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Trends you hate Anonymous 179356

What are some trends that you dislike? Can be fashion, social, media (movies/music), etc…

Anonymous 179363

Super hero movies. Bring back normal movies please.

Anonymous 179364

modern pop music: mumble c/rap, mumble basic pop, mumble ukelele or lofihiphopbeats bedroom pop
why are they all sleeping
also, somewhat related, I hate new sincerity - from my view it's all about being a hypocrite, while thinking that you are above everything

Anonymous 179432

kpop and vtuber

Anonymous 179442

Zoomer tiktok talk like chile, BRO, it's giving, hell naw, bussin, goofy ahh etc, i can't take it anymore.

Anonymous 179447

>Any trend from TikTok ever
>People using culinary buzzwords like "umami". (Also umami isn't even an adjective. lul)
>Guys walking around with saggy pants.
>Girls walking around in large, baggy shirts but extremely short shorts. It looks like they're not even wearing any pants underneath and just walking around in one very large t-shirt. Looks whorish. You go like this to bed or to the beach, not at places like school. I see this alot where I am for some reason.
>Ripping out eyebrows and drawing fake ones on. Or threading your eyebrows. Literally what.

Anonymous 179457

Hating on attention seekers? Like what is so incredibly bad about us? You could say some attention seekers do bad stuff to get attention. Some people do bad stuff in order to get rich and yet the desire to get rich isn't as demonized and is largely understood. We could also do helpful stuff just because we want attention. I'm pretty active in my community partially because I genuinely want to help and partially because I like the attention and the company it brings. You can pretty much take advantage of someone being an attention-seeker and channel it into something helpful

Anonymous 179470

The "sex positive" movement. Zoomers acting hypersexual on TikTok causing all these obnoxious porn terms like "mommy milkers" to trend.

Anonymous 179477

calling other girls whorish is cringe. what are you, male?

you can discuss women's clothing without using misogynistic slurs.

Anonymous 179490

she sounds like an uppity highschool NLOG.

Anonymous 179493

I created this trend to talk about trends you hate, not moralfagging and tone policing. If you're convinced it's a moid just report, don't shit up the thread.

Anonymous 179495


>>misogynistic slurs

Go back to your dying birdsite.

Anonymous 179496

where i am from it is mostly women who complain about how slutty other women dress, especially old ladies will openly shame slutty looking girls and none of the guys complain because they like looking. when my family would go to the market together my mom would always comment on how like whores some of the girls look and she would yell at my dad for looking lol. i always thought that was the norm, but maybe not so much where you live?

Anonymous 179497


In the U.S. women will literally go to the grocery store in their pajamas. That would be completely humiliating to do where I come from. >>179490 >>179477 So believe it or not, in places other than the West, society still actually has standards for how women dress in public.

Anonymous 179510

>Or threading your eyebrows
What's weird about it? It's just another way to pluck them.

Anonymous 179512

i usually dont bother bringing this us up anymore because i always get yelled at, but since this is a trends you hate thread i will say it. i really hate the idea that certain interests and opinions on the world are just owned by men, and if you like any of that stuff you are brainwashed or just retarded. i was always more of a tomboy and got teased for doing boy stuff by other girls, and since like the past few years i noticed a lot of anger towards women who dont completely conform to one view of women. it's like you're not a real woman if you think this thing, and you only think it because your husband thinks it, and if it isnt that then you are just literally stupid and dont know any better. it's so condescending and even bringing it up gets so many online girls to come and curse you.

Anonymous 179518



Oh, damn. I'm fucking stupid. I don't know why I wrote threaded. I meant braided. Beauty trends are just weird.

Anonymous 179519

WTF is that? Thank god I am an autist so I never see dumb shit like this.

Anonymous 179549

This looks like Photoshop, how would that even work irl?

Anonymous 179550

wow how do people do that, im just fascinated at this point

Anonymous 179551

You're on the wrong website too.

Anonymous 179568

Me too anon, i struggle with being around other women for this reason.

stop derailing

Anonymous 179580


Anonymous 179996

Listing mental illnesses in profile online, putting pronouns and it's almost always 'they/them', everyone accepting polyamory (srsly wtf come down to earth it's just sleeping around)

Go back to lolcow and continue to derail every thread there with your obsession with America. No one here cares that you hate women for being comfortable and not getting glammed up to go run to the supermarket. Aren't you bored yet?

Anonymous 179999


what are you on about?

Anonymous 180001

lol, if you want to be a slob that's fine, but you don't have to be upset that other people have standards.

Anonymous 180028


No one cares about America other than Americans. sneed

Anonymous 180030


the "lolita aesthetic" is kinda trashy to me tbh. its mainly filled with 14 y/o girls who romantisize pedophilic relationships and white supremacists

Anonymous 180033

muh romanticisation muh social justice omg stfu wtf does lolita have to do with white supremacy? idiot.

Anonymous 180040

Do you not go out or something? Everyone knows women go grocery shopping in pajamas and everyone knows and jokes

Anonymous 180041

Are you that stupid or just trying to bait random posts?

Anonymous 180042

no i just think that post is retarded. here's a trend i hate: stringing together random buzzwords and political jargon just to say that you don't like something. you don't need to morally justify yourself for hating something, stop being a pussy and just say it like it is.

Anonymous 180046

women who have spent too much time on 4chan to the point they adopted gross male vocabulary, buzzwords etc.

Anonymous 180048

Takes the same amount of effort to put on jeans as it does athleisure wear or any other pants except ones comfier for some people. Wow such high standards. I can imagine you sneering at every girl at the grocery store who isn't wearing a dress and heels.

Can you not read? The original poster randomly bitched about american women not getting dressed up to go shopping. They are clearly obsessed and so are you.

Nice upvote. What's up with all the bitchiness in here? Is lolcor here?

