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Pinkpill thread #13 Anonymous 163277

Curing the moid plague edition.

Last thread >>147993

Anonymous 163278

>not all men

All men have fantasized about raping a woman or child before. Literally all of them. You saw the survey yourself. 1/3 of men admit they would rape if they wouldn’t get caught and that’s lowballing. Real stat is probably double that at least. Age of consent in the US used to be 7-10 years old in the 1880s.

Rape during warfare is extremely widespread. Studies show half of men achieve erections when looking at pictures of nude prepubescent children aka they’re literally pedophiles. 1 in 7 to 1 in 16 men have admitted to raping someone. But not all men you say. LMAO.


Do trannies not realize that caping for moids like redditor mras is male AF? Trooncels lmfao



You were "not all"ing and giving anecdotes supporting how you think most moids aren't sex pests in the last thread. Do you think we're all pea brains like you?


>jerks off to femboy shota
>Desperately defending moids
>bragging about all the lesbians he hangs out with
>Mommy please give me milkies please have sex with me

Very womanly behavior not at all similar to your average XY redditor.


If no group is a monolith what do you think makes you a "woman"?



>Generalizes men as gross
>Butthurt when women generalize men as gross

Why can't you prove your own point by being the exception? You can't say shit to radfems about generalizing men when you yourself formed your identity around stereotypes. Even more ironic that you're defending men tbh.

Anonymous 163315

Not to mention saying it's only black men when thats provable false kek. Unironically scortoid started doing the whole "Muh moids built civilization you need us!" when it was pointed out how violent and society destroying they are while trying to pin it all on one race. Broken chromosome.


It's your faulty Y chromosome and your rape chimp ancestors. All males of virtually every species have the same basic programming to cum indiscriminately and rape.
Male "socialization" is a product of their biology. A biology you will never escape from. You even sound male through text.

Go back to jerking off to hentai and die alone and without a legacy as one of countless failedmales. Your attempt at reproductive relevancy (identifying into womanhood) is just pathetic and annoying.


Yikes it's almost like you know you're a man and me being a radfem pisses you off no matter how much you claim to be a female.


White moids fantasize about recreating this daily but are too spoiled by luxury goods to fight to enslave women again. You're not any better, you're just more domesticated. We still hate you want want you to die cooming in your funko pop hovel.

Anonymous 163326

yeah, his kind made me a TERF tbh.
used to be the wokie kind of dyke.
found out that all they want is to get sex and are willing to lie about their feels to get it, just like straight men probably would.
too many times.
never again.


You can't escape your male biology, that's not really my problem.
Trannies are just coping failedmales at the end of the day. You're both going to die irrelevant but at least you pretended to be something better in life.

Anonymous 163334

>men gave you rights
Red flag.


Spoken like a true moid, the passive aggressive threats and all.
Because moid chattel like yourself are useless in a post industrial society. It's better off for everyone that you just live consooming product. You're no longer needed to die in wars or toil in fields.
We have an overabundance of useless men who are self-soothing with videogames, porn, and estrogen while the world moves on.

Anonymous 163343

>Well yeah men did vote to let women vote, that's just history. It's not saying it's good.
Doesn’t mean that they ”””gave””” women rights in a vacuum. Men didn’t give women shit, women took it.


I love you how pretend to be a woman while threatening women with male violence and bragging about how enslaved women didn't invent products for you to consume.

All males, including yourself, are quick to anger, possessive, violent rapist chimps who don't like being controlled by women. White moids were raping, enslaving, and worshiping regressive patriarchal gods for most of history. Put a little consoomer pacifier in their mouths and they start losing their will to chimp as much. The whole world is going in this direction. Moids are too volatile, destructive ,and stupid to be useful in any meaningful future. You can jerk off in a dress and pretend like you matter though. The male in you still jumps out every time a woman doesn't submit to your bullshit though lol. Won't be long before your dead and forgotten tho.

Anonymous 163345

Becoming an electrician isn’t rocket science lmao. Women can easily be trained in that field if they want to, and with half the worlds population genocided we would have to use way less energy anyway.

Anonymous 163346

> We have an overabundance of useless men who are self-soothing with videogames, porn, and estrogen while the world moves on.
Yesssss. Go off ma’am.


I love when males invent technology that allows for more failedmales to subsist and die irrelevantly in their air conditioned coom hovels tbh

Anonymous 163350

Why should women do menial dirty work like that? Only moid slaves should do such lowly tasks.


My theory that all trannies are MRA redditors has yet to been proven wrong.

Anonymous 163355

Guns became an equalizer. We don’t rely on upper body strength to fight anymore. 90lb Kurdish girls are shooting dead rapey terrorist scrotes.

Anonymous 163356

You macho ass faggots never hired me as a construction worker. Fuck off.

Anonymous 163362

White men are pathetic cuckolds who gave their black bulls the right to vote before their own women lmfao

Anonymous 163364

Are you sniffing glue?

Anonymous 163366

All Men Are Faggots


'im one of the good twannies uwu'
Please die as soon as possible


Remember when the daily stormer collapsed in on itself because the founder hated white women so much he went to bat for non-white rapists because he thinks all women are evil whores who lie about interracial rape?
Just lol men can't stop being faggots even when they're form their whole identities around hating a group of men. They'd rather suck them off than admit women have any grievances whatsoever.

To any tradthot pickmes reading this, racist white moids will side with their enemies before they will give you even the most insignificant amount of acknowledgement.



>Be a man
>Paid barely livable wage to plunge the shit out of a radical feminist's toilet
Sounds like men are the retards here.


I can tell you right now you don't need an IQ higher than 80 to be a plumber or a car mechanic. The reason women don't do these jobs is because we don't want to, simple as.

Anonymous 163380

>are plumbers
>leave skidmarks because they don’t wipe
>are cooks
>never cook at home
>are garbage men
>hoard filth inside their own houses
Women can do your jobs, and more. Much more.

Anonymous 163383

> Scrotes think they're smarter because women were prevented them from gaining an education because it was 'unnecessary' because they were treated as mens possessions by scrotes.
> Even then some pretend to be men and become respected doctors, heroes, authors, etc.
> Years of male propaganda including bastardising old religions to claim women are lesser.
> Scrotes cope about reproductive anxiety by claiming that actually man created humanity via god and not women via giving birth to pretend they are necessary and to cope about why their retard violence should be ignored.
> Women fight for their rights and begin to outcompete men in academic fields even with social bias from society being raised for thousands of years on scrote coddling propaganda.
> Cue scrote breakdowns about muh moid built society favouring women, the game they rigged and still losing at it.
KEK. Stay losing scrotes.

Anonymous 163385

I can’t hear you over the sound of dingleberries crumbling between your unwashed cheeks.

Anonymous 163386

>Cope about diversity quotas
>Women outcompete men academically
Okay diversity quota XY. You're like a retard who is the smartest in a special class then claiming they are the smartest person in school. Yeah, in a class of retards. When you let the smart people in aka women, you get outcompeted and your womb envy manifests in the plague of troons we have now retard coomer degenerates.

Anonymous 163390

Holy fuck I hate ghetto moids so much. They’re always so fucking retarded and degenerate and they are obsessed with misogynistic rap, sex and rape, and harming children. I’m so fucking tired of being gaslit and being told we’re not allowed to talk about why men from these communities are literally fucking evil without muh racism


>Harassed by scrotes constantly
>Paid minimum wage
>Backbreaking labor
Ah yes it must be women's low IQs causing them not wanting to be manual laborers.
I'd rather make 6 figures writing about how air conditioning enforces patriarchy thanks. (: Must be my low IQ.

Anonymous 163392

>>we are smarter than feeemales
>except when we are not, then it’s the fault of diversity quotas
>>1/4 of the work
>while housemoids do 0/4 of the work

Anonymous 163393

I've seen so many women abused and harassed out of fields they're passionate about. The ones who stand their ground are tough as nails. They have all my respect.

Anonymous 163394

I’m so sorry but I thought that said “trans woman” for a good 20 seconds and was about to throw hands


There's no diversity quotas in public elementary school where girls outperform boys, then moids cry that school is "feminized" lmfao the copes

Anonymous 163398

> Women aren't outcompeting men on a fair playing field.
> But men preventing women from attending university via history such as not allowing women to even own their own bank accounts is a total fair playing field which proves men are smarter.
The logic gender tm.

Even then, they are outcompeting them on a fair playing field? Diversity quotas happened because scrotes refused to accept that women could match or outcompete them and therefore participated in a combination of not hiring them or perceiving their work more harshly due to their internal cultural bias (as has been studied and proven), as we can see you proving in real time claiming men are smarter than women (reee don't prove that I'm wrong you stupid ebil wahmen). Women not having power in society leads to trannys because moids will do everything to pander to their brethren's coom, including as we see now where you chimpout caping for rapists.

Anonymous 163399

Ladies, ladies,
>Encouraging male posters by responding (including calling them out) may result in a temporary ban.
And, in general, stop taking the bait.

Anonymous 163400

His argument is essentially is that he identifies as smart, so therefore he is. This is why most trannies are male, their entitlement and self aggrandising behaviour is responsible for the destruction of society and prevents humanity from progressing through their chimpouts.

Anonymous 163402

>only thing i feel is hate
Moids are overemotional subhumans.

Anonymous 163405

Accept they don't kek. Who troons? Men. Who control most governments? Men. Who appears at most troon rallies? Men like antifatards and trannies while most anti troon rallies are women like radfems. Who pushes for trannies to be in women spaces? Men aka troons and wokebros, as we see you here caping essentially the same idea that men aren't dangerous rapists (so therefore trannies are okay in womens bathrooms right?). Who cooms to trannies and whos coomer degen behaviour creates them from pornsickness? Men. Which troons are pandered to the most? Male ones, don't see ftms reeing about male bathrooms, in fact you see them go into womens or nutral ones because even they realise scrotes are retard degenerates. Who receives most backlash when opposing troons? Women. Even most female politicians oppose them are ousted, not women who mod websites censoring anyone who calls trannies coomers. Troon logic is male logic.

Anonymous 163407

Idk why men say that it takes incredible intelligence to be a manual labor. It makes me think they've never done manual labor or met a manual laborer in their lives. Before it caught on as a MRA talking point, moids would insult manual laborers as retards who couldn't make it in actual professional, competitive careers. Now we are supposed to believe some fat illegal moid worker cleaning my garbage disposal is some unsung genius? Lol, please.

Anonymous 163408

>thinks rad feminism is hate
>seethes this hard
>visits an obscure site to hate on women some more
Stop being testerical.

Anonymous 163412

Funny how men pretend voting matters at all when they can use it as an excuse to rag on women.

Anonymous 163413


I remember when the Return of Kings website admitted people love attacking confident women in leadership roles and tear them down way more than men in the same positions, implying women are held to more anal standards. It was such a mask-off moment.

Anonymous 163414


>men are smarter than women
>meanwhile men in high paying jobs can’t even do them properly without killing people
Real smart competent gender. Lmao.

Anonymous 163415

I remember it a lot with Sarah Palin in the 2000s. Both left wing and right wing men made so many misogynistic remarks and memes about her but pretended it was purely political. No, they were just hiding their misogyny behind a veil of caring about politics.

Anonymous 163416

Also note the study on how when female surgeons botch, it makes the referrer substantially less likely to refer to female surgeons in the future but a male surgeon botching it has almost 0, if any, effect on future referrals. Men fucking up almost never reflects on their gender contrary to what they think, even in scenarios where gender isn't correlated with competency.

Anonymous 163417

> Claims that we say women have token over society
> Just saying women are smarter than men
True. Male retards are dumber but have retard strength you used to take power and made it illegal to return the favour, resulting in the need for diversity quotas because you retards run most countries but only pander to scrotes (such as why womens unique issues like medical differences are underfunded). Muh lib reeing of course, scrote libs are libs because they’re pro troon and porn, which is why more men are libs nowadays. Even right wing scrotes favour troons ala Fuentes and Jones being shown to watch tranny porn. What do right wing scrotes do? Take womens rights in other ways. Left wing, right wing, men hate women no matter the political affiliation. Scrotes will go “noo trannys are gay women shot because it’s not manly” while being the big pharma men who fund them, and providing troons the majority of support. Even women who support trannies are the male identified pickme kind kek.

Anonymous 163418

Tbhtbh it would interesting if a TV series would be made, in which an androgynous character would be a villain, and since androgyny is always defaulted to male, it is assumed male, and so, hyped as sigma male joker whatever, and later on, a plot twist would reveal it as female. Imagine the reactions of the incel fanbase lololol

Anonymous 163419

Don’t you understand anon, he identifies as muh smarter than women god king society inventor, therefore it’s true. Please ignore all those silly statistics proving otherwise. Truly the logic gender kek.

Anonymous 163421

what have you invented?

