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Terfposting #24 - tranny teacher update edition Anonymous 163861

apparently someone found our favorite teacher's youtube channel/videos

previous thread: >>159378

Anonymous 163864


the channel avatar…

Anonymous 163865

Lol. The jaw:chin is always an immediate giveaway.

Anonymous 163868

How can they ‘deal with him’ when Canada has some of the strictest tranny protection laws in the world? It’s clear this is a legal form of exhibitionism fetish and he’s just pushing the boundaries and hoping he gets fired so he can sue the school afterwards. It’s not the schools fault if some wackjob starts doing everything he can within legality to get fired and file a lawsuit, their hands are tied.

Anonymous 163886

i'm enjoying watching reddits 197 and 196 boards melting down over this "person". it's really awkward for them because they deseperately want to make the conversation about tucker carlson or stonetosses politics, but the normies are totally unwilling to do the leg work for them when they go to bat for the real-doll-wannabe-nonce.
this is the great-peakening, i'm sure of it

Anonymous 163895

I find it hilarious how his google chrome theme color is pink to affirm his tranny delusion

Anonymous 163965

life is good.webm

Anonymous 163969


Anonymous 163970


Anonymous 163971

Screenshot (136).p…

Anonymous 163979


the actual fuck?

Anonymous 163987

Some do it to escape the downsides of being female, both nature- and society-imposed.

Anonymous 163989

Why are his prosthetic tata's practically around his ankles?

Anonymous 164008

This. Some of them also have csa trauma and troon out to cope.

Anonymous 164040


That is a child predator's voice all right.

Anonymous 164066

i saw the tiktok this was from and its just over a year old. amazing that this has been going on for so long.

Anonymous 164068

lol he sounds like the tranny devil from the powerpuff girls

Anonymous 164076


Oh god, listening to that voice is so painful.

Anonymous 164094

links please :)

Anonymous 164096


it's so bewildering how the ideas represented on Axl Rose's dumbass T-shirt somehow became a cornerstone focus of "social justice" movements

Anonymous 164100

nonas, is anyone else as disgusted as I am by troons that want to be "mothers"?

I've been seeing things about TIMs wishing for womb transplants and droning on about how they "wish they could be mothers" and shit like that.

I don't get it, they're not raised or socialised like women, they don't have any semblance of emotional intelligence or maternal instinct.

They aren't taught to care or nurture. I can't help but assume that they want to experience it to further validate their """"womanhood""" rather than raise or give a fuck about the children involved.

Motherhood, or even parenthood doesn't deserve to be bestowed upon LARPers and mentally ill men. Even the most ""mentally stable"" troon doesn't deserve to experience it.

It's beyond disgusting that some of them use pregnancy as a vehicle for their fetishes, I wouldn't trust any of them near children.

Anonymous 164101

Jesus Christ, i didn't think the voice could be that bad but it is.

Anonymous 164103

I just came here to post this video. Kek, idk why but it surprised me that they bounce like that. They look so solid in pictures I assumed they were hard hollow plastic or something

Anonymous 164109


>mfw a 9 year old Gacha kid has better common sense than like 80% of the population

Anonymous 164110


Anonymous 164111


Anonymous 164113

Lets stop with the larp that hes just doing this in hopes of getting sued. Hes not. Hes been carrying on for well over a year. He is a tranny just like every other tranny.
By feeding the lie that hes simply parodying trannies, it lends credence to to the tranny cope that hes somehow different from any other tranny. "hes fake, im real!". But thats not true. Hes just as "real" as them, which is to say not a real woman in the slightest.

Anonymous 164115

it's usually because:
A. they suffered some sort of trauma that makes them want to not be seen as a woman anymore.
B. they want to fit in better with men and they think that if they transition they'll become "one of the boys" so to speak.
or C. they have a fetish for gay men that's spiraling out of control.

Anonymous 164118

C is the most often option.

Anonymous 164150


Anonymous 164259


Anonymous 164265


judge should be hanged

Anonymous 164274

>I am now a female in every way
lol. lmao even

Anonymous 164279

Why do I get the feeling moids from 4chan are posting in our thread and pretending to be women just because we hate trannies too

Anonymous 164289

because they do, just accept it. if they out themselves report. I bet this thread has the most moid participation of any thread on the site, but the least of them outing themselves because they dont glow in the dark as they do in every other thread. Ive learned to not care.

Anonymous 164299

Gen Alpha is based as fuck

Anonymous 164307

>obsessing over fertility

Anonymous 164313

This is how men actually think women kek. Is this why men are 96% of rapists, they think shitting on male degeneracy is equivalent to rape? Muh logic gender my ass, such delusions.

Anonymous 164315

It’s the male logic my friend. XY is a mental disability.

Anonymous 164463

I thought we'd have an interview with woodshop tranny by now. There must be hundreds of news sources trying to contact him and if he wears that thing everywhere he goes he obviously has no shame.

Anonymous 164558

Thank you. I see so many TIMs absolutely running with this idea. "He's not actually just like me! He's different for some reason! Now let me into the girl's locker room."

Anonymous 164560

My experience with TIFs and non binaries had always been that it stemmed from CSA and rape. I've only known of one who wasn't, and she's a professional rape advocate.

Anonymous 164561

Professional rape victim advocate. God damn my fat fingers.

Anonymous 164567

>sperging about others
Tale as old as time.

Anonymous 164580

I live in a relatively populated city that's unfortunately infested with troons, I almost feel like out of any city in my country - we've got it the worst.

I see so many of them whenever I travel to the city, and I know this might make me sound like a piece of shit but there's just something satisfying about giving them subtle stares, glaring at them or just singling them out with your eyes.

If they aren't a raging narcissist you can basically see them crumble in front of you. I usually never take satisfaction from people's suffering but breaking their gender delusions and fantasy of "womanhood" and singling them out in public without saying a word is pretty damn satisfying.

Hopefully it leads to a few of them losing their confidence to show their faces outside, I'm so fucking sick of seeing them walking around, acting like clown caricatures of women.

Anonymous 164581

Just for this post I am going outside more often and talking to more people.

Anonymous 164595

I think they enjoy being stared at. They’re exhibitionists wearing their fetish in public, similar to flashers in trench coats. I genuinely think they love any form of attention.

Anonymous 164597

Real. I don't like giving them any kind of attention. Some of them fetishize the humiliation.

Anonymous 164604


Anonymous 164605


Anonymous 164608

I would laugh at them but I don’t even make eye contact with troons because the ones I’ve known irl are always super aggressive and like to get into fights. Funny how they want to be treated like ladies but won’t hesitate to go into full moid chimpout mode when their ego is wounded by someone staring at them a few seconds too long.

Anonymous 164643

I feel bad for this girl. Is is so easy ruin your life with hormones and so hard to find good psychotherapist to help.

Anonymous 164651

Idk, I hate trannies but this kind of sounds like a troll post written by a moid. I’m pretty sure as soon as you stop hormones all that shit like facial hair would go away. Also the fact she mentions having a flat chest as her biggest concern (men hate flat chests) rather than the big ugly scars and psychological trauma that would be left from top surgery. Usually these people who take such dramatic steps have dysphoria from childhood that lasts their whole lives, I doubt that would go from 60 to zero in three years. Being a minor at the time doesn’t really change things, she’s still the same person with the same brain, just a little more mature. I’m sure there are trannies who deeply regret their transitions but I just don’t trust reddit posts, too many incels on there baiting for lulz.

Anonymous 164661

Facts. For anyone unaware, look up the Folsom Street Fair. Do so in privacy though.

Anonymous 164662

SF is a nice area full of very rich people in tech. It does have some shithole parts though sadly.

Anonymous 164668

Why do gay scrotes and troons need a whole fair for themselves?

Anonymous 164692

He probably got a boner from this.

Anonymous 164693

true that, but I'm actually in Melbourne.

Anonymous 164714

That's true, but, i think it's easy to spot the ones that are exhibitionists. They're always wearing something tacky and revealing, dressing like hookers cause that's clearly how they see women and the female identity. Those are the ones i'm more subtle towards.

Usually i pick out the ones that don't dress like whores and seem less confident, i (thankfully) rarely see the exhibitionist types.

Anonymous 164717

I usually call those second types nerds and shove them into lockers.

Anonymous 164732

Have you seen the one with the Reborn doll?

Anonymous 164752

i feel like the msm doesn't even want to touch the issue because they know it'll expose the truth. the best we got was that tucker carlson segment LOL

Anonymous 164753

no cuz I had never really interacted with one IRL until this year I went to the pharmacy and this broad shouldered 6ft3 man with a thin greasy high pony-tail and ugly ass makeup was the pharmacist–Literally all I could do was gawk.

And when I went up to get my meds from this guy, it hit me like, is this person for real? And I thought, do they resent every woman they interact with irl on a daily basis? and why did everyone around this person just accept the delusion?

crazy world.

Anonymous 164755

A bit of both, mainly though, I just like bullying nerds.

Anonymous 164784

Lmao some of us don’t want to be thrown in jail for hate crimes nona.

Anonymous 164807

I haven't, I assume he'd be one of those disgusting fucking gigahon troons that lurk around collingwood/brunswick?

Anonymous 164810

God that’s really sad. Why aren’t these people in asylums.

Anonymous 164824

He's omnipresent. You can't miss him. Frizzy ponytail, The Uniqlo Coat, polyurethane baby 24/7. He even takes that thing to restaurants and plays "mother" in front of other diners.
Anyway, I like glaring at troons too, but Melbourne is not safe for women. The Punch-a-TERF attitude is strong among normies so you won't get any assistance when a deranged tranny cracks the shits at you.

Anonymous 164831

Trannies get the VIP treatment as in-patients here. The only reason they don't take advantage of it is because being a proud tranny involves exhibitionism and most patients on the ward are catatonic. The attention from the staff isn't enough for them.

Anonymous 164838

Melbourne truely is fucked. I know plenty of troons down here and not a single one of them is pleasant nor a functional human being. And most of them are sexual predators, mentally ill narcissists or both.

And they're virtually a protected class because of the brain-dead inner city naarmite crowd and the whole "oughhh muh transphobia!!!!!" fuckery.

I genuinely can't walk through the CBD or inner city suburbs without seeing ugly fucking troons just lurking about and they all fucking smell like shit and their presence alone is accosting.

