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What real life personal experiences did you have with trannies? Anonymous 163841

Tell me your life stories and tranny experiences. Did anyone else experience sabotage or jealous fixation from them? Moid-like mind games that reminded you of the exact opposite of a female?

I used to love LGBT. Eversince trans rights blew up I became extremely turned off to all of it

Anonymous 163844

most of my experiences are with tifs. I lived with one for a few months. She didn't stay at our house often, mostly used her room as a storage unit. I was going through a really rough time in my life and she was a very positive force. She'd bring me breakfast, drive me to work, bring me to her parent's private cabin to hang out. I really, really wish she wasn't sucked into the gender cult. She was a poor lesbian who went through years upon years of trauma from her violent father and was disowned by her mother. We stopped talking, not because she was trans but because I didn't want to be around while she was crashing her car while drunk driving. That was my one and only positive experiene with someone trans.

Now, the OTHER tif I knew…I have a lot of bad stories about her but I'll share my worst/favorite experience. Some background, she was married; they had an "open relationship" where she could fuck anyone and everyone because it was "gay" but her husband could only fuck other men "if he felt curious" (he did not). One time we were having a "super gay date!!" where we went to a water park. Despite being oh so gay, she saw a guy there she wanted to fuck and kept playing around with me in the water, touching me and flirting with me to get his attention. I was extremely uncomfortable but at the time didn't know how to impose boundaries. She eventually asked the guy out after he kept staring at us then got mad at him for saying "well aren't you gay, you're with another girl?" and then demanded we go home immediately and refused to do anything else we had planned that day. She is the epitome of a spicy straight and was just "trans" to feel special.

Anonymous 163848

>had a few ftm trans friends I met through a few fandoms
>they were funny, liked 80s music a lot, often asexual, one or two were kind of drama whores but the rest were cool
>never felt unsafe or creeped out by them
>they were a little bit self absorbed and self righteous at times though and that could be kind of annoying, in general I found they had a better sense of humour about tranny stuff than MTFs
>two of them got crowdfunded top surgery which I thought was awful

Overall I would say I like most FTM trannies I’ve met but that’s because they’re girls so they’re just gonna be better people, naturally.

I’ve had 3 runins with MTF trannies irl.
>One was this massive 6ft6 or some shit guy who used to wear platform heels and stomp about east London. He was fat as well, literally 7+ ft tall in heels and you could see him coming from a really far distance lmao because he was so tall and fat. He also wore some kind of weird raver goth type getup, with dreadlocks and stuff. Never interacted with him one on one but he always had an angry look on his face lmao.

>One was a tranny who volunteered at a soup kitchen I also volunteered at. Very unpleasant and hostile individual. Stole stuff. Would pick fights with the homeless people. Ended up being forced to leave.

>Most recent time was when I was in a hospital waiting room. A very badly passing manlet moid 50 something tranny came into the waiting room, started threatening the reception staff, saying something about how they stole his bag, then proceeded to strip all his clothes off, in front of children mind you, everyone was horrified, nurses called the police and they ended up putting handcuffs on him and waiting with him to be seen by a doctor while he was screaming and crying hysterically and making animal noises the whole time.

Bear in mind I’ve been relatively neutral towards trannies my whole life, I never hated them or liked them especially. These are just my experiences and I’d say with MTF ones they’ve been pretty bad.

Anonymous 163874

I had one FtM at my old school and a few yaoi/weeb aquaintances who claimed to be "genderfluid" but never actually changed their names or anything. Other than that, no irl experience with them.
My view of FtMs and female genderspecials is positive. I didn't really have friends in school and this group of people was the only one that accepted me, even though I was never much of a weeb myself. I see them as fellow social outcast/misfit girls who got confused by social media and fandom culture somewhere along the way. They are harmless and a far cry from what you read about their MtF counterparts.