Anonymous 163423

>Be male
>Your existence as a biological creature on earth is entirely contingent on whether or not a female accepts your sperm
>Your entire genome is forged through what is essentially a parasitism
>Become neurotically obsessed with controlling and consuming women to the point where you even hunt down low quality ones on an anonymous image board

Just y chromosome things

Anonymous 163424

tell me what makes you so great.

Anonymous 163427

put the fork down
guns don’t exis-
>no female brain
we know, you have no brain

Anonymous 163429

>Have parasite male brain
>So consumed with the urge to coom and control women can think of nothing else
>Resorting go harassing anonymous beckies because that's the best he can get

Soothe your brain with porn it might relieve you better.
Imagine having a male brain and being obsessed with something you can never have an never be. Couldn't be me ladies.

Anonymous 163430

> Women prove they are smarter through academics.
> Say men identify as smart.
> Ree what have you invented? Ree you identify as smart, not me.
Women invented gynaecology through the existence of women midwive equivalents before scrotes even allowed them to be acknowledged as doctors. Me alone? Probably the same as the scrote reading this caping about muh special XY sex kek.
They cope this hard because its true. Women can quantify their superior intelligence via hard statistics like numbers, and they still seethe and try to assert they are are somehow smarter. Funny thing is women didn’t even claim to be smarter originally, just that scrotes weren’t smarter than women because women do not have the retard entitlement ego.

Anonymous 163432

why aren’t you out there, inventing something, today? after all, you’re a moid, and you said moids invent things, because they’re moids.

Anonymous 163433


Anonymous 163435

If I learned anything from this thread, it is that misogynists think life revolves around college.

Anonymous 163438

That is not how it fucking works. You’re just making shit up.

Anonymous 163439

his ”power” is growing mold sculptures from microwaved spunk.

Anonymous 163442

> Reee level playing field, diversity quotas!
> No female inventors because refusal to permit women in academia, don't teach about many female inventors who managed to make it anyway in school if any, those that try deal with scrotes reeing about muh feminization of society.
> This is totally a level playing field reeee, please ignore female inventors and the like who even succeeded in this society! Madame Curie not real, etc.
Kek, never forget scrotes, you did this to yourselves. Scrotes will cope for days about muh based inventors who were pedophiles and rapists and wife and child beaters, then seethe when it's pointed out they commit 90% of violent crime and how they aren't totally dangerous degenerates.

Anonymous 163444

>His semen is so watery no life could grow from it, maybe his dick is just mold, I could see that. It would explain why he's so angry online all the time, the man has no dick
yup… he lives vicariously through the dicks of other men, just like he does through their inventions.

Anonymous 163445

Could you imagine the endless bitching if moids were forbidden from higher education up until recently?

Anonymous 163446

While women outcompete them in academia KEK.

Anonymous 163453


Considering the current incel failson chimpout, lets post some of a legends greatest hits from A to B.

Anonymous 163455

artificial niche c…

Silence artificial niche carver class.

Anonymous 163456

>>f-f-females never invented shit
>Marie Curie
>>what about the last 20 years
moving goalposts

Anonymous 163458

why do men seethe.…

Anonymous 163460

She >>163453 was 100% right about scrotes goal post shifting.

Anonymous 163463

anger, deprivation…

Anonymous 163465

Any one of us can go on Wikipedia and look up a list of inventions women have created in the last 20 years. We all know exactly where the conversation will go. You'll tediously pick apart anything posted how it's not important and how men did it better/first. There's literally no point in arguing tedious details. It's the autists' favorite trap. To everyone else it's pointless an exhausting. Maybe go dust off your anime figure collection instead.

Anonymous 163466

dunning 1.PNG

But why are men more retarded anons? Our friend has a possible answer!

Anonymous 163467

dunning 2.png

Anonymous 163468

even if women invented fire, he would suddenly find it meaningless because a scrote didn’t.

Anonymous 163471

evolutionary psych…

Anonymous 163474

We've actually seen this happen recently in Japan where there was a big scandal because they marked the passing students as fails for the female students because they were outcompeting the men. Men are ironically the diversity quota sex because they are retards as we see in the crime statistics.

Anonymous 163479

Proven right almost immediately. Scrotes are predictable. Retards can't even multitask like women kek.

Anonymous 163481

Women invented Wi-Fi

Anonymous 163482

Yeah kek. He probably is currently being facilitated by a female invention and so is everyone in developed parts of the world not using cables kek.

Anonymous 163483

nice projection

Anonymous 163485

Impotence is also a male thing. Have pills for it and everything kek.

Anonymous 163488

exploitable ethics…

Remember friends, male defence mechanisms are built around externalization and projecting.

Anonymous 163489


Can I say, I just love how incels and etc. are so cucked. It's just goddamned beautiful, really.

They are so in love with men that they will ignore the majority of ways they will be exploited and manipulated in their life will be by other men across most social structures, even in their friendships which will feature men usually treating their vulnerability like sissy shit. They will ignore men killing, betraying and raping other men for favor of screeching at a woman dating a cute guy.
They will think men are a hivemind, so what men have done when women were enslaved and oppressed through much of history and used as stepping stones as proof of mens' hegemony.
It's funny how men in power have made low-status men obsessed with women and lobotomizing all capability they had of actually challenging other men, even the men that steal from them, or rig the system against them. The suppressed ones with almost no opportunities who think they're the same as great inventors.
The blind worship and cock-sucking of status is a misogynist's dream. This is by design–to keep the dead-eyed masses complacent….to keep men with no power starry-eyed and abiding by giving them a scapegoat - women - to keep them distracted and feeling powerful. Machiavelli would be so proud.

Let's say men invented a lot through history. That's still almost no man. Isn't it hysterical how much of the rest of that % associate themselves with that small %? That 1 in a 10000? It's like looking at Chad and going, "that me". No matter what he does, who he uses, how much he lies. I wonder why.

Anonymous 163490

quite telling that no moid inventions undergo similar scrutiny.
who knows how many of them have an unofficial female inventor.

Anonymous 163492


Anonymous 163493

male evolution.PNG

Mens speech is wish fulfilment.

Anonymous 163496

on feminism 2.PNG

Anonymous 163498


Never 4get, men are self aggrandizing parasites.

Anonymous 163500


Males are the sex of projection.

Anonymous 163512


Hedy Lamarr

Anonymous 163513

the degenerates of…

Anonymous 163514

Nobody forget the moid arguing about inventions n sheit is a literal troon who jerks off to femboy children anime characters

Anonymous 163518

Never forget anons, this chimpoids spergout started because someone posted the name the problem male violence 90% of violent crime image. It is 100% true and they have mental breakdowns because of it.

Anonymous 163520

tr00n masterpost.p…

Men are the retards of society that need to be wrangled.

Anonymous 163540

Stop responding to him and egging him on. It just makes more posts to delete.

Anonymous 163552

Jesus Christ men nowadays really are dogshit aren’t they. Stoic, logical, level headed, rational gender my ass.

Every moid born within the last 60 years is a fucking petulant toddler with endless emotional issues. Especially the zoomies and millennials. God I’ve never met such a bunch of dysfunctional immature trooned out manchild pissbabies that require constant babysitting. Pathetic.

Anonymous 163561

Men have always been dogshit and are unsalvageable. Any claim otherwise is due to propaganda kek.

Anonymous 163562

on commies.jpeg

Men invented communism and support it the most due to reproductive anxiety and sexual failure kek.

Anonymous 163563

> Muh men are smarter than women and created society
> Nooo, you can't say they actually destroy and do their best to prevent societal progress that's collectivism reee
Typical kek.

Anonymous 163567

Wanting a man who has a modicum of self control and stoicism is not equivalent to wanting an abusive daddy dom, retard. The type of men into domination are always the most pathetic insecure compensating weasels too.

Anonymous 163575

Moids trying to pull the "women are the sex obsessed ones!" is the most flagrantly obvious case of chYmp projectionm

Anonymous 163591

Nonas should try being rude towards every moid they meet. I was always raised to say please and thank you and be polite and I think most women are, but what I’ve noticed is most men don’t have any manners whatsoever and don’t bother saying basic mannerly words. Recently I’ve stopped saying please or thank you to men, if a male cab driver talks to me I’ll ignore him, I don’t tip men anymore. Being a frosty bitch is fun nonas. Try it sometime.

Anonymous 163597

Moids are sex obsessed since their whole impetus is to pedal sperm indiscriminately
They are always looking for sexual opportunities. Sounds rational and logical to me, and based on reality. Emotional scrotes btfo

Anonymous 163600

cry harder blaine, you will never be a woman

Anonymous 163613

> scrotes chimpout when women say female refuges and children only
Kek, scrotes are the rapists.

Anonymous 163832


Will men ever stop being obsessed with fucking children? Why do we let moids run things when they inevitably turn everything into a corrupt pedo and sex trafficking ring?

Anonymous 163834


Anonymous 163838

That hasn’t been the standard in a long ass time

Anonymous 163849

Trannies are scrotes.

Anonymous 163885

I wonder where this moid preference for being curvy comes from? I just wanna be my curveless self at peace without feeling and shame.

Anonymous 163888

adult males and child-females are not curvy; only female-adults are curvy. chimp brains are not complex - see woman, get horny - more womany more hornery


if this is true, why do even rapists not tend to rape female children until after they start developing secondary sexual characteristics? If we can trust anyone to be honest about who they're sexually attracted to, regardless of the legal repercussions, it's rapists, and they tend to start raping at 15.
I think it says alot that even the rapists don't tend to rape children until they're distinguishable from infant-children.
the male chimp is obsessed with fecundity, not neoteny - peadophilia doesn't let you breed

Anonymous 163910

>if this is true, why do even rapists not tend to rape female children until after they start developing secondary sexual characteristics?
Source? Women and girls get raped at all stages of life. I've heard of rapists targeting very young children because the younger they go, the less likely they are to report.

Anonymous 163911

Something about being more better suited to carry a child, it's just biology. Some is related to current beauty standards as well of course. There are plenty of men that are attracted to more slim figures too if you are concerned about that, but why would a moids opinion affect how you want to look physically?

Anonymous 163913

For pedophiles it also often does not matter what sex the kid is afaik, just that it is a child

Anonymous 163917

Children are easier to kidnap, physically oppress and brainwash than adult women are.

Anonymous 163919

For pedophiles it's all about the power, not about looks, it's just like a rapist.
Being raped is usually because the other person thought they could get away with abusing you, ugly people get raped too and I hate that the discourse is usually
>What were you wearing
>Well at least someone wants you
>I bet you regret acting like a slut now
When the girls getting raped the most are introverted butterflies who try to keep to themselves. Breaks my fucking heart.

Anonymous 164065

Because it's often implied there is something inherently wrong with me because of looking this way even if I didn't choose this and it's perpetuated both by moids and even women sometimes. I guess it's more of an internal thing and caring about the opinion of others too much but it still puzzles me how even in "woke'' spaces it's OK to humiliate women for not being curvy. I guess I just have to get over it.

Anonymous 164070

If you accuse them or bring up this fact they'll get defensive without addressing the statement. I think they think it's a personal attack, like by saying men are more likely to rape/murder they assume you're saying they themselves are a rapist/murderer. And they might have a weak sense of "brotherhood" which makes them offended if you accuse men as a whole of something.

Anonymous 164071


You actually hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. What men usually do is project, and the whole "woman hivemind" thing moids like to spout is exactly what they're guilty of. They are incapable of dissociating their own ego with another moids' ego, it's why they so fervently defend porn (or have to filter nofap through "it's bad for you", not "it exploits young women and children") and why they rationalize rape statistics with what the victim was wearing at the time or just blatantly saying it's a false accusation.
That some dude strangled his family is mostly met with sentiments like "well, she was probably cheating/was a bitch to him/wanted to divorce" is way more likely an excuse they throw than socio-economic status or religion just puts the onus, yet again, on the woman being at fault. Other factors come into play only if she was the perfect tradwife, then it's "well, he's X and Y, that explains it", and it never dawns on them it's most likely just moidrage.

Anonymous 164073


Girl who screamed ‘I’m gonna find you and peg you’ is my heroine. God I love women.

Anonymous 164075

> Why do men gaslight themselves into thinking that crime and violence is a race/cultural/economic/etc thing rather than a sex thing?
They are unable to admit the Y chromosome was a mistake, a lab experiment made with satan’s DNA spliced with human DNA.

Anonymous 164135

Where do I start with radfem literature? inb4 scum manifesto (i've read it)

Anonymous 164152

Moids treat women they consider sexually attractivr like shit anyway. No one wins.

Anonymous 164190

Read Dworkin's books. Invisible Women by Perez doesn't directly say it's radfem, but it underlines how the patriarchy affects us.

Anonymous 164192

Go away poltard. It’s mostly to do with gender. Across all races, the men always commit wayyyyy more crime than the women of the same race.

