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Ethics of adoption Anonymous 178881

Adoption is obviously an important thing in any society, but some people are so fast to show their support for it that they ignore some obvious issues around it just because they're uncomfortable to talk about. Lets have a conversation about these things, I'll start.

One situation I think about kind of a lot is this girl back in high school who told me her family had adopted a group of "cute" Guatemalan children (which I believe were biologically related to one another), and just wanted to show everyone pictures of them smiling and shit without having much of anything to say about them as people or the practicalities of the situation. What really got me is how casually she brought it up, like the adoption was just some fun little event in her mind. She didn't seem to find anything unhealthy in situation where a family with a white 16 year old daughter (with some obvious mental issues) mail orders a fucking bundle of brown 5 year olds that they're supposed to act like they care about just as much as her.

I really see that as a 'pick your abuse' kind of situation. Either the parents are going to fail to treat the "cute" adoptees fairly and with the respect they would give their older daughter, or they will succeed and now all of a sudden this only child with issues has had her parents' attention for her cut down to a fraction and she can't say anything about how much that hurts her for fear of being called racist or whatever.

I think it's very questionable to adopt at all when you already have biological children, but that's just a ridiculous fucking move. I really wonder what kind of parents would be willing to do something like that.

Anonymous 178889

The same ones that would bring children into this hellscape of an earth anyway. You're a loon in general if you want to have kids
Most parents are nuts to some degree with or without adopted kids

Anonymous 178892

And honestly how many kids are crazy accidents. Or young mothrr accidents external and immediate family coerced the mother to keep and raise in really God awful resentful circumstances? How many parents hate being parents ? Probably 50% of kids are accidents. Do you know how much planning and money and commitment goes into adoption? All families are some degree of crazy though there is simply no escaping that or getting rid of the wild human error factor. It is what it is

Anonymous 178916

I know that I really want kids but don't wanna get pregnant so I'm gonna do it anyway. Also I'm scared of taking care of a young baby cause I'm super forgetful and would probably leave him in a hot car. But I hear it can be super unethical because christian adoption agencies will like, trick women in 3rd world countries into giving up their babies so that way they can have moar converts. There's a lot of shady dealings and fucked up connections between christian religious groups and adoption organizations, I read a really good article about it once so I'll have to find find that to post here.

Anonymous 179074

>But I hear it can be super unethical because christian adoption agencies will like, trick women in 3rd world countries into giving up their babies so that way they can have moar converts
So what? You're going to be the one raising the kid, so just don't raise it christian.

Anonymous 179099

As a 3rdie trust me, you would be doing that kid a huge favor. But also if you get a kid from there it's pretty much guaranteed that it molested or physically abused, so be ready to raise a traumatized child.

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