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Tinder Anonymous 16426

Do you have any experiences using Tinder, or any other e-dating stuff specifically for casual hookups?

Do you have any fun, hot, terrifying and dangerous, awkward, or gross stories to share?

I recently tried to use it for the first time, because of a combination of moving away from home soon, having only slept with 2 guys at the age of 25, and feeling less insecure lately.

I don't have any stories yet but it hasn't been that long. Oh I got ghosted by the only guy I liked, and it hurt. There was one guy who also seemed really cool and attractive but all he said was "you're pretty" and then "dtf?" a minute later which was too intimidating.

I'll probably just keep working and hermiting in my room.

Anonymous 16431

self loathing and catfish paranoia has stopped me from online dating but i'm happy it exists for the the people who it works for.

Anonymous 16433

A friend met his wife on tindr, there are a lot of people who just use it as a regular dating app and say "not looking for hookups" in their profile.

Sounds like a bad idea to use it for it's intended purpose of trolling for dick though unless you like AIDs.

Anonymous 16434


I agree, just from my single experience with it.

It's pathetic but I am looking for something different, I want a intimate and affectionate fwb fling that lasts a few weeks to a month that mostly consists of making out, cuddling, and watching documentaries/shows/anime together in the dark. I desperately crave the boyfriend experience before I move away forever.


>A friend met his wife on tindr, there are a lot of people who just use it as a regular dating app

Nice, maybe in the future I will try this.

>Sounds like a bad idea to use it for it's intended purpose of trolling for dick though unless you like AIDs.

That risk is worth it if you don't have much to lose.

Anonymous 16435


And also, this is more of a thing for the gay community to worry about right?

The most likely risk is probably herpes here.

Anonymous 16440

Had a few dates from it just some food and casual making out but nothing serious or sex and a ''boyfriend'' of one month whom I broke it off with because he turned out being a walking red flag

Anonymous 16441

> he turned out being a walking red flag

how so? (just curious)

Anonymous 16455

I have never used e-dating and I hope I never will.
I really don't like the concept of it, even though it might be a good idea in this day and age and for lots of people.

I think it would be better, if people organically came together through other activities and hobbies. I think it becomes toxic, if you make a dedicated "dating site" with no affiliation to a particular hobby or anything, just pure dating.

Anonymous 16458


My boyfriend and I met on the internet, I don't like dating either. What we do is he comes to my country for maybe a week or two at a time every few months and spends that time with me and it's good practice for marriage haha

It's a lot better than dating that's for sure

Anonymous 16462

Theoretically it's a good idea, but in reality I fucking hate it. I've been on a few dates and didn't enjoy them at all - I didn't even enjoy the decent guys because of the stress of meeting a stranger with declared intentions straight off the bat, it's the pressure and feeling judged. The rest weren't bad guys or creeps or anything, just fucking dull and never as attractive as their pictures. All I ever wanted to do was go home and do things I like instead.

And I hate the actual process of talking online. It becomes a massive chore, like checking emails at work, and it becomes uncomfortably sad and confronting to reject people over and over. It makes me question my standards, but it's hard to fairly judge someone off an online profile to begin with.

Too bad I have a female dominated workplace and female dominated hobbies and female friends with other female friends and basically no other chance of getting a date.

Anonymous 16473

Girl just wait till you move and can have a real bf, the heartbreak will not be worth it especially if that's going to be your first bf and you're both just playing pretend because you know it can't last. If you've never had a bf before, you've waited all your life to have one so you can wait a little longer until you move. This will be the less painful option in the long run.

Anonymous 16475


I had one relationship that lasted 3 years, I just want to feel that again. I'm moving to mooch off my dad who I haven't seen for nearly a decade now and probably can't date until I'm back on my feet.

You're right it will hurt guaranteed.

Anonymous 83513

Yes, I introduced all my ugly friends to tinder, they all have tons of dates now, haha

Anonymous 83527

I used tinder years ago before I met my fiance (who I did not meet on tinder).

I dated two guys off there and hooked up with one. I tried meeting women but there weren't anywhere near as many since I live in some podunk deep south town.

Anyways, the first guy had the personality of sand and we broke up because we had nothing in common. He was a somewhat strict Christian, and all he wanted to do was dry hump me through his clothes and get head because "that didn't count" as losing his virginity.

The other guy I dated swooped in as soon as I was single again and seemed like a dream come true because we had ~so much~ in common. Turns out he was just telling me anything he thought I wanted to hear because he knew I was looking for a relationship at the time rather than a hook up and he kind of just fucked around with me for a while until I started getting very attached. He then broke up with me through a text that sounded like Free Bird lyrics changed up just enough to avoid copyright.

