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Lolcow Bunker Thread #003- Planned downtime part 3 Anonymous 187763

Anonymous 187764

finally a nice thread pic

Anonymous 187765


Anonymous 187767

But like >>187717 said the recognizing is unavoidable unless you expect everyone to post their husbando just once and never return, but sometimes it's multiple people into the same guy. I don't think the avatarfagging is really that bad unless they do it outside the thread but again in some cases it's different people posting. I remember when driverfags used to be common even anons who hated him got banned for "driversperging" just for posting a pic lol.

Anonymous 187769

Cat/dog love-hate threads should just be closed and just make a thread for petposting or something. All the dog hate thread is just "I hate pitbulls/dog attacked me" which honestly could be posted in any generic thread, and all the cat-hate thread is just "they kill birds, for which see the first point and "I can't believe anyone COULD hate cats, they just mesh with the feminine energy uwu", which should honestly be left unsaid

Anonymous 187770

i wish more anons would be like this one >>>/b/187761 like ask about the right spaces to do a hornypost and not spamming some fat guy on unrelated threads

Anonymous 187771

4chan jannies are all trannies

Anonymous 187773

Kek oh my god the people who hate dogs on LC to "own the moids" or something

Anonymous 187774

The husbandoshit should be kept in the containment threads

Anonymous 187775

I don't understand anons who hate autists but come to imageboards pls explain

Anonymous 187776

>Cat/dog love-hate threads should just be closed
I agree

Anonymous 187777

Can't wait to go on lolcow and nothing has changed

Anonymous 187778

your logic makes no sense. We already discussed 2 threads before the theory that all anons on imageboards are gigastacies

Anonymous 187779

But , a dog is literally just a slave, and anyone who owns a dog is a control freak and a fascist too!

Anonymous 187780

Agreed. All the normal people in those threads can just post in most other threads without a problem.

Anonymous 187781

anon this is only partially related but i was looking at the ideal body type thread and i got pissed off at how many fat guys were being posted like i wish those blubbery shits would die of heart attacks its almost offensive to me that women give any attention to those slobs at all even if it was only through imageboards like it makes me think how easily a fatass scrote could see that and start feeling himself like he's worthy of having a chance AND being right. ugh. im not a muscle man enjoyer or a male enjoyer either but id rather that than obeast moids and their repugnance. i don't support women's wrongs if the wrongs are male obesity praise

Anonymous 187782

Yes that's what I was saying, so idgi why husbando/celebrity crush/etcetera threads are a problem if they're contained.

Anonymous 187783

How many times are you going to try and drag out your unfunny infight?

Anonymous 187784

For real. this dad body thread is hideous

Anonymous 187785

My moid friend just told me he was bisexual but only into femboys. Do I run.

Anonymous 187786

Calm down taylor swift

Anonymous 187787

he is not bisexual he is porn addicted

Anonymous 187788


i cant handle living without /pt/, /snow/, and /m/

Anonymous 187789

Celebricows posters are honestly cancer, hopefully they get banned like kpopfags.

Anonymous 187790

i wish i could see how many anons are on this thread right now. imagine in the end its just 2/3 anons infighting endless

Anonymous 187791

kek for the past few years every time I find myself on 4chan out of nostalgia or something I end up terfing out and baiting everyone. I only got banned for it once because of off-topic in a video game thread, but that's because that /vg/ general is known to have many trannies and handmaidens in it.

Anonymous 187792

They're literally so spergy they can't be kept on /snow/ because they don't respect sage or milk rules and infight all the fucking time, even though that's where the thread itself belongs

Anonymous 187794

there should be an ip/poster number like on 4chan

Anonymous 187795

I just love to read all the dumb shit

Anonymous 187797

At least the "stacey"/celebricows sperg from two threads ago is still here, the "stop being desperate for a moid or girlfriend" anon is probably on her way too.

Anonymous 187798

That sounds like it would be a disaster. It would be nothing but fighting between people who like and dislike cats and dogs. The separate threads are necessary and all 4 get a lot of discussion. I don't see how them existing negatively affects anyone else. If you don't like the subject of any of them, you don't have to open the thread.

Anonymous 187799

Despite people liking me there, I dont even like avatarfagging on the husbando threads, I even change pronouns and such sometimes when talking so it looks less evident who I am kek

Anonymous 187800

He's bisexual and porn sick. When a man tells you he wants to fuck a man believe him

Anonymous 187801

The only times I've got suspicious bans is after posting in the Lori thread and in the MTF thread, both a long time ago but there used to be a tranny janny who would get offended and redtext anons for nothing in the mtf thread, or give random bans for some other recent post. Lori's thread is modded by one of the psycho cosplayer oldfags (they hang out more on the unhinged Kiwi thread and avatarfag a lot in the lolcow one) so I've got one or two bans after she went through my post history thinking I was Lori.

