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Lolcow Bunker Thread #01- Planned Downtime Anonymous 186624

Anonymous 186626



Anonymous 186627

just in time, I was getting fucking bullied

Anonymous 186629

for once I was really tilted on lolcow, like seriously annoyed. I came to shit post

Anonymous 186631

so NOW it decides to go down. an hour before the 19th is over.

Anonymous 186633



Anonymous 186635


Anonymous 186636

Its ok ive gotten boolied on lc too

Anonymous 186637

about to go to sleep hopefully when I wake up the thread poppin' or lolcow back. Low key kinda want the thread to be poppin and lolcow to stay down for a bit. I like the Bunker threads. I assume it's late for a lot of s-
(11:38pm for me)

Anonymous 186639

If this is the site update, I can't wait to see what it looks like!

Anonymous 186640

Jessica Connie Luna

Anonymous 186641

She's 30 today btw

Anonymous 186642

Why everytime the site is down you retards post this ugly moid face, like hold your fucking bird jesus mary and joseph

Anonymous 186643

Happy birthday fatass

Anonymous 186644

Post something funny and cute then

Anonymous 186645



Anonymous 186647

Id season and put the chicken in a tiny oven and pull it out and eat it

Anonymous 186648


How about this

Anonymous 186649

Anonymous 186650


Eat it all or not at all you pick

Anonymous 186651

So are we supposed to sage here

Anonymous 186652

Great read

Anonymous 186653


it’s you

Anonymous 186654

chersnurs roting aroundan open fyee

Anonymous 186655

I remember when farm hand broke the rules and posted a emoji on this post. Anyway, what kind of idiot would believe they were a tiny small elf.thing?

Anonymous 186657

It’s you! It’s you as a baby, do u not remember?

Anonymous 186658

Considering I'm black. No i do not remember being a small elf puppet. Seriously how does anyone fall for this or am iiiiii does fllllfu loop?

Anonymous 186659

Ugh soeeybtired

Anonymous 186660

Sorry I'm tired

Anonymous 186661


>want to browse shayna thread
>can't because power cut
>power comes back
>can't browse shayna thread because lolcow is down

Anonymous 186662

Hehe I’m up late and sleepy as well. It’s just a joke that started with people showing the video of the puppet to their younger siblings and telling them they were the dancing elf puppet and the kids would believe it and it became a thing. I think it’s kinda cute.

Anonymous 186663

Oh now I feel like a asshole

Anonymous 186665

the lc refugees on cc
>idk who else add on

Anonymous 186666

Kek you’re okay nony it’s silly

Anonymous 186669


Anonymous 186670


I'm a fujo and I also like harry potter

Anonymous 186671



Anonymous 186672


Requesting art of Elsie and Crystal together from the farmers

Anonymous 186673

>finished finals
>finished doujinshi featuring my husbando and favorite ship featuring him
>wanted to talk about it on LC
>it's down

Anonymous 186674

I want chocolate

Anonymous 186675

But would you pay the price?

Anonymous 186677

SA. I would but only with foodstamps

Anonymous 186678


of course lolcow goes down when my neet ass actually has to go to sleep before 3am. what am i gonna read until i pass out nooowwww

Anonymous 186679

What creature us this?

Anonymous 186680

Anonymous 186682


Anonymous 186683

That’s ur earwax

Anonymous 186685


It's finally happening!!!
Admin is MAKING HISTORY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 186686

How does truffle taste rich ladies? (Can't sat n word here)

Anonymous 186688

I mean no__na no other word

Anonymous 186689

Soooo what are we getting? New banners? Themes?

Anonymous 186692


Anonymous 186693

Yeah, sorry for bringing a bit of life to this fucking cemetery

Anonymous 186695


I'm a cc regular and I think it's fun

Anonymous 186696

shitty forced meme originated from a seething tranny

Anonymous 186697

Booo respect this cemetery or gtfo

Anonymous 186698

Everyone who insults CC is a newfag

Anonymous 186699

What if I don't ship m/m or f/f but instead prefer m/f should I just choose yume?

Anonymous 186700

Where are my fujos at

Anonymous 186701

Yeah cookie clicker is a great game

Anonymous 186702

Anonymous 186703

I'm apparently a fojino

Anonymous 186704

Masticating to yaoi

Anonymous 186705

Lol fat

Anonymous 186707

More likely a smug pickme, but still a shitty forced meme.

Anonymous 186709

My computer vibrates when I get a alert from lolcow, very handy

Anonymous 186711

Whoa mama

Anonymous 186713

>alert from lolcow

Anonymous 186714



Anonymous 186715

Anonymous 186716

Anonymous 186717


Anonymous 186718

I wish I had a husbando my brain got sucked into oc autism 3 years ago and I haven't loved a character more than them since

Anonymous 186719

samefag not husbandos btw just making up words

Anonymous 186720

>not being an All Of The Above Stacy

Anonymous 186721

Yeah the pinging sound? You must have turned off the lol-alerts. There's like three different sounds. Cowbell, Dings and there's a custom slot. I usually browse on mute or vibrate unless I'm active on the lolchat

Anonymous 186722

Wait lolcow has notification?

Anonymous 186723


Anonymous 186724

Personally I don't want any woman to suffer being with a male, so I prefer f/f m/m like God intended

Anonymous 186725

Anonymous 186726

pronounced like fu-join-uh not fujo-ina

Anonymous 186727

Unfortunately women can't be with 2D men in the first place..

