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self defense 168332

What’s the best self defense weapon to have in a country where guns are illegal?

I already have a few pocket knives and I carry one on me at all times, thinking of buying a crossbow to defend my house too.

Anonymous 168337

The best defense is running away followed by screaming really loud.

Anonymous 168338

There is automatic crossbows now that self load that german engenner youtuber with the funny voice made EK archery self loading adder crossbow it is really fast so maybe that for home if you are paranoid you get home attacked.

Anonymous 168343

The best defense is being a NEET who doesn't leave the house


Automatic crossbows are really good weapons. There was some guy who killed like 5 people in my country not too long ago with one. Also some cannibal serial killer who used them too.


>what are peeping toms and home invasions
Fuck off moid.


Thousands of people a year are killed by ‘edgy retards’ with knives lol. Pepper spray is useless, I’ve seen many videos of criminals continuing to rush the police even after being maced.

Anonymous 168354

So here's the thing: Unless you're going to spend a significant portion of all your free time training to fight, just about any melee weapon is going to be dangerous to have and nearly useless if your attacker is similarly armed. Generally bigger, stronger, more athletic and with a reach advantage, fighting a man is pretty dangerous unless you specifically train to outcompete them.

That said: If you would rather be horribly wounded or even killed, than raped or kidnapped, a long fixed blade knife with a concealed sheath is your best option. You do not want your weapon tucked in a bag or a pocket or folded and you want it to be as long as is feasible and double edged.

Even those trained in fighting with knives, short of top 10% experts, WILL be wounded to some degree in a fight. Cuts will generate a lot of pain and a lot of blood, but they targeting visible areas with deep cuts create incredible panic of being mutilated. The face, hands, belly and genitals are all areas people instinctively defend and are horrified to see wounded. Slashing up their arms will quash any ideas they might have about dragging you into a dark alley, and landing even a light thrust to a hand or their belly will result in a deep, heavily bleeding wound. Keep in mind that if they have a knife ready, too, you will also be cut and stabbed. It's inevitable, but to mind is a superior alternative to being raped.

The Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife has hundreds of copies and they can be pretty cheap. You can buy sheathes that will strap around your stomach and allow you to carry comfortable beneath your clothes. Keep the blade sharp with a whetstone and it will slice and stab straight through thick clothing and even biker leathers.


Thanks for the info. Honestly though, a quick stab to a persons carotid can easily end their life. Did you ever see that video of a big guy in Australia getting stabbed once by a manlet? Dudes neck instantly started gushing blood like Kill Bill and he passed out and hit the ground in 5 seconds. Stabbing someone in the stomach or arms or face or whatever is useless. You really want to go straight for the neck.



Jfc I hate men. Why do they have to ruin the world with their violent moidmonkey tendencies. The Y chromosome was a horrible mistake.

Anonymous 168369

You sound like you don't actually know much about this. Actually landing a single, wild stab when you're panicked and completely untrained, against a taller opponent who's ready for you with a knife of their own is very unlikely. You would almost certainly be stabbed in a vital area for opening yourself like that. I won't ask you to cut yourself to prove a point, but please understand that a sharp knife, swung even by someone untrained, can slice down to muscle and generate enough pain to force a grown man to, or even pass out on the spot. The stabbing victim in the video didn't collapse because slipped into blood loss in those few seconds; he suffered from shock and fell unconscious. Even the biggest, toughest opponents can suffer the same fate from nearly any stab wound, even to the stomach.


Anon, I’m a nurse. Shock is caused by either blood loss, or circulatory collapse. He passed out because the major artery supplying his brain with blood was damaged and blood flow was interrupted, and so his brain functioning shut down, he then fully bled out to death on the ground, because the pressure inside the carotid artery is so high, and the blood exits the body so quickly. You only need to lose 40% of your blood volume to die.

Anonymous 168380


Pepper spries need distance and aiming properly, knifes will most likely put you in jail (just get a gun in the black market if you don't mind), blunt weapons are not practical to carry around but are great for deterance if you openly show them.

