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CC Natives Superthread Anonymous 158723

I cant tell who the cc natives are anymore! This thread is so we don't lose track of each other. How have you been the last few days ? General discussion zone and cow observation deck

Anonymous 158734


Never visited lolcow farm. They seem annoying and I hope they go away soon. (not racis just don't loik 'em)

Anonymous 158748

Respect your roots

Anonymous 158790

I actually think this place is damn funny now, and wish they would just integrate better and leave the humor and the yaoi here for good it's so refreshing

Anonymous 158812

Yeah I like that this board has been more lively, I'm having fun on the LC threads, I think I may start posting on it when it comes back.

Anonymous 158840

I always try but I am overwhelmed by how fast the vibe in ot changes, the raids, the drama, sometimes I think it's too big for its own good and they need more boards

Anonymous 159055

Farmers are so fucking annoying. Why do so many of them hate yaoi, am i missing something?

Anonymous 159063

I love you CC sisters

Anonymous 159070

I don't think it's that many but we have at least one anon who does and brings it up often, others are critical of it because so many ftm are fujo, but I dunno what's up with just all the rage over just some BL illustrations, that's a bit unusual and suspicious.

Anonymous 159094

The way you're describing it, liking BL and not liking BL are both suspicious behaviors

Anonymous 159102

I meant that being enraged by the sigh of a few BL illustrations, that weren't even that graphic, is suspicious.

Anonymous 159108

It's puritanical is what it is

Anonymous 159116


Lost cc anon wandered into my home and started destroying my furniture someone claim her

Anonymous 159121

I use both cc and lc but the lc refugees are annoying the shit out of me. I never realized how many obnoxious/underage uses we had before this shit. I hate the cattiness from the obvious /snow/ and /pt/ users, cc was always such a nice and comfy alternative despite the pick mes we get here. Once lc is up I'll probably use it much less just out of spite tbh. I was never terminally online in the first place, so it's not like I was there everyday, I usually check imageboards once every few weeks unless I'm really bored. This shit made me appreciate miners so much more, I can't stand the sperging.

Anonymous 159140

I used cc for a year straight in 2019 and back then I felt like the lone reporting wolf because there was a lot of porn spam daily. Don't know if I'd call myself a native.
I also noticed this sad shift in lc's population though. I notice a lot of twitter-like genderspecial communities mention lc, and I just know they all secretly browse it. The non-cow boards can still be alright, but I fear for lc's future.

Anonymous 159162

yeah idk, CC has always been the perfect balance of kindness and nastiness. a perfect scale. lc is such a pit of crabs in a bucket lmao, very bad juju

Anonymous 159190

I had never heard of this site until LC went down. And I just want to say to all of the natives I am so sorry that there are so many anons from there being so awful on here. There was a lot of complaints about kiwi farms users coming in and being rude and crapping up the threads. And I feel like a bunch of the users from LC are being hypocrites and doing the same thing to you guys. CC seems like a really nice site and I like that you guys use the word comfy to describe it and I am super sorry so many LC users are making it uncomfy.

Anonymous 159294

Oh please, we had a relatively thriving yaoi thread and like 5 different husbando threads. Some farmers even created a new fujo chan.

Anonymous 159310

Let's not act like fujo and yume sperging doesn't happen on like every other thread on /g/ they're called containment threads for a reason, most farmers are too normie for them and start arguing and bitching

Anonymous 159328

I feel like I've come home to CC. I found LC first via searching for Pixielocks, but once I saw CC mentioned on LC I came right over. It's only in the last year or so (whenever that whole issue was with new threads being frozen on CC) that I went fully over to LC. It's so much calmer and nicer over here, I think I'm going to stay again even when LC comes back online.

Anonymous 159356

The Farmers are just consistently shitting things up, feels bad, it's like making eye contact with a visibly mentally ill homeless person and knowing things from this point on are going to get worse

Anonymous 159387

>thread for miners
>devolves into intense fujo debates only 3 hours later
classic, never change cc

Anonymous 159394

same, and me too

Anonymous 159399

Why does italmost feel like a moid raid half the time?

