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Lolcow.farm Bunker Thread #4: Kiss and Make Up Edition Anonymous 158071

Previous thread: >>>/b/157118

Anonymous 158074

Curse you CC's small limit, I was about to call someone a retard.

Anonymous 158076

Being a contrarian isnt a personality, Little Miss “Leonardo de Vinci is trash”

Anonymous 158078

you found CC, pakichan?? waiting for romanianon as well, i miss her

Anonymous 158079

All anime guys are actually women. Hope that helps.

Anonymous 158081

if there is no lolcow for now, will we remain milkless? what if we want to cringe at stuff from other sites?

Anonymous 158082

How is this already the fourth thread? Our big sister is having an episode.

Anonymous 158085

the mona lisa is a gay and dumb painting and i hated seeing it irl. just a sea of normie arms holding their camera phones up who probably barely even bothered going to the other galleries.

Anonymous 158086

the thread pic is a sign of severe autism . this isn't even good yaoi. shame on you weirdo.

Anonymous 158087

God I hate you fujofags

Anonymous 158088

Absolutely based

Anonymous 158089

i wish there was a female only imageboard as active as 4chan

Anonymous 158091

What? When did lolcow start hating 2D boys kissing?

Anonymous 158092

All of LC's demographic is here, not just your fujo/husbando containment thread users

Anonymous 158093



Anonymous 158094


i hate how addicted i am to lolcow. i miss reading about moomoo and lori and troons. i was in the middle of catching up on the lucinda thread because her twitter is locked and i wanna know what’s up. i’m so sad, ladies.

Anonymous 158095

To be fair, the fact we don't know about why the site is down and no information from admins whatsoever is not helping.
Also LC culture is way more fast paced too. I hope this don't bother the miners

Anonymous 158096

i support women's rights and women's wrongs

Anonymous 158097

It's a joke. Is this your first time encountering something silly and ironic?

Anonymous 158098


The only yaoi I wish was real is light X L.
but ye yaoi is shit

Anonymous 158099


Anonymous 158100

yaoi makes scrotes fuck off

Anonymous 158101

>all of LC's demographic is here

Anonymous 158102

im so lost without lolcow farm is there a discord server or something somewhere??

Anonymous 158103

Light x L is a very good pairing! I chose Lelouch and Suzaku because Code Geass was my first anime.
Everyone, what cartoons did you like when you were a kid?

Anonymous 158106

There's an lc discord server but I believe it's not accepting anyone in, I also believe it's shit.

Anonymous 158107

I loved watching Tintin. He was my first husbando

Anonymous 158108


I really liked gravity falls and watched it like 10 times.
also had every barbie movie ever but they didn't age well. adventure time is a classic

Anonymous 158109

>gravity falls
>as a kid
Jesus christ how young are you?

Anonymous 158110

I’m read for the farms to come back. The bait on CC is dumb and desperate for attention.

Anonymous 158111

powerpuff girls was fun

Anonymous 158112

Anonymous 158114

X men evolution

Anonymous 158115

Same, I hope lc comes back soon, I don't want to have to visit Brazilian boards. They are absolute shit

Anonymous 158116

Shaman King

Anonymous 158118


I'm missing reading on my fav cows so much… I hope the miners don't mind us farmers too much… I really wish we could get some update, what's up with the admins? No one knows how to contact them? Really? Not an email, a burner discord, nothing?

Anonymous 158119


I personally wish all lc thread pics were cow pics

Anonymous 158120

Magali chan is ok I guess it could be worse

Anonymous 158121


Anonymous 158123

i was a preteen when it aired

Anonymous 158125

Dexter's Laboratory

Anonymous 158130

images - 2022-09-1…

Cliche answer but it made my childhood fun lol

Anonymous 158131

i love these but also Ed Edd n Eddy has always been and will always be my obsession (inb4 becky sugar references i hate her and i hate steven universe)

Anonymous 158132


For anon in last thread looking for a manga
Are you talking about Girl's Last Tour?

Anonymous 158134

what about the non-fujo husbandofags

Anonymous 158136

I only post on CC since I prefer the slowler posting (it gets on my nerves at times, but at least it makes me not get glued to this site all day), but I liked to lurk on LC, I hope yall get your site back soon.

Anonymous 158138


Ojamajo Doremi was my absolute favorite

Anonymous 158139

Walt Disney saying comic fans are faggots lol

Anonymous 158141


I loved that one too, I still remember the lyrics of all its openings/endings. On the same vein, I watched Pretty Cure and Mirmo lots too

Anonymous 158143



Anonymous 158144



Anonymous 158145

What have other anons been doing to fill the void left by cows? I'm catching up on my movie list. Last temptation of the Christ has been lame so far, I miss tuna and lurch

Anonymous 158146


Fujo 's, we have a whole separate imageboard for specficialyl fujo related content


Anonymous 158147

Nta but yeah, I was joking about magali yesterday but it could be much worse, I guess scrotes don't bother shittting up the place because it's so small and slow.

Anonymous 158150

Your life is revolving around a fictional moid, embarrassing. Get a grip.

Anonymous 158151

I'm wasting my time with mobile games. I miss luna/lurch and the tim/tif threads and most of /m/

Anonymous 158152

I miss the lurch and tuna thread too anon. Personally I've been watching classic Jerry springer to fill the void lol. now it's been couple of days I thought I'd try and find out what happened to lc by coming here but seems like nobody knows

Anonymous 158153

Anonymous 158154

Better then having your life revolve around being a bitch to complete strangers.

Anonymous 158155

/m/ had already been destroyed once, if lolcow doesn't come back we can rebuild it again here

Anonymous 158157

as opposed to a real one?

Anonymous 158159


that moid is just salty that he will never be this cute

Anonymous 158160

Nooo did someone insult your hecking anime man?

Anonymous 158162

Off topics, but why TIFs are called Aidens?

Anonymous 158164

I keep typing lolc- in my search bar autonomously as I keep forgetting it is down. Maybe it is a good thing as god I am addicted

Anonymous 158165

Is this that one manga in which the main character creates a husbando statute and it gains life?

Anonymous 158167

Omg I love him he’s so cute

Anonymous 158168

NTA, but ngl nona, they may be fictitious but I would rather pretend to date them than be with a /pol/ chud

Anonymous 158170

it's a very common name picked by ftms, -aiden names in general are such as Jayden, Kayden etc

Anonymous 158171

Show me something that captures the 2000's then vidrel, pro-tip you can't

Anonymous 158173

Same, I miss /g and unconventionally attractive males. The autism there was so concentrated that I fell behind but now I miss it.
Classic Jerry is fucking amazing, I like Dr Phil and hoarders for the same purpose.

Anonymous 158174

It's a very common name that TIFs choose to call themselves

Anonymous 158175


Anonymous 158176

Because a lot of them for some reason pick the name Aiden or Kai or something stupid like that. It's so true even the one I know irl and grew up with actually renamed herself to Caiden. Its weird tbh

Anonymous 158178

If you find 3DPD attractive you have no aesthetic sensibility.