Anonymous 164851

Reminds me of that famous bigfoot video

Anonymous 164859


genuine question, does anyone think that maybe weirdos like described in >>164838 have been here the whole time but we're only noticing because they're poorly crossdressing now?

Anonymous 164894

Ok what in the fuck do jews have to do with anything here

Anonymous 164921

Lmao proving once and for all trannies have no idea how women act.

Anonymous 164927

What does naarmite mean lol

Anonymous 165018

>I’m pretty sure as soon as you stop hormones all that shit like facial hair would go away.
i've seen a few ftmtf youtubers and they got through a lot of laser therepy to get control of their facial & body hair. their voices and adam's apples don't go away etier.

Anonymous 165026

Anonymous 165027

>the 'girl voice' that sounds like a man pretending to be a woman (aka what these morons are literally doing)


Anonymous 165033

Naarm is the proposed indigenous name for Melbourne. Naarmite = Melburnian who cares what the indigenous name for Melbourne would be.

Anonymous 165038

Oh okay. I thought it was a pun on Marmite, like Vegemite, with the idea of an Aussie saying ‘Naaaar mate’ in a strong Australian accent to the point it sounds like narmite. I felt quite confused.

Anonymous 165042


This is why I'm not touching any part of Europe, except East, with a 50ft pole anymore. Although even my Eastern European country is adopting alot of this libtardedness, because everyone worships America there and is Americanizing the country. It's only about time before it's flooded with blue-haired neogenders and AGPs too. That would've gotten your ass kicked and called an "изруд" a few years ago.

Anonymous 165045

Violent autistic misogynists have always been common here. You could spot them if you were paying attention to your surroundings, like in a shop or at a train station. In a crowd you wouldn't notice unless they were trying to get close to you. By trooning out they are signposting their defects without just body language, neglecting eye contact conventions, or offensive odour. Ironically they think they blend in better now in their costumes.

Something to bear in mind with Melbourne nonnette perspectives: We were in the longest coof lockdown in the world. A percentage of men took the opportunity to troon out thanks to Discord and Reddit. If you look at Kmart and Target reviews, you can see men were ordering lingerie at an increased rate during this time, probably with their covid payments.

The other aspect is everyone has had a shock reintegrating. We didn't see people for months. Us femcel phenotypes had fogged up glasses every time we left the house in a mask. Suddenly we're in a bustling city again and it is full of new trannies eager to pretend they were always women. Melburnians have been pozzed for years but we were not prepared for that.

Anonymous 165071

Here's an article where they admit they remove as young as 13yo girls healthy breasts and say it's a good thing

Anonymous 165106


you will live in ze clown world and you will be happy

Anonymous 165112

uhm sweetie that's not appropriate at all

Anonymous 165134

Its because culture evolved to make them socially acceptable, in the past if you saw from 50 year old freak dressed up like a woman they would be ostracized and cast out, but today they're accepted and championed as brave instead of being seen as weirdos

Anonymous 165205


can't stop laughing at this

Anonymous 165210

I'm mostly laughing at the part where it's considered the ultimate triumph to watch women take a shit

Anonymous 165212

You type like a man. Hm.

Anonymous 165233


Anonymous 165234

Imagine throwing your dad under the bus this hard just for gender euphoria top kek

Anonymous 165239

>a man telling a woman
Careful there.

Anonymous 165260


i prefer this one

Anonymous 165263


Gee, I wonder if the reason this guy's family doesn't talk to him is because he's a toxic psychopath.

Anonymous 165265

To be fair they do look like a bunch of insufferable Christian coomers and pinterest moms. However the tranny is clearly a psycho so he deserves to be ousted from the family.

Anonymous 165271

Not bad at all

Anonymous 165275

Why the fuck are "far right", "nazi" etc. censored?

Anonymous 165279

Wal-Murica' [FNuNW…

>my Eastern European country
>50ft pole

Do you have something to tell the class?

Anonymous 165280


Anonymous 165294

The word изрод means freak in Bulgarian, that's probably what that poster was going for. Probably just an American larping as an Eastern European.

Anonymous 165328


KEK, add a brazilian it`s quite accurate (Knew an acquaintance of an acquaintance that was murdered by being a cheap-ass and not paying the tranny hooker. (real looser coomer guy I know)
But because of globalization we do have a fair share of cringe americanized trannies. And my god are they oh so privileged, "condo`s boys"

Anonymous 165335

Thank you nona

Anonymous 165339


Anonymous 165340

Just wait until they let trans people into Children's Beauty Pageants, ooooo I will so call them pedophiles then.

Anonymous 165341

childrens beauty pageants already attract regular scrote pedos

Anonymous 165345


Look at the outfit he is wearing

This is way more severe than child beauty pageants

Anonymous 165351

Men don't own big words.
Most accurate term. We're often called the 'Woke Capital of Australia', but it's beyond that. Performative activism that doesn't hurt people is fine. Hell, it's a passtime for some Melburnians. But trans-activism isn't harmless and the TWAW crowd are sincere. In Victoria, a 3-year-old can be diagnosed with GD. In fact, it's illegal for the doctor to give an alternative diagnosis. You can get top surgery at 16 and bottom surgery looks to be lowered too. Self ID laws will come next. That's not woke. It's pozzed.

Plus every time I go into the CBD I see a row of HIV PSA posters now. They're not for the needle users. The city is literally pozzed again.

It will always astonish me that Australia has X Gender recognition partly because a man had a dodgy SRS (AKA any SRS) and told the High Court, "Oi, my dick's fucked so I'm not a man or a woman", and they agreed. And now 10 years later we're told men don't even need bottom surgery to be women. Bet he feels fucking dumb.

Anonymous 165354


Oh god it's worse, Pozz is a Britbong term…

Anonymous 165361

Sage, but is it? I thought it came from the HIV crisis in San Francisco?

Anonymous 165363

I uh, what I found was it being brit slang for positive. I did find a wiktionary term for it being a STD but frankly I do think that is an altchan scrote term you picked up somehow.

Anonymous 165370

I doubt I got it from /cgl/ so it was probably from KF lurking.

Anyway, for years people have been blaming Tinder for the rise in STDs here. The fact that we had a PrEP campaign in 2015 that encouraged gay men to forego condoms says otherwise.

We have a lot of sympathy for gay men (but not lesbians), hence the banning of conversion therapy was so popular in Victoria. We were imagining gay children being electrocuted and sent to religious camps. In reality it means psychologists can't help autistic children with attention-seeking parents and online grooming. There's even a tranny flag above the kids' play area in the waiting room at my GP clinic. It's above the Indigenous flag.


Is the drag queen stuff partly because gay men want LGBTQA+ dominance again? Or are they truly allied with transbians and male enbies?

Anonymous 165375


rdrama (yeah, yeah) made an excellent point. picrel

Anonymous 165379

>Just wait until
You have already lost with this mindset

Anonymous 165486


What's the endgame of this? How bad will it get eventually?

Anonymous 165502

What the fuck, Newsom? This could lead to more minors being sex trafficked trying to hitch rides to California with strangers hoping to get their uwu gender fee fees ~validated and affirmed~, but end up trapped in sketch motels or murdered. A minor's brain is not fully formed and will not see the long term consequences of what they want in the short term. Especially since they're all mentally ill.

Anonymous 165559

Fujoshis are better than lesbians, what a take!

Anonymous 165563


I said gays not lesbians.

Anonymous 165566

It's a catch all so I wanted to force you to clarify really.

Anonymous 165603

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 165604

OP harvested many (yous) that day, pressing f to pay respects.

Anonymous 165606

samefagging but there are so many gems in that thread I almost forgot I was on 4chan

Anonymous 165672

They just look like normal people to me. Where do you live that only Christians look like that?
No idea. It came like that when I found it.

Anonymous 165720

They just look like typical bible bashing Amerifats. I live in europe and people have better style and less balding and fat here.

Anonymous 165723


Anonymous 165724


Anonymous 165777

You know at this point I don't even blame them. They know that they can get away with it so they just go ahead and do it. I blame myself, my weakness and all the others too who just let it happen. No one dares to speak up because they would get dogpiled and that includes me.

Anonymous 165790

Trannies making the conscious decision to rape and abuse other people is not your sin. When will we get genuine TERF political candidates?

Anonymous 165797

>the conscious decision to rape and abuse other people is not your sin
It is in a way, it is our collective sin.

Anonymous 165803

Bad people will abuse stupid shit when it is available regardless. This stupid shit is only made available by 'activists' at the helm of our social and political discourse who incessantly defend it and other stupid shit for no reason other than ideology and egotism and personal/career opportunities (sole reason academics who aren't perverts themselves are like this). Can hardly blame trannies and perverts alone.

Anonymous 165811


Anonymous 165825

So sad that all men are pedophiles. Can’t even be trusted around their own children.

Anonymous 165838

imagine actually signing up your own son for an inevitable suicide just to get off

Anonymous 165871

this is so sad i'm at loss for words
the fuck is wrong with westerners seriously just why

Anonymous 165910

This is so fucking gross, holy shit.

Anonymous 165912

Can somebody explain wtf

Anonymous 165913

Westerners? You've clearly not heard of the kind of child sex trafficking that goes on in asia?

Anonymous 165914

>child sex trafficking
Yeah, done for and by westerners.

Anonymous 165915

What are Slavic fat pads? Is this degenerate Angloid claiming to be a Slav?

Anonymous 165917

I hope Russia liberates us Euros from this Anglo-American depravity soon.

Anonymous 165919

Yeah because the west financed Japanese cp and anime

Anonymous 165920

Japan is a Western puppet, just like South Korea.

Anonymous 165921

Russia and China deliberately plant this cancer in our society to make us weaker. Tik Tok, a Chinese invention, is trooning our children at alarming rates because of the Chinese algorithm that pushes this trash into their faces.
Meanwhile, they point their finger at us and laugh at how fast we've fallen.

Anonymous 165923

China and Russia don't have to do anything. The rise of postmodern identity politics (of which gender ideology and the transgender movement are a direct consequence) is an American psyop. It started during the Cold War with CIA planted Anti-Soviet "New Left" groups in Europe that focused extensively on postmodern identity issues.
Gender ideology is reinforced by Angloid media conglomerates and the pharmaceutical industry. Russia and China barely have any real cultural influence over the West.

