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Anonymous 164537

Why do you hate fatties so much? Yeah, I agree it had disastrous effects on feminism, but other than that it's not like being fat is the worst sin in the world.

Anonymous 164547

It shows a lack of discipline and self-respect. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous 164548

Pretty much, and like I get people who bitch about the thyroid thing but those people could still lift and look fine, staying flabby is no excuse for being jealous online but it always happens when some rageposter gets doxed they're usually fat.

Anonymous 164564


>who cares? men are better than women at doing almost any physical task too but it's an utterly irrelevant characteristic because it's 2022 and we have machines now.
Have you seen men nowadays?
Sorry but this does not look like a man, but a working woman, opinion disregarded.
Slighty porny but I think you get the point and it's not showing more than OP did with anime so I think I get a pass here.

Anonymous 164570

How does being fat affect feminism?

Anonymous 164571

Many liberal feminists believe that being unhealthy is a good thing.

Anonymous 164572

Haes affects feminism because feminism is supposed to be scientific and Haes isn't.

Anonymous 164573


Because being fat is inherently being weak and lazy which only benefits men.

Anonymous 164578

You don't need to handmaiden for fatties on this site, they can't hurt you here.

Anonymous 164592

Ngl a lot of radfems are just anorexics. The biggest weight spergs I've ever met are literally radfems who admit they have EDs. Its incredible that the community who says women should not be blamed for male degeneracy constantly blame fat women wanting to not be hated anymore as the source of tranny insanity we see now. If you see someone who absolutely shits the bed with rage at the mere implication that someone is ok with being fat, then you're seeing a very sad miserable person who doesn't truly believe all women deserve to be respected

Anonymous 164594

I have to eat 1400 kcal just to be not fat. And it is not a discipline, but rather torture tolerance.

Anonymous 164600

I'm not fat, I'm just not mean to fat people. You understand the reason why people obsessively hate fat women is because it's considered unsexy to men? Fat = unworthy of respect is MOID thinking. Fucking anachan cope

Anonymous 164603

Is 20k steps per day not enough?

Anonymous 164609

Nta but in the end look at how desperate you look. And men are fugly af they will never do even a 1/3 of the same for you. To hate your own kind this much is such a weird terrified desperate way to live for approval. No matter how much you do or don't eat the pathetic pretense you bring to everything is impossible to take seriously really. I wasn't born yesterday I know how full of self loathing women like you are, how cheap everything becomes, because to you the world runs on vain childish pretense and lies you tell yourself so you don't self implode from insecurity. No offense but none of that is ever going to supply you with a real bonafide spine.

Anonymous 164613

Samefag from just a sec ago. Lol it wouldn't matter how much you paid me, I would rather actually be fat then live in that damned little brain of yours.

Anonymous 164616

Nta you're either a troon or a lolcow user. Either way you sound insufferable and are holding us back. When you die of cardiac arrest feminism will be a step closer to being free from this pickme shit

Anonymous 164617

Better with or without it. Desperation makes you about as respectable as a basement dwel8ng scrote with 5 inch toenails, acne, the works.

Anonymous 164618

Women eating triggers men and trannies into an intense rage. Nothing men hate more than seeing women indulge themselves while not caring whether they appeal to the male gaze. Fat women make moids irate.

Anonymous 164619

Men fight fat women unattractive. Keep in mind, "fat" for them is not the medical definition of being overweight, but whatever goes over their personal arbitrary standards. No matter what their standard is, they can tolerate smaller, but anyone bigger existing is taken as a personal offense to them.
Men treat unattractive women like dirt. That's why.

Anonymous 164620

>a lot of radfems are anorexics
Probably because politically they’re on the more authoritarian side and it’s usually control freaks with authoritarian tendencies who develop eating disorders.

I guess there’s also external pressure because the male idea of radfems is that we’re all obese legbeards and maybe some radfems don’t want to be lumped in with that stereotype. But this is kind of pathetic because you shouldn’t care what men think of your movement.

Anonymous 164621

Which is why we should treat ugly men like dirt, and stop tolerating their gangbanger faggot bs

Anonymous 164622

Yeah agreed.

Anonymous 164625

Yep, skinny women get shamed too especially if they’re flat or if they don’t have wide enough hips men will mock them and say they’re built like fridges/bricks.

Anonymous 164627

Men will mock women for virtually everything no matter what they look like. Being pretty affords you nothing different really. If you're not fat you're just scandalized or harrasssed, stalked.

What difference does it honestly make????

Anonymous 164628


Being thin usually means having small breasts and stuff, so men do hate slim women too.

Men will mock every women and are never satisfied, they hate both fat and slender women. They probably hate average women too.

Funny how they still say that women are "lookists".

Anonymous 164630

I’d be more embarrassed if I was a fitness junkie or anorexic with a brick shape body or whatever because it makes it look like you tried so hard and still ended up with an unfortunate body shape. Not trying to shame anyone as it’s not something you can change and not your fault of you can’t achieve it. I’ve noticed a lot of female runners and athletes have very straight up and down figures. I don’t feel jealous of them and don’t wish to look like them at all even though normies consider them to have ‘amazing’ bodies. And most skinny girls on social media just edit the hell out of their pics or get lipo/ ribs removed on their waist to make it seem like they’re hourglass shaped. Hourglass is honestly one of the rarest body types a person can have and almost no one irl has that body shape naturally. Maybe one or two genetically blessed women do and post it on social media but they’re like one in 50,000. The rest are definitely just shooping their pics and you can even edit your body in videos now.

Anonymous 164631

Oh moids definitely hate average women, because their boobs are never large or perky enough and their stomachs are never flat enough and their hips and waists are never curvy enough. Men say they’d be happy with an average woman but in reality they’re mostly attracted to extremes.

Anonymous 164634

Men have fragile egos and have a fear of women physically mogging them. It’s why they hate tall women too. Fat women are large and that makes a man angry because he feels like he’s being imposed on. Men like to impose on women and they like invading our space. They don’t like women imposing on them or taking up too much space as it makes him feel emasculated and like a little bitch (which he is) Short and skinny women are unthreatening and more childlike.

Anonymous 164636

It's damned if you do, damned if you don't with men. But I still think being "fat" is the number 1 cardinal sin for them. It's probably the worst thing a woman can be in their book.

Anonymous 164638

>Fat women are large and that makes a man angry because he feels like he’s being imposed on.
Now you're coping/overthinking. Men dislike fat women because they're less fertile, and if they don't care about themselves, they wouldn't care about their children.

Anonymous 164639

You sound like one of those moids who bitches about fat women having no self respect or self control then goes and wanks himself into a coma to MLP porn for 5 hours straight. Unless you’ve never drank, smoke, jerked off, eaten junk food or used drugs, you have no room to lecture other people on self indulgence. Stop trying to police peoples lives.

Anonymous 164641

Except being "fat" for men means not looking like whatever standard of the month they decided to fantasize about. It has nothing to do with health.
People who virtue signal over fat people are funny. As if you act as offended with smokers, couch-potatoes, heavy drinkers and drug abusers who don't look like shit.

Anonymous 164642

>caring about abrahamic sins made up by a boring malding moid monk who was probably a pedo
shiggy diggy

Anonymous 164644

Tbh it’s mostly ana-chans I see online who are malding over other peoples bodies.

Anonymous 164646

Skinny women are also less fertile. Even women who don’t look anorexic and are just slim often have eating disorders where they don’t get periods anymore and don’t synthesize estrogen due to lack of fat in their diet. But men still want to fuck those women. Hell, lots of men find skellies sexy too. So clearly you’re a coping moid. Imagine denying yourself just to please men. Yikes.

Anonymous 164648

Well skellies are more likely to lash out and mald at other women because they have a lot more spare time, they don’t have dopamine or have an outlet for their anger outside of extreme exercise or cocaine. Instead of doing a line or some push-ups they go on lolcow and fatpeoplehate boards and rage at fatties all day. Fat people get a steady supply of dopamine from chocolate and donuts so they don’t care what other people are doing with their lives.

Anonymous 164650

>at people get a steady supply of dopamine from chocolate and donuts so they don’t care what other people are doing with their lives.

This is shtiposting, obesity is correlated with depression and anxiety.

Anonymous 164652

So is anorexia, orthorexia and exercise addiction. What’s your point?