Anonymous 168390


that doesn't count as self defense by law. Not to mention: why waste away in federal prison for manslaughter charges on stabbing some moid in the neck when the person who in this fantasy scenario was going to hurt you would end up being killed by another ape of it's kind just a week in the future

Anonymous 168401

> country where guns are illegal
The vast majority of countries on earth permit firearms for it's citizenry in one form or another, with totalitarian hellholes (NK) and meme countries (Vatican) forming the exception.

If an incel retard with 0 social skills can work up the red tape and excuses to acquire one, so can you.

Anonymous 168403

Didnt the Japanese ex-navy guy who shot Shizo Abe have a self made shotgun? If its so easy why he had to make one. Some countries regulate firearms well dumbo.

Anonymous 168404

I like how you are so sure a knife won’t be used against you next second you bring it to a fight
You are not in a movie

Anonymous 168407

>If its so easy why he had to make one
I never said it was easy, just that with determination and research it's possible. Just like in building said shotgun.

Anonymous 168415

Muay Thai for sure while men have stronger upperbods by birth always, women have legs that are relatively just as strong as men's we are just shorter but the leg muscle is similar our legs are just at an angle they dont get, also we are more flexible so long run we get the kicks higher more dexterous with more angles, theirs are with more reach though and power if they are higher weights.

Anonymous 168417


Anonymous 168444

I got pepper spray, a pocket knife and my pitbull, I take her when I take all 3 with me when I walk at night. There is also some sort of alarm called "birdie" and you can hit the button and it makes a very loud siren sound I think that might scare an attacker off. Never tried it though

Anonymous 168447

Nona… That dog is statistically more likely to maul you than any potential attacker. There are plenty of guard dog breeds that are more than capable of protecting you, without being vicious monsters bred for blood sports.

Pitnutters are the TRAs of the dog world. Please don't ignore biology.

Anonymous 168462

Why would a knife be used against the person holding it lol, knives are hard to grab unless you want to slice your hand open with the blade, Jodi Arias stabbed a 200lb man to death using a knife. Try and pull a hunting knife off someone aggressively trying to stab you and see how that works out for you lol. There’s a reason most dead stabbing victims are found with defensive wounds all over their arms and palms.

Anonymous 168466

Fast and effective. But I think women should have guns anyway.

Anonymous 168467

Japan is an island with extremely strict border control and customs. If you live on any mainland continent it’s easy enough.

Anonymous 168468

Tasers don’t work, especially if the guy is big, fat or muscular. Only stun guns with extremely high voltages do.

Anonymous 168474

I knew someone would say that lol.

Anonymous 168484


Yeh, muay thai bodies also look good they develop on the legs more than upperbody this is the way to go I still care about aesthetics with some athleticism so this one is for me.

Anonymous 168496

kickboxer, no move…

vs what happens when you learn an actual martial
no telegraphing and fast

Anonymous 168498


Yeah sucker punches are stupid, thats why the first thing you are always taught at least that I know of in Boxing because I done it, my gym has free box classes is to keep those hands up for a reason, if somebody is getting rude you can put your hands in front of you so they are closer to the guard form,
>like pic related something that wont encourage anyone to throw punches yet just like "back off"

when the first punch is thrown you react, by flexing your hands to your face to get solid and block then counter like it happens in those videos. When an aggressive person is around keep your hands close to your head this is the first thing you get taught in any of the useful martial arts.

Anonymous 168504

I lived in a pretty bad area for a while, I slept with baseball bats in every room and kept a tire iron in my car. also slept (and still do) with a giant knife with grip tape on it beside my bed. always aim for the eyes with anything sharp - if they can't see they can't continue their attack. that's my number one rule that I keep in mind.

Anonymous 168509

Aikido is generally looked down upon in the martial arts world when it comes to fighting and by extension self defense. Thing is to be able to reliably beat a larger and male opponent using martial arts you probably need to be able to compete at least at the intermediate amature level in a combat sport like mma. At which point the ammount of training time, injuries, and money you will have invested into it will have outweighed the low probability of assault in most first world countries… That is if your ONLY motivation is self defense. Training to stay in shape or for fun are ofc also totally legitimate and for those reasons doscussion of style become largely irrelevant.

