst, but even in completely unrelated thread you'll have people dragging in pedo and tranny talk which has nothing to do with the main discussion.

At this point all I do is check up with the community driven happening feed and a few smaller Internet Famous threads.

Anonymous 252576

I think a good solution would be if they added a way to only see posts with pictures. That way, you could filter out all the stupid irrelevant bullshit that gets highlighted

Anonymous 252609

Good idea, but it'd also catch stupid racist memes. I think it's a fundamental issue with the userbase, not the site design.

Anonymous 252719


The results are out!

Anonymous 252720

can we make this poll for CC users?

Anonymous 252790


It's time for TLFJD (Total LFJ Death)!

Anonymous 252791


Anonymous 252797


YES! it's always a matter of time before these fools overreach!

Anonymous 254030

Back at .net!

Anonymous 254562


Anonymous 254583

we're back it's ov…

Anonymous 255597

I still can't believe PL was just doing a bit the entire time

Anonymous 255603

the bright side is the list of full legal names contained in this document and the acknowledgements.

Anonymous 255607

is kiwifarms down?

Anonymous 255917


Anonymous 256250


Anonymous 256251

Is there a way to buy the old merch? This design is kinda boring

Anonymous 256274


No. Each merch run is limited-time only.

Anonymous 259793


Anonymous 260016

Anonymous 260017

safe space.jpg

Anonymous 260019

Do people [not just kiwifarms but keyboard warriorism in 4chan aod twitter as well] actually think that their shitposts are causing an ideological impact on reality?

Anonymous 260024

no it's just people going off because they would be censored for saying what they think on most of the internet

Anonymous 263023


Trannies will never recover.
>The Litigation Fund has launched. All forms of payment accepted. We are 50% towards $75,000 after 5 hours.

Anonymous 263046

lmfao are they really throwing away NEET money on some legal troll cases that will probably get thrown out immediately
if so, then critical support ig

Anonymous 263259


lonely men like the idea of housewives because they're alone in their homes all the time

I like kiwifarms, could give a fuck about lolcows but it's a well moderated forum. the rule about powerleveling is key, the worst thing about reddit isn't the trannies, it's every thread being a fucking hugbox moralfag shillfest

edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

Anonymous 263270


Stay mad?

Anonymous 263287

I seriously doubt this will accomplish anything

Anonymous 267248

So now a tranny actually "confirmed" dead specifically because of their thread? Does this mean it's over?

Anonymous 269307

I saw that crystal.cafe has been mentioned on KF yesterday, expect moids.

Anonymous 269308

moids already know about this place and have raided it to death

Anonymous 269535

you can't be held legally responsible for someone choosing to commit suicide unless you specifically incited it or gave them the gun they did it with (the latter being more of a moral-social onus for a judge to slap more charges on you)

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