Anonymous 164197

Anyone else feel like all the stuff incels say about women getting endless attention just for existing is bullshit?

It feels like men completely ignore all women who aren’t either underage teen girls or 10/10s.

I’ve seen articles with Lily James and Abbey Lee Kershaw both talking about how they never get hit on, chatted up or approached by any men irl.

Anonymous 164202

It's both bullshit and not bullshit. One, I don't think men put in the work of maintaining and expanding their social circle. I want to be lazy and never respond to texts, but if I did I'd sin turn into a hermit. So I send Happy birthday texts to distant cousins and Christmas cards to college roommates and I reach out and call people if I haven't heard from them in a while. Meanwhile, I never see the men in my life doing this.
But two, men are so desperate for human interaction that any women that puts out a call for attention will get more responses. Because they're interested in using her for sex or romance. Whereas they won't respond to other men's cries for attention as much because they're not gay.

Anonymous 164205

>men are desperate for human interaction
Honestly don’t believe this at all. Those same men who are so ‘desperate’ happily ignore all fat, unattractive, ethnic or older women in pursuit of Stacy.

Maybe it’s somewhat true for a very small subsection of society, what you’d refer to as trucels, men who genuinely never get any female attention their whole lives, but hell, even those fags can rent a hooker or buy a mail order bride for pretty cheap. Men have so many fucking loopholes to have sex and find relationships, and STILL complain. Incels don’t even exist tbh. Involuntary celibate is an oxymoron.

Anonymous 164208

>Those same men who are so ‘desperate’ happily ignore all fat, unattractive, ethnic or older women in pursuit of Stacy.

They may ignore them if a more beautiful or preferred woman is giving him attention, but men are just as willing as women to settle.

>even those [men] can rent a hooker or buy a mail order bride for pretty cheap

That's not love though. Even if he's not offering it himself, a man still desires a partner who loves and cares for him.

Anonymous 164209

Lol incels don’t believe in love, they certainly don’t believe women can love, and talk about pumping and dumping women and trading them in for a younger model if they had a wife or gf.

>men are willing to settle

Only because they can’t do their laundry or cook decent meals themselves. What they want is a bangmaid.

Anonymous 164216

Lol you really think you’re fooling anyone huh moid.

Anonymous 164218


>two moids

>both ‘le redpilled’ about how all women are le evil
>moid A admits to being addicted to ‘chasing hoes’ and now wants a high quality woman after years of dating slutty bad girls
>moid B admits to ignoring a ‘truckload of red flags in a woman, as long as she’s a 10’
>both openly admit to chasing promiscuous women with terrible personalities as long as they’re attractive
>both now salty jaded malding haggots who hate women
>blame their bad choices and lack of character judgment on women instead of taking responsibility for it themselves
>want a Beta Becky tradwife after spending their youth chasing bad girl Alpha Stacy

LMAO. Can’t make this shit up.

Once you realize every redpill talking point + the shit incels spout about women only chasing ‘Chad bad boys’ is pure projection, everything starts making sense.

Moids are literally incapable of taking responsibility for their shitty choices based on lust and entirely superficial attraction.

Anonymous 164223

sad thing is, even if they met the beta becky church girl tradwife of their dreams they’d inevitably abuse her due to all their baggage they have from years of chasing prostitutes.

as if a quality traditional woman would want either of these used up wursties or their scrotey cumbrains with fried dopamine receptors lol.

Anonymous 164225


death 2 wursties

Anonymous 164242

Still can't get over how men start wars, commit the vast majority of rape and murders, torture each other, kill themselves like lemmings, and still find ways to blame women for all their problems.

Anonymous 164245

>hurr what is paraphrasing durr

Anonymous 164251

take it to /x/

Anonymous 164257

Cringe. Two more weeks bro, suuuuuure.

Anonymous 164269

Not to mention they ignore forming friendships for companionship rather than for the service aspect they seek women for. Incel scrotes will screech about women, cope about being muh special god king inventors, seethe that they don’t have an equally hot gf (don’t forget they are biased and rank ugly men higher than they really should be ranked and completely disregard womens greater appeal due to lack of violent and entitled personality and that men often settle so they at least have something to fuck and do chores and cheat when possible to rank up), then come here and project that the women who point this out are actually incels (you know, the women who voluntarily do not want men because the in in incel means involuntary) and not the involuntarily celibate scrote who gets shunned for denying mens threat of violence and claims to be superior and entitled to what he thinks he deserves. He probably seethes about commies too while being a typical commie type screeching about muh state mandated gf of his personal perceived equal value. It’s all projection. In nature, not all animals breed, same way all men do not deserve to breed or have a gf and men must compete to prove themselves to women. Scrotes don’t understand this because they have oppressed women for so long and believed the propaganda they pushed about muh male superiority and necessity, and now that women have financial freedom and can choose to reject the men who are cruel to them and see them as some kind of service and entitlement rather than a person, they panic and chimpout. Ultimately men are anti evolution and what were seeing with incels today is them realising women would rather forgo relationships with men altogether than deal with them when they leave so parasitacly and provide literal in return. They’re mad that the status objects/self replication service has the ability to say no now more than we once did when we didn’t even have the right to own property.

Anonymous 164275


Wow men are evil and always have been.

Anonymous 164283

They are filth.

Anonymous 164285

I had been talking about men in general, you seem to be talking about incels in particular. But it doesn't change my idea that men are unwilling to fuck other men and therefore pay less attention to them compared to women they consider fuckable.

Only one of those are me. Take your meds nona.

Anonymous 164287

Unironically is there an ethical way to get my ex back with me and never leave? Should I just give up on it? How the fuck do I give up on it? I've been crying all day. He was acting cold recently and got mad at me for being upset when he was obviously withdrawing based on many things he's said.

Anonymous 164288

how was there permits for flight so early. bureaucracy never ceases to amaze

Anonymous 164290

Yes, I’m genuinely convinced the XX chromosome was the normal good state of things and somewhere along the way some demonic entity decided to make a horrible failed lab experiment where he spliced his demonic DNA (y) with human DNA (x)

Either way female scientists really need to come up with a lethal virus that targets the Y chromosome specifically. There are far too many men around nowadays and it’s unnatural. Extreme bottlenecks in the male population were normal and commonplace, because so many men were supposed to die off from battle, getting gored by mammoths or mauled by sabre tooth tigers, fights, accidents, etc. We have an unnaturally large male population in the world now due to medical and technological advancements, and it’s fucked everything up.

Anonymous 164291

There’s been a tranny and other moids from 4chan using about a million different VPNs to keep posting here regularly, having a different post ID on here doesn’t mean shit.

Anonymous 164294


Women also have all the genetic material they need to reproduce contained within their own DNA, virgin births have been observed in nearly every species of mammal. Some female animals can produce completely asexually like CeCe the lizard.

Scientists say the Y chromosome is so unstable, that it’s actually slowly rotting, decaying, dying out, and that in a few million years it will likely be extinct. Of course, moids are going to try everything in their power to extend the shelflife of their demonic genetic mutation and aim to continue to torture the world and womankind for as long as they possibly can.

Anonymous 164296


Anonymous 164302

Damn, you're saying people use VPNs? Wow, how unique you are to have figured this all out.
I meant the fact that I only posted one of those you dunce. Nope go take your meds.

Anonymous 164308

Finished spamming gore incel tranny?

Anonymous 164337


Lmao, incels got so triggered by us pointing out y chromosomes are defective satanic mutations that now they're spamming porn and gore. Pathetic. Anyway, good news from the sewers girls! Scores won't be able to send unwanted dickpics without paying up!

Anonymous 164341


Sending unwanted dickpics to women is now illegal ^_^

We won.

Anonymous 164342

It's literally just the tranny who's been camping here. He has been doing that before for months on lc. He's using the same images,including the ones he uses to respond to himself.

Anonymous 164354

So it really was him behind all the gore, black posting and CP. Just as I thought.

Anonymous 164361

It’s the Y defect in action.

Anonymous 164366

Yeah he has been at it for literal months. The nikado posting and racist "black problem" threads too. Lc mods mass deleted his posts once when he spammed the same shit as right now and he was heavily samefagging with that same "akschualky it's [rando no one but the tranny cares about] whos spamming, not me". It's the best to just report.

Anonymous 164376

Samefag but I forgot to say, he also called for raids of lolcow on several other websites before, including the soyjak one he keeps sperging about. On his kiwifarms thread, there was a screenshot of him begging them more earnestly to raid us(lolcow) with one of the reaction images he always uses and they basically ignored him kek.

Anonymous 164540

>born too late to live in pre-patriarchy
>born too early to walk on this earth without XY’s around

Anonymous 164568

>chaos invasion
Oh anon, you have no idea what you're wishing for with this.

Anonymous 164596

The elites are going to be killed off by the masses before then. Look at the assassinations and revolutions happening in the world now. Leaders are learning they can’t stay in the safety of their ivory towers forever. Especially with conspiracy theories and anti government rhetoric becoming mainstream.

Anonymous 164623

How did lolcow successfully manage to ban that tranny but our jannies can’t? This really sucks. He’s ruining the board and trying to destroy our radfemmy space.

Anonymous 164626

I think he is still posting there sadly. He argues with himself in threads and will pretend to be a radfem, a libfem, a moid, a Middle Eastern woman, a poltard etc. Literal schizo.

Anonymous 164663


Why do scrotes get so triggered by harmless women doing harmless things?

Anonymous 164681


>I pose as a woman on CC to call actual women trannies or men to keep anyone who doesn't promote my right wing agenda off the site.

Anonymous 164685


Moids aren’t human, so why do we give them human rights?

Anonymous 164705

>virgin births have been observed in nearly every species of mammal
The only proven human case of parthenogenesis was in an episode of House, M.D.
True sexless births might be assumed to be caused by sex if the female has been sexually active when they might not, but if it were common enough to reproduce for the whole human race we would see a LOT of actual virgins spontaneously becoming pregnant with no explanation. Its not a reproductive practicality for humans, as of now at least.
I think the problem with asexual reproduction is the lack of genetic diversity, which is good for avoiding mutations and terrible inheritable disorders.
>Of course, moids are going to try everything in their power to extend the shelflife of their demonic genetic mutation and aim to continue to torture the world and womankind for as long as they possibly can.
I seriously doubt humans will make it another 10 million years, at least god I pray they won't. Eventually we have to enter some sort of nuclear war and fallout.
Well, if we were around we will all either die out because we didn't find a new way to reproduce, or we will have evolved a different way to determine sex at birth. No Y chromosome doesn't mean there will be no men, in certain species the chromosome set you're given isn't remotely a determining factor for sex.
The question is, is it the Y chromosome that makes males evil? Assuming another sex determing factor is born, would it really effect the humanity of men? They'd still develop male bodies and male brains, just because of a different factor.
I think its just their inborn drives, its part of being a male to want to "conquer" everything in violent displays of their "strength". For men to change the entire human race would evolve into something different. Actually, most animals, because men are rapey, violent, greedy, aggressive and selfish across most species. They're jusg like this on a smaller scale because they don't have the intelligence to form complex societies like humans do.
Its just how men are and will always be.

Anonymous 164718

Parthenogenesis is a well studied phenomenon and it can be induced in humans.

Anonymous 164745

Both right wing and left wing are run by and full of retards scrotes who basterdise any good parts of their movement to fulfil a moid-centric end (left - prostitution of women and transgenderism to prevent women from escaping and conspiring against men in mens eyes, right - ownership of women, establishment of male rights being the top of the hierarchy such as mens right to own women in a palatable way and use them as a service to pass on their genetics such as the removal of abortion rights and the limiting of immigration on the basis of preventing competition rather than focus on safety from more brutal cultures like ones that don't let women drive or think gay people shouldn't be killed etc). Right wing, left wing, whole bird hates women because the bird is still largely run by men with little bits of performative 'we don't hate/ignore women'-ness rather than actual desire to expand resources on something that doesn't help men, like how womens healthcare is largely underfunded and understudied compared to men because while something like Viagra was deemed more necessary since one either benefits men in someway (either only them or everyone else as well), but women specific ailments are never given this much focus or dedication since those in power dictating what's focused on do not benefit from it since men mostly run everything and provide the funding from women being artificially held back through male created laws to maintain a class for men to control to keep the lower-hierarchy men under control and feeling like they don't have to take power from their upper-hierarchy brethren and stay docile since they have a wife to take out their retard aggression and status desiring on.

Anonymous 164747

Proof of why men are outcompeted in academics, literally too dumb and impulsive and easily distracted to read.

Anonymous 164748


Anonymous 164749

Wait this isn't a copypasta? It looks like one I wrote. Samefag as >>164748

Anonymous 164786


My former ultra pickme handmaiden e-friend is finally coming to the realization that men ain’t shit and bring women nothing but a headache. I’m proud of her.

