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sake gf.jpg

Anonymous 172748

Does anyone here enjoy sake? I do enjoy it but i only drink it on a regular basis.

Anonymous 172750

I hate alcohol, all alcoholic beverages are shit

Anonymous 172752

Anonymous 172766

I really like the cloudy nigori sake and some other ones they serve at sushi places which is when I usually drink it.

Anonymous 172773

Sake is one of my least favorite drinks

Anonymous 172803

why does picrel look so unhappy kek

Anonymous 172804

i like sake, but i love red and white wine more. sake doesn't taste as good to me

Anonymous 173227

I like soju, and fruity soju mixed drinks at kbbq places

Anonymous 173262

sake with a bit of lemon juice is really good, i don't love plain sake but citrus goes well with it imo… cloudy sake is quite nice, i like the hakutsuru sayuri junmai nigori type (but mostly bc it has a pretty pink bottle lol)

Anonymous 173310

I like sake and have only drank it plain, I’ve never thought to try it w citrus and will definitely try that next time i have it

Anonymous 173423

fruity sojus are too fucking good. apple is probably my fave rn.

Anonymous 173427

we had lychee at the kbbq chain Gen KBBQ, its worth the price. I thought I would hate it, but it was amazing with the hot oily meats and sauce. My only problem is that their rice tastes bad, is hard, and obviously very cheap.

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