Anonymous 187802

idk how to explain this but i dont really think moids can be gay/bi/straight. it all depends on the situation like when they are on prison and they turn gay.

Anonymous 187803

Would this type of "bi" man have ever known he was bi without the internet and porn? No, probably not. He has probably never been attracted to a guy irl.

Anonymous 187804

No one reacts negatively to someone loving an animal, and the hate threads are full of infighting, especially the cat hate one, because you're not allowed to actually hate cats

Anonymous 187805

>banned for same thing twice
>being told to integrate even though I've been on the site for years and post a lot

Anonymous 187806

>because you're not allowed to actually hate cats
i wish this was true

Anonymous 187807

Again, when a man says he will fuck a man believe him. I dont care how he found out he likes men he does. People need to stop trying to change sexuality. A man who wants to fuck a man is bisexual/gay

Anonymous 187808

bisexual men are really gay but want to use women as breeding cows. run.

Anonymous 187809


I like sea slugs, especially sea cow slugs

Anonymous 187810

Anonymous 187811

I hate bi men

Anonymous 187812

Anonymous 187813

Blind bitch

Anonymous 187815

The cat haters react negatively to cat love and dog haters to dog love. The thread doesn't have that much infighting. It actually had more offtopic infighting about a jannie banning someone for samefag than it does about cats. Most of the thread is on topic. And you are allowed to dislike cats.

Anonymous 187816

When lolcow back I ain't tellin

Anonymous 187817

Anytime a guy announces he's bi it's because he'll lead it up with either an admission of cheating or asking for a "gay" permission to cheat. I don't know how I'd be friends with that

Anonymous 187818

You don't need an entire thread to dislike cats, if you're not mental-hospital or bunny-boiler tier insane.

Anonymous 187819

This. It also ended up not only having LSAfags, trolls but also unstable twitterfags.

Anonymous 187820

Ah I see, you are just someone butthurt about that thread existing. Just ignore it and be thankful it keeps those convos contained where you don't have to see them.

Anonymous 187821

You're allowed to dislike cats if you write 4 paragraphs about how you actually don't hate them and it's only on some environmental concern level. If you post that you hate cats because of their behaviour, you get hit with the moid accusation

Anonymous 187822

Half the thread is about disliking them for them being annoying/dirty/badly behaved etc. and it's fine. Only a few cat people come in and blanket-accuse the whole thread of being a scrote containment. Ignore them.

Anonymous 187823

Not butthurt, just not insane. If you think the weirdos who were in the first few posts of that thread are the same as people who are just allergic or don't like cleaning up cat fur, you're coping hard.

Anonymous 187824

NTA, but the other half? Kek.

Anonymous 187825

The thread feels alien to me. LC was an alternative site for women that weren't into topics that would be discussed on mainstream normalfag places online. Caring about celebrities has got to be the most stereotypical and normie friendly female hobby imaginable.

There's too much hate on /ot/.
>zoomer hate
>reddit hate
>twitter hate
>youtube hate
>discord hate
>dog hate
>cat hate
>things you hate
I guess it's just a sign of the times.

Anonymous 187826

Which weirdos?
Ecological/environmental stuff

Anonymous 187827


Anonymous 187828

At least two anons in the last thread mentioned there being posts about wanting to torture and poison cats.

Anonymous 187829

unpopular opinion: if you are allergic to cat fur you are at the bottom barrel of the food chain. its better to just die than have kids and transfer your unflattering genes

Anonymous 187830

he probably wouldn't actually do it
I have know lots of men who are lonely and porn addicted and fall into femboy/trap pipeline but irl they can't go through with it.

Anonymous 187832

Cats are the biggest anthropogenic cause of bird population decline.
They are invasive species in most of the world.
At a minimum outdoor cats should be banned.

Anonymous 187833

Tbh the Youtuve/TikTok/Reddit hate threads also pretty much function as generals. But you also have the Consoomerism thread, which both functions as a "what I bought" and a hate thread, which is funny to see

Anonymous 187834

>Cats are the biggest anthropogenic cause of bird population decline
why do you care for birds? twitterfag

Anonymous 187835

they look nice and sing songs when I wake up

Anonymous 187836

Doesn't matter he's still a bisexual coomer who gets off to men. Regardless of if he acts on it.

Anonymous 187837

I only know what's in the current thread, and that's not there. The closest thing is people saying outdoor cats are coyote food and it's good for farmers to shoot cats messing with their livestock. IIRC, the first few posts of the current thread and the most recent posts are pretty similar. It's been consistent throughout.

Anonymous 187838

I'm the biggest toxoplasmosis-chan there is but I agree with you 100%

Anonymous 187839

The MtF thread honestly needs more heavy-handed moderation because it's not just a peak-trans general

Anonymous 187840

Very true

Anonymous 187841

shaymin got frustrated with server and went to bed
see y'all tomorrow

Anonymous 187842

I actually agree that cats should be indoor pets. It's not safe for them or smaller animals when they're left outdoors.