Anonymous 164653

> Fat people get a steady supply of dopamine from chocolate and donuts
True. I was happier when I was fat. I was so much happier when I was eating chocolate bars every day. Now I am permanently annoyed and constantly think about food. About cooking food, about choosing the best recipe, about buying food, about random food smells, about counting calories or figuring out components of random food, about food that I am not allowed to eat because I'll get fat again. Fat = happy.

Anonymous 164655

Who cares, I'm not defending them, they are also sick.

Anonymous 164656

Literally who doesn’t have depression these days? Lmao.

Anonymous 164658

Oh and anxiety too. Show me ONE (1) person who doesn’t experience depression or anxiety.

Anonymous 164664

fat voice UWWwwwaa…

my hatred of fat people probs stems from my mother always making fun of fat people when i was a kid, being anachan, looking for things that makes me feel better than other people, etc. feminism is helping me hate them a little less, i think not adhering to moid beauty standards is good. and also a lot of fat people seem to have sexual abuse in their lives or other trauma that contributes to their over-eating so i try to remember that and be sympathetic

Anonymous 164665

>probs stems from my mother always making fun of fat people when i was a kid
Actually it's probably bc they smell gross and are disgusting to look at

Anonymous 164669

Stop replying to yourself troon

Anonymous 164671

But you have a dick and probably disgusting facial hair and let me guess you haven't washed your sheets in months

Fat girls are still 100000x better than the seethey filthy moids larping on cc

Anonymous 164677

Every fat woman is worth more than you, you CP spamming gore obsessed MAN

Anonymous 164684

What a bad ad hominen

Anonymous 164687

Fat is not sexy
Getting the short stick makes you resentfull and reactionary

It is the same with incels, manlets, baldies.

I just hate how they treat everyone trying to force their cope on society like trannies do. If they are chill I actively respect them

Anonymous 164695


Anonymous 164696

How boring and retarded that womens bodies STILL get politicized.

Anonymous 164698

If you think "sexy" as a genuine unit of value, you need to kys for following along with the standards moids use to oppress us and the division they want to put between us to stop us from coming together against them. The fact you even put a condition on whether or not a woman deserves respect just says you're a moid panderer at heart so immediately we know your opinion means very little in the long run

Anonymous 164700

Skellies can't even mald that hard because their blood pressure is shit and their hearts are weak kek

Anonymous 164703

HAHAHAHAHA gross. What a bunch of losers.

Anonymous 164708


>If you're too fat, skinny, muscular or not white I will neg you into submission even though I am 5'3" and well you know. If you are not white, meek and docile you are not a real feminist because I think feminism is about hating the left now because I can convince feminist women I am based off of hating minorities and trannies. I have won, there is nothing to do to stop me as you all stab each other over purity challenges and wage war over minor issues while ignoring the elephant in the room that is white nationalism. I am like Machiavelli if he had a Napoleon contest, lived in his mother's basement, and hated everyone but himself. Truly is better to be loved online than ever feared.

Edit: Forgot the spoiler, my bad, warning poorly draw image of tiny penis behind spoiler.

Anonymous 164709

*complex whatever, im high, sue me.

Anonymous 164710

LOL stay mad, I'm a woman. When I can't motivate myself to purge I just think of how gross fat people are and i get an instant rush of motivation

Anonymous 164711

Skeletor-chan, I…

Anonymous 164712

I'm doughy

Anonymous 164715

Oh then stop hating yourself and binging silly.

Anonymous 164726

This thread just got a million times better.

Anonymous 164729

Reminder this thread is just the tranny arguing with himself again.

Anonymous 164734

Ah so this IS just the ramblings of a mentally ill retard. Just smile and nod everyone, she'll rip a hole through her oesophagus soon and we won't have to cringe anymore

Anonymous 164740


>You all don't understand, he's like every single post, nobody posts on this site anymore besides him. I go to deliver the CC mail and it's like a ghost town upstairs, nobodies in their office, snails gone, the brooms all have cobwebs, I feel like I stumbled into the old building we moved out of years ago just to prove the amount of rent free I was giving someone in my head.

Anonymous 164758

no cuz i'm lowkey getting so mad when i look at clothing sites and they're using fat models for clothes. like wtf? how am i supposed to know what it looks like on me if your gonna put these clothes in fat people?

Anonymous 164761

Excuse me so get on the phone with the fda and get 99.999% of restaurants and groceries banned in this country. People are practically sold nothing else but trash food.

Anonymous 164763

You still sound like you handmaiden for the male gaze. Your bf better be hot as fuck. So help me god if he is ugly, you might as well be too

Anonymous 164765

I'm leaning on your side for now but let's hear her out just in case some libs have ruined a few online shopping fashion choices because I think we both know that very well could happen and while you're correct she also may be correct a bit too. Ngl I think we all know that shopping for clothes is a hassle no man can relate to.

Anonymous 164785

Just looked up one of my fave Stacy female streamers and she’s in a relationship with an obese balding uggo. This is so depressing. Even Stacies have to settle for ugly moids.

Anonymous 164814

> lower weight equals more mobility
I aways laugh at this. Tell it again to underweight people, please.

Anonymous 164816

Accept It's not necessary actually, and women are changing their tune. Either great guy or no guy.

Do you fucking realize how many options women have on dating apps that men do NOT??

Women like this should be shamed to oblivion. It's pointless anyway. Being open minded my ass.

Anonymous 164830

>she'll rip a hole through her oesophagus
Not before you get heart disease hunny

Anonymous 164844

itt: fatty defenders show up, cope endlessly, and call anyone who disagrees male or troon

Anonymous 164846

>how many options women have on dating apps that men do NOT??
Are you fucking insane
What are you talking about
What options
I am personally especially mad, because recently I dived into a couple of dating apps
Options my ass

Anonymous 164857

How is it feminism to say that caring about your health is only ever for a scrote and eating yourself into a mess is all to stick it to the scrote. In the end you are obsessed about what a scrote thinks about you.

You act for yourself, I live a healthy lifestyle because I know how I felt being overweight, building on myself and getting in a cycle of self improvement feels a million times better.

Anonymous 164861

fatty here
it is insane how even losing a bit of weight makes people see you differently, I'm down fifteen pounds and people smile more, hold doors open more, give more compliments, etc.
I intend to get back down to where I was as a teen so hopefully it'll get even better for me but it does make me feel bad for other fatties

Anonymous 164862

I have been both borderline overweight (BMI of 24) and underweight with an ED, and the difference in sympathy is INSANE. I cringe every time someone talks about "skinny shaming".

Anonymous 164864

The fact that her thighs are "fat" according to 2022 beauty standards.

Anonymous 164865

If you stopped having periods because of losing weight you probably look anorexic.

Anonymous 164866

OP here. This crapfest wasn't what I was expecting when I created this thread…

Anonymous 164867

The amount of obese people on tiktok bitching about muh oppression says otherwise

Anonymous 164868

No they aren't. They might be by 1990s heroin chic standards, but certainly not in the last twenty years.

Anonymous 164870

Not really? People are more tolerant than ever when it comes to weight now, and most people think curvy>>>skinny as far as I know.

Anonymous 164876

You know that's not true. The "curvy" people want is a completely flat stomach with a thigh gap + skinny arms and a thin face but a huge ass and boobs. Moid brain

Anonymous 164877

>completely flat stomach with a thigh gap + skinny arms and a thin face but a huge ass and boobs.
Does this even exist outside anime?

Anonymous 164888

Why are people just so mean IIT?

Anonymous 164890

Because there's
1. Still lolcow users hanging around
2. a schizophrenic pedophile tranny spam posting to himself because lolcow users inadvertently took him here
3. currently a raid of moids

Anonymous 164896


>Lack of discipline and self respect
If they have no discipline or self respect in what they eat and how they exercise, they probably don't anywhere else in their life either. My experience is that fat is just a filter for stupid, lazy, poor, depressed/mentally ill, and uninteresting, for both men and women. I have zero respect for someone who can't make the tiniest effort to not suffer to death for decades and look like shit constantly. I avoid fatties and make fun of them to anyone who will listen. JUST STOP EATING YOU FAT FUCKING PIGS. STOP SCROLLING TIKTOK AND EATING TRASH. BECOME A REAL PERSON.

