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The dog of peace Anonymous 171328

I hate pitbulls.

Anonymous 171331

Truly the moids of dogs.

Anonymous 171333

I hate pitbull owners and their delusions even more

Anonymous 171571

agreed. they let their dogs get away with murder because "its not the dog its the owner' mentality. when its been shown time and tome again that pitbulls are violent animals with murder bred into them

Anonymous 171573


>I just hope the baby died quickly

Say what? SAY FUCKING WHAT? Am I being baited?

Anonymous 171575

sadly no. pitbull owners really think like this. They blame the victims constantly. Its always the victims never the animal and owners

Anonymous 171580

whoever made that comment should be fed to a starved pitbull

Anonymous 171587



I was raised in a neglectful household with a bunch of pitbulls. They'd fight constantly and would literally kill one another in the backyard, and maul neighbor's dogs when they escaped. I am just glad they never hurt myself or anyone else. At the time it seemed normal, but now I've realized owning these animals when you have children is a form of abuse.

Anonymous 173300

i live near a dog park and i'm always kinda shocked by the amount of pits/other aggressive breeds that i see there when i'm walking by. idk if i'm just paranoid but if i had a dog i'd never take them to a dog park, too many people nowadays who don't train their huge violent dogs appropriately and let them off-leash around poor little dogs who wouldn't be able to defend themselves.

Anonymous 173328

Do dog owners REALLY? They'll readily pity a bloodthirsty mutt instead of the child mauled to death??
I hate dogs but usually I am sympathetic about them being wild animals forced into domestication, but this is beyond retarded.
Imagine if we treated all murderers like this and just pitied all of them more than the victims themselves.
Dog owners are fucking freaks.

Anonymous 173379

Black people in the inner city and trailer parks own incredibly violent and aggressive dogs, I guess because deep down they see it ad a reflection of their own personalities.
>inb4 banned because only hating on white people is acceptable
In reality its just a social class thing, poor people in shitty areas like aggressive dogs because of needing protection, and they can't afford real security.

Anonymous 173399

Americans are retarded

Anonymous 173402

pure, concentrated mental illness. Whenever someone says "unpopular opinion", I already clench my teeth to prepare for the cringe

Anonymous 173415


This is true if you switch "white people" for moids. Notice how most moids don't like cats? They prefer dogs because they get off on controlling others. Cats can't be controlled. There is a reason why deviant women ("witches", "spinsters" etc.) have historically been associated with cats.

Anonymous 173419


Pitbull owners are the TRAs of animal husbandry, that much is known.

Anonymous 173448


you're not entirely wrong, but tbh i also don't like cats because i want a pet who reacts when i call their name at the very least. cats understand but they don't give a fuck (albeit the few ones with dog personalities). that's annoying whether you're a wannabe slave owner or not.

Anonymous 173467

>cats with dog personalities
Cats can't have dog personalities, a cat's personality is its personality, unless it was raised by dogs from birth. You mean a sociable cat? That's just most cats.

Anonymous 173490

Yeah I meant sociable cats. Never met one like that irl though.

Anonymous 173611

cats with dog personalities are RNG

Anonymous 173670


indeed. they're shinies

Anonymous 173690

In my experience siamese cats are the closest to having dog personalities.

Anonymous 173736


Anonymous 173737


Anonymous 173747

Did you guys know, if you ever run into a dog or shitbull mauling another animal or person, you can grab the hind legs, hold them up in the air, and they won't be able to attack as much? It's how you start breaking up a dog fight

The dog will have no way to pull and lunge because he'll have no control of his back legs.

Anonymous 173764

This is objectively false. My boyfriend had a pitbull (not his) maul another dog outside his apartment and he grabbed it by the hind legs to try and get it to stop. It absolutely did not care. He kicked it in the balls too as hard as he could. Thing only stopped when some dude threw a rope around its neck and two people pulled from each side as hard as they could crushing the windpipe.

Anonymous 173771

Pretty sure that's false. You can lift it up but it's mandible will still be attached to whatever it's trying to kill.