Anonymous 186729

Are you new? Yes has had it for years. Added it with lolchat and the introduction of changing profile pictures. Now we don't have to use the same picture we signed up for finally. Hopefully the new update fixes the Lolcam function. Constant lag

Anonymous 186730


i love that he is a family man and would risk his life for his family. i love that he wants to protect his brother's innocence and dreams, even if it means hiding the truth about his career.
He also has yandere tendencies which I find so hot

Anonymous 186732

Didn't they tell your ass no?

Anonymous 186733

I have a hasbando

Anonymous 186734

im not that anon

Anonymous 186737


The real questions

Anonymous 186738

sweet dreams.jpg

Imagine thinking anyone should care

Anonymous 186743

Dedede, the one and only cuddly king who can crush a boulder with his cool as fuck. I'd do everything and anything with him. And since my sins won't follow onto lolcor I've been really into the idea of him laying an large egg, getting all hot and sweaty as he does so, it'd be so hot. Hell, I'd fry it and eat it even though I'm extremely allergic to to eggs as whole, sounds like a good way to go to me.

Anonymous 186745

Better themes then lolcow here tbh

Anonymous 186746


Oughhhh. His in game character model is the devs doing him dirty because they refuse to age him and his sister up (even though they should be 20 by calculating the time taken in expansions etc) so he still looks like a fetus and is like 4,7. I love him solely for his personality and because he feels like the only one who has cared for you since the beginning of the game, when everyone else saw you as a tool to be used to kill shit lol. Plus he is a tall handsome elezen in my hc because he should be by now fgs Yoshi P the twins should have updated models by now…

Anonymous 186750

Jesus christ get help

Anonymous 186752

He's a penguin so it's within realm for him to lay an egg, though I'm not really into the idea of him being a chick if that makes sense in fact I don't really like genderswaps for NSFW reasons…seems weird.

Anonymous 186754

Keekweek tramples all other image board themes ever

Anonymous 186758

keekweek enjoyers unite

Anonymous 186760


Anonymous 186761

>since my sins won't follow onto lolcor
Now they definitely will

Anonymous 186762


Anonymous 186763

I want to go by Saint Nona now. Saint Nonamous. Merry Nonmas

Anonymous 186766


Anonymous 186767


Fancy seeing you here,

Anonymous 186768

I mean, nona.

Anonymous 186769



Anonymous 186770

this but with customer service

Anonymous 186771


bless this mess

Anonymous 186772

Omg Dedede-chan is here, hi.

Anonymous 186774

How am I going to slack off at work if lc is down? Fuck.

Anonymous 186775


Anonymous 186776

you first

Anonymous 186777

If I had known this I would've chosen it to get baptized as. Too little too late.

Anonymous 186780

Fucking lurch man, can't get away from his ugly mug lmao ##this meme makes me ugly laugh whenever I see it and I can never explain it to anyone who catches me laughing at it##

Anonymous 186781

cute piggy

Anonymous 186782

I think the energy crisis in europe is just a drill for a solar storm that will hit europe the hardest.

Anonymous 186783

Dangerously based boomer post

Anonymous 186786

If my grandma knew English she'd like the farms and would be able to integrate. She has a husbando.

Anonymous 186787

Who is her hsubando

Anonymous 186789

Give us details please

Anonymous 186790

my mom's husbando is columbo

Anonymous 186791


Semino Rossi. She's been remarried twice, told me she refused to have sex with either, hasn't done it since her early 20's. Only husbandos have her heart. She introduced me to ghibli when I was a kid and does like anime a little.

Anonymous 186792

>she refused to have sex with either, hasn't done it since her early 20's. Only husbandos have her heart
Giga Stacy behavior

Anonymous 186793

When I was 12 my great-grandma told me she never let a man kiss her on the mouth because she thought it was gross and she divorced her husband to become a single mom to my grandma because she didn't like him anymore. He never hit her or anything she was just sick of being married to him. she was my hero :c I miss her

Anonymous 186796




Anonymous 186797

Hehe i know <3

Anonymous 186799

What forum?

Anonymous 186800

What's the forum?

Anonymous 186802

Usually if men "prefer" a type of woman because they claim the attitude is better, it's because they can't figure out the fact they generally treat their "type" better therefore have smoother relationships where as they're rude and cunty to women who aren't their type so women act cunty back in retaliation

Anonymous 186803

i hate paying bills, I hate the increasing costs

Anonymous 186804

She also said that you should hit men if you catch any looking at porn or nudie mags.

Anonymous 186806

Anonymous 186807


I'm sitting here looking at recent Madonna pics while listening to Ray of Light, and its so embarrassing what she's become. Should have retired after Confessions on a Dance floor.

Anonymous 186808


Good morning nonacitas

Anonymous 186809

Did you just tag a random post to say this?

Anonymous 186810

mom come pick me up i'm scared

Anonymous 186811

There was a post several years ago on /g/ or /ot/ about this anon who had delusions that Taylor Swift was sending her messages through her songs or poisoning her? I'm so sad that I can't find it. If any anon finds it let me know

Anonymous 186812

Yep, she'd definitely fit in. She sounds based.
Maybe I should have spoilered the horrorshow.

Anonymous 186815

i need to pee but my cat is so cute it would be illegal to move she's even holding my hand with her beans AHHHHHHH

Anonymous 186816

i miss the cat hate thread…

Anonymous 186818


She knows what she's doing

Anonymous 186819


This you?

Anonymous 186821

Anonymous 186822

I wish I were at home just sleeping and waking up only to play vidya with my husbandos.

