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What will you cook for dinner tonight ? Anonymous 169859

Cyber cucumbers casserole

Anonymous 169860

Well… not bananners

Anonymous 169861

Then i will eat nanna's

Anonymous 169864

For dinner I will have tuna, a boiled egg, and some vegetables. I like to chop up carrot, cucumber, and tomato and dip them in a mix of soy sauce, chopped garlic, and sesame seeds.
I just had some sliced banana with chia and flax seeds, it gives it an interesting texture.

Anonymous 170094

butter noodles & fried tofu

Anonymous 170121

This. Not even the article says it tastes that good but I have all the right ingredients so I might as well try it

Anonymous 171050

I bought some oyster mushrooms on impulse two days ago, and I need to cook them as soon as I can. So, I'm frying oyster mushrooms in butter, garlic, and thyme tonight. I like simple meals, so that'll be enough. If I'm really feeling up to it, I'll just fry them, then toss them with some pasta.

Anonymous 173347

Frozen karaage and some broccoli or mixed vegetables. I could probably eat karaage every day. I'm actually excited about going home and eating some fried chicken but it's SO GOOD.

Anonymous 173422

not tonight but i'll probably make some japanese curry this week. last time i made vermont curry brand but this time i bought golden curry.

Anonymous 173445

Burrito bowls and homemade guac
Last night I made some expensive steak with homemade potato wedges and broccoli
Gonna try my hand on a baked potato salad tomorrow with chicken and garden salad
I like to cook and not eat out, saves me money and lets me eat haelthy by not binging (I tend to eat my massive portions when I get takeout because then I feel like I wasted money if I don't eat all of mytakeout food)

Anonymous 173462

halloween candy

Anonymous 173463

fuck yeah
boil that and make it into a soup
add some eye of newt

Anonymous 173511

Golden Curry is the standard. It's great. I like Japanese curry on the thicker side. Japanese curry is another food I could eat every day. So good and full of vegetables.

Are you adding any meat or seafood?

Anonymous 173513

I shan't be eating tn

Anonymous 173524

Cob salad.

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