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Lolcow Bunker Thread 2.0- Be Nice Anonymous 175862

Facts of the matter-
>>we don't know whats going on
>>we wish for the best
>>we are happy you let us here

Anonymous 175864

NTA but while you're free to sperg, other people are free to call him ugly and annoying too kek

Anonymous 175866

already the thread has been SOILED!!!!

Anonymous 175867

hate ai but must admit threadpic is based

Anonymous 175868

Thirsting for her piss? I don't get it.

Anonymous 175869


it still boggles my mind that it all started here

Anonymous 175870

telling LC users to be nice is the same as telling a scorpio to not sting

Anonymous 175871

A scorpio

Anonymous 175872

The merge works in mysterious ways

Anonymous 175873

elaine and josh fags go make containment threads for yourselves this is not the appropriate avenue

Anonymous 175874

ayrt speaking of freedom

I wanna glide down over Mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
I'm gonna free fall out into nothin'
Gonna leave this world for a while

Now I'm free, free fallin'
(Free fallin', I'm-a free fallin', I'm-a
Free fallin', I'm-a free fallin', I'm-a)
Yeah I'm free, free fallin'
(Free fallin', I'm-a free fallin', I'm-a
Free fallin', I'm-a free fallin', I'm-a)

this song plays in my head when i go on my valiant crusade to defend women who want sexo with undesirable men on the internet

Anonymous 175876


> stinger

Anonymous 175877

So we agree that men are the bane of all problems

Anonymous 175878

Excuse me but what's up with LCF? Something specific or just a networking boo-boo that will be sorted when admin has the time?

Anonymous 175879

uh, I'm "drake"truther/josh poster and i made the thread, but don't plan on talking about either of them in it. Sorry if I'm annoying, plus it's not just me, there's a few fat boy likers in here.

Anonymous 175880

no one knows. admin never communicates anything

Anonymous 175881

Latter I 98% believe

Anonymous 175882

Bane of all problems means that problems are fought by men so no. Nta

Anonymous 175883

i think all of us can agree, even the so called 'r9k pickme nlogs' from the other thread

Anonymous 175884

We don't know, we wish for the best

Anonymous 175885

idk how to say things in english such a lame language <<<french

Anonymous 175886

Sorry I’m a retard (clearly)

Anonymous 175887

Site's up and readable but gives a cloudflare error when you try to post. Who knows the details why.

Anonymous 175888

see OP where it says
> we don't know
but it looks like a database thing if I had to guess with no other evidence, it's not a network thing per se because the site can still be accessed, we just can't post

Anonymous 175889

(posted this in the old thread cuz I'm retarded) are we allowed to post in lieu of /ot/ threads here or do we have to stick to bitching about internal lc drama

Anonymous 175890

It’s okay nonita, sorry was just teasing you

Anonymous 175891

i wonder if admin is watching us right now

Anonymous 175892

im treating it as one big group chat for farmers and whatever miners wanna chime in

Anonymous 175893

do what you feel anon

Anonymous 175894


Anonymous 175895

just stop announcing yourself and at least try to blend into the anonymous format

Anonymous 175896

okay will do

Anonymous 175897

french speakers sound like goats with globs of jelly stuck in their throats

Anonymous 175900

Tbh lc and cc have been called cool 4chan adjacent sites for nlogs by girls on tiktok or twitter, which again is depressing as fuck

Anonymous 175901

thats quebecois (nta)

Anonymous 175902

>there's a few fat boy likers in here
I refuse to believe that

Anonymous 175904

i hate day light saving, my body doesn't know what to do

Anonymous 175905


God, I was so slow the thread reached its limit before I could reply, I'm so sorry Dedede-chan, but if you are still reading. I really enjoyed talking with you in LC and your posts and art were cute. Good luck in your way, I wish I could talk to you more often.

Anonymous 175906


me and the mean anon from last thread

Anonymous 175909

nope, just love tom petty KEK.

Anonymous 175910

nahh, some days ago a moid made a thread on LC and some nonas was giving him all the attention he wanted instead of reporting the thread and ignore him

Anonymous 175912

I would but I’m lazy rn. I’ve seen it before. I’m not saying the site is that but I’ve seen some offsite retards call the sites those things

Anonymous 175914

if i met a cute french girl i would give her several firm whacks on the back to dislodge the goo

Anonymous 175916

this photo makes me crave taiyaki

Anonymous 175917

based taste anon

Anonymous 175918

she bullied me so hard bc she is tsundere

Anonymous 175919

im sorry if a french sweetheart broke your heart……

Anonymous 175921

i dated a french girl and she kept threatening to commit suicide on me

Anonymous 175923

no you :-)

Anonymous 175924

kek ily anon

Anonymous 175925

he gets a phrase stuck in his pathetic moidbrain and it keeps surfacing for months

Anonymous 175926

DAE think about becoming a speedrunner for an unpopular game to place high on the leaderboard? The current world record for Star Wars Shadows of the Empire is held by some guy who sounds like a whiny tranny and it pisses me off because I've been autistically replaying that game since I was five and that world record should be mine.

Anonymous 175927

which one kek theres so many

Anonymous 175928

bully-chan is the one for me

Anonymous 175929

It's literally just the tranny having some discord vendetta with her.

Anonymous 175930

a story always has two sides..

Anonymous 175931

it's hard living with so much goo in your thought. Chronic illnesses are hard.

Anonymous 175933

can't believe you would insult françoise hardy like this :(

(translation of song:

All the boys and girls my age
Walk down the street in pairs
All the boys and girls my age
Know well what it means to be happy
Eyes in eyes, and hand in hand

They fall in love without fear of tomorrow
Yes, but I, I walk the streets alone, the lost soul
Yes, but I, I am alone, because nobody loves me

My days are like my nights
In all respects
No joy and such trouble
Nobody whispers "I love you" in my ear

All the boys and girls my age
Make projects for the future
All the boys and girls my age
Know very well what love means
Eyes in eyes, and hand in hand

They fall in love without fear of tomorrow
Yes, but I, I walk the streets alone, the lost soul
Yes, but I, I am alone, because nobody loves me

My days are like my nights
In all respects
No joy and such trouble
Oh, when will the sun shine for me?

Like the boys and girls my age
Will I soon know what love is?
Like the boys and girls my age
I wonder when the day comes

Or the eyes in eyes, hand in hand
I will have the happy heart without fear of tomorrow30

The day that I will no longer be a lost soul
They day that I, too, will get someone who loves me

Anonymous 175934

do it anon so i can watch a 3 hour summoning salt video about you while i chew off all the skin on my knuckles

Anonymous 175935



Anonymous 175937


Anonymous 175938


Anonymous 175939

can we get a femcel song chain going KEK. I volunteer:

>At Seventeen, by Janis Ian

Anonymous 175940

i feel like there's only three people on this thread: the guy thats spamming joshua, the french one and the bully one. tag yourself

Anonymous 175941

Im the redditor

Anonymous 175943

i'm Joshua (yes I'm him ladies calm down)

Anonymous 175944

a different error message is actually probably a good sign, means admin is doing things maybe

Anonymous 175945

drakechan ur man is here itt tonight with us

Anonymous 175947

elaine anon here ama

Anonymous 175948

What did u eat for dinner today

Anonymous 175949

why you gay? im asking.