Anonymous 163897

i’m an useless lesbian, who used to hit on both women and trannies, because the woke cult taught me that they’re just women in scrote bodies.
they talked themselves into my bed, and then flaked, without fail.
after making it absolutely clear that they desire a LTR, like, confirming it vocally when i ask them (and i did, every time, because i wanted to be absolutely sure).
turns out that nobody sees me as relationship material, but actual women have enough empathy to not lead me on.
just saying that exposing myself, by getting eaten out, it took a toll on me.
i know i wanted it, i enjoyed it, i orgasmed, but it still feels wrong, looking back, because the act was supposed to be a prelude of something more.
it’s invalidating as hell, because it makes me feel like a naive straight woman.
this combined with the fact that i have the experience with troonsbians and none with women, because i’m just too shitty of an option for anything serious.
now, when i see a tranny who wants to date lesbians, i see a fucking leech, and nothing can convince me of their sincerity.
never again.

Anonymous 163899

Worked with one. He’s as disgusting as you’d imagine and despite the shitty makeup and tacky outfits he acts like a man in every way.

Anonymous 163901

sending you some hugs. you've articulated very well the subtle yet drastic restructuring of lesbian expectations, and the profound self-searching and internal dialogue that is shared, quietly, everywhere in the western world now by lesbians. Don't beat yourself up, you're clearly aware of what's wrong here, and many other women are - no doubt you will find one you mesh with long-term, if that's what you want. If there's one truth to come out of this, women are valuing intimate, long-term security and commitment to other women more than ever

I'm in the trenches anons, I wouldn't even know where to start

Anonymous 163902

I've met some ftm trannies before. Like other people were saying, they're nice people, they're just misguided. Some still wear feminine clothing. I don't fucking get why they buy into this gender stuff. It's sad. You really shouldn't remove your tits/ovaries just because you act somewhat masculine.

But my half brother. He is a mtf. It is insufferable. Claims my dad and his mom never did shit for him, when that isn't fucking true. Never ever visited the family, not even on thanksgiving. Is a Wiccan. Has a gross ugly morbidly obese golddigger girlfriend I can't even look at. Has a shitty lowpaying job as a phlebotomist (imagine being his patient… ew). I barely knew him because of our ages but he never even acted like a girl as far as I can tell. He's an autist like me, and according to my mom he was grumpy and nasty all the time and couldn't shower to save his life. Wore black clothes all the time. I think his awful girlfriend manipulated him into doing this shit but idk. Maybe he's just stupid. He sort of gives me a boost of confidence though because however I'll turn out, it'll be better than that.

Anonymous 163916

Wow that story about your brother sounds awful, I’m really sorry.

Anonymous 163924

I don't see whats wrong with doing half those things, wearing black not wanting to visit family, not getting along with your insane parents. There is almost always a reason to hate parents especially if they never should have had so many kids they couldn't be damned to raise.

Also why do you still call him, he.

Anonymous 163937

My experience of FTMs are that they are often crazy and have anger issues that they take out on others by forcing them to call them men.

They're also very, very feminine in the ways they befriend people, then cut said people off once they realise that the person isn't going to change her political opinions or POV on trans things just because of a friendship.

The above tactic of abuse is one I've experienced from mainly females, so it 'reads female' to me. Males have acted differently.

Anonymous 163941

A man will always be a he, no matter how much makeup he wears on a daily basis.

Anonymous 163955

My ex started trooning towards the end of our relationship

Anonymous 163956

Bullet dodged!

Anonymous 163957

Every female tranny (TiF) I have ever met has ALWAYS been either a homely overweight girl with a shitty home life and a miriad of mental illnesses or they're just autistic.
Every male tranny I've met (TiM) has been EXTREMELY ugly and uncomfortable to be around. Like, horse faced with fucked up teeth and almost malformed bone structure. They always have stringy hair and they are always terminally online freaks that love anime.
I have more sympathy for the female trannies but male trannies are seriously freaky and unnerving.