Anonymous 158179

Kek the ultimate fujocoomer Aiden

Anonymous 158183


Why would I want to be a ejaculator, retarded ? Chill and enjoy the best pairing ever

Anonymous 158184

one time i found one named Raiden pronounced rhyming with aiden, not a Metal Gear or Mortal Kombat fan, just wanted an -aiden name

Anonymous 158185

I think the only two 3DPD males I ever found attractive was young Dolph Lundgren, Sessue Hawakaya and Bjorn Andersen (all young ofc)

Anonymous 158186

I have never seen replies come so quickly. You can tell lc is down kek

Anonymous 158187

i want to fuck hot male k-pop idols

Anonymous 158189

those are 3

Anonymous 158190


Anonymous 158191

Kek is N O N N A a forbidden word here?

Anonymous 158192

I am ESL

Anonymous 158193


Irl moids are disgusting.

Anonymous 158194

Kek, I am joking, but it is because I forgot about Sessue and didnt correct the post

Anonymous 158195


>I’m not a sociopath
I didn't say you were?

Anonymous 158197

Tfw I will never get a bf like Sebastian Michaelis
Why even live, nonas?

Anonymous 158198

your 3D husbandos are so sexy thinking of them makes you forget how to count

Anonymous 158200


who said that i think most women like them. seems confused and strawmoiding

Anonymous 158203

If you don't mind the soul eating part you could summon a real demon to be your butler

Anonymous 158204

Normies don't even know what makes it unique for the time they just want to post it on social media for le updoots

Anonymous 158206


The light's getting weaker now
The colours fading into grey
The sentiments are all consumed by one
The air's getting thinner now
Surrendering to the void
What will I be?
Cursed for eternity
Until the curtain has fallen down on me?

It seems the walls are crumbling from within
The roof above is starting to fall in
I'm digging holes to bury all my sins
Walk through the hidden door where life has flown
Hold me and don't let go until all the ghosts are gone

It seems the walls arе crumbling from within
The roof above is starting to fall in
I keep digging holes to bury all my sins
Soon I'm donе

Praying that it will work out ok
Find a rhyme to make it go away
Praying that it will work out ok

Anonymous 158207

>She wants to date the shotacon butler

Anonymous 158209

Anonymous 158210

I hate the a "young bald white man" aesthetic
I think all of them are secretely neonazis

Anonymous 158212


bald debatably white man only works for Agent 47

Anonymous 158213

but my dad is bald

Anonymous 158214

Yeah he was a perfectionist workaholic slaving away at these beautiful films, only for the male fanbase to draw pornography of his young female protagonists. Every damn time. I'd be pissed off too and say anime was a mistake. But because I'm a woman and I can see the pattern, I know the real mistake is men being allowed to live.

Anonymous 158215

I miss lolcow I hope this goes by fast this feels different then when stamina went down and I’m only in the old discord that died in 2020 im also to dumb for tor apparently

Anonymous 158216


i had a dream lolcow went back up but with the ugliest "graphic design is my passion" layout ever

Anonymous 158217

can you describe

Anonymous 158219

Saitama too, but he isnt white

Anonymous 158220

putin melon?

Anonymous 158221

Is your dad a twenty something hot white guy?

Anonymous 158222

He's 63

Anonymous 158223


>she doesn’t use lolcow but she’s posting in this thread because it’s faster than the rest of the site

Anonymous 158224


saw this sentiment floating around last thread but posts abt how s would feel like they lost a community of women if lc/cc were to go down and it kicked me really hard in the chest to think about. my twin sister died about a year ago and one thing we did together was browse lolcow and dunk on troons. she had previously been a fakeboi as a young teen and for better or worse i talked her out of it by asking her why she felt like her hatred of her body made her a boy when every other woman hates the exact same thing (we both also struggled with eds). apparently she was even posted in a fakeboi thread once by someone (although there was no discussion, she was just a rando). im sorry to blog but as weird as it sounds, lolcow and s really helped me after she passed. it was still fun to dunk on troons but I went more to off topic boards to vent about my frustrations and s were so kind. idk places like this and lc are good - im grateful for it and everyone on it. soz to be a sentimental faggot.

Anonymous 158225


Finnons how does a burger learn your secret snow language

Anonymous 158226

pls come to lolcor

Anonymous 158227

nta but bald is an aesthetic and I fucking slayed it. not a moid though so that could be the difference. shaving my hair off was very freeing and gave me a newfound confidence.

Anonymous 158228

Mix between shitty optimized for mobile product site and the hellweek theme with background and font colors being very similar. There were also transparent little graphics of cows like luna you could drag around and click for a quote to pop up and there was glitter falling across the screen

Anonymous 158229

Is it ladies only

Anonymous 158230


Given the chance
I'll die like a baby
On some far away beach
When the season's over.

I'll be remembered

As the tide brushes sand in my eyes
I'll drift away.

Cast up on a plateau
With only one memory
A single syllable
Oh lie low lie low.

Anonymous 158231

I would support adding glitter tbh

Anonymous 158233

k-pop men look weird but I like how their lives are entirely dictated by what their female fans want to see

Anonymous 158234

> There were also transparent little graphics of cows like luna you could drag around and click for a quote to pop up
I'm laughing so hard at this. I wish there was a decent dark theme and at least one cow print theme.

Anonymous 158235

i'm so sorry for your loss . losing a twin must be very difficult and im glad you were able to bond over dunking on troons and cows kek.

Anonymous 158237

should be

Anonymous 158238

kpoppies can go to choachan

Anonymous 158241


> There were also transparent little graphics of cows like luna you could drag around and click for a quote to pop up
for a second i misread this part and i thought you meant little literal cow graphics such as picrel as site pets that would give you inspirational quotes when clicked

Anonymous 158242


I'm in a bit of a rut, I usually go through a phase of obsessing over a ship and then indulging myself with art and literature and then it goes away over time, its no big deal, for example my last one was Paul/John but this current one seems a bit troublesome, it being Harry/Snape, at times I indulge in it but there are moments where I'm laughing at myself for liking this nonsense and just feeling a bit ashamed at myself.

Anonymous 158244

Fuck yes anon I love Clever Girl and toe

Anonymous 158245

you probably just seem approachable

Anonymous 158247

Kekk I want that

Anonymous 158251


Anonymous 158252

>I usually go through a phase of obsessing over a ship
Judging you

Anonymous 158253

you're in their league

Anonymous 158255

NTA but I always attract weird ass turbo autist guys who are scared to talk to girls otherwise and I am afraid of knowing why

Anonymous 158256


i miss the mtf and the fakeboi threads

Anonymous 158257

..like the beatles?

Anonymous 158258

>>158234 speaking of themes, I like this Dark Crystal one here. we should bring it back to the farm with us.

Anonymous 158259

ew bugs

Anonymous 158260

not even remotely a k-pop fan, I just like when women are in total control of a man's career. It's the same thing with mom-core celebs like usher or that guy from maroon 5, I like watching them sweat it out knowing that the moms could pull the plug at any moment

Anonymous 158261

So I went to lurk at /pol/ to see if they have any news about KF, since it's down again they are basically the same people, and they can't stop talking about sex robots will replace us. They cope but can't think that women too could buy a Channing Tatum robot that cooks, cleans and give her orgasms, doesn't abuse her, doesn't cheat on her or keep her barefoot and pregnant kekk. And if she is a weeb-chan, she could get a robot of her husbando. Moids are retarded.

