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Anonymous 15804

I'm pregnant and super excited :3 who else /babby/ here?

Anonymous 15808


I'd love to be pregnant but I'm too broke to think of making babies right now.

have a happy pregnancy and a happy baby, anon-chan

Anonymous 15813

>just went off bc due to the weight gain, im trying to get on myo-insitol
>work and university
>havent even moved out my parents house yet
>been with bf for several years but he cant drive and doesnt have time for school yet to advance his career
>young, Im not even 20 yet (I'm above 18 mods dont come for me)
>fantasize about happy home life with husband and kids to raise even though it would probably never be possible


Anonymous 15817


You're still young, you have plenty of time to figure things out. I didn't even think I would be where I am now ten years ago.

Anonymous 15825

Anon, some women manage to have children even if they have endo or pcos. Wishing you the best.

Anonymous 15849

Congrats anon! Hope all goes well.

I do plan on having kids someday but I am in noooo way ready rn… can't wait to be in the right stable position to have kids tho.

Anonymous 126448

I have a child! my only thing I will say is to not seek validation from others when it comes to raising YOUR child because next thing you know you are putting unrealistic expectations on yourself AND your child. safety guidelines are strict but if it's not within your 100% power to follow all of them all the time but you are still being safe, who cares.

for instance for safe sleep you aren't supposed to let your baby sleep in their swing. who the fuck asked. yes stay aware WHY and work prevent their airway from closing but don't sweat it. you will both be miserable if you care so much about following some guideline that doesn't matter. trust your instincts, unless you do heavy drugs or are severely mentally handicapped (i mean DUMB not just depressed, all moms are depressed) you know whats best for your baby.

Anonymous 126454

what the fuck inspired this rant on safety

Anonymous 126464

It's crazy to think OP's baby must be 2-3 years old now. I wonder how they are doing.

Anonymous 133292

because i used to go on reddit all the time and it's literally a circle jerk for the current safety thing ny nhs or whoever, and i internalized it and it made me feel like shit. i'd ask questions about my kids sleep and i'd get shit on for not keeping her in my bedroom (with a monitor) and letting her sleep in a swing (thats what they are for). that mixed with my post-partum depression messed me up.

Anonymous 133300

bost babby update OP

Anonymous 133313

Kids are the best. I've got 3. It changes you. I'd say in general when I was single, my emotional scale went from like 1 to 10. Then I got married and my emotional scale went from like 1 to 20. Then I had kids and the emotional scale is like negative infinity to infinity now. The levels of joy and suffering I've endured and how that's changed me are hard to even describe. It's like, a key part of the human experience. You've not lived if you don't have kids, imo.

Anonymous 133543

>You've not lived until you've had kids
Oh sweetie. I love my child, she is the light of my life, but she is pure drudgery interspersed with moments of shining happiness. Once I got my pussy ate while in a highrise while watching the full moon rise over the Eiffel tower. That was living, this is just an experience that I'm sharing with most other women.

Anonymous 133544

You're not supposed to let them sleep in swings now? What are you supposed to do as they drift off, wake them back up? That's a recipe for disaster. God I hate the ever rising standards for mothers.

Anonymous 133613

I just went through a long and terrifying surprise pregnancy. The chance of conception was so low that I was told it was practically impossible, the chances of miscarriage were high and there were about a dozen emergency hospital trips over false alarms. Right at the end she stumbled at the finish line by being caught in the umbilical cord, but it turns out everything went completely fine. Her daddy is ecstatic because she's huge and has his eyes, while I'm just happy she's about as healthy as you can get.

Overall Rating: 1/10 - Too scary, would not recommend unless you're a normal person and not a freak like me.

Anonymous 135684


I can't wait to /babby/ with my husband. He's so adorable and lovely, I can't wait to make a small human who looks like him and myself.

Anonymous 135698

So wholesome!! I feel the same but Im scared and not ready yet

Anonymous 136033


is birth really as painful as I keep hearing it is?

Anonymous 136241

I was in labor for almost two days and that was exhausting and excruciating but the actual pushing part was not as bad as I expected. I was lead to believe that it’s basically the worst pain a human can experience! I have had a few major operations though prior to this including brain surgery. I am now fearless in a way like if thats as bad as it can get- come what may. I’m less afraid of pain in general but also death.

Anonymous 137120

why is it that you always have to pick sides over being happy about people having kids or uppity about not having any of your own

i don't have any kids and i probably never will but i am still happy for my brother and sister who both have kids. i'm happy for people and couples i meet who have kids, i'm not salty or anything, why would i be?

Anonymous 138919

I have PCOS and I'm really worried about my fertility and age. I've been putting off getting treatment because I haven't had health insurance since I hit 26 and could no longer be covered under my parents' plan. I just got married and my husband and I want to have children, but he wants to wait a year so we can have enough money and enjoy married life just the two of us, but by that time I'll be 31 (and he 36) and I'll only have a few years to potentially have kids if I even can. We both agreed that we'd still be happy together without kids for the rest of our lives if I end up being completely infertile, but the prospect of that leaves a constant feeling of dread in the back of my mind, like I'm failing as a woman and a wife. All I can really do now is schedule an appointment with my new OBGYN once our joint insurance is filed and hope they have good news for me.

Anonymous 139304

Personally, it was painful, but at the height of it, it was no worse than the worst of my endo cramps. I think the exhausting part is just that it went on for so long. But to balance that, my aunt gave birth after being in labor for less than four hours and the first two and a half she thought were just Braxton Hicks because they weren't that strong. While my sister was so bad she honestly thought she was going to die and was sobbing instructions for what to tell her babies as they wheeled her into the operating room.
While you're going through it, you are also able to soothe yourself because you know all the pain is for a purpose. That you're getting a baby and that you're bringing life into the world. Plus, the chemicals your body releases during it make you forget a lot. I remember being in pain, but I don't remember the pain, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 139599


I married young and I'm currently in the process of planning for a child now. My husband and I are still debating if we're going to adopt or conceive our first child, but my husband is leaning towards conceiving our first child because that's something important to him, but we'll be adopting a child once the opportunity comes. We're moving into a house soon, which I'm very excited for.

Although something I'm worried about is the body changes that come with pregnancy, but I'm trying to overcome that. My entire life, I've held importance to a good body but since I'm certain I'll be dedicating utmost importance to my children, I won't care anymore. My husband will still love me even if my body changes in ways that aren't conventionally attractive and it'll be worth it in the end for my child.

Anonymous 139669

That's a healthy attitude to have anon. I would recommend working out and eating right if you haven't started already. The pregnancy and birth will go so much easier on you if you are in shape (not just skinny) and are eating a diet low in sugars but adequate in fats and proteins.

Anonymous 139700

Just be careful letting your husband around the adopted child especially if it's a girl. Most adopted kids are molested by their step fathers.

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