Anonymous 186825


fuck productivity LET ME BACK INTO THE FARMS

Anonymous 186827


For what purpose did she ruin her face like that?

Anonymous 186828

i heard somewhere that she wears a silicone mask to hide her real face.

Anonymous 186829

>she was stalking him and sending him hidden messages
even schizo moids are so entitled lmao why fucking taylor swift would lost her time stalking some guy from 4chan?

Anonymous 186830

why would you miss that

Anonymous 186831

i miss shayna threads too

Anonymous 186832

Fear of aging plus modern trends being dogshit. She's addicted to fillers like most famous people, and as always, they make people look like shit. I'll be so glad when these people stop trying to look like Kardashian freaks.

Anonymous 186833

>nobody threads
do you really?

Anonymous 186834


unpopular opinion: this is a unflattering photo but her face dont look THAT bad for her age

Anonymous 186835

she looks weird, like her skin doesn't sit right.

Anonymous 186836

wait is this what she looks like in current day? why does she post such alienesque shit that makes her look not a day younger than 100

Anonymous 186837


There was a whole thing about taylor swift supposedly posting on 4chan. pic related.

oh my god this was like 15 years ago now that's insane

Anonymous 186838


Every time I see this bubble pig I feel indescribable guilt for eating meat

Anonymous 186839


>she looks weird
me too kek but i feel bad for judging her because she must suffer a lot of pressure from the media to stay young
oh this photo is from 2018 right before she posted this photo with a filter on instagram. i wish she would stop posting these alienesque shit and embrace her face and age…

Anonymous 186840



Anonymous 186841


Yeah she looks like a weird ayy now. Also, her daughter has the trashiest fashion sense. Its actually not bad in this one, but theres pics of her with her ass hanging out in bathrooms.

Anonymous 186842

we are 8 and jumping on the trampoline while i blast this from my boombox please remind me to return it to the library before i get a fine and then check it out for me so we can listen to it again thanks

Anonymous 186843

I don't care for theories and facts. You can convince me that the earth is flat and water doesn't exist but you can't convince me that a gigastacy like taylor would use an imageboard.

Anonymous 186844

Jesus. I remember this autism. We truly are here forever.

Anonymous 186845

she looks like someone who had a very successful facial reconstruction after being mauled by pitbulls or something.

Anonymous 186846


did you know she used to date timothee chalamet (before lily rose depp)? so weird how his type is "daughter of someone very famous"
KEKK fr you guys are mean

Anonymous 186847

Listening to sexy dance music and my heart hurts cause he'll never be real and I can't have his body

Anonymous 186848

ew he was weasel looking even back then

Anonymous 186849

I still want those two hours back for watching Call Me by Your Name.
Also whats up with Armie Hammer these days? Did those accusations of Dahmer-tier behavior kill his career? I hope so. Smegs get what they deserve.

Anonymous 186851

No moid will ever be truly blacklisted from Hollywood for being a sexual predator the best you can hope for is a year or two of losing multi-million dollar roles while they wait for everybody to lose interest

Anonymous 186852

It killed his career, he lost his wife/kids so he moved to the Cayman Islands to be with his mommy and daddy. But I heard they cut him off of their old money so he works at a hotel.

Anonymous 186854


yeah he had a big glow-up
kek nooo he was so cute on that movie. i like the italian boy aesthetic.
>Also whats up with Armie Hammer these days?
the last time i heard of him he said he had changed (lol), was working at his family business and was dating a blonde yoga influencer. he is in a good situation but i doubt he will come back to hollywood. he was never my type but he looks so ugly now

Anonymous 186855

samefagging to say his people tried to shutdown the rumours he was working at a hotel but Variety went and confirmed that he is, in fact, working at the hotel

Anonymous 186856

ofc nona i got it

Anonymous 186857

>kek nooo he was so cute on that movie. i like the italian boy aesthetic.
samefagging but i meant timothee chalamet.

Anonymous 186858

>he'll never be real and I can't have his body
tell us who he is anon

Anonymous 186859

kek apparently he's selling timeshares now

Anonymous 186860

You all are stupid if you really think a billionaire would care if his son raped someone. I doubt he was disowned

Anonymous 186861

Lolcow is back !

Anonymous 186865


Anonymous 186866


That's so sad, her 00s lyrics always sounded quit aware about the mindset behind things like this.

Anonymous 186867


I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my lolcor go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will milk you

Anonymous 186868

People always trash this song, but I always liked it.

Anonymous 186869

Deus Ex_ Mankind D…

Anonymous 186870


The only Christmas gift I'm buying this year is a ferret. For myself

Anonymous 186872

Someone called him Tim Clitmoth at the moovie room and I can’t stop thinking about it

Anonymous 186874

Hewwwo woke up from may nippy nap

Anonymous 186875

6am checking in woot woot

Anonymous 186877

get that lil noodle a tube, noodles love tubes

Anonymous 186878

the whole family is full of rapist moids, his father is one too

Anonymous 186879

incel moid mindset

Anonymous 186880


she's like a yassified sam hyde

Anonymous 186881

im sorry to tell you that nona but you are not a gigastacy….

Anonymous 186882

I really laughed at this thanks .

Anonymous 186883

Awwww I'm really happy for you! And also jealous, I have to wait for my first ferret for another year or so. Cute little weasels.

