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Anonymous 163974

what are your thoughts on twitch girls who make money off of lonely nerds?

Anonymous 163975

>they whore themselves out
Cringe. Same opinion as for "sex workers".
>they milk the retarded simps mercilessly without dehumanizing themselves
Good for them. Doing god's work.

Anonymous 163976

Yep the added seethe from males who complain about them getting donations while mostly males are the ones donating in the first place is also funny

Anonymous 163978

40% of twitch users are under 16 so "de-facto pedophile child abuser" is the word I'd use.

Anonymous 163981

pretty messed up, imo, for an adult woman to walk up to a group of hormonal 14 year old boys and grift them out of their money. talk about abuse of power

Anonymous 163986

i love them. men shouldnt be horny apes and if they take their money 14 or not theyre amazing <3

Anonymous 163988

smells like scrote in there lol

Anonymous 163992

family friendly prostitution

Anonymous 163994

>saving her money instead of buying garbage
where's the problem?

Anonymous 163996

i too think more women should be child predators - i am not a man

Anonymous 164023

Woah woah woah this is an obvious scrote thread, why did anyone post in this? Look at the picture, it's clear scrotery, at the very least he could use a less obvious set of thumbnails rather than a girl in a cocktail dress for most of them.
I am personally shaming all of you who fell for such obvious bait.
Tsk tsk.

Anonymous 164025

I guess it really matters if Twitch is 18+ or not, I don't actually know

Anonymous 164026

>Age Restrictions
>People who are 13 or older but under the age of majority where they reside (varies based on legal residence, but is 18 in most U.S. states) may only use Twitch under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by Twitch's Terms of Service. Children under 13 may not use Twitch.
Oh turns out, it's worse.

Anonymous 164034

Twitch's fault then. OR all of these children are also watching titty streamers with their dads

Anonymous 164038

Marketing geniuses, but at the same time little to no talent contributers to the scrote sexualization of women by dismantling what should be a family-friendly platform

Anonymous 164042

i don't really see what twitchs contractual obligations have to do with anything
i mean it's totally legal to hustle hormonal 11 year old boys out of their pocket money by cynically constructing a false para-social connection with them relying on your , and for that to be your entire career, i'm just saying that you shouldn't and you're a bad person if you do
it's all well and good to say 'men deserve it because they aren't able to control their hormones' but you've got to remember that like 40% of the men on the internet are actually literal pubescent children

Anonymous 164043

prepubescent children are watching minecraft and fortnite strams, not simping for titty streamers. the simps sending them money are in their majority fully grown adults, many with wives/gfs at home that they neglect to simp for le gamer gurl.

Anonymous 164044

Yeah, how many prepubescent children have their own debit cards and/or are able to just use their parents' cards on scantily clad women? Any parent would be like what the fuck timmy what did you buy, a game? What's twitch?
>oh mommy its this pretty lady
>hi welcome to ASMR tonguing the microphone

Anonymous 164045

of course the prepubescent children aren't watching titty streamers
the titty streamers have just parked their soft-core porn-van in the high-school parking lot with a big sign saying "have you recently started feeling weird feelings about the girls in your class? apply inside for a kind of validation you didn't even realise you needed - no fixed rates, pay as much as you can afford (so long as you pay)"
say what you want about bimbo-shopclass-tranny, but as far as i know he's yet to actually target young boys individually

Anonymous 164051

I wonder why they all have the same aesthetic. What is it about cheap taobao cosplay outfits, cat ear headphones, cheap fast fashion sweatshop crop tops, pink neon strip lights, coloured hair, a line of cleavage showing, and light up gamer rig that entices moids so much? Are they really that simple? Do men actually have the brains of toddlers where they just like colourful shiny things?

Anonymous 164062

>they milk the retarded simps mercilessly without dehumanizing themselves
>>Good for them. Doing god's work.