Anonymous 164904

I dare you to look at his onion farms thread he is literally known for posting CP and gore wherever he goes. He does it on lolcow all the time, and he used to do it in 4chan. He does it everywhere

Anonymous 164907

How tf am I handmaiden? You're sucking the cock off a pedophile. Cope, he is a pedophile

Anonymous 164908

Ok Blaine. You say the same thing on lolcow all the time kek you blend in about as well as a fucking shark in a goldfish bowl

Anonymous 164912

Nah, there were similar posts on the big breasts thread and on the small breasts thread on /hb/ a year ago.

Anonymous 164925

Eating is fun though. Moids are ugly. Culture is ugly. The world is a shithole. All I hear every damn day anymore is autotuned pop/ rap garbage because music is awful now.

I am 135 pounds but you know what doesn't suck? Eating. Everything else in life is fucking tedious. Sure wish someone would explain the motivation to be anorexic. You have to hate yourself a lot.

Anonymous 164926

What in the fuck do they have to do with anything? As opposed to what ?
Christians??? Because Christians are even worse

Anonymous 164929

>Ngl a lot of radfems are just anorexics.
This is the biggest cope I have ever seen in my entire life. Sis, if you want to be fat and out of shape, be fat and out of shape. But don't go claiming that normal sized women are anorexic just because you've warped what size you think is a normal size from constantly seeing overweight people.
Did you know that the majority (>74%) of pets in America are overweight? Yet when I show people pictures of healthy sized cats and dogs, they think they're starving. That's what you've done to yourself.

Anonymous 164930

It happens every single thread. If fat women on cc were actually happy with their bodies, they would see no more reason to defend their lifestyle and choices then I see to defend my choice to wear a purple shirt. If someone makes fun of me for it, I just ignore them because it truly does not matter. But fat women are very insecure and know that their decision affects their health and how the world sees them and so they are constantly on alert to scream down and make fun of anyone who does not support Health At Any Size.

Anonymous 164932

>not American, don't care about burgerfag problems
>not fat, I maintain a lot of muscle for rugby
>you're a little faggot who cries "fatty!" whenever someone isn't anachan, cope
>idc that you shit the bed when women are bigger than you because you think being skinny is a unit of value when the truth is that muscle is the best thing to have, cry about it

Anonymous 164936

No, they're insecure because the whole world shits on them including other women and fake feminists

Anonymous 164939

Women are literally being raped and murdered right now and some e-radfem slacktivists biggest concern is a womans waist size. Really makes you think.

Anonymous 164953

I kinda doubt you're in shape because you're this bent or if shape about women being skinny, but you're right about one thing: Muscle is the best unit. All women should be in shape and strong.

So if I don't support (not just tolerate, full on support) women being fat, I'm not a real feminist? Nona, that's crazy. That's like me saying you're a fake feminist because you purposely made yourself weak due to gluttony.

>Ladies! You can only care about one thing at a time!
Darn, you sure showed me. Now unfortunately I have to make the horrible decision whether to care about child prostitution or FGM. And I can't care about anything else until that one problem is completely fixed. :(

Anonymous 164954

Crying and screaming and pissing yourself because she can't comprehend an athletic person not hating fat people. You are telling on yourself as a miserable skelly. Not everyone here is a bitter fatty you're just delulu because it's easier for you fo believe everyone is just a jealous fat person than to realise nobody likes a weird seething judgemental cunt

Anonymous 164956

Ngl it kinda sounds like you're a self hating fat person. How can you say someone else is bent out of shape when you sit in a thread seething about fat people, this is pure cope

Anonymous 164959

Look at fashion shows. Look at the famous "influencers". Don't confuse the BBL fake big butt with thin legs with natural curvyness like that athlete.

Anonymous 164961

Why would anyone care about fashion shows, influencers or athletes lmao

Anonymous 164966

Said the seething ana who is camping out in this thread. Jesus this is embarrassing. Any time I scroll past this it's just you shit flinging

Anonymous 164969


We are the silent majority.

Anonymous 164971

I lost 20 kilos but see literally 0 difference

Anonymous 164972

I like being fat because it means people leave me alone especially moids

Anonymous 164977

>listening to music
Wow I want to be a brain-dead normie too.

Anonymous 164999


Not all superheroes wear capes.

Anonymous 165002

Cry harder scrote

Anonymous 165005

Came here to say this. The bitchoholic on here imposing I go enjoy a life stalked and harrassed at my job has to be a scrote. I don't want attetion from men period. Guess why!!

Fucking handmaiden is probably just desperate. Obsessed with with pandering to the male gaze otherwise she feels worthless

Well I'm here to say I'd rather be 140 for my own freedom. Are you going to cry over it now? Did I hit a nerve because you know its true? It doesn't make me feel better that people are nicer when the same percentage harrass and stalk. Eats a pancake:)

Anonymous 165007

tbh i think people care too much about fat people. i hear the "it shows a lack of discipline" kind of thing a lot but even if thats true, there are so many unhealthy, addictive behaviors people engage in that are invisible. its just because we see fatties as unattractive that people care so much. the average "fat" person i see isnt even obese, theyre just chubby or overweight. i really dont think its that unhealthy to be chubby or overweight, and some people are just that way even when they eat a healthy amount of food.
ultimately you dont know why someone is a certain way, and judging them is pointless.
really its sad we're going over the same debates and arguments over and over, trying to get something out of it. i see so many generic responses in this thread, it makes me wonder if crystal cafe is getting taken over by bots. it would make me sad.

Anonymous 165008

You have to be pretty short to be fat at 140 lbs

Anonymous 165030

being fat is a personality defect and shows that you're a pretty selfish person

Anonymous 165034

Go away Blaine you troon.

90% of the replies ITT are the troon arguing with himself, ignore him

Anonymous 165036

People who think fat people are greedy or selfish are operating from a primitive mindset.

They still think we live in caves and that we all have to share the same deer or antelope carcass between the whole tribe for dinner and that if one person eats too much there won’t be enough left for them.

In reality there’s plenty of food for everyone even to the point of overeating. Body shamers, food police and skellies haven’t evolved from caveman times, yikes, talk about primitive brained.

Anonymous 165040


Anonymous 165041

it's pretty obvious when you're sitting in the vicinity of fat people, visiting their homes and they neglect to offer you any food that they're pretty selfish
and i'm doubly sure you'd feel a lot better if you got in shape

Anonymous 165053

You're basing this off completely anecdotal evidence. You know some greedy fat people so of course every fat person in the world is greedy. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

Anonymous 165054

>"every muscular girl is actually taking steroid"
What a cope. Good job scrawny, you've just told us you're not even healthy enough to work out and build muscle kek

Anonymous 165055

>what is context
Nice cope but the fetish pictures of muscle women being posted in this thread clearly all involved steroids. Excess muscle weakens your heart and is for moids to do slave labor. Stay mad that the rest of us don’t want to look like you though.

Anonymous 165070

Nona, thats absolutely no way of living. Just existing till the next meal is not something you should call fun. You don't have to be anorexic neither, 135 pounds for most heights puts you at a healthy BMI.

Anonymous 165089

Well life and existence suck? What do I fill it with? All I do is worm work work, I'm never attracted to anybody, the world is depressing, everything I deeply love ultimately gets destroyed and raped. You have a solution?? Lol everybody is.depressed.. but you're still fixated on what I'm eating ?? God get your priorities straight.

When I say everything I love and cherish ultimately gets destroyed and raped I mean it. I don't know how to be totally numb to things all the time. I always become disgusted at people again. The cycle never stops. The only things that don't suck are art, entertainment and eating. Inbetween I'm so disgusted, and I'm not about to forgive so easily or if I ever will.

Anonymous 165103

this is because of low muscle mass nona, I used to be like you, a year of lifting now I maintain by eating ~2100 on average. I don't even look that bulky or anything.

Anonymous 165104

"HAHA fucking moids hate it when i get out of breath walking up two flights of stairs. XYs owned!!1!" take care of your health anon, your spite will kill you.

Anonymous 165107

>le genetics
biggest cope. a tiny minority of people are cursed with horrific genes that don't let them look attractive even with good body composition. on top of that, attractiveness doesn't even compare to the heath benefits having doo musculature and a good body fat percentage does for women. dont stay weak.