Anonymous 163966

I've lived wih 2 TIMs on separate occasions. They were both stereotypically male in the lazy entitled way - they left trash everywhere and refused to do basic household chores.
The first one is way too long a story but I ended up staying with the second guy while I was homeless for a bit and am honestly still very grateful he helped me out, despite some awkward/creepy situations. We were pretty much strangers so I was incredibly lucky he wasn't worse.
His whole apartment was a mess when I got there - moldy food and stains all over the kitchen, massive amounts of grime in the bathroom, piles of trash everywhere. He said he hadn't cleaned the place since he moved in and didn't mind "a little mess." If I wasn't homeless I would not have stepped foot in there. He was also weirdly defensive about it and refused to let me clean at first but I managed to convince him I wanted to do it as thanks for giving me a roof over my head, not because I thought it was filthy.
One of his house rules was to leave the bathroom door open while in the shower so it wouldn't get steamy… I went with it because I've had a similar agreement with a roommate before and it wasn't weird then (though she'd had a more legitimate reason) and it was seemingly ok for a bit until I caught him peeking. He freaked out and slammed the door, then later told me I could start keeping the door closed if I wanted to. Things were mostly ok after that, he'd stare at me sometimes but thankfully didn't make any advances or anything.
He openly talked about his trooning process and it seemed his main reasons for thinking he was a woman were discomfort in mens changing rooms and a fascination with lesbians. He'd apparently been on estrogen for years and was very disappointed in the lack of physical changes. He still looked like a normal nerdy guy who'd just wear skirts now and then. He was awkward and delusional but not an outright bad person unlike the other TIMs I've had to deal with, thank fuck. It was better than sleeping on the street I guess.

Anonymous 164002


The only tranny I've ever properly interacted with was a mutist (i.e. didn't talk to people _at all_) spec-ed retard (don't remember the details, probably autism + had a mongoloid face) that I went to school with. I received my only detention from fucking with this guy at school because a classmate forced me to not gonna go into details too much, sorry

Anyway, the tard had a diary one of my classmates found on ninth grade in his backpack, and read about the tard wanting to buy girls' underwear at the supermarket and his parents forbidding him from doing so or some shit, which I guess was the first time anyone I know of got a clue about him being more that just a regular tard. Later when we had graduated and went separate ways Facebook eventually became a thing, and I followed the tard doing a combination of trans stuff and retard stuff, facepalming at it all every now and then. I think he had a boyfriend or two at some point as well, and I _shudder_ to think what kind of desperate losers they must have been like holy shit. The guy underwent facial surgery a few years ago IIRC, and got operated down there recently (with taxpayers' money ofc - what, you thought this retard has ever worked a day in his life?)

I don't really know what aspects of the guy to blame on just being a retard and what on being a tranny tbh; if it were just being a retard or just being a tranny the guy _might_ just be bearable, but this combination is just beyond pathetic.

Anonymous 164006

my ex is FtM, who transitioned in the middle of our relationship. we were high schoolers and I was def pro-lgbt, so I didn't question it too much. we had an amicable break-up for the most part and we don't talk anymore, not for any bad reasons but simply because we grew distant once we went into college and moved on with our lives. that was my only positive FtM experience.

as for MtF…. mostly just meeting obvious AGP with striped socks and tennis skirts from amazon at any hobby related college club or cons. my worst experience is by far the transbian guy who puts no effort into "passing" who sobs and suibaits online when he gets called sir in public. he was the reason i peaked, actually, after i (naively) tried to comfort him from yet another suibaiting incident and he got too touchy and started asking for kisses. that was deeply uncomfortable and surely the last time i ever was nice to an AGP.

Anonymous 164049

the girl who molested me when I was younger turned into a TiF later. She's a heroin injecting shotacon creep now. They aren't harmless, a lot of TiFs are seriously fucked up mentally and perpetuate cycles of abuse. I'm not saying they are as bad as TiMs but they aren't sweet angels. Many are fucked up and hate women so violently that they really lash out at others, particularly the 'cis'
women in their lives. I can't stand them.