Anonymous 165927

That person is correct in that TikTok is absolutely a propaganda tool. Chinese children aren't allowed to use TikTok,although it's not officially banned, it is not available for download in the country.
China has their own version which boots anyone under 14 off after they've been on it a while and they can only be on it for a total of 40 minutes per day. In the same way that TikTok pushes users towards consumerism and eating disorders, their app Douyin specifically pushes science, education, and engineering videos on children.
It's honestly a great thing and I wish our government cared about our citizens enough to enforce similar usage and algorithms on the most common apps used by children.

Anonymous 165931

Yeah, I bet it was russia all along. That's why every fucking politician is going all in on this garbage. They are all just russian puppets

Anonymous 165932

>It started during the Cold War with CIA planted Anti-Soviet "New Left" groups in Europe that focused extensively on postmodern identity issues.

Correct. That was the birthplace of this tranny psyop. This was all designed to hijack the marxist movement and guide them away from discussing working class issues and focus solely on identity issues, like you said.

Anonymous 165935

Yes, because China has a functioning government that, despite its flaws, actually concerns itself with the wellbeing of its citizens. Westoids will cry about le evil CCP all day, but reality vindicates the Chinese. The Chinese government has better things to do than make some Westoids troon out, such as lifting millions of their people out of poverty.

Anonymous 165944

>when you literally just make shit up

Anonymous 165946

Then why was there never anime in the US before they started translating it?? Jesus do you really need this spoonfed for you

Anonymous 165948

>thinking geopolitics = anime

Anonymous 165949

>muh 1% drop of lolishit is the same as diddling my family member and transing out kids
though i give you that it's hilarious how westerners seem to mostly care about that in the deep sea of japanese works and media despite being a niche, really shows how they are
america wanted japan to become a 3rd world country right after the war but things didn't go their way

Anonymous 165951

Gen Z is doomed

Anonymous 165952

Anonymous 165953


Anonymous 165955

Not quite, they needed Japan as an "ally" against le evil commies. That is also why they didn't annihilate Germany after WW2.

Anonymous 165958

Really, really fucking amazing the lengths that male surgeons and the medical industry will go to in order to help men with a fetish get a bastardized Frankenstein pussy, all because of some mentally ill sexual whim the moid has.

Meanwhile REAL, PHYSICAL conditions that overwhelmingly affect women have been ignored or put down as ‘female hysteria’ for centuries, and still get underdiagnosed/misdiagnosed all the time. In fact, women are far more likely to die of a missed heart attack than men (women have a 20% higher mortality from heart attack than males, women are also 32% more likely to die when male surgeons operate on them than female surgeons).

But as long as we kowtow to moids fetishes and coddle their delusions, all is well. Womens health doesn’t matter, as long as scrotes can get their surgical axe wound. Uh huh.

Anonymous 165960

>woman: I’m suffering with severe pain and I can’t stand up without passing out
>doctors: umMmm well have you considered maybe you’re just imagining it? or just faking it for attention LOL. you probably just have a psychosomatic illness because you’re a craycray wahman and naturally hysterical. consider antidepressants, a vibrator and take up yoga. that’ll be $100,000 btw.

>men: I feel like a woman and I want a pussy because the idea of it makes me horny

>doctors: say no more :D

Anonymous 166001

It's not American but I can't say more without being banned.

Anonymous 166006

i mean i feel like its financially motivated more than anything else. these procedures are like cosmetic surgery, its big business so ofc they'll be willing to do it. pharmaceutical industry, doctors, psychologists/therapists etc. they're all profiting off this mental illness, as they do with all modern mental disorders.

Anonymous 166011

cutting off your scrotum, or chopping off your breasts is a cosmetic procedure whether you like it or not.

Anonymous 166013

>Victorian era
this is still the modern era though.

Anonymous 166016

you're totally missing the point of my post. i'm not even harping on "beauty" standards. my interest was the financial incentives involved in allowing these procedures to take place–which do in fact prey on those beauty standards you examine. as do all cosmetic procedures.

Anonymous 166049

>Do not post gore, shock images, pornography etc. unless it's pertinent to the discussion. Don't make threads just to dump any of this content.

I don't want to break the rules so please clarify, is posting post-massacre crotch wounds allowed? Is it pertinent to the discussion?

Anonymous 166050

Just click the nsfw image button and then post.

Anonymous 166051


Very well.

>Here's your vagina bro, that will be 75 thousand dollars plus tip.

Anonymous 166056

Are they even satisfied with results of surgery?

Anonymous 166065

Nta no they're not. Most of them don't ever really get bottom surgery and when they do there's a million complications. Even the success stories are still people who have to live on constant medical assistance of some kind (scar surgeries, pain killers, adjustments, internal hair removals, etc) for the rest of their lives

Anonymous 166099

>Plus tip
I don't think they only take the tip Nona.

Anonymous 166128


Compared to the ftm surgeries

Anonymous 166146

Jesus fuck ugh what is the point

Anonymous 166186

Not to defend trannies but in the civil war they proved that wrong holy go back to school fail.

Anonymous 166188

How the hell??? I thought the tip was most sensitive

Anonymous 166189

I don't know all the science but I have heard from my more dommy friends that it's exactly how men describe it. I'd def advise any top to try that out though they can get pricey. I think it's literally pressure reactionary and designed to hit certain spots for you when it's inserted into another.

Anonymous 166190

lel it's a fucking bologna

Anonymous 166191


>tfw you just owned the women

Anonymous 166192

Why why why why my eyes

Anonymous 166195


Sfw version for anons who don't want to see what you posted.

Anonymous 166199


It's missing some sauce, here, take it.

Anonymous 166202


And yet somehow I still clicked.

Anonymous 166203

this images are so nasty. i'm not opening them anymore

Anonymous 166204

You were warned, I specifically asked if I'm allowed to post gross images and I'm posting them because I want the mere thought of a tranny to trigger everyone's gag reflex.

Anonymous 166205

Notice how nobody complained on the mtf but now it's too much on the ftm? I wonder why anon, I wonder why.

Anonymous 166206


I have some of those too. Look at this marvel of science

Anonymous 166208

Omg it's like a cenobite elephant

Anonymous 166209

>ftm ickies
Post these to lolcow and see how fast you get banned challenge

Anonymous 166210


I don't understand really, what's the difference? Do they have zippertits over there or something?

Anonymous 166211

Yes, thats most of their posters and it's such a funny site because of it once you understand that

Anonymous 166212


Anyway, my message is clear. I want this whole industry gone forever. It's the architect of human misery and I sincerely doubt that there's any other racket on this planet that can rival it in it's vile and predatory nature.

Anonymous 166213

Yeah I agree with you on that, where do you stand on those that hate the surgeries? I usually don't mind those myself as they aren't the ones shouting to look at their bodies.
I think people miss the bigger picture here how it's just the same thing that's been shoved at women under a new coat of paint. It's like the elites always do, push that you have to look a certain way to be happy.
If someone can find a healthy, cheap way to do so, great. If they need to cut themselves up, not worth it. Honestly it boils down to the same thing as weight sperging, unless it's unhealthy why care imo? Just plays into the industries hands to care so much one way or another because they're use to using pushback against their agenda to fuel it.

Anonymous 166214

Forgot a D in that post, there is a joke here to be made.

Anonymous 166215

Hi, sorry that I sufer from the retardism, but oh my god what am i watching???

Anonymous 166216

What the actual bad posters on here and LC don't want you to see, their own bodies on display

Anonymous 166218

My stance is very simple, the tranny industry(that includes medicine, the psychiatrical aspect and surgeries) offer both the problem and the solution at the same time.

It is a machine that is built to mind rape children, destroy their bodies completely and then even offer solutions to reverse some of it, while profiting on every step of the way. That is my opinion.

No industry on this planet comes close to this in terms of sheer malevolence, not big oil, not wall street, not the military contractors.

Anonymous 166219

I disagree with you on the last one, the military-industrial complex will always be the biggest monster in my eyes but otherwise I pretty much agree with you completely.

Anonymous 166220


On that note.

Anonymous 166222

Sis you can't dox their admin like this kek

Anonymous 166223

I am too tired to get into a long argument on that, in terms of body count and numbers, you are right, nothing comes close.

But they are what they are. They are killers and warmongers and everyone knows that perfectly well.

This industry however tries to disguise itself as a force of benevolence, a savior from plight of children's mental illness which was manufactured by them in the first place. They are also infiltrating politics and establish their hold by setting up laws which prevents the parents from even having a chance at raising their concerns or actually fighting back on behalf of ther kids. I don't like using religious lingo, but satanic is the only word that can describe how I feel about it.

Anonymous 166224

Insidious anon, they are more insidious I would agree.

Anonymous 166226

I think this honestly sums up my stance on team politics better than I ever can or will.

Anonymous 166227

Doesn't quite have the dramatic oomph to it

Anonymous 166228

Fair, it's a bit too high end for a lot of people to catch too so I can see why demonic or satanic punches harder.

Anonymous 166230


Here's another example of what I was saying. Look at the wording, the encouragement. They know exactly what they are doing, they are not brainwashed into this, this has no ideology behind it. This is all calculated and manufactured from the beginning to the end.

Anonymous 166231


All right, that's enough ranting from me. Back to posting comedy.

Anonymous 166232

And thats the thing its right after they have the surgery when objectively they look the worst. I don't get it myself. I get the whole oh hey I hate this part of my body but anyone who say, gets a tummy tuck, isn't going to go oh I look so amazing right away. They might feel better about how they look when they heal but what you posted is nowhere near the time and just disgusts me.
Problem is, any circles I try to bring that stuff up in is shot down for either censorship or me not being the 'correct person' to say such a thing which is just as insane to me.
Lmfao bio-holes, wtf is he on, oh let me just reduce the gender im larping as to a sex object and later claim I didnt cut my dick off for sex.
What a retard.

Anonymous 166261


>Yes I am a lesbian woman, how could you tell?

Anonymous 166263


Anonymous 166264


Anonymous 166265

this shit makes me so angry
they literally admit to being groomers in public in a proud tone

Anonymous 166266

You are being challenged. If you read between the lines it's basically:
>what are you going to do about it?

Anonymous 166270

won't make any difference on an individual level. The only way to combat this would be a very dedicated counter culture movement

Anonymous 166273

What stops them from just getting their shit there and moving wherever?
>I dont care if they got california that place is a containment of the cancer of the world
Poor choice of words, because it implies that containment is possible, but cancer is not something that can be contained.