Only sure way to get a pitbull to stop attacking is to choke it out with a leash or other strong rope so it loses consciousness or dies. I've watched a lot of dog attack videos and I will never understand why people are so hesitant to harm an animal that's trying to kill someone.

Anonymous 173772

I hate dogs period

Anonymous 173773

Why do you need to project human social qualities to an animal kek

Anonymous 173775

The fear of getting close to a dog thats attacking something without a weapon is intense. I watched the pitbull attack I described above and honestly no one knew what to do. One man ran to grab a gun but the rope was used before he got back.

Anonymous 173777

You are lame.

Anonymous 173816

Neither am I. Sometimes i have flash visions of my cat or a person getting attacked by a shitbull. Dunno why. But it always ends with me fantasizing about jamming a knife in its carotid artery

Anonymous 173821

>implying basic social qualities are exclusive to humans
>"to an animal"
*To a pet.
If it's going to be part of my family, I personally want it to be social and responsive. Having expectations is fine and it's not an evil male thing, just saiyan.

Anonymous 173825

Holy shit they're so brave, based

Anonymous 173842

Anonymous 173892

I associate your average normalfag woman mostly with dogs.

Anonymous 173922

The only reliable ways to stop a pitbull that's locked on are to use a breakstick, choke it to death, or to shoot it in the head. That's it, and choking can be hard because their necks are so muscular. You can kick them, beat them, spray water on them, taze them, pull and lift all you like, it doesn't matter. They'll keep on going and holding on because it's what they're bred to do. You have to break the clamp of the jaws and keep them open. I have NO idea why muzzles, carrying breaksticks at all times, and pre-ownership training are not required for pittbulls and mixes. You NEED some way to open your dog's jaws if something goes wrong.

Anonymous 174147

perhaps stabbing them in the throat with a knife would suffice.

nonas, what the fuck should I do if I encounter a pit bull when out on a walk and the dog is not with an owner, not on a leash? just running around by itself and it begins to approach me?

Anonymous 174152

The one time it happened to me, I threw my hands up into the air to make myself look as large as possible while staring it in eyes and swaying back and forth. Which worked, but if you can carry mace, you should also absolutely do that. And not puny mace either, you want that stuff to have stopping power and to be a gel so the wind doesn't blow it back into your face.

Anonymous 174156

Stab it in the throat with a knife.

Anonymous 174190

I was about ready to do just that, always have my knife with me.

that is kind of what I did but was gesturing with my knife and yelling at it to "get." it worked although it was dark as fuck and unknown if it was a pit bull.


it was in a nice neighborhood I have been walking for months and this was the first time anything like that has happened. just my luck but I did actually get lucky.

thank you to all nonas with advice.

Anonymous 174191

and yes, I do carry pepper gel.

Anonymous 174200

They are still human social qualities.

Anonymous 174201

they dont flinch at that shit. id invest in something like halt spray which is formulated for dogs to be kept away.

Anonymous 174205

>halt spray
never heard of before, thank you.

Anonymous 174207

No, many non-human animals react to someone calling them.

Anonymous 174352

Christ, creasing at the spelling of that comment fucking 'proberly'

Anonymous 174360

Okay, dogs seem to be the only ones that want to fucking pin me down and lick me at even just accidental eye contact, though. Then when you push them off they just throw themselves back into you. Bred into actual retardation.

Anonymous 174505

Most accurate thing I've read all day. Sad.

Anonymous 174506

That means my cat hates me probably ;_;

Anonymous 174567

Look at the fool.p…

I cannot take the anti pitbull movement seriously for a number of reasons.
The first and foremost is that a lot of it started on reddit, which makes it the wrong position inherently.
The second is that a lot of the rhetoric sounds exactly like /pol/tard rhetoric, and given absolutely everything they believe is based on forged evidence (IE muh rich you know who are more violent than poor you know who, the fakest statistic ever spread around the internet) I see 0 reason to believe that a lot of it is fiction in this case too.
The third and most prominent one is that I can't find any arguments compelling that it's a problem of the dogs no matter how violent the breed, because dog owners as a whole, are just objectively getting dumber and more negligent.
When I was a kid you would find no shortage of well behaved animals running around leashless and coming back after maybe the 4th or 5th call if they were in a rowdy mood.
Now I see countless examples of barely sentient mongs treating their dogs like absolute shit, leaving them to pee on the floor in empty houses, letting them loose in the backyard alone when they're still puppies, and my new favorite, this one fat bitch who lives on my street who didn't even WALK her dog (which by the way, was a pitbull that never attacked anybody, it died of "cancer" supposedly), she just held it on a leash and let it walk around her lawn until it shat and went back inside. As a long time catlifer even I know how to own a dog better than most people who decide to.

