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Gardening Anonymous 161516

>> Mary contrary how does your garden grow?
What are you growing?
What are your tips?
Favorite things? Least favorite?

Anonymous 161517

Been propagating sweet basil like a beast. Picked up some lemon basil cuttings. Thai basil was lost to sugar ants the second it started flowering. Will prepare better next year for that.

Anonymous 161537

I'm trying to make my mint plant grow but it seems to just keep dying and drying up with each passing day. This summer was unnecessary cruel but I need my mint tea

Anonymous 161538


When fields lie calm and wind stands still
Run home, run home
As the crows make night of the fading sun
Hide now, hide now

When the trees do bow, as if they weep
Stay down, stay down
Through its light beckons forth, a melody calls out
Too late, too late

Anonymous 161549

I’ve had the same problem. Have you tried a peppermint plant out of direct sunlight for some reason that’s been thriving where I am.

Anonymous 161550

That’s really cool anon! I remember chipmunks from when I was a kid. Little ground squirrels with their burrows. Has it been easy to grow all that?

Anonymous 161553

My brother is growing pumpkins and I planted a potato from the kitchen that was starting to grow a small stem. Both of them are doing pretty well. My brother has a lot more knowledge and experience gardening some I’m hoping to have him teach me more because gardening does interest me a lot and teaches me a lot about patience.

Anonymous 162410

Do you know what this sigil is for?

Anonymous 162484

I moved in with my bf, who I guess you could call a prepper, and we grow most of our own food. We've been harvesting winter crops for the last few weeks and preparing them for storage. I'm eating some right now since we got absolutely massive cauliflowers, easily 3x the weight of anything store-bought, and they make for delicious cauliflower cheese casseroles.

My number one tip is to avoid expensive pesticides, build a timber frame and use camping magnetic strips to make anti-pest cloth hoods for your plots of any size that are miles more effective, won't be blown down in the wind, can be easily removed for harvest and maintenance, and only need bits replaced every 6 months or so for about $5 of material.

My favourite thing is caring for the crops every day by hand watering, inspecting and keeping them healthy. Weirdly it gives me babymaking brooding feels.

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