Anonymous 166276

How…. is that possible? in my state? What else did he do though I wonder. It's probably not the complete story. Maybe he was an abusive fuck who knows

Anonymous 166277

You sound like a fucking moid

Anonymous 166280


Nice of you to assume that he was abusive when nothing of the sort was even mentioned. He was basically forced to call his son "Luna" at gunpoint.

Anonymous 166281

There's no way that would happen in texas

Anonymous 166282

Anonymous 166283


Here's another article, it's definitely not some made up facebook bullshit

Anonymous 166312

>The people rallying against DIY hrt provide no solutions
The solution is to not transition and get some actual therapy to work through the fetish that has taken over your life.

Anonymous 166316

why why why why WHY did i click WHY did i CLICK

Anonymous 166317

What's crazy is that not many fetishes ever take over peoples life the same way AGP does. You never see those horse people actually going full throttle into horse transitioning or something

Anonymous 166322

APG is an incel's cope with no gf or no good female figure in life typically. Funnily enough tho trannies end up dating other trannies so its incel on incel.

Anonymous 166324

Why the fuck!!!????? How in christ?? What is this and why are they leaking it?!!

Anonymous 166329

>grabbing food
>realize it's a TIM serving me at the register
>hit 0 for tip on the payment screen

Anonymous 166331

it must be poo and it must be because of how the surgery went 100%. There is no other brown foul smelling thing that the body discharges, just red blood, dark red vital blood, pus, saliva, puke, piss and stomach acid.

These are usually in Starbucks, I always tell them thanks man at the end and I point out all their manly features: brow, jaw, sunked eyes, hand size, finger length, height, wide shoulders, etc then leave. I hope they reflect on it when they get home and contemplate suicide.

Anonymous 166333

>not being given the wrong hormones for my body everyday is like if i injected you with the wrong hormones everyday

Anonymous 166334

moon cope.png

Posting cope. Apparently all cultural depictions of the moon worldwide have always been solely to validate trannies.

Anonymous 166347


It is, and it's part of what makes it sad and funny. They're incorrectly using cultural shift to cope by saying "it's because trans", which is the cherry on top of them saying "the moon is a tranny that hates people that don't like us, we asked" in order to own the TERFs. It started as a joke and became a thing rooted on a fact that made them believe the it.

It's like they said the local Martha Baker bridge told them that they're heckin' valid, so all the TERFs better back off. Then someone slides in and says, "Actually, the bridge had been renamed from the Stuart Huntington bridge back in 1882, therefore the bridge being supportive is true and has weight". They all agree that the bridge is probably a tranny and agrees with all of their talking points. And it's a fucking bridge. It's so pointlessly dumb, it's great.

Anonymous 166353

Doesn't make the moon "trans". No one would use anything associated with troons as a compliment to women's beauty. Any woman would be rightfully offended by being compared to a troon.

Anonymous 166356


Why would I give a fuck about Hindu mythology? I am not Hindu, for one, and even if there were troon deities in Hindu mythology, that wouldn't make the fucking moon "trans".
It's pure troon cope, like pointing to a cute femboy anime character and thinking "it's literally me". It's not you, you're pic related.
Throughout history, moids have come up with idealized depictions of females who happen to have a penis (futas, hermaphrodite deities, etc). These are not troons. Troons are males crossdressing and you have always been disgusting creatures.

Anonymous 166363


I always knew the moon was a hecking valid transwoman!!

Anonymous 166367

you will never be a woman even if mythologies say some shit, you exist in reality not imaginary land retard. Or even if in the past some men were castrated to be in the court, in fact eunuchs ruined kingdoms various times nobody sees them in a good light they never did anything good and always collapsed entire empires. Just like trannies today do. Mentally ill men that think they're another sex or whatever happen at the darkest time of a country and they mean that everything is going to shit because its not an stable state to be ruled by mental illness.

Anonymous 166369

you are a man

Anonymous 166372

I can tell you're a tranny by the way you are retarded.

Anonymous 166376


Mentally ill people always seek cultish religious beliefs or they self reflect on their true reality which leads to suicidal idealization and you know that.

Anonymous 166377

It's not "normalcy", it's simply reality and human nature. There is no such thing as a "transwoman", trannies are men who dress like women. There are only two sexes, and everyone is of either one sex or the other (even people with DSDs, yes). There's really nothing to discuss there, and mythology from wherever is completely irrelevant to this simple fact of nature.

Anonymous 166380

Subtly or nuance are actual things that exist and have definitions (I know it's hard for troons to accept this), they're not convenient devices to mask retardation.

Anonymous 166382

When it comes to sex, it is black or white. Two gametes, two gonads, two sexes.

Anonymous 166390

Not Mad Lucas Robe…

You have not presented one single coherent argument in the entire thread. All you do is shriek and dish out "ironic" platitudes that as void as the inside of your skull, so, in essnce, the written equivalent of the troon smug smirk. You are pic related.

As for the entire argument: in Roman and Greek mythologies the moon has always been a female deity (Luna and Selene). There, I found some random mythos where the moon is unequivocally a woman. What now, check mate? Retard.

Anonymous 166392

I am a medical doctor. Do you want to discuss the sex classification of DSDs with me? I am up for it.

Anonymous 166395

I will make it simple, anyway: humans are always either male or female, and no DSD is an exception to that.

Anonymous 166397

I'm an MD going on a PhD. Not that it's relevant, because anyone with a functioning half a brain would be able to comprehend the information that is freely available online.
Also, Blaine, you are very obvious. You are most certainly not even intersex. Even if you were, you'd still be a male. Die mad about it.

Anonymous 166400

No one gives a fuck about what a random nobody American pleb student argued in his social-studies-adjacent cash-grab course in some captured falling institution.

Anonymous 166403

>if you dont accept men as women womens rights will vanish
Tranny schizophrenia

Anonymous 166418

>calling out tranny schizos makes you a tranny schizo
Tranny schizophrenia

Anonymous 166420

Theres no purity challenge youre just either a boy or a girl. This is not a hard concept

Anonymous 166421

Oh this is the actual tranny schizo whos spamming the site for months

Disengage everyone. Hes a know pedophile

Anonymous 166426

His name is blain he was born male but pretends to be a genetic XXY (still male) to enter womens spaces to find children to pray on.

Anonymous 166428

Hilarious to think of that man in a college class. If america is handing out degrees to thr mentally ill, what purpose does a degree serve? Imagine having to sit through his presentation while he screeches about gender for an hour.

Anonymous 166429


Haha, holy shit. Looked away for an hour and this exploded huh. I just thought a nothing-post about moon stories being used as serious validation for dick chopping was morbidly funny, but it looks like it triggered a pedo.

Anonymous 166431

University especially Liberal Arts Education is just indoctrination, the degree is useless and over represented. At this point you won't find smart people there.

Anonymous 166433

Their lives are so miserable and their lifestyles go against nature to the point where they need to find symbols that aren't there in order to justify their existences.

Anonymous 166435

her argument appeal to reality you pivoting idiot inferior tranny, she is right by the way. keep coping man.

Anonymous 166436

Escaping nature is throwing away your humanity btw. Learning to live with the body you were born with is based. I guess you must think ascetics and monks are feral savages and wild animals for living with nature.

Anonymous 166450

>Learning to live with the body you were born with is based.
The based thing about mentally healthy people is that they dont have to learn anything they just don't give a fuck about what sex they got in life and move on they just dont think about these things.

If one begins to seriously worry about this it is because they're in fact mentally ill as fuck like trannies themselves are proof that they're beyond mentally ill, its a fetish and a mental illness with a whole community behind it thats why it attracts other miserable retards.


I'm not the tranny I'm correcting grammatical errors because I knew somebody was going to take it like that. Everyone knows trannies are mentally ill and a problem but mentally ill people never admit this or they claim that the solution is to appeal to their irrationality.

Anonymous 166451

You are a man so why don't you just admit this fact. Why lie.

Anonymous 166454

Yea I noticed whatever, too late. He is still coping with the fact he was born male and there is just no way to change this, every day he gets up to pee he has this realization, what an idiot the solution is to stop denying the truth but he doesnt want to, he will die an idiot.

Anonymous 166456

Mental illness is no excuse to also mutilate your body and give yourself a physical illness. A lot of mentally healthy/ill people think about what their sex means for them and their position in the world and then get over it and don't go on to mutilate themselves for the validation of a bunch of other nutcases

Anonymous 166458

Well they're fucking retarded moids and moids tend to be extreme so go figure. Trannies clearly need to be in insane asylums but no insane person is able to recognize this. Insane people are irrational and the main threat for sane humanity. So go figure.

Until we get laws that internalize the insane in asylums again and ban the tranny pills.

Anonymous 166462

and plenty (lbr its most of them at this point) dont even have mento illness influencing their geNder identiTy lol theyre just misogynist pervs

Anonymous 166463

>Hoho but it is YOU who are mentally ill because you disagree with my views!
NTA. Women have been fucked over since time immemorial by men, and women are justifiably upset about it. This site is one of the few actual ones left that don't allow any men, cross-dressers included. Naturally discussion is going to happen from a female point of view over said poor treatment + annoyance over men being that particular brand of disgusting that leads to it, hence this thread. It's one of the few places it can happen at all without having to step on eggshells out of fear of offending some guy.

Trannies abuse and intrude constantly when it comes to women and our spaces; it's a problem, and once again it's predatory men at work behind that problem even if they're in a dress this time. Wanting a female-only space and having the freedom to be mad on it is not comparable to mental illness. If anything, attempting to do so is disingenuous and ties into that whole thing of womens' concerns getting brushed aside as mental hysteria for ages. A man intruding into said site to flaunt despite clearly not being welcome could be a symptom of mental illness though, as attention whoring of that sort often is. Particularly if that attention whore is also mutilating their body while insisting they are the one who is sane and well.

Anonymous 166465

*attempting to compare them so

Anonymous 166467

the guy pushing the mental illness thing is just trying to falseflag and paint terfs as hating the mentally ill or smth btw YWNBAW go back to sharting about goths

Anonymous 166472

>but they rape more than men do
Lmao no they don't?

Anonymous 166476

nona………………….dont respond to men

Anonymous 166486

90% sure this thread is a malding tranny agruging with a malding scrote but since the tranny is a confirmed schizo it could be him arguing with himself as he does. Either way the day he finally kills himself will be a major win for women everywhere

Anonymous 166491

Sane reply

Anonymous 166494


>most of the shitposts in the thread is just 2 dudes arguing

Anonymous 166499

You're retarded and completely misinterpreting what it means to respect nature. You're obviously a moid because no woman would equate her natural nature to being a rapist feral savage, that is what men tell themselves to justify being monsters. Kill yourself.