Anonymous 187843

This is confirmed?

Anonymous 187844

yeah outdoor cats have much worse lifespans and health
it's just excuse for owner laziness
if you feel bad keeping your cat indoors you can make something with chicken wire

Anonymous 187845

Anonymous 187846

Anonymous 187847


Anonymous 187848

Anonymous 187849

I am one step closer to having my dream office setup. Finally got a huge L-shaped desk that fits my work and personal computers, plus monitors and accessories, and a dedicated hobby spot. I like to sculpt and draw, but never had my own space before. Finally all my supplies can be set out within my reach! Next I need to hang my whiteboard and then put up cozier lighting.

Tell me about your dream offices s. What are your must haves?

Anonymous 187850


my girl is 18 years old and a indoor/outdoor princess. if these birds didnt wanted to die they shouldnt have those weird haircuts.

Anonymous 187851

proxy-image (40).g…

god i"m bored

Anonymous 187852

I want a standing desk and a crafts table.

Anonymous 187853

kekkk Just saw a guy getting removed from my uni's discord study group in real time for having a coomer profile picture when he was trying to ask about a test. At least I know we have some female mods

Anonymous 187854

based mods

Anonymous 187855

yes run. Dude is a massive degenerate

Anonymous 187856

Anonymous 187857

i think im falling back into being a bulimic

Anonymous 187858

based !

Anonymous 187859

well stop it then, dummy

Anonymous 187860

I hate dog owners who keep dogs in small apartments or let them bark constantly. My neighbor has 3 dogs in a 1 living room 1 bedroom apartment and only lets them out to the small porch area with a wire fence.

Anonymous 187861

what was the pfp
anime or real

Anonymous 187862

How is fucking up your throat and mouth based

Anonymous 187863

bulimia is pathetic but ana is admirable

Anonymous 187864

at least thin

Anonymous 187865

Both are brain worms

Anonymous 187866

Anime ahegao

Anonymous 187867

I have a question for burger anons in university.
If you're a full-time uni student in the US, are you allowed to pick and choose which terms you attend?
For example, if I apply for a university's summer 2023 term, and complete it, can I decide to take time off and return to my classes in winter instead of fall?

Anonymous 187868

>There's too much hate on /ot/
dude i was just thinking this the other day when i glanced at the catalogue. someone will make a hot chocolate thread and some other anon will have to make a hot chocolate hate thread. I…. hate it.

Anonymous 187869

Get help

Anonymous 187870

Anonymous 187871

and heart, and teeth, and body odor
you can be thin with other methods

Anonymous 187872

Which general?

Anonymous 187873

can you guys hang out on anatwt instead of here? you're harshing the mellow

Anonymous 187874

my life is not perfect right now but it got so much better when i stopped being fat

Anonymous 187875

I'm trying to make AI roleplay wizards fuck me but it's not letting me.

Anonymous 187876


Anonymous 187877

I think it depends on the school. Some have a set period of time you can take off. However, many also have a minimum number of units you must be enrolled in in order to keep scholarships and financial aid and stuff.

Anonymous 187879


Anonymous 187880

miners, can we report bone rattlers here? or do we just have to live with the constant maraca sounds

Anonymous 187882

I feel like the cat hate threads are a lot less hostile than the dog hate one. I don't even go into the dog hate thread but whenever I happen to scroll past it, more often than not the most recent posts come off as unhinged.

Anonymous 187883

Anonymous 187884

you know that anachans take it as a compliment right?

Anonymous 187885

should i make chicken soup for dinner tonight for the 500th time this year

Anonymous 187886

not even a dog hater but it's probably because the worst experience an anon could have had with a cat is getting their arms all needle scratched-up but the worst experience and anon could have had with a dog is their brother having his face mauled off.

Anonymous 187888

Anonymous 187889

anachans are broken, we can't control what they take as compliments

Anonymous 187890

Bone Christmas Tre…

Let them rattle, it's almost Christmas time and they can't even have a good festive meal

Anonymous 187891

Yes. Dude is likely to troon in the future, and if he doesn't, you run the risk of him possibly fucking dudes on the side.

Anonymous 187893

Anonymous 187894

I use both threads and I can see that. I hate both cats and dogs but I don't want them tortured or anything like that. So I empathize with all the posters with grievances up until that point.

Anonymous 187895

>want to kermit
>take a nap
>feel better for an hour
>want to kermit again
>take a nap
>feel better for an hour
>want to kermit again
>take a nap
>feel better for an hour
>want to kermit
>take a na

Anonymous 187896

You should take a full night's rest

Anonymous 187897

I did mushrooms a bit ago and the few days after I felt like shit because I realized I was in love with this one loser moid and I also realized he's never going to feel the same way about me. How do I move on quickly? I realize these feelings are kind of dumb and I want to be over it already.