Anonymous 174568

*I see 0 reason to believe that a lot of it isn't fiction in this case too.

Anonymous 174804

I hate Reddit too but it’s irresponsible to deny the damage the breed has done as whole to society with the deaths and maulings they’ve caused. When shelters are now almost no kill they label these pitbulls things like “lab mix” which can cause a lot of damage to people and shelters. When shelters will allow pitbulls that have bitten or killed people to be adopted out we have failed.

Anonymous 174812

>When shelters will allow pitbulls that have bitten or killed people to be adopted out we have failed.
Gonna need that one cited.

Anonymous 174817

If that's a hard concept for you to wrap your head around, I can't help you.

Anonymous 174830

Anonymous 174832

Anonymous 174833

Anonymous 174836

ah yes, classic ad hominem and anecdotal evidence

totally erases the shit-ton of studies meant to explain why cats are unresponsive

Anonymous 174844

how do i unread this
>20 people asking to adopt it
there is no god

Anonymous 174874

God. At least it's not a cat

Anonymous 174885

Agreed with all your reasons. I've also noticed a lot of brain-rotted moids and pickmes who post about wanting to beat and torture dogs in one breath, then go "O-Oh but only pitbulls uwu" the next when normal people say "wtf". They come off as disgusting and hateful. Pitbulls are just a convenient target. Too many psychopaths in that "community".

Anonymous 174890

>hey, cats are not entirely domesticated so it is reasonable to not want them as pets. to each their own though
>oh yeah ? well DOGS are retarded REEEEEE
lol. if cats make you so happy, why are you so disproportionately angry and insecure ? embarrassing

Anonymous 174894


I got curious about this case because it horrified me, here's some further reading for anons: https://www.imediaethics.org/pit-bull-molested-and-attacked-toddler/view-all/
We obviously can't know for sure what happened, but I think it sounds suspicious, and there's seemingly no follow-up on this case aside from the initial claims. I haven't heard of dogs naturally initiating sexual intercourse with humans (and with how long people have owned dogs, including irresponsible pitbull owners, you'd think we'd hear more about this sort of thing in the news), but I have heard of many, many cases of adults sexually abusing children, and either lying about it, or having an enabling partner lie for them. Also, pedophilia often "clusters" with zoophilia and other paraphilias, when it comes to sexual depravity.

Anonymous 174897

She's right tho

Anonymous 174900

idk she might be. she's sore and moves goalposts tho

Anonymous 174902

but there were witnesses. the neighbors helped the kid, i doubt they would lie about something like that.

Anonymous 174912

I think she's saying the dog wasn't acting alone and that one or both parents were abusing the child.

Anonymous 174921


I did some digging, there is one named witness, Daniel MacRae.
Pic related is from the comments on another article. No actual proof this claim is true (and almost all traces of this story seem to have been deleted), but would explain some things. Lockfort is known as a low-income area with violence and drug addicts. Daniel Macrae himself was charged for drug possession in 2007, the same year this story happened: https://www.lockportjournal.com/archives/blotter-police-reports-published-july-22/article_f39c438a-d7ef-56fe-83ce-9ac426c3d485.html
This same mother got in trouble with the police for child neglect/endangerment on different occasions. Her name is Shauniqua Rodriguez, and
the more I find on her, the shadier she seems.
She was also charged in an act of gang violence on a woman in 2015: http://www.eastniagarapost.com/2015/05/third-woman-charged-in-alleged-gang.html
Drunk driving in 2019: https://www.lockportjournal.com/news/crime/lockport-woman-gets-probation-for-drunk-driving/article_f507143e-c359-538d-ba48-4949af2a0e05.html
And here she is again in 2020, charged with wire fraud: https://www.justice.gov/usao-wdny/pr/lockport-woman-sentenced-wire-fraud-charge-her-role-debt-collection-scheme If the dog penetrated the child, especially naked, there would most likely be claw marks on his body, either from the act itself or the struggle in helping him. This is going to sound fucked, but the one exception is if somebody had put socks on the dog specifically to avoid markings (and I only know this is done because of the threads on KiwiFarms about zoosadist groups producing/selling bestiality porn and doing just that). Honestly, there's no doubt in my mind that there was abuse going on in that house, and the mother (and whoever else may have been involved) seem to have gotten off scott free. People are twisted.