Anonymous 164788

She sounds more hurt and depressed than anything really.

Anonymous 164790

Oh and for context she’s super beautiful, 5’10 and looks like Gene Tierney facially, literally model tier from the pictures she’s showed me and our calls. And she still got ghosted by some scrote she was pining for, for months. Finally this week she told me she was over him and so embarrassed for how desperately she acted when trying to keep him interested in her and how she will never act that way for a man ever again. It makes me sad she’s still numb and depressed from that fiasco but she’s finally learning not to humiliate herself for a moid and that’s the first step to leaving pickmedom. Baby steps.

Anonymous 164792


>Oh and for context she’s super beautiful, 5’10 and looks like Gene Tierney facially, literally model tier from the pictures she’s showed me and our calls.
Picrel for who you remind me of right now …
I can stand for the pinkpill, but I don't think blackpilling anyone into giving up hope is the answer.
Is she even bi in the first place?
>how she will never act that way for a man ever again.
I'm glad she grew from this but I have a bad feeling about your intentions right now and I am really hoping I am wrong here.

Anonymous 164795

Not to demoralize but how the fuck do we fight against the tsunami of porn that’s quickly destroying society and relationships? I’m genuinely worried for the future, sex work is more prevalent, consumed and normalized than ever, and moids are such repulsive coomers with no self control that they literally will never stop wanking to third world women shoving fire extinguishers up their vagoos on webcam and have been jerking off to women being raped on camera since they were 7 years old. How the fuck do we fight this?

Anonymous 164796

I honestly don't know so I default to my calleous answer of let it progress and separate society into those with willpower to resist turning into a cum goblin and those who cannot.
It sounds crazy but in essence if someone is crippled by porn they are on average much easier to manipulate and control, you can see this nowadays by going to any male run imageboard and watching them seethe in fury about racial penises, it's complete lunacy but in essence you can distract the men and the few women weak enough to fall for it(not the ones abused into it, the pick mes are what I speak on). It will easily allow women to the top and while yes we may lose a few chads in the end the smart will become the Stacy.

Anonymous 164797

Nta but
> Is she bi?
Wtf are you talking about, not dating men doesn’t mean someone has to go gay? You can be straight and just not put up with scrote retardation. Why do you think this is some conversion thing seeing moids for what they are? Women aren’t men and try and fuck lesbians and think feminism is why stacy doesn’t want them.
> suspicions
Presumptive weirdo.

Anonymous 164798

She is literally talking about her looks in a clear romantic way, I don't think I was being scrotey in that post by fearing she may be looking at her friend in the wrong kind of light right now. Look at the last line of the message she posted, the picture of the message from her friend and tell me that isn't what you would hear after you test the waters to ask if someone was open to dating. I am just saying there are red flags there and if her friend isn't even bi then that would just end up being the worst move to play and could only hurt what seems to be a really solid friendship.

Anonymous 164802

She just said she was beautiful to point out good looking women are also treated like shit by moids and ghosted?

Anonymous 164803

I hope you're right, like I said in my original response to her I hope I read that completely wrong and she has nothing but good intentions for her obviously good friend.

Anonymous 164804

Your post seems like bait and is pretty dumb.

Anonymous 164805

friendly reminder that men should kill themselves!

Anonymous 164806


Reminder society allows scrotes to assault 13 year old girls and get away with it.

Anonymous 164809

Describing your beautiful friend as beautiful doesn’t make you a lesbian.

Anonymous 164812

this please and thank you <3

Anonymous 164820

No, they/you should just directly kill themselves.

Anonymous 164823

why are men so shit? no like for real what is it about them? theories?

Anonymous 164835

There is no documented case of it occurring naturally though, which makes it impractical for reproduction, giving reproductive powers in the hands of doctors/ the state sounds like a recipe for disaster anyway if we were to start inducing it in female humans.
If we did live in an all female utopia with artificial means of reproduction, finding a way to take DNA from 2 different mothers and incubating the embryo in some artificial contraption (they're already learning to do this with 2 sperm cells) seems more efficient, to maintain genetic diversity and save women from the pain of childbirth (unless some mother so chooses to have the embryo implanted, like in IVF for "bonding"). Induced parthenogenesis would still be a basically be a pointless form of reproduction.

Anonymous 164852

I legitimately am not interested in asking a guy out. ever.

Anonymous 164944

His fans also harassed the hotel after the arrest. How embarrassing to love and fight for a scrote

Anonymous 164958

Y chromosome was a failed lab experiment where yhwh spliced demon and monkey DNA

Anonymous 165389

Anonymous 165416

Looking forward to seeing a whole generation of sexist manchildren who end up alone because they weren’t willing to settle for less than 11/10 Stacy. They won’t even be able to cope with hookers because attractive young women don’t even have to leave their bedrooms anymore to make money. Glad their psychopathic incel genes will forever leave the gene pool. It’s like elective eugenics.

Anonymous 165419


Why does women having financial independence from men and not allowing a man’s cum to live in them rent free for 9 months insult moids so much? Like what is it about women saying they don’t want to have their vagina ripped in half that scrotes take as a personal attack?

Then they talk about how they would NEVER date a woman with kids, and after a woman has kids they deem her ruined and worthless and unloveable, even if her husband dumped or cheated on her and left her and it wasn’t her fault. Literally can’t win. All scrotes need to kill themselves.

Anonymous 165423

>retarded anecdote about some 50 year old career woman who regrets not getting married

Lmao okay, and what about the millions of women who regret getting married and wasting decades of their lives they can never get back on a shitty scrote? Like I’d definitely regret spending 30+ years
>making dinner
>cleaning a house
>traumatizing my body with pregnancies
>mopping up kids shit and puke
>having to put up with constant moid inconsiderate and disrespectful behaviour and biting my tongue so I don’t wound his fragile ego and make him violent
>having shitty jackhammer sex
>living with a cold distant scrote with a porn addiction
>who ended up dumping me for a third world hooker anyway lol
WAYYYYY more than making fun memories with my friends, travelling places, experiencing nice new things and having a shit ton of money in my bank account.

The fact they act like it’s over for women who are older is such cope too. Moids are available at any age. My grandma is in her 80s and has a boyfriend lol. If you aren’t biologically capable of having kids you can always adopt.

Men are so desperate to scare us into thinking we need them, they can’t handle the fact they’re irrelevant and can’t offer women anything anymore.

Anonymous 165743


Straight women self respect challenge

Anonymous 165744


Same woman lol.

Anonymous 165786

Tranny. You will never breed.

Anonymous 165855

Kek. I'm technically bi but still outsource a lot of thinking to my bf. I kind of hate the way I act exactly like the stereotype of a woman who doesn't like doing her own thinking but to be fair I was brought up this way and my environment was always very encouraging towards me behaving this way.

Anonymous 165865

NTA but what? How is manchild a traddie term. I assume youre just a falseflag troll

Anonymous 165866

Her reply makes no sense at all.

Anonymous 165878

pls gtfo cc troon, ur posts are easy to spot btw maybe stop constantly saying 'tradie' and greentexting, kys newfag ywnbaw

Anonymous 165890

It's pretty schizo and just plain ignorant to assume that's the origin of the word, but there's still a case to be made. A lot of traddies go really hard against guys who aren't living up to their ridiculous fantasy standard (they write themselves a pass since posting on the internet all day is fine if you do it with the right opinions), and "manchild" is one word they use in this.

The most extreme case I ever saw was in a discussion of some reddit post where a mom said she accused her (obviously innocent) husband of raping their daughter because they spent a lot of time alone in a room playing video games together. The vast majority of people were, of course, supporting the man, and this one schizo traddie got genuinely mad about this because he thought that any "manchild" who plays video games in any context whatsoever is so much of a subhuman that they should be left to any horrible fate, including false accusations of rape.

Anonymous 165898

Scrote hands typed this.

Anonymous 165902

What exactly is your issue with what I said?

Anonymous 165908

Manchild is a based word and manchildren are some of the worst types of scrote.

Anonymous 165922


Pedophilia is out in the open

Anonymous 165933

What the fuck is this??

Anonymous 165942

It's a matter of how you define it, it's supposed to describe a specific kind of loser who has allowed it to impact his worldview and effect how he interacts with others. It loses its power if it applies to any man who takes a break to play video games from time to time.

Anonymous 165959

News article about Thylane Blondeau. Men kept bitching about how she’s not beautiful anymore because she’s not 13 anymore.

Anonymous 165961


>there is a Wiktionary entry for "moid"

We did it crystalsisters

Anonymous 165970

I want to see them add scrote now.

Anonymous 165984

The troon has been screeching that we're all tradfags because scrote can't accept thinking pretending to be a women is sexist.

Anonymous 165987

He uses such a clockable vocabulary that he thinks is 'girly' because he is a mentally ill pornsick manchild who hates women and spams cp or gore when triggered like a regular incel. He even seethed about not having a gf he thinks is equally attractive (not even equally attractive because he rates himself higher because men have retard egos and can't see themselves objectively). He does not blend in at all kek. He copes eternal.

Anonymous 166083


Men act like being absolute degenerates and fetishizing every gross thing under the sun is a positive about their sex, and that WOMEN are flawed for not wanting to have sex with every creature that moves (or doesn't)

Anonymous 166178

so theres this cringe italian song titled "meraviglioso" which translates to "wonderful" and its some shit about how you shouldnt kill yourself because. and it lists the beautiful things in the world which are debateable but whatever.
the cringiest part is when he sings that among such things theres "the love of a woman who loves only you".
so basically the scrote, who is obviously going to be a pornsick male that wants to fuck anything he sees, wants and even expects a girl to have eyes only for him lol.
men are really retarded. also i love how they cant conceptualize the world from different perspectives and instead of being vague so people of both genders and different sexualities can relate to the song he just slapped in his straight moid fantasy. why does everything HAS to be about sex with scrotes and above all, themselves? lmaooo

Anonymous 166194

Sounds like such an Italian song, the way yoy put it. Drenched in presumpuous misogyny no offense

Anonymous 166252

Nothing wrong with loving just one person that way. I'm not seeing too much of what's bad about it since they said love and not "is a virgin that has only ever had sex with you with no exceptions". Maybe there's a translation barrier happening and I'm not fully getting the way it was worded in the song, I dunno. It seems a far bigger faux pas to put that in the song in general since it'd just be reminding lonely suicidals of the reasons why they're feeling bad in the first place.
>I know you're all alone and feel unloved, but please don't kill yourself.
>While it's okay to want one, but it's not that bad NOT having a relationship.
>I mean, there's so many wonderful things in the world!
>Like, being in a relationship with someone who loves you.
Bit tone deaf. lol

Anonymous 166255

i agree that its cute to love just one person that way but we also all know scrotes especially feel lust towards other women even while in a relationship, watch porn etc.
>but love and lust arent the same thing!
i feel like a cuck feeling sexually attracted only to my partner if they experience the same thing out of the relationship as well. for me and many women lust comes from love only and i wish it was the same way for men, its obviously not, and yet they still want and often get the benefit of a mega loyal girlfriend who truly doesnt feel attracted to anyone but them.
i understand some people (probably most) are going to feel such things for many other people and i dont think its wrong as long as they dont expect or want their partners to be mentally monogamous (like its implicitly stated in the song) while getting crushes left and right and are preferably paired off with their kind.

Anonymous 166289

Yup, men cannot love or be monogamous. Tons of women only love and feel attracted to one man their whole lives, but there’s literally no man on earth who only loves and feels attracted to one woman, no matter how perfect she is, men are perpetual children who crave novelty.

Anonymous 166291

and you have something much worse that therapy will never fix which is a dick. you will troon out eventually anyways, still wont be a woman though

Anonymous 166292

This is the final pinkpill and something that eventually will make me swear off reltionships with men entirely, I feel it

Anonymous 166762


Anonymous 166768

It hurts to know but in the end I’m grateful, rather be aware then ignorant.

Anonymous 166829

Nobody says s except the trannyposter

Anonymous 166835

Yeah, wtf does it even mean?

Anonymous 166943


Anonymous 166945

Y chromosome was a mistake

Anonymous 166954

Don't know who that is so I googled but holy shit, why are UK men such pedos holy shit. She looks pretty even as an adult without any make-up on, absolutely vapid pedo losers.

Anonymous 167089

I remember this news case. He threw away his pc

Anonymous 167286

It makes me so happy to know there are still some (mostly) moid free spaces on the internet. I really need to divorce myself more from male spaces and biased perspectives because our lives are rotting from men's lack of empathy.

Everything somehow always comes back to them being the center of attention or them just absolutely refusing to develop and grow to realise the world goes on outside their perspective (the guys that just go forth with no sense of empathy or reflection for others around them). You can't even have a conversation without them assuming the position as dominant force of the conversation instead of it just bring actual banter between equal human beings on a subject both are interested in. I'm tired of the half measure of listening to them just going off on a rant about a subject we're both interested. I want back and forth discussion, not to feel like the person who just happened to be there when they opened their mouth to talk

Anonymous 167317

It’s an Anglo Saxon thing. Northwestern Europe is just nonceland.