Totally agree just like what's happening itt.

Anonymous 180049

lol, i've never been on twitter.

i get that it's annoying and comes off like someone correcting someone else's grammar, but it's not something trivial. it's not really about morals either. you have no idea how much you're shooting yourself in the foot when you use "whorish" and other similar words that men created to define women. if you define women by using "whorish," you're also defining yourself in relation to it, by implicitly or explicitly saying, "i am not a whore. unlike them." all i'm saying is you're better off not thinking about yourself (and others) the way a man would.

we came to this board to get away from males for a reason, didn't we?

anyway, going back to the thread, i hate the alpha male dating advice that's become trendy for males to share with other males.

Anonymous 180055

no anon, don't you see how whorish it is if you wear baggy comfortable clothing anywhere?? having the freedom to wear what you want as a woman without being judged is too sloppy and american-like!

no but seriously, i think that anon hates herself and cares too much what strangers think of her

Anonymous 180060



>I can imagine you sneering at every girl at the grocery store who isn't wearing a dress and heels.

Yeah, I'm sneering at that alright.

Anonymous 180062

Kek ok well those are pretty silly cookie monster ones. No one other than you is having a superiority complex over looking like a drag queen while shopping though.

Anonymous 180064

Slay her, kween.

Anonymous 180073

What about korean barbeque? I always found it delicious.

Anonymous 180091

>Men growing out beards to hide their jawline
Stop trying to appear masculine, its not going to gain positive attention

Anonymous 180098

people used to get well dressed when they left the house and okay we can't expect people to wear their best clothes but wearing your pajamas and some stained oversized shirt with fuzzy bunny slippers is just disgusting and disrespectful to everyone including yourself. you are not meant to be that comfortable in public, it's not your living room couch. people who think like you, in terms of why should i have to do this or why can't i do this to be comfortable are the same types of people who litter and cut in line, and when people do that society falls apart. is that what you want? are your little nemo clownfish crocs worth the destruction of our civilization?

Anonymous 180119

Calling everything and everyone "toxic" then acting like you just reinvented psychoanalysis.
Srsly, it's nothing but a buzzword by now.

Anonymous 180126

the "coquette/dolette/waif" stuff, it feels so backwards and it spawned the retarded "the feminine/masculine" urge meme that is just straight up gender stereotyping, no different than the shitty "girls vs boys" memes.
also it romanticises eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa

Anonymous 180151

Screenshot 2022-11…

i hate every article of women's clothing being either cropped, bodycon, or high waisted. it's annoying and tacky, especially jeans that go all the way up to your ribs like picrel

Anonymous 180152

Screenshot 2022-11…

i just generally dislike tacky bbl/insta baddie type stuff, it's been done to death and is both annoying looking and impractical. i see people dress like this to school as if it's the club.

Anonymous 180179

I agree, it's so hard to find normal looking women's clothes now, they're either super oversized and boxy or miniscule and cropped or high waisted.

Anonymous 180183

>i see people dress like this to school as if it's the club.
I went to a Catholic school in Europe and we weren't even allowed to wear tanktops or short pants kek

Anonymous 180187


>be me
>shop for some winter tops
>browse clothing racks
>spot a nice-looking top
>pull it out
>it's cropped
>pull another one out
>fuck it's also cropped
>rinse and repeat a hundred times

Anonymous 180200

Not sure if that can be considered a trend but oversharing on social media seems to be getting worse since short videos have been popular.
I spent way too much time on watching Instagram reels lately and it's been absolutely offputting. People film themselves crying, sobbing or having a mental breakdown while telling a (sometimes fake) story with very private details. They make reels about their most intimate, embarrassing, nasty moments just to complain about how bad their life is. Then they get thousands of likes, who knows how many people have watched the reel.
I would kind of understand it if it was dumb teenagers making those videos but so often they are in their late 20s or older. Do they feel no shame at all?

At least this made me limit my Instagram use a lot.

Anonymous 180226

so true, and people posting private moments of their children is really gross to me. youtube recommended me one those short videos and it was some redneck woman painting her daughters room pink (a color she didnt like) as a punishment, while berating her and like 2 other people also berating her while the girl sat on her bed and cried. they mentioned she had stolen something but imagine feeling like your whole family and now the internet is against you and you are being punished in front of everyone, like what the hell are people thinking anymore? if something like that happened to me as a kid i would have severe trust issues and anxiety going forward.

Anonymous 180239


>Soap brows
They're fucking ugly and look unnatural. Equally as bad as that trend a couple years ago where brows where drawn thick as possible
>fillers, botox, and plastic surgery look
Just looks ugly and unnatural and I hate how it's becoming more normalized. Women who get these have cheekbones that look weirdly more defined and puffy. Lips look swollen. Noses looks extremely tiny like someone squeezed it too hard. Nose jobs can actually look good but there's just something about these trendy nose jobs that look uncanny

Anonymous 180242


I know Youtube vloggers have tended to this alot. People like Onision, Trisha Paytas, Shane Dawson, Cry/ChaoticMonki (At least when his crazy ex-girlfriend came into the picture), have practically created documentaries of themselves because of chronic oversharing. Now that I'm older it definitely makes me uncomfortable just how much people online air their dirty laundry. Your fanbase isn't your personal therapist. Their needs to be a clear creator/fan boundary. They don't need to know about all the drama happening in your life.

Anonymous 181621

well, there are people with really weird noses out there, they look like a nosejob, but they are natural
but face fillers, lip fillers especially, are often visibly unnatural, you always can tell

Anonymous 181655

Is your picture supposed to be an example of someone who got fillers or plastic surgery done? To me it honestly looks like typical Instagram make-up on natural features. I really can't tell if an influencer has had something done on their faces or not.