Anonymous 158263

Kek I always attract super beta, soft, spineless men so I understand your pain

Anonymous 158264

wtf lc is still down?????

Anonymous 158265

How…? Do you dress like a weeby e-girl?

Anonymous 158268

They are literally begging us to leave in the LC hate thread. Methinks we haven't been behaving ourselves. I've been trynna make up for the retarded half of us by contributing to threads in /media/ and /img/

Anonymous 158269

Probably so. Or she is a BPD-chan

Anonymous 158271

women are way more deserving of husbandobots than men are of sex dolls

Anonymous 158272


Don't ask me how I know
Just look over your shoulder
You won't recognise yourself
You won't have to ask
Is everyone here much older
Are communications feeling much colder
Everytime you look over your shoulder

Sudden like the wind transversed
The gulf of friendship passed
Stillness mounts in this high place
Silence stays the same
I am I will I can are aims
But can we tell which are the games
Everytime we pass the blame
Fearful thoughts are bitter sweet
His charms are soft in youth
The sting is of elusive hands
That reared him from his tooth
We know that shadows move on course
We'll have to take this boy by force
Everytime you look over your shoulder

Anonymous 158273

are you alone in public a lot? I had the same problem and couldn't figure out why until someone pointed out that autists are a lot more comfortable approaching people who are alone

Anonymous 158274


Scrotes fulfill your destiny and 41 already

Anonymous 158275

Yeah, they looked cute together, not to mention the angst between them.

Anonymous 158276

Youd think that was the case but I wear baggy men's clothing and don't wear makeup because it feels gross

Anonymous 158278

They are still talking about that? I thought robots were going to replace women like 3 years ago.

Anonymous 158279

I don't know what it means for me, but when I had a joke of a Tinder account I kept getting superliked by men who claimed to look like Post Malone. At the time I didn't know what a Post Malone was, but judging by their pictures I assumed it meant greasy.

Anonymous 158281

you either look easy to take advantage of or they think they have a chance with you. i remember when i was a freshman in college and looked absolutely underage, whenever i went out, ugly men would ask for my number. and it was so weird because they were usually in packs together with their friends.

Anonymous 158282

the young beeatles looked like the -matsu sextuplets but 4 and british and 3D

Anonymous 158284

isn't that just how people looked back then tho. no eyebrows was a trend at some point

Anonymous 158286

We appreciate your efforts, nona.

Anonymous 158287

imagine lc is gone for good and we have to stay on this site

Anonymous 158288

No I think I cracked the code. Maybe she looks underage.

Anonymous 158289

I have a bullshit meme account on tinder that has no pictures of me and a fake name, the first day I got more than 80 likes in a couple of hours, I believe tinder's software does something to boost new accounts in hopes to get people hooked, but still why are men stupid?

Anonymous 158291

you think they'd just let us have our communities if such a thing could ever even happen? no, they'd just try to get rid of us entirely because they're just that deranged

Anonymous 158292


Does anyone have the webm that was posted in one of the consooom threads? It was a tiktok of a woman who had a whole room dedicated to horse figurines. Or at least know the brand of horse figurines she was collecting?

Anonymous 158293


>ywn have a bf bot to introduce to reality
>ywn make him your stylish doll and model cute fashion like mori or fairy grunge on him
>ywn teach him about human joys like art and song and dance
>ywn feel his warm laser gaze
>ywn learn to love the machine
>ywn reprogram him when he becomes too much like real moids
>tfw no bio-robot bf

Anonymous 158295

Lets pray it doesn't come to that

Anonymous 158296


holy based suzalulu OP pic. my eternal otp

Anonymous 158297


Should we make a new one here? LC & CC friendship themed one perhaps?

Pictured: me hugging my sweet miners who have to suffer the influx of LC refugees

Anonymous 158299

But will you choose a literal cow pic?

Anonymous 158300


Anonymous 158302


Anonymous 158303

why is the thread so fast rn

Anonymous 158305

I just want to date my husbando Connor from DBH.
I will never have that

Anonymous 158306

I got an idea to make a banner for CC of a gif that was suggested in LC's /meta/ (the sailor moon beach gif), it was so perfect for here. Now I am finding so many fitting pics to make banners of, help

Anonymous 158307

we need to get rid of men first before they think of putting their ideas in action

Anonymous 158308

idk I’m glad it is, I miss lolcow though

Anonymous 158309


Are there actually (female) miners that don’t use lolcow? Why would you do that when there’s /g/, /ot/ and /m/?

Anonymous 158310

it's morning in the americas and afternoon in europe rn

Anonymous 158311

i feel so sorry for all my straight sisters. i'd rather kms than interact w a man for more than 30 seconds

Anonymous 158312

I used to make them kiss using MMD. Good times

Anonymous 158314

Some people do not like the atmosphere in LC, as it is more hostile (or some feel that way), which is given as it is a gossip site first and foremost. There's a LC hate thread here, you can read reasons there

Anonymous 158315

I cant think of DBH without thinking of the eunuch sisters, thats what lc did to me

Anonymous 158316

Well, there are some people here complaining about farmers being here but it's hard to tell if they are real miners.

Anonymous 158317

I don't because I don't like most LC anons. And even though there are those boards, LC is first and foremost a gossip site and I dont like those kinds of environments.
There's more infighting than here. The LC admin doesn't do anything.

Anonymous 158318

I got banned from lolcow 6 yrs ago for calling Adam Lanza sexy and never went back.

Anonymous 158319

IKR? Imagine being opposite sex attracted.

Anonymous 158321

I wonder what they're doing now

Anonymous 158322

Anonymous 158323

We have all those on lolcow too, . It's more noticeable on CC because they're a smaller community. They're also going to be the people we integrate with if lolcow doesn't come back or if lolcow has a future issue it doesn't bounce back from. You can shit on them but at the end of the day CC are the ones kind enough to allow us to have a bunker thread here when they could easily take it down, faggot

Anonymous 158324

I once utilized MMD for a school presentation and thinking about it still makes me want to die

Anonymous 158325

That means the thread should be slower. There are more posters from America than Europe.

Anonymous 158327

If cc was more active, I'd choose it over lolcow. I have a love/hate relationship with lolcow because I've gotten some pretty hostile replies over nothing before and I don't care for most of the drama threads. There are some decent anons at lc though and it's still way less toxic than moid-infested spaces.

Anonymous 158328


Anonymous 158329

Is lolcow dead for good? Where else am I supposed to get my milk, post about husbandos, read about animals, and other stuff? LC was my safe haven, nothing else was like it. Is CC good? At least my tremendously autistic posts will never see the light of day

Anonymous 158330

Is this site actually being moderated? I report a bunch of things in here that are against CC rules and there was an influx of bannable threads elsewhere in /b/ that were not taken down.

