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Male "Humor" Anonymous 182210

Why do men find shit like this funny? It's literally just them swinging their dicks around and pretending that it's comedy. What's the point of it all?





Anonymous 182237

Japanese humor is weird, they have a fixation on muscular gayjins

Anonymous 183183

We finally had snow, and the first thing he did after we left the flat for a walk was take a tick and draw a cock and balls in the snow while chuckling to himself.
Are they all like this?

Anonymous 183189


This actually aligns really well with my theory that all men are actually gay. Please bare with me. No man can actually love women without it being objectifying. Don't believe me? Look at the porn industry, look at how men treat women, look at how much men admire their male peers and other male role models. (Think Napoleon, Random-philosophy dude of his choice, Hitler, Random-rapper dude of his choice, Male Historical figure A, Male Historical figure B, etc..). The "straigthest" moids I've known (both online and IRL) have been obsessing over penis in some way or other, be it the penis of other men or their own. Men's insecurities and thoughts are solely limited to penis. The humor OP posted and the snow cock and balls you mentioned nona are all examples of that. When it comes to humor the first most logical thought to pop up in the male brain is male genitalia because it is the most satisfying and safe reminder of their own genitalia for them that they can cling to. Their homolust is first centered at themselves (narcissim) and then at other men (whore). Moids tend to evaluate their male friendships as much more emotionally fulfilling, it is something I have been seeing from the dawn of time. Even yesterday on 4shit I've seen moids complain that they can't have female friendships because to them women are just a piece of meat with no thoughts only there to fulfill their hypothesised idea of what heterosexual sex should be. They can only form an emotional connection with men. It is something that has moids themselves say over and over again. I've known moids tell me how men like to masturbate with each other in a friendly way, how they would help each other out while watching porn. That it is normal male behavior. All these men that told me that were straight-identifying. This solely solidifies my belief that there are no straight men and even if they have a girlfriend it is out of social expections and genetic-anxiety (all men still want to cum into something warm and slimy in the end). The TRUE heterosexual man that can actually form emotional connection with a woman is not the norm. He is abnormal and extremely rare. The norm is the gay-faux-hetero male archetype. You constantly see it in media, on the internet, in real life and even in your own boyfriend for the nonas that have one.

Anonymous 183191


Anonymous 183213

It's more like Japanese humor is unfunny rather than male humor being unfunny (see: anime)

Anonymous 184651


Men make me cringe when they try to be funny, because to me, they're rarely funny. Too many of them seem to think that loud = funny. It doesn't. Teenage moidlets think porn being the punchline is peak comedian move. Too many grown men make "dark humor" that's just fucking stupid. Like Dan Harmon and his gross baby rape joke. If you're on places like reddit or 4chan, their sense of humor is gonna get downright sociopathic by joking about a man's dead wife right after he sentimentally vents about the loss. Men with this type of humor have the most kick-able throats.

Anonymous 184714

this guy annoys and creeps the fuck out of me. multiple times ive seen the weird little shit reply to teenage girls on twitter usually with some kind of insulting and vaguely horny video where hes all like "shut up and suck my dick bitch" before making slurping noises. yet to everyone hes this cool wholesome funny little guy because he makes wacky faces and loves animals or something. just gross and pathetic

Anonymous 184718

glad to see someone else that doesnt like this creature

Anonymous 184724

Disabled men should be shot

Anonymous 185028

I don't care if they find gay porn funny. It bothers me more when they joke about rape and pedophilia, ngl.

Anonymous 185497

One theory I've seen by another anon is that it's creepy when males make dark humor because they're less nuanced. For example, a woman and a man make the same dark humor, the woman has better odds of recognizing that the subjects are some evil topics, but will laugh at it because of the absurdity of the subject matter. On the other hand, men seem more likely than women to actually agree with what they're joking about, and put their thoughts in the form of jokes because they want their thought process to seem less shitty.

Anonymous 186545

Personally, I am an enjoyer of male humor. I can appreciate their desperate, all-encompassing libido and simple intellect.