Anonymous 175951

guys so are this "Joshua" in the room with us right now?

Anonymous 175952

Are u a back scratcher

Anonymous 175953

When will you 41%?

Anonymous 175954

Anonymous 175956

yes because the French aren’t real…. duh

Anonymous 175958


Anonymous 175959

any post that has at least one grammatical error is me

Anonymous 175960

wat kind

Anonymous 175961


Hey girl can I sneed you

Anonymous 175962

you are right nona now please take your meds and go back to bed

Anonymous 175964


Anonymous 175965

I hate seeing this gif get this musk melon away from me

Anonymous 175966

Josh looks like if Creepshow Art went FtM in her late teens

Anonymous 175968


Anonymous 175969

he looks like a leftover alfredo pasta

Anonymous 175972

ion know about all dat man……. all i know is that he gets shitted on by pigeons.

Anonymous 175974

download (3).jpg

im eating this but home made. Got a snicker and I put some peanut butter over the top of it. Tastes good

Anonymous 175975

okay well here's an exercise: how do you feel about lolcow being down?

Anonymous 175979

Yes. I’m sure someone can find the screenshot with the red text ban, it says “crap chan aka paki chan”

Anonymous 175980

I was accused of being (c)rapper chan because my opinion and it legit made me mad for 2 mintues

Anonymous 175981

i hate this girl there was one time i posted on the vent thread that all boys in my country are ugly and everybody started calling me pakichan

Anonymous 175982

can someone explain Paki chan's lore? Who the fuck is she?

Anonymous 175983

yeah i've been accused of being (c)rap-chan before, it's annoying but it can't be helped, she has transcended human form and become a concept.

Anonymous 175985


I’ve been going through lolcow withdrawal all day nonas. i need my shayna lizzo concert updates. kiwifarms threads just aren’t the same

Anonymous 175986



Anonymous 175987

I only remember Romanianon and she also popped up again in the vent thread. I think she was also asking to sell her nudes online or something again too

Anonymous 175988

my guess is as good as any but I have a hunch she might be from Pakistan…

Anonymous 175990

Tysm for this

Anonymous 175992

Also does anyone think romanianon and stalkerchan are the same

Anonymous 175993

I can't hate Paki-chan exactly because I relate to her hate for her countrymen

Anonymous 175995

Anonymous 175996

kek is that supposed to be 2x

Anonymous 175997

She shows up whenever 1st world anons complain about misogyny in their countries to tell everyone how much worse she has it. I also remember her posting pictures of her relatives and giving out way too much personal information.

Anonymous 175998

She has to save Elsie from jersh

Anonymous 175999

idk i just remember that there was a time she was posting things about pakistan violence statistics on the positivity thread because of some infighting something like that she is weird asf

Anonymous 176001

romanianon just walked in and collected the 1.4M get in the vent thread like a stacey

Anonymous 176002

ok now that we're tinfoiling, who has any schizo theories for the site being down?

Anonymous 176003


I know you'd like to think your shit don't stank, but
Lean a little bit closer, see
Roses really smell like poo-poo-ooh
Yeah, roses really smell like poo-poo-ooh

Anonymous 176004

is she also subhumananon or was that a moid i forget

Anonymous 176005

admin spent her server monies on robux to make her robloxian look cool

Anonymous 176006

schrodinger's blaine

Anonymous 176007

Romanianon sounds like those incels that do a shooting massacre and makes the government take lc down

Anonymous 176008

since it's still accessible but you can't add to it, i'm going with something really dumb like being out of disk space

Anonymous 176009

awwww man

Anonymous 176012

Who or what is subhumananon? This one is new for me

Anonymous 176013

>site's down right before christmas
> readable but not able to post
> Walmart is out of ink
She's printing everything out to sell Lolcow.farm books. Froze the site

Anonymous 176014

no i think she was just a whore that kept passing out in public bathrooms fwir

Anonymous 176015

I think thats (c)rapperchan kek.

Anonymous 176016

Anonymous 176017

ayrt, good theory, but i think it is far more plausible that the fbi has haxxed the mainframe and is using lc to catch all remaining members of Al-Qaeda.

Anonymous 176018

admin fell for the overnight oats being whispered into her ear by shaytaan

Anonymous 176019

right but (c)rapper chan was confirmed to be pakianon!>>175979

Anonymous 176020

if you look at the first page of every section of the site, it the first letters of every thread spells something

Anonymous 176021

that anon getting so mad about this had me dying ty for reminding me

Anonymous 176022



Anonymous 176024


Anonymous 176027

you cant just say that and leave, please explain what you mean

Anonymous 176028

the one who kept complaining about dorkin and jews and how certain types of people shouldn't breed or some shit like that

Anonymous 176029



Anonymous 176030

Please help, why did Jerma appear to me in my dream? We had sex. I don’t even like Jerma. I still don’t know what this means

Anonymous 176033


>be me
>drop a riddle
>disappear from the internet forever

Anonymous 176035

nahhh jerma is so cute i wish he was real

Anonymous 176036

The Danofags are here too?!?!

Anonymous 176037

Anonymous 176038

Do you watch a lot of his content? Especially before bed? I call them "Sleep Lovers", I've had many. If I binge watch certain content, I almost always end up having dreams about sleeping with them. Sometimes, it's fucked up because I actually start developing weird one-sided crushes all because of a "Sleep Lover". If you don't watch his content or like him, then maybe it's a sign you need to give his content a try

Anonymous 176040

This Dano fellow looks like a swollen faced review brah, really don't like him

Anonymous 176041

Huh, I’ve tried getting into some of his videos but they didn’t appeal to me much. Nor have I binged them. It was such a vivid dream too, and he was all sweaty and shirtless. It was so strange

Anonymous 176042

That explain the dream i had after watching the minions movie

Anonymous 176043

i don't believe you. That doesn't come from anywhere, were you exposed to Jerma anytime in the last 24/48 hours?

Anonymous 176045


riddle me this

Anonymous 176046

please elaborate

Anonymous 176047


Any vegeterian recpies you like? idk what to cook for dinner tomorrow.

Anonymous 176048

KEKK omg maybe??? Like maybe he appeared while I was scrolling on my feed and that just seeped into my subconscious. I was also getting my period a couple days ago so maybe that did something Jerma isn’t my type at all, I’m just so dumbfounded at this dream haha

Anonymous 176049

feel like admin purposely froze the site to fuck with me, every thread front page on snow are threads I HATE and don't read.

Anonymous 176050

i wish this worked for me i watch this japanese fisherman youtuber before bed and i never get to fuck him in my dreams

Anonymous 176052

Ayrt, this made me laugh at how absurd it is

Anonymous 176053

If I elabore this dream you would go three days without sleep

Anonymous 176054

>The Fondler

I kek'd

Anonymous 176055

i don't like your gif so i will not be sharing my vegetarian taco recipe with you

Anonymous 176057

too bad , it's a good anime. your decision though!
reminds me how i discovered this solo-travelling korean youtube channel where a woman travels alone and sometimes some stray kittnes would show up.