If they're doing this I think they're brilliant. Someone get them all awards. I hope they remain free forever. :)

Anonymous 164063

Moids are a bit autistic (especially, uh, autistic moids) and work with symbols. Neon lights, cat earphones, pink hoodies and taobao dresses = she's a nerd, just like me! Therefore, she's more approachable, in his mind.

Anonymous 164064

scrote/moid/whatever, retards will flock to bait, all genders and all species
you are no different than the fish in my tank, neither am i

Anonymous 164078

you could call it a cynical decision to assist them with their grifting of hormonal children out of their pocket money - precisely equivalent to the clothing choice of a prostitute who caters exclusively to teenage children
i would call it that, but you could too

Anonymous 164081

Lol no that’s a rumor spread by seething scrotes

Anonymous 164105

you sound like a scrote also men are less intelligent than women we are not the same <3 :)

Anonymous 164108

Lol what a scrote thread
Also just because you dont have a girlfriend it doesnt mean you're """lonely""" theres more to life and people than sex little sad coombrain scrotes
>inb4 human needs sex boohoo its biological etc etc insert sad little pseudo science excuse here

stop watching porn retards that will get your sex drive to a healthy normal level instead of having ed at 20 or being hypersexual zombies with drool out of the side of your stinking mouths

Anonymous 164183

This pretty much. Also it glorifies the concept of sex work. American women post pictures of their breasts on onlyfans and get hundreds of dollars and then say how sex work is great while ignoring all of the teenage girls in third worlds countries getting groomed and manipulatd into doing hardcore porn. Sex work only ever empowers whoever owns the platforms

Anonymous 164186

Side note this reminds me that the ASMR trend the last 10 years is the most retarded shit I've ever seen.

Anonymous 164193

>Teenage girls in third world countries getting groomed into doing hardcore porn
What are you talking about? Most ‘hardcore’ porn comes from the US, Japan and Germany which are all first world. Third world women can just upload nudes to reddit and get 10000 simps sending them money over PayPal like anyone else. If anything it’s first world women who are most at risk of actually doing extreme porn because porn studios are so normalized in the west. Most camgirls and e-prostitutes are from third world countries.

Anonymous 164198

Pfft where do you think trafficked humans and pornstars come from?

Anonymous 164201

Trafficked women go into prostitution, not porn. Which is just as bad, only difference is a camera. But most of the extreme porn out there is absolutely featuring mainly American, German and Japanese women. Those countries all normalize and glorify porn studios, whereas other countries look down on them.

Anonymous 164247

I wish I was pretty and shameless enough to do it myself.

Anonymous 164253

As long as they're smart and use the money to get a backup plan because the twitch fame isn't going to last until retirement, then good for them.

Anonymous 164268


Both parties are deeply flawed. I think it's just kind of an emergent thing, where someone cashes in on their sex appeal, and in exchange their audience can pretend like they have a real relationship with them.

It doesn't help that their audience are hormonal teens, manchildren, or losers. I'd esteem it similarly to a person in their twenties hanging out with high schoolers. Nothing about what's happening is really laudable, if you ask me, but I can't say I empathize with an audience that let's itself get taken advantage of.

Anonymous 164300

>Nothing about what's happening is really laudable, if you ask me, but I can't say I empathize with an audience that let's itself get taken advantage of.

i feel the same way about porn-stars, abused women, and child-sex-assault victims
no wait, that would be an abominable thing to own up to - i don't believe that at all

Anonymous 164426

lmao that's fucking chump change by Twitch simp standards

Anonymous 165137

its a free country, she has the right to do what she wants and he has the right to spend his money how he sees fit
14 year old kids cant afford to donate money

Anonymous 165156

Doing god's work by making money off men, but I wish they didn't dress so provocatively because they're just giving them what the want and it disturbs me personally.

Anonymous 165161

Those are two completely different scenarios. Prostituting yourself because otherwise you won't have money to live isn't the same thing as having the compulsion to throw money at titty streamers because…because what? Your penis will fall off if you don't?
These men are not victims. They're pathetic little paypigs who think they can buy affection with money. Let them die trying.