Anonymous 166503

You're just inventing traits to apply to this anon that just aren't there. Stop playing dumb. You know that jerking off in a skirt and fondling your own moobs is perverted. You know that going into the female bathroom where you don't belong is perverted.

Anonymous 166506


This chaos is probably what the guy wants, just saiyan. Also here's that one gif since I think someone requested it in an earlier thread and I kinda forgot about it. Sorry I didn't grab it out of my folder for you sooner.

Anonymous 166509

Blaine you have schizophrenia.

Anonymous 166515

Ok schizo

Anonymous 166517

Funny schizo lol

Anonymous 166525

>why do you know my name? Ive only been spamming the site for months
Dude youve been doxxed like 40 times here. Just leave. You will never fit in. Youre a man. We hate you and you’re instantly spotted every time you try to post your schizo babble on why its actually a good thing for women to let trannies rape them

Anonymous 166532

>please stop calling me out

Anonymous 166533

It's obvious though.
For example, moid mindset
He has no friends, no family, no life, so he has to come here and have conversations with himself. He shat his pants at the idea that the moon, a rock in space, doesn't validate his identity any more than the people on earth do. He's having a worse mental break than usual, too.

Anonymous 166536


Anonymous 166538

You stick out like a sore thumb. Leave and never come back. We all hate you here.

Anonymous 166548

Me, because he's too obvious

Anonymous 166552

Soo, are we gonna just forget this thread and make a new one or

Anonymous 166554

Schizo trannys post will be cleaned up when the jannies get back. He can talk to himself for 100s of posts. Just let him burn out some energy. Thread will be fine. Just be glad blaine is posting here instead of raping a child.

Anonymous 166555


No need for a new thread, the troon will be banned soon and all his posts will be deleted, as usual.

Let's just keep posting troon Ls.

Anonymous 166557

Post some troon posts from r/witchsvspatriachy, since 1) its almost all troons posting there and 2) blaine thinks hes a witch. I bet he posts there regularly. In fact all his talking points seem straight out if that pedophile haven of a sub

Anonymous 166561


Anonymous 166562

The average poon is a result of hatred of being associated with feminity (either due to trauma or being taught that feminity is bad and something to be frowned upon) mixed with the consumption of gay man fetishzation (but they don't want to be judged for this too, so another motive to "acktually I'm a guy").
Deep down, they don't really want to be men because they don't really act like men or they are repulsed by femininity. But,this is what happens when they are taught that being a woman is bad, so they hate to be reminded that they are a woman regardless of how many syringes of T they have used.
And the more it's normalized regarding being a trans boi and TERF hatred the more of these cases will show up

Anonymous 166563


This man posts his outfits most every day. Because evidently its a fashion sub if youre a tranny

Anonymous 166565



Anonymous 166566


Ok this one is actually funny. Also I’m going back to work.

Anonymous 166570

good example of how most women who claim to be supporters/TRA's actually see TIM's as "reformed" men and not real women

Anonymous 166572

I think the only people who see tims as “real women” are tims themselves. Anyone else who agrees with them is lying

Anonymous 166591

And even then trannies are just lying to themselves they really know that in fact they are men but they dont want anyone to break the fake immersion roleplay as a girl they got going on, you do this and they break down mentally.

Anonymous 166604


Enjoy your world of endless nightmares

Anonymous 166605

god, why are female they/them's so fucking annoying to be around? I met a new one this weekend (friend of a friend of a friend) and she was just the worst combination of a NLOG and pickme.

Anonymous 166609

Because they are all NLOGs and pickmes. I think being they/them is the apex of being an NLOG. Literally Not Like Other Girls!!!

Anonymous 166613

They're not as bad as male they/them's, I can tell you that.

Anonymous 166614

Okay Aiden

Anonymous 166627

Because there is no such thing as liberal "feminism" they are pick mes democrat party drones basically.

Anonymous 166641

you know what, that's fair

Anonymous 166769



Anonymous 166779

jreg really let himself go

Anonymous 166783

this plus the accompanying photo made me laugh so fucking hard, holy fuck

Anonymous 166784


this dude's post history is really something

Anonymous 166787

like always with all trannies, i hope he just kills himself soon.

Anonymous 166792


Lol, the last sentence.

Anonymous 166795


Anonymous 166799

I'm literally in latin america and i feel like calling the police just seeing the picture of this pest

Anonymous 166801

You know how you should always see the upside to everything?
I am beginning to see the upsides of thermonuclear war.

Anonymous 166803

What's with these replies? Did a troon manifest himself?

Anonymous 166804

why is it so far up??

Anonymous 166814


>I would never actually do anything IRL

Yeah, only because the law against this still exists. Holy shit these people are terrifying.

Anonymous 166863

he looks like ted cruz

Anonymous 166880

All female they/thems are white girls who don't feel oppressed enough so they coin the term queer like it cancels out their whiteness.

Anonymous 166889

white girls are oppressed but everyone tells them they're not allowed to realize that and they miss the point because many of them still do not grasp by what it is that they are oppressed by.
it's from oppression by being female.

Anonymous 166893

>I take joy in knowing she would be trapped in my ugly male body
Gonna play armchair psych here and say this is basically unga bunga scrotespeak for "I want to rape her and 'improve' my child's genes with hers" from his id, manifesting as pseudo-jealousy. That, or he is just homosexual and defective, perceiving women as threats rather than partners as opposed to other men.

Even anons here on CC have mentioned before wanting to trade bodies with others who have it better, but we would just enjoy being the other person and being out of a poorer situation rather than hyperfocusing on "haha they have to be ME! SUFFER!!" That's weird, and it's stemming from low self-esteem. Trooning out won't fix poor self-esteem no matter how hard they pretend it will completely fix it.

Anonymous 166935

I'm laughing because for a second there, because of the blue in their shirts, I thought these two posts were a "now vs then".

Anonymous 166989

don't project your whore sister onto us scrote

Anonymous 166998

Thank you for understanding that, I hope they continue ravaging Westerns. I just hope India follows China, and stops being a democracy and brings in huge reforms for its people. By force or by death it has to happen.

Anonymous 167002


Anonymous 167004

simple as.
and a simbol of a vagina just to make trannies seethe.

Anonymous 167007


Anonymous 167014

Is America 10 years behind Canada or are they just a failed country ?

Anonymous 167015

Anonymous 167016

> It started during the Cold War with CIA planted Anti-Soviet "New Left" groups in Europe that focused extensively on postmodern identity issues.
Where can I learn more about this?

Anonymous 167018

When you have to shave your shaft weekly

Anonymous 167020

My husband has to shave his but that's because he's eastern european.

Anonymous 167033

I wish the government was half as competent as would be needed to pull off all the conspiracies schizos think they do.

Anonymous 167039

Couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous 167040


Anonymous 167042


The comments are gold
>your chin is sharp and regal
>your eyes and kind and wise

Anonymous 167043

Do not mistake purposeful incompetence to distract the peasants from actual inability. The USA is still active in destroying anything it deems a threat to our oligarchy. Most people consider senators and congressmen stupid but forget that the majority of them have law degrees from prestigious universities. They only pretend to be stupid so they can grift from us more.

Anonymous 167048


tranny lie hugboxing, everytime

thats why the trans community is one of the few mental illnesses that as a group can grow, schizoprenics aint validating each others mental illnesses. Moids when lonely seek community especially a community centered around sex and hedonism they all want their dick sucked and have their perversions satisfied this group gives that to them. Thats why the incel-trans pipeline. Incel ends up sucking off Incel.

Anonymous 167050

I am so glad this PSA was created. It has given us unlimited meme potential. I laugh every time I see it.

Anonymous 167056

Anonymous 167061

its on youtube and know your meme "transphobic (based) janitor"

Anonymous 167062


I don't know if we're allowed to post youtube links so go to youtube look up "Nationwide Transgender Equality Campaign Debuts on FOX News During Republican Convention."
I watched it to make sure it was the right one and burst out laughing again.

Anonymous 167063

there is a literal youtube direct link you can embed in this chan


Anonymous 167064

And they say that a hero can save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away

Anonymous 167065

Autism, OCD, AND gender dysphoria! Gosh, what are the odds? I for one, am shocked.

Anonymous 167066


I started watching the series too lol. I'm just going to put it out there: I like Nickleback. They have several catchy songs for when you're feeling emotionally angsty. I didn't get the hate they got.

Anonymous 167067

LinkinPark is still the best angsty music imo nothing has topped them. Sad that Chester offed himself because he had trauma because he was raped by a gay moid when he was a child.

Anonymous 167071

This post in the image is not addressing how this is enforced. Its with power, with guns. Get power, learn to use it and you will be free. Thats the only way this world is physical.

Anonymous 167072

Anonymous 167073


I agree, but also, the first step is creating class solidarity among women. We will never succeed as long as the majority of women refuse to see the truth of their chains.

Anonymous 167086


this shit is genuinely creepy ooo but its not a mental illness they say

Anonymous 167094

need to see the quote rts

Anonymous 167365


Anonymous 167403

Who the hell is this and how do I troll the f out of them please :oo

Anonymous 167420


Anonymous 167427

>lesbians can't be men
so he agrees he's not a woman

Anonymous 167428

Some of these people are great at turning themselves into asexual blobs of flesh. I dont know it is but i wouldnt want to be stuck listening to it drone on about intersectionality

Anonymous 167429

>your chin is sharp and regal
the most hilarious thing about this is that this is probably meant to be a compliment instead of an insult.

Anonymous 167473

Call this guy out for cultural appropriation and make the woketards eat themselves.

Anonymous 167474


Doesn't work. Trans identifying males are allowed to do whatever they want.

Anonymous 167476

Yeah I was watching Brittany Venti the other day she is funny someitmes. And she made a graph about how moids inverted the priviledge heriarchy especially in social media because its true that straight men were shat on, online because they had the lowest "oppression points" but now that those straight males are trannies they inversed this (online only)

and it works because we have forever lived in a patriarchy, shit sucks, women get shat on by men always in one way or another

Anonymous 167477

Depends, the ones super into racial idpol will definitely respond to that approach.

Anonymous 167478

Nah, trust me trannies get away with racism I seen it. Woke Patriarchy is all about just making mentally ill white moids colonize the world in another way, in a way with no long term future though because they cant reproduce lol.