Anonymous 165145

The other women posted were definitely on steroids and probably had a bf% that doesn't allow for menstruation. Women are not supposed to be jacked. In fact, most women can't even have visible abs ever unless they starve to dangerous levels.
Fitness models like the ones posted here before have to go through cycles of bulking and starving before shoots/shows, it usually involves drugs and severe dehydration. It's not something normal people could or should aspire to, and it's everything but a healthy lifestyle. Olympic athletes, on the other hand, are only concerned with performance in their sport, so they don't starve themselves unless they need to fit weight categories. Even so, many of them can't menstruate and are infertile during peak season.

Anonymous 165153

>8th and 10th graders
I too choose to live my life as if I were perpetually in middle school.

Anonymous 165168


In light of the recent discussion, this is still the most brutal post I've read in this thread. I dare say not even the average moid could come up with what you said.

Anonymous 165176

>Eating is fun though.
If you don't have any kind of allergies or intolerances/sensitivity to certain foods then I guess. But the reality for a lot of people is bloating, diarrhea, food poisoning, etc. that a lot of the time comes from"fun: food. Unless you also have fun when eating celery and boiled turkey.
>All I hear every damn day anymore is autotuned pop/ rap garbage because music is awful now.
Anyone who seeks out underground music will disagree with you. If you managed to find a less known imageboard you'd manage to find obscure but interesting music, no?
>I am 135 pounds but you know what doesn't suck? Eating. Everything else in life is fucking tedious. Sure wish someone would explain the motivation to be anorexic. You have to hate yourself a lot.
Nope. Pulling yourself out of a never ending cycle of eating a shitton of "fun" food to stop feeling depressed feels much better.

Anonymous 165178

More like a cope-pasta

Anonymous 165181

You're right. I shouldn't listen to women who say that fitness is cope for having ""unfortunate"" genes. I'm going to become strong and tough and kidnap all the moids I like.

Anonymous 165189

It's so embarrassing that you think that every normal sized person is anorexic. You probably think that you can't lose weight because of genetics when in reality it's because you're eating 3500 calories a day.

Anonymous 165194

lmao i hope fatties get burned at the stake fr

Anonymous 165202

Bad take. I don't like fat people, but most women who are fat are that way because they were never taught nutrition or because of mental trauma. Even the women in this thread who encourage others to be fat shouldn't be met with violence.

Anonymous 166080

It’s not hurting anyone. They’re hurting themselves. I feel like what the tiktok “body positivity” movement doesn’t understand is that being fat IS unhealthy, no matter what woke spin you put on it. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself just because you’re overweight, but at the same time you should strive to be healthier if you have the time. I understand that some people have different metabolisms than others but not to the extent that tiktok users like to describe.

People will also claim they eat to feel mentally better and that equals being more physically healthy because they equate the two. But that’s just a straight up excuse in my opinion. And I are they really better mentally? No. They have issues and they have an eating disorder and need to stop coping with it by talking about it in their little circlejerk. They need help.

The only time I can really see the “mentally better” concept that tiktok activists like to claim being true is when someone is recovering from anorexia. I’ve heard that after someone starves themselves for that long it’s very hard to recover without ending up slightly overweight because of the damage they’ve done to their metabolism. It would be a good idea to lose the weight later though.
Age can definitely be a factor too. It gets significantly harder to lose weight once you hit 45-50 and your body begins to deteriorate.
But the way the “body positivity” movement likes to spin it now applies these exceptions to everyone. It’s stupid.

But I don’t control people. Again, they’re really not hurting anyone unless they’re spreading misinformation like I’ve described above. And obviously, it’s not “evil” to be fat and it shouldn’t bog someone’s self esteem down. There’s plenty of overweight people who work hard, and it doesn’t equal being lazy in all areas of your life. Just unhealthy.

So that’s my take.

Anonymous 166090

I grew up with 2 fitness obsessed parents and I probably got it from them

Anonymous 166092

considering the amount of people in the US that die from heart disease, usually caused by obesity, i truly do not understand why people claiming to be radfems fight so hard for women to be fat. Feel like it's just advocating for another method of death to an already oppressed group.

Even then, considering how dangerous moids are, I don't know why we don't push for women to start lifting more and learning self defense. You don't have to be an attractive athlete, but if you can outrun a violent moid that is enough motivation to pursue more physical activity.

Anonymous 166094

the amount of fatties calling normal sized women anachans because they cant comprehend people not being landwhales, kek

Anonymous 166096

>hates autistic people
>is on crystal cafe
This is terrible bait. You just threw the entire rod into the water.

Anonymous 166109

Lmao when has it not been political, were you born yesterday????

Anonymous 166115

Useless. Any decent self defense instructor will tell you that in danger you have to surprise/shock, disable and RUN. Lifting and self-defence make no sense. Cardio is your buddy.

Anonymous 166117

> normal sized women

Anonymous 166151

>, i truly do not understand why people claiming to be radfems fight so hard for women to be fat
Do they though? Most radfems I see are healthy, though some of them are underweight. Liberal feminists are the ones behind the "fat positive" mindset, and just like everything they do, they're not helping women with these views.

Anonymous 166154

Imagine centering your entire self-worth around not ingesting more calories than you use daily. All it takes is a fatty shutting their mouth for a while and they're worth more than you easily, by your own standards. Isn't that a little bit sad? I'm sure if you look inside you'll find something in you that is interesting and good other than being thin.

Anonymous 166155

stop arguing everyone itt and realize you hate your body and on girls with physical traits you wish you had because of pornsick scrotes impossible standards.
have compassion for who craves what her body type cant allow for, while being constantly reminded she is defective by the money greedy ruthless beauty industry, because you know you also feel that way. and this is why you argue so much. youre really arguing with yourself and your self hatred.
one day, i hope, we will all love ourselves and break free of the scrote porn illusion. i will hate men before i hate myself.

Anonymous 166157

I don't disagree, but don't you think there's more than that? Like, you know, being healthy?

Anonymous 166159

the tranny?

Anonymous 166160

There's someone obsessed with claiming everyone is a tranny. I mean sometimes it makes sense but it is getting very annoying, hope it's not a scrote falseflagging or smth

Anonymous 166162

well nona thats not me i can assure you. i dont care about scrote's imaginary issues and i most definitely dont think theres the same pressure on men to be handsome/hot. i really just wanted to make people itt stop self hating not that its that easy of course, but it can be a start i think.

Anonymous 166164

I have never seen an actual CC thread this active before. The lolcow bunkers were the only other time, what is it about weight discussion that makes people absolutely rabid?

Anonymous 166167

Because they don't. Radfems are either insanely anachan or they understand that a womans value being weight related is actual male brain shit

Anonymous 166170

>Women try to tear each other down to fit men's beauty mold
Nice strawman, but I didn't see anyone ITT saying that you should be healthy because of men.

Anonymous 166172

Nta but you're purposefully ignoring the many many posts saying fat women are just ugly and without value. Now, did women come up with that on their own or was it the fact men have a strong preference for thin/skinny women? This isn't a discussion about health. It's discussing why so many people feel like fat fuckers have are without value

Anonymous 166173



My last posts ITT are >>166151 and >>166157
As you can see, I also berated anachans.

Anonymous 166176

Oh, fuck off, will you?

Anonymous 166180

Blaine you're a faggot nobody cares if you hate fat women because ywnbaw

Anonymous 166181

>>166176 and >>166173 here,

Just for the record, I'm not >>166180 nor I care about "Blaine" or any other troon and males.

Anonymous 166323


Anonymous 166325

Probably because there's a lot of differing opinions everyone wants to share and argue with, because you don't get to do that in real life

Anonymous 166326

> Radfems are either insanely anachan
Can someone explain this, because I don't think I've seen an anachan radfem before, except for a couple of times, usually the ones trying to recover?

Unless we're talking about the girlboss tumblr blogs I guess, but those are still more fun than a typical radfem blog tbh

Anonymous 166340

Neither do incels, trannies, twitter users, tumblr users, uhh who leaves the house then, nowadays

Anonymous 166341

You know well anyone with an BMI of 22-24 would be called "fat" by bone rattlers.

Anonymous 166352

I have no idea what you are trying to say, maybe you need some sugar in you.