Anonymous 181661

(Damn, she does have genuinely beautiful eyes, though. dem colors)

Anonymous 181676


I mean those fake noses that resemble michael jackson's (his is more on the extreme side). You can tell by the button of their nose when it looks kinda squashed. I've never seen a natural nose look that. Only nose jobs
>Is your picture supposed to be an example of someone who got fillers or plastic surgery done?
Basically yeah. All influencers these days have work done. The pic I used is more on the natural side so it's not that bad but still her features are weird like her cheeks and lips. Too much work done and these girls just end up resembling the bogdanoff twins and I'm tired of people pretending that this is attractive

Anonymous 181823

Any sexual trend on tiktok
I also hate when something I like becomes trendy. But I don't stop liking the thing itself

Anonymous 181824

men don't complain about women dressing for their pleasure

Anonymous 181827

They very much do, talking about how modern women are whores that show their tits at the drop of a hat or $. But yeah, they still jack off to it because they're hypocrites

Anonymous 181834

This is true, but if you're not going to put on pants don't get mad when you catch people getting an eye full of your butt cheeks. You're in public.

Anonymous 181836

True. Unfortunately only immature people really care about this. Let people talk. They don't know you. Are you selling your self on the corner? If you are is it anyone's business anyway?

Anonymous 181838


>How has the sweatpants guy not been banned yet?

Are you talking about me? Because if you were, you'd know those weren't sweatpants and no one ever mentioned anything about sweatpants.

>They're obviously a moid, from their typing style, their irrational moid-like methods of justification, and their borderline political obsession with women's clothing.

I know you want so badly for anyone you to disagree with on here to be a male, but not going to happen. You waste your time schizo'ing about who is a maleposter and who isn't and you can't even get it right at all. I've never even mentioned anything political about women's clothing anywhere else. Your ilk is the reason actual women are feeling increasingly uncomfortable posting here.

On that note, a trend I also hate is

>Sounds like something a covert narcissist would say smdh.

People using "narcissist" without having any fucking clue what one is.

Anonymous 181987

I hate all trends.

Anonymous 182759

Hate how young lesbians, or whoever else is doing it, refer to lesbians as "gay".
You don't hear gays calling themselves "lesbian" now do you?
Makes me cringe. I blame twitter and … Well, I don't want this to be another terf thread.

Anonymous 183200


Anonymous 183236

I'm even more tired of every single SSA woman near me calling themselves queer and having some sort of nonbinary gender identity. What happened to lesbians and bi women being proud of who they are?

Anonymous 183250


Americans are collectively mentally ill, and this needs to be pointed out at every given opportunity to prevent their mind AIDS from spreading


Anonymous 183276


the current bbl trend
not only does it look fucking heinous, i'd say it's probably worse in terms of unrealistic standards than the 2014 tumblr thinspo era
>literally undergoing the procedure with the highest post-op mortality + botching rate to please moids who only see ass (secretly not so secretly gay)
>just freakish in general

Anonymous 183277

>ass men are actually gay
what a take

Anonymous 183281

>moids who only see ass
yes thats called faggotry

Anonymous 183296

mommy milkers is a 4chan term been around for years

Anonymous 183297

Why has all this emphasis on ass skyrocketed for the past few decades?

Anonymous 183302

Anonymous 183303

One factor is definitely that the average weight has gone up and people have gotten more tolerant of being overweight, so you have more girls with big butts and no one telling you there is something wrong with it.

Anonymous 183306


Anonymous 183308

since no one else said it, i think it's because of black culture.

Anonymous 183309

I agree, that must be it. Because of that "Baby Got Back" video and ass eating memes from Black Twitter. And since American black culture is hip and cool, it spread to everywhere else.

Anonymous 183311


>for the past few decades

Anonymous 183338

i've heard the recovery for getting a bbl is horrendous, i saw video of a woman on a plane who flew out to another country to get the procedure and she couldn't even sit AT ALL in the car or on the plane, she basically had to be carted around on her stomach.

I don't think appeasing pornsick moids or trying to look good in shitty shein BBL fashion is worth any of this, let alone dealing with the potentially worse complications that come with it.

Anonymous 183342

dang it, this triggered the memory of the pornstar whose fake breast exploded, and she showed it at the hospital waiting room while crying. i don't even remember where i saw it but it was disturbing. i can't understand extreme plastic surgery.

Anonymous 183343

Sophie Anderson? yeah, that was fucked. I don't understand it either. She went waaaaay too overboard with it.

Anonymous 183345

i tried looking up the name you said but it was just porn i could find so i'm not looking anymore, but it was an older bimbo type like that. her breast was just gone and there were just some skin flaps with a gaping hole left. so gross

Anonymous 183349

Which dumb new surgery would you rather get, BBL or leg lengthening surgery?

Anonymous 183355

nta but if i had to it would be legs so i can reach things without needing a chair to stand on lol

Anonymous 183381

leg lengthening is for insecure moidlets

Anonymous 183417

I hate all trends to be honest, especially the whole "y2k" one

Anonymous 184176

the trend of black french tips instead of white. it just looks like nail grime.

Anonymous 184675


The trend of makeup's change. Now, if you don't put on over ten layers of makeup, you're "lazy" and "doing it wrong". The trend of women shaving their pubic regions completely bald. Just who the fuck are these women trying to impress? They're dating the wrong males. The trend of trannies having more rights. They don't deserve air. Enough said. The trend of parents letting their children badmouth them, or act like miniature neanderthals. Get off the phone and raise your children. The trend of black women "divesting". Yes to black women realizing that black males are typically worthless, No to black women thinking that white males are going to "save" them. Black women need to learn that men are men, and that they can live without them. The trend of mukbangs. Stop promoting diets that lead to obesity. The trend of males demanding more empathy and societal breaks. Males contribute to 90% of their own, and the world's problems. No empathy for them. The trend of hypersexualization. Put your private parts away and find a better self-esteem. The trend of people projecting human intellect to their animals, or equating animals to children. This should be classified as a mental illness.

