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accountability thread Anonymous 181390

Post long-term or short-term goals you have so other nonas can keep you accountable. Updates, honesty, and kindness are encouraged.

Anonymous 181391

Here's my goals:
-find apple pencil this weekend
-draw 3 times a week
-digital drawing once a week
-sign up for jlpt n2 (summer 2023)
-study Japanese every day, at least 5min

Anonymous 181397

Attempting to stop binge eating. If I can make it through the rest of the night without stuffing my face, today makes one day binge free. Hooray. lmao

Anonymous 181398

do the essay outline tomorrow
finish writing a chapter of a story
answer posts for three people waiting for months

Anonymous 181411

update: registration isn't open for the jlpt yet but I studied vocab and grammar for an hour on anki.

Don't binge tonight so you can come back and brag about it tomorrow!

Is the essay for a class? Good luck with all of your writing projects!

Anonymous 182626

>Didn't find my apple pencil.
>Didn't do any digital drawing.
>Studied every day.
>Drew 3 times, got some good interaction on social media.

I'm going to set the same goals for myself for next week.

Anonymous 182633

anki is god for language learning. Hope you do well! Languages are fun, Japanese seems interesting but I'm not a weeb so I feel like I'd be at a disadvantage.

My goals are to not pick at my skin, and to not overeat - to stop when I'm full.

Anonymous 183430

My goals are the following:

-Finish a lot least some career, one I like l.
-Have at least 1 kid with the male I love currently before I reach 40.
-Finish the videogames I haven't played yet

Anonymous 183474

>email professors for letters of recommendation for grad school
>start working on personal statements
>make an excel spreadsheet/folder for each uni I applied to
>finish art topic (heads)

Anonymous 183512

Thanks, it's helping me a lot.

I'm a fast eater but drinking a lot of water/tea/diet soda with my meal slows me down and helps me feel fuller sooner.

What's the first video game you're going to play?

Good luck with grad school apps. I hope you get the recommendations yoy want!

Anonymous 183568

-go out more often, at least once a week, maybe even meet people irl
-turn video ideas into actual videos
-finish packing

covering my skin with something like bandages, stickers, masks, or pimple patches has helped me, depending on the area you're picking. i've also learned to just touch the skin instead of picking at it.

Anonymous 183597

>start vacuuming every week again
>drink 3 litres of water daily
>get christmas presents for family members and bf

Anonymous 183664

Where will you go this week?

How much water do you drink now? I usually drink about 2 liters of water/tea a day.

Anonymous 183706

>wake up 8 am at latest everyday

>lose 20 lbs by August 2023
>eat only broccoli and chicken starting April next year
>go to gym six times a week
>maybe get a part time job
Though I don’t really want to work and want to take a break after graduating. I’m burnt out. Idk how people can look for a job immediately

Anonymous 183762

>How much water do you drink now? I usually drink about 2 liters of water/tea a day.
Some days only 1 litre :(

Anonymous 183765


- Take a Udemy Data Science course over the winter
- Study Japanese
- Finish some books..Or at least one.

Anonymous 183981

I’ll try doing the same thing with respect to data analysis! Im hoping to learn python

Anonymous 184236

>found my Apple Pencil but the adapter is missing
>only drew 2 times
>studied Japanese every day

Goals for this week:
Buy Apple Pencil adapter
Draw 3 times a day
Draw one thing nice enough to share
Study Anki at least 5 mins every day
Read my Japanese novel at least 30 minutes every work day.

Anonymous 184307

I'm not creative enough to be any kind of professional artist. I just want to draw fanart for stuff I like.

I'm also a weeb who lives in Japan and it's about time I improve my literacy.

Anonymous 184572

My goals:
-Need to read and understand a paper.
-Go out and get groceries, my severe anxiety doesn't even let me go get groceries on time
-Sleep on time
-take a shower

Long term goals:
-Want to write papers
-To do that, need to talk to people around more, controlling my anxiety

Anonymous 184640

Good luck. I hope you can get some tasty food.

Anonymous 184706

thanks nona. how's your stuff going?

Anonymous 184708

It's going ok. I'm the one drawing and studying Japanese. I'm still excited about drawing and drilling vocab, but I'm losing steam on reading the novel because I spend so much time copying and looking up kanji. I'm pushing through it because I'm actually interested in the story otherwise I probably would've lost interest already.

Anonymous 186416

-drink 2.7L of water every day by the end of this month

Anonymous 186553

Recently I've been getting a lot more into teas, and it really does help with the overeating, when I finish up with a meal I make myself some black tea/matcha instead of grazing on snacks like usual.
Are you doing research on a particular topic for your paper?
Good luck on the exam nona, but even if you don't do well I'm sure there will still be other opportunities in the future.