The guy I hooked up with came in 30 seconds. We fucked at a bridge near my hometown and he gave me 2 Gs of weed so that I would have sex with him. He then spent the rest of the night talking about how he liked this girl because "she was such a good girl", as if a good girl would want anything to do with a guy who fucked some stranger on a public bridge and gave her weed as payment.

There was another guy I ALMOST hooked up with, but when I told him I was on my way, he sent me a text that said "Good. I will shave my pubes and then masturbate." and that turned me off so bad I cancelled.

Also idk about now, but when I used it every guy's bio is something like "24, dog dad, love to travel". Basically, Tinder is very boring and full of bad sex and dead end relationships. Some people luck out, but you have to wade through some serious fuckery first.

Anonymous 83538

>"Good. I will shave my pubes and then masturbate." and that turned me off so bad I cancelled.
Extremely funny, thank you for sharing anon.

Anonymous 83543


you're welcome, moids are very funny when kept at a distance.

Anonymous 83544

>He then spent the rest of the night talking about how he liked this girl because "she was such a good girl"
OT rant but what is with men doing this? I've noticed it a lot. Like you've just made out with a guy and he decides to start telling you how much he likes another woman and how much better she is and all you can do is sit there and go "uh huh" while you slowly die inside. If you say anything, even just trying to change the topic, you will seem bitter and jealous or too overly attached. Can he not see that this is the worst moment to do this, even if it is true?

Imagine if you did this to a guy, he would rage and leave or at very least say something sarcastic to change the topic. But women are just trained by men to sit and accept having their shortcomings pointed out by them. Men know this and just offload onto women, regardless of the situation.

And why do they meet up with and make out with one woman when their mind is set on another? Such a disconnect with the feelings of the first woman and just no loyalty for the woman he supposedly really likes.

Honestly, I think the average moid is seriously emotionally stunted compared to the average woman.

Anonymous 83545

>He then broke up with me through a text that sounded like Free Bird lyrics changed up just enough to avoid copyright.
That's hilarious. Some guys are such simpletons, I swear.

Anonymous 83546

they really fucking are. I found an old screenshot of his tinder bio I took to show my friends what he looked like, and it was SO obvious he was a waste of time but at the time I didn't even catch it due to sheer inexperience. Which is why I think most moids prefer women as young as possible, because shit that worked on me at 18 would immediately raise red flags for me now.

It's definitely weird. I had no feelings for the guy so it didn't bother me, but it was really pathetic. All I could think was "you're an impulsive lowlife just like me, quit kidding yourself that this well-to-do girl would even spit on you. I barely want to touch you and I rob stores for a living".
>Why do they meet up and make out with one woman when their mind is set on another?
>Imagine if you did this to a guy, he would rage and leave
I thought that exact same thing. Like, why are you fooling with me when you seem to love this woman? I know he would have FLIPPED if she had been doing the same thing, but moids seem to think that women should sit on a pedestal and wait until the moid in question's dick gets useless and he has no choice but to settle down. I hope that girl didn't mess with him because she sounded nice and would have been fucked up by him.

Anonymous 83548

>Which is why I think most moids prefer women as young as possible, because shit that worked on me at 18 would immediately raise red flags for me now.
Legit sexual predator shit. Why do guys have to operate like scam artists and prey on peoples' naivete? Literally feels like you got duped after you go out with some guys.

Anonymous 83552

There are a bunch of guys that so shitty that they only get laid with people too stupid to recognize the red flags until it's too late. It's fucking wild how bad some people can be on picking up that's someone is shit

Anonymous 83553

>>83548 >>83552
They push girls as much as they can and the girls have been trained by the patriarchy not to stand up for themselves or put their own feelings first.

Anonymous 83565

It's not an issue of intelligence vs. stupidity (usually), it's just experience vs. naivety. That's why a lot of men prefer as young as they can get away with, and sometimes younger – they have no experience and no knowledge of just how corrupt men can be. Same goes for why they go so crazy over virgins. Men usually start hating women once they get to the age where they're starting to get on their own two feet and understand how people work. They'll swear up and down it's "biology" and "fertility" related, but the same men that use this excuse as to why they HAVE to date an 18 year old will become deadbeat fathers or push an abortion should they get some poor sap of a woman pregnant.

Anonymous 83567

>He then broke up with me through a text that sounded like Free Bird lyrics changed up just enough to avoid copyright

I'm leaving you. Im as free as a bird now. You kept trying to change me. But guess what? This is a bird that you cannot chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange.

Anonymous 83568

Because they're evil and they know it. The only way to get a moid is to either completely ignore them or to out-evil them. But they tend to react to things like toddlers throwing a tantrum, so it can be dangerous trying to play their own game.