Anonymous 184712

this! and don't get me started on the green french tip trend. either looks like nail grime or someone sodomized shrek with their bloody fingers.

Anonymous 184713


i hate minimalist interior design. i don't know if it's a trend or becoming the norm nowadays but i really fucking hate it.

by no means am i a maximalist or whatever, but i'd probably be miserable coming home from a long day to a home that resembles a barren, sterile, child psychologist's waiting room.

I hate that shopping centers have followed suit with it too, not to sound like a massive nostagliafag but i miss when malls and shopping centers had character looked more fun.

Anonymous 186357


Easier to clean

Anonymous 186622

Vtubers. Their designs are hideous and the people who voice them are attention-seekers who are too insecure to show their face.

Anonymous 186687

Right? The designs are always so incredibly busy and filled with unnecessary detail from head to toe. And they are all for coomers too.

Anonymous 186757

>women love cute animals because they want kids
In scrotes dreams. Womb envy kek.

Anonymous 186784


Came here to post lip fillers. I think Blaire White is a fantastic example of how gross and weird they can look.

Anonymous 187676



Anonymous 187682

canada is nice.jpe…


Anonymous 187687



Anonymous 187691


I HATE ABSURD SHOPERS (and the moids who fall for it)

Anonymous 187692



Anonymous 188061

I don't care if i get banned for this because im using the computers at my school. i'm so angry at my classmates rn. we are taking our exams through our final exam through the school computers that have internet access. It is becoming abundantly clear that they only passed the last 2 years through cheating. They keep shamelessly asking me for answers and googling up answers when the teachers aren't looking. They act like im a bitch for not sharing the information i actually toke the time to learn. I know school system sucks but how do you live with yourself knowing every success you've had isn't truely yours. I hate the normalization of cheating, not just through exams but literally every other aspect. Like projects and assignments.

Anonymous 188156

It’ll come back to bite them when they get jobs and it becomes abundantly clear that they have no idea what to do.

Anonymous 188159


They're forced to be in a system they likely don't want to be in. You make it out as if they chose to enroll and are now violating sacred duties. They were forced to enroll, and now are trying to avoid the shame, punishment and humiliation they will be forced to endure if they fail.

Btw, I don't cheat, won spelling bee in grade as a kid etc, just pointing out that you're not realizing the situation they're in. It's cool that you like school, a lot of people really don't feel the same way.

Anonymous 188178

This. To be honest, I want to go to college to become a Librarian or work in a field that allows me to work with storing and organizing information. To do that, I must get a degree in Library Sciences. That is something I'm willing to study and work hard it since it's my passion and what I desire. However, to get to that point I am forced to go through a bunch of hoops to even get close to that. Those hoops are exhausting have have ZERO to do with the actual field I want to go in or goals I want to achieve, I don't understand anything and it's completely worthless to me. But I'm forced to go through it without even a clear reason other than "you just need to" so of course I'm not going to put in effort and get it done as fast and efficient as possible if it personally doesn't relate or help me in my actual passions and goals.

Anonymous 188184

i don't even like school either but if people like these can't even be bothered to putting the slightest bit of effort on something insignificant as a test, who's to say what they'll do in the future? It takes a lot of practice to be this comfortable with cheating and it will take a lot more to get out of that habit.

Anonymous 188195

Queer as an alt subculture. The only thing that makes you "queer" is being attracted to the same sex, not having a furry fetish and self-diagnosed autism

Anonymous 188196

Plot twist, she's actually Angela from The Office

Anonymous 188198

Anonymous 188768

Live action

Anonymous 189380


It's probably because I'm an Elder Zoomer, but the resurgence of 2000's culture and fashion really fucking hurts to watch. It barely even resembles fashion from the time and makes me feel like shit about my body just like it did when I was 8. Watching the OG iPhone and DSi become retro tech probably isn't helping though.

90's kids, I'm sorry for appropriating your culture when I was a teen. I know how you feel now and it's ANCIENT! Please make it end.

Anonymous 189600

Same, I used to be pretty open about my sexuality but not anymore because of this.
I always feel like an angry grandma when I see someone wearing mid rise and calling it low rise but it irritates me so much.

Anonymous 189677

I've seen that and also late 90s fashion in my city and I was actually impressed with the accuracy. Here they're actually doing it well and picking trends that actually look good. Move here.

Anonymous 189720

anon are you me? I feel the exact same way

Anonymous 189836


a lot of what i hate has been covered in this thread

1. i hate that popular music has been whittled down to pop and pop rap
2.i hate cape shit, super hero movies need to die
3. i hate the extreme moral policing of both the right and left wing, whether it be a woke sjw or trad evangelical
4. i hate "spicy straights" who call themselves queer or non binary but really all it means is they got a bad hair cut
5. k pop

Anonymous 189867

“Rizz” “the grip reaper”

Anonymous 189885

What does rizz mean? I have no idea what half the stuff people online are even saying nowdays and I'm not esl

Anonymous 189989

Ability to charm women

Anonymous 190149

Charisma, such an awful awful slang.
I hate this grip shit so much. It’s so coomery and places the responsibility on the vagina to pleasure skinny death-gripped dick. No wonder straight girls can’t cum.

Anonymous 191535

Anytime I hear a moid saying anything about grip or loose vaginas, it just lets me know he has a porn addiction because he can’t get off without deathgripping his penis and doesn’t understand female anatomy. More women need to stop capitulating to these retards who serve no purpose and can’t please them properly. Even a vibrator is leagues better. Message to all: love yourself and learn how to get yourself off.

Anonymous 202205

>meme is transparently a deliberate product of corporate think tanks/marketing firms, and is very obviously botted
>zoomers start adopting and spreading it around themselves anyway.