Anonymous 176058


I'm following this thread for the last 30 minutes and yall are so funny! Who would have thought that trannies are so humorous? I feel bad for judging CC before.

Anonymous 176059


Anonymous 176060

That generic looking moe shit? I highly doubt

Anonymous 176064

download (4).jpg

And I quit. I give up.
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
it seems.

And being alone
is the best way to be.
When I'm by myself it's
the best way to be.
When I'm all alone it's
the best way to be.
When I'm by myself
nobody else can say goodbye.

Everything is temporary anyway.

Anonymous 176066

Probably a moid. I remember an anon basically dissected her and she was basically lost for words and couldn't explain shit or had blank explanations. First she claimed she was broke and disabled, but only had internet "through a cheap plan paid for by parents" then ignored it when someone pointed out she replied mysteriously fast to someone who supposedly had shit internet and that moids paid her what would be minimum wage and that literally no other job was possible for her, then an anon pointed out she has mysteriously good English and somehow was able to keep up with the hype words of imageboards, somehow she played mental gymnastics as to why she wouldn't even be able to work at even a call center or data entry because "she is too disabled to" but can magically sperg on imageboards in perfect English all day. She then claimed she's all by herself but doesn't have legs (which makes no sense because that's not livable) and then claimed her dad worked in America and made the same amount of money as he would in Romania. The whole situation was bizarre. Idk how anyone believes it, it just sounds like some Andrew tate moids trying to silence women

Anonymous 176068

nta but i think its yuru camp. imo it was quite boring but i have scrote tier shonen taste in anime so there's that.

Anonymous 176070

Pickmes can have female friends and hang out in female spaces. Just a year or so ago anons on here would fight at each other's throat over if men exclusively preferred macromastia tier tits or most men had varying preferences, in fact I'd probably say a good chunk of discussions here were all about what men liked

Anonymous 176071

so the final theory is that romanianon, pakichan and subhumananon is the same moid and that he is responsible for lc going down?

Anonymous 176072

I think youtube once suggested me a video from it, some girls on a trip somewhere and there was an American couple speaking loudly in English, their dialogue was so retarded I wondered if it was intentional. But might be mistaking it for another moe blob shoe.

Anonymous 176073

yeah that's what I saw too and still see sometimes and i have no patience for it. On LC you'd get rightly shat all over for acting like such a desperate loser so i cannot tolerate watching the anons on here act like cringey insecure 15 year olds

Anonymous 176074

and somehow "too poor to afford a banana" kek

Anonymous 176076

KEK what

Anonymous 176077

Don't you dare call Paki-chan a moid, she might have her flaws but her hate for men (from her country) is genuine.

Anonymous 176078

and also anorectalviolencekun

Anonymous 176080

Aw, you got to have sex, all I got was a hug. Though he did come to my rescue when I was stuck on top of a building and yelled 'Help Me Jerma'.

I'm still wtf at my subconcious for thinking of that instead of any of my husbandos who are actually strong and would've been more helpful.

Anonymous 176081

i hate her because if anyone posts that they hate their country everyone starts to think is her again. I have my RIGHT to hate my country

Anonymous 176082


Happy birthday fellow based Scorpio

Anonymous 176083

happy b day

Anonymous 176084


Anonymous 176086

ohhh mean anon is that you? kiss

Anonymous 176091

That's not what I said at all. I just pointed out Romanian anon at least has got to be a moid troll. If not they're probably just some cam whore jumping through hoops to justify what they do since lolcow anons can be passionate about hating any sort of sex workers like anons mocking that one anon who stripped to pay her sisters medical bills

Anonymous 176097

Same. I hope it's in the past though and the troons/porn addicted teens just left or got tired of baiting. Reminds me of those screenshots on /fit/ in man hating threads of men basically seeing women as walking boob sizes and would get off on the idea of cheating on small breasted women with bigger boobs and manipulated her into literal insanity until she took tons of boob enhancement pills daily. If you're a woman, and you aren't completely trash tier you'll easily find multiple men who will happily find you attractive and you fit the preferences for. Idk why some anons want to convince women so bad men will exclusively have eyes for the porn body type and nothing else

Anonymous 176101

lolcow anons are right tf? you say it as if stripping is the only way a woman can gain money lol

Anonymous 176103

>If you're a woman, and you aren't completely trash tier you'll easily find multiple men who will happily find you attractive
Damn, i feel bad now

Anonymous 176104

Ty anons #<3

Anonymous 176105

me too KEK

Anonymous 176107


It’s just such easy money. I stripped so I could afford to give my father a funeral after I fucked up makjng oven fries for him and burned down his house killing me and him

Anonymous 176112

ahh i didnt expected being judged for wanting a slavbf

Anonymous 176113

Thank you anon it's beautiful. I hope so too!!

Anonymous 176114

>getting offended on behalf of moe trash

Anonymous 176120


Nony on my mind
N-N-Nony on my mind

Anonymous 176121

KEKK. they may seem like they are taking a poo for you, but for me one of them are my soulmate. if someday i become president i will force all men to have a buzzcut hair and wear adidas clothes

Anonymous 176122


I spent 7/8 hours on one homework again. And most of it was from the wrong book so I had to restart everything. And I'm still not finished because the sections are not moving where they should on the grid even though it looks typed right. It's gonna be a single missing semicolon or curly bracket again I just know it

Anonymous 176125


Nona can I immigrate to your country? I like slav men too, so silly in the little matching suits. Just absolutely want to play leapfrog over a bunch of them all lined up squatting.

Anonymous 176126


I thought my ban was still in effect, good to know it's not just me

Anonymous 176127


thats sad but its funny to imagine how you explained this squatting-weed ritual to the doctor
nona for your mental health I would not recommend you to immigrate to my country but i aprecciate u good taste for slav men

Anonymous 176128

you a CS major too? I've been stuck on the same assignment for a few days now I'm going insane

Anonymous 176131


Thanks miner/ , I just don't understand how times passes by so extremely fast. A 10 minute song feels like 1 minute while coding. I think I keep zoning out and not realizing it but I'm aware of changing songs, so I'm spending 4 minutes reading the same section over and over again/spinning in my chair and 30 seconds doing something.
All the while hunched over getting back and knee pain from 5/6pm to 12am. I really feel like the days got shorter since 2012 or something, daylights savings time doesn't help with depressing darkness coming faster.

Anonymous 176135

americasisters, i'm kind of shocked by these election results. I expected republicans to have a clean sweep

Anonymous 176138

The gas prices are probably a big factor

Anonymous 176142


I'm bored and uninspired, need something to make me laugh…

Anonymous 176143

Screen Shot 2022-1…

this goes crazy

Anonymous 176156

Happy burp.

Anonymous 176161

You're actively splitting your attention over coding and music even if you think it's just background noise, maybe the distraction from coding is just too much for you.

You probably feel like days started to get shorter in general because people start to experience days shorter as we stop learning/experiencing as many new things as we did during our formative years, causing the days to feel shorter.

Anonymous 176166

Listening to community guidelines and hearing Brittany rant about how men dont view her as a woman and how straight guys just hurt her feelings so much because theyre not attracted to her is kind of sad to hear but also i can't be bothered to care. I feel like so many episodes she rants about straight guys and how no one is attracted to her because she's one of the boys and fat. Like I'm sorry but could she just not lose weight if the opinion of males make her so sad? And not gonna lie as a lesbian i cant take her serieus either, she's just a fat girl who makes fart jokes

Anonymous 176177

>she's all by herself but doesn't have legs
Romanianon doesn't have legs???