Anonymous 186610

>bought a new apple pencil adapter but haven't used it yet.
>drew 3 times.
>studied every day except one. I was out apartment hunting that day but I could've studied in the morning if I wanted to.

Goals for this week:
Study anki every day.
Read my novel during lunch.
Draw 2 times this week.
Don't complain about packing for the move.

Anonymous 187393

At the start of 2023 I'm going to start tracking the hours I spend studying my target language and try to do at least 2 hours everyday.
I'm also going to start cleaning more.

Anonymous 200725

Good luck! 2 hours is a lot, if you can hit that you'll improve really quickly.

Anonymous 200727

It's the end of the year, I'm getting ready to move, and my brain just kind of died. The only goal I hit was studying and not complaining about packing. Since this week I'll be unpacking I'm going to go easy on myself.

Anki every day.
Read one page of my novel.
Draw one time this week.

Anonymous 201670

good luck and good vibes to anyone who's on an xmas break and hoping to work on projects these next two weeks

Anonymous 201788

This is cringe but I started my new years resolution at the beginning of January. I'm challenging myself to do pilates every day of December so when January comes I've already got a month of effort to kick things off. I'm doing really well right now and I really think 2023 is going to be my year

Anonymous 201789

Samefag, I meant I started my new years resolution at the beginning of December kek sorry I'm drunk on Christmas wine

Anonymous 201793

why is that cringe? starting asap instead of waiting until january is the best thing you could've done. Good luck!

Anonymous 203742

Trying to get over my social anxiety and imposter syndrome.
One piece of advice that's stuck with me a lot is that if the interaction goes bad, it's not the end of the world. You can either never see them again or they will forget.
And besides, there's no way I can learn to get better at talking without talking first. So I'll just keep doing it. I'm still learning.
I want to become a very confident and self-assured person, so until I am, I'm just going to fake it till I make it.

Anonymous 203860

Starting now means you're committed. Good work, keep it up!

Anonymous 203864

That sounds difficult, good luck! What do you have imposter syndrome about?

Anonymous 203890

Thank you!
I feel like before I say anything people will make fun of me, generally look down on me or pick some issue with it, etc.
I'm also trying to learn Japanese and I have a lot of anxiety before I try to speak it to natives in case I make any mistakes or anything, but then I realize there's no way to get better at speaking a language besides speaking it and mistakes are the only way you can learn.
I made a lot of mistakes when trying to learn and speak German, but natives were nice to me and would always kindly correct my mistakes.

Anonymous 204452

In my experience most Japanese people will just be happy you're trying to learn their language!

I used to use the site/app hinative and it was a friendly place. I stopped using it for a while and now it's all monetized but I'd imagine the community is still the same.

Anonymous 206607

Short-Term Goals
- finish my python tutorials
- start working out
- deep clean my room/the rest of my house
- finish playing the games i started
- build a new pc

I have agoraphobia nona what helps me get groceries is deciding in advance what store is the least awful to go to and then only getting a few things at once. "I am going to aldis to get eggs, milk, and bread then leaving immediately" or "I am going in to get toilet paper and paper towels and leaving immediately." It was easier to pick things i could carry without a cart to make the interaction quicker while repeating the mantras in my head. Eventually i was able to be more relaxed in the store and idly browse.

Anonymous 207015

- shower regularly
- eat better
- walk more
- reach HSK5 by june
- consume more chinese content
- stop accidentally ghosting my language partner
- start journaling

- pass finals and complete projects

Anonymous 207020

>Finish reading book
>Finish reading other book
>Fix bicycle
>Fix toilet
>Visit grocery
>Clean various places
>Apply to graduate school

Anonymous 207097


美女陌生人,你是我吗?I just finished working through the HSK5 textbooks and workbooks (all pirated ofc), but the reading section is hard, there are always random unknown biology and history words (and idioms!) that throw me off. Thank god the writing part can be typed. For chinese content I've only ever used 抖音, there are downsides but anything else is too much effort. Next year I'll try working through hsk6
What books are you reading?

Anonymous 207101

Aristotle's Rhetoric and Cicero's Rhetorica ad Herennium
I'm Chinese, but my Mandarin is crap lol.

Anonymous 207105

how do i begin learning mandarin? seems like a useful skill to have after coming back from malaysia

Anonymous 207110

Watch tv shows, familiarize yourself with the tones, learn to introduce yourself/age, nouns. Did you want to learn to write too?

Anonymous 207112

A few goals of mine:
Write a short story tomorrow
take the bags of shit I don't want to charity
Clean my desk off
Get back into my HTML/CSS workbook

Python is cool. What kinds of things do you want to focus on first with cleaning? Like taking out trash/cleaning surfaces/etc?