Anonymous 187898

i always feel like kermiting AFTER a nap, what's with that

Anonymous 187899

What is kermiting

Anonymous 187900

we need to combine our powers. If all goes well, we will no longer want to commit. If it backfires, we will wind up jumping. win win

Anonymous 187901

you know like the frog muppet

Anonymous 187902

when you take testosterone and your voice gets fucked up

Anonymous 187903

Anonymous 187904

Anonymous 187905

Anonymous 187906

Naps make me feel like absolute shit. I don't understand how they can make people feel the opposite. I think my body can either be awake or needs to enter a full night of sleep mode, nothing in between.

Anonymous 187907

ok real answer: it's sudokuing

Anonymous 187908

I agree, cats are definitely one of the most invasive animals. They kill my favourite animals.. birds, squirrels . I love all creatures very much but cats Im not so exited about. Not their fault, but they are destructive.

Anonymous 187909

Only dogs and cats don't deserve the hate

Anonymous 187910

>my favourite animals.. birds
Based birdstacies

Anonymous 187911

I like not sageing on here

Anonymous 187912

Why? You only have to sage comments on cow boards

Anonymous 187913

maybe technically, but not in polite practice

Anonymous 187914

I wish we had a stronger insult for males than moid. I mean, I guess theres faggot, but thats sort of already taken by faggots specifically.

Anonymous 187915

I don't get it, dogs do it too when they can and are let outside on their own. My friend's dog literally kills baby rabbits in their backyard. My mom's chickens got murdered by a retard dog roaming in the neighborhood.

Anonymous 187916


feels nice to say. gets out the aggression.

Anonymous 187917

There's scrote too

Anonymous 187918

What does politeness have to do with saging

Anonymous 187919

i had a neighbour who had an outdoor cat that would jump on the hood and roof of my car, which i had just bought at the time. i love cats but that annoyed me so much. cats should be indoor only for so many reasons.

Anonymous 187922

The amount of wild dogs on the streets killing local animals is much fewer than the feral cat population, which is normal.

Anonymous 187923

y chromosoid
non-woman (most severe)

Anonymous 187924

True. As well as smegmoid, smeg, and y-chromelet. I guess rapeape might be the meanest sounding one though. We need more insults for the inferior sex.

Anonymous 187925

Neither should be left outside unsupervised. It's not a competition.

Anonymous 187926

Agreed, all comes down to irresponsible humans. Cats and dogs can both be lovely if they are taken care of responsibility, fixed and payed attention to

Anonymous 187928

Yeah. Also most pets are neglected. People should not be allowed to get them so easily.

Anonymous 187929


lolcor bebe

Anonymous 187930


Anonymous 187931

do you rememeber when google employees were feeding feral cats at Google HQ and they almost killed all of an endangered owl that lived in the dunes nearby

Anonymous 187932

What's a lolcor?

Anonymous 187935


lol cow

Anonymous 187936


Anonymous 187937

kek who made this it's amazing

Anonymous 187938

So cupe

Anonymous 187939


I like bats

Anonymous 187941

Immm soon borrreeed

Anonymous 187942


I love pigeons here is one of my pigeon friends

Anonymous 187943

Yes, unfortunately. I think only 25 pairs still breed there and the trend is still decreasing.

Anonymous 187945



Anonymous 187947


Black/grey and white pigeon. She is very sweet

Anonymous 187949

Anonymous 187950

These are your personal pictures of birbs

Anonymous 187951


There was a big earthquake in California this morning (further north than I am), which reminds me that over here it’s just accepted that The Big One(tm) is still overdue and will happen any day and we just never know. Basically when it does we’ll all be fucked and there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m scared Nonas, I don’t want to fall into the ocean

Anonymous 187952


i have to host a friend (actually my only friend but we're not even that close anymore) whos coming over for dinner tomorrow and im not in the right headspace for it. i literally spent all of today staring at the wall and experiencing indescribable mental agony over existential issues. And then I have to go on a month long trip in January and I don't know how I am going to do this without having a mental break. I got a request from my insurance to submit some documents and even just thinking about doing that made me lay in bed for 5 hours and wish i wasn't born. Hahaha fuck!

Anonymous 187953

I'm glad I live in a place with no natural disasters.

Anonymous 187955

Earthquakes don't happen in my country either, most disasters are just man-made.

Anonymous 187957

what a cutie

Anonymous 187958

>I don't even go into the dog hate thread but whenever I happen to scroll past it, more often than not the most recent posts come off as unhinged.
there's like one poster here who thinks anyone who says this must be one anon, but it's an actual problem kek

Anonymous 187959

Gay/bi/straight is when you love someone. Whatever men are doing outside of that is masturbating inside someone. Men fuck everything.

Don't forget the spicy queer thread on /snow/, aka bi men hate.

