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Women in STEM Anonymous 179822

I work as a programmer and the last time I saw another female programmer was all the way back in uni. Where did they all go? In every single job that I had so far I was the only woman in there. My coworkers have been nice so far but it feels kinda awkward.

Anonymous 179824

Post your github.

Anonymous 179825

No dox pls.

Anonymous 179836

I'm only studying computer science so can't contribute much, but it's still pretty depressing that the STEM thread instantly devolves to accusing each other of being trannies.

Anonymous 179845

I played a bit with react before but my current job is about low level stuff.

Anonymous 179887

>women want to make things that are usefull, helpful and meaningful
>men just want money

Here’s why there’s so few women in CS. 90% of all coding is useless waste of time and the remaining 10% is done by requalified real scientists and engineers. When it comes to desktop, all the functionality was there in the 90’s already.

Anonymous 179908

I'm studying CS at college and there's still "plenty" (~20%) of women here, are they all gonna disappear on me after college? :/ Honestly, there's a lot of things, including this one, that make me want to do something else, but I can't think of anything lucrative that matches my skillset.

Anonymous 179909

>Is Open Source Open to Women? It can be clearly seen in the 2017 community survey by GitHub where a mere 3% of the respondents identified as women
>20 percent of computer science and 22 percent of engineering undergraduate degrees in the U.S. go to women
The issue clearly lies elsewhere.

Anonymous 179914

I sometimes wonder if it's just men being more autistic/focused on CS. I could create open source software, but I don't want to, because I don't get anything for it and have other things I'd like to do instead of continuing my job at home.
I feel like men get more out of "being useful" as well, because they feel like serving society or other guys is them being " a good man". And it also allows them to flex on their colleagues who don't have as many projects.

I feel no such obligation. I find my richness in life in other places.

Anonymous 179920

Which one is it?

Anonymous 179949

can you write more about it? how difficult was it to learn low level/find a job? asking bc it sounds like smth that would fit me but idk if it's worth investing so much time in it, especially after seeing a lot of discouraging posts about the career opportunities. on the other hand those posters were male and from a diff country so idk if I should listen to them much
basically, would you recommend?

Anonymous 179962

kek @ the seething troon itt. You go nonettes.

Anonymous 179974


at my workplace we have 1 female senior java dev. during onboarding she was interviewing all of us for the company website or something, when it was my turn I thought I was going to die, I was entirely covered in sweat and I could not stop stuttering, I kept looking at the ground and I never want to deal with that again so I work remote now.

Anonymous 179981


Nice to see another CS-related thread. I kinda want to have a CS group for women in Matrix because I don't have any female contact in this field, and I think maybe some other women want that too troons and apologists need not apply.

So hit me up if you are interested

If you're new to Matrix you can use this web client.

Anonymous 179991

I worry about the lack of women in programming too. I hate that its filled with the worst type of males, smug vitrolic moids. As a STEM major I feel it is my divine duty to convince my friends to be programmers too.

Anonymous 180005


I got a CS degree but I have absolutely no desire to get a job in the field or even work on personal projects, what should I do to get my motivation back nonettes? The clock is ticking and I'm so fucking lost.

Anonymous 180023

I don't want to work for free unless open source projects are proven to get me a better job than personal projects.

Anonymous 181393

I'm an EE student, so I guess I do some programming, but only in C for embedded systems. Though, I'm probably leaning more towards working with ASICS and analog circuits. I'd much rather work on missile guidance systems for the gobment than work for google developing the next soul-sucking algorithm to hold peoples' attention hostage to sell them product. At least missiles kill quickly and painlessly. Can't say the same for the rest of the shit we use to waste our finite time on this earth.

Anonymous 181462

>the AGP kind
That's all of them. There was a study done that showed something like 98% of MTF trannies have AGP. It was suppressed because of how politically incorrect it was.

Anonymous 181477

Thank Jesus fuck I live in a third world shithole and don't have to deal with trannies in compsci.

Anonymous 181498

Are HSTS supposed to be better or something? A tranny is a tranny.

Anonymous 181500

Well at the very least an HSTS wouldn't be interested in sexually assaulting women. They hate women in other ways though, they are still moids and their failure to be a normal dude makes them crazy.

Anonymous 185432


I'm a maths and physics teacher in a year or two! Does it count??