Anonymous 159405

>kiwifarms isn't working properly
>they all migrate to lc's /snow/ and make containment threads
>lc stops working
>cc gets an influx of both kfags and lc users
there you have it nonner

Anonymous 159447

images (22).jpeg

Me. Im a proud cc native.

Anonymous 159487



Anonymous 159536

Except they weren't called containment threads. You are talking about 3dpd threads like dano and driver.
And aside from threads on /m/ and /g/, it was normal on /ot/ threads like the shitpost one.

Cope. CC never had a husbando smell thread.

Vive le Québec libre 159610

I want them to leave

Anonymous 159758

I use both websites, so I'm finding the crossover entertaining. The main thing thats annoying is having all the different boards of lolcow thrown together in one thread and arguing. I usually just lurk on /m/ and /ot/, which are more similar to CC.

Anonymous 159779

I've been fine but I'm worried about KF and LC losers migrating to other places

Anonymous 159801

i've been pretty good these past few days. weird to see everything on here so active now.

Anonymous 160318

I use both but it kind of sucks that the most active threads in cc now are ones that relate to LC and gender topics. I know that before the LC invasion gender topics was the most bumped/active thread as well.
I know that lc is mostly bitter but cc was my happy place in a way so it’s a bit jarring to see the bitterness of LC here.

Anonymous 160350

Wish they wouldn't whine about wanting to post something and just post it, in the bunker threads or on media. I use both sites, I hate how slow it is here, but I do like how the mods aren't afraid to just straight up delete stuff.

Anonymous 160370

When /m/ and /ot/ broke in February nonas made "bunker" threads on /g/. Same thing. They realized that they liked the vibe in those threads so they are actually enjoying all the boards being mashed together into a single thread here.

fujochan was created by an anon in the fujoposting thread on 4chan's /trash/, not by a farmer.


"Farmers" are hardly a monolith. There's a lot of fujos, a lot of yumes, and a some of both hate each other but the rest respects each other. Outside of these two groups there's lesbians who just hate anything related to males including anime ones. There's also the more normie posters who tend to stick to the drama boards and recently came from TikTok/Twitter/etc. who shame others for liking 2D men. There are some farmers who are simply critical of yaoi but don't necessarily hate it. And there's two or three spergs who hate fujos and yaoi so much that they always start infights whenever someone posts anything even tangentially related to it. There's also some yaoi spammers who start spamming when a male replies or makes a thread on /ot/ instead of ignoring, reporting and hiding the thread, which makes a lot of farmers hate these annoying spammers and by extension some of them have grown to hate yaoi as well.

Anonymous 160442


CC is my home

Anonymous 160482

Is lolcow back? Do I have my comfy CC back now?

Anonymous 160500


I wonder if we'll become permanently fixed to our own bunker threads

Anonymous 160509

I'm sorry I don't know what this means

Anonymous 160518

It means what if lc never goes back up! I could get used to this but idk what kind of moid raids will follow cows here

Anonymous 160534

Oh sorry I'm dumb

Anonymous 160539


it's odd seeing the site so active
i haven't been on much due to work so I hadn't even realized that lolcow was down, next thing i know there's like 5 full bunker threads.
is cc going to get a dedicated lolcow board i wonder? it would contain them, but it could also get us taken down like kf was.

Anonymous 160546

But posting doxx and cow-focused threads are banned here so they'd have to behave, their snow threads would get axed

Anonymous 161373

I'm a lolcow native but can I stay here with you miners? Lolcow is so mean they're already sperging in the LC threads about how much they hate CC after shitting it up for the weekend, all they do is argue and get snarky with eachother. I miss when it was still somewhat nice :(

Anonymous 161378

When was that

Anonymous 161379

kek i'm asking the same question as a lolcow native of like 8 years now myself

Anonymous 161380

Well it seemed a little nicer a few years ago, the cow threads were always mean though.

Anonymous 161424

Yes, stick around, nona. I agree. I hate how they act like being mean for it's own sake is cool when it's actually just very boring.

