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Anonymous 17605

What made you the kind of girl that would end up in a place like this?

I'll start

>was a teenage weeb

>big internet addiction
>cut my teeth on pokemon forums and livejournal
>interacted with 4chan on and off since 17
>weird interests, never fit in with normies

now I'm here in my 20s trying to suck joy out of the internet and failing

Anonymous 17607

>be 13
>want to model, starve myself
>gain weight back, zero confidence
>was never popular (because ugly and shy), go through multiple friend groups thoughout high school
>alone and bored, browse internet
>find kpop (again shit for confidence) + jrock fanservice
>start being a fan of vk, idolize and imitate them
>classmates date and go out, I'm always at home, dreaming of being in a famous band in Japan
>graduate, parents force me into shitty school
>spend more time on the internet, find lolcow (because of Kota)
>go to different Uni, but don't make any friends
>now: nearly 23, sad, fat and anxious, spend every free minute on boards and youtube

Nice pic op

Anonymous 17612

>most tomboyish of my sisters growing up
>liked my snes and n64, watched toonami
>raised in dysfunctional environment with lots of abuse and my sister became a meth user
>shut away into my room more than ever
>grandpa buys me world of Warcraft and a subscription at 14 and later gets me burning crusade when it releases
>highschool begins, one friend stabs me in the back with a vicious rumor and my entire group of childhood friends abandon me
>now spend 100% of my time outside of school reading, watching tv or playing my game
>my 1 friend lives the same lifestyle and we just did this during sleepovers every weekend
>suicidal frumpy loser that self harms and disordered eating
>find 4chan through a world of Warcraft forum because of breaking rules 1&2
>move to 420chan, move to other IBs into adulthood
>be 25, mentally ill but less nerdy but still barely any friends
>see some people in a thread saying "just go get a gf on crystal cafe"
>keep seeing it mentioned, eventually visit, find new home because my old home finally closed for good

I think using CC has had a positive impact on me because I've been doing much better since.

Anonymous 17615


>just go get a gf on crystal cafe
I imagine said posters are the guys who make ~i need a hot gf~ threads. Hilarious.

Glad to know cc has made things better for you, anon-chan!

Anonymous 17619

They must have some strange taste in company to come here for love. I hope they can find somebody.

Anonymous 17620

>always an "artist"growing up
>naturally become weeb in middle school
>comfy group of weeb friends
>was pretty disgusting and ugly
>husbandofag, drawn to a waif chan
>grow up andoing realize how stupid that phase was
>go through a sjw phase
>quit tumblr
>find lolcow through hc brown thread
>become addicted to /ot/ and /g/
>cattiest female friends I'd never had and Wil never have irl
>end up here

Anonymous 17625

>control freak mom
>strange household
>natural loner
>draw, read, talk to people online
>isolate myself during school
>isolate myself even more after school
>2 years of neetdom
>find lolcow
>discover imageboards
>go to uni, get a job, finish uni
>if not at work, at home
>"no one understands me"

True, anon. I wish them the best.

Anonymous 17626


Okay to go into more detail, they did say in that thread that miners were the sort of girls weird enough to be lovers with the mostly male userbase there. But it was also a sarcastic suggestion offered to some guy going "tfw no gf".

Anonymous 17634

they never make up their minds about how they feel about us.

Anonymous 17635

>miners were the sort of girls weird enough to be lovers with the mostly male userbase there

Anonymous 17639

>grow up isolated (rural life plus illness)
>meet all my friends on early-2000s bulletin boards and irl meetups
>join local weeb community
>someone mentions 4chan
>spend years lurking /b/, /p/, and /x/
>eventually start going on /cgl/
>find staminarose and eventually lolcow
>find lolcow thread about creating crystal.cafe

been here since day one.