Anonymous 164053

I’ve had predatory lesbians try to assault and molest me particularly in school. I’m wary of women with moid brains.

Anonymous 164054

Wonder why so many miners have troon brothers. Is it because many live in the Midwest or other rural Canada/US where stuff like anime, gamer and weeb culture is really big? I genuinely blame anime and maybe other influences like e-numbers, water pollution, gamer culture, American politics, etc. The anime watcher to poltard to tranny arc just seems all too common. Every guy I know who is into gaming or anime ends up either trooning out or becoming attracted to troons. The guys I know with no interest in that stuff always seem to be much more straight.

Anonymous 164056

Funny you sound like an extremely bigoted scrote though.

Anonymous 164059

there was this nonbinary they/them girl i was friends with in school. weird and smelled bad, but she was really funny and liked art so i liked hanging out with her. went on t when she was maybe 16. now she goes by she/they pronouns and is a drag queen.
i had a coworker who did not pass or bind or do anything but called herself a trans guy. she has a trans guy fiancé. they were both very into the idea of getting me into a threesome with them and would pinch my side at work and compliment me. i do not like them!
last one is my friends younger sister, she’s just a fujo zoomer and she is very sweet. her mother said she wasn’t allowed to go on hormones until shes 18 so hopefully she changes her mind by then.


fetal alcohol syndrome autist who used to hang around me and his younger sister (we were ages 8-10, he was four years older). would always play really sexual music around us, tell us that me and his sister should have lesbian sex, wore bras around us. he attempted suicide a few times. he choked his mother out and fled the province. hope he succeeds in committing suicide soon.
the other tim is my friend who recently started transitioning. don’t talk to him much anymore, he’s the one who caused me to start peaking cause i know he only transitioned cause he’s an insecure scrote with a lesbian fetish.

>>164049 i’m so sorry that happened to you nona

Anonymous 164060

You also just sound really bigoted though. We're you deprived of nuance and variety as a child? Most people I know who like some kind of anime are casual fans and are actually pretty normie. You only meet creeps like that if you socialize exclusively in gamer/anime communities online. I wouldn't call the rl ones hard-core fans enough to go to a convention. I think most people develop casual interests in shows tbf.

Anonymous 164080

found the fujo

Anonymous 164082

My company has a huge 6'5 hsts client that looks like more like an old gigahon. He's actually pretty quiet, but still makes me feel uncomfortable and I try to avoid as much as possible.

Anonymous 164085

>fetal alcohol syndrome autist
A fellow observer of retard trannies I see, though your specimen seems way crazier than mine t. >>164002

BTW is there a "tard stories" thread here somewhere? If not, someone could create one - I got stories to tell at least

Anonymous 164102

I had a surreal experience. I live in Ireland which, yes, has obese people, but you never see like American sized obese people, and a smaller community of trannies too. So colour me shocked when the single fattest person I ever seen was also a tranny. I had never seen an actual irl trans person or a person this gigantic before. I was so shocked that I reflexively turned to my super woke friend and just barely stopped myself from saying what I was thinking amd choked out "damn, today I've seen some proper mingers out here". Shaped like an apple, had a crutch, blue hair, Juicy Couture type tracksuit top but stretched over a greying pink dress/pool cover

Anonymous 164112

I haven't had many interactions with them, but some weeks ago a MtF came to our workplace to fix the WiFi. He looked like a complete caricature, blonde wig with curls, tacky over the top make-up, a flowery sundress that didn't hide his wide back at all and red high heels that he was obviously unable to walk in. The worst part was his gaze, I don't mean it in the sense that it was something threatening, actually the opposite. He seemed to be the threatened or scared one, as if his eyes were trying to make sure nothing dangerous was near him. I don't know how to describe it better, but I don't think I've ever seen someone with those eyes before. Really weird experience.