Anonymous 217512

A lot of places I've worked have women in leadership fast track programs where they bring in college grads and immediately make them project managers, management assistants, etc. The point is to make women more visible but ironically I think it reinforces old attitudes since most of the ground level roles where the actual engineering and programming are done are moidfests.

Anonymous 217527

Noooo nona I just want to give you a big hug!! I hope you are doing well now. 💗 But it's amazing you get to work remotely. I'm so jealous. God you could go anywhere

Anonymous 217535

same, I wish I could be a cool programmer working remote.

Anonymous 217584

I’m one of two women in a large organization. The ratio is still grim out here, but I’m optimistic it will improve. I’ve worked with a few men who I’d love to kick in the nuts, but if you have a good manager that goes to bat for you, it’s not too bad. The big ass salary helps make it tolerable too. I really recommend picking a niche; ai, embedded systems, and security are very in demand. I myself write malware. Hone your technical skills, apply like mad everywhere, and you’ll eventually get hired. Goodluck anons, I hope you to be among my colleagues in the future.

Anonymous 217605

Every single one of the women I met in my biotech course left to take middle management office or consultancy positions. My Masters was nearly entirely male and of the only two other women, one dropped out and the other took a sales position at a prominent biotech company. I was literally the only female researcher and, outside of a couple of undergrads doing work-placement lab monkey work, the only woman in any of the project divisions.

Anonymous 217657

Opposite for me, not very many women in undergrad, a lot more doing a masters (studied some different STEM adjacent thing I assume). I'm CS though so people just flock towards that in general

Anonymous 217666

What do you mean you write malware? Is it possible to do that as a job?

Anonymous 217698

How is that even legal?

Anonymous 217706

Yeah hold the fort - you mean you write malware for like pen testing?

Anonymous 217707

That probably is what she means or just for (cyber)security purposes in general

Anonymous 217733

My ultimate powerfantasy haxx0r grrl dream was to create viruses, even if only for pentesting. I didn't learn anything beyond html5 so I went to chem but please enjoy your job for 17 year old anonita's sake kek.

Anonymous 217782

whoa that's really cool, how did you get into it?

Anonymous 217813

all the women I know in my cohort (including myself) pivoted into something else (e.g. teaching, project management, testing etc.) because programming is fucking tedious and boring and only emotionally constipated autistic men like that shit.

Anonymous 217814

Every single man I ever met who was into programming was such a loser autist. I think you're onto something.

Anonymous 217841

I would love to get into one of these, I don't even care about optics and being 'used' for PR. Willing to drop any names?

Anonymous 217855


I chose CS as my major because I had dreams of remote working while traveling, having free time, creating my own websites for personal projects along with my art, having more variety of job opportunities than gamedev, making lots of money. Luckily I'm still taking prerequisites and electives in order to take CS classes next semester but I've been seriously rethinking my choice. My ultimate goal is to make my own ideas/art/stories into video games. I've been working towards expressing my true self over the past 2 years/being more sure of myself, interacting more with people, and futures in music all have that. I've just been ridden with anxiety, trying to fit in with the changing popular trends, not expressing myself until recently.
All I see for the future of CS/Gaming jobs is being near troons, weeb men with greasy hair being arrogant or stereotypical "shy" nerds (only differences since all moids around are incels or typical misogynists/misogynist-lites). I'll most likely at least try it out next semester and switch from then on if I don't see a future in it, I just don't want a future where I continue to keep myself cooped up staring at a screen with bad posture for hours and miss experiences while I dream of exploring and interacting with the world. Thoughts? Feels like I'm doomposting and justifying all that could go wrong again.

Anonymous 217858

Samefag I've seen this too in person even in college clubs and talking to game/ CS interested moids. Past the beginner intro classes 99% are fat and arrogant, skinny and wimpy, autistic porny anime watchers, greasy long hair and BO. I saw a casual friend get jealous and keep looking over today because I was paired with a fit guy for half and hour(he was in biology anyway so not lunkhead type). Women are literally just normal and either look a little nerdy/ standard weebish type. I can't believe my interest in a CS future is being influenced by the possible reality of being surrounded by these creatures but I guess every woman has gone through this in this moid-dominated field.

Anonymous 217921


It is; exploit development and vulnerability research are some keywords for finding these kind of jobs.


I was a pentester for years, but got a CS degree and now am in a research role. Whatever I make gets handed off to pentesters for use in their engagements.


