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Anonymous 172833

Hi Nonas, theres an empty hoarders house hidden on my street thats untouched. I suspect the owner doed in the house. All the doors are locked tops on how to get in without smashing windows?

Anonymous 172836

either a window or the doors, if theyre all locked you have to break in

Anonymous 172837


Im currently attempting to unscrew the locks. U got the handle off but my screw driver i bought with me is too big to get the actual lock part off. The mesh on the door peels like orange skin so i can reach the inside part of the lock. If only the bars weren't in the way.. :(

Anonymous 172838


In the mean time ill post funny little trinkets I've found just outside

Anonymous 172839

you cant just reach in an unlock from the inside?

Anonymous 172840

Theres no latch or anything to unlock it with. Only a keyhole

Anonymous 172841

Think I might have to trek back home and grab my smaller screwdriver set <\3 I'll be back shortly

Anonymous 172845

Why are you trying to get in?

Anonymous 172847

For the thrill

Anonymous 172848

Doesn't seem like a great idea to leave your fingerprints/dna all over somewhere where someone might be dead.

Anonymous 172849

it's probably already occupied by drug addicts. be careful, nona. but if you do get in, do post pics here.

Anonymous 172850

I would've noticed by now, I've been scoping out this house for at least a month now and there 0 signs of life, and everything is in immaculately dusty conditions. My neighbour hood isn't one for drug houses anyway

Anonymous 172852

its pretty easy to distinguish a murder from a natural death, besides OP would be nearly impossible to convict in she got a state lawyer

Anonymous 172854

Heading home for tonight babes, ill upload the pics of all the junk she has outside the house. Did not get inside yet. Ill try again when the sun is up. Might have to resort to smashing a window

Anonymous 172855


Anonymous 172856

O_o i hope no horror-movie tier stuff happens to you

Anonymous 172857


this is through the door where ive cut open the mesh

Anonymous 172858


Anonymous 172859


heres a sneak peak of what the bathroom looks like, i cant get any clear photos through the windows

Anonymous 172860

be careful when wandering around. i've heard tales of methheads or crackheads or some other heads setting up lethal traps. you trip one of those off, and a rusty knife comes flying right out of the wall or roof.

Anonymous 172861

Anonymous 172863

i can guarantee that there are no druggies in the house. it's literally less than a minute walk from where i live. if there was a drug house down my road, I would know about it by now. this old woman has most likely died in her house and has been forgotten about and left to collect dust

Anonymous 172864


not a single thing has been touched inside. if it were a drug house it would be cleared out, more rundown and trashed. not even a single ash tray on the veranda. its truly empty

Anonymous 172865

can you smell anything? how long has the house seemed like this?

Anonymous 172866

>>172865 the air smells stale and incredibly dusty. I've trying to get in through the lower level which seems to just be storage and old gardening equipment.
I've suspected that the house has been empty as early as maybe march this year? i used to see the old woman walk around the neighbourhood every so often and then i just stopped seeing her. so it's definitely been like this for a while

Anonymous 172867

hope you don't get chilled by a ghost :O

Anonymous 172868

Oddly pretty.

Anonymous 172870


kitchen :0 thats all for tonight, i gotta sleep
ill report back soon :3

Anonymous 172871

whatever food is left in the kitchen is going to be naaaaasstyyyyyyy

Anonymous 172872

lots of stickers on that fridge. i wonder what they are.

Anonymous 172873

Do you see any cool vintage items in there like records? That is the first thing you should peep

Anonymous 172879

Cute porcelain cat, some owls, little jugs, just seems like kitsch stuff though. Little knick-knacks.

Anonymous 172880

the little porcelain cat is adorable! it probably smells so bad in there though with all that old food…

Anonymous 172887

how exciting, kinda doubt there is anyone dead in there though.
instead of unscrewing the lock(which i doubt will work anyway) you may be able to use something thin like a card or butterknife from the inside to open it, unless it's an actual bolt. also is there a second bigger door there or was it just that screen door? weird that the other one wouldn't be closed too.

Anonymous 172893

As long as it's closed you won't be able to remove this type of lock. You can try to unscrew the strike plate (the metal thingy in the frame) from inside. If you are lucky, that frees the bolt from the frame, letting you open the door.

Anonymous 172897

show these owl thingys

Anonymous 172908


Good morning b, I don't think I'll be able to make it to the house today im seeing friends
Theres 3 doors to the house, all of which have screen doors. 2 of them are around the back of the house which are the ones in trying to open, because there's no secondary door to open - the front door has a screen door and then an actual wooden door which seems like more of a hassle

I'll give this a go, i think its my last attempt at the door though. Im ginna resort to smashing a window unless there's more tips

I've noticed quite a few little owls about the place, I'll start keeping count lol. The whole place feels like a page out of an eye spy book

If anyone wants a closer look at anything lmk I'll take more pics >:)

Anonymous 172911

>i spy book
I thought the same exact thing. What's the integrity of the wooden door like? Maybe you can like, kick it open or chop your way through it with an axe

Anonymous 172912

>>172911 I could tell if i could reach it, its behind the same mesh door as the one im trying to open

Anonymous 172913

Best thread. Thanks OP, I look forward to more exploring and pictures.