Anonymous 83570

that's pretty much exactly how it went, and it was so funny considering he was trailer trash. Typical.

Anonymous 83580

>I rob stores for a living
I hope you're living a better life now anon.

Anonymous 83581


So disgusting. And of course older guys have almost nothing in common with a teenager. So you know it's purely sexual.

Reminds me of when Seinfeld dated a 17 year old when he was 38(!!!). Makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous 83585

Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) married an 18 year old when he was 52. They met when she was 13.

Anonymous 83590


Anonymous 83592

Charlie Chaplin married another teenager like three times, the last in his fifties

Anonymous 83598

He first met them at these ages, yikes:

Mildred Harris - 16
Lita Grey - 12
Paulette Goddard - 20
Oona O'Neill - 17

Anonymous 83600

And Goodard lied and claimed to be 17 when they met

Anonymous 83628

I definitely am. Not to trauma dump too hard but a family member had tried to kill me around that time and it made me snap really hard. I'm in college now and am a lot happier and more stable.

Anonymous 83629

I say that ALLLLLL the time. There's nothing for them to talk about. They are worlds apart in every sense of the word. If it's not a sugar daddy type deal, the young girl does in thinking the man just "sees something special" in her and the man knows the whole time it's just him trying to get his dick wet and relive his lost youth and get away with virtually everything because some young ass girl who just moved out of home isn't going to know what he's up to.

Anonymous 83630

meant to say *goes in

Anonymous 83671

There's that teacher/student dynamic that some couples really seem to like.

Anonymous 83690

Makes you realize men don't want a soulmate to grow old with, they don't want a person who truly understands them and empathizes with them. They'd rather have a fucktoy they can use for pleasure or to show off like a fancy car. A symbol of their achievement and value.

They are happy being emotionally alone in this universe.

Moids just love trying to live out their favorite pornos, huh?

Anonymous 83693

Not a literal student and teacher, but the authority of some older partner and a young, pretty submissive partner. Sometimes older woman, but usually older men. Very common amongst gay men too.

Anonymous 83729


I hate how you can't call out gay men for creepy, predatory behavior without most being labeled homophobic. Even the victims will call you homophobic because you try to stop him getting 50 different stds from spotted old man dick. Like are you physically incapable of messing around with people your own age?

Anonymous 83732

A looot of gay men had some type of sexual trauma in their youth. Like, an older male figure molested them or took advantage of them. You'd think they'd want to stop the cycle of abuse but they just get off on it instead.

Anonymous 84314

No matter what kink is behind it, I will probably never trust an older man/young woman dynamic tbh. It always just seems like some creepy fuck taking advantage of someone with some type of trauma.

Anonymous 84315

Tinder is shit. Don't use it, you will save your time

Anonymous 84325

They do it on purpose. It's a psychological trick they pull to make you think they've got options, they think that it lowers our self esteem enough to make us more compliant and willing to please them. There's probably also the aspect of them "bragging" about how much of a romantic they are. When they pull this shit, just remember that you can and will do better, then leave (if safe). Scum like this don't deserve the light of day.

Anonymous 84327


This. When I was dating I used to get guys doing this shit to me constantly. Absolutely insufferable and 90% of the time I’d lose feelings immediately.
If a guy ever does that, take his ass back to the dumpster you found him in. Trust me anons

Anonymous 84337

The worst ones even ask you for advice as to how they can get the other woman.

Anonymous 84348

I deleted all of mine. I get too attached to the potentials of them. I had one guy I had great chemistry with and then deleted the apps right after as if I was loyal to him. I can’t lol

Anonymous 84349

I second that notion Anon.
Tinder is nothing but a blowjob app.
Not a place to find a serious relationship, just a place for horny moids to have a 15 minute hookup.

Anonymous 84350

Do any lesbians here find any success with using Tinder?
Have you ever had a successful hookup using Tinder (being a lesbian)?

Anonymous 124817


Anonymous 124849

sure, it's cringey but screencapping someone's dating profile to share is a trash thing to do. just swipe and move on.

Anonymous 124861

Dating apps are long filters for the dregs of humanity

Anonymous 124864

I matched with two guys this week. They didn't message me and unmatched me later

Anonymous 126437

I tried it but I didn't think I'd have anything in common with the majority of them, so I liked them very rarely and got few matches.

Anonymous 126547

Is it normal for r tinder to be that hateful?
Kinda weird, didn't expect it

Anonymous 126549

With all due respect, tinder and the culture surrounding it is such a cesspit and I would have been astonished if r/tinder was a kind place. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of incels now flock there.

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