Anonymous 186887

Idk if you're referring to the same thing - but I remember some fujoshis who insisted that they're all j-fashion stacies

Anonymous 186888

i'm not but it's incel shit to think "normal" women can't possibly use imageboards
you're not a special femcel fallen flower hikkineet lol

Anonymous 186889


Idk what I should buy my mother as Christmas present. She keeps saying she will give me hints later everytime I ask and now there's only 4 days left so I can't even buy shit online anymore.
If I just get her a giftcard she will seethe about it for two months straight. I used all the good ideas on the previous years..

Anonymous 186891

Imo a giftcard is fine. If she gets mad it's her fault for not telling you earlier.

Anonymous 186892

coping for what? taylor swift was on /b/, why is it so special? 4chan is not special

Anonymous 186893

KEKK for real. idk whay its so hard for some anons to admit that gigastacies dont use imageboards.
I remember that too
nta but the anon said a gigastacy not a "normal woman". you are coping lol

Anonymous 186894

That was literally only one post.

Anonymous 186895

see >>186892
stop projecting your obsession with stacies and gigastacies pls, not everyone internalizes incel shit

Anonymous 186896

It started from one post but there was a fight in the fujo cringe thread

Anonymous 186897

it carried on for ages with them defending themselves and calling people moids kek

Anonymous 186899

i didn't see anyone pretending to be a stacy in that thread? i did see someone say the stacy meme is just that

Anonymous 186900

its not internalized misogyny to think that someone like taylor swift or ariana grande doesn't use imageboards. i can't believe i have to say this.

Anonymous 186903

who said anything about internalized misogyny? the world just doesn't work in binaries. 4chan specifically is globally known, of course most celebrities don't go there regularly, but it's not impossible either. anyway, those posts were most likely her, you shouldn't mythologize people

Anonymous 186904

It carried on for ages because said poster who got accused of being a moid was an ultra spergy moid who thought everyone who disagrees with his sperging over fat ugly women must be a fujo.

Anonymous 186906

ok girl someone like taylor swift would definitely waste time posting on 4chan instead of attending parties and doing celebrity stuff. bella hadid if you are on this thread right now please give me a sign i love you

Anonymous 186907

/b/ wasn't like that in the past, and sometimes people just like to waste time online. that's life.

Anonymous 186909

>bella hadid stan
oh nvm you're from the celebricows thread, you probably have delusions about one day being an "it girl" ala tiktok and think a perfect life with nothing but magical vague "celebrity stuff" and parties exists. sorry to intrude on that, carry on

Anonymous 186912

>sometimes people just like to waste time online
this sound very chronically online lol
what is that sperging? i love her because she is the most beautiful woman on the world and i wish i could date her. why did you assume i was a ""it girl" ala tiktok and think a perfect life with nothing but magical vague "celebrity stuff" and parties exists"? you are really very chronically online

Anonymous 186913

Oh yeah? What if I told you that _I_ was Ariana Grande?

Anonymous 186915

so is the music industry, her hometown, etc etc. not everyone is that fragile. if you're a public figure without BPD, you especially have to learn to tune out gross shit and coomers. if those posts are hers, they're very benign and just casual shit like "this is my cat, name him", nothing that out there or shameful

Anonymous 186916

>chronically online
this is ironically the most "chronically online" term lmao, cringe

Anonymous 186918

It is a catchphrase/meme, but it's a good way to describe something that needed a handy word for it.

Anonymous 186919

Stacy isn't real. There's just normal women, abnormal women and normal/hot women, and you wishing you were the latter doesn't make them a diferent species kek

Anonymous 186920


KEKK pov: that anon >>186915 posting
introduce me to bella hadid please

Anonymous 186922


Anonymous 186924

I have no horse in this race, but the screenshots are from 2012. Pol-shit wasn't on every single board yet back then.

Anonymous 186925

Anyone want to watch a movie on the lolcow room?

Anonymous 186926

i don't get why it's stacy larping to think that there's nothing special about celebrities

Anonymous 186927

But you think women fit into "Stacy" and "Not Stacy", and that's totally normal. Touch grass please

Anonymous 186928

How did you go from "Gigastacies like taylor post regularly on 4chan!!" to "Stacies aren't real".
>There's just normal women, abnormal women and normal/hot women
This is the real incel mentality

Anonymous 186929

isn't taylor well known for browsing tumblr?

Anonymous 186930

according to some there are only two, feminist and pickme.

Anonymous 186931

what movie?

Anonymous 186932

you sound like a moid cringe

Anonymous 186934

They don't realize that, because some of Lolcow's userbase has shifted to LARPing zoomers from Twitter. They don't realize that internet culture shifts and changes over time, and they're obsessed with this Chad/Stacy/Incel dichotomy because it's new to them.

Anonymous 186935

images (1).jpg

ok anon. pov: you writing this post
yeah because tumblr = 4chan.

Anonymous 186936

"Muh 1-dimensional gigastacy" is literal moid rhetoric.

Anonymous 186937

>every anon I disagree with must be the same person
Sorry my post about Twitter hurt your feelings, but can you at least learn to blend in?

Anonymous 186938

What's a gigastacy

Anonymous 186939

No fucking clue. I don't even have the user permissions to set it up.

Anonymous 186940

Sorry for hurting your feelings too. You are a gigastacy on the same level as taylor swift, so gigastacies can use imageboards. Are you happy now? kek

Anonymous 186941

No, but it shows that she's not some god who is too above to post on goofy websites. Also, tumblr had some retarded feud with 4chan around that time I think.

I think you're taking meme terms way too serious.

Anonymous 186942

Why are you obsessed with the concept of being a "gigastacy", others wanting to be "gigastacies", etc? What does that mean for you? Let's unpack this.