Anonymous 168513

Knives and martial arts won't do shit. A literal 14 y/o boy could win a fight against anyone here.
The only way for women to protect themselves against men is guns. They don't call them the great equalizer for nothing. Even in my Europoor country with strict gun laws you are allowed to own one if you practice shooting as a sport. If you are serious about protecting yourself, get a gun.

Anonymous 168514

>when the first punch is thrown you react
Lmaooooo. God no. When the first punch is thrown you’re on the ground unconscious, bish. Even a scrawny man can easily knock out a woman with a single punch. Holding your hands up like in a vulnerable position that won’t do shit, you’ll just get your wrist broken and then you’re in really big fucking trouble if you can’t even punch anymore. If someone’s in your face and getting aggressive enough to believe they’re about to hit you, you need to try and knock them out first.

The only correct part you said was guarding your face/jaw with one hand, but that’s not an open palm FFS. You’re definitely a tranny shill trying to teach women the wrong lessons.

Anonymous 168515

Having a gun for hunting only works if you’re in the house or the wilderness. Most assaults and rapes happen in urban areas with higher population density, you can’t exactly walk around with a shotgun in that situation can you? Also men aren’t bears or tanks, they’re made of flesh and blood just like you, there are lots of ways to disabled and injure them besides just shooting them in the face, however yes, guns are the best option, this thread is specifically for people who CANT own guns.

Anonymous 168517

he is a retarded man, he cannot read the thread he is too busy jerking off

Anonymous 168518


Also, assuming you’re an average (5’3-5’4) woman, most attackers will be taller than you and have longer armspans too. This girl held her attacker at her furthest arm’s length, and he still managed to reach past her entire arm length and punch her square in the face. A man can easily reach your face even when you’re keeping him back like that.

What she should have done here is ducked (obviously) and then punched him back as hard as she possibly could on the jaw while his face was open and unguarded. Most men who are trying to attack someone will leave their face unguarded, and hitting them hard at that point is the only chance you have. If you’re in an altercation with a moid, always assume he’s going to take the most violent route, and respond to that accordingly.

Anonymous 168753


a taser/stun gun seems pretty good, i think it might be more effective than a knife because if it’s powerful enough and used correctly it will disable the attacker, where if you manage to stab them they can still fight, unless you manage to get them directly in the heart or something. then speed of light kick them in the balls and run far, far away…
my friends car was being robbed so she ran outside her house yelling and grabbed the dude and pulled him out of the car and started beating the shit out of him, he was pretty startled and ran away. she’s very cool, and also lucky. she also managed to get away from a homeless guy who grabbed her, but she doesn’t remember much of what happened so i can’t really share any tips. but it gives me hope that not every physical altercation will end in rape and murder
idk, i suppose you can try to intimidate them, maybe like start shitting really loud and ferociously or something, or maybe yell “(name that a muscular scary dude would have, maybe trogdor or cletus), come smoke this fag!”
i’m just gonna keep up my running exercise

Anonymous 168768

now that we are talking about civilian setting weapons again

Anonymous 168770

stop posting tranime you fucking MAN

Anonymous 168787

My dad gave me a can of pepper spray which I carry with me everywhere, but fortunately I've never had to use it.

Anonymous 168792

How dare you insult uzuki you motherfucker

Anonymous 168797

when in a pinch outside high heels, but pepper spray / mace is the easiest and most moids will fuck off. anyone who can tolerate pepper spray is gonna kill you anyway no matter what weapon you have.

in the house just get a gun and learn to use it. go to the range with a brother or uncle they'll be happy to teach you. just never let a dude know you have one or they could use it on you.

Anonymous 168798

yeah only methheads can tolerate pepper spray, pepper spray is to throw it out there towards the eyes and run away.