Anonymous 175035

You're going off on a tangent. When I mentioned
>the shit-ton of studies meant to explain why cats are unresponsive
I meant cats' aloofness being the subject of so many studies shows that it is a well accepted fact. I did not ascertain anything about their methods and conclusions. Most cats are unresponsive because that's how they're wired and blaming people for an animal's innate behaviour is shitty.

Anonymous 175120

>"Getting your dogs to mate is not an easy thing," said a frustrated Wolf
My fucking sides.

That's good internet sleuthing. Thank you.

My personal opinion is that it could possibly happen, but I am deeply suspicious. I have seen dogs hump children while the child giggled because she didn't know what was going on, but that was a female dog asserting dominance. So say the boy doesn't know what's happening, he laughs as the dog humps him, but

Anonymous 175126

Shit, hit post before I was finished. Gonna clarify that my parents bred dogs and I've worked on the vet field so that it doesn't come off like I'm a furry.
So say the dog humps him and the kid doesn't know what's happening, so he doesn't immediately get away. He just thinks the dog is playing. Upon the first penetration, it would hurt and so the kid would immediately move/run. And breeding dogs don't have good aim, the kids was struggling at all, the dog wouldn't be able to continue to penetrate. Second, dogs don't knot at the first hump. I've seen it happen as quickly as a minute, but usually it takes two to five minutes of sex before they knot.
Even if the kid was naked, even if he didn't immediately stop the dog from humping, this story just doesn't add up like the parents are claiming.

Anonymous 175138

Ok so you posted a single relevant source that validates 50% of your claim, the other 50% being obvious exaggeration.
That's still 50% better than I expected but shut up, you're dumb.

Anonymous 176278

>a lot of it started on reddit, which makes it the wrong position inherently.
Even if this were true (people have hated shitbulls long before reddit), this isn't an argument. Already off to a pathetic start.
>a lot of the rhetoric sounds exactly like /pol/tard rhetoric, and given absolutely everything they believe is based on forged evidence
So what if it "sounds" like /pol/ rhetoric? Hate to break it to you, but a race of human beings and a dog BRED SPECIFICALLY TO MAIM AND KILL aren't the same thing. Maybe you're not so ~progressive~ for suggesting otherwise?
>I can't find any arguments compelling that it's a problem of the dogs no matter how violent the breed, because dog owners as a whole, are just objectively getting dumber and more negligent.
Uh-huh, just ignore the statistics that show pitbulls are overwhelmingly the most deadly and violent dog breed. If it's ~le owner, not the breed!!!~ then why don't abused golden retrievers and labs maul and kill people by the hundreds every year? It couldn't be that… you know… pitbulls were specifically bred for that purpose, right?

You're a dumbass with no valid arguments.

Anonymous 177400

>So what if it "sounds" like /pol/ rhetoric? Hate to break it to you, but a race of human beings
You could literally replace "[slurs]" with "pitbulls" in any /pol/tard platitude and you'll have word for word the rhetoric of the average pro-ban supporter.
OP literally started this thread calling pitbulls "the dog of peace"
>muh statistics
Because issues like this are more complicated and nuanced than "alarming initial number therefore, simple reactionary conclusion correct" but (again, exactly like poltards) the pro-ban crowd are anti-nuance. Pitbulls are also one of the dog breeds fastest increasing in popularity and there's a lot of reasons for that and those many reasons probably also play into why many of them fall into abandonment but that would just be dismissed or misrepresented by you.
>le owner, not the breed
Yeah, I see zero reason not to believe this still. You're a loser.