Anonymous 166357

BMI doesn't mean shit. By BMI standards, most bodybuilders are obese monsters because they weigh a lot. You need body fat percentage. The only people who care about BMI are anachans because they think starving themselves into a healthy weight range is, well, healthy, when it doesn't actually take into consideration how fucked they are

Anonymous 166360

BMI is valid for the vast majority of people. You'd need extreme amounts of muscle mass, the type that are hard to obtain naturally in women, to land in the "obese" category without actually being obese. I see ana-chans and fatty-chans bash BMI all the time because they don't understand population distributions. The "normal" BMI range is proved to have the lowest adverse outcomes related to weight.

A healthy bf% for women is 21% to 32% by the way. It's significantly higher than men, so it's unlikely someone with an enormous amount of muscle would be "healthy".

Anonymous 166361

Well bodybuilders aren't in a normal weight range either, they're also not healthy and they look like monsters, too

Both BMI and fat percantage mean a lot, so do a lot of things, really. Also, I don't think anachans are starving themselves to a healthy BMI, they're starving themselves to an underweight BMI, that's why they're ANAchans

Anonymous 166381

>bodybuilders aren't healthy
Skinnyfats, anachans, and fatties absolutely coping because they're afraid to lift weights. So which is it? Are you lazy or are you too cowardly to be strong incase it makes you a bit big?

Anonymous 166386


I dont encourage anyone to lift weights, people will do that if they want to go beyond, I encourage them to do calisthenics and running.

Anonymous 166388

No, not really but you might be because you might been banned so much that you think its going to work in reverse lmao keep coping dude ywnbaw.

Anonymous 166405

You're not making sense
You're confusing people who lift with bodybuilders whose goal is to look in a certain, grotesque kind of way. by consuming as little fat and carbs as possible and using steroids, for aesthetic purposes
I was actually the one who is for building muscle mass instead of gaining fat because it's healthier and you'd still take up more space if that's what you want, i guess. yet there were still people bitching about it as if wanting women to be stronger instead of getting diabetes and heart diseases to spite men means I'm anachan and moid pandering

Anonymous 166409

Ignore that poster anon, it's the troon schizo.

Anonymous 166423

21-25 are fatties. I was called fat when I was in this bmi range. Huge legs, huge arms, big belly, ew.

Anonymous 166427

he is so easy to spot, trannies do write in a different way not even on the internet they give sane healthy human being vibes.

Anonymous 166445

You're the reason HAES and fat-acceptance exists. If ana-chans didn't go around calling everyone who is not a skeleton "fat" we wouldn't have actual obese people creating movements out of "body positivity".

Anonymous 166580

Yeah it's the teenage girls with eating disorders that are at fault of everything

Anonymous 166585

If you're a teenager you should leave this website (and imageboards in general) come back when your frontal lobe has finished synapse pruning.

Anonymous 166623


nooo ana-chan dont be cringe

Anonymous 166632

Eating disorders are just a manifestation of control freak psycho tendencies and narcissistic personality disorder tbh.

Anonymous 166674

Did I say everyone else ya dumb betch? No. I said people with eating disorders. They all have NPD and control freak nature.

Anonymous 166770


This thread kinda sucks but I feel like I ought to post this anyways.

The modern body positivity movement is a joke. I've never felt like the girls touting "all bodies are beautiful!" are genuine and are really just trying to make themselves look/feel better because they're being nice to the undesirables. It's gotten to the point where I feel like horny men in threads dedicated to fetish art of chubby/fat/obese women are more genuine than your average skinny social media user trying to insist shit like "fat" being a slur and "chubby" should be used, even for the morbidly obese. It's either those people, or the obese themselves coping super hard about being huge and insisting that it's fine actually. These people tend to be very ill (mentally or physically) so it's hard to fault them entirely since for the most part you don't just let yourself get to 300+ lbs without having something seriously wrong with you or your life. Demonizing them is not the answer, especially in America where healthcare is very hard for many to access, so it's hard for these types of people to get the treatment they need to get back on track and live a better life. And for the lucky few who do, it's harder than it is for most to stay on track and not return to bad habits. I feel like self-awareness is the key, while self-hate is not. Hate from the outside and inside will only worsen the problem and make everything seem hopeless. But blindly accepting these people is enabling them and not encouraging them to become better. It was a mistake to let people start insisting obesity is normal just because it's common, when the whole point of body positivity was to say "it's okay to be chubby as long as you're still healthy and you don't need to look like a magazine model to deserve respect." The internet seems really good at letting good things get out of hand and become twisted into something bad.

tl;dr fat acceptance wasn't always a malicious thing but it currently is now that the original intentions have been all but lost, bullying and mistreating fat people will only make them fatter and fix nothing, and the best thing to do is to mind your own business if you're not equipped to deal with their deep-seated problems or know the full story.

P.S. I have had weight struggles my whole life, in case if some of you were wondering if I was some thin-to-average girl making outside observations rather than having first-hand accounts. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, "big is beautiful" my plus-sized ass.

Anonymous 166771

I dislike when someone fat justify it and claims that being fat is like activism, like "owning" people or something or it is empowering. You're not empowered: you're a lazy fatass, which you know fine you do you but what you're doing is the equivalent of not brushing your teeth and then claim you're "owning" the dentist.

Anonymous 166777

Every woman in my family has struggled with weight (in a serious way) except for me. I don't hate them, I feel sorry for them. They didn't choose it and it's not really their fault and it's not fair. They definitely all have deeper problems, it's never just eating. Eating is a proxy cope for some other horror. What I hate is how they push me away because my mere presence seems to torment them and how they push food on everyone else to (I can only assume) make themselves feel better about wanting it. Their husbands and pets are all morbidly obese too, and I can't help but notice it wasn't that way before they came together. I can't say for certain, but I know from experience how aggressively they push food on me after I've told them I'm already full. I understand that it's a deeply personal and painful issue to struggle with, I wish there was some way I could actually help them, but it's a forbidden subject. I can't even talk normally around them, I have to walk on eggshells and avoid saying anything even tangentially related to exercise, health, clothes, etc. I know it's not my place to say anything, but if your friend or family member looks sad, you can ask them if everything is okay at the very least. You can be there for them to vent or cry to. But for an obese loved one you can't do anything but silently watch and it really sucks. Their bodies are prisons but you're not allowed to try and help them escape. It's not your place, even if you can clearly see them suffering from the effects.

Anonymous 166812

Nobody actually does that and being fat is torture for most. Otherwise the person isn't going to give a damn.

Anonymous 166816

A lot of seething fatties do this and they go outside shoving their sloth fetish in our faces

Anonymous 166841

The internet loves lolcows, with any ideology the loudest actors will be the most infamous. This is because the supporters love the actor for putting their frustrations to word while their opposition loves the actor because he or she is unhinged and can be used to devalue the ideology.

Anonymous 166975

I have fatties at work and at school telling me that lol they even talk about how meat is bad for health and in the same sentence talk about how they only use healthy "seed oils" to do fried stuff
I don't want to be mean but if you eat fried foods more than once a month or use seed oils then you should not talk to anyone about health and food, you're a danger to yourself and anyone listening to you

Anonymous 166980

Omg I know, I hate them so much.

Anonymous 167021

I dont hate fatties but i have to say that being fat doesnt feel good neither phisycally or mentally and those body positivism activists are lying. I gained weight during quarantine and it sucked. I got tired very fast, buying new clothes were like hell and my tighs rubbed painfully. It doesnt look good, obviously fit people are going to be more attractive bc they seem to be active and takes care of themself.

Anonymous 167028

Nobody cares as much as you guys or seethes about these things as much over this. You realize that right?? We know you're in this endless cycle of hard dieting and raging and it makes you bitter other people don't self-deprive quite as much as you or feel the pressure as much, or even care.

So you make it all personal lol. It can only explain your insanity. Chubby or not I know I dont come online and rage contritely about what other people eat or dont eat like you ever would. I could genuinely care less because I loathe male attention.

I am 145 and I like it and you can cry your tears of blood everyday while I laugh crazy bitch.

Anonymous 167029

Either that or you're an enraged scrote larping this angrily. I can't really see how you could be female personally, the outrage is so male.

Oh also, another benefit of being comfortably chubby is I completely avoid male harrassment, which was a really huge improvement and upgrade to my life.