Anonymous 186943

celebrities don't use the internet anon, all they know is getting worshiped on instagram. stop fucking coping, gigastacies don't even know what a computer is

Anonymous 186944

>sigma females, totally ignoring the stacey-sperging

Anonymous 186945

All these moid terms are equally embarrassing

Anonymous 186946

have the most annoying anons came to the bunker thread? then when i josh or "drake" post, i get told to shut the fuck up and take my meds, smh. Wheres the fun?

Anonymous 186947

this is the dumbest argument i have seen in a while, please continue.

Anonymous 186949

I wish that was true tbh.

Anonymous 186951

Don't "drake" post you're one of the most annoying people

Anonymous 186952


Some autist thinks meme terms are real life and anything else = cope, ignore them

Anonymous 186953


oh my gahhh i cant wait to infighting about j-fashion on lolcow, accuse others of being troons on crystalcafe and entertain moids on 4chan !!

Anonymous 186954

i won't i have nothing else to say about it, becase I've been bullied

Anonymous 186955

I think everyone is caught up on the term stacey.
If you like, think of it as just meaning "an attractive, socially successful woman", taking the meme-factor away from it.
Those women do use the internet because the internet is completely mainstream, but we have no way of knowing if they're on anonymous imageboards until one confirms it publicly.

Anonymous 186956

i was being sarcastic about the celeb worshipers in this thread, i don't actually believe that

Anonymous 186957

Azealia definitely posted on lc at some point though.

Anonymous 186958

That's a stereotype, humans are humans and can post silly stuff online.

Anonymous 186959

kim kardashian's entire career is entertaining bottom of the barrel subhuman moids

Anonymous 186960

why has lolcow been so…infighty lately? anons losing their tempers over the smallest of shit, whats going on?

Anonymous 186961

yeah but not anonymous and poor moids on 4chan

Anonymous 186962

I genuinely hope you get permabanned on lc at some point.

Anonymous 186964

noooo, the internet is my safe space as a shut-in loser. no fucking normies reeeeee

Anonymous 186965

Because a selected few anons start infights over multiple threads.

Anonymous 186966

Grimes may or may not have posted on lc too (she's not a Stacy though)

Anonymous 186967

yeah anon. you will definitely find taylor swift in one of the /soc/ threads. good luck

Anonymous 186969

they love attention why would they want to be anonymous? unless they are rolling over in bed saying "hey chad, look how many (you)s i got" i really don't see what they would get out of it.

Anonymous 186970

kim kardashian posts frequently on the relationship advice thread

Anonymous 186971

My bad, I thought you were one of the salty anons who were insisting it's completely impossible

Anonymous 186972

It's not like 4chan is obscure. Some celebrities have probably at least had a look.

Anonymous 186973

its not impossible but it is obviously unlikely because >>186969

Anonymous 186974

the world wide web is reserved for RAGGEDY BITCHES only, STACIES OUT

Anonymous 186975

i believe it's twitter culture to argue about everything

Anonymous 186976

if you really think ariana grande post on soc i don't know what to tell you besides touch some grass

Anonymous 186978

They're famous, they get more than enough attention. It's their job. The opposite would be true in some cases, for downtime. No one wants to be "on" 24/7.

Anonymous 186979

based as fuck

Anonymous 186980

NTA but you're the one who needs to touch grass if you think there's no line between looking at 4chan and posting on /soc/.

Anonymous 186981

NTA, twitter stan humor isn't farmer humor. Just cringy.

Anonymous 186982



Anonymous 186983

Looking at the weird activity on her first snow threads, definitely.

Anonymous 186984

>they get more than enough attention
Assuming most celebrities are not narcissistic and dont love attention.

Anonymous 186985



Anonymous 186986

Any oneyfags here I miss you guys

Anonymous 186987


East coasters anons make some hot chocolate and go back to bed plz stop ruining this chill guest thread with infighting

Anonymous 186988

Not always, especially not those who were pushed into being child stars.

Anonymous 186989


Anonymous 186991

Please explain more about your need for infighting on cc ariana grande. I am interested.

Anonymous 186992

She is a Stacey compared to most of the deranged seethers talking about her all the time and accusing strangers of being her.

Anonymous 186993

I'll be Ariana Grande just for you

Anonymous 186994


>She is a Stacey

Anonymous 186995

Honestly, the identity of the neet-girl femcel social outcast type is rapidly becoming an aesthetic larp.
It's the newest evolution of the alt-girl, now that the current iteration is too cliche

Anonymous 186999



Anonymous 187000

she looks cute here

Anonymous 187001

they think being a femcel is wearing bangs and knowing how to use a vpn

Anonymous 187002

She's at least an 8.5/10, a 9 when she tries. I think she has naturally unconventional features and she knows how to enhance them, modify them, etc. Beauty is subjective and a concept to be played with, not many understand.

Anonymous 187004

she does

Anonymous 187005

Sure. Anyway, please go back.

Anonymous 187007

I have the Grimes thread hidden on LC but whenever I see images on the mainpage obviously posted because they think she looks ugly I fall in love with her a little more. God help me.

Anonymous 187008

The anons in this thread are clinging to a similar sort of outsider-group identity and that's why they're so opposed to the idea that the "stacies" could never do something as cool and alt as use an imageboard.

Anonymous 187009

>a 9 when she tries.
not with her nose…… like she is cute but among celebrities is below average

Anonymous 187010

so true, first they took wholesome horse girl sweater aesthetic it was only a matter of time before they came for greasy sweatpants shut-in. STOP APPROPRIATING MY CULTURE!