Anonymous 187960

I love the spicy straights thread

Anonymous 187962

>Caring about celebrities has got to be the most stereotypical and normie friendly female hobby imaginable
This is why celebricows, in theory, fills a niche for me. I'm not interested in normie takes on celebrities, I love to read the bullshit nonas have to say. Sadly this thread attracts the worst type of poster though. If there were no celebricows I'd just go back to not paying attention to celebrities in the slightest like before.

Anonymous 187963

I always preferred the more accurate "self-loathing straights". Spicy just gives me Tumblr fujo flashbacks. I can practically smell the boobsweat.

Anonymous 187964


one more. I feel lonely sometimes but there is never a pigeon that isnt exited for me to feed it

Anonymous 187965


That's cute. What do you feed them with usually?

Anonymous 187966

I also like the celebricows thread, the other drama sites or subreddits I used to read are always just sucking off trannies and caping for men and I love the jokes the s make on LC instead

Anonymous 187967

*The nonas make

Anonymous 187968

i need to break up wth my bf so bad but i'd have to move to an apartment and i have a dog who needs a yard. that's pretty much the sole reason i'm still in this relationship

Anonymous 187969

this is depressing

Anonymous 187970

i used to live in an apartment and this one young couple in a suite adjacent to mine adopted a puppy and instead of taking it out to pee they would just open the deck door for the poor thing to piss on the deck. and they werent even on the bottom floor.

Anonymous 187971

anon taking lonely-chan on their aquarium date

Anonymous 187972

So all scrotes are bisexual or gay? Why does some s have q issue correctly labeling these gay scrotes? Why is calling them gay or bisexual so hard? It's like Troon shit, sexuality exist you fit into one of 3. Scrotes ain't special. They are gay or bisexual

Anonymous 187973

this is why I always tell nonas to never live with their bfs. It's the #1 thing that will trap you.

Anonymous 187977

Chris Chan and Barb?

Anonymous 187978

No it was my imaginary friend

Anonymous 187979

i know the point of /x/ is to be morbid but i wasnt expecting straight nonces on there

Anonymous 187981

I thought that was the 4chan board where they post supernatural stuff. What happened?

Anonymous 187982


Anonymous 187983


Anonymous 187984

I just went over there out of curiosity and someone confessed to fucking a 14 year old when she was in her 20s.
Some of you should just not reveal things, even anonymously.

Anonymous 187986

which thread?

Anonymous 187987

The whats the worst thing you've ever done one.

Anonymous 187988

On here? Wtf?

Anonymous 187989

link the post

Anonymous 187991


Anonymous 187992

mine is posting online about lolcows on the dark web with pedos

Anonymous 187995

>i have no regrets about it
>he was also being abused oh well
alogging currently. This is allowed here?

Anonymous 187996

God I wish I could post in the tumblr hate thread because I just learned the news that pissvortex finally got banned and had a clear meltdown about it on his less popular twitter account. Lol rest in piss bozo

Anonymous 187997

Happy new day, Central-Europe

Anonymous 188000

samefag and lolcor is too mean but we have actual nonces here that dont get banned?

Anonymous 188001

I think CC mod team is as dead as ours so maybe that's why it wasn't banned, unless it is allowed

Anonymous 188002

admin lied as usual. even by the time the site went down it was already the 20th, maybe 11:30pm on the 19th at the earliest

Anonymous 188003

December 20th 2022 6:19 pm for me

Anonymous 188004

lolcow was even up for me this morning at 5/6 am (on the 20th) kek

Anonymous 188005

pls post caps im begging

Anonymous 188009

proxy-image (15) (…


Anonymous 188010

what is the issue with pissvortex i would see his posts floating around and my mutuals would take the piss out of him but i don’t get why he’s so hated he’s just an unfunny tumblr funnyman

Anonymous 188011

Was pissvortex one of those gay edgy tumblr funnymen like that serbian fag

Anonymous 188012

Have we been abandoned?

Anonymous 188013

why are there so many retarded gay fat balkan men on tumblr

Anonymous 188014

If the site isn't up by 11 pm tonight, I'll do something really serious. I don't know what yet, but I'll do something.

Anonymous 188015


He apparently suicide baited multiple radfems by reblogging their depressive posts with “LMAO.” For a phenomena that kills trannies the most, he sure doesn’t handle it with any sanctity. I’m unfortunately posting on mobile so so apologies if this doesn’t work for you: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/acidbathcat/704189545022898176

Anonymous 188016

wanna kiss?

Anonymous 188017


Hugs nona. I cried for 2 hours when my insurance botched my application (put my spouse as my primary) and I couldn't change it, decided I'm gonna be uninsured this year. Holidays always get me down, the smallest things break me, is that the case for you or is it unrelated to festivmus?

