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How has the "incels.is" website not gotten raided by Feds yet? Anonymous 164850


A current moderator of incels.is named Robtical is an advocate for rewarding men who rape minors. He previously staffed a forum for someone currently in jail for alleged child abduction

A majority of the 2022 userbase thought sexualization of minors was important for their incel forum, calling critics of this opinion, "cucks". After receiving criticism for allowing so many MAPs on the forum, during March 2022, the moderators enacted a rule banning public sexualization of minors. After backlash from the users, the rule was revised to only include no public sexualization of pre-pubescent minors

After the rule change, staff started encouraging violent sexualization of minors. On June 20th, 2022, an incels.is user writes an open letter to the family of a teen girl named Riley Whitelaw, who was murdered by a 28 year old man. In the open letter to this real family, he details his rape fantasy of their dead child. In response to the story, all the users cheer. An incels.is staff member then calls the harassment "cool"."

Anonymous 164854

I'm convinced most websites like that, including 4chan, are heavily monitored or honeypots ran by the feds. It benefits them to keep those losers feeling like they can post their thoughts in the open like that. If they do go after anyone, it will only be the most egregious. That and how no one in power really cares about stopping violence against women.

Anonymous 164855

unlike 4chan, the staff on incels.is encourages this shit in the open

Also the names of the forum owners were exposed in a news piece 4 days ago. A previous NYTimes article on them says one of them is just an IT worker and the other some NEET son of a lawyer

Anonymous 164856

Well they don't say he's NEET, but he lives with his dad the article said.

It just seems like if the owners were feds they would have wrapped it up after their names were exposed in the news. And they didn't

Anonymous 164871

After seeing this thread I remembered I made an account there like a year ago and never used it.
Now I'm gonna troll the moids
Wish me luck ;)
What kind of sentiments should I spread?

Anonymous 164928

Amazing how every online male space inevitably descends into a cesspool of pedo shit. Kill all moids.

Anonymous 164945

male sexuality is pedophillia. you cannot disagree with that for one moment.
what do women and teenage boys have in common ? A lack of virility. thats what and its blatantly visible in facial structure.

A man would rape a young boy as much as he would an adult woman. Protect yourselves, you aren't save around men who are closet rapists and pedos.

Anonymous 165165

I visited incels.is and I feel dirty and gross, I need to wash my soul

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