Anonymous 167479

Everyday I get more and more homophobic towards gay males

Anonymous 167481

I only hate the ones who think they have rights to a woman's vagina

Anonymous 167494

>"Gender Magic"
>this thing is in my country
I'm just so tired. At least it's mostly in the cancerous eastern regions.

Anonymous 167554

Bi lesbian? Bile lesbian is an accurate name for troon lesbians because that's what he is

Anonymous 167557


Anonymous 167564

WHY ?! I would break his bones if he came in my bathroom with that beard because i wouldn't know wtf was going on

Anonymous 167582

I would shoot him in the leg and pee while he's screaming and call ems as I walked out I'm sure they could put two and two together there

Anonymous 167603

Oh look, more baby fetishism and now also in public no less. Why do they have to be so fucking disgusting?

Anonymous 167641

Anonymous 167645


Anonymous 167646

Bless you , you protect women from men who use a movement to hide in. They abuse a movement that has been around for a long time, I actually remember the 90s when it was all shy men who frankly acted like women that were trans, on the flipside it was women who actually fit in with men and didn't use the pick me route that were trans men.

Now it's all a status symbol for labeling and fitting in or it's a literal smokescreen for rapists and pedophiles to make there way into bathrooms.
I know this isn't the thread to defend them in but the one actual tranny I know refuses to use any public restroom, refuses to speak over actual women and is all around a nice person.
I will agree that killing off 90% of what claim to be trannies now would do the world a service but by golly, I just think of how men did the same thing to feminism to undermine our movement and it makes me feel sympathy for the tiny amount that aren't trying to rape people or deflect all and any accusations.
Shit has become disgusting to me how the libs let Drag Queens take over the T, it's just gay men everywhere at the height of every LGBT movement now including the L in some cases and idk what to do really.

Anonymous 167658

Hes defending future generations against degenerate insanity. He is a hero.

Anonymous 167726

lol, when did Amish people start trooning out?

Anonymous 167752

Anonymous 167755

I've been spoiled by his awesome hunting still photos and I need this remade but with them instead.

Anonymous 167804

good for him

Anonymous 167807

Awww as long he's not toxic he's not hurting anybody and neither are they.

But fuck toxic troons ngl

Anonymous 167810

>a couple of greiatric men in dresses encouraging a little boy to wear a dress too and to hug them
>not toxic
nona, i'm not sure if you've realized this, but those geezers got some ulterior motives in all of this, and those motives are nothing if not toxic.

Anonymous 167822



He looks like someone who's gotten coomer brainrot from playing too many MILF eroge.

Anonymous 167823

What is this fucking twitter speak? All troons are "toxic." All of them are raging misogynists. There is no such thing as a "good troon."

Anonymous 167825

is this bait? you're just like those derps from 4chan that suddenly equate any boy or man wearing dresses to being trans

Anonymous 167838

any boy or man or manboy wearing a dress is trans

Anonymous 167840

>huuurr duuurrr clothes = gender!!!

r u just trolling? because u are being just as dumb as the gendies who think the same thing

Anonymous 167844

You know the drill CC
They are here

Anonymous 167864

I am, I always fucking am and my issue is back in my day we joked about having autism, now everyone has autism and all my jokes are taken literally lmfao

Anonymous 167876

That's the troon, just report him and don't respond to him.

Anonymous 167879

You're the troon if you can't recognize a joke after it's spelled out to you.

Anonymous 167892

>soyscrote meme
Okay sorry you're a full on moid, my bad.

Anonymous 167915

Overdone, format from a scrote site, only gives away that you have no rebuttal and are seething, final score: 0/10

Anonymous 167919

Ugly picture drawn by a man obviously, using green text like a man, pretending to reverse judgement but failing, overall bait score: -17/10

Anonymous 167927

It literally specified in the video that this child and those random men did not know each other, why are they hugging and being filmed like this is a family reunion. Why did this little boy need to be introduced to male strangers who also like wearing dresses? Their dresses weren't even as feminine as the boy's dress, which is obviously costume-tier. Just take him to a theatre and show him a play with males dressed up as gay cats or whatever.

Anonymous 167930

download (5).png

Yesssss highest score

Anonymous 167939

Unrelated, but does anyone know what the current URL of Kiwifarms is, if any? I haven't kept up with the situation.

Anonymous 167943

it's down now because of a ddos attack though, josh is working on it

Anonymous 167946

there are massive ddos attacks directed at the site every day anon. very few mitigation shields are made to sustain this volume of attacks, and he was boycotted by several providers already.
it's the troons who don't give up on it because they can't cope with proof of them being pedophiles being available on the internet lol

Anonymous 167951

there are several coordinated attacks which have been intensified by large scales of magnitude since the keffals tantrum lol imagine trying to deny this when it's publicly available info that anyone can access

Anonymous 167955


Ah yes, all Josh's fault. Nothing to do with a big, fat troon starting a witch-hunt involving several Twitter bluechecks, News articles, organizations and leading to the boycott from several servers and mitigation shield providers.
The big fat pedophile troon publicly announced he'd lie until the set gets taken down, which it promptly did, but he has nothing to do with this, yes.

Anonymous 167959

You need to be at least 18 to post here + I have been here from literal day 1.
Smug newfags ruined this fucking website (and the whole internet too)

Anonymous 167961

I just wanted to check out Kiwifarms. I apologise for the shitstorm I unintentionally unleashed on this thread.

Anonymous 167965

There is no "shitstorm", it is obviously a troon who doesn't like the truth to be named.
Troons are mad because they don't want to be exposed as the pedos they are, that's the end of it.

Anonymous 167979

Are you retarded, or what? When did archived pages get deleted before? When did the website get completely deleted off clearnet?

Anonymous 167982

Josh is indeed cuter than you, Blaine. Seethe all you want.
Reminder that this is the troon trying to gaslight and rewrite history because he has his own thread on KF.

Anonymous 167987

I don't mind that at all. In fact, I might give Josh a hug, I'm sure he needs one.
As for you, no one wants to be in your general vicinity. You're radioactive cancer anywhere you go.

Anonymous 167991

It's not a raid, it's the troon Blaine shitting up several threads and responding to himself as usual. I have been reporting him but mods are sleeping. Guess we'll see all his posts deleted in a few hours.

Anonymous 167992

Ancient pickme

Anonymous 167998

Yeah, he's not worth knowing about. Just report any weird posts you see around here.

Anonymous 168004


Buffalo Bill moment itt

Anonymous 168020

Leftist/socialist transpeople are weird. They claim to oppose capitalism, but base their entire existence on consooming pharma industry hormones, plastic surgery and "gender affirming" clothing/trinkets. They also believe in idealist gender metaphysics, something that doesn't really fly with materialist Marxist philosophy.
I don't think these narcissistic consumers would fare well in an actual socialist society. They are a symptom of capitalist brainrot and always will be.

Anonymous 168033

Nah, the vast majority of transpeople are some type of leftist/"socialist". There are also the rare right-wing pickmes à la Blaire White or the genuinely apolitical autists, but their numbers pale in comparison.
These people are an absolute cancer on leftist communities everywhere online, they constantly derail with their idpol bullshit and expect people to cater to their egomaniac whims instead of concerning themselves with real problems. Most of them are of course also wealthy Western men who look down on women and victims of imperialism from the Global South for their refusal to engage with "trans rights".

Anonymous 168041

Was Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union also a Western intelligence ploy anon? Or maybe communism is just retarded and emboldens no-life mediocre leeches like this?

Anonymous 168045

It condemned millions of people to starvation.

Anonymous 168046

We know we are not retaded as a radfem of course I have read the real Marx before. There are some quotes I like here and there. He was one of the few moids that helped the old first wavers the most based wave because it was materialist it was about actually being a woman not coping thinking just about the concept of "le womyn" that is so cringe.

Read from where the (1) starts:

Those lines are very based and true.

Anonymous 168048


meme without context.

but apparently its not a mental illness they say.

Anonymous 168056

bruh what

Anonymous 168058

its probably a tranny, they tend to believe the universe is subjective and shit because that way they can imagine and cope "better" about the fact that they are objectively men. "OMG le collecitive unconcious!!" its all cope and retardation.

Anonymous 168060

Nah. I don't watch children garbage anymore I'm an adult human female that lives in the real world and takes it seriously.

Anonymous 168062

I don't read fiction anymore either lmao.

Anonymous 168065


Anonymous 168072


They are dying. Good.

Anonymous 168092

It was an rDrama raid

"If you want to make your bait obvious or not obvious, it's up to you. Either way just rape the jannies or whatever (…) My hopes are that they think they are having a trans raid"

Fuck's sake. In 2022 unless you are in a third world country where you are receiving a direct transfusion from a rentboy, you are receiving irradiated blood products. They are clean from HIV and hep C. The tainted blood scandal occurred because pharmaceutical companies sourced blood products from American prisons and Russian mortuaries. The blood came from needle users, living and dead. Governments and organisations like the NHS covered up the contamination and deaths while scientists were experimenting on young boys with haemophilia. Even when they discovered the irradiation process, they kept selling tainted blood products in Africa and lied about it. It was swept under the rug the same way trooning out kids will be in the future.

The idea of haemophiliac trannies is fucking funny, actually. 1. Nearly all symptomatic haemophiliacs are male. 2. No surgeon is going to give you GRS.

Anonymous 168116

Losing your breasts is extremely traumatic, anon. She's not just a woman who has smaller breasts naturally, she had them surgically removed. I'd take facial hair and a deep voice over a double mastectomy any day.
>shouldn't the facial hair be gone by now?
You seem to believe the lie about HRT being reversible. It is not, especially if you use it as a teenager. It interferes with your body's ability to produce estrogen and permanently fucks with your natural chemistry.
>why did she change her mind so fast?
Have you never been a teenager? They go through phases all the time. Aside from that, most troons have some underlying mental health condition that the gender clinic they went to chose to ignore. Mentally unwell people don't make good decisions. You're the one who's starting to sound like the moid tbh

Anonymous 168117

I am saying that leftism and communism caused trannies in the west.

Anonymous 168119

Since the trans discussion thread seems to have been dead for months I guess I can ask this here even if it's not just to make fun of troons.

