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Things to do during summer break Anonymous 16814

I know I can't be the only one who has absolutely nothing to do during summer.

Since I live in Sweden, 99% of the population is traveling right now to warmer countries. None of my friends are here and all I do is browse image boards. Frankly, I'm bored out of my mind.

Let's post some activities and ideas for some projects that you can start during summer!

Anonymous 16815


Anonymous 16816


Start a nice instagram feed!

Anonymous 16817


Draw your OC in all of these styles

Anonymous 16818


Anonymous 16819


Organize your closet

Anonymous 16820


Practice drawing anatomy and poses!

Anonymous 16821

Make a Spotify playlist with songs that fit into these categories

-Workout playlist
-Sad songs
-Top 30 favorite songs
-Chill/ambient music for studying

We could always share the playlists we make here of course

Anonymous 16883

You can try going to a festival or something like that even if that's not something you think you like. I found a rennaisance festival in my country so I will make a special costume for it, so for now I have something to do (besides playing otome games, they are consuming my life)
Oh also you could try restyling clothes or try a new hobby like sewing or embroidery (it's surprisingly easy actually)
This is off-topic but I do not understand those people who have hundreds of characters. What do they do with them? They can't possibly roleplay with all of them. They mostly draw them once or twice and that's it.
Anyway I might just fill out that meme, it reminds me of when I was 12 lol

Anonymous 16885


You could read the classic "great books," many are free on Project Gutenberg. I love classic kids lit like Anne of Green Gables, Wind in the Willows, etc so I like looking through classical homeschooling reading lists for ideas on what to read next.

Anonymous 16890

get into kpop

Anonymous 16896

bad idea, don't

Anonymous 16900

Shit my friends are away too
Literally everyone at once
I feel so useless
Summer can be terrible sometimes

Anonymous 16902


cute patchy

Anonymous 16909

what's so bad about it

Anonymous 16911

It's garbage. Get into jpop, instead.

Anonymous 16916

Ew never

Anonymous 16954

OP here. I don't feel like going to a festival all by myself tbh… Embroidery actually sounds kinda fun though, it's something I've always wanted to learn. Thanks anon!
Ahh thanks anon! I used to love reading classics but have totally forgotten to put time aside for it lately.
Yeah honestly it sucks. I've never really liked summer because of this. I feel so isolated and lazy

Anonymous 16961


Cross-stitching is a fun and really easy textile art to pick up. They have kits at Walmart and Joanne's with stamped fabric that are really easy to learn with if you want to do something like flowers or pastoral scenes, and you can also make your own patterns pretty easily with software. Video game sprites make great cross-stitch patterns.

Anonymous 16963


What are things you have always wanted to do but feel like you never had the time for?

- Movies/books/albums that have peaked your interest but you've never tried
- Shops/cafes in your town you've been wanting to try
- Easy, accessible day trips
- Hobbies to research/try out
- Rearrange your furniture
- Come up with and test out new daily routines (skincare, exercise, journaling, whatever)

Anonymous 17035

Pick up a language book and start learning! Do art, take walks, visit cafes you haven’t been to before ~

Anonymous 17071


If you like movies, try around and get watching some classics you've never brought yourself to watch. I did that last year and I actually found myself hooked.

Anonymous 131062

Come to my country and let's get wasted.

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