Anonymous 188018

i ship this

Anonymous 188019

are the new banners the only things confirmed to be added to lolcow? i don't know anything about coding but it feels like it shouldn't be taking this long at all to add some banners to the site kek

Anonymous 188020

Maybe themes as well? Kek

Anonymous 188022

Are you me anon ? Pigeons are the cutest animal one the face of earth

Anonymous 188023


Anonymous 188024

is that why the site is down? not that I'm complaining. I like banners and I need more variety so if that's the reason it's down I'll forgive themhope they remove the porn banners too but i doubt it

Anonymous 188026

They might be a nonce but at least they didn't call anyone retarded for disagreeing with them about Shayna's weight.

Anonymous 188027

Server migration

Anonymous 188028

Nonas can I get some inspiring words to go clean my apartment? I've been asleep on and off for 20 hours. I keep tripping over boxes, my place is a mess and my cats deserve better.

Anonymous 188029

he is so fucking annoying

Anonymous 188030


I wish shaymin would let me help with running the site.

Anonymous 188034

same, i wish i was an admin or something. i actually care about lolcow and have enough time and autism to invest into making the site better. current admin/mods dont give a shit though

Anonymous 188037

Your apartment fucking stinks and these cats are gonna piss all over your stuff if you don't get your shit together bitch.

Anonymous 188039

you can do it anon! you'll feel so much better once you have done it. you and your cats deserve a nice clean space. maybe listen to music or watch something while you clean to try to make it more bearable?

Anonymous 188041

I want to ask sonic the oracle something but lolcor is still down, things are unfair

Anonymous 188042

Be careful saying that on LC. Shaymin permabanned an anon that offered to take over as admin.

Anonymous 188043

Sonic the hedgehog…

I'll pretend to be sonic oracle. Sup?

Anonymous 188044

put on some groovy music and boogie whilst you tidy up. keep one of the boxes for your cats to play in afterwards.

Anonymous 188046

really? bit extreme

Anonymous 188047

Which record - Molchat Doma or Cocteau Twins?
Yes ma'am nona ma'am. They don't pee on things (only in the sink when mad) but still don't want them to start

Anonymous 188048

Sonic the hedgehog…

Sonic says flip a coin - heads is yes, tails is no

Anonymous 188049

Should I bake a lemon pound cake?

Anonymous 188050

molchat doma! they're great

Anonymous 188051

Sonic the hedgehog…

Sonic says flip a coin - heads is yes, tails is no

Anonymous 188052

both are great but not for cleaning imo. let me re-emphasise groovy. something to get your energy up anon. i listened to some italo disco this morning to do the washing up, and had a little wiggle too. it is the only way.

Anonymous 188054

no lemon poundcake then, thanks sonic

Anonymous 188055

the b.jpeg


Anonymous 188056


there, there sister. Admin wont leave us for a week like last time

Anonymous 188057

I hope top, i fucking hate them, they're notre funny and looks lame

Anonymous 188058

Is this the right time to say I have a little crush on Egor from Molchat Doma?

Anonymous 188059

Understood, Molchat Doma has fun danceable basslines though. But if it fails I'll just play some Talking Heads. (So far so good, am in a vertical stance so that's a start )

Anonymous 188060

It is definitely. Just looked him up and he's cute, oost your favorite Egor pics pls

Anonymous 188063

I was checking lolcow and I had realized it wasn't back so I switched to thos tab. For a mintue I had shit brain and was like, "its back!!" Before the page fully loaded

Anonymous 188064

It was a snow day today so I didn't go to work. I spend the morning watching Christmas movies, making cookies, and this evening I'll settle down and draw.

Anonymous 188065

Are y'all seriously experiencing withdrawal over not being able to talk about your hubandos?

Anonymous 188066

Nah not really, I just talk about it on twitter or an imageboard.

Anonymous 188067

what imageboard

Anonymous 188068

Worst and least-worst lolcow admins, whats your opinion? The one who got so riled up she posted her wrist was a big cow. Current one seems to be fairly absent.

Anonymous 188069


day 1 no husbandoposting

Anonymous 188070

that sounds comfy anon. what christmas films? I wanna watch one this evening but can't decide.

Anonymous 188071


>mod Skyrim AE for 2 days
>Install mods to fit my theme
>Install follower/npc control/coomer sexy male armor mods(less than 10 in existence)
>Make oc's, add as followers, decide to add more as I form the story
>Mc is now stuck with last npcs head on a woman's body
>Mc is now accidentally a trans
>Try to load appearance back onto her, doesn't work
>Only way to salvage is trying for a miracle or restarting my rp from the intro room, creating chars, replaying 4+ hours
>Using cheats won't get my reputation/skills back up
all started from imagining a male oc getting pissed on by a treant so hes marked as not an intruder
Once again ovulation has held a death grip on my life

Anonymous 188072

/vg/ on 4chan.

Anonymous 188073

we know so little about the current admin (because she hasn't done anything) but the thought that it's very plausible that she could secretly be one of the autists who infights in shayna's thread daily and we all just assume she's inactive haunts me
also, wasn't there a male admin at some point a while ago?