Anonymous 158331

So… should I come to terms with the possibility LC is not gonna come back?
I have no other female-only place to complain about trannies

Anonymous 158332

new game

post the last text message you sent

Anonymous 158333

I hope LC comes back already, I am too mean spirited by CC standards, it's hard to not let it slip out of me.

Anonymous 158334

Yes and I think the moderating is better than LC

Anonymous 158335

My good anon cc is right here

Anonymous 158336

Yes, but the moderation is pretty slow on CC.

Anonymous 158337

You def deserved it

Anonymous 158338

If lolcow goes away, how I can cope without kikomi-chan? I hope she is reading here

Anonymous 158339

… you guys text people?

Anonymous 158340

Speaking of which…

Anonymous 158342

Where's the wrong in that? Kek
Absolutely based

Anonymous 158343

I think she's in the lc discord but i could be wrong
Yeah i dont like their eyes or temperaments

(context is reptiles)

Anonymous 158344


Anonymous 158347


Anonymous 158348


I'm sorry.

Anonymous 158350


Cute items you’ve acquired over your travels

Anonymous 158351

I legit thought that was your husbando for a sec kek

Anonymous 158354


Anonymous 158355


Anonymous 158358


Anonymous 158359


Who here /mclennon/?

Anonymous 158360

im so sick of flags

Anonymous 158361

Yes desu

Anonymous 158363

no. needs more sans and komaeda

Anonymous 158364



Anonymous 158365


No make it sans x reigen

Anonymous 158367

This is so fucking cute.

Anonymous 158369

i want a version with cuckmaeda crying in the background and it's perfect

Anonymous 158370


Anonymous 158371

No u <3

Anonymous 158372

Yes, the moderation here is slow but it's actually more reasonable and effective than LCF moderation. It's far easier to manage a small community of reasonably well behaved non-retards which I didn't consider before now

Anonymous 158373


3d husbandoposting fuck you

Anonymous 158374

You’re gonna summon Komaeda anon there, be careful.

Anonymous 158376


Me too.

Anonymous 158378

and what about it

Anonymous 158379


I got ass cheeks on my white tees
All these hoes keep grinding’ on me
Comin’ in the club every night of the week
Keep a nigga poppin’ them crispy white tees

Anonymous 158380

There is no movement here for ages and when it does, lots of awful threads made by obvious male still up. Stop kidding yourself

Anonymous 158382


You guys don't have cows in here? Maybe we could get a cow bard if lolcow doesn't come back.

Anonymous 158383


Anonymous 158384


Lennon was uggo but Paul was cute

Anonymous 158386

Anonymous 158388

I love you Limmy anon I’ve just started watching his stuff and I would fight you for him. I love how jaded and cynical he is

Anonymous 158389

big agree, excellent taste

Anonymous 158390

Good stuff

Anonymous 158391


KF was apparently hacked and in discord rn they are speculating lc could be hacked (no proof of course but one nona says that ip addresses would be leaked from lc if that was the case )

Anonymous 158392

It isn't wrong, that's where males g-spot is at. Males exist to fuck and harm each other, we don't need them because we're superior and we got meme'd into thinking that we /need/ to fuck moids when in reality most of us don't even get off with penetration.

Anonymous 158393


Anonymous 158394

Not you, eww

Anonymous 158395

Honest question, if IPs are leaked, what would even happen? Do the IPs have all of our names as well or something? Or just a bunch of addresses?

Anonymous 158396

Thank god you’re alive I don’t agree with your husbando but it’s nice to see a sign of life

Anonymous 158397

Hi dededenona, It's nice to see you around.

Anonymous 158399

surprised parappa anon hasn’t shown up yet now

Anonymous 158401

Samefag one nona says 90% I censored it lol oops

Anonymous 158402


HELLO FELLOW LIMMY ENJOYER!! Not to brag we've got incredibly BASED taste. What are your favorite skits so far?

Anonymous 158403

IP addresses just show a location kek. If someone bans an IP, it will take out people closeby and ban them too. It's not as ooky spooky as people think it is

Anonymous 158404


Anonymous 158405

she is busy on fujochan, bless her heart

Anonymous 158406

Samefag but if a site range bans IPs in a whole area it's not because they listed out the people who live there or anything, just the location

Anonymous 158407

i have a feeling this isnt actually her, she said she would stop posting him hasnt she? but maybe kirdedenonette changed her mind

Anonymous 158409

same kek

Anonymous 158410

the queen is here. now all we need is ko-chan, carreychan, hell even the driverfags too

Anonymous 158412

Then I don't see what's the big deal lmao

Anonymous 158413

The fanart is too high quality for a random to have. I think it's her. Hi kirdedeanon I hope you have a nice day.
Wishing only the best to all yumes and fujos

Anonymous 158414

Well we are not on LCF anymore so perhaps she feels she has free reign here now

Anonymous 158415

Nothing, it just shows your nonspecific location. You’d need to have posted identifying information with the same IP and have had it leaked previously for anything to happen (and even then, people share/change IP addresses all the time).

Anonymous 158417

Dont worry nothing would happen, they just know what country and big city your close to. You can also change the ip of your device if you are very worried about it.

Anonymous 158418

Can we please have this one. Please.

Anonymous 158420

I miss the dano gags only because the dano boyfriend saga made me laugh a lot

Anonymous 158421


Did someone said

Anonymous 158422

cc split off so it could be a comfy place without cow nitpicking/drama and the like, it would be a shame to lose what makes this site unique
hopefully lc comes back or worst case, a new site for drama is made and cc can continue to exist as it is

Anonymous 158425

Unique and dead.

Anonymous 158427

A new imageboard should just be made honestly. Our newmin is so finicky

Anonymous 158428

I'm sort of glad this happened. I had been off the farms for awhile and haven't visited CC in months and months and it's nice to revisit and remember I'm not the only NEET loser woman out there. Love you ladies.

Anonymous 158429

pure sex (11).jpg

uguuuuu uwu kawaiiiiii~ nyaaaaaaaA~

Anonymous 158431


Anonymous 158433

Would it get named lolcow2.0?

Anonymous 158434

Post Adam Driver and Dano NOW i need your autism. Danofags make a new dano thread now I demand it

Anonymous 158436


Does anybody have any movie recommendations? Or what's the last thing you watched? I saw The Wolf of Wall Street for the first time last night. It was ok I guess

Anonymous 158437

Lolcor of course

Anonymous 158438

Could you husbandofags make your own thread?

Anonymous 158439

Nobody should be worried about an IP leak. There's no identifying info or account details on anon boards, the worst they can do is release a list of cities that have the most farmers kek. I wonder where would be top of the list

Anonymous 158440


Anonymous 158442


I’ve only watched a few episodes of Limmy Show and a dozen clips from his streams, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Dee dee is my favourite character of his. I feel that some of the humour is lost on me though, being En**ish (and I’m sure this is his intention). Do you have any recommendations? I follow him on twitter but haven’t yet caught a live-stream. I have you to thank for this because I was only ever familiar with him through this pic kek

Anonymous 158443


Anonymous 158444


Anonymous 158448

YAY! You might just turn me into a danofag. I love lc for the female autism I can’t find nowhere else

Anonymous 158450

I would love to see a map of this tbh

Anonymous 158451

Glad to see a familiar face.

