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Anonymous 183807

Do you like winter and snow, anonette?? I know I do! It's so beautiful outside after a day of snowfall. Car people don't like snow but who cares about them!

Anonymous 183812

I havent seen snow in years. Its always rainy on christmas and new years.

Anonymous 183819

I love snow so much!! Even though it gets rarer and rarer now with global warming

Anonymous 183824

I don't have a car but I don't like winter sorry :( I miss autumn. I don't like snow (thankfully we don't have too much of it here) and I miss the pretty golden and red trees. At least it's a cold season, I'll wear my comfy clothes

Anonymous 183825

I hate winter and its two hours of sunlight per day. I don't care about cars I just want to see the fucking sun.

Anonymous 183826


I'm dying to move somewhere with long winters. I live in Texas and it probably got to 70 degrees today? It will probably be 35 tomorrow though. I can't get enough of the 35 degree weather. I don't know why I'm talking about this again. I constantly complain about the weather in this state. Summer here kills me it's like the opposite of long winters up north. Everything just bakes until it's dead and you're sick of looking at the sun because you know what it means: more drought.

This place will probably be a wasteland in 30 years with all the rivers running dry, just wait

Anonymous 183827

Sorry to hear that :( I have a lot over here

Yeah so we must enjoy it while we still can!

Autumn is super beautiful too as is spring with its soft colour scheme but something in snow just makes me feel like I'm 10 again and I want to make snowm*n and catch snowflakes with my tongue (which I did by accident yesterday automatically and started to laugh and people probably thought I'm crazy lol)

The darkness sucks yeah but at least it's an excuse to light a lot of candles and stuff! Also I have a cute hedgehog and 5 birds that glow white light when on and I love them

Sry I don't know how Fahrenheits work so 35 and 70 don't mean anything to me :( but I can still feel your pain! Maybe Canada or Alaska or northern Europe??

Anonymous 183834

Winter is death, I hate winter, I hate cold weather
If you are outdoors in summer for some time - you won't die, in most cases. If you are outdoors in winter for some time - you will die, for sure.
Loving winter is irrational and I hate winter. I could settle for 1 month of winter and that's it, but it's like five where I live

Anonymous 183983

I don't really have snow where I live, but there was plenty in my hometown. The few times I see snow I just get reminded of being a kid again… Bittersweet.

Anonymous 183989

I love snow!

Winter darkness can be cozy in a way.

Anonymous 183990

Snow is so gorgeous. I wish it didn't come with cold weather though.

Anonymous 183994

I love snow, and I like cold weather. It's nice to be cozy inside while it's snowing outside. I haven't lived anywhere with proper snow in years and I really miss it.

I'm in Texas too I feel your pain :( Those 3 months during the summer where it's too hot to go outside or do anything are tough. I feel like I get reverse seasonal depression during them. The week of snow we got last year was fun though

Anonymous 184001

THIS so much. Here in Washington it's so cold nearly all year round. And I seem to feel colder than most people who act like it's nothing but no matter how much the heat is turned up indoors and how many layers I wear I'm always freezing. And outside just sucks entirely, I'm so glad I'm mainly a shutin. It just snowed the other day and got extra cold and I hate it. Also it's dark most of the day. I just want to see and feel the warmth of the sun.

Anonymous 184004

The only thing I hate about snow is the sound it makes when you step on it. That mix of crunching and squeaking.

Anonymous 184051

I live in Northern Europe and I'm really happy if there's snow. Also you can just put more clothes on, wrap yourself in a blanket and drink something warm if cold but can't really escape hot the same way which makes me prefer cold a lot!


Good opinions! The cold sucks a bit though if you have to wait for a bus or something for example

Hopefully you get to spend some time in a more wintery place one year!

I think the snow sound is comfy but it's a matter of taste

Anonymous 184077



Yeah, it's alright.
Except for the part where you freeze your ass off.

Anonymous 184078

Snow looks beautiful when it's fresh, but other than that winter is terrible. I mean dirty snow/weather has an interesting look to it on pictures, but only on pictures.
Ice sucks and can be deadly, snow storms suck and can be deadly, cold weather sucks, because wearing lots of clothes is more time consuming and uncomfortable. Plus, if you go to school/work on foot it also takes more time and you have to strain your legs more
And it's more depressing if you live in a place where winter comes earlier and last up until april. It's really not fun seeing the same dull, white image everyday for months… It's really not

Anonymous 184086

Trade places with me (>'◇')>

Anonymous 184087

Samefag from tx, the only thing I dont get is how yall walk around on ice year around. The one day we had ice during the snowstorm I busted my ankle and needed surgery and lost my job, all in one day. All because of ice.

Anonymous 184088

To be fair though I never had to walk home from work on icey roads before that day.

Anonymous 184092

I like it, but only when I don’t really have to be outside much or have anything i have to do with the day. It’s nice to just be cozy and warm in my room and watch the snow from the window.

Anonymous 184149

Cities workers will throw ice on the ground in the early morning to melt the snow in the north.

Anonymous 184153

where do i go now that z-library is taken away :(

Anonymous 184154


Anonymous 184155

the z-lib telegram bot still works

Anonymous 184160

I love snow but otherwise hate the cold.

Anonymous 184179

I just saw snow when I was a child and I don't remember well enough to know if I like it or not, but I hate cold and winter. Weather has a big impact on my mood and it being cold it means that I'm going to be sad and melancholic for a while. I'm glad I live in a city that isn't cold, but lately there has been a big change of weather around here and it has been getting colder and colder with time, so I'm starting to struggle with my mood.

Anonymous 184327


Just read Wim Hof's book, Wim Hof Method. And I'm taking showers where I end with turning up the cold. In the middle of winter. Some nights I can only do about 40 seconds, but the other night I did a full two minutes. Rawr.
He says if you have chronically cold hands, just stick your hands in ice for a while will, which somehow resets things

https://www.libgen.rs is alright so far

Anonymous 184337

That might be the reason. It's usually icey, but I remember how once it rained a bit but the ground was still very cold (it was the end of february I think), so the moment rain landed it turned to ice. it was very slippery, I fell the instant I had to go down the stairs and injured my back, luckily I didn't need any surgery or treatment.
That's the #1 reason why winter sucks for me. I don't know where one has to live where winter is nice all year round

Anonymous 184341

Wim Hof is a bit of a cult and fad, with followers all around.
While taking a cold shower or doing breathing exercises here and there could be beneficial, to take his methodology on as a general thing is not good. He just adapted the ancient tummo practice.

"Seeking out pleasurable or intriguing feelings is always insidiously harmful, and is driven by the very stuff that you need to be clearing. Examples: making a regular practice of wild (cold) swimming or otherwise regularly exposing oneself to significant cold — including the Wim Hof method (harmful even to visit their site and especially watch any of their videos)" clarity-of-being.org

Anonymous 184407

He's not a cult. He's not selling it like a cult. He has some scene behind it, and yeah, admits the ancient origins. So why poopoo it when it's just our human heritage? We can endure, and when we challenge ourselves our body reacts positively.
Not telling you to climb a mountain without shoes, and I'm not even going to take an ice bath. It's just an exercise of endurance. Bonkers quote. Is that from a CDC funded page? They warn against taking vitamin supplements and ivermectin?

Anonymous 184409

* has some science behind it.

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