Anonymous 202215


Oh yeah, how can I forget this one:
I fucking HATE this little shit, and his pathetic music and all the trends he's set.
>hey remember when music was about you know… sounding cool? BYE BYE TO THAT BITCH! Now it's just about expressing that you payed attention to the boring parts of band class!

>Go to club in university town in 2014

>plenty of garage bands playing fun, weird, energetic music that's actually engaging to see in person.
>everybody is having fun whether they're drunk or just there for the music. People dressing up all sorts of crazy weird ways.

>Go to club in university town now

>one guy with a macbook and little percussion instruments, one guy with an acoustic guitar or electric bass, and one guy with a saxophone all playing either really boring funk music or ABSURDLY boring jazz music, or if you get really unlucky: radio disney tier pop songs but with a part where the lower time signature number multiplies by 1.5 after each bar, or some shit.
>People are either completely ignoring it or they're the other music students and they're going beatlemania as the guy plays the cowbell in a reggae 7/8 while rapping polyrhythmically at the same time.
A friend of mine calls this type of shit "berkleecringe" and I can't think of a more fitting name.

Anonymous 206611

As I was browsing tiktok I realized how many talented and funny women are on it, they talk about things outside of makeup and community drama. I have a love-hate relationship with tiktok but I was sad when I noticed that. It's hard to track down most tiktokers compared to youtubers.

Apparently I can't put embed youtube shorts

Anonymous 206685

Influencer fashion trends, namely Aritzia and the other ugly brands that the demonic company owns. Even A&F looks like this now. Ugly, all cropped, brown/beige, made for instagram merchandise. Just pure garbage. I hate how influencer fashion has subsumed the industry. I just want a basic non cropped grey long sleeve FUCK.

Anonymous 206738

I discovered a few tik tokers that had me in stitches recently. It's a tightrope using that fucking app because it's just so overloaded with drivel.

Anonymous 206841

change the url from "shorts/" to "watch?v=" and then you can embed it

Anonymous 206860


I hate reddit. Just everything about reddit.

I hate normalisation of white man and asian woman relations. Majority of those men are predators and should be shamed.

I hate timothee chalamet.

Anonymous 207538

Electronic music. Takes no skill nor time to compose, sounds awful, all people who only listen to electronic music tend to be unbearable normies

Anonymous 207539

Are you talking about stuff like EDM or House music? Electronic music has been around for a while and I doubt people who listen to stuff like Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream are normies (although maybe unbearable kek)

Anonymous 207541

kill yourself, bet you’re also one of those lewronggeneration fags

Anonymous 207542

proving me right by being unbearable?

all of it I do not know the subgenres, although phonk is the worst cause its trendy atm

Anonymous 207544

>all of it I do not know the subgenres
kek, maybe if you researched you'd find at least one genre of electronic music that you'd like and that "taek muh skill" if you like that pretentious shit so much

Anonymous 207545


Go back musiclet. I bet you're one of those people that insists on listening only to vinyl.

Anonymous 207546

Is this even a trend, most of the civilized world prefers electronic music.

Anonymous 207547

I used to think this too, then I discovered new wave and rave. How can you have an opinion if you don't even listen to it?

Anonymous 207549

I don't listen to it cause I do not like it. Like sure, I could find you an electronic song here or there that I like, but as a whole the genre is garbage. How many people that do not like metal/punk do you think actually listen a lot to such music until they find some subgenre they like? They heard a few songs here and there and did not bother after that

Anonymous 207553

People taking pictures and posting every single sandwich they eat or boardgame they play online.

Fake nails and lashes. I don't get why anyone thinks either looks good. Or I don't know, maybe people are wearing some very realistic and subtle ones that look great but whenever I see someone visibly sporting them it looks bad. Especially the nails, I hate long nails in general.

Anonymous 207565


Anonymous 207573

IDK who started it but the kardashian eyebrow trend with the fade near the nose bridge. I miss natural looking eyebrows.

I loved mid rise jeans but now everything is skinny and high waisted.

Anonymous 207610

Putting blush on your nose. JUST STOP. It doesn't make anybody cute, it just amkes you look alregic and punchable.

Anonymous 207613

it is cute though… :(

Anonymous 207635

You didn't say 'I don't like it' you said it requires no talent, is shit by default and the people who listen to it are retarded (?) kek, I don't give a shit what you like and don't like but don't be so uppity about it. You sound like you're 13 and just discovered Green Day.

Anonymous 207653

Nta, but nah

Anonymous 207689

People do that? I thought it was just a Tumblr art thing.

Anonymous 207779

I do all these things because it makes life more fun

Anonymous 207811

Plastic surgery is really common where I live and I constantly feel the pressure to “fix” some of features.

Anonymous 207839

I hate how selfish people have become. If everything isn't serving their comfort, mental hulth, immediate wants, or general laziness at every moment they come up with every pedantic excuse under the sun to pretend it's the devil.

Anonymous 208118

It makes you look like an alcoholic.

Anonymous 208120

these ultra-bright white and gray fluorescent lighted minimalist interiors filled with ikea furniture!! ugly!!! the fact that this seems to be what the default influencer dwelling looks like now makes me hate it even more

Anonymous 208122

>implying influencers are people to begin with

Anonymous 208135

they are not therefore they should not be emulated

Anonymous 208196

This and that everything needs to be monetized now instead of just doing it for the sake of fun.

Anonymous 208431

Electronic music is super diverse. The hash sounding stuff like splittercore is good fun.

Anonymous 208437

Main reason the internet sucks now

Anonymous 208447

Same trend IRL: the decline of "third places" (places that are neither work nor home) started in the 1980s in the US.
See Robert D. Putnam's Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community
Likewise, nowadays there are little to no places which are neither monetized (work) or totally private (home) on the Internet. There used to be lots.