Anonymous 165172

I just think it's kinda sad that a woman has to whore herself out and look like another e-girl clone to get some kind of recognition or fame
And it doesn't matter what men say about it, whether they call men simps for donating to the e-girls, say they hate e-whores and miss the times when women were modest and wanted a family and a husband, they all jerk off to it, some just try to hide it
Hell, there's a whole fetish (how surprising, I know) for turning girls into tiktok/twitch e-whores. So basically bimbofication.
When they say they just want a girl to play video games and cuddle with they imagine a belle delphine lookalike, not some average girl.

Anonymous 165173

Furniture isn't garbage unless you're ok with only having a mattress in your room

Anonymous 165174

I'm not sure where this assumption comes from, as far as I've seen it the teenagers are the least likely to simp/donate their money to e-whores, because it's uncool to do anything for women's benefit

Anonymous 165344

Your definition of hardcore porn is askew. The normal definition is anything with detailed sexual organs and penetration in display. Because it's so normalized now you confuse it with sex in really extreme conditions, or really vulgar. And you're right groomed women go also into prostitution but it's part of the same system. There are countles sites of amateur porn recorded by moids that just paid a little bit extra to record a video with a prostitute, they are often underage but it's all too hard to combat if every third world moid with a camerca can upload something.

The bottom line is. You don't have to be a big studio to make money from abused women

Anonymous 166631

i like that they're making money off of retarded autistic moids but at the same time dislike how they further contribute to people seeing women as a sexualized commodity so i'd rather they just didn't do it at all

Anonymous 167589


My ex tried to make me into a 'based' streamer while also constantly talking shit about 'e-whores', 'simps' and such. Then he got all fucking mad and salty when I found out he had a secret reddit for porn (and another one for whining about me using his money which he always insisted on doing for me irl), I wasn't even that mad about the porn so much he always insisted he "didn't do that sort of stuff cause is chad sigma not to" or whatever. Only thing worse than a porn addict moid is a lying porn addict moid.
I left him for a guy who wasn't a repressed misogynist and of course I'm the dirty bitch and no one's allowed to be friends with me. Lost his mind over things like being an inch shorter (both height and dick) than the new guy. I was such a damn fool to have stuck with that aggressive asinine insecurity of his all those years. He couldn't even hide his seethe and uncomfortable shuffling about there being girls 'hotter' than me, so freaking weird? Thank god I had no interest in being a streamer or he might've combusted when trolls point out insufficiencies in my appearance. Of course now he makes bizarre old man tiktoks in attempts to get the attention of teenagers, which he also aggressively denies. Just…yucky

Anonymous 167596

Men have always seen women as sexualised commodities, all throughout history. Regardless.

Anonymous 167602

Pretty much this. It's their own fault that this market exists and makes money, but they'll act like the victims and say it's womens' fault and bitch about it like it is. If they stopped paying then the market wouldn't be there. If they actually felt it was a bad thing then they'd also try to avoid the sexual objectification of women, but they don't. They just grumble because they don't like the idea that they're dependent on seeing tits and can't admit they have an addiction. Just men creating their own problems again. They have no sense for action and consequence, nevermind accountability. Easier to blame everything else.

If someone having a rough time financially is feeding/housing herself by just talking to people or taking pics of her feet then more power to her. If she were a man, the men denouncing her would probably cheer her as an entrepreneur and laugh about her taking advantage of a good market.

Anonymous 167604

At least they dont spend the simp money gambling.

Anonymous 167608

It sucks when you look for female streamers and they’re all just sexualising themselves and speaking in very high pitched voices meanwhile, male streamers aren’t making their thirst-trap streams.

Anonymous 167627

Because men would never watch a female streamer if she's not doing that. They are the audience, and they boycott any woman who doesn't cater to their sexual urges. They see women as sexual objects and nothing else. If they want to watch a stream for the gameplay or any other reason, they turn to a male.
Sad, but another reason not to play into their game. Also the reason I'd never date a moid who follows Twitch streamers of any kind.