Kek this made me smile, but I have to admit that it is still a desk job like any other. It sounds cooler on paper than the day to day reality of it is. Sometimes it is fun, but mostly it is tedious, and at its worst very lonely. That’s awesome you went into chem, maybe our paths will converge someday. You might be interested in reading about DNA encoded malware, if you haven’t already. It was first done in 2017!


I made a resume with personal projects like write ups analyzing malware in my homelab (easy and free to make your own with VirtualBox; I started with 2 virtual machines, one was Windows for nuking and the other REMnux for analysis. Look up a tutorial on how to securely isolate VMs before infecting one though.) and re-writing hacking tools and exploits in Go or Python. I also played Capture the Flag competitions, wrote walk throughs for solving challenges, and applied relentlessly for years until I got my first job. You ironically have to socialize a lot if you want to be a professional hacker, but at least everyone else in this deep is genuinely autistic too.

Anonymous 217930

If you're american this is useless information to you but at least here in germany a lot of developers are just normal, boring dudes. Some are arrogant, some disgusting weebs, but plenty are just normal and boring. There are more troons than usual though.

Anonymous 218085

I work in a gov agency in the US and I have not met anyone insane on my team or on any other teams. We don't see anyone from other teams since it's work from home so im sure theres 1 or 2 in our department, just haven't seen them. We mostly have old white people, indians, some asians and the occasional hispanic. Most are normal and boring, like you said. If I ever go work at a private company, it will probably be worse.

Anonymous 218146

I'm currently a junior in Computer Science, and I'm looking to get lined up for a job before I become a senior, so I can start working straight out of college. Unfortunately, every single entry-level job I've applied for has rejected me, or ghosted me. I've applied for multiple internships, yet I even get rejected for those too.
What should I do? I'm getting nervous, because I'm hearing around that a CS degree is not enough to get even an entry level job in CS or IT, but I hate personal projects and I just can't think of any new ideas or projects to force myself to do.

Anonymous 218159

I had 14 girls in IT class and all of them graduated, but now work outside occupation. When I talk with few of them, they said that just don't like it.
In my current job there is 51% of women on high positions, but only 30% in technician positions.

Anonymous 218340

Programming tend to be autistic, so that's why it attracts more males than females. And most of the times you see a female programmer on the internet, it's a tranny

Anonymous 218380

try looking for QA roles + keep applying to the programming roles. and yeah unfortunately u will prob have to do personal projects from what I've heard. I'm trying to get into IT and couldn't even find a fucking helpdesk role with my bachelor's degree (not cs but adjacent i guess?). now i'm studying for a Comptia cert and will prob do CCNA next if the comptia cert isn't enough. good luck tho hope u can land an internship or several before u graduate so u can have a job lined up right after u graduate

Anonymous 219195


I didn't want to go through the job hunting process all over again, considering how demoralizing and exhausting it is, but now my circumstances give me no other choice. I had secured a return offer with an internship I did but likely won't be able to take it now. So hopefully I don't burn bridges with them and the experience actually helps me land something else.

Anonymous 219439

I can't believe it's really that bad in what I assume is the US. I live in a third world country and there's actually a few women devs. I'd say a good 20%. Which is not a lot but you can see in the senior staff that in the past you'd be lucky if you met one female programmer ever. There's also a lot of bootcamps and campains to get young girls into Tech fields

Anonymous 219445

I saw some graph showing the percentage of women in STEM is actually higher in developing countries than in countries with more ample women's rights (like Scandinavian countries). Can't look for it right now.

Anonymous 219465

I don't think the US is doing that horribly, 33% isn't bad. Here, we get told in high school to major in what interests us instead of what will make money to live comfortably and raise a family on. When we say we want to major in STEM because of the money, we get shat on for being greedy or shat on for valuing the money over your passion for the subject.

"The technology industry—or at least its largest players—will likely continue to close the gender gap in the year ahead. Deloitte Global predicts that large global technology firms, on average, will reach nearly 33% overall female representation in their workforces in 2022, up slightly more than 2 percentage points from 2019 (figure 1).1 The proportion of women in technical roles will also nudge up, though it has tended to lag the overall proportion of women by about 8 percentage points."

Anonymous 219898

in uni, I always get a bad taste in my mouth when i see interesting ideas presented in classes and all the professors talk about is “think about how this can make you money!”