I have heard that TIFs detransition more than MtF trannies. Is this true? The inceloid who claimed this used this information to "prove" that women have it easier because TIFs realize that being men is harder than being a woman and it's also why there are less MtF detransitioners. Of course that sounds like bullshit to me and I would guess the actual reason is most MtFs are just in it for the fetish, so they're more dedicated to it and with how society coddles men more than women (this applying to TIMs being treated better than TIFs), they're so comfortable that they don't see a need to detransition, or maybe TIMs are just more autistic and deluded, idk. If it's even true that there are more female detransitioners, why do you think that is?
Also has anyone got statistics on the proportion of MtFs to FtMs and at what ages they transition? Thanks.

I hate that so many supposedly "leftist" scrotes would rather support the fetish of pedophilic porn-addicted males who record themselves jerking off in women's bathrooms than be against something so basic as prostitution, misogyny and porn (looking at you leftypol faggots). They don't stop for one second to think "hmmm maybe transgenderism and gender theory in general is a capitalist psyop intended to profit off mentally ill adult male fetishists and insecure teenagers, and also to divide the working class further with idpol shit as well as providing liberals with a new way to censor anyone they don't like, hmmmmm".
This is one of the reasons why I like Paul Cockshott so much even if not every one of his ideas are that great. I find it sad that so many leftist figures these days support gender theory bullshit so hard even if they're just doing it not to alienate potential supporters.

Anonymous 168120

Some people at my university are hosting a presentation on "transfeminism" in a couple of days. I'm in STEM (also not in an Anglo country) so I have not heard anything about trans or woke stuff at university so far. I am tempted to attend that presentation just to see what these people are on about (obviously hiding my views and trying not to laugh). What do you guys think? Should I do it?

Anonymous 168121

>>168120 (me)
I have also never met a TIM irl so that might be another interesting aspect.

Anonymous 168122

They are alright as far as "leftist" moids are concerned tbh. In the last prostitution thread I saw there they all had the correct position at least. They also really like Cockshott.

Anonymous 168126

But identity politics are pervasive in communist societies. The Soviet Union had their own idpol (including affirmative action quotas for non-Russian ethnic groups for example) and their own science-denial movement (lysenkoism). It's a huge cope to blame western intelligence for the rise of troons when communism and leftist politics are plagued with this shit every single time.
The communists weren't the ones burning troon-promoting pseudoscientific books lol.

Anonymous 168127

I think you should collect proof of any misogynistic shit they say and put it on blast. Make a formal complaint to your university, don't let anything slide through. If your country has not been captured yet, give them hell while you still can.


What the fuck does Tatars and agriculture experimentation have to do with troons you stupid fuck.


Stalin criminalized homosexuality lol.



>it’s those darn russians who are trannifying our countries!
Lol ok Billy Bob.

Anonymous 168134

Russia is not a communist country anymore, anon.

Anonymous 168135


Any "communist" you try to present as being one of the earliest shills for trannyism in the west will probably be a liberal misusing a couple of Marxist (or feminist!) concepts at most. And if you really think liberals and communists are the same you have American mainstream politics brainrot. You also need to understand the extent to which intelligence agencies try to hijack movements like the other anon said.

As far as I'm concerned, it was John Money (not a leftist of any sort) who came up with the term "gender" in relation to human identity, and Judith Butler one of the earliest gender theorists. A lot of gender theorists were apparently influenced by Michel Foucault but, although he associated with some leftist philosophers, that fag wasn't even Marxist, mf explicitly rejected some basic communist ideas such as class struggle which automatically makes you not a communist; preferring to focus on unimportant identity bullshit rather than economic issues is what anon means by idpol, not supporting ethnic minorities who are economically disadvantaged. Claiming that "leftism" is to blame for trannyism is exactly the same as if you tried to claim that feminism caused trannyism because Butler is a """feminist""".

Please do tell in what way gender identity has anything to do with communism, I hope you understand what the latter is about in the first place. I will say, though, that maybe one of the reasons why self-described "leftist" trannies tend to gravitate more towards anarchism as opposed to Marxism-Leninism is because anarchists don't subscribe to the idea of dialectical materialism, which would make tranny delusions about being true and honest women invalid since their identity (feelings of being a woman) is not supported by their material reality. Also self-described "anarchists" are more prone to being liberals with radical aesthetics.

If you really think about the causes for trans rights activism being so widespread, and even officially supported by first world capitalist governments (pic related, from the White House website), you'll realize it's not (just) because of misogyny but mostly because it's profitable and convenient. They are seeking to expand their business to the entire world (prime example of capitalism) and also to influence and control other countries politically.

Ok now we know you really are a retard or probably a baiting /pol/fag trying to derail.

>I'm in STEM (also not in an Anglo country)
The trans lobby is being careful about how they introduce pro-trans views and policies in the third world, as opposed to how they do it in first world countries. Most people don't even realize that it's happening. If you're sure that people in your country don't support the pro-trans agenda and they won't call you a transphobe, you should warn everyone you know about it.


Amazing how the most troons are in capitalist countries and the least troons are in former soviet countries

Anonymous 168137


Search up Magnus Hirschfeld, although John Money may be more famous, trans "research" started a lot earlier. He would perform the first gender affirmation surgeries in the 1930s.

Anonymous 168138

>not true communism!
Yeah, I know the drill. I'd like to respond to your points in a minimally serious way, but I'd be banned. I'll just say the west got what it fucking deserved.

Anonymous 168141

I really hate how this map puts LGB people in the same group as trannies. Although it's not just this map, obviously. I'd argue that gays and lesbians exist and may have always existed at roughly the same proportions in the first and third world, but the modern tranny epidemic started in the first world and only recently is spreading to other countries.

>In the last prostitution thread I saw there they all had the correct position at least
Yeah, a lot of them do think that prostitution is not a good thing, and that to get rid of it, you need to get rid of the conditions that lead to women becoming prostitutes. But I can't help thinking that most of the well-intentioned ones who would reply to blatant misogynists with "leave her alone dude, she can fuck whoever she wants" still support porn and prostitution because "in the future, people will make ethical porn and sell sex with full consent for fun and not because they need to!" totally forgetting that misogyny, sexism and rape (all the fault of men of course) are not going to disappear when capitalism does, and ignoring that women are conditioned into objectifying themselves for men and don't just do it because "they wanted to".
It really depends on what thread you happen to come across in a given day. Personally, I saw a thread recently that started out asking why the Muslim world is still stuck with feudal values while a lot of it is already fully capitalist, and it was almost immediately derailed by incels/misogynists, when someone else posted a video about a woman who migrated to some western country, all because she turned out to be a "slut" with an OnlyFans, as if "being a slut" made women evil or as if it had been a conscious choice 'cause lol women naturally enjoy being whores and deserve being shamed for it amirite. So that just blackpilled me more on leftist scrotes.
>They also really like Cockshott
leftypol has different kinds of users. Some love Cockshott and consider him one of the most important communists of our era, while others are critical of the guy or dismiss him entirely only because of his "reactionary" views which are mostly: not believing that male troons are women; criticizing the deliberate loss of meaning of the word "woman"; pointing out that homosexual couples have less children than heterosexual ones; and arguing that gay male couples are richer on average than straight and lesbian ones because men are paid more than women. So Cockshott is pretty based for a man, as far as I'm concerned. He also says socialists shouldn't support prostitution and distinguishes between economic and sexual exploitation, which some scrotes at leftypol aren't even capable of doing because they hate women that much.

Anonymous 168143

So did the east ;)

Anonymous 168154

This nona gets it right. I read a "lobbying handbook" about trannyism recently, and hmmm, who is sponsoring this? The largest lawyer firm in the world (Dentons, by number of employees) and the Reuters foundation? And that's supposed to just not be fishy at all? It's hard to imagine anything but big pharma being in bed with these guys, printing money from hormone prescriptions and executing crotches, turning brainwashed coomers who have been feeding off msm and porn for years to financial slaves of big pharma. It feels like every major institution is conspiring to erode the social fabric and the indvidual for the sake of profit. This makes me so mad, I need a moment.

Here's the handbook: https://www.iglyo.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/IGLYO_v3-1.pdf

Anonymous 168156

I used to lurk that crap in 8chan long ago when I was studying for nurse. It was super cringe moids ruining otherwise decent ideas with their coombrains. They accepted trannies and all that garbage, a lot of cringe anarchists and retarded hispter ideologies. Back then I was not a gender critical feminist I was just a bernie sanders type of feminist either way it was retarded and I was retarded too its good that one learns growing up.

Anonymous 168158

The fist gender clinic was in Germany and the first srs was also in Germany. A New Zealander named Jhon Money is the one who invented the idea of gender identity. Idk how you Eurofags can try to blame America for your tranny shit when all the most insane troon happening aren't happening here. I can go on facebook right now and bitch about trannys under my real name and no one can arrest me. There are no states here where misgendering is illegal. West/north Europe has these insane policies because it's what your cucked population wanted and voted for lmao. The tranny shit is not NEARLY as bad here

Anonymous 168159

Not to go /pol/ on you, but both those people are jewish. Just saying.

Anonymous 168161

The CIA had agents in all kinds of movements, including the kkk and the black panthers. I don't get how her feminism is "subdivision" anyways. Seems pretty basic to me. Is there any proof she was an undercover agent who had that goal?

Anonymous 168162

Germans tried to get rid of it.

Anonymous 168163

Under the Third Reich? Ya. But Berlin was quite a alphabet soup city before then. Most "sexology" and alphabet soup shit originally came from them.

Anonymous 168169


Unironically it's always the CIA when it comes to all the subversion to movements that used to be based until the 1947-Present and they still do it. They made "feminism" about trannies, and le sexual liberation which just promotes sex work which isn't a woman's right by the way.

>pic related

cringe US made propaganda


The tranny shit is by far the worst in Canada and America lol, its not ever close. I’m Bri’ish and I’ve only ever seen one tranny here irl in my entire life and I’m nearly 30.

Anonymous 168175

Prostitution isn't even legal in America, why would the cia advocate for it?

Anonymous 168176

Well yes, that is the hub of all neoliberalism and these retarded non-material ideologies, to them everything is subjective like retards. They will learn the hard way that reality can't be thought away.


This. Every time I see a news story about a gay cake/tranny chimpout/some other ridiculous troon shit, 99.9% of the time it’s from North America. The OP you responded to probably just lives in some quiet Bumfuck, Hicksville town. Any major city in the US or Canada is absolutely rife with obese rainbow haired men in dresses.