Anonymous 176182


this is the post kek

Anonymous 176185

There are people on lc that wish the image dump threads on /m/ had their own separate board. The only reason you think it's weird that /img/ is kept separate from /media/ is because you're used to having image dump threads taking up space in the media board

Anonymous 176191

the romanianon fun facts made me curious to see how her face is and its so funny how she sometimes says that her beauty is above average in romania. if its true romania must have lots of ugly women

Anonymous 176192

Sometimes I wish there was a thread on LC or CC where dick gore could be shared

Anonymous 176193

I miss LC anons. I'm not ok.

Anonymous 176214

I want to post about Hetalia nonas why is not back?
Shaymin, do something

Anonymous 176216

I'm so bored, I wanted to shitpost while in the bus and couldn't, and I couldn't post yesterday afternoon either, I'm going through withdrawal. I need my daily dose of shitposting.

Anonymous 176219


it's ok , that anon is probably thinking that every moe anime is nothing but a fanservicey pile of junk. I found my joy in fanservice-free anime a lot, because the shows would be very tiny and show the importance of female friendships. There are a lot of tiny gems out there that are not infested by anything stupid.
also im the OG anon with yuru camp, didn't know the other anon would take it this far. wishing her all the best tho. life is tough for everyone nowadays.

Anonymous 176220


Even moid spiders are shitheads lol


>The researchers gave males the option of wrapping a dead fly – a nutritious morsel that would make a worthwhile gift for the discerning female – or the worthless, empty casing left by a molting beetle larva.

>In another recent study, the researchers found that the males will often wrap up the larva molt for the female even when they have the option of giving a better gift. Albo and her colleagues found that the male invests more silk in wrapping the worthless gift, but it takes the female longer to open it up. Albo speculated that while the female is distracted, the male can mate with her for longer. Based on these new findings, the researchers believe that the males may give worthless gifts to extend their mating times longer than would a nutritious gift.

>The worst thing is, the male doesn't even fully give the gift up, worthless or not. Instead, he holds onto the silk with his third pair of legs during mating. "The silk can help him retain the gift if the female wants to run away," Albo said.

Anonymous 176222

Omg another hetaliafag hii i miss the autism in that thread too.

Anonymous 176223

this is an amazing fact, I am blessed, thank you anon for sharing with the class.

Anonymous 176226


if i see this stupid fucking bear one more time i'm going to a-log

Anonymous 176227

I wish I had a nickname on here like pakichan or something

Anonymous 176228

sonic goes weewee.…

I'm having a good time

Anonymous 176230

How did you get "sex work is the only way for women to make lots of money" out of my post?

Anonymous 176231

me too i think i posted this sentiment in the confessions thread before actually kek. i wish i was a -chan…

Anonymous 176233

Ehhh anons I thought LC not working would make me more productive but I just keep checking if it's back

Anonymous 176234

same. Now what will I do on my breaks at work

Anonymous 176235


Anonymous 176236

Has cc and lc been this slow recently? Lc feels like it’s been the slowest of has ever been. Is it because of the economy???

Anonymous 176237

I am really bored now, I want to do my favorite hobby on LC: shit on scrotes

Anonymous 176238

For anyone wondering the jannys are just as confused as you are, i tried moderating yesterday and i got errors and also got errors when i tried to post too.

For anyone wondering the site is not down, instead it broke/ has a error that will be fixed by tech.

We dont know how long the site will be down unfortunately. But it will be back up once tech is available and active again…..

Anonymous 176240

also no one can currently post in the farms, both janitors and farmhands get errors when we try to moderate/post.

Anonymous 176241

ur a janny…………………… and you type like that?

Anonymous 176242


Anonymous 176243

Oh, god, the way Shaymin handle things we will only be able to post in the next century

Anonymous 176246


Anonymous 176247

i was on my phone , it makes the reddit spaces by itself after commas. The site will probably be up in 1-3 days minimum (maximum is a week or two..).
Sorry i am just confused as you all are.
I will make a janitor note once the site is back up.

Anonymous 176248

males are naturally evil you can’t change them

Anonymous 176249

If you’re fr a janny thanks for cleaning up the disgusting shit moids and retards leave

Anonymous 176252

Shaymin is a fed that’s why jk

Anonymous 176253


mfw lolcor is still down (this is a smile of pain)

Anonymous 176255

For me, it's a smile of pain, not irl

Anonymous 176258

I guess the only good thing is that moids and trannies (same thing) can't raid lolcor by posting gore and cp. I hate those retards so much

Anonymous 176259

It says you can't consume most medicinal herbs while breastfeeding, pregnant or on other medications because a lot of people use it in place of another medication and in order to keep people on medication after medication big pharma just tells people "there's no testing on it so don't take it"

Anonymous 176260

No problem, i came here to let ppl know about the situation that the site
broke. Also so people stop blaming farmhands or other janitors because how the hell is out our fault, we have nothing to do with the upkeep of the site in terms of tech or it going down, the admin and tech admin are in charge of tech, so i never understand why people always rush to blame farmhands and janitors when the site goes down when we only moderate for free and thats ALL we do.
Coding, upkeep and all that other shit has nothing to do with us.

Anonymous 176261




Anonymous 176262

and at least we can still read it

Anonymous 176263

do you do it for free?

Anonymous 176265

I was the one who made a thread in meta about your guys posts, i guess its hard when you have so many users on the site who don’t get how lc moderation and tech works

Anonymous 176266

Oh, true, I forgot about that, I could catch up with the anime and bad art threads in peace at least. But lately it was unbearable, usually they go to /ot/ and /snow/ but those pests having been invading /m/ and /g/. I guess fujoshits make moids seethe

Anonymous 176268

we appreciate you

Anonymous 176270


looks like its time to browse 4chin again

Anonymous 176271

Or maybe do something productive with your life. Jesus. Imagine wanting to go back to 4chan.

Anonymous 176273

I have work later so I will be productive I'm just bored rn

Anonymous 176275

Oh well, then, play some video games then. It's just as addictive and useless, but at least you won't have to interact with scrotes.

Anonymous 176276

You're kinda obnoxious, you know that?

Anonymous 176279

I can't even post because my ip is blocked! It wasn't me!
>due to abuse
Kinda creepy. Also if I play vidya I'll lose track of time which I can't do if I want to actually get to work on time, plus I have to walk

Anonymous 176283

Do you s think that i should make a general league of Legends thread when /m/ is back? Im wondering if it would actually be used or not, i just want to talk (and rant kek) about league related media including esports and arcane

Anonymous 176285

What’s wrong with hating scrotes and 4chin

Anonymous 176286

You're dense too

Anonymous 176287


thoughts on Rebel Wilson having a surrogate baby ?