Anonymous 187011

Obsessive spergs like you keep posting that same edited photo and it proves nothing. Everyone has unkempt nights. She's still more of a Stacey than you.

Anonymous 187012

i really wish people would stop posting this picture, it smells bad.

Anonymous 187013

im behind the times, when did horsegirl become a tiktok trend?

Anonymous 187014

Where did the first admin come from?

Anonymous 187015

her momma

Anonymous 187016

I get it anon you look like that

Anonymous 187019

She's more artistically-minded and unique than the generic barbie doll type in Hollywood. If she wanted a nose job, she could get one. Honestly, the misogyny about her looks is insane.

Anonymous 187020

Newfag confirmed


>vagueposting and seething
More Twitter shit.

Anonymous 187021

>straight women are retarded just don't sleep with men
>Fart/sharting jokes to a fetishitic degree
>Kill yourself
>Go back
>must be 18+
>overly aggressive
>Mean girl larp online because ha ha he he funny
but I can't post my harmless theories in peace and get fucking bullied

Anonymous 187022


Who up

Anonymous 187023

not even the anon you orginally asked, I was joking.

Anonymous 187025

I find it funny that anons here sometimes overestimate a woman beauty (like that anon who said romanianon is above average on european countries) and in male places like some subreddits anons give worse ratings. I know that beauty is relative but it's a noticeable difference. I think people tend to give higher "ratings" to people who look like themselves.

Anonymous 187026

>seething so hard she starts using exclamation marks
>thinking using "zoomer" will help her integrate
Go back

Anonymous 187027


i love you anons

Anonymous 187029

lol sure grimes

Anonymous 187030


What is your favourite pasta shape? I like pappardelle.

Anonymous 187032

pasta makes you fat. good luck being a whale

Anonymous 187034

i don't know if it's a thing on tiktok because i don't use it, i just know it's a thing.

Anonymous 187035

Intense fujoshi hatred is also an easy way to spot them

Anonymous 187036

I'm 35 kilos, anachan.

Anonymous 187037

If you get triggered about being told "go back", "kill yourself", not to act like an underagefag, anons being aggressive sometimes, it's time to rethink whether you belong on imageboards. Everyone hears that shit at some point. It's typically just actual twitterfags that lose their shit over it, because they really are children/fresh off twitter/etc. The anti straight woman shit is so stupid it has to be a moid psyop, though.

Anonymous 187038

I wanted to say no until I read >>186992

Anonymous 187039

dont forget "meds now"

Anonymous 187041


Anonymous 187042

spaghetti. also i dont like fresh pasta, its too doughy

Anonymous 187043

"haha, gottem"

Anonymous 187044

35?? do you have 140 cm? based asf

Anonymous 187045

no, it's just fucking annoying and has been happening to a very alarming degree in the past few months. Just because that shit happens on other imagine boards, doesn't mean it was frequent on lolcow. You get banned for telling someone to kill themselves so how is that the culture?
Acting like a "underage" fag could be anything from having a bad opionion on something. And it's been OVERLY aggressive, anons even admitting they act like weirdos to get people riled up.
Lolcow is changing, i don't need to rethink anything. It's been a discussion endlessly something is up

Anonymous 187046

>What is your favourite pasta shape?
i just like the regular kind

Anonymous 187048

To me, Grimes is boring both as an artist and as a cow, but Musk is funny to hate-observe. I hope he doesn't delete Twitter while LC is down.

Anonymous 187049

Now you're just copying posts from the OG snow thread.


>"you have to be 18 to post here."
I read this like 3 times yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was all one autistic anon.

Anonymous 187050


I just want an internet community where I can post exclusively with other late twenty to mid thirty femanons who grew up on aim/4chan/myspace/livejournal era internet. It's nothing personal I'm sure zoomers don't want to hang out with my old ass either. I don't go on tiktok ffs just let us have our image boards

Anonymous 187051

Someone forgot to do their girlboss affirmations today. Repeat after me ahem You. Are. Valid.

Anonymous 187052

Just read all her pathetic caping for Musk, she's a pickme in the most literal sense.

Anonymous 187053

>I read this like 3 times yesterday
Most used insults when a cc anon disagrees with your opinion:
you are coping

Anonymous 187055

I personally haven't seen or experienced any of those things more than usual, just make normal posts and don't sound like a scrote, you'll be fine.
>You get banned for telling someone to kill themselves so how is that the culture?
This is extremely rare, and usually confined to /snow/ threads for a-logging.

Anonymous 187056

beauty is not subjective, this is cope for ugly people.

Anonymous 187057

Must be 3 newfags in a trenchcoat

Anonymous 187058

I'm a zoomer and we're not all underage tiktok users lol

Anonymous 187059

Yasss girl, tell em beckies. Slaying rn

Anonymous 187060

The pedophile troon must still be here mentioning himself. Did anyone even remember he existed?

Anonymous 187061

some anons remind me of the worst of lipstick alley, just the most brain dead superfical moid view of women. Literally the worse takes

Anonymous 187062

LC is so different about that. The anons there said my father must be a pedophile because I said antiwork shit didn't make much sense.

Anonymous 187063

You need to see a therapist if you're memorizing posts from /snow/.

Anonymous 187065

Anonymous 187066

Yeah, if you're a moid.

Anonymous 187067

Whether or not it's ban-worthy, "kill yourself" is such a juvenile retort.