Honestly I think you are male and this is what you hate the most. :o :v

Anonymous 167068

Cope and seethe fattie. I just said the truth.

Anonymous 167076

no, transgenders all the time
0/10 failed pivot, tranny

Anonymous 167082

18 and 19 year olds are de facto teenagers, and they're allowed to post.
Has nothing to do with what I said but nice armchair psychology

Anonymous 167084

You definitely feel the pressure, high pressure, that is.

Anonymous 167085

How do you know my age?

Anonymous 167093


Anonymous 167128

I'm not you I didn't grow with anorexic mom breathing down my neck.

Or it could be youre either a lovesick dick obsessive afraid of being alone for 5 mins who HATES the fact nobody feels your choking obsession with male approval… or you're a moid.

Anonymous 167131

Whoever chose this thread pic should neck themselves

Anonymous 167147

To the loser who keeps deleting their reply: just stop posting it

Anonymous 167149

>>Or it could be youre either a lovesick dick obsessive afraid of being alone for 5 mins who HATES the fact nobody feels your choking obsession with male approval

Women like this are so pathetic.

They act all outraged and haughty but really theyre just bitter some people aren't trapped in the obsessive nut house with them. Measuring every damn calorie and hating every minute of your life

And yet you're personality is garbage youre just this high strung rage type secretly, you would drive anyone you lived around insane with how bitterly hateful / nitpicky you are. Especially if you think being 145 is fat.

I'd rather rope myself than be like you, I'd rather stay 145 tbf :T

Anonymous 167160

Frankly I think they're all moids, that kind of rage you only see in a male. Especially since nona actively tries to avoid male harrassment this way. Textbook scrote reject

Anonymous 167203

Nona please just be happy with yourself or else lose weight. You're not fooling anyone by constantly posting about how happy you are and how everyone skinnier than you is a jealous ana freak. If you want to be the weight you are, just be it! Be happy! But if you're unhappy enough with your weight that you have to constantly post how happy you are and how much of a loser everyone else is, then please either learn to accept yourself or else lose the weight.

Anonymous 167216

Lol okay anon

Anonymous 167253

All it took is one joke for you to start seething again

Anonymous 167256

You're the only one acting outraged. I couldn't care less about what moids think of me, in fact, fat moids are even worse than fat women.

Anonymous 167264

10x the personality defects and entitlement 70% of the time I swear to god

Anonymous 167271

Women who act like men are better than men that act like men lol

Anonymous 167278

If they aren't trans why the fuck does any gender need to act gender-specific? Are you out of your mind moid?

Anonymous 167303

Reminder that amab can never be women

Anonymous 167310


I don't hate fatties, im fine with them.

Anonymous 167329

I don't. I used to be fat (have gone from 30 bmi to 21 bmi, although I'm sure some anons think that's still fat) and went through a phase of intensely hating fat people for not changing, but I recovered. Truthfully, obese people are like anyone who has poor emotional regulation. For myself, I not only lacked control over my eating but also over my rage and my anxiety.
For this reason I extend mainly empathy and sympathy to them. They know deep down it's not healthy, and it's not my responsibility to force them to lose weight. So I just treat them like anyone else and avoid ruining my own day over nothing.

As for slightly chubby people, I think they can be cute and still healthy in a physically fit sense. I've crushed on women who are a bit overweight and known people in that weight range who are quite athletic (generally with hiking, weights, fighting, etc.).

My 2c anyway. It's too weird for me to feel rage at someone being fat. There are more pressing matters, I think.

Anonymous 167829

do some pushups or squats you fucking walking stick.

Anonymous 167834

For me it's 1000 if I don't want to gain, around 700 ish if I want to lose any substantial weight. People don't realize how difficult it is for women, especially if short.

Anonymous 167835

It's actually very easy for me and I'm 5'2".

Anonymous 167837

What's your TDEE? I find it hard to believe someone so tiny could have a high TDEE unless they're a professional athlete who works out for several hours a day or they have some metabolic issue like hyperthyroidism.

Most people who say they can eat what they want without getting fat simply eat very little without noticing it (ie, never finishing meals, skipping meals, etc).

Anonymous 167841

Wtf is that? I just run and lift and don't pig out, it's really not hard to be in shape.

Anonymous 167848

If you don't even know your TDEE then this conversation can't be productive.

As I said, I actually calculated how much I can afford to eat if I want to lose weight at a steady pace and it's around 700kcal. That is not easy in any shape or form, and it won't suddenly become easy from the extra 200 or so (very optimistically) kcal a day from exercise.

Anonymous 167850

giphy (2).gif

I don't think you know calcus, so yeah pointless to tell you to stop sitting on your giant fat ass, not the anon.

Anonymous 167852

I could bet anything that I'm smaller than you lmao.

Anonymous 167853

Okay dox yourself and then I'll dox myself

Anonymous 167854

What is the point when men are ugly about 90% of the time

Men will never do the same for you and it will never improve your experience around them, they will always use you for something and be completely caustic and insufferable in SOME way

But you're still bored out of your mind and parade this tedious insufferable existence yourself

Anonymous 167855

Yeah, sure, I will post my picture on the troon-infested website. It's not difficult to know that you're a piggy chubbers though, since you believe casual exercise burns any significant calories and you don't even know what a TDEE is.

Anonymous 167856

What is calcus is it math in retard

Anonymous 167857

I don't care about men, anon.

Anonymous 167862

But you still talk like this to each other, and every other woman probably. I mean if you'd talk like this now, how would you THINK every other moment of your lives?? How would you talk to other woman in every other insufferable moment in your life????

Who the fuck cares how you weigh 95 pounds if your mind is this trashed by food obsession. Get a god damn life both of you retards

Anonymous 167865

I can hear the frothing rage/ obsession with stirring this debate about food. Like you're so starved for enjoyment/ positivity/ a single moment of nonobsession your an inch away from putting a bullet in your brains if you don't get some moment to drag others into your hell.

Your food obsessed hells are in your brains and no one else's. Stew together in rage and misery, that nobody else cares though.

Anonymous 167867

I was just yanking your chain a little as I have no clue wtf your acronym means, I do have abs and this can be easily verified so I am sorry to inform you, I am not fat yet I find you silly.
Hey I had a life, I get to be retarded online now, that's the deal.
Yes it's like the other one but spelled by someone with borderline dyslexia.

Anonymous 167871

Ok but you sound miserable and insane though you get that right??? I have beef with you spreading this insufferable energy on cc because it's bad enough without your frothing obvious misogyny. Internized self loathing.

We have enough seething incels and trannies trashing this board. Shut the fuck about your food obsession. Shut the fuck up with your pickme desperate trashtalking. God why don't you just livestream your own willing rape while youre at it??????

You're personality is fucking insufferable

Anonymous 167873


There are multiple people who posted just now, you sound like you're actually having a mental breakdown about words online.
Do you need me to call for a wellness check upon yourself? Fatty.

Anonymous 167874

>You're personality is fucking insufferable
Anon you broke her, you fucking broke her mind kek

Anonymous 167883

I have no idea what the other posters are on about. I was just hoping to make the point that denying it is HARD to eat at lower than 1000 kcals is dismissive and condescending, and that some women really do need to eat like that if they want to be thin. I'm not talking about 23 BMI thin or "not obese" range either, I'm taking "thin" as people usually recognize it.

Anonymous 167888

You sound so desperate though anyway. It's like you exude desperation with your food obsession. Everyday your entire life revolves around not being a fatty or being a fatty and … you just can't let it go can you? You still post here as a femcel though so… wtf is that rofl

Are you a volcel like me? It's hard to believe anyone with enough mental weakness to focus so toxically on food intake could become a volcel

Anonymous 167889

Oh are you backtracking the fatty comments now fatty? Lmao

Anonymous 167891

Femcel? Nah I'm one of the oldfags who remembers when this site wasn't all people bitching about what you described. Usually I lurk these threads but I wanted to know what you were sperging about in regards to staying not fat.

Anonymous 167893


Anonymous 167894

Oh stfu, femcels have been here since the beginning. What do we even have to do with your pointless bitching?

Anonymous 167895

You sound deranged and schizophrenic, nona.

Anonymous 167897

There been moids ITT clearly sience the start. Thats why I ignore this thread, its been infected.