Anonymous 168178

Please understand, they have to cope with the fact that the ones pushing all the retarded shit in the US are self-described "marxists".


From what I’ve seen, most trannies start from anime, 4chan and gaming culture, which is mostly coopted by the right wing.

Anonymous 168182

And those self-described "Marxists" are not even materialists, they are subjectivists, and they are often rich academics. It's because it was subverted clearly. Because when I read some pro-feminist lines from Marx I see that the moid clearly isn't like modern Marxists are, their shit been fucked just like Feminism got fucked with the new waves, we are in Third Wave the LibFem cringe wave but the TERF wave is the Fourth. The Fourth will fix it.


This lol. For instance, poltards claim to hate trannies and make fun of them all the time. But poltards are actually the biggest consoomers of tranny porn. Most people who don’t like/care about trannies, like myself, genuinely don’t care about trannies that much. If we see one we think yikes and avoid them then move on with our day. We don’t spend all day collecting pictures of botched tranny surgeries, nor do we care about shemale porn, bussies or any of that other weird tranny meme shit. Most people don’t know or care about any of this shit. It’s literally just trannies and young ‘right wing’ men!

It’s always been this way. The right wing has a psychosexual obsession with men who dress as women. For instance, in my country it was a tradition since the 1980s for ‘straight, working class, conservative voters’ to go to Thailand to have sex with ladyboys. Nobody else cared about or wanted to learn more about this weird fetishy subculture, EXCEPT men who were genuinely aroused by it. Everyone else just thought ‘ew’ and moved on with their lives. Moids fetishizing troons is nothing new under the sun. Even thousands of years ago rich kings and emperors (who will have been right wing lmao) had boy slaves they feminized and sodomized. Men are just weird fucking coomers.

Anonymous 168273

How widespread is trans/woke ideology in Québec compared to Anglo Canada? Francophone people are generally very based, they probably wouldn't let fake boob teacher anywhere near a school like Ontario Angloids.

Anonymous 168522


Based enough to physically assault feminists, apparently. Law enforcement didn't step in, even after one of them pleaded for help.

Anonymous 168523


You probably don't live in a big city then. There have been multiple feminists in the UK who have been arrested for refusing to play along with troons. Caroline Farrow got arrested not long ago for posting on kiwifarms. The posts they arrested her for weren't even made by her. These same troons who reported her also doxxed her and sent her a lot of threatening messages, yet she's the one that got arrested for "hate speech".

Anonymous 168528

I won’t get arrested because I don’t engage in stupid twitter shite. I just laugh at trannies when I see them irl.

Anonymous 168529

>This isn't concerning because it didn't happen to me

Anonymous 168531


>MY Eastern European country
>50ft pole
It's a world of choices my friend…

Anonymous 168532

Twitter crusades don’t do anything. They’re just cringe and a waste of time, not worth sacrificing your liberty for.

Anonymous 168539

>Twitter crusades don't do anything
>Woman gets arrested

Anonymous 168578

pokemon autism.jpg

Idk much about the Japanese language, but is a female using "boku" for herself really reasonable grounds for suspecting she's a gendie? Also it isn't even trans flag colors kek, looks more purple than pink to me

Anonymous 168580

looks like a white male or white "male" speculating on Asian culture? these people are like those that see Christ in toast. every cult is in a perpetual recruiting mode - any possible newcomer (even a fictional character being trans-coded) is lovebombed alongside being "claimed" and any apostate (detransitioners) is hated beyond measure.

the point is in North America people are not yet being arrested for pointing out basic reality.

Anonymous 168582

Boku, Ore, Watashi etc don't really are gender related things It's just that they sound more gentle or rough so they tend to be associated to men/Women.

Tl;dr that dude Is hard coping

Anonymous 168585


Kinda, but what does it mean? What does he want to say? It is a man who presenting feminine visually while referring to himself as a male or simply a girl speaking in a more casual manner
But more important question is - who cares

Anonymous 168586

Any new character that comes out that has blue and pink is always thoroughly inspected to see if it is trans or not. Like, obviously not, if there was a trans character there'd be mention of it being trans. They are inspecting a character's ~gender identity~ and ~true sex~ as if it's a person. She's just a girl character who speaks bluntly. She's also loud and obnoxious, so clearly that has something to do with the boku.

Anonymous 168587

Not necessarily. I'm learning Russian and some parts of the language (like the past tense of verbs) are gendered based on the speaker's sex. I use the male versions for myself, mostly because I don't want random moids on the Internet to know that I'm female, but also because I am a tomboy irl. I read that some Russian feminists use the male versions as a political statement, but I don't know if that is accurate.
My native language also has gendered words, the male versions are generally considered neutral rather than male-only. (By everyone except a few retarded libfems.)

Anonymous 168591

>I'm learning Russian


Anonymous 168594

Based family fuck that guy just exile him

Anonymous 168597

No, not in the slightest.

Anonymous 168598

>Russian feminists use the male versions as a political statement
I would say it’s the opposite - feminists usually use female word ending for “neutral”(which is male) nouns - like profession names and such - think doctoress instead of doctor. Male versions is often used by fujoshi/fandom girls for whatever reason. I’ve heard several theories, the history of the main ones are: twitter symbol count (male is shorter), local ib are hostile to women (as usual) - so to avoid a shitstorm (sometimes on the internet in general, not only ib), fujos like to be associated with gays (like modern ftm gendies do)
That is on internet, but irl I witnessed only nlog fujos who were doing this

Anonymous 168599

I hope Russia has TERFs because PussyRiot was a psyop made by a liberal pornstar with an onlyfans. If you are Russian don't fall for it, when in doubt always return to the First Wave theory, always. This is what makes the TERF Fourth Wave great, its returning to the roots of what feminism is meant to be, about the real objective human female.

Anonymous 168601


4th wave feminism

Anonymous 168602


Anonymous 168605

What is it about trans people that forces pedophilia to come to mind??? I never had anything against gays or lesbisns, I couldn't care. When gay marriage became legal it was pretty uneventful compared to the trans rights movement. Why is this?

I absolutely fucking hate the trans activists I see and trannies i have to interact with online though. Why do they make me feel extremely hostile compared to gays who I'm highly tolerant of? Is the vibe in my imagination ? Why is it so infuriating?

Anonymous 168607

Because trans people are objectively dead ends, their only way to propagate is by attempting to groom the children of mentally healthy families.

Anonymous 168611

Why do they need to propagate at all??? Gays and lesbians don't push their identity so aggressively and disgustingly, why must trannies do it?? Are we sure this isn't in our imagination??

I feel bad. Then again it makes me EXTREMELY angry when lesbians and tomboys go trans, you know its because they felt the need to seek out validation a good percentage of the time. Everyone does that in their teens!! Why CANT i be disgusted over it?! Encouraged to cut off their breasts as teens and nobody questions it!!! That is the dead end of it for me. It thoroughly disgusts me.

Anonymous 168615

Thanks for the insight! I didn't know if that thing about Russian feminists was actually true, I just read it on some blog once.

>feminists usually use female word ending for “neutral” (which is male) nouns

In my native language libfems not only use female word endings, but insist on including both the male and female endings in every naturally-gendered noun and adjective at the same time, usually separated by a star (*) or an underscore (_) to additionally represent "nonbinary" people. It's retarded as fuck and makes any longer text illegible.
I am personally in favour of simply ditching the female forms altogether, but that won't fly with the woke crowd.

Anonymous 168620


Real Lesbians can reproduce they just need a moid with good genes willing to cum dump they dont even carry with the child forming inside anyway pic related, even gays arguably (although wombs shouldnt ever be allowed to be "rented" this only subjugates and commodifies the woman as a product, as just a hole, baby factory and its part of the problem of patriarchy). Trannies can't, Trannies are dead ends, the total end of their DNA when they throw at you the sperm freezing argument it is often lies, also froze sperm doesnt last eternally like they would like to believe and you have to rent the spot where its stored so nah ofc they dont do it. Transgender = infertility, the dead end.

Anonymous 168622

So trannies are jealeous and hate women for many reasons but a big one is because real women are life, potential, continuity, etc. And trannies are death, total stagnation, extinction, mental illness and mainly denial or disdain for the mechanisms of reality they hate all of existence.

Anonymous 168625

I hope they stop slaughtering Ukrainians first

Anonymous 168633

And they willingly chose it kek

Anonymous 168638

because whether or not human sexuality is wired into us at birth or shortly after (epigenetics) you know that some humans have throughout all of time had same-sex relations, naturally, of their own volition.
perhaps discomfort over one's own bodily sex is also just as natural but taking cross sex hormones and shoving pornographic driven sexual fetishes into everyone's face sure as fuck is not, let alone publicly celebrating this.

Anonymous 168640

you know who doesn't give one fuck about whether or not their disgust over something is "OK" or not?

it's time females realize their disgust, their fury, their sadness needs no justification and that there is no reward for being the mainstream construct of what comprises being a "nice" female. females are hated whether they are "nice" or not.

Anonymous 168758

Not really, they are definitely gendered. Gentle/rough distinction is more accurately applicable to something like boku/ore.

Anonymous 168763

No it isn't. There are plenty of female characters that use boku (the aforementioned "bokukko" trope), even irl some gyaru used it (when gyaru culture was prominent) as a form of rebellion. Some characters even use ore ("orekko").

Anonymous 168767

Society will go to war against trannies they have went too far and they only get away with it because they have political-corporate power its time to strip them out of all that power and exile them as the mentally ill weird fucks they are.

Anonymous 168802

literally obsessed with muh right muh left to the point you cannot observe reality. it has to be bad group can't be MY group. no, trannies have little to nothing to do with your rightwing boogeyman and are a mainstay of very clearly leftist discourse, supported and advocated for exclusively by that sphere. many of the people you're talking about are barely aware they exist.

Anonymous 168804

A lot more autism in this thread than usual… there's trannies among us…

Anonymous 168807


There is at least 3 that lurk CC from what I can tell. I notice them cross posting in lgbshit I kinda know the vibe they got, what they like etc. This chan if you account for the real female posters alone the site is much slower and thats fine when CC is slow is because actual women are posting, when its too fast something is up either a raid or obsessed trannies larping, remind them ywnbaw on any thread you spot them and you know what to do.

Anonymous 168905

it's amazing how troons say JKR is a monster for saying sex is real. next saying the sky is blue will be considered hate speech because it doesn't look blue to colorblind males.

Anonymous 168906

or "differently visioned" males to sound more woke

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