Anonymous 208538

A little late, but agreeing with everyone else that electronic music is super diverse. There's a lot of electronic music that's really quite artsy, while a lot of what's very mainstream (top 40 or near top 40) is samey and very often a bit trashy.
Try giving this a listen. It's rather jazzy and has a sound not unlike acoustic, despite being electronic. Even if it's not your thing, I hope it serves as decent proof that electronic music isn't all EDM, electro pop, and techno.

Anonymous 209522

-anything to do with tiktok
-youtube drama channels/commentary channels/anything to do with obsessing over what some other youtuber or celeb did wrong
-modern soulless, corporate youtube in general aka mr beast shit, youtube boxing, channels that feel more like tv than youtube
-hypersexuality in general aka everyone and their grandma having a fucking onlyfans, softcore porn tiktok content, horny shit all over twitter, people who think liking porn is a personality, every discord server having a porn channel
-pronouns in bio/mental illnesses in bio/political shit in bio, basically people with no personalities that need to substitute it with this shit
-anime fucking everywhere, lowest common denominator shit ofc (I saw Demon Slayer shit in literally every other store in my town God kill me)
-every movie being shit, every tv show being shit, every song being shit, pop culture being irredeemably shit in general
-political shit being completely inescapable
-trannies, genderqueer, NB, all that shit, and their myriad of aesthetic abomination flags

Probably a ton more things I cba to write out now

Anonymous 209523

Extremely long nails. I'm sorry, it always looks trashy to me, no matter the shape or color. Especially if it's obvious they're fake. I find the rectangular pale ones the most offensive to the eyes though.

Anonymous 209537

Yoga. I am sure it's beneficial, but people treat it as something profound.

Anonymous 209660

it's literally a religious practice, anon.

Anonymous 209661

Yoga is based, energizing, relaxing, and strengthens both the mind and body

Anonymous 209686

maybe this has been a thing forever, but i just recently started noticing websites using quirky language in their dialogue boxes like "whoa there hold your horses partner you don't have permission to do that" or "big yikes! looks like that account doesn't exist, womp womp." frick off you don't know me like that. i understand the person who made that decision thought it would be fun, but it just comes across as patronizing and unprofessional.

Anonymous 209699

Timothee Chalamet hype, I hate him and I refuse to watch dune because they cast him in it.

Anonymous 209704

It sure does. And its okay, you can say Tumblr, I hate when this happens too lol. Like "Woah there hold your horses partner, you can't just browse our site normally, you have to feed us your personal information from an email address that probably required a personal phone number!"
Like they disguise demanding "personal" info (unless you have an email that doesnt make you provide a phone) just to access their site under obnoxious quirkiness that sounds passive aggressive.

Anonymous 209707


Anonymous 209764


giphy has one hand wagging a finger at you and another one flipping you off. i mean come on, how is that not intentionally demeaning?

Anonymous 209835

what email address requires a phone number?

Anonymous 209965

- Reaction channels…. those people that will duet a tiktok of someones really creative, well thought out video and all the 'reactor' will be doing is fucking pointing at the video and nodding their head in agreeance. It makes me irate that some of these clowns get more views that the OP themselves!!

- Ed Sheeran I cannot fucking stand him, his looks, his music… too overplayed and seeing his face incites rage within.

- The oversharing shit on tiktok… I may be a late 90s zoomer but fuck me does any future employer want to vet you only to find you posted about 'the time my dog accidentally came in my ass while my entire family watched' or 'the time i was having sex with a guy and accidentally shit on him and his entire bed while his mum walked in' like this shit should not be shared on the internet with your face in it let alone told to a close friend.

Anonymous 209972

>The oversharing shit on tiktok… I may be a late 90s zoomer but fuck me does any future employer want to vet you only to find you posted about 'the time my dog accidentally came in my ass while my entire family watched' or 'the time i was having sex with a guy and accidentally shit on him and his entire bed while his mum walked in' like this shit should not be shared on the internet with your face in it let alone told to a close friend.

This made me laff my ass off, thanks nona.
Anyway the thing I hate the most in the world has got to be rap/hip-hop mostly because the lyrics are sexist and gross as fuck and the moids singing that garbage get away with it because they're black so no one can say anything to them.

Anonymous 209991

> if they design their external world some way their internal world will mirror it
i'm not into minimalism, but i'm pretty sure there is something to the concept of your environment/living space affecting your mood and how you function.

Anonymous 210000

I hate the trend going around on Tiktok, Tumblr, etc. in which Gen Z would obsess over fictional and real white men and call them "scrunklys" or "scrimbos" or whatever but do nothing but shit on fictional and real white women for "exerting white privilege" or "white woman tears". Like they are unusually vicious towards only white women in particular, seeming to give white men a pass for being "Karens" or whatever.

Anonymous 210001

>"scrunklys" or "scrimbos"
never heard of this, i must be getting old

Anonymous 210011

So true, no matter what 'progressive' people say, all of the identity politics rhetoric only applies to white women. Cultural appropriation and similar bullshit is only criticised in women, look at how Lana Del Rey was lambasted by the media and her "fans" for sharing her very moderate opinion on popular music. White women in the public eye are just supposed to shut up and sit pretty so that they can be "unproblematic". White male musicians can say whatever they want, but if a white woman does the same thing, it's a problem.

Anonymous 210014

Yeah, its a term of endearment that Gen Z fans of whatever tend to use. But almost always only towards male characters of course, they're never as protective over female characters.
Exactly, that's why I'm so skeptical of modern liberal politics. There's a weird kind of hostility/hatred and resentment in progressive circles only reversed for white women, where we have to walk on eggshells to appease everybody otherwise we're white feminist colonizers. Tiktok after tiktok gets released where white women are relentlessly shit on and patronized for simple things like enjoying acryllic nails without permission. And of course they're silent on and even get affectionate for white men like Bo Boham or whatever his name is, and never put the burden on them for the shit they do or go after them en masse. Notice how there's no male version of Karen? Or how in liberal feminism not including everybody under the sun in feminism, particularly troons aka usually white men is "white feminism"? But saying blatantly racist shit like if "If you can include black women in feminism you can include trans women", comparing black women to males is somehow not racist at all? These idiots now think the ebil white women bogeyman oppress white men, how is this progressive in anyway?