Anonymous 188189


KEK She was based for that, his audience loves edgy jokes so im not sure why they got so upset over that

Anonymous 188193

i hate this fucking thing so much

Anonymous 188209

Didn't this user get in shit for this too? She didn't even do anything wrong, it's not even a threat and she's right hitler totally would have sent his ass to the showers.
I did watch an interview with the Ricky Berwick guy and it's clear how manipulative he is, he whole thing is "haha I'm a cripple look at me I'm so gross", but his disability is the first thing he'll hide behind if anyone roasts him(like really roasts him, none of that friendly banter shit). I notice "offensive" male comedians that act like no subject is off limits will turn around and say someone crossed a line only if(male) feelings are hurt, which makes no sense.

Anonymous 188268

This is the first time I've seen it explained, but it definitely makes a lot of sense to me. Males do this far too often for it to be a coincidence. And not just in comedy, it's the same in other genres and media. Like when they put the most depraved shit in movies and try to claim it's "art" and made to cause a "visceral reaction" in the viewer but in reality they just wanted to make a movie about their fetish

Yeah, I also like dumb humor sometimes tbh (as long as it's not moid shock humor of course)

Moids love laughing at offensive jokes until it's about them. Well known fact.

Anonymous 188302

Based and Bouquet

Anonymous 203357


How are we going to get this many replies into a thread about men failing to be funny without mentioning the most obvious and egregious example.

Anonymous 206742

The first few videos I saw from this guy got me to laugh because they were just silly replies to people like Oney or shoeonhead saying shit like "Don't do that", but then videos just went from that to women posting mundanities and him responding "HOW BOUT YOU SHUT UP BITCH" and it got annoying and weird.

Anonymous 206866

Because the oxymoron of media entertainment and near naked male pornstars triggers much hilarity in the brain, especially the male brain since for women the prospect of near naked male men is more uncomfortable as it is more indicative of sexual desire whereas for the male who is not homosexual it also plays on the taboo of homosexuality making the hilarity all the more hilarious

Anonymous 209220

Gachi is legitimately funny. I think for me the humor is in the meta of taking gay porn and putting in the vast amount of effort it takes in making these sorts of edits. Just the sheer talent that goes into making stuff like this is funny to me. I also think it's funny that Japanese guys saw western gay porn and their first reaction was to make nonsensical comedic edits. idk, stuff like this just tickles me. And there is no "point". It's meant to be funny, that's it.

Post what you find funny perhaps

Anonymous 209221

That utterly failed attempt to imitate The Simpson's artstyle is egregious. It's just so awful. It's not even a difficult style to copy.

Anonymous 210145

>Teenage moidlets think porn being the punchline is peak comedian move.
this gets really annoying whenever you try to interact with certain communities that have them.

Anonymous 210224

I watched dude where's my car and a blatant giant fetishism vore scene came up. Also the giant lady flashed a father and son her panties and they hugged and bonded over it. When she got exploded by a laser beam she died and the guy she sensually swallowed just fell to the ground covered in goop and her giant sized panties fell too but nothing else. Also at the end of the movie the guys give their gfs necklaces that make their boobs bigger the end..

Anonymous 210238


This picture just reminded me, I hate Bert Kreischer so much. I love standup comedy, and I'm so fucking sick of seeing this guy everywhere. I hate how he always takes his shirt off, I hate how he squeals like a pig laughing at his own jokes, I hate how he tells the same "party stories" over and over again and somehow men love it. He's like what happens when your ex-boyfriends' loudest, fattest, most obnoxious buddy becomes a millionaire. He has so much unearned confidence and men eat it up like he's the funniest guy ever. Spoilered image because of obese shirtless pig-man.

Anonymous 210240

Most male comedians recently are just older angry men drunk, high, or caffeinated to the heavens ranting about something. It’s really not funny.

Anonymous 210279

>caffeinated to the heavens
Cocaine. They're on cocaine.

Anonymous 226119

>they just wanted to make a movie about their fetish
>a blatant giant fetishism vore scene came up
idk, seems more like a gap in execution than in concept. lots of women that i've known have made really hilarious jokes concerning sexual interests they do actually personally have, and that does include humor where just mentioning or exaggerating the fetish is the joke (ref. every mention of "yaoi hands" ever made in human history).