Anonymous 207137


One of my goals is to use imageboards less in the new year so hopefully this will be my last post on CC for a while!
Still love all you anons. I truly appreciate everyone who has given me a kind and thoughtful response. I hope you all and CC as a whole prosper.

Anonymous 207141

Good luck, nona! Have a healthy 2023!

Anonymous 207154

bless you and your endeavors

Anonymous 207489

I did anki every day and drew once!

My goals for this week:
Draw 3 times.
Anki every day.
Read novel during lunch breaks.

Anonymous 208079

I'm only getting stuff done because I don't want to post that I didn't reach my goals this week. So tgis thread is definitely working for me.

Anonymous 208134

moved to current location in october
still haven't unpacked

tell me to unpack ffs.

Anonymous 208184

Unpack now! I need to unpack this weekend, too.

Anonymous 208219

Go unpack, think about how satisfying it'll feel afterwards when you're done
What I did is download hsk textbooks and workbooks from google, used yt for the audio parts, google translate for unknown words and ofc anki flashcards. This mostly works for reading though. Maybe with speaking you can watch tv shows and copy how they talk, like how esl folks watch friends?
Blocksite really helps for me, there's a function for blocking in incognito aswell.

Anonymous 208375

My goal for this week is to sort my stupid sleep schedule out, by going to bed at 12 (preferably before) and waking up at 8, if anyone has any tips pls share

Anonymous 208517


I almost net all my goals except one day ny "reading" was just lazily reading the words I knew and guessing the words I didn't without looking them up after.

My goals for this week:
-anki every day
-two real-life studies
-two character studies
-buy the adapter

Anonymous 208521

Queen. I'm also trying to do Anki everyday. For me this week it's:
>Do all my due cards on Anki everyday
>Do 20-30 new cards everyday
>Read the nice fanfic I saved the other day
>Meet my friend
>Wake up early every day

Anonymous 208844

I'm going to get my silly little passion project out of planning-stage limbo. Any progress is better than none!

Anonymous 208949

I was too scared to post here since I thought I'd fail but I managed to do my meal prepping. Three little omelettes with tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and sausage. It's just for this week but now I won't have to eat alone in the cafeteria. It was so little work, I don't know why I imagined I'd eat the ingredients raw from the fridge.

My next goals are
1. to finish my damn homework (270 days due, no idea why the professor hasn't failed me but I shouldn't push it)
2. to not skip school for the rest of the month. I'll pick one day with an especially intimidating group project and have a flu then but the rest of it should be smooth sailing, I don't know why it's so hard for me to walk out the door.

Anonymous 209469

That sounds good. If you have nice food to eat maybe you'll be more motivated to class. Keep up the progress!

Anonymous 209470

Yes! Anki sisters! And that reminds me I haven't read any fanfic in a while…

Anonymous 209471

No tips except normie ones like make a routine you do before you go to sleep, take melatonin, be active in the day etc.

Anonymous 209474

I made a typo when I ordered the adapter so they have to resend it. No idea when it will get here. Luckily I wrote an address that doesn't exist so I don't have to bother my neighbors.

Anonymous 213094

Oh man I'm starting uni soon and I'm stressed, I skipped like half of senior year in high school because the content was online anyways. Right now my game plan is to pack and prepare everything the day before, and to make going to bed at 11 and getting up at 7 a habit. The meal prep sounds awesome btw

Anonymous 214441

I did some digital drawing today! My goal for tomorrow is to line the hair. Also at least open my novel and read a few sentences lol. Anki is going well so I don't think I need to set goals for it right now.

Anonymous 214533

Ankisisters…how do you use it? I've been lazy and just click 2 if I don't know a word and 3 if I kinda do. I'm making progress but I don't think it's how you're supposed to do it. I usually add in ~20 new characters every four days from my textbook.
How do you learn digital drawing? I have a drawing pad and everything but it wasn't intuitive like trad drawing was and I was quickly disheartened.

Anonymous 214932

The main deck I use is the premade core 6k for Japanese. It gives the word, then an example sentence. If I can read the word and know the meaning right away, I press blue/easy. If I had to think about it I press green/regular. If I debated the meaning but got it right or had to read the example sentence to get it right, I press grey/difficult. If I got the reading, meaning, or both wrobg I press red/one more time.

For my homemade decks, I've found being honest with myself gives the best results.

Anonymous 214936

*core 2k

Anonymous 215481

You can take a picture of a real media sketch and draw over it. That's a good bridge. Do you use a tablet that's hooked up to a pc? That takes some practice to get used to. Just try to use it as much as you can until you build the muscle memory.