Anonymous 164181

I've personally known several TIMs, who made me peak because they were raging narcissists.

The first two I met at my college's LGBT club. It was a mistake that I even joined it and I don't know what else I was expecting to be honest. It was full of radically-left, sex-obsessed people that only liked to engage in infighting about stupid shit. I started messaging both troons over Facebook because I found them really hot. One of them looked like Ezra Miller, which is a shame because like him, his good looks were completely wasted on him being annoyingly arrogant, stupid, and obnoxious.

In a moment of virgin desperation, I ended up asking the other one to hook up one night and we had supposedly agreed he'd use a condom. When I went over to his apartment, he could see how nervous I was so he was offering me muffins and shit to calm down. We gave eachother hilariously bad oral, which was especially ironic considering he would brag about how good he was at sex and how many people's he's slept with. Then he started going for PIV without a condom, so I stopped to ask him "What about the condom?". Then he had the audacity to say "Ugh, I hate condoms" and grudgingly go to put one on. So needless to say I GTFO'd out of there. Knowing how many partners he said he's had, I had also asked him beforehand if he had ever been tested and he reacted angrily, saying he hasn't and never will because he "doesn't need to". Yeah, I wasn't going to take that risk.

The next day, after I had cut him short from going all the way, he messaged me to tell me I was banned from the "sapphic" section of the club (That's what they called the woman/bi sub-group there.) I still had a big crush on him, as well as a big gravitation towards narcissists, so this broke me and I was trying to get in contact with him again. He told me "to never contact him again" and to stay away "from his home". Shortly after I got a message from the club president that I was banned from the whole org for making "some members uncomfortable". The guy conducted a whole smear-campaign/witch-hunt on me because of being cockblocked. Lmao. The other troon had messaged me to tell me I was banned from another section of the club, that I was never even a member of to begin with. He was a cunt that would try to school me on my own country's history, and that had gone off on me for calling him "dude", saying "You should never call a trans women dude". Even though I've always used that gender-neutrally, calling everyone "dude". He had a crush on first troon, so I'm guessing that was also his way of getting back at me for sleeping with second troon.

This event made my spiral into one of the deepest depression episodes of my life and I ended up attempting suicide and actually almost going through with it, for the first time in my life. I had to have a friend talk me out of killing myself and I spent the next several months schizo-paranoid that I would start being harrassed and everyone I would come across would know what a "shitlord" I am. That troon I almost lost my virginity to is one of the worst people I had ever had the displeasure of knowing and I really his POS ass gets AIDs somewhere and dies. He's so bad I had actually warned a friend who also admitted to getting a crush on him to stay away from him.

Anonymous 164185

I saw three at Walmart the other day. One was a FtM, you could tell because she was short in men’s clothes and had a feminine face with big doe eyes. She wasn’t too obvious and blended in pretty well. The other 2 were MtF and my god one was obviously relishing in the attention because everyone just stared at him as he was 7ft tall in 6 inch heels, had manly shoulders and calves, wore hot pants with fishnet leggings and a crop top and a tacky blonde wig. My guess is he wanted to look like a hooker because that’s how he views women. The second troon was balding and had a rat tail in a pathetic ponytail with a scrunchy. He had a pink baseball cap on to cover his receding hairline. He wore a hoodie and track pants and had pink glittery nail polish.
My professor is also a MtF and speaks in a ridiculously high effeminate “scared/harmless” voice and it just sounds kinda like a gay voice but in a worried/concerned tone? It’s annoying hearing him lecture lmao
I was part of a graduate club with all sorts of students and a guy doing his PhD in computer science was an autistic MtF. He liked to show off his Hank Hill ass in hot pants and his fridge body and tube boobs in crop tops. Had thin stringy hair because he had a receding hairline. He stuck close to another phd student, a brilliant girl who was too nice to reject being friends with him but she looked visibly awkward and terrified whenever he lingered near her because he viewed her as his best girl friend lol. He had a crush on her too and wanted to be transbians even though she was obviously straight. Poor girl had to compete with him for the computer science scholarships and I think he won them because he had a sob story of not fitting in society as a woman in a man’s body. Honestly think she deserved it - there aren’t many women doing computer science as is and these men are taking away scholarships from women who are brilliant in it.
In my undergrad a man in a Wicca black goth dress getup tried running for student representative and I rejected signing his petition. He was filipino and very aggressive with his signing. Called anyone who didn’t sign his petition transphobic lol
I have about two FtMs in my program right now. Library science is very pozzed and I hate it and want to drop out tbqh. They’re not obnoxious or anything, rather nice girls, just sad that they’ve been injecting themselves with irreversible testosterone and following an agenda blindly without critically thinking for themselves