Anonymous 161439

You can stay and you are welcome if true

Anonymous 161444


Aww thank you sweet Nonnita, everyone is so nice here <3

Anonymous 161449

>all they do is argue and get snarky with eachother
And then they have the audacity to say this is somehow better than having a nice and comfy environment kek. It's fine if they prefer a more chaotic site to get their adrenaline rush but that's not an objective measure of quality. They also think just because miners aren't always at each other's throats here, they're all trannies faking femininity.
When they tried bullying the locals in the bunker threads, they got told to shut up by other farmers. But now that they're back on their site, they are the ones dogpiling on anyone who has an even remotely positive opinion on crystal.cafe.

Anonymous 161450

, cc also has an active lc hate thread too. you can't win anywhere. there will always be anons who don't like lc, and anons who don't like cc.

Anonymous 161451

Most places on the internet are fast paced, chaotic and aggressive. CC isn't perfect, but to me CC is one of the only sites that isn't those things yet still not completely dead or moid filled.
>They also think just because miners aren't always at each other's throats here, they're all trannies faking femininity.
This one honestly makes me lose hope in making friends with other women sometimes.

Anonymous 161457

>This one honestly makes me lose hope in making friends with other women sometimes.
Women are socialized to be nice to everyone (that's why so many are tranny defenders, cape for horrible males, or stay with their tranny husbands) and this is something farmers agree with, so I don't know why they keep insisting that all women are or must be catty and aggressive assholes like them.
This place does have a lot of moids though so we should do something about that. A little peer pressure goes a long way.

Anonymous 161465

I hope the nice schizos and spammers stay, it gets lonely being retarded sometimes.

Anonymous 161469

I'm staying here. Seeing the behaviour of some of the other farmers in the threads was sad. It's common decency to integrate and show respect to another image board if you're using it as a bunker. I guess it shows how far LC has fallen. CC is way more relaxed and reminds me of LC before it was invaded by underage twitterfags.

Anonymous 161475

I originated from CC and left for LC as it is more active, maybe after this I try to visit here more often again.

Anonymous 195767

I don't know if threads get cleaned up, auto deleted, or exist forever but half of the most recent threads are bunkerchans.

Anonymous 195890

I feel kinda bad. We might be using CC as a bunker for a while, I'd have if /b/ just got overrun with bunker threads.

Anonymous 195954

Why does their site go down so often, and why do they always come here when it does?

Anonymous 195962

Because CC is the only other imageboard for women and fairly well known among the LC userbase.

Anonymous 195999

CC is dead anyways so who cares

Anonymous 196074

since we're all here and lc shut down… where is the boys love thread anyway… i cant find it anywhere

Anonymous 196370

nta but I find this painting so sensual. I wonder if that was intentional

Anonymous 196397

Slower sites aren't a bad thing, unless you're an adhd zoomie

Anonymous 196409


not on lc, on here

Anonymous 196484


nta im not zoomie but i def have ruined my brain with my social media addiction and algorithm

Anonymous 196859

I just have no friends

Anonymous 197052


i use both sites the same amount really.

Anonymous 197651


If lolcow anons decide to stay here I hope they integrate and don't bring all their infighting and all the general threads they have.

Anonymous 198373

Because they suck

Anonymous 198379

there are no c.c natives. you were all born of lolcow. i watched the birth of c.c from there myself.

Anonymous 198403

then there are no lolcow natives, they were all born from 4chan, who were all born from 2chan

Anonymous 198408

you forgot stamina rose. somethingawful could also be in there.

Anonymous 198604

Remembering our roots. How lovely. Don’t turn this into a race war though

Anonymous 198737

What would you call a CC native? I've used CC a lot as soon as it started, stopped at some point years ago because of the male users shitting up the place, but I've discovered CC because of the anons on LC talking about creating it so I'm one of the first users. I'm only back here because of the whole mess going on with LC right now.

Anonymous 198755

I'm on the exact same boat. I was even a part of the mascot contest.

Anonymous 198764

Anonymous 198777

That's really interesting what was the thought process/ start of cc like?