Anonymous 179259

Isn't this just an argument for more racism instead of less pitbull hate? Because I've seen unusual numbers of velvet hippos attack and maul compared to other dog breeds so no "you're being racist against dogs!" argument will ever convince me to not be wary around those poorly controlled murder machines.

Anonymous 179335

I was going to actually engage with your strawman but I'll instead just appreciate the fact that what you said perfectly encapsulates your acritical mindedness.

Anonymous 179379

It's good when you accept your limitations, it's a sign of self growth nona.

Anonymous 179502


Shitbulls and Rotts are one of the reasons I still have a lingering fear of dogs. The country I come from has a notorious problem with homeless dogs that will sometimes even attack people because of how hungry they get. I almost got attacked by one there one winter and that gave me a fear of dogs for the longest time. I like cute breeds now but don't want to get anywhere near breeds like this.

Anonymous 179505

Both of my cats come when called, or did, the older one usually sits and meows now since she has dementia.

Anonymous 179994

I wish there wasn't such a push to have pitbulss adopted. That focus should be going towards cats, there's plenty of kitties that are old and sad and just need a home and somebody to love them. Cats are infinitely easier to take care of than dogs, there should be more emphasis put on cat adoption instead of this awful dog breed.

Anonymous 180600

the dog vs cat argument is fucking stupid. Even the most destructive cat can't cause as much damage as the least destructive dog. Cat piss can really fuck your carpet up but that's it.

the anon defending pitbulls is hilarious. you're more than welcome to your wrong opinion, i'll keep having a whole face and happy home because i don't have a genetically defeated monster running around in it trying to chew through my walls.

Anonymous 181504


Anonymous 181537

Ownership of dangerous breeds should only be allowed to police officers for work purposes

Anonymous 183667

shitbulls btfo.web…

I unironically would genocide every shitbull on the planet if I could. They are genuine fucking monsters.

Anonymous 183668

Didn't know I needed that

Anonymous 183671

You don't even know if the dogs were trying to attack him, their tails are wagging. Most pits are friendly unless they have shitty ghetto owners who abuse them, just like any other dog. They're just super high energy.

Anonymous 183674

it's pretty obvious he's standing on the damn car for a reason. A pack of unrestrained dogs? Whose going to take a chance with that????

Anonymous 183679

Isn't there any responsibility on the dog owners when their dog assaults a person? Could they be charged with assault or negligence atleast?

Anonymous 183713

>Most pits are friendly unless they have shitty ghetto owners
This is not true at all. Look, just admit in the same way that border collies were bred to herd and german shepherds were bred to guard, pitbulls were bred to fight and maim. I don't care the chihuahuas bite more people per year, I care that if I get attacked by two chihuahuas, one kick will send the flying while if I get attacked by two pitbulls, I stand a real chance of dying.

Anonymous 183729

>Most pits are friendly
50.001% would be "most"
>Most pits are friendly unless they have shitty ghetto owners who abuse them
So not even the original goofy point holds up, because you have just described a huge proportion of pit bulls, and there are even more who currently have decent owners but still have issues from their past.

Anonymous 183730

Unless they did it on purpose, it's usually just going to be a civil case, you can sue for damages.

Anonymous 183799


I don't even care about bite statistics and the maulings. I just can't stand how hideous they are, and how many people try to convince me they're not. They're revolting, malformed mistakes that people adopt because they effectively give them away at shelters because nobody wants them.

Anonymous 183806

is this bait? tail wagging doesn't mean they're friendly. they were literally leaping at him. and no dogs should be roaming the streets in packs at all.

Anonymous 183814

Love this art style. What's the source?

Anonymous 183831

Innocent or Innocent Rouge. It's a manga and it's pretty good, I loved Innocent Rouge.

Anonymous 184012


The same author has a new manga out now called #DRCL. It's an adaptation of Dracula. Some of the character choices are a bit odd, but the artwork is nice.

Anonymous 184036

>their tails are wagging
My friend, have you never seen canines hunt? Tails tend to wag because they're eager. Canine tails are expressive and there are many different wags for different situations.

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