Anonymous 164203

I’m scared of men who show any kind of effeminate behavior, being into vidya/anime or even just having long hair because I’m sure they’re gonna troon out on me.

Anonymous 164222

Masculinity on the other hand is gross by itself without doses of femininity. Before the troon movement everything was peachy. Troons ruined everything.

Anonymous 164244

I’m fine with masculinity. And I don’t mean toxic masculinity bullshit. I mean real masculinity where a man is a provider, a protector, a warrior who defends those he cares about, a dutiful man who doesn’t gossip or shittalk others, a stoic man who keeps his word.

These effeminate or androgynous guys are always manipulative as hell. I don’t like them at all.

But when masculinity becomes too strong they become gay also.

Anonymous 164270

My cousin decided to troon out a year or two ago when he moved away for uni, but I haven't seen him since before then and I can't imagine he passes well. Apparently his dad and brother don't talk to him anymore and I'd feel bad but he always treated me like shit as a kid and punched me in the face once so fuck him.
I know he was into pc gaming so he probably got groomed into it over Discord or something.

Anonymous 164271

I find the opposite to be true men who have to prove their masculinity and can't stray from it are the manipulative shit talkers, they're control obsessed, gender role obsessed. They are likely to push it in your face. Most of all Jesus they're unattractive af while they expect te opposite from you. I'm ready to sacrifice all of that for someone who isn't secretly harboring religion or toxicity they want to shove in your face.

Masculinity has always come across super toxic to me. I never experienced any that wasn't control obsessed so I hate it.

Anonymous 164293

Those aren’t masculine men, you’re describing overcompensating betas who larp as masculine but are really just little insecure weasels who hate women and prey on people weaker than themselves.

Anonymous 164425

effeminate guys wig me out as well, not even just because of trooning but a lot of them try to be like “hey i’m not a normal guy i’m a cool one, toxic masculinity sucks! woo feminism” so you let your guard down and they’ll be manipulative and awful. if they have painted nails it is time to run

Anonymous 164427


I met a TIF back in 2012 who called herself Skip, that was kind of my first hint that it was ridiculous.
I was at a party where a lot of people were childhood friends of each other and one was a MTF who looked like the "Tranny Arguing With Woman" copypasta meme pic. I tried to humor him by respecting his pronouns, but it was super awkward. Anyways, he still mostly hung out the the other guys at the party.
A couple months ago, the cashier at a clothing store I was in was a MTF with the typical greasy hair and pasty skin. His lanyard was also adorned with pronoun pins and a minecraft creeper pin that was the color of the trans flag. I almost chortled when he spoke in his nasally voice.
Just today, I was picking up supplies at the pet store and there was another MTF at the cashier. He also had greasy hair and pale skin, but at least his wardrobe was confined by the work uniform. He had noticeable tits because, despite the uniform, he was wearing an ill-fitting shirt that also showed off his beer gut. He was doing the gross discord falsetto, so I spoke to him in a deeper tone.
Honestly, because of my job and location, I don't see too many troons and it really is one of the few benefits of living in a conservative area.