Anonymous 17660

>normal teenager with friends and occasionally bfs
>somewhat socially isolated but otherwise normal adult with my shit together
>have nerdy hobbies but also healthy ones
>become a misandrist as a result of too much time on the internet (4chan etc)
>crave female dominated spaces and interactions with women

I just wanna talk to girls tbh, it's so soothing after years of seeing men shit on us at every opportunity

Anonymous 17700

>really into nintendo and video games in general
>spent a lot of time on the computer when younger, eventually started using forums
>none of my irl friends had super similar interests as me so I enjoyed talking with strangers online who I could relate to
>also really into drawing and art
>eventually get into anime and become a weeb
>start watching jvloggers
>end up on pull and lolcow
>finally end up here

I love having a space where I can talk with girls freely about nearly anything, since I'm pretty shy irl and can't really relate to everyone around me

Anonymous 17707

Well, they're strange people, so I guess you can play matchmaker with them.

Anonymous 17712

>friendship.exe was not found

Anonymous 17716

>drawfag as a kid
>get into anime to impress my 5th-grade crush
>small group of female friends through middle school who are also weebs (shoutout to ellen, carrie and kelley, miss you guys)
>parents take me out of school for 7th and 8th grade, start spending time on websites writing cheesy dramatic roleplays and drawing shitty manga when i'm not
>suddenly high-school
>sit with the social outcasts at lunch, one of them introduces me to the concept of 4chan
>go on there once or twice but not really interested until
>senior year of hs, discover i really like lolita fashion
>start going to /cgl/ so as to lurk and educate myself on the style before i meet 'real lolitas' in the flesh and embarrass myself
>am there when the Dakota Rose/living doll drama starts
>get hopelessly addicted to the plot twists
>when dramaban happens on /cgl/, migrate to staminarose and then lolcow for my daily fix
>one day realize that i'm not really enjoying my time on lolcow anymore because of how savage the userbase has become + all the people i was interested in have changed significantly or vanished from the internet
>go back to browsing /cgl/
>see crystal.cafe namedropped there

and the rest is history.
hanging out with you guys reminds me of those sixth-grade girl-gang feels, it's nice and nostalgic.

Anonymous 17720

The site's full of neckbeard stoners, right?

Anonymous 17726

I'm talking about 420chan, btw.

Anonymous 17729

>abusive mother
>grew up isolated
>found 4chan
>stayed on 4chan for years
>many mental issues
>left 4chan
>better adjusted now but still lonely and can't fit in anywhere
>can't even fit in here

Anonymous 17730

The relation of them to here. The original greentext talked about them saying to "get a girlfriend at the crystal cafe".

Anonymous 17731

What makes you think you don't fit in, anon?

Anonymous 17737

>late elementary school weeb
>in middle school, get obsessed with gaia online
>heavily get into fandom forums for LOTR, MST3K
>4chan raids on gaia, get interested in who these people are?
>lurk 4chan daily in early high school, eventually get disgusted and swear it off
>fast forward 7-8 years, get into gossip forums
>come to lc via pixielocks thread
>see cc mentioned on lc as girl-centric imageboard

Anonymous 17738

>go on gaiaonline around the ages of 11-12
>find out about 4chan around 13-14
>spend a lot of time on /r9k/ because I hated all of the popular/pretty girls too
>eventually find out about lolcow
>spend time in /ot/ and /g/ but annoyed at how triggered everyone gets when someone mentions that they're skinny and/or short
>see the original crystal.cafe proposal thread on /g/
>come here to see what it's all about

Anonymous 17742

>no friends since a young age
>looked to places like 4bleach.com chatango chats for friendships
>got into 4chan around 14
>been there ever since

Anonymous 17846


Same story except I was into moe anime, on other anime forums people thought it was creepy and perverse so I went to /a/ where the other fans were.

Anonymous 17944

biggie bird.jpg

>be loser kid all throughout elementary and middle school
>shy autist with no friends
>weeb during middle school
>normal(looking)in high school but still shy and soft weeb
>mental illness takes over and spent a year hospitalized
>discover 4chan during a depressive episode once out of the hospital and lurked /r9k/ and /b/ for a while
>multiple hospitalizations
>mental illness suddenly gets a whole lot better and i feel good again
>still depressed because im 18 and still have senior year of high school to go bc of previous hospitalizations/not going to school due to depression
>read /r9k/ thread about cc
>go to cc

I'm just such a loser and a failure, but this place is a lot more chill so I think I will stay around for a while

Anonymous 17945

your greentext makes me want to give you are hug, out 'tism is similar. you're welcome, my daughter.