I found CC before LC, so I have some fondness for it, but I'm probably still considered a newfag because the only site lore thing I was around for was the raccoon moid stuff. But I like LC so much more. I don't even read the cow threads on it. If CC just absorbed /g/, /m/, and /ot/ then I would be less sad about LC potentially being dead. CC is just isn't as tolerant of deranged husbandoposting and that's my favorite content to read

Anonymous 158452

I want buffalo wings rn

Anonymous 158453

Now that got me curious kek I hope there's a bunch of latam farmers like me.

Anonymous 158454


Anonymous 158455

Kek wtf anon were you being serious or ironic. I never got banned for posting about him.

Anonymous 158456

Same. Do you guys on CC have threads about radfem recourses? If any are any lurking the thread atm. That was one of the things I’m grateful about LC about. It introduced me to Solanas and Dworkin and anti-porn media.

Anonymous 158459

There's no reason to suspect cross admin based on that, it just means that maybe the attack was the same source imo
Also lc has been down way longer than the most recent kf attack I think
It was really weird lipstick alley was down around the same time (but came back up?)

Anonymous 158460

>CC is just isn't as tolerant of deranged husbandoposting
Neither is all of LC you fucking retard

Anonymous 158462

I’ll get u some if u give me money

Anonymous 158463


What if LC is down because I said someone should really assault that titty troon's breasts. I thought that a student should hit it with a ruler and get sent to the principals and give the whole rigmarole about how distracting his big bakungas are so that they'd finally have an excuse to tell that man to stop scaring the children

Anonymous 158465

I agree with this kek. Celebricows seemed very usa centric though

Anonymous 158466

I do not give a shit about you "o-objectifying muh men!", you are just insufferable, autistic, and spam your anime shit EVERYWHERE

Anonymous 158467

no I'LL get her some..my treat

Anonymous 158468

Okay here's my entire wallet i trust you to go to the wing shop and not the bank then airport nona

Anonymous 158470

Oh lord the Fujo war is attacking here

Anonymous 158471

Anime shit is CUTE

Anonymous 158475

I take your tinfoil because I swear the big faux boob teacher was the last thing I saw on lc

Anonymous 158476


hell yeah

Anonymous 158477

I'm speaking comparatively here. Yes, there's infighting and intolerance towards husbandoposting on LC, but you can still be more autistic about your husbando on /g/ than you can anywhere on CC.

Anonymous 158479

who remembers when early concept art of /pt/ tan was a moid

Anonymous 158481

Same. That and the chocolate weakness of the greys

Anonymous 158484


thanks for clearing up the IP thing anons. I was paranoid.
I realized I don't really have a husbando besides maybe this assassin. At least I canonically borked him.

Anonymous 158486

Shit, what post could've done it?

Anonymous 158487


No husbando, will a waifu suffice?

Anonymous 158488

I know that one nona was mirroring lc onto her hard drive or something like that so there’s an archive. I hope she finds cc and can update us even if it’s incomplete. We can make a new imageboard because I’m not letting my female autists go anywhere u are staying with me



I can't fucking believe how ugly moids are. If I looked like this I would actually kill myself. No wonder they all want to pretend to be us and hate us at the same time

Anonymous 158490

Samefag if anyone decides to make a new lc- lolcor as the name pls

Anonymous 158491

Ange or Virgilia? I really like them both anon please sperg to me

Anonymous 158492

Little did we know it was The Timothee picture

Anonymous 158493


Anonymous 158494

I really hope this is just admin being dumb about an update too, or making lemonade out of lemons and upgrading after being knocked off.
I worry a lot that all gossip sites are gonna disappear and then they'll just attack women's ones, I hope it is not kefflas and co doing this. They are nasty about doxxing etc so it is bad for admin/staff safety too.
I'm begging all husbandoposters to go to the yume board on fujochan, it's slow as shit we need your autism
There's a real person board too

Anonymous 158497

Normal Timothee or the bottom surgery timothee

Anonymous 158498

I said in the MtF thread that the anon who announced she doxxed him on 4chan was a retard and everyone turned around and said I was dumb. I said it before and I'll say it again: the most retarded thing anyone could have said in the middle of the Keffals vs Kiwifarms was say something like that. Fuck her for lacking any scrap of critical thinking for the sake of a few asspats

Anonymous 158499

My cute autistic wife Ange!

Anonymous 158500

I remember seeing pakichan on one of the threads too. Glad she’s okay.

Anonymous 158501

If the troons hacked LCF to share IP's of evil TERFs I will finally get to laugh at all the s who always told me I was stupid for using a VPN at all when I complained about how so many of the VPN IP's are permabanned.

Anonymous 158503

She's my favorite… I wish she could be happy

Anonymous 158505

lmfaoo is this thurston moore i honestly can't tell

Anonymous 158506

Frankenwound Timothee

Anonymous 158509

I love how she stays snarky despite all the misery she’s gone through, I love how dedicated she is to finding out the truth, I love her interactions with Amakusa
I love Ange!

Anonymous 158511

Ignore it he’s like a child throwing a tantrum because he wants attention except he’s a 30 yr old man. That’s why these bunker threads don’t feel comfy. Moids always ruin the vibe and fun

Anonymous 158518


I love my nony

Anonymous 158519

Because the mods haven't woken up yet and he has nothing better to do than harass women
once mods wake up they'll delete everything, just ignore him
He's not even good at it

Anonymous 158523

I just imagine hes a weird war prisoner we have locked up in a hole somewhere screeching like a chimpanzee. And this thread is a comfy bonfire in the middle of fucking nowhere

Anonymous 158525

I mean, I tried fujochan long ago. I went there. Looked at the section names. Saw shota. Clicked it. I exited the tab and never went back.

Anonymous 158526

Canada (were the big areolas tranny is) has the anti christ prime minister so maybe it's a conjoined grey-canadian plot to take away our right to call each other retards. I believe the men in black are involved. As always this is americas fault.


That is really cute omg

Anonymous 158531


I fucking love Dee Dee too! Dee Dee's pretty cute haha. Fun fact: Dee Dee was based on a time in his life when he wasn't high off his ass! I thought that was pretty interesting. If you are still on the first series you're really going to love the second series, that's when it gets faster paced and more "professional" I would say, for lack of a better word.
Right now he's going through some stuff (he and his long, long term girlfriend split up a few months back) and you can kind of tell he's not really doing well, I harken back to when an anon said that he gives off "edgelord vibes" on his stream and the breakup and staying in the same house with one another is probably why he seems kind of off right now. He's always had his ups and downs though so this is probably just a rough patch. Anyway I watched his Heavy Rain playthrough and it was funny as fuck, he busts out the Dee Dee voice a few times. I'm currently watching his Detroit Become Human playthrough and that's also quite funny. Many of his streams are poorly archived, sadly. But give those two a shot!