Anonymous 164437

you're just scroting to push patriarchal roles with reverse psychology…or handmaidening for tradthot scrote behavior. "provider, protector, strong, silent" I don't want to babysit a moid who only knows how to do moid, its always just lazy, opportunistic, with one-sided domestic/emotional labor

Anonymous 164446

Never met a tranny irl, so it just feels like they dont exist unless i read about them online

Anonymous 164449

The first one I met was a friend from highschool. He was a really difficult person to get along with, always angry, snarky and lashed out at everyone cause of their issues at home and mental health that they had no desire to work on. I copped a lot of emotional and verbal abuse but I stuck around and tried to play therapist like a naive idiot. Eventually they got better, until he started crossdressing and would show me photos of his outfits and took my compliments as flirting. He trooned out, and his mental health went back to being complete shit and he started lashing out and being super difficult. He basically sexually assaulted me at a party a few months ago and I've cut off contact.

The second one was also someone from high school, I wouldn't consider them a friend because I never liked them nor made the effort to be nice to them. He was incredibly socially awkward, would orbit girls, and was just generally fucking weird. Him and I crossed paths in the city recently and he tried to talk to me but I just kept walking. I found his steam account recently and he's racked up 10-20+ hours in a bunch of really weird degenerate porn games. many such cases!

the third one was my boyfriend's best friend and a friend of mine. He was basically just a 4chan browsing scrote that hated women (but tolerated me, apparently.) hated minorities, sex workers, trannies, etc. He dated a girl and abused the fuck out of her, I exposed him to our mutual friends and they all cut him off or started excluding him from events.
Conveniently he decided to troon out, blamed our dislike of him on transphobia and not because he was abusing someone. He became a
insanely narcissistic drug addicted sex worker, he wasn't paying rent at any of the houses he lived in and kept making gofundmes to grift his way into sharehouses and would get kicked out because he refused to get a job or pay back his welfare debt. I catfished him on a dating app for a week and met up with them with the intention of beating the shit out of them for laying a finger on my friend, but he ran off the second he saw me coming up to him.

Anonymous 164576

My ex started dating one after we broke up ages ago.

They're mostly harmless but pretty abrasive towards me and to be frankly honest I don't really care, because if it's involving my relationship with my ex he can fuck off because it's none of his concern and we've both had lengthy conversations for closure and apologising for the shitstorm that was our relationship (he was very emotionally abusive and I lashed out a lot at him for it.) Or if it's some gender envy thing, not my issue.

They've got some really fucking weird fetishes and engage in really weird PDA at parties with my ex. I'm not sure if they're entirely aware of how women actually act but I don't think most trannies do.

Anonymous 164579

>I'm not sure if they're entirely aware of how women actually act but I don't think most trannies do.
Yea they absolutely don't

Anonymous 164582

>Short, curt response, no addition whatsoever.
Either do you apparently.

Anonymous 164583

PDA = public display of affection.