Anonymous 187069


Anonymous 187070

Tons of men on Reddit like Grimes, though. Men have always found her to be attractive, even if it's crazy to some women. Not everyone wants the bimbo fantasy type, attraction is more nuanced than that.

Anonymous 187071

That's not what they said, they made fun of you for being a trust fund baby while calling anons who're complaining about work neets.

Anonymous 187072

Sea level standards.

Anonymous 187073

no it's retarded troon like logic trying to be based but really it's blaming women for a male problem. WE need to stop being straight instead of men stopping being 98% shit.
We need to change or turn off our sexuality, wants and needs, because MEN are the issue.
It's retarded and stupid. Another way to judge women based on something we can not change but act like it's feminism.

Anonymous 187074

Lolcow is back

Anonymous 187075

Anonymous 187077

>caping for her partner makes her a pickme
Some of you guys really need to grow up. Why would she not support someone she had two kids with?

Anonymous 187078

>the worse
it's the worst, not the worse. i am not trying to pick on you but i have seen this mistake so much lately, i dont know where it comes from.

Anonymous 187079

Next thing you know blaming women for feminicide is a totally based cool separatist take.

Anonymous 187080

You're free to think that, stay bewildered.

Anonymous 187081

Why would you have sex with elon musk if you weren't?

Anonymous 187082

Cause he's shit.

Anonymous 187083

how the fduck do you report on this site?

Anonymous 187084

I hate my job, can someone kidnap me from the office so I have a good excuse to leave? There are potential witnesses.

Anonymous 187085

You have to be 18 to post here

Anonymous 187086


By "men on Reddit" you mean like this?

Anonymous 187087

>please explain the past 3 grimes threads to me

Anonymous 187088

I swear the worst anons ever (including me) come for this thread when lc is gone

Anonymous 187089

People find all kinds of people attractive. I find it odd that people are so into themselves especially about women, they think just because they find a woman horrid looking NOBODY finds her attractive.
Thats not how it works. Especially when there's plenty of nona's who stan ugly/imperfect moids but act like someone finding Grimes attractive or a fat woman or even Shayna's ugly inside and out ass, attractive is so unbelievable.

Anonymous 187091

right? They are literally the worsest, and it's only going to get worser

Anonymous 187092

It wasn't on snow. You need to see a doctor if you can't even remember things that happened a day before.

Anonymous 187093

It's not about liking or not liking grimes. You didn't understand my post. It's just that in female environments she is usually seen as more beautiful than in male environments. Tbh I never saw any men saying grimes was pretty even on reddit. She's not ugly but she's not conventionally attractive.

Anonymous 187094

it's clearly that idiot in here just ignore

Anonymous 187095

To me the odd thing about grimes is that she did get procedures, just not a nose job which you'd think would be the obvious one, good for her I guess, they can fuck up your breathing.

Anonymous 187096

*the worst

Anonymous 187097

Anyone can see that he has a lot of unchecked mental issues. He's also been mistreated and misrepresented by people all his life. Hurt people hurt people. I promise attacking those around him won't make it better, either.

Anonymous 187098

hahaha your the most funnier person ever

Anonymous 187099

>It wasn't on snow.

>Now you're just copying posts from the OG snow thread.

Therapy, go.

Anonymous 187102

Is he literally paying you to write this?

Anonymous 187103

I repent for upsetting Elon Musk, I won't do it again.

Anonymous 187104

>Not everyone wants the bimbo fantasy type
Too bad, grimes is literally aiming for that now kek.

Anonymous 187105

>Shayna's ugly inside and out ass, attractive is so unbelievable.
it's really unbelievable.

Anonymous 187106



Anonymous 187107

There's nothing to explain. It makes sense to defend your own partner. This is why some of you are alone.

Anonymous 187108

Sorry about your early dementia.

Anonymous 187109

Anonymous 187110

you have to take a screenshot, print it out, and mail it in. make sure to include the reason for the report or they will send it back.

Anonymous 187111


kys moid

Anonymous 187112

But you know who does? Musk.

Anonymous 187113

>This is why some of you are alone.
incel mentality lol better alone than with a toxic moid

Anonymous 187114

Do you realize big lips are still considered beautiful outside of the bimbo aesthetic?

Anonymous 187115

Shit bait

Anonymous 187116

nta but i thought she was going for alien robot elf

Anonymous 187117

They aren't even together anymore.

Anonymous 187118

Looks like you responded to the wrong person.

Anonymous 187119

Does it also make sense to let that partner cuck you and use your poorly named kids to get any crumb of attention from him while abandoning them on any other time?

Anonymous 187120

I'm down to two or three threads pretty much exclusively to keep tabs on cows I've followed for years. But I don't really enjoy it that much anymore it's mostly just habit and waiting for closure. the constant infighting sucks. the whole internet is like that now though

Anonymous 187121

Very easy to mix up the two.

Anonymous 187122

I'm not a moid, not "bait". I'm not even defending what he's doing now, he is spiralling and doing stupid shit and no one can stop him. You're actively making it worse targeting his kids and anyone who dares get close to him, like vultures.

Anonymous 187123


Anonymous 187124

I will never understand this "lc now sucks because of infighting". There's always been infighting there as far as I can remember, even in the beginning.

Anonymous 187125

They are still connected, having kids does that to people. You'll learn when you grow up.

Anonymous 187126

Wasn't lolcow meant to be back? I still don't have it.

Anonymous 187127

Man, I can't believe Musk would post on cc of all places.

Anonymous 187128

What a gigastacey!

Anonymous 187130

i think that was someone's idea of a fun prank

Anonymous 187132

Tell that to his kids.