Anonymous 167901

Nothing, the post I quoted called me one, you're just being disgruntled now lmfao

Anonymous 167913

No, she asked if you were a volcel, not the same thing btw, and you pivoted into your hatred.

Anonymous 167914

Lmfao I uh don't hate anyone there projector-kun, she said both dingaling, the post is still there so nice attempt to gaslight but do better. 2/10.

Anonymous 167936

Thread is full of nothing but filthy moids and equally sad 12 yo selfloathing body-pickmes. gas it.

Anonymous 168110

Unlike what lolcow tards think, being fat is not something you can easily control, as with any other addiction. I don't hate fat people for being fat, I genuinely believe it's not their fault, but rather the fault of their families and of the capitalist society they live in. Saying that fat people are morally corrupt is like saying that girls who troon out and chop their breasts off (or, for a more similar example, anorexic women) are morally corrupt. It's not their fault that they were born and raised in a family with unhealthy eating habits that encouraged that behavior and that everywhere they go, they are persuaded to consume more and more; after all, MILLIONS of dollars from the food industry go to marketing to make sure as many people as possible are convinced into wasting their money on unhealthy foods and consume as much as possible. If you can accept that propaganda and media alter our opinions, beliefs and habits, you should be able to accept that aggressive ad campaigns make people eat more and worse than they should. Blaming or shaming individuals for having grown up in such environment and succumbed to pressure solves nothing; a couple of fat people might find the willpower to change their habits this way, but obesity will still be a widespread problem. Your environment shapes who you are to a great extent. Furthermore, a lot of people suffer from depression and high amounts of stress, which of course means it's easier for them to develop an addiction, such as overeating.

That being said, I do acknowledge that being fat is unhealthy and I wish less people were obese. Obesity is an epidemic, a huge health issue in many countries and it's because of capitalism, as keeping people healthy is not profitable, while selling them large amounts of junk food and then charging them to treat their obesity-related illnesses is; why direct all your energy and budget towards anti-obesity campaigns that promote healthy habits, when it's better for your industry to exploit the population for max profits? Just one of the many, many fucked up side effects of this system. And obesity is not the only example; like I said, troon propaganda is the same, as it's more profitable to make depressed teenagers think there's something wrong with their bodies so they'll buy expensive drugs and surgery to "fix" that, than assuring them that they're normal and helping them cope with their insecurities.

Anonymous 168112

It has nothing to do with upbringing. I've known some kids who were forbidden all their childhoods from eating anything but vegan, or crunchy etc and they ended up going in the complete opposite extreme as adults. The food created by these companies is designed to be like a drug.

Also no it's definitely the fault of the society that allows trannies to mutilate themselves as children.

Then again… stop lying that you care about health. You're parroting the script moids want you to, so that you remain their perfect eye candy. You do it for approval and points with men who return NONE of the same and are usually unbelievably ugly as fuck)

I'm saying stop fixating on beauty and calling it "health", just eat what you want in the moderately healthy way / to be happy/ and if you're 140-150 considering it a blessing and a wall against being harrasssed

But dont get on this board and bitterly obsess over what you and other women eat, when we know damn well you call yourself ugly and fat everyday pffffft.

Don't get on here and post about 'fatties' while you're actually a attention starved pickme bitch desperate for handouts from moids

Anonymous 168270

Are you trying to argue with me for the sake of arguing or something? Because more than half of what you said is something I said already just with different wording, or just don't have anything to do with my post at all.

>It has nothing to do with upbringing. I've known some kids

And I've known a shitton of kids whose parents never taught them to eat healthy, grown-ass people who eat nothing but red meat, sugar, eggs, cheese and bread because that is what their parents gave them to eat, and there's a lot of families where both parents and children are fat. There's also a weird traditional culture where I live that moms typically over-feed their children to "make them strong".
And even then, that doesn't mean that your parents eating healthy can always stop you from becoming fat; as I said in my previous post, social and media influence are one of the main reasons why there is so much obesity in the world, and depression or other mental health issues can lead to addiction, such as over-eating. So this point of yours doesn't contradict mine at all.

>Also no it's definitely the fault of the society that allows trannies to mutilate themselves as children.

Why "also no" when that's literally what I said? See:
>Saying that fat people are morally corrupt is like saying that girls who troon out and chop their breasts off are morally corrupt.
(In other words, it's wrong to say fat people or girls who mutilate their bodies to become men are morally corrupt)
>And obesity is not the only example; like I said, troon propaganda is the same, as it's more profitable to make depressed teenagers think there's something wrong with their bodies so they'll buy expensive drugs and surgery to "fix" that, than assuring them that they're normal and helping them cope with their insecurities.

>Then again… stop lying that you care about health. You're parroting the script moids want you to

I have no fucking idea how the hell you came up with this idea that I said being fat is unhealthy just because I'm a pickme who enjoys bullying fat people(???). If you read my post at all, you'll realize that it's the opposite, I even explicitly call out lolcow tards who do that.
I said: being fat does not make you evil, and obesity is a health problem that is not being prevented because it's more profitable that way. Do you think I'm somehow targeting fat women only with these comments or what? I don't think I need to explain that by "fat people" I mean both men and women, and children and adults, and that I'm not "targeting" anyone as I don't even blame them for being fat nor do I hate them for it.

>I'm saying stop fixating on beauty and calling it "health", just eat what you want in the moderately healthy way / to be happy/ and if you're 140-150 considering it a blessing and a wall against being harrasssed

Well, first of all, there is nothing in my post that implies I even give a fuck about what fat people look like. My concerns are obviously based on the real fucking health issues that come with obesity, such as: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, etc.. There are a lot of diabetic children in the world because of this obesity epidemic. Being fat is unhealthy and if you deny that you're a dumbass. It seems to me that you are the one who's fixated on beauty, I didn't even take looks into account.
Second, 140-150 pounds looks different depending on your height, it could mean you're overweight (but probably not obese) or not at all. Obviously, being on the higher end of the healthy BMI range is not the kind of "fat" I'm talking about, nor is it the only kind of "fat" that exists and affects people. The more overweight you are, the higher the risk of getting a disease, and most fat people are obviously not stopping at 140 lb.
Third, even if you're a little overweight, you will still get harassed because scrotes don't care if you're a confident Stacy supermodel or an insecure, average or chubby woman. And depending on the moid, if you're "within their league" they might see you as a better target for their harassment, especially if you're insecure.
And fourth, I really don't care if you have a decent diet but have a bit of extra fat in your belly (many healthy women have it because of our fat distribution), as long as your BMI doesn't make you have increased risk of disease it's not bad. So again, this point had nothing to do with my post.

>But dont get on this board and bitterly obsess over what you and other women eat, when we know damn well you call yourself ugly and fat everyday pffffft.

Not everyone who says obesity is unhealthy (a fact) is a farmer, anorexic or otherwise obsessed with looks. I'm explicitly against bullying or shaming women for their weight, and I answered the question in the OP accordingly. Also, I never told anyone on this site what to eat nor did I share any information about my own eating habits.

>Don't get on here and post about 'fatties' while you're actually a attention starved pickme bitch desperate for handouts from moids

I think you might be confusing me with someone else because I never said anything even remotely close to that. With this lack of reading comprehension I would think you're a recent Twitter immigrant or a farmer starved for infighting.

Overall yours is a weird-ass post that should be directed at someone who actually hates fat people.

Anonymous 216547

excessive physical fitness is a male standard dictated by a male culture that seeks to continuously push masculinity. anyone who can't see that is blind. men want to press the desire for thin women because it makes them feel more physically powerful even if they aren't peak athleticism. you will not find a feminine culture seeking to appeal to male standards of what women need to be like, as this thread is evidence enough of lol.

Anonymous 216551

being fat is a personal choice so who gives a shit honestly. I can eat whatever I want and if you can't handle that then that's your own problem.

Anonymous 216560


I like fatties and you can't stop me!

Anonymous 216567

Not even remotely fat. That is a pretty great body type and I think it's 100% ideal.

Anonymous 216618

Cause they act entitled and lookimg at them is rape to my eyes

Anonymous 216619

thats not fat. Having a tummy is not being fat. You've been brainwashed if you think that is fat

Anonymous 216623

Why even bring up sin when gluttony is a deadly one. Anyway there's just no benefits to being overweight to obese, only detriments. If you were raised fat then I do feel bad because that is your parents' fault. It's time to change your lifestyle for the better though.

