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Have you ever gone to a club alone Anonymous 168829

I've never been to one and want to try, but my friends don't. Is it safe or even fun at all to go on your own? What are your experiences with clubbing in general anyway? I feel like I've been missing out

Anonymous 168832

I went to hookah bars alone
I don't remember if I went to clubs alone

Anonymous 168835

What do you think you're missing out on?
My high school friends all started going clubbing together the moment they turned 18. That's the norm in my country. I don't drink, I don't have money and am introverted so I never went and so we drifted apart.
I think maybe it'd be best if you made some friends who go clubbing?

Anonymous 168839


I feel like I'm boring myself for no reason. I'm extroverted but mostly friends with introverts because extroverts tend to be more normie most of the time. So when I hang out with my friends it's not as often and usually just talking together. I enjoy it but it feels boring when it's just that. Clubs seem exciting to me. I like electronic music, I like dancing and I want to make more friends. I think what I'm missing out on is careless young adulthood? Something like that.

Anonymous 168857

Are you prepared to be bothered by gross moids that are looking to get sex from you?

Anonymous 169284

Depends how bad it is I guess. I assume that if I'm alone it'll be harder to get rid of them. I'll never know if I don't try, right?

Anonymous 169335

Unrelated to your post but dear god nona the pic you posted made me so nostalgic

Anonymous 169511

unrelated but who's thread pic? hes so cute

Anonymous 169513

its Billie Joe Armstrong from the Jesus of suburbia video
honestly I still love that song + video, I used to watch it everyday in 8th grade lol

Anonymous 169867

ive been with some moids that that just leave to get with some pussy so ive spent the night alone. most people are going to try get laid becuase the music isnt good and drinks ar expensive. even if you go with people you will end up getting seperated or atleast the moids ive gone with have left

Anonymous 169897

It's kinda fun… sometimes its AMAZING. sometimes it's just not. You can get lost in the huge ones. Separated from people and that is not fun. If the music and drugs are good then its great. 99% of the time it's a numb search that leads everywhere and nowhere

Anonymous 169899

This one time I was led out to an 99% Asian club by my friends. I don't remember why they thought this was a good idea. I guess half of them were asiab, but i dont remember it was a friend of a friend's group. Somwhow the groups merged. Nobody really informed me. I was drunk and I started dancing. Mostly I just regretted it, it didn't really dawn on me that it was all Asian until 30 mins into dancing. I realized I was in a foreign land in some wild dream and everyone was staring at me because in was not Asian. <_<

It was a beautiful club, but I was just stunned I don't remember how I got there, we were already on a pub crawl. You have to be careful of things like this you will just end up in zany places

Anonymous 169901

asiabs are cool.
like a mix of asian and arab

Anonymous 169908

never. i've been to concerts alone however. hated it tbh.

Anonymous 169909


Correction, it's an actor called Lou Taylor Pucci. He looks like a goofy dude irl but he was so cute in Jesus of suburbia

Anonymous 169916

I have never been to any clubs alone.
I have never been to any clubs.
I don't go outside.

Anonymous 169921


Anonymous 169972

im with you in spirit

Anonymous 170017

I hate music they play at clubs at where I am, it’s usually pure shit
In my country you should live in the capital to have a chance to go to a party with some bearable music
Otherwise it’s always the dumbest techno

Anonymous 170023


I like dancing and want to meet cool people. Have fun in life before my age and mental illness catch up to me. I don't try many things and that seems relatively easy. My life is just very boring and kind of sad.
Unrelated but I love the artstyle in Batman Beyond
I don't mind techno, I like electronic music but my country doesn't have much variety either. I've always wanted to go to a goth club (though from what I've heard they're getting extinct) but there are none

Anonymous 170024

Oops same anon this was meant for >>170009 sorry.