Anonymous 167319

Yeah unfortunately scrotes view every single interaction in life as a power struggle and it’s absolutely pathetic. Even when you observe them interacting with one another, you can see it’s just a lowkey battle for social dominance. Men all innately know they need to be dominant for their own sake but they don’t openly admit WHY - and that’s because scrotes are inherently sadistic and predatory and will usually torture, bully and try to kill anything they perceive as being weaker than them. Moids still haven’t evolved past the kill or be killed part of evolution and that’s why the world is such a mess because of them. Men always want to control and subjugate everything and everyone around them. They’re the worst thing that happened to the planet tbh.

Anonymous 167423

>waaah i’m incel
>i hate women because they have high standards
>creates Tinder account
>not that one, she’s not a virgin
>not that one, she’s too old
>not that one, she’s too fat
>not that one, she’s too tall
>not that one, her breasts are small
For real, 99,9% of so-called ”incels” = volcels.

Anonymous 167437

They wont help a real homeless woman out thats all you have to know.

Anonymous 167441

Exactly. Only when she’s a stacy. When moids say they can’t get any women, they talk about the above average ones. The average American woman is overweight, and women are older than men on average. If the incel fantasies about gubmint-assigned girlfriends were to come true, they would just be use and abuse the shit out of the 1/10-5/10 women that they’re bound with. They would still regard themselves as incels.

Anonymous 167446

Anonymous 167448

>manipulative nice guys don’t exis-

Anonymous 167451

>she thinks it isn’t commonplace

Anonymous 167453

I was talking about incels, wanker.

Anonymous 167455

Haven’t ever seen any shilling for gubmint-assigned boyfriends. Why? Because no woman wants to be forced to live with a no-clean, no-cook manchild who can also easily rape and beat her. Looks would be the least of our troubles.

Anonymous 167457

you like to be called a retard instead?

Anonymous 167458

It’s the thing you have no self-control over :^)

Anonymous 167463

>female norms usually behave in more cunning and manipulative ways rather than plainly openly agressive ways typical for norm males.
I disagree there are so many normie groomer moids who use emotional manipulation and blackmail to get what they want, and there are plenty of women who have a more hamfisted approach. I would say it's around 50/50 both ways just from personal experience.

Anonymous 167465

At my home, why

Anonymous 167468

Yet only moids ”joke” about it, because they know they’d have the upper hand in such a situation.
I would tell you to drop your radical centrism, but I’m aware that you’re not arguing in good faith.

Anonymous 167475

Nona with two ns. honestly im glad my cringe post was deleted because the image i chose sucked lmoa
I don't get why its filtered since it's just a derivative of nona, which we can still say but thats offtopic sorry

Anonymous 167487

>and women are older than men on average
Interesting point but kind of misleading. That's only because of women lasting longer in old age, it doesn't have much relevance at all to the realistic dating pool for regular adults, it's largely the same number at each age (and when there is a difference, it's more women).

Anonymous 167491

Don't you think it's interesting that his posts never get deleted? The male hand from last thread is still up too.

Anonymous 167493

Didn’t he admit to grooming lesbians too? Fucking gross.

Anonymous 168107

seethe, moid.png

daily reminder that males lack empathy, pic related


>b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but MUH WOMEN ARE JUST AS BAD!!!!!11
this is a scrote


I remember posting that to r9k years ago. The scrotes got in such a tangle about it, trying to do mental gymnastics. As usual, more proof that the ‘blackpill’ is pure moid projection.



Reminder all men are pedos and nothing pisses them off and triggers them more than seeing older women having fun and living their best lives. Reminder to be as happy joyful carefree and confident as you can, because you deserve it and a nice side perk is that it makes scrotes toasty.

Nothing men hate more than harmless women doing harmless things and having fun while doing so.


Kek, scrotes get so angry at women dating younger men.

Madonna is based, love her and love the fact she makes misogynists seethe just by existing. May goddess give her a long life.


Well she’s not, so get over it and stop projecting your weird fantasies.

Anonymous 168196

Old people look disgusting regardless so who cares.

Anonymous 168212



Anonymous 168290

If this isn't the ultimate blackpill for you, then I don't know what it is. This moid at least admits what moids truly are. Others will bullshit you and say it's not common and normal for men

Anonymous 168303

Men are fundamentally broken. I hope he kills himself.

Anonymous 168305

I remember my dad calling me "volumptuous" once. Ugh.

Anonymous 168317

Nothing he said in that video is true, all he does is give anecdotes and no real evidence
All people are naturally disgusted by incest for evolutionary reasons. Inbred children have a high likelihood of having some kind of birth defect, so we naturally evolved to be disgusted by the thought of sex with our close family. Of course there will always be perverts, but most of the population is disgusted by incest
that whole channel seems like doomer pseudo-intellectual bullshit

Anonymous 168323

Every time I remember there are mothers who have to suffer living with their autistic coombrained degenerate manchildren sons I'm blackpilled more. Imagine how many have sons like this or worse. Having an autistic son must be a curse.


So what you're saying is that male surgeons are misogynists and that's why they're more likely to let women die? Yeah I believe it. Nice to know you agree.


Studies show at least 1 in 50 biological children are raped by their fathers and for stepfathers its around 1 in 5. It’s really not that uncommon at all. There are also studies that found nearly half of normal men surveyed developed an erection in response to seeing naked pre pubescent children. Men are scum.



Going through Andrew Tate video comments is a goldmine kek.

Moids are barely sentient and have zero self awareness. They’re literally apes.


>Translation: I went bald

Anonymous 168339

I find it funny how nobody on the internet wants to ask for dating advice to married YouTubers or Married couples, instead its to scammer people like Tate, moids are only getting fuckboy advice at most not the real deal, its unhealthy for a society.

Anonymous 168344

thats because getting married is a moids dream only because it gives access to pussy and control of a woman. it's an easier, socially acceptable way of enslaving women and getting easy nearly on demand sex, and for the average scrote that's his only option if he wants the above.
if moids could pick any lifestyle, it wouldnt certainly be the married one. they would choose an endless supply of sex with lots of different women, without investing money, time and faking emotional connection as they have to do in marriages (and often not even bother to).
thats why they idolize and follow the advice of scrotes who encourage men to go their own way, (which they dont because they still go mainly after women? LMAO) be alpha, and all that cringe shit but they dont care about a married male opinion.


Scrotes are manwhores by nature. As the other anon said most of them simply desire to have endless sex with endless women with no investment. For the ones who can’t attain that lifestyle, marriage in a scrotes eyes is the next best thing because you get a live in domestic servant/bangmaid. It’s no coincidence that incel religions like Islam put such a heavy emphasis on marriage. Because it is, at the end of the day, just legalized slavery.

Anonymous 168351

He sounds gay af. I wonder if he already caved in to dick worship, he clearly wants it.



We should make a thread for scrotes say the darndest things.

Anonymous 168368

we should make the thread on /img/


The best one I saw recently was some redpiller scrote talking about how ‘disrespected men’ are the ones who kill their wives, commit suicide, shoot up schools and become serial killers. And every scrote fag in the comments was agreeing with him.

So on one hand, scrotes are muh logical, rational gender. Yet on the other hand, if their feefees aren’t constantly coddled and their egos aren’t constantly stroked, they chimp out and start killing people.

Does that sound like the fucking ‘rational’ gender? LMAO.

I love when men admit they’re just big pathetic fragile babies who can’t control their freakouts and are completely dependent on female validation. In other words, what radfems have been pointing out for years.


Would be pretty funny. At the same time, I don’t want to pay attention to scrotes or give them the validation of a female audience for their inane retarded musings, so I’m torn.

Anonymous 168409

They're so desperate for a purpose, yet all they have is the imaginary ladder in their heads. Deep down they know 99% of them are fucking worthless and unnecessary, the chimpouts are how they pathetically try and force their own relevancy.

Anonymous 168460

>As a Chad
jesus christ this is so fucking cringe, like moids who call themselves alpha males

Anonymous 168461

>progeny of Adam
>evolved from the most powerful ape
retard cant even pick a belief

Anonymous 168483

Women invented men. We give birth to them and are sure we are part of the genetic equation kek. They need religion to coopt and pretend they are the creators of life and not women.

Anonymous 168588

This isn’t true for moids. They have sex with nobviable women/girls/males/animals/objects all the time. Male sexuality is indiscriminatory and they’ll go for the easiest target more often than not. Many extreme patriarchal cultures (where the average man basically owns the women around him) have an extreme nicest problem. Look at Pakistan for example. Males don’t seem to have a moral issue with having sex with their relatives. In their mind, 10 retard babies and maybe 1 normal baby is a better strategy than no babies at all, if your option are to rape your sister/daughter/cousin or be an invisible incel to unfamiliar women.

Anonymous 168589

Anonymous 168590

Males are subhuman, slaves to their primal desires to shoot sperm into any available hole. Their brains are entirely wired to be cum dispensers and nothing more. It’s a tragedy that they developed an inkling of sentience. They have just become neurotic. Look how much they’re grasping for freedom and clarity, away from their coom addled obsessive thoughts. They literally think they will reach godhood if they manage to not think of infinity sex 24/7. Absolutely detestable.

Anonymous 168810

Holy shit any link for these threads? the pill was absolutely mind blowing

Anonymous 168813

pretty much

Anonymous 168823

It's not a standard, it's just what most men are sexually attracted to

Anonymous 168824

>adult males and child-females are not curvy;
Most adult women aren't that curvy either

Anonymous 168840

No, there is lots of hope for zoomers. They're 12, they have years to shake this nonsense out of their system and turn into happy and healthy members of adult society. You, on the other hand, have burned through many of your years with little to show for it and can only cope with this reality by desperately trying to remind yourself that you're at least slightly more respectable than middle schoolers (at the moment, at least).

Anonymous 168842

not that nona but moids don't have the self-control to stop abusing themselves to pornography so it's sad. they're already mentally run through before middle school even ends.

Anonymous 168844

Girls I’m meeting with a moid today I’ve been chatted for a month over or so. Fair enough he’s gonna paid for the lunch and all. So I want to ask you, what’s the appropriate treatment for him? I mean I’ve been very direct with him about not wanting to have casual sex. I want to maintain him orbiting me without giving too much of myself or being vulnerable at least the first 12 months lol. I need your advices.

Anonymous 168845

Yeah sure but there's nothing about that which is unique to zoomers. I'm guessing you're both around 27-32, which means your class also grew up with pretty substantial access to porn. Like with zoomers, a lot you saw it as 'whacky' or 'edgy' topic to talk about and explore experimentally, and only some of you devloped a serious attachment to it. This assumption that most/all zoomers will be porn addicts (rather than just a similarly-sized subsection of them) comes out of a general disdain for younger generations and not much more.

I will admit that onlyfans adds a sort of weirdness that didn't exist in the days of what we call "normal" porn, but the difference isn't substantial and most zoomers stick to the normal variety. I would bet that the reason these kids were talking about it is that they recognized it was particularly silly, a good topic to joke around with.

Anonymous 168846

Holy projection. Noticing and critiquing 11 year olds talking about porn doesn't make you washed up lmfao. Also let's be real, these mini moids won't change because there's no reason for them to. Why would they stop jerking off to porn? Cos they learned their lesson? That's it's wrong to dehumanize and exploit women? LOL if only the majority adult men came to this realization. But you and I both know they don't. Moids start misogyny early and it's virtually never going to leave them.

Anonymous 168847

Why are you assuming so much about her? And secondly why are you referring to us as a collective as if women are the ones abusing porn and onlyfans? You sound like a zoomer scrote trying to run damage control. Kill yourself.

Also back in 2006, every kid didn't have a 5g high resolution phone they could stream infinity amounts of hq porn onto at any time. Stupid ass.


Nah, the porn addiction problem is definitely way worse among zoomers. Even doctors are admitting this, the number of teenage boys needing viagra has skyrocketed.

Anonymous 168850

Is it normal to go on dates after just one month of knowing someone? I always thought you need to go through the "friendship" stage.

Anonymous 168851

Samefagging and zero self awareness.

Anonymous 168852

Idk nona I prefer to talk face to face. You can also have a friendship while seeing each other. My point is: I want to be on control. I want him to know I’m in control. I’ve had some nasty experiences already. Please halp

Anonymous 168853

Yes, obviously. The whole "friendship" thing is only for high school. Most adults are upfront about their interest in someone as a potential partner, and do not see going out for dinner as a big deal.

Anonymous 168854

>I was only pretending to be retarded

Anonymous 168874

What is with all the people I've met who say this when it doesn't make sense in context at all? Do you actually have schizophrenia and are imagining posts saying things they aren't?