Anonymous 219899


> When we say we want to major in STEM because of the money, we get shat on for being greedy or shat on for valuing the money over your passion for the subject.

Yeah, corporations say that to imprint themselves on people. A person isn't greedy just for wanting a job to make money. That's the fundamental reason people work. There's nothing wrong with not having passion either, because all companies hear from that is "They must have no life outside of work. I'll be able to work this person even more then". As long as you don't hate and feel trapped in your job so bad you can't stand it, you're fine and can probably find a way to make do with what you have.

Anonymous 223279

Honestly, some of the guys I’ve met from comp sci have been pretty normal, maybe a little geeky. But I have met some pretty terrible ones who smell bad and are annoying. As for girls, I haven’t met many, but I absolutely can’t stand the ones I have met (they’re just as bad as the men, and greasy) although my sister’s maid of honor did IT I think and she’s pretty normal so I guess not all hope is lost.

Anonymous 223280

*cousin, not sister, whoops

Anonymous 223282

And I have met trannies. I hope they do ‘t get jobs.

Anonymous 223283

This is why I want to do cybersecurity. It seems like it helps people the most, especially if I did it for a hospital or the government or something. No one likes getting hacked.

Anonymous 223284

Idea: I could create an web dev/whatever firm that only hires women so we don’t have to talk to as many greasy nerds on the job

Is that even legal though
They should make an exception LOL

Anonymous 223292

Expect most of your coworkers to be furries and trannies.

Anonymous 223293

Okay honestly, chill a little. No way its that bad everywhere. Its probably just awkward but mostly decent men, some younger some a bit older, and if there are trannies and furries then thats the company’s problem.

Anonymous 223351

I've met a few girls so far, little more than a hand full (both in I.T and Compsci), and all of them were pretty pleasant and normal, and funnily enough, all of them were immigrants/first gens (just like me interestingly enough). Most of them seemed to only get into it for job purposes and weren't really too much of a geek about it (which made me sad, I wanted to sperg out about Linux and free software) but some of the more passionate ones were interested in game development and webdev. They definitely don't smell but they did look a little introverted and nerdy. Guys were friendly and pleasant as well for the most part.

Anonymous 223378

Is it just me or are computer science students from state schools more nerdy than the ones who go to big private tech schools.

Theyre probably autists who didnt do well in high school or something.

Anonymous 223958

I am majoring in the S in STEM and haven't had much problem with sexual harassment nor met any weird classmates or coworkers. Everyone I've met so far have been really nice! I guess the tranny programmer socks and brooding angry incels tend to be concentrated in T and E?

Anonymous 224011


Did compsci, a lot of the girls were in IT or business for IT (can’t blame them for not wanting to be around the autist moids in straight cs lmao)

i picked my college bc there was a higher proportion of women in compsci (it was like a ratio of 80 to 20 initially in the capital in my country vs 90 to 10 in the colleges closer to my home) ofc it was also a good college and had really good industry links (it’s in the silicon valley of my country), because of that despite being under 25 i have like 7 years of experience, i work in a less technical side of cs despite loving coding just due to natural career progression (i’m a PM) but i want to switch back to coding. My area (health tech) is really niche and barely technical (especially as time goes on, when i first started it was fun and low level and now it’s been abstracted to mostly lo/no code stuff) and I actually work with a lot of women who entered this field to get away from programming lmao :(

My coworkers are lovely and a lot of the other technical girlies are woc like me and also tend to come from developing countries, i think we’re just a bit more pragmatic about careers but when you stick to it stem really grows on you!! the women i work with are all super talented and hardworking. Honestly male developers can be hit or miss but a woman who’s still here despite all the bs bullying and isolation male classmates put you through (i’ve lost so many girlies to this and have some absolutely bs stories myself sadly) has to have really strong character and be damn talented or hardworking or both.

Any s still in college/hs; stick at it! Stem rewards the hard work you put in, even sexist losers can’t deny talent and excellence. I think the thing that kept me going despite everything was the support of my stem girls, and forming female community, it’s acc what peaked me lmao

Unfortunately for T E girls you will come across a programmer sock or two BUT they actually make really crappy developers in the grand scheme, like technical brilliance is just one aspect of being a well rounded developer, it takes more than one super autist to maintain more complex/useful systems, so the further you go along in your degree/career the more their degen activities and general inability to function like normal human beings will weed them out.