Anonymous 158532

da big areolas
My tinfoil is that Lurch saw the teacher talk and took down lolcow

Anonymous 158534


I thought LC was down for an update for a bit since I remember the Admin saying something along the lines of the site shutting down for a huge update of sorts, however when I remembered the whole KF thing I started to have my doubts. I'm really sad, LC was the best I could talk about husbandos, vent about my life, look at human abominations…
Nah it is me, I was a bit afraid because an Anon resembled a moid I used to know so I stopped but then I realized that's a low chance. Here's a cowe kirby
I am having a nice day! Currently I'm drawing a Meta Knight and Dedede ninja image from the Ninja Dojo minigame in Kirby's Return to Dreamland then I plan to start plotting out my doujin. Hope you are too!

Anonymous 158535

Anyone into extreme anime boy torture please dump your collection on FC's /ex/

Anonymous 158538

Kek Boomer lurch can barely operate Facebook

Anonymous 158540

The banners here are really adorable, I keep refreshing just to get different ones

Anonymous 158542

IM SO HAPPY hi dededechan hi hi hiiii

Anonymous 158543

Wish someone would make a website where you have to voice verify that you're a woman first so troons and men can be kept out.

Anonymous 158545


Anonymous 158547

Yeah I doubt your collection is any good anyway

Anonymous 158548

Exactly this even “voice modifiers” sound fake as hell lol

Anonymous 158550

CC is super cute.
friendship ended with lc, cc is now my best friend

Anonymous 158551

Yeah I wish it had less boards and also that stuff like husbando threads were outside of yume

Anonymous 158553


Ehhhhhh as someone who's been on weird places, I can confirm, there are men that admit to using other women to voice verify. Of course this is pretty rare, but these people can easily find someone somewhere (even if it is just off of fiverr or some shit like that) to do it.

Anonymous 158554


Others have probably already aired similar theories, but I wonder if Keffal and his troonie goonies was starting to zero in on lolcow so admin decided to 4D chess them by temporarily closing down the website without warning to let them believe they shut us down like with KF and waiting for them to get bored and move on to the next thing.
I might be giving admin too much credit but I want to believe.

Anonymous 158556


I’m so happy I saved this.

Anonymous 158557

Maybe I'm just too autistic, but I don't get how you all remember and recognize posters based on avatar or writing style
I've been lurking both CC and LC for years, posting once in a while, and as far as I'm concerned you all are just voices from the ether
It's not a big deal but I feel like I'm missing out on the whole community aspect due to being a sperg, just like in the real world

Anonymous 158559

you saved the thumbnail, dumbassita

Anonymous 158560

is this why borzois kept being drawn on the draw board? it was just tinfoil for adam?

Anonymous 158561

Dededenona is kinda easy to spot (not shaming u if your reading still nona) and so is komoaeda(?) nona

Anonymous 158562

anyone remember the somethingawful offshoot url, like rhizzome or something? also the redscare chan url? i need to tinfoil about parasocial shills.

Anonymous 158563

200 (1).gif

Check the guro thread nona

Anonymous 158567

Borzóis were a the hate thread staple

Anonymous 158568

Sorry idk why I typed this like mario

Anonymous 158569


Based for making moids cry once again.

Anonymous 158571

The anons that everyone know about used to avatarfag or be a general annoyance

Anonymous 158572

>I plan to start plotting out my doujin
Nice! What is it going to be about?

Anonymous 158573

who are these cuties from?

Anonymous 158574

I think danofags are cute.

Anonymous 158580

This tiny ass picture lol I’m dying

Anonymous 158582

"Erika" is trannys womansona

Anonymous 158585

Me too. He looks like a pudgy hall of dough to me but idc that much

Anonymous 158588

Majima woke up feeing the scent of urine. "Ahhh, piss~" he moaned.

Anonymous 158590

I sent this video to my sister pls watch if you’re a moral orel fan

Anonymous 158593


I sent my mom some prints from a shop, not very interesting.

Anonymous 158597

Man should be ashamed of looking like this and taking pics

Anonymous 158598

I’m enjoying the first series and I actually am not put off by the low-budget feel. It suits the themes of his sketches, since they’re mostly observations about mundane everyday occurrences. Although it certainly doesn’t feel like a typical BBC production. It feels homemade. I’ll definitely watch the DBH play through since I’ve played the game myself. Also, his reactions to the Queen’s death and everything surrounding it have been hilarious. Thank you nona!

Anonymous 158600

Playing Stardew valley and watching ted bundy documentary

Anonymous 158604

What's with the huge revival of interest in morel orel recently? I'm not complaining but I dunno where it came from

Anonymous 158605

Can you shut up

Anonymous 158607

I'm so sorry for your loss nona <3 I hope you have a good day today

Anonymous 158608

Yeah, I'll let you know when one of the troons show up at my doorstep after he finds out I'm in bumfuck nowhere in south america.

Anonymous 158609

Ayrt I saw it mentioned on lc for its lesbian character and I saw some friends of mine watching it and I gave it a try and ended up really liking it.

Anonymous 158612

there is literally nothing anyone can do with your IP address

Anonymous 158613

Yeah so we should ignore it and not talk about it

Anonymous 158614

Kek same. I'll shoot him with my chocolate ammunition

Anonymous 158615

cure kikomi.png

ok crystal cafe user
not so brave now, huh????

Anonymous 158618

Thanks for leaking her ip now I will send her sweets

Anonymous 158619

can someone dump all the kikomi parts i lost them

Anonymous 158620

Ohh it's nice to see that anons were reccing it on lc. It's a good show, it seems like your average edgy adultswim production at first but it's incredible how well the setting and characters develop.
I like how it shows really dark, realistic problems without getting too preachy or losing its cartoon atmosphere completely.
I've been getting a ton of recs of new fan content for it on yt, I wonder where they came from.

Anonymous 158621

Thats one heck of a honker. A giant schnoz.

Anonymous 158622

super sexy, sauce on the artist?

Anonymous 158625

I work with a pathetic moid who is always trying to suicide bait, but I know he'll never do it because he's so fucking self obsessed. Everything that takes place at any point in human history revolves around him. Women especially were born just to pat him on the ass and tell him what a good boy he is for doing the bare minimum in life. He's so disgusting to me, like a giant screaming worm wriggling on the ground, shitting itself and crying. Maybe if you didn't treat everyone else like background characters in your feature film you'd actually have some friends, Brandon

Anonymous 158627


There’s an instagram account where I believe it’s one of the people who worked on the show documenting travels with a little orel puppet. It used to get like ~400 likes a picture and now it’s recently gone up to like 10k. It’s awesome

Anonymous 158629

No problem at all! I'm very glad to have introduced a fellow anon to such a good show! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series and his streams :)

Anonymous 158630

Men lack all self awareness, they are socialized to take up space and resource without regard for anyone else.

Anonymous 158631

if they want to they can report you to your internet provider and say you were posting CP and get your home raided and electronics taken away.

same thing happened to the owner of tvch he never got his stuff back and he was never charged with anything.