Anonymous 170033

We don’t have goth clubs either, but there are occasional goth parties. But it’s usually local bands playing, so you technically can dance, but not really. A couple of times there was like an exclusively goth dj set heavy party and that was the best - because even if listening to local bands is curious and fun in it’s own way, but they are not uh, the best

Anonymous 170035

Samefag: also cool thing those parties are helding at the venue with a very similar masqueradeish interior, kek

Anyway, I think the best place for dancing and feeling somewhat safe is gay clubs, mixed ones

Anonymous 222153

It’s no biggie just don’t be a weird autist

Anonymous 222168

How do I not do step 2

Anonymous 222453

I might be biased against clubs for being a socially anxious loser, but I seriously wouldn't advise going to clubs alone simply for safety reasons, I feel like very few places would be safe.

Anonymous 222458

To be honest no there was always somebody. But it wouldn't be bad to go alone. You kind of dissappear into the crowd either way.

Anonymous 222480

I've gone to (goth/alternative) clubs as well as punk shows alone plenty. In my experience they're generally pretty safe. I've often felt more in danger getting there (public transit in the city) than actually being there.
Clubbing alone has been kinda disappointing for me because I'm introverted, not much of a dancer and I guess I'm not very approachable. My experience has been enjoy some tunes, have some drinks, chill and hope someone will talk to me (they don't) then leave.
Punk shows are a toss up. Sometimes they're like the club experience described but sometimes there are some cool people who are friendly and wanna talk. Also it's not that unusual to go alone. I don't know what kind of music you're into but maybe in addition to clubs you can try to check out your local music scene.

Anonymous 222653

Lesbian/bi clubs, yes and I felt totally safe.

Straight clubs, the last time I went with my boyfriend (at the it was after work and I was tired so I sat by myself when he went off and did his own thing. This cute girl approached me and I thought she wanted to be friends but I ended up getting caught in a scam where they tried to get me drunk and do porn.

Anonymous 222748

Boyfriend managed to break through security and find me before I got led out of the building. The group tried to convince him I was leaving him when they told me they were on the dance floor looking for him.

Anonymous 222993


Yes but to techno clubs. Like raves. I was a dirty dubstep kid. I would meet new people but honestly it was sometimes kinda boring without friends. I haven’t been in more than ten years though cause I’m old. Just as long as the vibes are good, with raves at least you can always find a cool group of girls to chill with.

Anonymous 222998

don't worry, goths call each other posers too, you literally can't win against someone in that scene who decides to be an asshole

Anonymous 223045


I've always wondered about people who go to bars alone. I get why moids do it (to bother women/watch football with other male specimen/lying to their wives about their whereabouts) but wouldn't it be annoying as a woman with all the creeps who might hit on you? I've considered going to bars alone but what is there to do besides drinking? Genuine question btw, I need to get out more lol

Anonymous 223049

I never go to bars/pubs, idk if it's worth it. Maybe it's different where you live anon but here you're considered a sad loser if you go to bars alone. Then again, it would be nice to explore my local pub, but I can't think of a plausible reason why I'd be there by myself. Maybe I'm just too afraid of being sus.

Anonymous 223058

Nta, but if what's stopping you is "looking like a loser", just go for it already. Where I live I would never suggest a woman to go to a bar alone tho.

Anonymous 223064

I've been to goth clubs when I was younger but most of the time I went with friends. Those clubs were pretty safe so I wasn't too worried about anything but I also made sure to not get drunk when I wasn't there with good friends.
Going there alone is a bit awkward if you are the type of person that isn't very good with social situations. People usually go there with a group of friends and will mostly only talk to you for a bit unless they want to have sex with you. In my experience people in smaller alt/goth clubs are more open to talk to new people than people in big and crowded clubs. The tricky part is finding out if they are talking to you because they want to sleep with you or because they are open to find friends. It's best to only talk to women if you don't want sex.
How good your experience is will depend on how good your social/ conversation skills are. If you are like me you will dance for a while, drink something, talk to strangers for a bit and then stand awkwardly in a corner for the rest of the night. But if you go there more than once you could see some familiar faces and maybe even find some connections there.

Anonymous 223065

This thread is making me feel like everyone but me has a local goth club. Virel: what I'll never have.

Anonymous 223067

….Racist club?

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