Anonymous 187133

You were prevented from having it?

Anonymous 187134

It's big lips, way too much filler and fox eye surgery now.

Anonymous 187135


Baffled this morning because I realized upon watching the new Liquid Chris vids that I met the guy who is now pretending to be Liquid Chris online at an anime convention in early November, note the exact same lanyard and same crispy looking sonichu pendant and the glasses/hair.

Anonymous 187136


he's the one defending grimes from not being a 9/10 accusations

Anonymous 187137

All your favorite celebrity girls use filler. You guys need to stop calling it "fox eyes" every time someone's eyes look a little catlike, lol. It's just a look.

Anonymous 187138

Oh noo, poor shithead millionaire moid :(((

Anonymous 187140

I know lc has always been catty but like I went back and read some of the early luna threads recently and it feels really different. Maybe just because there was more content idk

Anonymous 187142

there's fake infighting, there's people who you can tell just say crazy shit not to be goofy but to rile people up. If there's some discord somewhere were scrotes or pick me's are laughing about the meltdown they caused in x,y and z thread, i would'nt be surpised. I will keep saying it, it's not the same on lolcow and any retarded terminally online person like myself sees it.

Anonymous 187143

he is so much uglier than the real liquid chris.

Anonymous 187144

Please google how many ivf kids and failed marriages musk has. Make sure it's an updated count too.

Anonymous 187145

>All your favorite celebrity girls use filler
>Being a fan of any mainstream american celebrity

Anonymous 187146

you should post this on kiwifarms. they were saying it wasn't really him, maybe this was already posted. Just cut yourself out of the picture nona.

Anonymous 187147

The fanfiction you guys write and the way you attack complete strangers' children for Twitter crimes and being "cRiNgE" is mindblowing, I can't lie. Most real life shitty people aren't even this toxic.

Anonymous 187149

Infighting is fucking annoying regardless of whether it's a new thing or not. Especially when often the infighters actually agree with each other.

Anonymous 187150

wait, nevermind, do you have this picture anywhere else online? If so don't post it

Anonymous 187153

elon is boring, out of all the celebs to argue about i dont get why he is so prevalent.

Anonymous 187154

Imagine thinking google will tell you every detail of someone's life.

Anonymous 187155

with apologies to …

Anonymous 187156

In short, cause of his napoleon complex.

Anonymous 187157

but isn't he 6'1?

Anonymous 187159

What do you get out of claiming it's fanfiction without actually knowing anything about it? Grimes herself said awful ass shit like this.

Anonymous 187160

Nah, I haven't posted it anywhere else. Since he gave me a laugh I don't want to ruin his fun by going out of my way to prove he isn't the real liquid on top of just not wanting to interact with KF scrotes. I'm just baffled that I met him

Anonymous 187161

cute, you should make a webcomic.

Anonymous 187163

I don't speak american.

Anonymous 187164

Like CC is any better.
Also nobody uses the miner-girl character, Cece is far more the elsie equivalent

Anonymous 187165

I know, but >>186672 requested it and i thought it would be cute

Anonymous 187166

>lalala I can't hear you i dont want to know about it!!

Anonymous 187167

Admittedly she is pretty cute.

Anonymous 187169

>implying he cares enough about her to defend her

Anonymous 187170

I don't think there's more fake infighting than real infighting. The troon that was mocking curly hair and black features on the unpopular opinion thread was a bait but in that antiwork thread the infighting felt real to me. I don't like that thing anons say that "women can't be retarded and it must be a moid or a pick me" because it assumes that women are not multidimensional and have different opinions and backgrounds.

Anonymous 187173

Okay. It's still clearly aiming for the bimbo look and she literally had surgery to tuck her eyes for this shit.

Anonymous 187174

I feel like Cece just uses Miner-tan as a form of transportation

Anonymous 187176


Anonymous 187177


name this kitty

Anonymous 187178

Why a lizard? Is it cause they like sunbathing on rocks?

Anonymous 187179

I just wish there was a cute boy who owned a gossip site.
I feel like we don't have that you know? Like ##Josh## is okay but he's kinda gross and autistic. Where's the chad forum owner at with a big penis and a cute smile?

Anonymous 187180

Anonymous 187181

Anonymous 187182

Yes. I just want to be parasocial again. I'm joking but at the same time i'm just trying to say something to get the thread going. I'm sick of complaining about lolcow

Anonymous 187183


Anonymous 187184

>Like ##Josh## is okay
he is not ok he is fat and ugly

Anonymous 187185

I feel people lately have been name dropping LC (and CC) on other sites more often, bringing annoying people who visit those sites just to fight.

My girl May (short for Mayonnaise)

Anonymous 187186


Anonymous 187187


someone posted some shit on lolcow like, "Someone posted lolcow on tumblr omg". I googled and saw a bunch of weird shit. I don't know what to make of it.

Anonymous 187188

Except she didn't. Please, seek help, all of you.

Anonymous 187189


Hello CC how you doing

Anonymous 187190


is anyone decorating for Christmas? i haven't done it years, and it always feels kinda depressing not having anything up, like i'm missing out.

Anonymous 187191

Yessss I love this idea. Crystal / Miner-tan is just an automaton Cece built to be her royal carriage for when her small lizard legs don't go fast enough

Anonymous 187192

delete it now before it gets out

Anonymous 187193

sailor moon shit = troon

Anonymous 187194

Newfags be like

Anonymous 187222

How do you know she didn't if you don't even look it up?

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