Anonymous 158632

It's supposed to be a seven dollar sixty four page book, two 28 page sections dedicated to mtdd and kbdd and a five page kbddmt gag-4-koma section at the end. Released sometime next Summer ComiKet. I've already mapped out the MetaDedede section which was easy, just your simple saccharine character X learns to express affection with character Y, it fits both characters well. However, the kbdd section is what I'm having trouble deciding on. I have one where it's Kirby getting sick and Dedede coming to take care of her but that feels bland and doesn't really have a proper start, middle, and end with little conflict to add anything to the plot. It's harder to write something with your faves since you have so many ideas and want to make sure it's perfect. I've been reading other doujinshi and re-playing some games to get some inspo but I'm blocked, so I'm just going to focus on the mtdd section until something comes to me for the kbdd section. It's my first long doujin compared to my last two (three if you count an antholo submission) so I want it to be perfect. But it's hard to come up with story ideas that are simple, captivating and can fit within an 28 page A5 Monochrome format.
He looks like a pedophilic ugly loser and should kill himself. I'd kill myself if I woke up that dishevelled and ugly.

Anonymous 158633

It's amazing how many moids this applies to. Was good friends with a guy for many years before he became this and had to cut him off like a diseased leech

Anonymous 158637

for me i just hate seeing men in general fictional or not but especially anime ones. i know the appeal is that guys like that dont actually exist irl but for me it just pisses me off even more. i am androhomophobic as well. i dont want any male happy much less with one another, yuck. but i dont actually hate fujos themselves i just dislike their interest but i respect them as people, i mean i understand the principle and all gay moid media is just not for me, so not for me that its almost like it was made in perfection to piss me off scare and disgust me.

Anonymous 158639

how are you gonna do that with an ip address nona

Anonymous 158640

I don't think that's a thing where I am

Anonymous 158641

It's so cool that you're making content of your faves. I hope I can be that creative someday! And I hope also that your doujin goes well. Surely you'll get a flash of a story idea soon. Until then just keep drawing and take it easy

Anonymous 158642

I will find a way

Anonymous 158644

she's gonna send sweets to every house within the radius

Anonymous 158646

I really love the dark crystal theme. I want it for LC if it ever comes back.

Anonymous 158647

Oh um. Oh well everyone will get sweets then. My plan to give you all the beetus

Anonymous 158649

But I don't want to be in a relationship at all for the love of God. It sounds like being trapped, and inevitably extremely annoying

Anonymous 158651

Well living with 99% of people would be breathtakingly annoying.

Anonymous 158652


this is so cute!!! thanks!

Anonymous 158653

This is why.

Anonymous 158655

Moids: women should be hyper-sexual beings who worship us lol

Fujos: exist


Anonymous 158656

the basic or (old) one? i like the old one more, i hate the diagonal lines as a design choice for a background personally

Anonymous 158657

I’m glad to share it!! The comments are a delight to read too. He responds to some

Anonymous 158659


On a normal day I'd be mocking fujos but things are a bit too humorless for my taste, so here, rusame

Anonymous 158660


I don't think gay men want women to worship them in a sexual sense. Straight (young) men often find the idea of women liking porn/hentai attractive.

Anonymous 158664


Does anybody have any photos of guys playing chess and flirting? (Anime, not real)

Anonymous 158665

It’s hot anime guys tho they hate it

Anonymous 158666

Who cares what gay men want? They're walking lumps of misogyny vaguely shaped like humans

Anonymous 158670


I don't care what they want, I like yaoi. I'm just saying I don't think they want to be sexualized by people they don't find attractive, like anybody

Anonymous 158671

What u guys even about. I don't worship moids these are cartoon men that act like women aka perfect men aka fictional

Anonymous 158672

Oh alright, that's legit. I guess I had a kneejerk reaction to your post since irl gay men have been the worst to me. Carry on nona

Anonymous 158673

I went to a girl's birthday drinks that I worked with a few years ago and I don't know why I still go to the things she invites me to. She's pretty pathetic and fails so hard at life but you can't even feel bad for her because she's petty and shallow and doesn't really seem like a well rounded person with bad luck. Every event she hosts she invites several people and about 1/10th actually show up. Part of me knows this which is why I guess I go. She also invited this guy she's known for a decade who she mentioned to me while we were alone that she's been in love with him the whole time and wants to have his kids, and that they've slept together before but he's not really expressed any romantic interest in her.
As a side note, when we worked together there was a male coworker of ours who asked out my manager, who rejected him, then he did the same to me and I also rejected, and then he moved onto her, we both told her he's her third option and seems like an ass, but she started sleeping with him anyway. He wanted to keep it under wraps but she was really open about it. He ended up moving away but it was pretty obvious he was using her for sex before he left.

But this guy she's been in love with clearly has no feelings for her. He had to leave early tonight for work and she got our mutual friend at the table to text him (he didn't have her number beforehand) and say "you should've gone home with (birthday girl) tonight and ditched work (wink face emoji)"

I wish I was joking. He then messages birthday girl and light-heartedly tells her not to get her friends to message her. He also says he can see her next time she's in town, but isn't flirty, or seemed to really want to talk to her. It was so embarrassing.
I can see why men don't like her, she doesn't have much of a personality. She's clingy and controlling, she's bad at her job and in life. Very "live laugh love" on the walls of her house. Just bland. But she tries so hard to cling to men and never let go like they're the one thing that'll turn her life around, that'll make her feel whole. It's hard to watch. I think this will be the last time I go to one of her events because it was baaaaaad.

Oh, the worst part. I met him once before and both times he's sat next to me and playfully touched my arm while we talk, laughed at my jokes too hard and seemed to be somewhat interested. He's gross and I'm not attracted to him in the slightest, but I just find it even worse how obvious it is that he's not into her enough to flirt with me right in front of her.

Ok vent over that was just quite a weird night and I had to share.

Anonymous 158675

I mean, are you a gay man? Are you offended by the hot yaoiz? Leave.

Anonymous 158679

implying gay m*les = hot yaoi men

Anonymous 158683


Anonymous 158684

is it really over? is there hope?

Anonymous 158686


The males in maid outfits thread was such a treasure. I can't wait to have /m/ back.

Anonymous 158688

Patience nonette

Anonymous 158697

this isn't true. just because your IP is tied to a residence doesn't mean that YOU specifically were the person who accessed the site. IP addresses don't prove that you were the person who actually accessed the site because your public IP is shared with anyone else who uses an Internet connected device to browse the Internet from your location.

jokes on you my subnet is!

Anonymous 158703

samefagging to add that I don't know what tvch is but if that's a website then that's a whole different scenario.

Anonymous 158708


I'm not a tranny, but the obsession with trannies is fair. They raid here frequently and try to hand maiden for men while pretending like it is radfem. Aka an online version of what they do irl

Anonymous 158715


Anonymous 158848


this is ugly

Anonymous 158927


Oh man I missed you nonas this weekend

Anonymous 158961

griffithfags are the weeb counterpart to ezrafags

Anonymous 158996


i keep coming back here hoping there are cheers of lolcow’s return but here we are

Anonymous 159051

My reddit account got banned (red bar at top perma) for asking if there were any women-only lesbian subs

Anonymous 159053

The old one. I agree the striped background hurts my eyes.