Anonymous 168875

I’m only clicking like 3 posts up that quote chain cause I’m lazy and i dont care but you seem to be correct that response makes zero sense. Also I am not you so no one accuse me of making these two posts we are completely different people ok.

Anonymous 168876

Interesting rhetorical approach here, I respect.

Anonymous 168891

She made an offhand comment about zoomers and you projected like mad about how she's a failure. I could only assume I misread it as satire because no person would be this butthurt.

Anonymous 168910

That does not make any sense, you said that in response to my second post which didn't say anything of the sort. Sounds like you're just seething in circles and trying to come up with random defenses.

And as usual
>make ridiculous, broad-stroke statements about young people being shit and unworthy of respect
totally okay, encouraged even
>point out the obvious shortcomings of older people
completely unacceptable, deserving of moral outrage

Anonymous 168912

So let me get this straight: you misread it as satire, changed your mind based on the second post and decided it was meant to be serious, and then accused the second post of retroactively trying to claim the first post as satire?

Anonymous 168924

hello kitty wisdom…

Thank you mods for cleaning that up so quickly.

Anonymous 168932

Young scrotes, you'd only be this pissed if you were one. No one here has called out zoomer girls for anything, yet you immediately lash out at millieial women.
I read it as serious at first, and they obviously are. This is just a butthurt scrote who thinks 12yo porn addicted misogynists are going to grow up and become women's studies majors, if it weren't for us evil old femcels belittling them. Hell you're probably him and just samefagging yourself.

Scrotelets shouldn't be defended and if your immediate retort is to bully older women, you're a man.

Anonymous 168938

Obviously the whole issue was about her casually saying "zoomers are hopeless", not about the porn criticism. Get over yourself.

Anonymous 168941

And your response was to make fun of older women. Male moment.

Anonymous 168943

That poster was critiquing zoomer males. And your issue with millennial women is…? They don't give enough credit to these males? You don't even disagree that what zoomer males do is bad yet still try reversing it on women, how exactly? This is just typical male shrieks of misandry, when women point out anything bad they do it's suddenly our fault and we're just as bad/worse.

I don't think you're a zoomer girl either because we're all aware of how nasty the boys around us are.

Anonymous 168956

You made fun of young people, I made fun of old people, you cry foul. Why?
It said "zoomers", as in zoomers in general

Anonymous 168959

Your damaged ego causing you to fixate on a passive slight, and your immediate reflex to lash out at "27-32" year old women (omg the post wall roastiez) is so fucking male.
Please end yourself and take your defective y chromosome with you.

Anonymous 168961

And here comes the butthurt porn spamming.

Anonymous 168977


Men are so emotional.

Anonymous 168999

Yeah, my ego is damaged but I'm not a moid and this isn't a gender issue, it's an age issue. Young people are treated as free targets to shit on for no reason, while the reverse is seen as completely unacceptable.
I promise you it's a different person.

Anonymous 169014

>Waahhh it's not men it's PEOPLE!
why are you in a radfem thread? Serious question.
This is a radfem thread and the op was obviously talking about zoomer boys. You can shit all over millennial men I'm sure all the millennial women itt won't give a single fuck.
You're either a man with a damaged ego or a pickme, either way you shouldn't be here.

Anonymous 169016

>while the reverse is seen as completely unacceptable
in what world are you living? god children really are retarded

Anonymous 169018

Pickmes will never see the light. You're saying "people" are degenerate while literally in a thread where moids are spamming gore and porn because they hate women that much. Absolutely hopeless. I don't even know what to say. How about you start getting angry at this man instead of getting angry at a offhand comment by a woman in relation to 12 year olds being scrotey? You won't. You're hopeless.

Anonymous 169037

How do you not understand what I'm talking about?

Anonymous 169039

That's a different person from me, I'm genuinely just defending zoomers as a whole. Talking shit about "normal" people is something of a red flag, I agree.

Anonymous 169050

im so happy im not a pickme. they seem so sad

Anonymous 169051

Shh child, it's probably nap time for you. Hush-hush, you're getting cranky.

Anonymous 169052

Youre getting trolled

Anonymous 169088

if you're really not a moid do yourself an enormous favor and realize there is a stark difference between females and males. Zoomer males are hopeless. males will never go to bat and stick up for females the way females stick up for them.
get a grip.

Anonymous 169156

Kek like clockwork you are proven correct. The incel pornsick degenerate sex cannot help but prove it’s retardation. It’s funny that they chimpout in real life and digitally online kek.

Anonymous 169187

Then make it clear you're only talking about boys next time

Anonymous 169208

I am not that nona that posted the original post. she said this:
>Was on the train and I heard some boys (11-12) talking about onlyfans. There is no hope for zoomers
right where they want us, females of any generation at each others' throats instead of getting the big picture.

Anonymous 169341

Fathers are inherently something that works best at a moderate level. It's like how exercise is good for you but you still shouldn't do it all day, every day.

Anonymous 169414

>stay at home dads are also considerably more likely to cheat
why is this? do you think its because they feel unconsciously inferior to their wife, like they're not living up to masculine roles, and so they think they have to compensate?

I feel like you sort of see this in culture, the guy with the most perfect beautiful successful wife is the one that cheats. and no one can figure it out. like jay z and Beyonce, obviously he didn't cheat because he found a "better" woman than Beyonce… its clearly some kind of mental deficiency

Anonymous 169418

Treadmills don’t expect you to be their slave, beat you, kill you, or rape and abuse your kids.

Anonymous 169427

kek. you think the only people that hate porn are religious? lurk more

Anonymous 169430

I'm het but this far along, after everything I've learned about them and how exhausting it is to keep scanning one to see if he is going to implode on you I cannot help but think what is the point. it's so exhausting. sure, a handful of them will be OK but operating under generalities instead of hyper specific fringe cases is what makes sense.
the way I see it is if men's love for women was naturally abundant it would not be this ordeal to sort through to find one that is decent. if that love was common enough it would not be this difficult. you never hear numerous accounts from women that have been married to men for a long time how wonderful it all is. if it was frequent enough, and a wonderful kind of love, it would be passed around, a baseline knowing, like the way most everyone agrees that sunsets are beautiful.

Anonymous 169431

yeah seriously. Im friends with a few women in supposedly happy relationships who still vent to me from time to time that they're sick of their boyfriends inability to do basic chores/lack of emotional capacity. It just seems exhausting like I really dont get the point.

one of my friends boyfriends was basically a neet coomer who lived with his parents and watched porn all day. she tried to get him to watch less porn, even offering to make "content" for him, but he insisted on watching porn anyway. she said eventually she just had to accept it because "men have needs". like wtf? regardless of how you feel about porn, why should she have to force yourself to accept something you find emotionally devastating. what is it all for?

Anonymous 169432

I think when a woman is heterosexual and is really very attracted to men, adores them, always turned toward them naturally it is nearly impossible to even see what is before themself. that is, that males are all collectively horrible and nothing like the characters in fanfiction writing, nothing like the "blorbos."
they're emotional eunuchs that appreciate basically nothing about women while women will, organically, feel adoration for many qualities of men.

speaking for myself it feels like I have been in grief for some years now. if it's not grief it has to be adjacent to it. just grieving how I will never, ever get that kind of love I really thought existed out there from a man.
if women did not accept males' egregious flaws and "needs" then she would begin to have to sort them more harshly. and then realize almost none of them could ever hope to meet her baseline standards of being a decent mate.
which means being alone in a sense. even with family members and female friends that is not filling that deep connection. friendships (at least in the West?) are rarely given to that deep connection. people almost never prioritize friendships the way they do romantic/sexual relationships. so there is a real chasm of loneliness waiting for the vast majority of women since most are heterosexual and being with males is never truly fulfilling on an emotional level outside of rare circumstances.

I have followed my urges to be in an unconventional relationship that would anger all sides of the aisle, so to speak, and I do not care. there is nothing waiting for me with males. at least, not anymore. all women are hated but one of the most hated kinds of woman is the one that chooses herself over not breaking some sort of "rule." I see radfems on Tumblr saying they love rebellious women but that seems to only last as long as she is still "moral."
morality is a luxury in my experience.

Anonymous 169438

nobody cares, fuck face. women who are lucid are always called fanatics. get with the program.

Anonymous 169441

>if you don’t like filmed rape and don’t like it becoming ingrained in our culture you’re a freak
Ok male

Anonymous 169442

It’s not the elites that will try to replace you, it’s autistic misanthrope moids with high iq that will release unapproved AI models as open source. Elites want people to work and make money to then spend it on products and keep them preoccupied while the world is rotting. Just look at those racist AIs that were a thing few years ago and how they got immediately shit down only to reappear as GPT3 in recent years. Greedy elites are the quality control, it’s the researchers trying to replace humans and moid politicians waging Cold War style races in innovating the most destructive technologies just to make sure that Chinese moids won’t create it before and use it against them.

Anonymous 169447

>Not muh heckin coom!
Okay coomer. Scrotes truly are born to coom and die and will defend their exploitation of women to the death for a 5 second coom.

Anonymous 169483

Anonymous 169485

Most of these things really just come down to boring circumstantial factors, it's probably because they have more time on their hands.

Anonymous 169495

You realize this is a website for women and not racial minorities, right?

Anonymous 169506


Anonymous 169510

He's so fucking dumb lmao. Also nice catch on him calling us "terfs" as if it were an insult, now we know for sure it's a troon.

Anonymous 169519


god I wish I had a female friend like that, to start a life with. id love to have a family of my own but I know its not going to happen with a man.

one of my best friends has a shitty boyfriend now. were still friends but I miss how our friendship used to be when she was single. She always tries to convince me how great he is and how "hes not like other men" because he doesn't abuse her I guess. I feel like she lost a part of herself to him.

Anonymous 169532

Stop saying shit like this, stop defending the honor of having the title of a “man”. Trannies are men, males, moids, scrotes, chYmps, etc.

Anonymous 169533

Most of their song lyrics about love and relationships are honestly usually just toxic and abusive, if you actually listen and think about it.

Anonymous 169536


Anonymous 169539

sometimes I read this reddit page called "breakingmom". basically its just where women with small children go to complain. and 90% of their posts are about how their shitty husbands never help them, have no empathy for them, are bad with the kids, dont appreciate anything they do around the house/for the kids etc.

how do these women not see that it would be so much better to just raise your kids with fellow women, rather than trying to make a scrote learn basic empathy

Anonymous 169549

they're already too far into it, they're already stuck. there is precious few women that would prioritize a friendship or even unconventional relationship in the first place so women leaving and making a new family with women seems daunting to them. not even go into the matter of financial feasibility (males earn more on average).


basically, women need "permission" to break rules. they/we get socialized to be "good" our entire lives. you don't want to be a b-tch or c-nt, do you, you want to be moral and good and not break rules, right? you don't want to be a fucking "Karen" now do you? or a pariah? and especially you don't want to be mean, that is unacceptable.

women have to utterly flip the script on what relationships look like, what is acceptable intimate behavior looks like. two women together as platonic life partners - what would they get called by most people? they would get called d-kes, regardless if there was no sexual contact between them.

I am not saying anyone can change their orientation but think about it: has sexual orientation been proven WITHOUT A DOUBT to be innate? either genetics or epigenetics. before anyone has a knee-jerk response or think I am pushing that women should identify as homosexual/lesbian when they are not or pushing conversion "therapy" for homosexuals - no. just think about it for a minute. sit with it.
has it been proven? the "born this way" line of thinking has been pushed but has anyone seen proof without a doubt?

I will ask you and any other nonas reading this to go further. who came up with the concept of sexual orientation? all this makes me sounds like a PoMo but I am thinking materially. would sexual orientation show up in a brain scan? in our genetic code?
there can be a lesbian woman that has an entire life with a man, a marriage and a family, and still not actual be sexually oriented toward him.

I have noticed that even in radfem circles online there is something that cannot be questioned: sexual orientation. you are either het, bi or lesbian and you must respect orientation as a concept itself. I am going to question everything that a man came up with that is not material and grounded in our physical world.

what if someone didn't give a fuck whether or not the "born this way" was true? I read once a radfem online saying that the approach of, "I can't help it, I was born this way, so I should be allowed to have relationships or marriage with my own sex," is merely showing one's stomach and pleading with the masses to be given permission to do something.
why should we need permission to do anything?

what if the approach instead was, "I want a relationship/platonic life partner/sex/marriage with my own sex and I shouldn't need to provide a justification for it,"?
I'll get accused of being a liar or a user or immoral and I'm done using the framework of thinking or of morality that is mostly or all male-derived in the first place. I'm not a moid. I was honest with her from the start and she doesn't mind at all.