Anonymous 226176


tldr: it's an ancient meme from niconicodouga. the humor comes from the fact that someone somewhere spent hours or days editing gay porn into a YTPMV

Anonymous 226261

Why do scrotes think loudly spoiling the plot of very recent movies is cute and funny? Fucking fuck, who socialized males into thinking that being a jackass is cute and funny?

Anonymous 226262

snape kisses dumbledore

Anonymous 226350

males will make their entire sense of humor revolve around dick, pedophilia, racism, homophobia, sex, and then turn around and say women aren't funny

Anonymous 226408

men are so gay for each other its insane lol

Anonymous 251170

He looks like the other crippled pedo who made 8chan whatever his name was

Anonymous 251187


lol nona!

Anonymous 251263


Since this thread resurfaced, I am gonna post about a slightly related thing I experienced yesterday.
>at my aunt/uncle's house.
>see my cousin who's only 5 years younger than me (so 19/20)
>meet his girlfriend for the first time
>she's super cool and normal
>after playing 20 questions with my aunt, walk by the den where they're hanging out.
>They're watching YouTube on the TV
>She asks him a question I didn't hear
>"No I haven't seen this one yet" he replies
>The video is either a lets play or a stream VOD of 2 guys playing I don't even know what game.
>One of them is in first person. The other is this weird blobby thing with glasses for a player model.
>They're just sitting there giggling at the very stupid antics
>The players start arguing about "Glemglar" or "Gluglar" or some shit like that until the blob one says "I don't care about Glemglar… I DON'T CARE ABOUT GLEMGLAR!"
>They both lose their sides at that.
>As this progresses it gets to the point where one of them tells the other "hey press this button" "why" "Just press it, press it, come on."
>The button gets pressed
>A silly picture of a kitten jumps on screen and a loud noise plays
>The hardest I've seen 2 people laugh at something in real life since like high school.
>Awkwardly catch some of their laughter contagiously.
>Leave the room puzzled and confused.
>This woman was telling me about how she was excited to start college and how she's planning to become an engineer just a few minutes prior.
My sense of humor is fairly juvenile (image board user) but this wwas a whole nother level

Anonymous 251264

and I emphasize her enjoyment of this, and not my cousin's, because love him as I may, he's always been a bit of a sperg so none of this surprises me.

Anonymous 251272

I'm convinced most young people are braindead when it comes to humor. Almost every "comedian" under 30 just screams and says gibberish loudly, doubly so if it's a youtuber or lets player.

Anonymous 251282

>Almost every "comedian" under 30
I'm not really familiar with this being a trend in the comedy circuit but if it is a thing I almost welcome it just because anything is better all the frat trash podcaster bullshit that's taken over lately.

Anonymous 251333

The fact that her hair isn't affected by gravity like it should be when she bends her head is triggering the fuck out of me

Anonymous 251335

Millennial, gen Z, and gen alphas moids have developed a very esoteric/ironic sense of humor. Internet and phones have allowed them to share jokes with each other more, meaning jokes die faster. To keep things funny the jokes need to get more ironic or edgy. Over time it has lead to moids mostly finding absurdist stuff funny or really "deep" in jokes. I think this doesn't affect women as much since moids lean on jokes more rather than small talk.

Anonymous 251365

I used to be annoyed at random Gachi appearing in unrelated videos I would watch but after looking into it I now appreciate it for the same reasons as you said. It's absurd and that's what's funny about it, it also has its roots in the old Japanese internet and has been an ongoing meme for such a long time as well, it's impressive.

Anonymous 255954

He looks like the type to take annual vacations to Thailand

Anonymous 256351

I have an impression that some people would think something is funny just because it supposed to be funny. So what I mean is they don't find something funny, because they think so, but because it is presented as comedy and they believe it unconditionally - just rattle some keys. Hence the unfunny humor

Anonymous 256761

my boyfriend thinks that kind of humor is funny but it just makes me really uncomfortable
men are so weird, they take everything too seriously and they're incapable of just relaxing and not caring about shit that doesn't concern them

Anonymous 257119


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