Anonymous 159057


why are you talking to me like you know who i am

Anonymous 159061

I was wondering what the fuck happened

Anonymous 159064

I assume it’s because this thread is nowhere near bumplimit

Anonymous 159065


I miss lolcow I want to laugh at troons

Anonymous 159072

i sent admin a mail today but no answer yet

Anonymous 159074


Anonymous 159076

there was some talk about an anon wanting to make an imageboard earlier this year after being banned or during the bunker times or something like that, but i guess they werent passionate enough and it was out of spite kek.
im sort of sad, i gave them a bunch of ideas here and there because i really wanted it to happen. i would make my own and i do really want to but there is just no way i will ever be capable of learning how to code a website let alone moderate it and finance the domain and such for a prolonged amount of time. oh well

Anonymous 159078

There's only some 50 messages left?

Anonymous 159088

I mean, it was obvious. One of the reasons many of us don't come to this shithole, plus they don't fucking ban the tranny avatarfag

Anonymous 159090

This gif makes me very uncomfortable

Anonymous 159097

calm down anon it's just drawings… take a deep breath he's not real

Anonymous 159101

I met online a new woman who I had a blast with. But as soon as she told me, that she was on a art school, I asked her about her views on troons, and she is a handmaiden.
Why! I hoped to find a new good friend I can play with, but oh no, she had to be a trans friend. I am so sad right now. Urgh!
But we had still fun and I can play with her some games. But never can she see my true self. It is super sad.

Anonymous 159107


cope seethe and dilate

Anonymous 159109

Retarded tranny quit namefagging before accusing others of carrying your disease

Anonymous 159112

I went to Art school and I'm not a handmaiden

Then again it was before the troon cultural disease

Anonymous 159115

>my true self
you don't have to make politics your personality

Anonymous 159120

sadly the discord isn't safe either even back when it was opened

Anonymous 159136


by the way, why is the catalog snowing when it's only septemeber?

Anonymous 159154

why lolcow admin is completely silent? even KF's owner put up a message the first time his site was ddosed by keffals to keep users informed

Anonymous 159157

kek this is actually true, helsinkis I see you

Anonymous 159160


Bored, I've been doing some research on lolcow's provider and it turns out that they describe themselves as a "free-speech friendly offshore hosting company". This aligns with nulls message earlier in the week (pic related).

Makes me think that they caved and brought lolcow down with KF unfortunately.

Anonymous 159165


Asougi anon from the thread that got deleted… If you're the anon who started playing TGAAC because of the husbando thread, I would love to hear your thoughts about the game so far !! (I'm not the original Mr.Legs anon I'm just curious)

Anonymous 159167

Bc she doesn't give a shit. Maybe she just took the site offline

Anonymous 159172

I'm starting to think that the site is gone and the admin is just like well it was an anonymous message board anyway so whatever.

Anonymous 159175

what if lolcow is down bc the schizoposter who kept writing secret messages that admin is a tranny is right

Anonymous 159177


Did he really say this??

Anonymous 159179

i miss the tinfoil threads. I need to schizopost, but the x board here is too depressing. Miners who frequent the unalive thread there, I wish you all better days to come.

Anonymous 159180


whoever makes the next thread please don't post the aggie link in the op here

Anonymous 159182

also there’s no clarity in the LC discord, the mods there used to be able to tell us what was going on but there’s absolutely no message from them at all

Anonymous 159183

the last movie i watched was actually Don't Look Up, and it was waaaaaaay better than i expected, having seen the online reactions to it when it came out.

Anonymous 159187

i really hope you're wrong, the thought of that makes me feel sick. why would she become admin if she would do that? it's not even like she couldn't cover fees or whatever, the ko-fi was generously donated to

Anonymous 159192

based husbando

Anonymous 159193

Oh, did you get spam?

Anonymous 159196

ShotType1_540x540 …

The whole lc situation really makes me think if I should try becoming a turbonormie, but after being an introverted neet for so long…
I hope you anons are having a good day or evening. How are you doing?
I really miss all of the husbando threads on /g/. I remember i tried checking yumejo threads on fujochan but they were full of underage vtuber fans.

Anonymous 159200

why are so many posts deleted, its hard to read any conversation in here

Anonymous 159203

I agree it’s been over 24 hours and nothing has been said. We’re doomed girls.

Anonymous 159207

I sent an email directly to the admin, not the admin email so let's hope this works. They've responded to me once after I was accidentally banned in a raid crossfire.

Anonymous 159208

i know nona, don't worry

Anonymous 159213

That's good nona, I feel so lost here

Anonymous 159217

holy shit i just went to find this tweet and yes, he actually said that. what the hell is happening?

Anonymous 159219

he did. trannies going mask-off with the racism lol

Anonymous 159221

my jaw is on the floor. if this isn't peaking people i don't know what will

Anonymous 159223

do you not remember the break down of /ot/ back in february or so? We went without any communcation for 2 weeks, this is nothing from our admin(s). Still her lack of communcation sucks.

Anonymous 159224

Na I mean my dark jokes and I have to be careful what I say. That I mean with true self, you always have to be a litle bit more careful.

As far as I know art school full if troons and handmaidens these days. But maybe it depens on the country.

Anonymous 159225

Maybe admin isn't technical so she pays someone to assist her? Maybe that's why we've heard nothing over the weekend? I'm staying positive

Anonymous 159232

If threads are deleted when and if it does come back I'm going to be so sad. I like screenshotting the funny or memorable exchanges I've had in the threads and I haven't gotten the chance to screenshot most of them yet :( I have them all bookmarked and I've been meaning too but haven't got around to it yet.

Anonymous 159234


Anonymous 159235

it's a moid artist that makes 99% porn of women. this is the only good image he's made. though ig you could check the /wsr/ archive using the image hash

Anonymous 159238

i'm thinking she attempted maintenance on friday and something fucked up and she just didn't feel like dealing with it over the weekend. at least fingers crossed that it's something like that

Anonymous 159239

Somehow I’m not surprised. Mentally ill men always have the craziest racist takes

Anonymous 159244

sorry for the doublepost. for some reason my post went weird

Anonymous 159247


…aand mods deleted proof of banning me for making fun of chestplate sensei

Anonymous 159254

Everything looks so expensive in Finland

Anonymous 159255

Anonymous 159263

Let’s just hope they’re updating the site.

Anonymous 159265


stunning and brave

Anonymous 159267

How did you get this if the site is down?

Anonymous 159271

This is a screenshot from Crystal Cafe, not Lolcow. Lolcow wouldn't ban me for making fun of trannies

Anonymous 159272

let us know if she ever gets back to you

Anonymous 159280

Are these actual implants or just some kind of prosthetic?

Anonymous 159284

You were probably banned bc the gif was grotesque

Anonymous 159287

Then the mods could've specified that cartoon silicone violence is triggering and banned me for a more reasonable amount of time

Anonymous 159288

Amazon apparently. A nonner in the mtf thread posting a screenshot of the same breastplate available online

Anonymous 160496

It's been snowing since last holidays.

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