Anonymous 169571

that doesn't seem bad to me, in my experience "political lesbianism" Is usually met with disdain bc people interpret it as a straight woman forcing herself to have sex with a lesbian woman even though she isnt sexually interested in that.

two women who understand each other's predicaments, who are living together platonically is a lot different than the above, and I dont see how anyone could have a problem with it.

Anonymous 169574

here's the part where I get crucified.
there is the option, yes, of platonic life mates. and while no one should be forcing themself to have sex they don't want to have I will say some desire to only give pleasure ("stone") while others are OK with receiving it even if from an unconventional source. and I do relish pleasure.

Anonymous 169585

Nona, that's pretty schizo.

Anonymous 169606

How would moids NOT have a cow over any of that? They hate beautiful men/femboys, they hate lesbians

Anonymous 169662

that guy probably manipulated the shit out of her and men think he deserves sympathy

Anonymous 169664

Gossip probably means them talking about how fucked up it was, like what else are they supposed to do? Go into a deep period of mourning for someone they might not know very well? Even in death moids are entitled to women's attention and affection

Anonymous 169666


Can we consider making a pickme cringe thread? It’s a disease epidemic that needs attention and the enablers in the comments are vile.


This binch talking about how to keep a man is so cringe, especially considering how she mentioned in the introduction segment that she has only been with her current bf for 10 months.

If pickmeism actually works, why wouldnt she be married and ‘locked down’ by a good moid who loves her already? Oh right, because good men don’t actually want a human laundromat and dishwasher for a life partner, and the type of men who DO want that type of women, don’t actually love or respect their human dishwashers or washing machines, especially not enough to devote themselves faithfully to one.

Anonymous 169667

Most songs that men write are about getting cucked by Stacy. Figures.

Anonymous 169669

It’s always these kind of busted looking women who become the worst types of pickmes. Stacies know they have endless options, so they respect themselves and know they don’t have to tolerate bullshit in a relationship from a man because men are easily replaceable. Average or below average women are threatened by Stacey’s physical beauty, so to level the playing field a bit they sell themselves as footstools for moids and hope one will eventually pick her over Stacy.

Funny thing is most men would 100% choose a lazy useless Stacy gold digger over a rich hardworking average pickme. Men only choose pickmes when they’re manchildren who need a mommy, or when they’re balding ageing haggots and need a beta Becky to settle down with and become their live-in nurse.

Anonymous 169670

You don’t need to do all that pandering for a man. The women I know who are in the happiest and most functional relationships are women with a strong sense of boundaries, who make sure their husbands share the burden of chores with them and don’t care about looking dolled up or sexy all the time.

This submitting to your man schtick is really toxic. Women and men are better when they work together, as opposed to a boss and a servant dynamic. That’s how abuse starts and men don’t even respect you for it either.

Anonymous 169673

pickme regret is real. my grandma is a former pickme who is in her 80s now. she told me she wishes she had never married my grandpa and that she had just focused on her own happiness, seeing more of the world and having more fun and exciting experiences.

instead she was a shut-in domestic slave trapped in an unsatisfactory marriage for 80% of her life and she regrets it to the extreme. to this day she still resents my grandpa a lot and i can’t say i really blame her, what’s sadder is she still blames herself for staying. she tried her best to be a perfect submissive traditional wife and it was ultimately thankless.

what’s also funny is that about 20 years into their marriage, my grandpa briefly had an infatuation with a woman who was the opposite of my grandma. she was fiery, confident, independent, promiscuous and didn’t take any shit. he never actually cheated afaik, but he was obsessed with this woman for years and it nearly broke up my grandparents marriage.

i asked my grandma about marriage and she told me its not worth it, unless your husband dotes on and spoils you all the time. so yep. this idea that work will set you free and that domestic servitude is happiness is a huge con for women that only benefits men.

Anonymous 169674

Men secretly like being dommed and put in their place by women. Don’t ever let a scrote tell you otherwise.

Anonymous 169675

So true. Alpha men especially love a woman who busts their balls, no joke. Back in the day I used to watch millionaire matchmaker. The rich guys who came on the show always ended up wanting the host Patti (who is an older, sassy bossy bitch) more than the smiley pickme 20 something femsimps she procured for him.

Anonymous 169689

I'm curious, is it an American thing for American pickmes and trads to constantly emphasize "cooking three times a day from scratch" for their partners? This isn't the first time I've come across it. What's so special about cooking for the family or cleaning the house that they seem to think it's a unique and special trait that differentiates them from other women and makes them particularly appealing to men?

Most modern couples share their chores, unless the man is a lazy bum or both people in the relationship are messy people.

Anonymous 169697

Yeah I noticed that too. I live in europe and here it’s normal for both men and women to share chores and cook for one another, the American Christian idea of a woman deferring to her husband and doing all the domestic duties creeps me out slightly. If I had a friend who did all the chores in a relationship and kept emphasizing being submissive I would be worried about her.

Anonymous 169743

It's worth mentioning that many of the ones who "cook" are just making a pile of pasta every night, it's nothing healthy or sophisticated.

Anonymous 169750

Still gross and backwards as hell to insinuate that making food should just be the woman’s job. Holy shit the low self esteem pickmes have I would rather kms than be in their shitty sub/dom relationships.

Anonymous 169751

I’ll cook and clean for myself but I’m never doing that shit for a moid lmao. In fact I like to get a moid to make my food and make another moid deliver it, because men should serve me, not the other way around. My female ancestors didn’t fight for the right to vote just for me to remain a slave to moid whims.

Anonymous 169771


This is depressing me, I don't even have it in me to be angry anymore just depressed

Anonymous 169868

They are all entitled weirdos who feel like they have the right to invade your privacy (my landlord was caught sneaking into a tenants home when he thought no one was around and he almost got the fuck beaten out of him) just because youre renting from them, but few actually sneak into your house and install cameras into your prebuescent daughters room and bathroom so they can jerk off to it.

Anonymous 169878

God, people who use metaphor so liberally are so unimaginative and stupid. Of course your landlord is human, what is he? A heron? Stop pretending that everyone that doesn't follow your rulebook isn't human and accept that humans do evil and self serving shit constantly.

Anonymous 169887

I was gonna post the same thing, his species is human and it doesn't require any stretch of the imagination to see that. Its their moral definitions of humanity which are all based on stretches of the imagination in the first place, so the metaphor is utter gibberish.

Anonymous 169891

I'd just call it lazy. Everyone gets the point that you see them as 'le bad', but there isn't much else to it.

Anonymous 169915


I’m honestly disgusted by the fact this hospital banned a patient just because she requested to be treated by female only staff.

Male surgeons kill female patients 32% more often than female surgeons even when the demographics are adjusted for. Why shouldn’t a woman who has been raped by a man and needs a surgery on her private parts be fearful and mistrustful of male staff? Male nurses are far more likely to rape and sexually assault patients than female nurses are too.

Anonymous 169917

I could understand if they just didn't have a female staff member who could fulfill the requirements of the operation, but banning her is insane. Explaining that they cannot fully accommodate, offering a partial accommodation with transparency about who will be doing what and when, and then offering her what they can give is reasonable. My (American) understanding of the British healthcare system is that all doctors are employed by the state, though, so I'd be surprised if they couldn't just find a qualified physician or surgeon from another hospital for the operation.

Anonymous 169923

Yes healthcare here is state mandated so it’s fucked. The state can dictate when someone’s child or grandma should die and the families are powerless to go against the doctors (who want to turn peoples life support off) and the NHS biased judges here can even prevent parents from taking their children abroad for private treatment.

Anonymous 169924

did the hospital/hospital staff even say first, "no, we cannot accommodate that," or, "no, we refuse to accommodate that,"? because if they jumped straight to banning her immediately…
it's not like the U.S. is doing any better, really, but a lot of things I hear coming from the U.K. are so beyond the pale. women getting arrested for being against the trans agenda, not only losing their jobs.

regardless. the dystopia, the real, genuine dystopia is here for women. moids jerk themselves off to fantasies of dystopia; they don't understand women operate in one already 24/7, what a fucking laugh.

Anonymous 169925

She didn’t even ask for a female surgeon (which I understand could have been hard to accommodate) but is there really anything wrong with requesting female only staff dress her wounds and provide her service? She was getting surgery on her colon/rectum because she had been raped, ofc that’s traumatizing to have male staff look at and touch that area.

My experiences with male nurses have been overwhelmingly negative, they always seem to be bitchy gay guys, former drug addicts or just generally get the feeling they aren’t trustworthy. I don’t blame her for not wanting to be around them when she was vulnerable and sick.

Anonymous 169926


NGL that headline makes her seem unreasonable
But the real story is that she was put in a place for women and a troon came in

Anonymous 169927

Also LMAO @ banning her due to wanting to ‘protect male staff from unacceptable distress’

So now male/tranny feelings are considered more important than womens safety, we are truly fucked and living in a dystopia as >>169924 said.

Now it makes even more sense. Jfc rapist trannies are literally invading womens spaces everywhere now and women are getting punished for it arent they.

Last time I was in an NHS hospital they put me in a mixed ward next to a bunch of boomer men who kept vomiting all over the floor and burping and farting 24/7 and it was awful. I can’t imagine how even more uncomfortable it would have been if there had been a tranny in the ward too.

Anonymous 169929


I don’t think it’s unreasonable. Even dailymail readers (who are some of the most chauvinist and right wing people on earth) were agreeing with her in the comments and saying her requests were reasonable and should have been catered to by the hospital.

Single sex wards/rooms should also be mandatory. Putting a bunch of sick/bedridden women in to sleep, wash, use the toilet, dress/undress and share an intimate space with moids is a fucking horrible idea.

Salty downvoting trannies got ratioed lmao.

Anonymous 169944


Poor woman. I’m so fucking sick of moids ruining womens lives. Can we just get rid of the Y chromosome altogether pls.

Anonymous 169948

>diversity of colleagues
As if nurses aren't 90% women. The tranny absolutely stormed in there on purpose. Disgusting.

Anonymous 169968

The wording is odd but it only means that there is legal protection to not be forcibly admitted for choosing to die.

Anonymous 170041

But I don't get it. It says "trans male", so it's a ftm right? Then why are the complaining? The patient literally recognized their mental illness and saw them as male, so why are they mad?

Anonymous 170052

In this case she, for some reason, just made it happen passively by getting drugged up and refusing sustenance. However, the Netherlands still has actual legalized euthanasia. You literally have the doctor kill you.

Various places, including some US states, now how some form of legal 'assisted suicide' but there is a distinction in that they can only help set you up (drugs or IV) and you have to do the final step. The Netherlands is one of a handful of countries that goes one step further and lets the doctor do it for you, which is a nice touch.

I'm not sure if they officially enacted this but there was at least some discussion of allowing you to sign up for it preemptively, as in you give the doctor permission to put you down if XYZ happens and at the moment you sign the contract, you consider that a point where you no longer wish to live. It makes a lot of sense for people who have dementia and may not be able to make the decision for themselves after it progresses. Also, it's just a peaceful way to go. At that point you wouldn't even know it was happening.

Anonymous 170053

Update: I checked and it's Belgium that has the advanced directive version. The Netherlands is just debating it.

Anonymous 170075

Saw a male cat r*ping his nephew in front of my house. Moid animals should die too.

Anonymous 170076

Nona, you don't have to c*nsor yourself online, you know…

Anonymous 170095

Why are groomers always men? Never heard of a female groomer, unless you count trannies.

Anonymous 170099

Anyone else find it hilarious how scrotes like Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate etc only became famous because moids all have a daddy fetish?

Even in the past men were obsessed with daddy figures, be it their king, their lord, or a patriarchal male god. Now they do it with Trump, Putin, redpill snakeoil salesmen on YouTube, and streamers. I swear all men have daddy issues and an authority fetish, they all want to be governed by a big strong daddy.

Anonymous 170257

Scrotes are literally just retarded serfs. This is because they are born to serve but have been brainwashed to serve other scrotes by more powerful scrotes, instead of following nature and trying to serve women to attract a mate as is in nature. Men are homoromantic.

Anonymous 170294


Anonymous 170297

Female pedophiles exist, but they're much more rare. Plus, because of the physical differences, I don't know if boys suffer like girls when it comes to sex. Even to an older woman, being penetrated hurts when your body isn't ready enough, let alone when you're much younger and smaller. But I've never heard a male describe sex as painful unless something was basically wrong like phimosis.

Anonymous 170306

Additionally a lot of women charged with crimes such as rape or pedophilia are actually doing it for/assisting moids, who they were often themselves groomed by.

Anonymous 170323

the scrotes in the comments LMFAOOO is this the incel uprising?

Anonymous 170343


At least they admit it now. 21k likes

Anonymous 170350

They admit this but will seethe at women for pointing out that they’re admitting it. Then seethe more when women leave dating altogether

Anonymous 170357

men do not love women. I'm done with them.