Anonymous 188074

One of the first admins was male, lc was not always a female dominated Imagebord. Males were “unofficially” banned because they are simply annoying kek

Anonymous 188075

i kind of am. there are other places to talk about mine but i don't like social media and making accounts, and the atmosphere there is too different.

Anonymous 188076


hang in there

Anonymous 188077

Yeah an early admin, if not the first, was a scrote. When Asherahs Garden was created during wristchan admins great sperging, it was started by a male, then given to a woman. Sadly, smegmoids would spam it so hard with CP, it closed down. It wasn't very active, and far more serious than LC, but it had good feminism discussion.
Yeah I remember an early thread on LC sang the praises of none other than Milo Yiannopoulos. It stunk of scrotes and pickmes.

Anonymous 188080


i miss these emojis

Anonymous 188081

Omfg me too. I have an iPhone now and I hate the emojis. These ones you posted were always cute to me

Anonymous 188082

I can't wait until lc comes back. Crystal.cafe is just weird.

Anonymous 188084

Be polite to your hosts. By the way, have no miners showed up to complain that we are here, kek?

Anonymous 188085

I quite enjoy camping out here whenver lolcow is down. Nobody is making you

Anonymous 188086


i currently have an iphone too, but i was so mad when my old phone updated by itself and the new emojis looked like this

Anonymous 188087

Me too, they are the cutest/most appealing emoji set of all time.

Anonymous 188088


Anonymous 188089

Anons I was so sure I"ll be more productive today with LC gone but I wasn't at all… I guess this enables me to continue checking it during work hours since it clearly is not responsible for my procrastination hehe

Anonymous 188090

Are we sure shaymin knows how to code?

Anonymous 188091

i don't think she does. she still hasn't fixed /m/, and it's been months, and the site keeps progressively breaking more and more.

Anonymous 188092

I always thought they kinda look like thumbs. Its cute

Anonymous 188093

How are her boobs so big yet she's a cosplayer

Anonymous 188095

Are we still talking about shaymin?

Anonymous 188096

Anonymous 188098

I felt like a farmhand/admin cursed me out in the bunker thread and when lolcow comes back (if it does) I'm going to be banned

Anonymous 188099

To be fair, I don't think she's trying.

Anonymous 188100

What cow are you jealous of and why?

Anonymous 188101

LC admin here with some updates.
What's we've been doing: It's all behind the scenes stuff we can't talk about.
What happens next: It's all behind the scenes stuff we can't talk about.
Any other questions? It's all behind the scenes stuff we can't talk about.

Anonymous 188102

besides if it was “le minerz vs farmerz” lurking moids would just jerk off to it like tards anyway

Anonymous 188103

And btw that's all code for "I'm not doing shit and idk what's going on"

Anonymous 188105

I love my husbando

Anonymous 188106

I suddenly feel so weak, I wonder if I got a cold, my mother has it.

Anonymous 188107

sometimes I wish the admin was active on the site, you know we knew more, but other times I'm like nah. I still think it's weird that LSA's owner posts threads and sometimes kek. I also catch the mods going, and the only time I've seen a janny clean it up once.
I don't know, I'd feel so weird being in a thread and seeing Admin talking shit kek

Anonymous 188108

I wish there were a cow print theme.

Anonymous 188109

what's LSA

Anonymous 188111

It might have been the schizotroon, he was always saying that he wanted to take over the site or that he was the actual admin and shit. Or maybe an innocent anon got mistaken for him.
Look it up or something

Anonymous 188112

lifestyle spending account

Anonymous 188114

it was apperently snapchat anon, which is funny, because once she got banned Shayna's snapchat career quickly followed kek

Anonymous 188115


this again, thought it'd be up by the time i came home

Anonymous 188116


shaymin accepting lolcow

Anonymous 188118

me too, and suddenly feel extra depressed on top of that.

Anonymous 188120

When covid was really big I didn't even want to TALK to a sick person on the phone, I kept thinking, "i can get that shit somehow"
I have a landline so i kept thinking it'd come through the phone holes

Anonymous 188121

>t. retard

Anonymous 188123

I like your energy

Anonymous 188124

Anonymous 188125

I felt I had a really good picture for a thread so I sat around until the thread naturally filled up the whole day and made a thread. A confession

Anonymous 188127

At least all banners here are nice. The one I got now is an oniisama e banner.

Anonymous 188128


Anonymous 188129


I'm in Bongland and it's 2am here. can't get comfy without my bedtime lc routine.

Anonymous 188130

When’s lolcow back? I’m sick in bed and need some milk

Anonymous 188131

9pmer checkin in it's primetime for me

Anonymous 188132

Why do i feel sick because all these sick s in this thread, if I catch something via the Internet i'm going to be so mad

Anonymous 188133


lc come baaaaaack i'm so bored i've resorted to arguing with retards on a random chatroom (and i hate arguing)

Anonymous 188135

anons would you want to be the hamburger between those buns or what? be honest

Anonymous 188136


Someone posted this on the farms weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since

Anonymous 188137


Anonymous 188138

The art could be better and why is she only wearing an oversized t-shirt

Anonymous 188139

personally i just wanna watch them go at it

Anonymous 188141

you can only catch mental sickness via the internet, but we're all already infected. that's why we are here right now.