Anonymous 176288


Im kinda sad and worried that my city wont get better because of the democratic senator, right-wing isnt any better but i want change, i dont think anything will change. The election was between a rich guy and a guy who lived off his parents' money, so another rich guy. I DONT WANT MORE SHOOTINGS I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT I DONT

Anonymous 176289

Why not, if it dies it dies, you won't know unless you try!
Btw, looking for any info on recent issues I ended up on LC thread on kiwi and someone there said she made a Gundam thread on /m/ which got deleted… hope it's not true because i'd love to share my gunpla obsession there.

Anonymous 176291

Surrogate babies are inhumane and it should be illegal.

Anonymous 176292

An Australian pedophile purchased twins via surrogate with the sole purpose of sexually abusing them and making child porn


Anonymous 176293

Amount of celebrities openly admitting to use surrogates because it's so inconvenient for them to have a baby is really creepy. Using other women's body like that just feels wrong, and idk but for me it feels culturally tied to normalization of "sex work", female body became a commodity, and object to buy for men and other women alike.

Anonymous 176294

Tell us about the admin(s), does she (do they?) communicate anything with the staff (in general not just in this situation) or are you as left in the dark as the general userbase?

Anonymous 176295

It is wrong, because it's placing a monetary value on giving birth to a human child, which is fucked up. It also means that there is potentially a minimum/maximum value put on something as ubiquitous and special as carrying a child for 9 months, having it be part of your own body, and then giving birth and creating new life. It's weird. Just like how there's a monetary value placed on having sex. Sex and reproduction, giving birth and making love, should not be labeled with a price tag it's just unnatural and weird.

Anonymous 176296

Which one? There was two recent Gundam threads, nona. I hope they didnt get deleted either

Anonymous 176298

I ask again what’s wrong with hating scrotes and 4chin. Struck a nerve?

Anonymous 176299

There were*

Anonymous 176300

kim k pair her surrogate 45k, like that woman went through 9 months+ of unbearable pain and wasn’t even named and given less then minimum wage, she'll never even see that baby whom she brithed ever again

Anonymous 176301

It's not school shootings it's shootings started from arguments/gang shootings/random drive-by shootings/shootings outside of schools. It isn't incels doing the shootings here, or at least it isn't motivated by virginity.

Anonymous 176303

Uh… restricting gun access to mentally ill moids would help a lot. I don't get why burguers love guns so much

Anonymous 176304


I wanted to watch movies with my bf for my birthday, but all he wanted to do was watch election results and scroll Twitter. Boring.

Anonymous 176305

They will still get guns though, if they really really wanted to

Anonymous 176306


who else up ovulating in here actually though i really am

Anonymous 176307

kill him he must not waste a queens time like this

Anonymous 176309


I can change her

Anonymous 176310

So what? The same works for literally everything illegal

Anonymous 176311

break his phone

Anonymous 176312


I miss my dog so much. I couldn't stop crying on the train this morning.

Anonymous 176313

so relatable

Anonymous 176314


I've only seen this one and IDK, I hope "shit thread" refers to it being set up in a lazy way (no thread name and proper description), because otherwise the idea of having a separate Gundam thread is no different than all the other threads like Hetalia, Golden Kamuy or Genshin. I'll try making a nice one myself once LC is operational again and we shall see

Anonymous 176316

So they will shoot the guns

Anonymous 176318

>It is wrong, because it's placing a monetary value on giving birth to a human child, which is fucked up.
You know I never saw it that way. Like I already knew it was wrong but it never occured to me that it's literally selling a baby that you sacrificed 9 months of your energy (and probably more) to give birth to. Isn't that kinda like a combination of human trafficking and prostitution?

NTA but I only saw one Gundam thread get made recently and it got locked soon after. I'm not sure why but maybe someone reported it for being unnecessary? The other anon is right, it could've been used to discuss the toys too.

I don't think a LoL thread would stand on its own but maybe a general MOBA thread could work

Anonymous 176319

I saw that one too, but there was another one where people were commenting about Witch of the Mercury if I am not mistaken.

Anonymous 176320

She's not the one who said to play video games instead of wasting time on 4shit, that's me. IDK maybe you're the obnoxious one

Anonymous 176321

NTA, I think that's just the anime thread.

Anonymous 176322

>human trafficking and prostitution
Yeah, and the former seems to already be in affect
It's fucked up and it preys on the poor and desperate, like prostitution does. But for some reason both are seen as woke.

Anonymous 176323

Not ovulating, that was until last week. right now I'm starting to get cramps.

Anonymous 176325

Yeah, it was anime thread, I know because it was me who started the discussion

Anonymous 176327

Not ovulating but my sex drive is higher than usual (if that’s what your picture is implying). Just had a dream about a celeb moid I like being tied up and me teasing him and can’t stop thinking about it kek

Anonymous 176328

Anons have already talked about this, but it's horrifying how /cgl/ has downgraded. Every other thread is full of retarded scrotes, and the mods actually ban people for telling them to piss off. No one can have a conversation or post a thread without them inserting their dickbrained opinions and worthless bait into everything. It's literal ragefuel, and dissuades me from posting entirely.
It's really taken a turn for the worst, and it's sad. /cgl/ used to be the heart of all female boards, and now it's a fucking cesspool of coomers, trannies and incels baiting.

Anonymous 176330

People who use surrogates are unfit to be parents by definition. Using a woman's body (or, if the eggs are donated, using two different women's bodies) to produce a purchased baby for your designer family is proof you're a fucking psycho who should be locked up in a loony bin, fucking sick freaks i hate them reeeeeeee

Sorry this subject gets me worked up.

Anonymous 176331

If you're reading this, thank you to the who told me the folk tale I was thinking of was Shirin and Farhad in the help me find thread. I wanted to say thank you but lolcor said no. If it's down for good at least my last interaction there was wholesome.

Anonymous 176332

*the nonn@, forgot about this kek

Anonymous 176334

>the mods actually ban people for telling them to piss off
The mods are probably all males tbh

Anonymous 176335

its 4chan what do you expect, of course males will be allowed there and 4chan mods will ban people for fighting with moids.

Anonymous 176337

I miss lolcow

Anonymous 176340

you sound boring

Anonymous 176343

not true

Anonymous 176346

schizo troon where will you spam if the site goes down.
You already got banned on metokur haha

Anonymous 176347

Here, apparently.

Anonymous 176348


Admin just said the site was sold to the FBI, it's over s.

Source: I made it the fuck up

Anonymous 176349

Report and ignore, it's the tranny.

Anonymous 176350

Obvious tranny is obvious. His maliciousness is only matched by how sheerly bad he is at it

Anonymous 176351

Sad life to live..

Anonymous 176352

I tried to use cgl again within the year and felt the same. I find know what happened to /cgl/ jannies between 2015 and 2019 but it's basically another scrote board. They have 10 boards for porn and they have to use ours for thinly veiled bait threads. I really hate moids.

Anonymous 176353

When will moids develop a personality that isn't just watching/looking at porn

Anonymous 176354


What about your life anon, let's unpack that.

Anonymous 176356

when hell freezes over, unfortunately. the only solution is to eliminate moids altogether.

Anonymous 176357

Yes, kek
please beat the tranny , I know you can do it (though you probably shouldn't have said the name of the game)

I like some chubby men myself but liking Null isn't nearly on the same level

Anonymous 176360

No idea but I'm tired of it. What are the chances we all apply for janny positions for cgl and take it back from the scrotes? Even the few on topic threads end up a lot more hostile because gulls are butting head with y chromosome retards and dealing with bait threads constantly. I miss being able to get replies in wip threads and cosplay power hour threads.