Anonymous 172919

>I don't think I'll be able to make it to the house today im seeing friends
my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

Anonymous 172925

You can explore my backdoor instead >:)))

Anonymous 172930

I'll be going back tonight, but I also have work tomorrow morning and a Halloween party after, so there won't be much content im sorry all :(

Anonymous 172931

Please bring a friend with you for safety.

Anonymous 172935

I've been vlogging practically the whole thing to my friends groupchat, if anything happens they'll know

Anonymous 173031

keeping my fingers crossed for urban exploration-sama

Anonymous 173106

Come back!!!!

Anonymous 173127

This hand looks male

Anonymous 173136

i dont see it

Anonymous 173163

Op here, I had work today and have a party tonight.. I'll return to the house and share updates the moment I have some hours to myself

Anonymous 173236


Anonymous 173261


based, please don't let this die OP this is could very well be a legendary thread

Anonymous 173273

>t. never had a garden

Anonymous 173274

you don't have to bump threads, they don't die here

Anonymous 173319

op was literally digging through dusty stuff and trying to open a dirty old door…

Anonymous 173320


Anonymous 173357

Op here!!! Any bright ideas on how to get in? I will just smash a window tonight if there's no other solution, im getting impatient. Making some toast and ill head out.. also today's my birthday <3

Anonymous 173358

place your bets, is there a decomposed body inside or not

Anonymous 173359

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i have no idea how you could get in, if you smash a window, please dont cut yourself. are you afraid of getting in trouble at all?
i doubt it, will you post a picture if there is?

Anonymous 173362


Does my hand really look masculine? :(
>>173359 100% posting the dead body if there is one
>>173320 no, I am an ausfag tho
>>173261 doing this just for you <3

Anonymous 173364

Had a bad gut feelin, something felt off nonas. Better safe than sorry. Ill return another day

Anonymous 173367

alrighty nona, please be safe

Anonymous 173368

I think they’re feminine

Anonymous 173369

no they dont look masculine
damn, you got my hopes up, i was really looking forward to this. oh well, if you're scared i wont insist.

Anonymous 173370

>>173369 I'll go back during the day, unfortunately I work 6 days a week so it won't be for a while

Anonymous 173376

There are loads of tools for the taking/using to get into the house

Anonymous 173381

For when you do go, you can use a flat screwdriver or something like an axe to pry open the door at the spot where the deadbolt goes into the doorframe, if you can bend the frame enough. And just in general wiggling tapered edges into cracks, then applying leverage can pop open many doors/covers

Anonymous 173461

>something felt off
listen to that feeling and follow/obey it.

Anonymous 173477

did you get a bad feeling in the house or just in general? can you explain more nona?

Anonymous 173578

Tf you on if you think that hand looks male?

Anonymous 173628

all the schizo posters flooding the thread because op felt something was off

Anonymous 173646

My crystals were vibrating too OP

Anonymous 173654

to be honest, if you aren't worried about all the ghost activity (orbs) in the photos, then you haven't read the literature.

Anonymous 173657

Thats dust. Shes in a very dusty house

Anonymous 173921

waiting for OP to deliver updates, hope she wasn't killed by a ghost after sensing wierd energy last time

Anonymous 173924

I'd rather it be a youtube ghost than tetanus. The mystery mesh also makes me wonder if the tenant had pets or if it was to discourage rats. Really hope OP doesn't get in trouble or injured.

Anonymous 177511

rest in peace op

Anonymous 177526


My bet she ded

Anonymous 181317

Was she larping this whole time? Or did she chicken out? Please nona, we need answers. I will not judge (though I will cajole), we just want updates.

Anonymous 181320

i don't want to believe it because op seemed cool, but i have suspected a larp from the moment she said she had a bad feeling and was going to come back later. i know i don't know her, but it seemed out of character from someone who even had an idea to do something like that in the first place, know what i mean?

Anonymous 181322

Exactly. Unfortunately, that was my suspicion too since she kept making excuses on why she couldn't go again. But god knows that I've started to journal something, gotten bored halfway through and then abandoned the project.

Anonymous 181328

it's a real bummer because i am into people exploring abandoned stuff and this thread was the most excited i had been in a long time about anything (sad i know), if there were any cool places around here to explore i would make a thread to compensate for OPs big letdown, but no such places exist where i live.

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