Anonymous 17950

thank you friendo ;-;
At this point I think I'm just going to NEET it up for a while after getting out of high school just to take a break from the world until I have to be institutionalized into this Christian organization that my mom promises will be helpful and "save me".

Anonymous 17951

Let's hope it's for the best, anon.

Anonymous 17969

>I have to be institutionalized into this Christian organization that my mom promises will be helpful and "save me".

that sounds like a terrible idea.

Anonymous 17970

Please try and avoid this

Anonymous 249297

>Turned to the online world since irl was horrible
>Posted on forums
>Was a furfag in tween years
>Started using 4chan
>Finds out about other ibs and altchans
Now here i am, and i don't have a good pic to attach to this reply.

Anonymous 249299

>grew up to emotionally distant parents
>developed extreme social anxiety in elementary school
>social anxiety persists, depressed, never learned to talk to classmates, would skip often
>turned to videogames and anime to supplement normal outgoing teen lifestyle
>socially retarded with no friends
>brother mentions 4chan, i lurk once and thought it was scary
>return a couple years later and start lurking r9k, b, and a
>found lc and cc from r9k
>here i am
i like it here a lot better than moidchan. while i did browse lc a lot more in the past, i dont like how bitchy and mentally ill a lot of the nonas were even in ot and g

Anonymous 249315


lol this thread is old but glad its bumped
>grew up on internet since very young age
>alienated from women/mom issues blablablabla i was just some stinky retard kid "tomboy" nerd
>find 4ch through DS internet at 12
>wasted teen years in moid degen spaces pretending to be one
>sick of it and don't like how its shaped my brain, found cc which was actually comfy and kore tolerable than lc or other places
its nice not having to pretend or learn to hate yourself, or deal with the acid ocean of social media to talk to people online

Anonymous 249318

My dad bought a PC capable of playing more advanced games and an internet connection when I was 2. That's it. That was the beginning of the end.

Anonymous 249373

Internet addiction for me since young as well. I had online friends who used 4chan but didn't want to go on it myself, so from having always explored anywhere and everywhere online, several years ago I ventured into altboards. I did start going on one board on 4chan too but only on that one.

Anonymous 249389

>lost all my friends in 8th gr due to being bullied
>developed a deep fear of humans
>used internet to cope

Anonymous 249438

>be me
>conduct disorder tomboy kid
>used to beat up boys when they bullied girls
>puberty hits
>the girls didn't liked me anymore bacause i didn't behave in the same pick me way they did (they used to say I was being racist against boys for rejecting them)
>mutual conflict between me vs the whole class
>parents changed me from schools and put me on meds because they were afraid I was going to end up seriously hurt
>intermittent explosive disorder when all I did was standing up for myself
>very chatty, extroverted and opinionated in new school
>realized when males behaved in the same way I did they were really popular and well liked while I had a little amount of "friends" and was called an attwhore even by teachers
>at-risk behaviour my whole middle and high school experience
>mfw finally expelled
>parents bribed the principal and I was able to graduate
>no friends after that
>my whole teenagehood parents refused to let me participate in hobbies I was interested in because they were afraid I was going to end up a lesbian
>teen years spend staying inside playing video games and watching tv
>adult and able to do what I feel like it
>go online and realize people see women interested in masculine hobbies as lesbians or pick mes pretenting so they get dick
>get discouraged and do nothing besides staying inside playing vydia, watching tv, reading feminist theory and developing an alcohol addiction
>parents started treating me like scum after my 14th birthday
>abusive relationship with them since that
>major social anxiety as I repeatedly fail to connect to others and assume that if I am myself around other people I will be met with hostility
>very angry when I leave my house and sometimes have IED episodes
>end up in crystal cafe

Anonymous 249461

id love to befriend you nona

Anonymous 249466

Being into niche music or interest subcultures (or anime), especially in the 00's with budding Web 2.0… you either ended up on a bbcode forum or the newfangled image board 4chan. 4chan provided anonymity that many take for granted these days. It's been really cool to see communities like CC sprout up now that imageboards have pretty much become their own subculture, even if it had to happen a long time after I was a teenager.