Anonymous 164584

A troon i knew tried to coerce, bribe and blackmail me even to have sex with him. When it obviously didn't work, he threatened to rape me and his sexual harassment just got worse and worse. He was your average, greasy, run-of-the-mill tranny too. I don't know what it is, but trannies just cannot dress for the fucking life of them. Maybe that's a requirement to be trans, horrible fucking fashion sense. He wore huge clunky boots that his calves were choking in usually with abnormally short shorts, and always had a million "hair accessories" (in quotes because 50% of the time it would even be random keychains, magnets or even candy wrappers) tangled in his greasy, bleached pink hair. The only reason i knew him was because my friends did and they were the tranny-enabling type so they always tried to include him because surprise, nobody willingly would be with him for more than 5 minutes at a time (for good reason!). I never spoke to him if it was helped and honestly i never showed an ounce of respect to him except for using his 'pronouns' because obviously i dont want to be fucking crucified in this liberal city. Even though i was very noticeably colder towards him than anyone else he'd always try to talk to me because surprise, 90% of all troons alive are also mentally handicapped and don't understand social cues (like when he would butt into everything even when he wasn't invited like our sleepovers which was obvious he only wanted to be part of for fetishistic reasons, thankfully we didn't let him come which resulted in a childlike temper tantrum over text about how fucking difficult it was to be a transwoman and that we were denying his femininity bullshit, he held a grudge against us for a while and i was the happiest girl during that time i tell you, wish he'd just broken contact then but nope). Anyway, he liked me and would constantly bombard me with texts over instagram and discord and get aggressive/threatened to hurt himself when i didnt reply (classic moid behavior!) but still liked me nonetheless i guess because this absolute pornbrain would talk nonstop about his kinks and porn etc etc and i knew for a fact he loved degradation because his discord status was always "degrade me daddy" or something equally as disgusting. I have no doubts he is a pedophile too, his favorite anime is madoka magica and would obsess over that pink haird mc (the one that looks like a 7yr) and be like "literally me!" and obsess over ships with little girls as a self-proclaimed 'lesbian' ofc… I've never met such a stereotype im practically laughing typing this out, i was actually pretty tolerant about trannies until i met this man. He'd constantly make sexual advances on me and i was genuinely scared because i didn't believe i'd have anyone to believe me if he actually raped me because of this tolerance bullshit. I would say i had a good time in highschool if not for this male.

Well sorry for the blogpost nonas but ive never really spoken my thoughts on this and it feels nice to let it out. I hate trannies with all my heart and last ive heard of him since we graduated hes been seriously considering bottom surgery and i hope he does so he kills himself before i do it for him. YWNBAW, disgusting tranny.

Anonymous 164585

There is this boy at my faculty who pretends to be a girl. Since we are uni, we ought to be tolerant and progressive and everything is beautiful, so teachers happily call him "she". Ok, it is degeneration, but still none of my business. However, when I went to female toilets, he came in because he iDeNtIfIeS as a woman. I just wait for meeting such pseudowoman for example in female showers.
What's more, when I described this to one of my female frieds, she said she already had met a man in female showers and it was ok, because he was feeling as a woman. I ask how brainwashed must somebody be to consider this normal. I asked my male friends if they would like to meet a female in their showers and of course, they told they wouldn't be comfortable.

No, it is not normal. Saying you are something doesn't make you the actual thing. This is just a mental illness, that should be cured, not supported. Except that we can't say this loud these days, because we would be seen as intolerant and stealing others "rights".

Anonymous 164586

Do they not have personal showers where you go? Thats a bigger issue for me than anything, whats up with communal shower culture? I don't want some lesbian ogling me when I am clearly straight.

Anonymous 164593

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Anonymous 164680

good on you for trying to get revenge for your friend, even if you didn’t get to kick his shit in i’m sure he was scared or at least embarrassed

Anonymous 164742

You aren't a lesbian if you willingly fuck trannies and enjoyed it lmao. And crying about how they wont date you. You are a naive straight woman.

Anonymous 164744

She's right, straight women peg men and turn them into sissy feminized versions of themselves all the time, or at least they want to, check any post whining about Bishonin no longer being a thing for proof.

Anonymous 164836

Oh 100 percent. He always tries to escape accountability like a fucking coward and just blocks people who don't like his shit behaviour.

If I see him in public again I'm not letting him run off.

Anonymous 165692


crazy enough, out of the 700 people i went to highschool with, 7 of them became trans. i graduated 1.5 years ago now, they're probably way more nowadays.

one of my childhood friends became trans. I tried to warn her not to do it, but she started taking testosterone at 15, and got a double mastectomy at 16. she sent a picture of her fresh wound to me, expecting me to congratulate her…

This is a call out to the Boston Children's Hospital, FUCK YOU FOR MAIMING CHILDREN

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