Sorry to blogpost but have a lot to say i guess! Happy to answer any questions you have :>

Anonymous 224020

Would love to pick your brain if you work in a data center. Let me know if you do.

Anonymous 224032

I do not; i do work on crucial software projects which have a lot of the same concerns in regards to storage, availability, security etc but it’s not my main concern beyond making sure our code is written in a way that ensures the hardware is used sensibly and i know how to jump through all the right hoops to have the resourcing allocated for our needs. My background is in networks and interfacing and i deal with the data centre team(s) at some orgs enough to give any questions a go though :) (and another might have what you need too!)

Anonymous 224069


I was friends with a TIM for several years and got exposed to troons that were even weirder than him. One of his friends was some kind of enby that walked around school with a giant cape of the transgender flag and furry ears. Another was a fuckbuddy of his that suddenly showed me his graphic porn fanart in public, around hundreds of people we were waiting in line for an amusement park ride with. These people are so fucking weird.

Anonymous 224082

I’m losing faith in humanity

Anonymous 224084

What school do you go to btw so I can stay 500km from it at all times

Anonymous 224087

this is the gayest edit of Brenton Tarrant Christchurch massacre I ever seen ngl.

Im gonna say you are a tranny and see what happens next tbh cuz likely you are.

Anonymous 224113

I was asking anyone in general really. That is interesting though. I am not necessarily in STEM I just want to work as a data tech, monitoring the cooling systems because I heard it was a really chill job that paid well. I have also heard it is not fun to work around the men in these places. I have a really thick skin and it is impossible to offend me, but it would still be really cool to hear what these places are like for women. Is it possible to work through night shift in a data center? Not sure if you could answer these questions. If you can then cool.

Anonymous 224728


Anonymous 224747

I’m 2 years into my CS degree and I can see why they disappear after college. I’m losing my mind in this sausage fest being talked over and ignored in every single group project i’m in, experiencing creepy men in my classes stalking/asking me out nonstop, and having significantly fewer female interactions/friends. I can’t imagine how much worse it gets when the 15% of women in the field are significantly reduced post-grad.
Not to mention the difficulty, which is of course just as manageable for women as it is for men, but when put on top of the other issues… other fields suddenly start looking much more appealing.
I really do like programming but having to work 10x harder to be seen as an equal to these average ass men is extremely discouraging. I heard it’s worth it to pull through these 4 years, but I don’t know anymore…. I wish things were better.

Anonymous 224748

Heading to college for the first time as a full grown adult. Going in for biology, hoping to do something with botany and agriculture specifically. Not sure exactly what, anything I should be worried about? Seems most of these issues are just with computer science.

Anonymous 224822

Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_indexing
You can to use a library to connect to a site, parse html, and index it.

Anonymous 224957

The income of most software-making companies comes from tools targeted towards other companies rather than individuals.
Besides, people are suckers for paid premium. Just look at how many zoomers use discord nitro for feature that are dispensable and freely available on other instant messaging software. (no offense intended to any discord-using nonas!)
Also, don't simply rule out games as an afterthought, it's currently the largest entertainment industry, having surged way past movie and sport industries in 2020. Video games are not a great place to make money as a programmer though.

Anonymous 224985

Congratulations on going to college nona! I don't think you should worry about anything except staying out of petty gossip; look for people who are really committed to their studies and stay close to them and make the most of the course and all the opportunities the college has to offer, that's all.

Anonymous 224995


This would be a massive difficult project. Lucky for you it already exists: search.marginalia.nu

Anonymous 225131

Try to get an internship or research on campus. It's very hard to get a job without experience.

Anonymous 225329

is it worth it to pursue a degree in computer science or something if im lost on what to do? i want a job i can do remotely as im not good with people. im sick of working minimum wage jobs. i like art but i have no desire to be an artist's artist, so i was considering maybe something that incorporates design and technology?

Anonymous 225331

Getting a degree will help you get jobs. It would be best to get a job in your degree if you can. Try doing an internship.

Anonymous 225392

Is it really true that CS majors can earn as much as three figures starting fresh out of college???

Anonymous 225463

6 figs, but basically just if you work in big tech or a big city. Entry level is at the very top.

Anonymous 226243

I graduated in 2014 and have made a very successful career for myself. Everything you're saying is true but you can make it work for you. Dress hot and have fun emasculating men when you show them you're a better coder. It's fun.

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