Anonymous 215482

I finished my pic and I'm happy with it! I also did a study as a warm-up

I absolutely destroyed all my anki decks yesterday. Time to hit them again and see how much actually stuck.

I also read a liiiittle bit of my novel.

Anonymous 217010

Goals for this week:
Do a study every day, even if it's just a sketch.
Open novel & read at least 3 sentences every day.
Anki every day.
Write one sentence in Japanese every day.

Anonymous 217044


My goals:
>Get a job (before starting uni)
>Get my driver's license
>Start attending uni

I'm 19 for those of you who are curious

Anonymous 217094

I will be vegan for the rest of my life.

I will not kill myself.

I will not get a job ever again.

I will not beg or become a prostitute.

I will get what is rightfully mine.

Anonymous 217537


i'm 24 this year, anyway.
>finish final project. it's due very soon, either on friday or monday – the incomplete form is unclear, praying for monday. anyway it's like 90% done but it needs a lot of tedious polishing up (verification checks and etc.) i plan to start on this in 30 minutes, brewing tea and preparing snacks.

>draw EVERY single fucking day. swiping from this >>217010 but even if it's a single anatomy study, i'm so tired of not being able to draw.

Anonymous 217601

How did it go?

(also post your art in the new art thread on /img/ if you haven't already!)

Anonymous 217602

What will you do instead of getting a job?

Anonymous 217606

Good luck with getting your license. I never got mine and now thinking about driving makes me nervous/scared. Definitely best to get it asap.

Anonymous 217820


At least you didn't get it just to not be able to drive anyway. I literally haven't used mine since getting it. I can't drive because I can't afford a car and still probably won't anywhere near in the future. At this point I just want to GTFO this car-dependent town to somewhere I won't even have to though. Then I'm probably going to be a paper driver forever.

Anonymous 219041

keke well i haven't drawn at all because i've been obsessively working on my project. but that's done ^__^. it went okay, he picked apart all my shit but told me all i need to do is "speak with more confidence".

and maybe i will after i doodle something. feeling so pleased

Anonymous 219043

- Learn how to do things by myself.
- Go to cinema to watch some artsy cult movie.
- Learn how to draw.
- Post on social media about my art.
- Read at least 2 books about art and design and 1 about another topic in a month.

Anonymous 219049

idk about other countries but where i live (portugal) you can just go to a driving school and pay to get some lessons even after you got your license

Anonymous 219050

hey another portuguese nona! i'm so happy to see more of us here.

Anonymous 219053

Anonymous 219320

Memorize a song to sing at karaoke.

Anonymous 220954

Goals for this week:
>anki every day
>open novel and try to read every day
>do one digital drawing
>practice a song for karaoke

Anonymous 221338

I met all my goals this week!! I kind of cheated in that my digital drawing was done on a trackpad on ms paint during work but honestly that's enough for me.

Goals for this weekend:
>do the sketch for a drawing idea I posted about
>get clothes put away in the closet

Goals for this week:
>anki every day
>open novel and try to read every day
>do one digital drawing
>practice a song for karaoke

Anonymous 222740

The only goal I met was improving a lot on my karaoke song. I also started on a second, harder song.

Goals for this week:
>put away clothes
>anki every day
>draw 3 times even if you have to do it on your lunch break
>improve on 2nd karaoke song

Anonymous 226168

>Study - 30 min/day
>Exercise - 15 min/3x week
>Write journal - 1/week
>Start organizing time management
>Meditate - 10 min/2x week

Anonymous 228344

Core 2k every day.
Kanji drill book every day.
At least open novel and read 1 sentence every day.

Anonymous 228365

Goals for the next 100 days:
>Rebuild strength and stamina through exercise/Train for that summer vacation (treadmill, weight lifting)
>Eat more cleanly and with more awareness/gratefulness EVERY DAY
>Complete Spring preparations in the garden
>Get into that Uni this Summer lol

Anonymous 229435

I did core 2k and read a bit of my novel every day! This week I have thd samd goals and I will definitely start my drill book.

Anonymous 229436

Which novel are you reading?

Anonymous 229727

It's an adaptation of a manga I like. It's different enough to be interesting but familiar enough to make understanding the Japanese a little easier. And all the names are in katakana.

Anonymous 266557

Set boundaries because I'm being gaslight, I need to stand the fuck up

Anonymous 269221

I passed N2, now I want to pass N1.

every day:
business japanese study
kanji study
bunpo (just review ok)
read something (novel, news, manga)
vocab anki (at least 5 cards)

multiplication anki (at least 5 cards)
game anki (at least 5 cards)

Anonymous 271662

updated my routine a bit:

bunpo app
akebi kanji practice
anki sets
read news or novel

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