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Anonymous 175404

I heard there's microplastics in embryos and newborns and allegedly more microplastics in baby poop than adult poop. What does this mean? Is it going to hurt the development of all babies now more than all of us living who have microplastics in us? Like are their brains and organs and blood developing with tiny bits of plastic already inside? And if so what do you think will happen to them? Are they born already sick?

Anonymous 175408

They're all going to be retarded midgets, planets fucked, we are all doomed. I blame men.

Anonymous 175412

People will live longer because you will be made of part plastic which ages slower than skin

Anonymous 175414

Do you really think so? I can't imagine how this can be fixed or how we can filter microplastics that are already in us that grow inside a developing fetus. I thought maybe it could be a reason why there are so many people with autoimmune diseases that have no known explanation. Are we all going to die before we figure out how to fix it

Oh, stop! Very funny haha

Anonymous 177272

one positive is that plastics block testosterone in scrotes

Anonymous 177284

but can you regenerate that like actual skin?

Anonymous 177285

this im very glad about all the microplastic estrogen, men will have prettier faces and be less horny and violent. rolling for asexual bf completely submitted to me

Anonymous 177356

low test is correlate to moodiness and aggression, ironically

Anonymous 177357

coke produces 1.3b bottles a day. but meat eaters are the problem lol

Anonymous 177675

What people don't get is there are tons of sides where the pollution comes from, but people like to point fingers and it's not easy to realize that majority of corporations don't really give a shit about fixing the problem and that recycling doesn't really fix anyhting in the end.

Anonymous 177676

We could figure out how to fix it the problem is that the most powerful people in the world don't give a shit. i mean we are closer to a nuclear war than we were ever before besides maybe the cold war?

Anonymous 177677

People tend to forget that hormonal differences aren't the only thing that makes men and women different, it's also the chromosomes
That means hormonal imbalance such as too much T or too little of it leads to bad outcomes in men either way.
Men will remain pathetic aggressive woman hating coomers and incels but now they also can't procreate
Also, it won't give them prettier faces, they'll prob just get more skinny fat/flabby and have more baby cheeks and underchin fat and idk how can you find that attractive

Anonymous 177678

Samefag, forgot to mention that why they can't or won't be able to procreate is because they're becoming less and less fertile every decade due to changes in water and atmosphere, etc. I'm not sure how it affects women, besides that we reach puberty earlier now

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