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Comfy Anonymous 15979

What does "comfy" mean to you?

I've only seen "comfy" used in this particular way since being more active on LC and CC the past few months and I really like it.

To me it means ease, relaxation, no fear of judgement, just chilling and no pressure to do or be very much.

Tell me ur comfy thoughts?

Anonymous 15984

I think I hate the word “comfy” because it reminds me of being an unwashed NEET desperately blocking out the world around me with computer games and torrented TV series.

More positive takes will be along shortly.

Anonymous 15985

lol agreed

Anonymous 15986

literally me

Anonymous 15988

I'm fine with
>ease, relaxation, no fear of judgment, just chilling
>no pressure to do or be very much
sounds like >>15984 said. Which also makes me think of pseudo self-care and enabling habits when people refuse to be uncomfortable.

To me it's the sense of warmth and security in being at home with no bra and sweatpants on. More physical than a mindset.

Anonymous 15991


Comfy makes me think of rainy days when I am home in bed, chilling, maybe playing some vidya or listening to music, and chatting with people i like.

Anonymous 15993

>To me it's the sense of warmth and security in being at home with no bra and sweatpants on.
Ive used the word to express good vibes in social circles. Everyone getting along and being good people. Enabling bad habits and encouraging people to not work on themselves isn't comfy, despite it feeling 'positive'.

Anonymous 16011

sitting at home while it's raining or snowing, lots of fluffy blankets, enjoying some tea and watching or drawing something new

cuddling with my dog or s/o as i'm about to fall asleep

passing through not very populated areas during long road trips with my good friends

that sort of thing, feeling truly calm and at ease but having that warm and fuzzy feeling inside as well. nothing better than that

Anonymous 21739


I am comfy right now. Laptop, laying in bed with the lights off and a latte scented candle with fresh and soft fuzzy blankets.

To me comfy means complete relaxation of the body and mind and being surrounded by calm relaxing things.

Anonymous 33948


Being able to relax after a full day of high anxiety, is comfy. So for me its finding pictures or games, maybe fixing my room. Just things to keep me busy until I get around to snuffing it all out.

Anonymous 33971

Resting my head on a lover's shoulder as we sit beneath an avocado tree in the late golden hour.

Wandering down a winter shore when tourists still are in bed with binoculars in one hand and a camera slung down the opposite shoulder.

Laughing with strangers over oriental beauty tea, since no one wanted to party during the after party.

I want to feel this way again, but I don't want to leave my room.

Anonymous 34389

There's nothing comfier than green tea, magical girl anime, purring cats, warm hugs, and home made floofy cinnamon pudding.

Anonymous 118914


Needing comfy thoughts and feelings again. I miss comfy times with girlfriends, like just watching movies and doing crafts and taking walks. I've moved a lot in the past few years and haven't made a new local female friend in a while.

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