Anonymous 210021

Exactly, which is why I encourage all white women in this political climate to stop trying so hard to appease people all the time. Be yourself and fuck what anyone else has to say, life's too short to apologise and "take accountability" for existing.

Anonymous 210120

>Tumblrspeak like "silly little ____" "fruity" "girls and gays" etc
>Polyamory/"ethical non-monogamy" (I assume this counts because I've seen a huge increase in it on woque dating apps)

Anonymous 210180

Based. Every yoga instructor I've met has been incredibly out there, passive aggressive, and holier-than-thou. It's turned me off from wanting to try an in person class ever again.

Anonymous 210257

maybe you're right, but i would think that if you wanted to escape your thoughts you wouldn't want to be in a barren space with little to no stimuli, then all you have is your thoughts.

Anonymous 210263

I used to be a super lefty type and I just realized, you all just put into words why I'm so sick of liberal politics these days. It feels like no matter what, as a white liberal woman, you're expected to put in all of the work, bend over backwards to kiss everyone's ass and "HOLD SPACE" while at the same time, you're supposed to shut the fuck up and get out of the way because your experiences don't matter if you're white and "cisgender" because you're automatically privileged and therefore don't count. White lefty men never get this treatment, girls will joke about how they 'hate white men' but in the same breath talk about how hot they are and welcome in white male troons with open arms.

Anonymous 210297

Thank you, this was exactly the sentiment I tried to put into words. It was why I was always so exhausted back in my days of scrolling Twitter. If you were a "cis" white woman, you were automatically didn't belong, and you could never do enough to be accepted, never good enough, you always had to self flagelate and worship whatever the hot button minority was at the moment, especially if they are brave and stunning trannies.
I see this repeated on Tiktok where there are apologetic white women apologizing for being white but never apologetic white men.
I honestly feels like it burns a hole in intersectional feminism, because instead of the topic of how sexism and racism affects women in different ways being used to help us emphathize with each other, understand what the other is going through, and work together to solve misogyny in the unique ways it manifests in race, it instead pits women against each other with white women being blamed for the entirety of racism and women only being united on shitting on one particular subset of one, while of course never holding men to the same standards, and even inviting them in to shit on white women.
It feels so antifeminist, where all of a sudden men stop being the danger to women worldwide and petty appropriating "Karens" are the devil. It almost feels like a psyop with the way it makes women so deeply hate each other and themselves, too busy attacking each other to work together to fight back against patriarchy.
Guess sexism isn't a woke enough issue to care about anymore, guess focusing on helping women in third world countries trapped in misogynistic cultures like in Afganistan doesn't matter anymore when you can develop a superiority complex bashing other women who, due to female socialization, are taught just to sit and look pretty and take it.

Anonymous 210494

This was refreshing to read. Glad to not be the only one thinking about this. Shitting on everything a white woman does is not how you get allies.

Anonymous 210709

i hate the trend of everyone having a mental illness/disorder, more specifically autism and ADHD. pathologizing normal human quirks is so weird to me

Anonymous 211381

I feel this. I recently had a reel get popular for the sound and the number of people commenting about autism and whatever else is weird and offputting.
And the amount of men that feel like it's ok to sexually harass me in the comments is disgusting.
I've never had this amount of attention on the internet and I feel weird about it.

Anonymous 213078

The worst ones by far are DID LARPers.
I wouldn't even be complaining if their OCs were at least somewhat creative and entertaining, but you literally always get the most generic cookie-cutter anime tropes and "fictives" from the same handful of shitty children's cartoons. The lack of imagination honestly upsets me more than the fact that they are faking a disorder that is very likely to not even be real in the first place.

Anonymous 213081

>a disorder that is very likely to not even be real in the first place
this, i've never encountered any case that seemed at least somewhat believable

Anonymous 213512

tbh I hate when women try to do "oppression olympics" on the sexism we all face. If you think only one race of women or girls is victimized, groomed and trafficked by scrotes from certain cultures or religions, especially when it's pushed as a "jealousy game" (reinforcing the old scrote lie that you need to be attractive for men to take advantage of you instead of just within their grasp), you're part of the problem. It only aids men. Tired of seeing division and infighting pushed as good things in any context.

Anonymous 213998

Why did all of the posts get deleted?

Anonymous 214001

rule number 9

Anonymous 214550

Mindless kpop fans with their trash taste shitting up social media worse than the way sports scrotes do.

Anonymous 214572

kpop gf and sportsball bf is truly the match from hell

Anonymous 214607

encountered irl or online?

Anonymous 214801

>it's a bop (describing a song)
>normalize/stop normalizing
>stop romanticising [insert current thing here]
>poc/woc/bipoc instead of just saying the ethnicity you're referring to or 'minority'
>tiktok eyeliner idk how to describe it but i know you just imagined it

Anonymous 214929

It makes me kek when terminally-online retards in my country use this term because our "indigenous people" are either Neanderthals or decidedly not "of colour".

Anonymous 214940



"of color" is so retarded. White is a fucking color, last time I checked. As a matter of fact, it's all the colors combined but don't tell them that. They're going to lose their shit when they realize they've been using something that sounds 10x more racist because of that.

Anonymous 214959

"Person of color" takes as an assumption that white is the norm, the default, the standard, the baseline, the assumption to be made in reference to "person" hood. It is very strange that this term was picked up by many of the same individuals who otherwise identify problematic elements and toxic assumptions in settler culture.