Anonymous 168878

>What’s the best self defense weapon to have in a country where guns are illegal?
A gun still

Anonymous 221156

if you can't legally own guns in your country then you have bigger problems to worry about than just self defense, it's also likely that even if you defended yourself the instigator would get off legally scott free while you would still be charged. in any case, if you're still deadset on not using guns then get a polearm weapon like a spear or halberd or something like that. polearms are extremely optimal because you can keep a lot of distance from the attacker and use a lot of force even if you're not super fit simply because of how it's designed. the problem with this is that polearms are impossible to conceal in public and are only really something you could use in a home defense situation if you live in a country that is this authoritarian regarding self defense. you really should just look into getting a gun even if it's not legal where you are.

Anonymous 221160

>thinking of buying a crossbow to defend my house too
Crossbows take a huge amount of time to reload, and even the automatic ones aren't particularly powerful, yes even modern ones. It's better than nothing but it's not reliable if you're in a situation with multiple attackers, especially if they have guns.

Anonymous 221166

Best self defense weapon is your own gut instinct and ambiental awareness/perception. Don't put yourself into dangerous situations and, unless you're unlucky, you won't ever need a gun. If you shoot somebody in most eu countries chances are you'll face really unpleasant law consequences anyway. Proving legitimate self defense is not as easy as people claim it to be

Anonymous 221206

Guns are legal in my country but too much of a hassle in my state, I carry a baseball bat if I'm out walking at night. Plausible deniability re:intent… maybe you just got home from a baseball game. I keep it by my bed too.

Anonymous 221798

This is the dumbest advice I have ever heard. Most people do not choose to be abused or put in life or death situations. If a rapist breaks into your house then the solution is to shoot him dead.

Anonymous 221801

I assume being dead is less preferable than being in prison.
3d print one.
When you test fire it, remove the bullet and the powder, and fire it with the primer alone, into a roll of paper towels.

A crossbow is a less good solution.
Less good than that is finding out what workarounds gun people have figured out in your jurisdiction. Black powder, antiques, pellet guns, etc tend to be unregulated.

Anonymous 225092

why the hell are pitbulls illegal. i swear theres an exponential increase in pitbulls lately and it's freaking me the fuck out. im seriously considering bringing a swiss army knift on me so i can stab one in the face if they try me >:(

Anonymous 225093

you mean why they're legal?

Anonymous 225094

I think it's just a typo

Anonymous 225697

Best self-defense weapons in order of effectiveness:
1. Common sense not to get into sketchy situations to begin with, and to minimize risk when you're forced into one.
2. A good pair of running shoes, the ability to run a 6 minute mile, and decoy loot (could be a wad of $1 bills) to drop when attacked.
3. A boyfriend able and willing to defend you.
4. A pistol suitable for you, which you've trained with and are willing to use when threatened.
5. Pepper spray.

Martial arts aren't that useful unless you spend 5+ years training with them and are very fit, but if you're going to do that just get a bf. You need something like judo for throws and takedowns, jujitsu/wrestling for ground-fighting, boxing or muay thai for striking, and you must spend years sparring against men to stand a chance. Even then an average man can just fight dirty or use a weapon and have a fair chance to win.

Melee weapons are only useful for intimidation, most men can take them away from you without taking serious damage and then use them against you. I'll make an exception for saps and blackjacks, but you must be trained to use them and very sneaky about it. They're illegal in most places, but you can sew one with a length of spring steel, some leather, and iron/steel pellets found in an ankle weight. A blow with the wide face of a sap/blackjack causes serious soft tissue damage and unconsciousness; a blow with the narrow face breaks bone and kills. It doesn't take much force to hurt someone with one, the spring steel and momentum itself increases the damage dealt.

While knives are often lethal, it takes several minutes to pass out from blood loss and during that time your attacker will take it from you and use it on you.

Stun guns and tasers can be effective, but you need to actually train with them. If you don't train with a weapon, you'll fumble it when your mind goes blank during a fight. This happens to everyone, men and women, which is why soldiers and cops train with their weapons until it becomes almost a reflex and they don't have to think.


Street Smarts > Fleeing > BF > Gun > Pepper Spray > Everything Else

Anonymous 225698

Forgot to add, things like costume jewelry are also good decoy loot to drop when attacked, then run when they attacker is picking up the loot.

Anonymous 226981

decoy loot made me laugh, thank you

Anonymous 231634

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