Anonymous 176361

Aren't all jannies selected from within the cabal? I don't favor your chances.

Anonymous 176362

i have a pretty healthy life, not a no-life neet or a failmale resorting to spamming sites 24/7 as the only way to get female attention and attention in general and even with that 90% of people still ignore your schizophrenic rambles and spams. Sad life to live i dont even hate you, i feel genuine pity on you. And dont get me started on how trying to groom that boy was the most action you've ever gotten.

Just wanted to let you know that, now ill go back to ignoring you just like how everyone does.

Anonymous 176363

>i feel genuine pity on you
It's hard not to feel pity for someone with a face as hideous and vomit-inducing as his tbh

Anonymous 176366

wha? i'm not blaine KEK i was just shitposting relax

Anonymous 176367

I don't get why they won't just move to like lolcow or something and use the lolita thread.

Anonymous 176368

Post youre favorite xy-hating memes anons , i need to update my collection.

Anonymous 176369

I think I have a few, lemme check

Anonymous 176370

Still worth a shot, honestly. Worst case scenario, nothing changes. Best case scenario, we get in. If applications were open and I fit the credentials, I'd do whatever it takes.

Anonymous 176372



Anonymous 176374


Finally got tickets to see this freak ass bitch live.

Anonymous 176376

Does he sell joji spoon?

Anonymous 176377

I think some do, but LC and CC don't have any cosplay community really (aside from gossiping about some cosplayers). I noticed on LC, some posters are kind of tryhard about being "normal" and are hostile toward any kind of Jfashion or anime stuff, so I can't imagine how some might rage about cosplay (despite the site's origins literally being in /cgl/).

Anonymous 176378

Have you seen this s? Scrote recorded his own confrontation with the police defending his right to stalk a former coworker, completely unhinged. Thankfully he got arrested.

Anonymous 176379

>I noticed on LC, some posters are kind of tryhard about being "normal"

so true, it just reeks of newfag. idk why its so hard for those s to accept that these sites are for weird women (EMPHASIS ON WOMEN), if they wanna be a normie they can go do that literally anywhere else on the fuckign internet.

Anonymous 176381

>i chased her a bit but-
>like women are crazy, she totally wanted me
>sir dont you think chasing someone is crazy?
>i only went a couple blocks ;-;

Anonymous 176382

me too and yes that's exactly what i was trying to subtly imply with the picture. for me i cant stop thinking about boobs amongst other things involving women im too ashamed to type
this literally drive making any appearance at all hasn't happened to me in like a year, i usually can't even tell i am ovulating or nothing ever happens, but i checked my tracker and lo and behold. i literally feel like i have to stop myself from recreating this scene in skins but with more rage put into it kek

Anonymous 176384

What are you even rambling about kek do you need attention from a female image board this bad lol

Anonymous 176385


Anonymous 176386

Applications are open every few months so there's got to be a demand at some point.

I like that lolcow doesn't attract the majority of cgl posters. Ten years ago I would have agreed, but the posters now are scrotes, BPD tiktokers, costhots, lolitas venting because they can't speak up in their comm, trannies overtaking the cross play threads and trying to infiltrate lolita comms, normie lolitas who only visit to talk about new releases and a few remaining cosplayers who still construct their own costumes. I only really care about the last two but we would probably get the former retards.

Anonymous 176387

that other video of his schizo rambles was unhinged too, interesting how all male lunatics sound the same with their rambles.
Its the huge ego, sense of self-importance, lunacy and being a failure at life that makes all failmales sound like the same npc's for some reason.

Anonymous 176388

Not anymore!! Kind of sad I didn't get it even though it was just a dumb gimmick kek. At least it was a usable spoon, I could've had a stupid gold spoon!

I feel like a fake Joji fan because I'm one of those 'I miss his old music' assholes. I like his new stuff but I do miss the shitty rap too. I wish he'd throw us a bone and give us a track or something. Really happy I got tickets though, I just want to see him once and I'll be happy. Last time I tried to get tickets (I think maybe 2017 or 2018), it was for a smaller concert and tickets all got snatched up within 10 seconds. He's performing at the biggest venue in my city this time so thankfully there were still a handful of seats left to pick from.

Anonymous 176389

This is why I enjoy being chubby.

Anonymous 176390

Let's not forget the claim that he did it because all the women want to be raped

Anonymous 176391

this guy should just an hero already, moids like him are a plague on society. let her live in peace? noooooo its all about his penis and what his penis wants. RAGE.

Anonymous 176392

dont respond , attention is for for la creatura goblin.

Anonymous 176393

Those are a minority, always tell them to eat shit

Anonymous 176394

>no sir, women dont like to be chased
>what about bdsm porn
The state of moids. They really think the craziest porn is the sanest reality. The internet was a mistake, and should've remained used primarily by women. He is really telling a cop that women like being raped so chasing a woman down the street in his car is totally justified on the off-chance that she may want to be raped. Men like this deserve to be in prison for life, how do you recover from such fucked up thinking? At least lock him up somewhere away from society

Anonymous 176396

Shut up, interacting with the male will make it reply more

Anonymous 176397

Stop talking to the pedophile tranny

Anonymous 176398

the music on his channel sure is something

Anonymous 176400

The issue is (I think) most of us using lolcow were refugees from stamina rose. But in the last few years we're gotten a lot of people who only follow YouTube/celebrity/social media drama and don't know or don't care about our roots from a weeb image board. You notice this a lot in certain threads like the ethot/OF/cam threads where there are girls using their email and namefagging who clearly only use it because they're trying to get attention and shit on their competition, not because they're used to imageboards.

Anonymous 176404

He probably thought he could fuck her straight. Disgusting moid. I hope he gets jailed and becomes the prison bitch.

Anonymous 176405

Males are physically incapable of comprehending the fact that women who do porn and appear in """"consensual"""" bdsm porn are traumatized, broken and easily manipulable, and that the manipulators are literal psychopath moids, not to mention mass brainwashing of women in general to accept kink crap and seeing themselves as objects and submissive, and that it doesn't mean that women actually enjoy being raped and denied their freedom.
Moids lack any sort of empathy for women/children and only care about what makes their dick hard so these things are literally impossible for them to consider.

Anonymous 176407

even if they understood, they still wouldnt care because they have no empathy for women nor do they see them as equal human being.

Anonymous 176408


The complete delusion that woman he was stalking would change her mind about him after listening to that music. Btw, there's a track he made called "Becca" using the art by the artist of the same name that was completely unaware of his existence, people are speculating that maybe she's another one he obsesses about. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I can't make out the lyrics

Anonymous 176409

It's genuinely embarrassing

Anonymous 176411


they do understand, but they just don't care.

Anonymous 176412

Lol American and British men stop showing interest as soon as the woman starts showing interest back. Insecure little pussies they are

Anonymous 176414

Moids who post weird shit like this and his other videos online just need to be arrested. He's clearly delusional and violent. It's similar to how people post pictures of their guns and gun customizations/mods/accessories before shooting a bunch of people. He's not only a rape fetishist and a nazi enthusiast, he's open about it and thinks everyone else who doesn't agree with him is a crazy schizo.