Anonymous 167630

Would do the same if only my boobs were bigger.

Anonymous 167643

Fyi they're not happy with being objectified, it's usually not worth it unless you hit it big. I had a friend who did this and she regretted it even though she admitted it was an 'easy job'. It is if you have a manager who deals with the fans but otherwise it's hell.

Anonymous 167644

there are practically zero women who actually stream any high level gameplay though, anyone who actually cares about the games have a tiny choice of women to follow - so you are left with the dregs of parasocial watchers who are just as degenerate following men who they think are their friends

Anonymous 167721


A fool and his money are easily parted. Men continue to prove that they have zero respect for themselves handing out these massive donations to fuel a parasocial relationship, not even a real one.

Anyone else remember when guys would get upset because they'd buy women dinner (no more than $35-50 for the two of them, sometimes even less money) and he would seethe online she wouldn't have sex with him on the first date?? Sometimes they would even lie about how much they spent for internet pity points because "wahh, Stacey didn't suck my pp when I bought her McDonald's".

How do these men not feel ripped off when they're giving $100+ to even thousands for a couple of sentences to be read out to an e-girl, only to be immediately forgotten later? From the beginning, there was no chance at sex. No chance at lewds, a real relationship, nothing.

Is it only because they are completely unattractive but wealthy? That they're already too old/genetic dead ends but because they can make money that society doesn't just eject them entirely?

And most importantly, why won't men use their own money on better self-care and make themselves more attractive? And no, transitioning is not an improvement.

Anonymous 167740

With twitch accounts being linked to Amazon accounts it's very easy to do it with their parents money. I bought stuff off the internet unattended before twitch even existed, nowadays it's a few button presses away.

Anonymous 167741

Is this Brittany Venti writing this? Anyway.
Pretty good takes all around I just read it all. Your ex is probably losing rn, being an insecure faggot that still cares about le looksmaxx, le sigma, le andrew tate meme ideologies. He failed all on his own, he just wasnt able to be a normal human bieng what a retard.

Anonymous 167747

Even the Gunt can do that, her ex must suck at life.

Anonymous 167759

why would any woman stream high level gameplay anyway if no one would watch it? it's a matter of incentives.

Anonymous 167760

the "women" who stream high level gameplay you know what they often are. You just know.

One that seems like a tranny got caught cheating on a shooting game recently, using trackers and aim bots. But idk and idc those are not my communities I hate twitch its so boring. And when it comes to gaming I prefer single player games and a good story.

There are def good real women competitive players here & there but yeah its rare, very rare. There is low interest about that.

Anonymous 167764

Why are you talking about your bfs dick size with your ex?

Anonymous 167767

She's a pick me

Anonymous 167769

She’s clearly not over him in any way.

Anonymous 167931

At first I was thinking,
>fuck moids. Bleed them dry e-thot!

But then I thought,
>what if my future husband, in his shitty past, long before we met, spent (what's realistic, $500 over several years?) on e-thots, instead of investing it or saving it. And I never found out about it. And the two of us will be that much poorer because of it.
So now I want to decapitate e-thots.

Anonymous 169347

Anyone heard the latest about a Twitch streamer Amouranth opening up about being in an abusive relationship where her bf basically pimps her for stream money without letting her sleep?
I only see moids celebrating it and making fun of her when those same moids would happily simp for her as long as she pretends to be single.

Anonymous 169643

>fuck moids. Bleed them dry e-thot!
Yes, this exactly. It should be legal to kill them, too, after taking their money, simps disgust me so much I can't even.

> what if my future husband, in his shitty past, long before we met, spent (what's realistic, $500 over several years?) on e-thots

I don't believe every single last potential future husband is a simp, for e-thots nor prostitutes, and instead choose to simply pick one who would, never, ever, ever, give a single dime to an e-thot, or to a prostitute, or even a female gypsy beggar.

But then I do make my own money. Are you just a tradthot specifically looking for a simp to marry and dislike the e-thots because they are your competition?

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