Anonymous 216632

Does anyone really hate fatties if we exclude the most mentally ill parts of the population? I don't get how someone's weight is going to affect radfeminism. Maybe if I was a libfem I would get why you should give a second thought to how big someone's stomach is.

Anonymous 216635

Excluding mentally ill fatties is excluding basically all fatties.

Anonymous 216639

Oh, are we talking about "My 600 lb Life" kind of fatties? I'm scared for them but no judgment would ever improve the situation, so I'm just a silent watcher.

Anonymous 216784

There are lots of factors, but upbringing is a huge factor in almost everything.

Anonymous 216803

Because fat people are greedy and they're ruining the planet

Anonymous 216882


I don't hate fatties. I hate fat activists. They narcissistically use their own body issues to promote and encourage being overweight, and are trying to enter the LGBTBBQ+ as if their fatness must be a protected indentity like a homosexual's.

Anonymous 216886

that implies homosexuals need to be protected at all lol

Anonymous 216987

no “die you insufferable pickme shit” for the anon shitting on athletic or skinny women with square body shapes kek this thread is a lot of people coping and being as sexist as those dreaded anachans. who are legitimately just mentally ill women crushed by the shitty society we live in.

Anonymous 216992

I don't give a fuck what other people do with their own bodies.

Anonymous 217018

Read it again anon. Only the most mentally ill parts of the population care about fatties that much.

Anonymous 217386

>or they understand that a womans value being weight related is actual male brain shit
stop. being fat and/or sedentary isn't good for you. in terms of energy, in terms of health, in terms of general happiness it's downright terrible. not being fat in order to attract some moid's attention is doing the right thing for the wrong reason. wrong reason, possibly a very low self esteem, pathetic reason, but it's still the right thing to do. cardio is your friend, eating crap is not. be better for yourself.

Anonymous 219599


I think being somewhat fat looks better and more feminine than being thin, and the only real downside is potential health issues. Ime, guys that are really firm about only liking thin girls are usually the most misogynistic and hateful, and are also more likely to have wandering eyes and cheat. They'll say it looks like you gained 5-10 pounds and use that as a flimsy excuse for infidelity.

Anonymous 219605

I agree with this and I'm not sure how much there even are health concerns at the sort of weight you'd have in that pic. Obviously it would be something of an issue if you were a competitive athlete but I don't think it makes much difference as far as just living and thriving.

Anonymous 219625

nobody who uses the term "fattie" cares about health. This is about why people hate fat women, and the answer to that is that a majority of people (especially women who frequent imageboards for some reason) base their value on weight. Anachans derive their self esteem boosts from shitting in fat women, and a decent amount of supposed healthy lifestyle anons seem to get same pleasure from shitting on fat women to validate their efforts. In my eyes if you need to tear down fat women you're not as healthy as your lifestyle might have you believe

Anonymous 219628

Being chubby is nothing to be ashamed of but theres no way being 300+ regardless of height is healthy for you. All that weight just wears your body down faster. Majority if the time in the west if its a fat feminist they look like they could easily weigh 400lbs. The mental gymnastics and denial they use to justify being health at that weight is pure delusional. When a ladywhale tries to represent feminism it does come out like a straw man mockery and more people perceives that to be all feminists.
Being superskinny is also bad for your health and attracts the wrong type of moids.

Anonymous 219652

most chubby people i know dont store fat as gracefully as an idealized piece of art so i wouldnt say it looks better and more feminine. i think it depends a lot on the individual as ive seen both thin and chubby women look more or less feminine than their counterparts.
i did notice that while fat women tend to have more curves as far as butts and breasts go, they also tend to lack any waist definition whatsoever, so you win some and lose some as with anything in life.
personally i like a medium weight body, but between fat or even just chubby, thinness looks better to me.

Anonymous 219658

We have nothing against fat people. We hate fat-acceptance activists.
Some of us have, or have had loved ones who are or were fat at one point or another in their lives. Especially those of us living in the United States currently.

Acceptance of an unhealthy lifestyle that poisons and kills you is the opposite of progress. I am just as much against fat acceptance as I am against skinny/anorexic acceptance.

Anonymous 219728

I hate fat men regardless of their opinion on fat acceptance.

Anonymous 219737

I hate fat men
Support fat women
Simple as
When a man is fat he's a lazy piece of shit who probably can't peel his ass off his gaming chair.
Women usually get fat due to depression, child birth, and caring for other people above themselves. That's why you see many chubby maids and nurses, despite the fact they're on their feet all day. Men burn fat faster also, due to testosterone. They literally have little excuses.

Anonymous 219822

This post reads like actual bait.

Anonymous 219850

I'm myself somewhat a fatty who worked hard and managed to get super skinny( quite like a anorexic) … It's not worth my fellow fatties, don't let moids and pickmes shame u for being fat.. Just be yourself y'all

Anonymous 219903


ntayrt but I agree with her. I dunno if one can really appreciate just how easily men can build muscle and burn fat compared to women if you don't frequent gyms or have some athletic hobby where you can passively observe men's progress over a length of time.
I don't absolve fat women of all responsibility with regards to their weight and health, but I don't find them absolutely loathsome like I do fat men. Testosterone puts weight loss on easy mode and a failure to achieve a healthy weight on easy mode is a sign that the guy is even more retarded than the male average prove me wrong

Anonymous 219904


This this this. Fat men are the most repulsive of all fat people because it really puts into perspective just how fucking lazy and unhinged they gotta be to have a physical advantage to losing weight and STILL remain out of shape and fat as fuck. Fat women, I understand but fat males? Those fuckers have next to absolutely zero excuses.

Anonymous 219956

attractiveness barely weighs in on my opinion of fat men. Yeah, fat men look physically unappealing in 99% of cases, but I personally find the lack of work ethic and/or mental health that the fat represents to be the main source of their repugnancy. Men build muscle (relative to women) EXTREMELY easily and having muscle is a good way to bring your TDEE up and lose fat so they literally have to put in less effort than women have to achieve similar results. Yeahyeahyeah childhood obesity and all that other stuff are complicating factors but I'm just gonna be real and say that I've dealt with my own slew of obstacles including childhood obesity and still got to a healthy weight, so I've got little sympathy for men who can't do the same under similar circumstances and doubly so when they've got a cheatcode hormone running through their veins. If they can't pick up some weights and not overeat, then literally what else are they good for
Don't get me wrong, I don't act on this disgust, but I'm also not gonna lie and act as if they aren't approaching subhuman status much faster than the average male in my head every time I have to interact with one huffing and puffing when doing the simplest of physical activities on top of the usual bullshit

Anonymous 219974


What gets me is when fat males complain about being fat as they reject every chance to lose the fucking weight already. Substantial testosterone runs in their veins. They are males. They have the advantage to shed fat and easily become fit, yet so many of them don't. Life is on easy mode for weight loss and they still live like puffy marshmallows. Laziness. I had a fat male friend once and he would sometimes complain that he was like lard. I gave him tips on losing weight, like cutting down his food proportion, not regularly eating junk food, only drinking water, and making time to walk for thirty minutes to an hour. He didn't want to do any of those things, either because they "made him uncomfortable" or because he "couldn't stop binge eating out of his constant anxiety". The dude kept making excuse after excuse as to why he just couldn't be bothered to at least try, and that pissed me off. I told him that I would rather leave him to his own ideas of what he should do, and that shut him up from whining about his fat ass. So fucking tired of fat ass males crying and moaning about how they can't lose weight when women are at a disadvantage and still try way harder than males at becoming fit. Fat males have little to no excuses, and apparently no backbone if they can't take advantage of their male biology to stop being fat already. Fat males can universally stop being fat in less than one year if they all just TRIED to lose weight, but that would never happen because so many of them just never fucking try despite how easier it should be. Fat males have extremely little reason to exist, and if a fat male is complaining about being fat–he clearly wants attention because if he really cared about losing weight, he would have succeeded already.

Anonymous 219977

I used to have this exact pillow pet as a child

Anonymous 220025

Especially tall fat men. You have to eat for 5 people every day to be fat while being a tall man. Just how much money do they spend on food, yikes

Anonymous 221240

spencer has a bad look in his eyes. would not trust him with anything

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