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Anonymous 162750

Post a celebrity you really wished you looked like.

Anonymous 162760


There’s a vegan youtuber who looks a bit like her and it makes me jealous every time I see her stupid cooking ideas pop up.

Anonymous 162765

A famous e-girl. Not gonna post her because it’s cringe.

Anonymous 162769

Oh my god I love that youtuber girl! She is so pretty and she seems really nice

Anonymous 162770

Yeah, she seems sweet, but we all know she only gets views because she’s pretty. I mean, marinated watermelon? Really?

Anonymous 162771


Kat Dennings is a mega babe

Anonymous 162779

It sounds yummy to me but I have a weird pallate.

Anonymous 162781


Sophia Lillis
She is cute
Ciara Horan would be my guess, I wish I looked like her sometimes
Her fashion sense kinda sucks

Anonymous 162786

Oh no it’s not Ciara. Truthfully I never found her that attractive and she wasn’t very famous outside of r9k I don’t think.

Anonymous 162787


Wish I looked like Lauren. Wish I had bigger boobs and a twin too.

Anonymous 162809



Rose Namajunas

Anonymous 162857

Threads like these are a bad idea

Anonymous 162884


Otherwise I would like to look like me. It would be wierd to be anyone else. Would like to dye the end of my hair blue though.

Anonymous 162899

>she is also heterosexual and based.
Sophia and ciara both look(ed) perpetually 14. Nah.

Anonymous 162901

She looks like she was drawn by Ryoko Ikeda. Like she has manly features but still looks very feminine and beautiful.

The girl on the right has nice makeup.

Anonymous 162926

clara-bow-eight (1…

Anonymous 162930


Anonymous 162942


Anonymous 162960

Adriana is peak pretty. Complete win of the genetic lottery.

Anonymous 162963

She’s too pretty, almost to the point she becomes generic. It’s like one of those 3D renders or INVU characters. Everything is too perfect so your brain doesn’t register it as a real person.

Anonymous 162965


If I was gonna nitpick and be petty I’d say her worst feature is really her torso. Her waist is too wide and her hip to waist ratio is almost nonexistent so she’s built like a brick, her boobs are a little too small for her frame too, I think she stuffed her bra at certain times like here>>162942

Facially though, she was 9-10/10 for sure.

Anonymous 162968

Looks like a fucking troon

Anonymous 162976


More muscular, slim, young and with a pretty smile.

Anonymous 162979

based, wish I looked like this

Anonymous 162984

Don't dox me like this

Anonymous 162988

I often see people say that, but it's only true in pictures. You look at perfect people like Adriana and think they're generic, but when you see them in real life i can assure you that they blow your mind with their beauty and they certainly don't look generic because to witness this kind of beauty IRL is surreal. I've seen my fair share of models.

Anonymous 162995


Based Clara Bow. I would love to look like Louise Brooks, myself.

Anonymous 162998

This is true. We are desensitized to beautiful people because we see them so often online. Many times the people in the pictures don't even look like that. Adriana genuinely looks better in unedited pictures.

Anonymous 163903


Tina Fey. She’s just a slightly prettier version of me really. We have the same mistakes in pictures n shit (weird awkward smile, slightly undone hair) but she pulls it off better somehow. Being funny can do you a lot of justice.

Anonymous 163929


I love this look
I wish it would come back.

Anonymous 163930

Oh that look is back, you just won't like where it is back at.

Anonymous 225380


Anonymous 225386


alexa demie, i think she's pretty with light, bold, and no makeup too

Anonymous 225388

joan with short ha…

Joan Crawford with short hair is the pinnacle of beauty to me. I wish I could pull off this haircut, but I'm too insecure about my big forehead.

Anonymous 225627

clown makeup

Anonymous 225628

I wouldn't say it's bad, but the shiny nose trend in makeup is rather goofy looking though

Anonymous 225632


that too but the worst thing that struck me was the lipstick, it reminds me of the Joker or that one monster in X-Files lmao

Anonymous 225645


a darker skin version of this, clear skin, pinker lips, silky straight hair, lifted face

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