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Do you prefer textboards or imageboards? Anonymous 171130

Anonymous 171139


imageboards cos I can post cats

Anonymous 171179


Text/message boards, but all 3 I regularly use are down today lol 😔

Anonymous 171182

Are these real???

Anonymous 171192


Fully agreed

Anonymous 171469

what do you mean by textboards?
bbs? irc channels?

Anonymous 171485

stuff like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textboard , but i'm fine with people extending the conversation to other text based boards

Anonymous 171740

mh, haven't used textboards, then
only ever various bbs-derived sites and imageboards, of course.
what would the advantage be over imageboards then? I think posting images is quite nice

Anonymous 171746


What are some comfy text boards to try out?

Anonymous 171749

if you are lazy, you don't have to hunt an image to make a new thread. and maybe less chance of being grossed out because some blockhead is posting really bad images. and i guess more text-based discussion, (people are less inclined to just post a reaction image and leave, or just post a rage-bait image and leave). if people are talking about something like video-games, someone can't just post pictures of a woman-character with inflated boobs and ass and flood the thread with that.

not that imageboards are bad or people don't say stupid shit on textboards, but without images, it's slightly easier to browse and stay sane

Anonymous 171751

there's not many out of this person's list that survive ( http://grey.sdf-eu.org/papers/chan.html ). I guess the comfiest one right now is the one in the list called the Post Office. it's not that active though.

Anonymous 172042

actually a decent amount of those are still running, I'd say. much better than some other lists where less than 10% survive
how did you even find this, though?

Anonymous 172234

just by google search. i forgot the google search term for it though, but i was searching for textboards on google because of the bad images that sometimes pop up on CC

Anonymous 172645

that's true, especially if that's what the entire thread is

Anonymous 173215

I prefer comfy altboards like sushichan but the problem is 99% of them die out eventually due to shitty 4chan raids or just plain inactivity.

Anonymous 173295

immediately saw cp upon visiting sushichan, just a warning to others who were curious about the site. doesn't seem like a common theme on the board but damn i wish i didnt see that, need eyebleach nao

Anonymous 174771

desuchan seems to have died somewhat recently :(
it had been going for so long

Anonymous 174820


Anonymous 177181


kots are nice

Anonymous 177264

No, kittens Are the best. Full grown Cades are great too tho

Anonymous 179337


I like both

Anonymous 183367

sometimes i wish there was a textboard version of crystal cafe.

Anonymous 183438

what do you dislike about the images?

Anonymous 183440


I wish it was easier to upload all types of video though

Anonymous 183448


Anonymous 183501

the stuff that has to get cleaned by mods sometimes

Anonymous 183516

Do you ever get the feeling that textboards are subject to slightly less insanity?

Anonymous 185472

Imageboards. Images can help you get your point across, and can make other anons laugh

Anonymous 188113

I like reddit because it allows for categorisations. I know it sort of killed forums but I wasn’t really around during that era nor did I use forums that much. I do wish that reddit was a lot less uh reddit

Anonymous 208562

wow the concept of anonymous text boards has existed for centuries!


Anonymous 217556

Why would I ever want to post on a text board? Image boards just give you the option, and make the discussion more vibrant and colorful. Text boards are obsolete. May as well use reddit

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