Anonymous 176415

What genre does this "music" even fit into, Rapestep?

Anonymous 176416

depressing to think about.

I'm glad at least 43 people support her

Anonymous 176417

Every man who goes on about this "muh bdsm!!! women's rape fantasies!!!" and try to justify disgusting behavior should be raped by their fellow men.

Anonymous 176418

people in the comments said he is into custody now, and people who keep up with his other socials or live in his city have said that this wasn't the first woman he has stalked. He has stalked atleast 3 women that we know of. Not even his first time.

Anonymous 176420

holy shit I'm gona puke

Anonymous 176421



Anonymous 176422


Anonymous 176423

Well thank god for that. Arresting someone based solely on the content they post online is a slippery slope, I know, but I think it's a consequence of the internet age because otherwise schizos wouldn't be able to openly post and engage with others about their fantasies. It's such a weird phenomenon and solutions seem sparse. I think using the internet also induces psychosis on moids sometimes, same goes for how frequent porn is posted on any corner of the internet. Being inundated with porn, incel takes, 4chan shit, political shit, the fact that perverts can easily find each other online and bond over rape/pedophilia/zoophilia it's destroying society.

Anonymous 176424

Furthermore, there is a positive aspect to schizos posting their faces/locations/fantasies online because they are basically admitting to anyone who finds the information, cops and FBI included, that they are unsafe.

Anonymous 176426

>I think using the internet also induces psychosis on moids sometime

I totally agree with this, just look at the schizo rambles in this video, he sounds like every other terminally online looney ego-filled rambling xy failmale.

Anonymous 176427


So sorry i had to be the bearer of bad news. Forgot to mention that we are all going to prison for sex crimes (excessive husbandoposting).

Anonymous 176428

Kek that clip. I want (need) so badly to sperg online whenever I’m horny but I know I’d be embarrassed by it within a few days so with all of my strength I restrain myself. Best to keep it in my notes

Anonymous 176429

They will never take away my golden kamuy husbandos not while I’m still alive

Anonymous 176430

Tinfoil/confession???: I was introduced to lolcow by my groomer ldr ex boyfriend (say what you will but I was very very young and stupid), he would actively encourage me to use the site and said making female friends would be better for my mental health. He would throw really, really underhanded and manipulative comments about my body, sometimes he would straight up insult me like he told me his ex has bigger and better ass and boobs than me and then said I was too immature to handle the comment when I got upset, and about women in general especially pertaining to race like the whole Asians vs white women thing. You'd have to know manipulative tactics well to even catch it. I start talking to him about how lolcow was chipping away at my self esteem and he decided to disappear for long periods of time, months, weeks, and days etc for no apparent reason and would straight up lie about the reason or just say "don't worry about it". The more mentally ill I would get, he would go crazy and threaten to cheat or dump me or complain about how I'm an evil slut who broke his trust if I did things like went to therapy, but then would turn around and say "it's okay, I don't care, I'll just ignore you and talk to other girls" the more this happened I'd see a lot of weird racebaity posts or nitpicking women's bodies posts on lolcow. Like day and week long infights about how men exclusively like extremely curvy submissive Asians and nothing else. I don't know if I'm going crazy or I have a good reason to believe that he would purposely plant those posts in hopes that I'd read them and start feeling insecure or just to pick away at my mental health since he seemed to enjoy playing with my anxiety and doing whatever possible to bring me down with it being obvious

Anyway - he complained about getting banned from lolcow and somehow magically all of these posts basically stopped and I have a good reason to believe it was him. This was between 2015-2019

Anonymous 176431


tfw I’m in a recession-proof job watching all the tech workers around me get laid off so they can move away and bring rent prices down with them.

Anonymous 176432


It's sad that it's come to this, hand over your 70 tb hard drive of Golden Kamuy yaoi or I shoot.

Anonymous 176435

I can't stand seeing his ugly greasy finger covering the corner of the screen like a rotten bratwurst I know that thing has been up his butt minutes before recording.

Anonymous 176436

This one seems like the product of repeated, unusual levels of ancestral rape. You can tell by his cheeks, weak features and weaker mind that he would've been beaten with a stone before he could even look in a woman's eyes, had he been born in the type of society he probably daydreams of. He's very likely to be a failed abortion, you can tell that he just narrowly avoided Down's Syndrome, and he knows in his heart that he should not walk the earth. No matter what he says, he makes these videos because he wants to be contained and possibly removed. It's a subconscious understanding. Even his "music" is an affront to God, hear the fucking message.

Anonymous 176437

What do you work with?

Anonymous 176438


so the police is basically saying ''we wouldn't have done anything but now we are forced since this gained national media attention''

Anonymous 176439

There had been a lot of cases where mass shooters weren't arrested before the shootings, even when people reported them for strange/suspicious behavior.

Anonymous 176440

I guess it's just difficult bc they can't exactly imprison someone for being strange. That's the issue, that grey area allows crazed moids to slip through the cracks, but it would be hard to draft laws that allowed for anyone suspicious to be imprisoned asap without literally doing 1984 irl.

Anonymous 176441


he used to be normal, moids hit the wall and the go insane.

Anonymous 176442


Anonymous 176443

Bleak but at least that's the upside of him being insane enough to think these videos gonna gain support when uploaded online. Maybe everyone sharing them actually saved that woman's life

Anonymous 176445

I doubt he was ever normal

Anonymous 176446

I guess the lesson here is to never trust any moid, you never know when they'll turn into murderous, rapist psychopaths

Anonymous 176447

>”farmhands and jannies”
>retards on here believing this is a real
Please don’t come back to LC if you’re this retarded.

Anonymous 176448

I suspect there are/were a lot of cases like this. The resident racebaiters are/were literally all stupid fucking scrotes trying to give all races of women inferiority complexes, and they're also the first to scream "Lolcow ALWAYS welcomed men ackchelly!!". They welcomed themselves to butt in, dramatically lower the overall intelligence of the site, and try and give women mental diseases. Hope your shitty ex and the rest of the moids like that rot.

Anonymous 176449

I will kill the orangutan

Anonymous 176450

glowie alert

Anonymous 176452

My dream job is being a glowie

Anonymous 176453

Wow. Sucks to suck.

Anonymous 176454


I wouldn't be so sure about that…

Anonymous 176455

his twitter if anyone is interested in looking at the garbage before it gets deleted

Anonymous 176456

Anonymous 176457

Anon, look at him. He was only pretending. Take him some generations back, he would've been shot in the back or hung in the village assembly for attempting to rape a farm animal, or forcibly take an older man's daughter as his wife.

Anonymous 176458

kek I think it's kinda funny how no one replied to that anon until >>176448 did and then others became interested

Anonymous 176459

>before it gets deleted
Archive everything.

Anonymous 176460

Has anyone visited the hidden board? I don't want to see what state it's currently in. I hate it when there are obvious tranny/scrote posts and no one says anything

Anonymous 176461

Everyone has their bad and weak days, I was a literal teenager. I personally think pedophilia, grooming and mental abuse is worse than just being a doormat as a young teenager but if you wanna believe I'm the villian and people aren't allowed to become stronger and power through their past abuse then you do you

Anonymous 176463

I might just be being paranoid, but I feel like the people being pissy at that anon are probably the schizo tranny mad that his tactics are being exposed.