Anonymous 170383

It’s a shame, because I always dreamed of living off the grid in a kind of small communal setting, but any commune where men are around always degenerates into some kind of gangrape or pedo shit. Men always put women at risk just by being around, whether it’s Waco, Mormons, Mennonites, remote tribes, whatever. Men literally just ruin everything because they can’t control their fucking rape ape urges.

Anonymous 170388

It’s the same with all communes or ‘retreats’. There’s so many cases of women being raped by guys at those hippie type festivals or where they go around in a bus together, by church leaders in those Christian communities, even monks at temples. I had always dreamed of going to a certain remote place I had in mind because the scenery is so beautiful. Then I found out, by reading blogs about it, at least two women wrote about how they got raped by tribal men there. They literally just came into their tents and raped them during the daytime. Women really need to arm themselves at all times. Guns are truly the only solution.

Anonymous 170465

I don’t think women were raped all the time in any age, except when there were battles or raids by other tribes, when it was a free for all. Usually the girls father and brothers would be her protectors, if not them, then her husband or sons or whatever. Even if you go to remote places that civilization has barely touched. It isn’t just a rape free for all, only in really fucked up rare cases do you have tribes where rape is blatantly acceptable. Moids like to rape, but they also enforce rape punishments because they don’t want their own female family members being raped by other men. So it becomes a Mexican standoff. Marital rape and forced marriage of course, is much more common sadly. Many girls in the Middle East attempt to kill themselves rather than marry some stinky old moid.

Anonymous 170484


You gals ever think how amazing it is that nearly EVERY social problem we have is caused by men?
>all violent crime in general
>pedo shit and the pornification of society
>psychological trauma
Overwhelmingly caused by men (even when women perpetrate trauma, it’s usually because they have been traumatized by a man themselves)
>tranny shit
>Covid, lab leaks, pandemics
Inhumane research on poor animals, perpetrated by MEN
Men having sex with monkeys and each other
>energy crisis and cost of living shit
Men, especially male politicians
>Russia and Ukraine shit
>terrorism, extremism, cancerous ideologies like Islam or nazism, other global threats
>single motherhood
Men leaving their wives and kids
Men being greedy fucks
>all kinds of human cruelty and evilness in general
Lack of empathy is a MALE trait than almost all men possess

Men are the worst thing that ever happened to the world. Let’s face it.

Anonymous 170535

I'm not a religion fag but every time I hear mention of the antichrist and the end times and devils being worshipped, I think about scrotes killing and destroying the world with their selfish empathy lacking behaviour and pure retard degeneracy. Unironically starting to agree with the anon who said scrotes are literally demonic. Women are the one who possess the angelic traits yet scrotes are worshiped and prioritised (due to scrotes bastardising the world by physical destruction). Even the 'good' traits they try and shill like saying 'we have strength we can protect you!' it's always being protected from scrotes using their strength for evil, like great you can solve a problem you cause kek, and the vast majority use strength for evil anyway. Otherwise it would be taboo for scrotes to act like total degenerates yet they chimpout when it's suggested that being hedonistic coom ape degenerates is a bad thing kek.

Anonymous 170536

samefag, and also only being 'protected' out of self interest, like a scrote only fending off an attack because they see you as their property. Not being willing to do it for anyone they don't benefit from defending, or doing it because it's the right thing.

Anonymous 170554


It's true. Men are more social dominance-oriented than women. This means they like hierarchies and enjoy submitting to authority figures.

Anonymous 170573

it's funny that men always mention women becoming empowered as a sign of the fall of a civilization when the one sign that spans all fallen cultures is the cult of the phallus and men becoming fags.

Anonymous 170722


Dropping more of the pedo blackpill because I hope it becomes mainstream knowledge. Funny how this screenshot comes from an incel wiki that’s designed to make women look bad and men look good, when in fact it just makes men look like complete degens.

All men are fucking pedos and we’re heading for a societal collapse, the second moids think they can get away with raping kids en masse they’re gonna try it (and they already do it enough)
Arm yourselves ladies, I’m not fucking joking. When push comes to shove, scrotes are gonna try raping women and children, just like they do in the Middle East when Islamist rebels overthrew the government. Rape is something all men fantasise about doing and if they think they can get away with it they’ll do it.

Anonymous 170727

Love Madonna. She has spent the last 40 years trolling moids and pissing them off by not giving a single fuck, and she’s still doing it.

Anonymous 170834

yesterday i commented to my family how in highschool spanish class we were reading love poems, and at one point the teacher asked us in spanish whats the most important thing in a relationship.
this guy blurted out "la pasión" or something which is of course sexual passion or whatever.
most of the class laughed (and i promise it was funny lol) and then my father went "well he said something right" and i felt genuinely so confused.
so this grown ass over 50 yo man with a wife and kids genuinely thinks that in a relationship the most important thing is the cooms?
not trust, love or respect but cooms. im sure it is important and i wouldnt want a sexless relationship but holy fuck, id rather be sure im sleeping with someone who wont give me 5 stds from cheating than having lots of sex with someone who doesnt care for me or respects me
moids never outgrow their teens (which is their worst mental and emotional life spot)

Anonymous 170846


Apparently the top panel isn’t opportunistic but the middle one is. The fact this reply has so many likes proves how retarded men are.

Anonymous 170847

it’s because moids always prioritize the needs of their glands.

Anonymous 170850

i hate men so fucking much i genuinely feel extreme hatred and disgust all of them are annoying piss baby low iq scumbags who want the priviledge of feeling like victims when they are the perpetrators or of being seen as the ones with good traits that only women really possess like when they claim to be the empathetic sex or the emotional one. yes they are emotional when they shoot up a school for dumbass reasons but thats about it. the rest is just cold calculating (still not smart tho lol) evilness and they should all die

Anonymous 170857

no only men

Anonymous 170896

you sound like you dont have a girlfriend

Anonymous 170911

oh no the incel scrote got mad :((

Anonymous 170920

why do men get offended at everything?
they laugh at women when we defend people who are being made fun of and say they cant crack bullying jokes about this or that, but will have an absolute crazy meltdown if anyone pokes the slightest bit of fun at them, when a woman in the same situation could maybe feel hurt yeah but will likely shrug it off and worse laugh about it because thats how we have been raised to be.
men are fucking joke and so childish lol

Anonymous 170922

This is true and I've noticed it too. I actually have a story about this that would be funny if it wasn't concerning
>scrote in my class constantly picks on overweight gay kid
>gets all proud about it and whenever someone says hes taking it a bit far he says "its just a joke! you cant joke about anything anymore, everyone is so sensitive" etc classic scrote mumbo jumbo
>one day goes at the kid "did you grow boobs to get better at the faggot thing"
>gay kid goes "is it working? youre staring at them"
>some people laugh
>scrote literally gets red and teary eyed and has trouble breathing
>his friends have to hold him back from the gay kid
it was really embarrassing

Anonymous 170923

men are so sensitive

Anonymous 170925

what the hell this is hilarious

Anonymous 170928

What a king, the fat kid.

Anonymous 170934

>not trust, love or respect
You can have these with anyone, sexual passion is what makes it a real relationship. I agree it's a bit of a red flag to say it's the most important factor (and he probably didn't mean it literally, he's just making an offhand comment), but you need to accept that it's a big deal. The point of a relationship isn't to have everything as peaceful and sterile as possible, it's meant to be flavorful and 'real'.

Anonymous 170935

>it's a bit of a red flag to say it's the most important factor (and he probably didn't mean it literally, he's just making an offhand comment), but you need to accept that it's a big deal
but this is literally what i said? i dont get what point you're trying to make here lol

Anonymous 170936

The top panel is both idealistic and opportunistic, the difference is only that the desired opportunity doesn't actually exist.

Anonymous 170938

It's the whole Ned Stark "nothing a (wo)man says before the word 'but' really counts" thing. Sounded like you didn't put a lot of stock in it.

Anonymous 170941

Anonymous 170953

Lauren is based for marrying a Filipino guy and making wignats seethe

Anonymous 170954

Same. I feel a visceral ick whenever I walk by a moid or one enters the room I am in. It’s like we’ve allowed some kind of ape to wear human clothing and hold human positions of authority. It’s completely absurd and wrong.

Anonymous 170956

she has a qt asian bf while i rot, it’s not fucking fair

Anonymous 170962

You need to see it through their thought process:
>Opportunism done by ME
Not opportunism
>Opportunism which takes advantage of ME

Anonymous 170973

george is just another red pill cow terminally online crying about how evil women are while looking and being decrepit. Also moids love does not exist as they cannot love, especially women. Moids idealize submission due to their obsession and infatuation with hierarchies and they idealize performative femininity. Their inherent nature is destruction and violence to themselves and others. They don’t value anything but to coom. They project all their negative qualities onto women to make themselves feel better rather than to reflect and improve. The fact that red pill moids have pushed this narrative that every one of them is this uwu true love exists types before evil women showed them that love is fake is hilarious. I’d say having a moid love you is like having a reptile like a snake do so. They can’t at all but tolerate you because you give them food and shelter so they don’t have to die outside. But that’s just an insult to reptiles

Anonymous 170983

Anonymous 171009


Anonymous 171313

Is there much of a radfem movement in Russia/Eastern Europe? For some reason every girl I met from there is a huge pickme and obsessed with being anorexic and getting plastic surgery to look better for guys. I never understood why they go to so much effort when their men are such violent drunkard garbage tbh, no offense.

Anonymous 171314

Also I know there’s a decent size libfem movement there but it seems kind of dumb and male gazey. For some reason Slavic countries always seem like they have the least amount of man haters, and that surprises me because Slavic men seem so awful.

Anonymous 173009

was watching content on the itaewon crowd crush incident and a woman in the comments expressed her sadness for the victims.
a scrote answered hitting on her and another one called her an idiot and laughed at her for showing empathy. why are men so unlikable

Anonymous 173014


men are the reason for the massive crush too. most of the people killed were women

Anonymous 173087

could it be a korean scrote? rad fems in Korea are based because of the shit they deal with with their scrotes being worst than anything. I hope wake up to realizing that scrotes do not care, physically cannot care about women and we need to just protect each other.

Anonymous 173098


Maybe circumcision isnt so bad… this dude's blaming a soap brand for hid issue but there's probably something wrong with him…

Anonymous 173101

>reddit user
>there's probably something wrong with him…
no shit?

Anonymous 173111

So I think the logic he's using is that the top one stops at "I want a woman who X" and the middle one is "I want a man who X so that I can do Y" and he's trying to imply that the inclusion of the "so that I can do Y" is what makes it oppertunistic. I think. It's hard to dig out any kind of logic from these people.

Anonymous 173120

I'm referring to his dick smell

Anonymous 173126

Circumcision is your enemy.
That part of the dick is there for a reason.
It slides up and down during sex and reduces friction. Not to mention making them less sensitive on the tip (the greatest concentration of nerve endings).
Did you ever wonder why moid porn is just ramming it in without regard for anything? Here is your answer.

>>Moses Maimonides a philosopher in the early 12th century said that "circumcision was required to cause man to be moderate, because it weakens the power of sexual excitement and lessens the natural enjoyment'."

Anonymous 173128

>cause man to be moderate
sounds good to me

Anonymous 173129

Literally the argument for clitoral hood circumcision too (let alone the other types which completely mutilate women).

Anonymous 173132

with the exception that women arent rapists coomers that commit 90% of violent crimes. men being less sexual would be incredibly beneficial to society

Anonymous 173158

i honestly dont understand your point

Anonymous 173822

Yes there is and unlike what you believe it's actually larger than the liberal one. The Russian alternative to libfem is some sort of "common sense" - that all those womanhating maggots are either stuck back in time or (more commonly believed) sexually unsatisfied losers, that will stop hating women when the right one comes. And there is a tendency to trivialize the issues women face like saying hateful shit like "women are intellectually inferior" is just a prejudice (as if moids who say this actually believe this lmao) or pitying "the weaker sex" (women are unironically called this way here) for all the problems they face but never actively doing anything about it and saying that "a real man" would never do such a thing.

Anonymous 173826

How the fuck single motherhood is bad? It's the norm for animal kingdom.

Anonymous 180953

Chymps prove they are the inferior sex once again. Online chimpouts in real time are so funny and clockably male. It’s always one more scrote chimping out = one more woman hating men and forgoing relationships after experiencing the first hand male degeneracy. Even moid trannies can’t but help show they are just pornsick failson incels flailing impotently online from the more important sex kek.

Anonymous 180956

Samefag, only rope is in the retards future.

Anonymous 181287

every time i realize men view women as pets/animals it makes me so tired. i have seen so many women get married only to realize their husbands view the marriage as carte blanche to "train" "their woman". even when they claim to love the woman's personality it's condescending – the way you fondly sigh and reminisce that no amount of training broke your dog's spirit.

Anonymous 209468

Aella is the most insufferable pseudointellectual attention whore.

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