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Women are amazing Anonymous 165398

Who was the most amazing woman in your life ? Tell us why they are priceless to you. Any gaurdian angels here? Who stuck up for a survivor? Any stories of women who took down their abuser or started living their best life?

Anonymous 165404

I consider my mom amazing, she endured so much.

Anonymous 166929

I loaf this picture!! Also I’d say the most amazing woman in my life is my gf :)

Anonymous 167091


Anonymous 167419

this anon

Anonymous 167537

maria bamford
chelsea paretti

these two are special to me because they succeeded where many women fail, proving it is possible.

Anonymous 168576

My mom. Cause she cares for me a lot and sees my femininity/beauty and helps me with how to express it even though I'm a retarded sperg.

Anonymous 169985

>Who was the most amazing woman in your life
Theres lots of sweet older women I like, they're just very warm and friendly and usually hard workers, and kinda wise too. Like my grandma.

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