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Aquarium general Anonymous 166830

/aqg/ but on CC
Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor, and issues.

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Anonymous 166831


Shrimp dump

Anonymous 166832


Anonymous 166833


Anonymous 166834


What fish would you like to keep the most?

Anonymous 166837

What do you think of tanks with just aquatic plants/moss? I love the look but Im worried about keeping a fish alive, plus I have a cat and dont want him to try to attack the fish while im gone lol. But idk if all the upkeep and supplies would be worth it if theres no fish.

Anonymous 166838


Plant only tanks are nice too. There's nothing producing waste so there's less to maintain. Throw in a few snails and you'll be golden if you don't want to do fish but still want a pet.

Anonymous 166842

images (1) (8).jpe…

Galaxy and cosmo amano shrimps.
Is it really necessary to change your water weekly? I never had problems with algae blooms when I had regular fish and a filter. Why must you change it every single week?

Anonymous 166844

A full water change is definitely not necessary weekly, that would be bad for the fish. Most people just do 15% weekly, even less often if you have a good filter and lots of plants.

Anonymous 166944

Betta are pretty tho

Anonymous 168819

I have a blackwater tank, 35 gallons, currently going pretty good. I have juvenile angels in it and I am waiting for them to grow up and eventually get a pair. I'll sell the others when I get a pair. I'll post a pic when I come back from the class.

Anonymous 168838

What do you think is the most stunning freshwater fish anons? Which fish has the most personality?

Anonymous 168862


There's so many but I'll name some of my favorites. My number one winner is the rainbow trout. I love them. It's a shame that you need a zoo sized aquarium to keep them, but if I could, I definitely would.
As for actual freshwater fish you can keep, discus are second. Bettas are high on the list, but their aggression can make them hard to keep in community tanks. Neon tetras are beautiful and their schooling activity makes them a delight to watch. Fancy guppies are always a favorite, but I find them a little small to catch my attention. There are some really colorful Gouramis out there, but I haven't kept any.

Anonymous 169235


I would like one

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