Anonymous 176466

they are the tranny and i dont know why retards respond to him instead of reporting.

Anonymous 176467

The degenerate one?

Anonymous 176468

I'm not a /pol/tard (in fact, I think they're class examples of the trash I'm talking about). I just don't have any human respect for shitty males. I do believe in encouraging their extermination, and I will always happily degrade them down to their DNA.

Anonymous 176469

Probably. The troon was predatory af towards distressed anons who were easy to prey on if they seemed vulnerable. I noticed they'd attack random anons who talk about being abused by boyfriends, family, etc in the vent threads as well.

Anonymous 176470

Anonymous 176471

kek based post

Anonymous 176473

what's wrong with what she said

Anonymous 176474

Post fresh man-hating meme naaur

Anonymous 176475

stop with these dogshit twitter memes

Anonymous 176476

Looks pretty dead, cant be bothered to look into it much cause seems mostly boring. First thread is /nazigen/, cringe but still reeks less of moid than other threads like "tasteful gangbang".

Anonymous 176477


Anonymous 176478


Anonymous 176479

Post a new one that one's older than your dad.

Anonymous 176480


Anonymous 176481

That’s right I’m gonna tell the department of energy all about your thoughtcrimes

Anonymous 176482

why does it smell like rotting neovaginas huh

Anonymous 176483

She is a Giga Stacy kek

Anonymous 176484


Anonymous 176485


Send me links to songs you love s

Anonymous 176486

You're smelling yourself as you can't smell through a computer screen.

Anonymous 176487

How come? I have never posted Seifer there
Because of schizo troon, probably

Anonymous 176488

Samefag, I forgot you can't say n0nnies here, for fucks sake

Anonymous 176489

Cristofano Allori,…

based art

Anonymous 176490

woah cool cats.

Anonymous 176491

Judith with the He…

Anonymous 176492

>Those hands

Anonymous 176494

They need jams for their pool party so link em up nonners

Anonymous 176495

I can. Brush your fucking teeth

Anonymous 176496



Anonymous 176497

If you can you should work as a drug sniffing dog for the CIA.

Anonymous 176498


Anonymous 176499


Anonymous 176500

Especially newfags that would run their mouths about lolcow to moids essentially inviting them in. They enjoyed doing it on lolcow because they know insecure women are reading it, where as when they just larp on youtube comments or reddit or whatever they're only really likely to get attention of other moids

Anonymous 176501


Anonymous 176502


Anonymous 176504

What do you think will be staffs excuse if the site comes back?

Anonymous 176505

Anonymous 176506

Omg you used the McGuirk arm, I'm gonna cry anon.

Anonymous 176507


Samefag but look at this prime tranny rhetoric

Anonymous 176508

Anonymous 176509

they will take the true Stacey route and offer no explanation whatsoever

Anonymous 176510

Nona I love that painting from Artemisia Gentileschi of Judith decapitating Holofernes

Anonymous 176511


The amount of incels Youtube allows is disgusting. They take down and demonitize people's videos for cursing or playing 5 seconds of a copyrighted song in them, but allow assholes like this.

Anonymous 176512

Hehe shamin make dooty stead of paying server fees.

Anonymous 176514

>communication from the staff
Kek, you kill me anon

Anonymous 176515

Well I'm one of the anons who replied and I'm not a tranny so I think you're just being paranoid. I'm sick of anons like you who think if a post doesn't coddle someone like >>176430 it must be a moid. We aren't a monolith anon, and I don't have to be nice.

Anonymous 176517

There is so much misogyny literally everywhere nowadays. Makes me want to kill people.

Anonymous 176520


Anonymous 176522

He also used to come here to post rants about how women who ghost men and/or have AVPD are "worse than rapists" and pretend to be a radfem.

Anonymous 176524

Anonymous 176525


It's the best one, you can tell it was painted by a woman because most of the other depictions of Judith killing Holofernes paint her and the act in such a sterile way. Here you can see she's butchering him, you can feel the rage and how much she wanted to do it. No more pretty girl Judith, this is a woman that gets things done

Anonymous 176526

Wait, LC has staff again? /s

Anonymous 176527

The cats said they didn't like it but appreciate your post nonetheless

Anonymous 176529

There is no coddling needed? Lol the post wasn't about asking for coddles it was tinfoil, mistakes from the past were admitted, what more do you want? You just want an excuse to be an asshole. Do you go to battered women's shelters or something and tell them how much you hate how weak all of them are?

Anonymous 176530

Can you spoiler this? That face is disgusting

Anonymous 176532

don't tell me this retard is back again

Anonymous 176533

We're on an anonymous imageboard and she came here to cry for attention, it's not at all the same as your stupid analogy. Get over yourself.

Anonymous 176535


i miss our beautiful farm.

Anonymous 176537

I am so fucking tired of this influx of extremely obvious race-obsessed twitterfags. They are so exhausting and don't even know how to even use imageboards. That's why i am glad the lc is down for today.

Anonymous 176538

Based, agree. They're ruining LC

Anonymous 176539

Who cares if someone is crying about attention? Isn't that why anyone posts on imageboards? People talk about shitty exes all the time, we even have a loser ex bf thread for crying out loud. Do you not have any female friends, are you a shitty ex bf yourself or did you just want to be a cunt to someone for doing nothing but having a shitty ex groomer bf?

Anonymous 176541

At first i thought those were LSA refugees, but then i realised its both tiktok and twitter. there are literally idiots on tiktok who brag about shitting up lc with their retarded opinions about celebs. Social media was truly a mistake.

Anonymous 176542

You're literally crying for attention right now, just like every worthless scrotum-holder does when shit men are being talked about. Just waiting for your "Not all men" spergout now.

Anonymous 176543

Holy shit I'm not reading your post anon, why are you so invested? I'm a literal nobody, same as you, all I said was "sucks to suck" and you're trying to tell me I'm this vile person because I didn't hold some anons hand. Fuck off. Post something else and get over it.

Anonymous 176544

Can't imagine getting this twisted because of a post on lolcow's retarded little sister.

Anonymous 176611

>there are literally idiots on tiktok who brag about shitting up lc with their retarded opinions about celebs
any screencaps? i believe it, i just want to see the retardation in action kek

Anonymous 176634

Saw a woman who looked like ines at chickfila

Anonymous 176726


In 10 years they will sell lolcow cerebral microchips so we can access lolcow at any time, any place and chat with other s. However the one downside is that after you die your consciousness still remains connected to the internet and you will be trapped forever and ever on lolcow.farm.

Anonymous 176766

that sounds like a nightmare. imagine having pakichan and romanianon forever on the site

Anonymous 176840

Im so sad just want my husbando

Anonymous 176849

The mods would have so much power. They'd be able to ban people forever and since they are also bound to the site forever they'd be infinitely more active and I bet infinitely more insane so you would really have to abide by the rules.

Anonymous 177047

I thought this was Venus for half a second

Anonymous 177103


Oh shit oh fuck (nta)

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