Anonymous 215009

The buzzwords I hate most are
>the ick
because they sound so childish

Anonymous 215017


I want to coin pwc, person without color.

Anonymous 215018

Just so people parrot it obnoxiously like it had value to point out.

Anonymous 215122

I'll use it as a slur for people who only wear neutral colours.

Anonymous 215493

Anything Adrew Tte/manosphere related, the masculinity/femininity podcast topics, back and forth/polarization between men and women through generalizations. I still like learning about femininity in the powerful-destroyer type of way, but I hate those topics with a passion. Also, celebrity culture and the projection of lives onto celebrities. Who gives an F who Lor Harv* is dating? That doesn’t line my pockets….it’s not “empowering to me” LMAO

Nothing these celebrities do benefits me in any way so why should I care?

Anonymous 215505

why do you use asterisks it breaks your text and makes you look retarded

Anonymous 215640

I hate…
kleptotwt: I know anything related to the birdsite is appalling, however, I was surprised to find out there are teenagers teaching others how to steal useless garbage, makeup, Calico Critters and Sanrio stuff.
TikTok moves: the way they move and the faces they make are my biggest pet peeves. It's all so weird, robotic and uncanny.

Anonymous 215681

lmao tumblr had a whole shoplifting community back in the mid 2010s, nothing new under the sun

Anonymous 215682


Anonymous 215687

i really hate tiktok.

Anonymous 215771

All these live action shows based on video game franchises

Anonymous 215918

>everything is skinny and high waisted
Where the fuck do you live? Rural Albania?

Yeah TikTok eyeliner is so ugly. I see tons of girls wearing it in my area. It

Anonymous 221909


The cardigan as a boob shirt

Anonymous 221927

Is this a current trend? It gives me 90s vibes.

Anonymous 221933

Nta it's one of those trends from TikTok that you wont really see in the real world. A lot of these trends don't survive off social media (and thank God because this would look insanely bad outside)

Anonymous 221935

Do zoomers really not understand how trashy this looks? You look like a prostitute

Anonymous 221938

I'm so out of touch, i don't know what's trending irl, if anything.

Anonymous 221941

Thats probably why its a thing it's "sex appeal."

Anonymous 221942

1. The kardashian body/face type, its legitimately so ugly, they look like plastic sex dolls its hilarious.
2. The way a lot of people do makeup now, idk what to call it the egirl makeup? When they cake a million layers of foundation and highlighter and blush on their face, then do outlandish eyeliner and eyeshadow. All I can think is "doesn't it feel gross having a thick slab of grease on your face all the time?" and they look like clowns.
I would never wear that and I would frown on anyone who did in public but her boobs look hypnotizing in that pic

Anonymous 221954


I dont mind the egirl makeup as much. I do think some people over do it (like your example) and its become the ideal makeup for troons. I think when its done right it looks cute on some girls. Im just a sucker for the eyeliner.
I dont like it when women try to unironically do the "yass girl," or yassified makeup. I think it looks far too fake.
I like minimal/natural looking makeup.
I also hate fake nails that are too long.

Anonymous 221960

>"autism creature" (just look it up)
>the resurgence of tradwives
>literally any trend from tiktok tbh
>e-girl makeup
>bunny hat kid makeup

Anonymous 221962

wtf is "bunny hat kid" makeup can you post a pic

Anonymous 221963

>bunny hat kid makeup
i hate that i know what you're talking about, and the mental image made me cringe

Anonymous 221967



they would always call themselves "goth" or "scenemo"
they also always had a carrd

Anonymous 221974

is that Toni Collette

Anonymous 221978

so real i fucking hate autism creature and people who like it. so retardedly unfunny

Anonymous 221982

There is no resurgence of tradwives.

Anonymous 221983

It is, its her from Hereditary but run through a yassification filter. I didnt know how to search someone with the actual makeup and the image I chose was one of the first google results.
I know 3 people actually do their makeup like that at my work.

Anonymous 221984

There used to be a lot of them on Tumblr and Ive come across a few on twitter. I usually find them through cottagecore aesthetic blogs.

Anonymous 221988


spoiled text has an eating disorder mention

you'd be surprised theres a bunch of them on twitter and theyre all on edtwt

Anonymous 221997

i hate it when people associate traights like cartoonishness and being silly and fun with being nonbinary

i hate the larger trend of calling personality "gender" but this one pisses me off the most

Anonymous 222048

Hollywood and tiktok is cancer
Even Bollywood is ruined

Anonymous 222086

seems like this shit has spawned yet another gender stereotyping "meme", the "she was an X girl/he was an Y boy" and i hate it so much just like the previous one
you don't have to put TWs on imageboards

Anonymous 222089

Speaking of another trend I hate, let's talk about the censoring bullshit that teens and young adults like to do on social media. They censor words like: s3x, [email protected], [email protected]@, m3ntal i11ness and words like that.
I get that subjects can be sensitive to talk about for some people, but if you're gonna talk about them anyway, just say the whole word y'know? Anyone with an IQ above single digits can already decipher what these words are, so unless it's to get past the censorship mechanic of a site, what's really the point of covering them up if you're already discussing the subject matter?

Anonymous 222109

Idk about other social media but on tiktok they do this to avoid getting the video taken down. Idk if Tiktok would actually do it, but that's why they censor it.

Anonymous 222173

>spoiled text has an eating disorder mention
Why bother putting ‘edtwt’ under a spoiler, but not ‘eating disorder’.

Anonymous 222191



im not gonna lie i was high as shit and thought talking about eds on cc would get me arrested

Anonymous 222194

On what?
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your high.

Anonymous 222198


like 530mg of tablet dextromethorphan (OTC stuff)

it was fun but scary 8/10

Anonymous 225674

rap music

Anonymous 228490

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