Anonymous 249470


>edgy kid
>discover 4chan at 15
>that will make me cool >:) lololol
>internalized misogyny ensues, id as ftm for a while
>already knew of crystal cafe but only start seriously using at 18
>start using rablr
>I'm happy
>still have weird interests so I continue to use cc

Anonymous 249483

>chronically online since young age, found many niches in the internet
>liked to watch conspiracy theories videos, never believed in 95% of them
>not girly, but also not tomboyish
>interested in history and military stuff, found a nationalist group about usual geopolitical and historical things
>artistfag, enjoys cartoons and soon found internet communities about it
>interest in yaoi and fanfictions that started early teens
>always knew what IBs were, but only had interest in using them in late teens

Even with all the fandom bullshit, being on female dominated spaces was a good experience for me.

Anonymous 249502

>familial abuse
>mental instability, parents not believing there's something wrong with me and refusing to take me to a specialist besides 1 (one) session every 5 months at a neurologist (who obviously couldn't find anything since it wasn't the 'tism)
>as the consequence of the above, bullying throughout all the different schools i've changed. i went to a total of 5 different ones
>discovered a local imageboard at 12, 4chan at 13. due to having a good grade in english (ESL) i could read whatever's on 4chan easily and blend in despite being underage
>search for altchans

Anonymous 249506


>bullying throughout all the different schools i've changed. i went to a total of 5 different ones

Yeah, switching schools doesn't help with getting away from bullying. I tried that twice, even changed to a school in a different country, and still eventually ended up getting bullied at every new school I would switch to as well. Bullies are universal. The only thing that can help deter them is standing up for yourself verbally, or as a last resort - physically.

Anonymous 249507

i stood up a lot, both verbally and physically, in elementary but it didn't work and only gave the bullies more power to humiliate me "since i can't control myself and my actions" so i gave up

Anonymous 249508


Kids are just assholes so, if the school won't do anything either, you'll just have to tough it out in that case until it is over. I did and bullies eventually grew sick of picking on me, moving onto someone else. For some reason or another, it didn't happen at all anymore by the time I started high school. Then college - bullying tends to be almost nonexistant during this period. At least not by random people you are not even close to and don't even know by name, like I was in middle school.

People say bullying happens in the workplace too, but then I think a huge advantage of work over school is that people have more freedom to choose where they work than where they go to school. Also more rights - like sueing for harrassment. If you're not full-time working age or in college yet, you should at least hold out until then.

Anonymous 249509

Yeah, nothing is the best action but still people will bother you even if you don't react. I also agree with >>249508 people stopped trying to mess with me once I got in high school but sometimes I still got gossiped about. It kind of is annoying, even if you don't try to make a fuss or blend in as much you still get picked on for being the quiet kid.

Anonymous 249767

>gen z who grew up with unrestricted access to the internet
>grew up watching anime but wouldn’t call myself a weeb
>lack of hygiene growing up so no male friends/interest
>posted frequently in femcel spaces in

Anonymous 249773

I'm not a girl I'm a 37 yo woman. I really enjoyed pinkpill, gender critical and (light)fds on Reddit. This boards energy is the closest thing to those places as far as I know. I haven't been able to find anything similar since then. Reddit is pure shit now.

I also used to be a part of some great internet communities when I was younger. Trying to fill that void has been bizarre to say the least. I never though I would end up posting on an image board.

Anonymous 249780

Thank you nona, you're sweet.

Anonymous 249796

>all rl scenes are full of male troons and their handmaidens
>want to be apart of art scenes but cant due to above
>found this site via tumblr, as well as lolcow

been here ever since I guess.

Anonymous 249805

>use 4chan and toxic internet spaces since age 12
>get groomed by weirdos met on said spaces
>poor social skills and no friends, internet makes it worse since I use it as a crutch instead of touching grass

Anonymous 250549

> millennial that never hung out in online spaces much growing up
> normie enough to go to punk shows but too autist to enjoy social media
> settle down and focus more on career / appreciate rural quiet and solo hobbies
> start to lurk ancient lolcow threads along with obsessively reading reviews on direct to dvd horror movies and military history
> lurk between meetings at stressful job and smile when i see gen z hating scrotes
> realize i’ve joined my first “online community” at 35

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