Anonymous 198803


I don't even remember very well because it was a long time ago. But anons were talking about having an alternative to LC but without the cows, something that would be equivalent to /ot/, /g/ and /m/ but with a more positive atmosphere. A lot of anons thought it could be a good idea, me included. Anons were talking about creating a mascot as >>198755 just said, and were giving opinions and advice here and on LC at the very beginning. I remember a few months after CC started a bunch of anons here would start entire threads instead of using existing threads dealing with the exact same topics (especially on /feels/ when it was full of "muh bf don't like me boohoo" threads with 3 replies every fucking time), it felt very disorganized and I left when shit talking trannies wasn't allowed and obvious trannies were posting and not being shut down immediately. At some point I tried to come back and saw there was a captcha for new posts and I left again very quickly.

Anonymous 198813

I was not used to the general thread style lolcow has before I used it but I really prefer it now

Anonymous 198894

i made a few original banners on here. (weebshit)

Anonymous 198978

I remember starting a few general threads at the very beginning.

Anonymous 199067

anyone remember when spoony was posting here? she was sperging out about shadowing at lush and also posting about her alleged 30K£ for furnishing her and her boyfriend's expensive apartment.

Anonymous 199458

Hmm, well I remember the Girl Imageboard thread on /ot/ (or was it on /g/?) I remember the OP thread pic had weird My Little Pony human looking girls with bald heads having a slumber party or something. I lurked it, gave a few suggestions, remembered people saying they wanted a more comfy cozy atmosphere and to deter the gossip addicts so we wouldn’t get Crabs in a Bucket users nitpicking and infighting. Hence why drama isn’t allowed to be posted here. Also discussions of which boards to make. The traffic was so slow so there weren’t that many. And I remember the mascot creation discussion plus the “Miners” cutesy nicknames to give to users instead of “Farmers”.
The beginning had good threads and the catalog here wasn’t too crowded. But then scrotes ruin everything and it gained traction on 4chin, specifically /r9k/ where incels and trannoids lurk, LARP, and raid. And since it gained attention there, CC got posted in other small IBs where they call for raids all the time. Moderation is too slow to clean it up quickly unfortunately. I come back here every so often but noticed /feels/ has the same regurgitated threads posted ad nauseum. It’s best to just have generals imo.

Anonymous 199466

Pretty sure they get deleted if the poster is outed as a male. But otherwise, threads exist forever

Anonymous 199473

How are Cc used holding up rn? Are you guys just chilling while the dumpster fire is going on haha

Anonymous 206145

It’s a but upsetting bitter and angry responses everywhere

Anonymous 206318

I keep getting excited about all the activity and then disappointed when I realize it's all lc stuff.

Anonymous 206323


I, for one, hope we can co-exist. Some minors will go to the farm after this and some farmers will stay go to the mines.

Anonymous 206333

Things are kind of up in the air. So far as I know, the current admin is looking for someone to take it off her hands because of the backlash. I can't blame here completely. Shaymin was an objectively negligent administrator, but it really is a thankless job with no pay at the end of the day. I heard Shaymin was having good results with her search, so I doubt Lolcow will go down this time, but will get a new admin. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone who knows more.

Anonymous 206336

longtime farmer here. Ive never used cc before (tried in the past but couldn't really get into it) but when lolcow went down I immediately came here to see if anybody was talking about it. I stayed in the lolcow bunker thread and didn't post anywhere else so as to not shit up the site and annoy miners(?). Hope you guys can appreciate my effort.

Anonymous 206339

me too, but I do consider myself a CC native as I've stayed off lolcow ever since the birth of this place.
I occasionally check up on some old cows I liked (liked-liked, not hate-liked) like Venus.

Anonymous 206343

Yes, and then the old admin here and LC mod team/admin teamed up to ban her and it was a bit shitstorm because people were uncomfy about our data being cross-checked between sites. I'm glad they fixed it and dealt with it with transparency tbh.

Anonymous 206345

Screenshot 2022-12…

Sometime in the last several hours LC admin made it so farmcow.lol was useable (it used to be a mirrored version of the site, as in flipped backwards, and she reversed that.)

farmcow.lol wasn't affected by the botched upgrades so it's just like having lolcow back. Farmers just left the bunker thread to go post there.

Anonymous 206609

Yeah same here. The only threads getting attention are LC or ones where s say horrible stuff because of reasons

Anonymous 206629

What horrible stuff?

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