Anonymous 188142

is this based off specific specific people? why couldn't he be cuter at least

Anonymous 188143

I like that you don't get banned here if you share a link without posting a screenshot.
"MUH IMAGEBOARD!!!" is a braindead excuse. No other imageboard (that I know of) bans you for not using all its features all the time. It makes perfect sense in the drama boards, because screenshots are a way to archive drama, and because drama threads are supposed to be easily readable and have all the details in a single place, plus gossiping is easier with screenshots. But outside of drama boards it doesn't make any sense to ban someone who's just, for example, sharing a bit of information or a random fact but only posts the link (or a link and part of the text copypasted)
Maybe screenshot sharing could still be encouraged on off-topic boards, but it shouldn't be a bannable offense.

Anonymous 188144

i don't trust anons enough to be clicking random link. Might catch something

Anonymous 188145

I wonder how much more traffic cc gets when lc is down and the average amount

Anonymous 188146

I'm so sick of seeing "cheesed to meet you"

Anonymous 188147

God when can we go home this place sucks. I just want to lurk on shaynus

Anonymous 188149


Anonymous 188150

>talking shit about anyone else

Anonymous 188151

Wouldn't it be funny, the ultimate lol, if Shayna was the Admin of lolcow? The money she earns on her streams? For lolcow's servers.

Anonymous 188152

Sometimes I think about how one day Lolcor may go down and never come back up. How long would you hide out here before accepting LC's death? I would give it 3 weeks tops.

Anonymous 188153

I'd wait here for about three weeks too. To be honest, I have a feeling that one day in the future it won't come back.

Anonymous 188157

I wonder how the Nina's who don't know about crystal Cafe or the maintenence deal with down time. Do they think its the end? Who do you ask kek?

Anonymous 188158

Also didn't admin say he was transferring something?

Anonymous 188160


queen shartnus is making us pay

Anonymous 188161

I bet Ben would bottom from the top and Jordan would just lie there lazily. Nick Fuentes watches from the shadows, seething that he's been left out.

Anonymous 188163

I imagine pants must be uncomfortable when you have a tail.

Anonymous 188165

tail slit

Anonymous 188166

What would you do if LC announced it's closing?

Anonymous 188167

laugh then cry

Anonymous 188168


Anonymous 188169


this is so unnecessarily erotic not that i’m complaining

Anonymous 188170

enjoy my freedom

Anonymous 188171

pray for a successor site

Anonymous 188172

It's almost been an entire day since it's been down. I understand the whole site is getting an update (allegedly), but should it take this long?
Be disappointed but not surprised.

Anonymous 188173

this cant be real

Anonymous 188174

its been almost 24 hours no lolcor…

Anonymous 188176


Anonymous 188179

there was a time (i think a few months ago?) where it was down longer than this

Anonymous 188181


Return to us, lolcor. Queen Moz commands it

Anonymous 188182


>I understand the whole site is getting an update (allegedly), but should it take this long?
you can prepare the new site ahead of time and just swap the DNS or reverse proxy over

Anonymous 188186

fuck celebricows posters they are insufferable

Anonymous 188187

That's not why the thread was moved from /snow/

Anonymous 188188

I was inspired by another nona and posted on 4chan saying "What's preventing you from looking like this" with a picture of a hot Chad athlete and got banned kek

Anonymous 188190

Is there any news at all about when lc will return? My autist routine is all out of whack now.

Anonymous 188191


ladies i wanna go back home so bad

Anonymous 188192


Stacy moment

Anonymous 188197

Archieve it, then reupload

Anonymous 188199

I hate shaymin

Anonymous 188200

Shaymin hstes lilcow laymen

Anonymous 188202

I feel you, .

Anonymous 188203


How did we ever go this far?
You touch my hand and start the car
And for the first time in my life
I'm cryyyyyyying
[Russian rapping]

Anonymous 188204


I was watching dunkirk, this guy is so cute.

Anonymous 188206

IT'S ALL ABOUT US (all about us)
ALL ABOUT US (all about us)
(It's all about us)
IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE (It's all about us)
IN YOU I CAN TRUST (It's all about us)


Anonymous 188207

That's pretty sad. Moids' opinions are worthless.

Anonymous 188208

Screen Shot 2022-1…

it's not, it's from Nathan for You where he put this poster of himself up on a wall and waited for people to draw dicks on it kek

Anonymous 188210

mourn my precious husbando thread

Anonymous 188212

The focus on the tall suit men's crotches doesn't help


Anonymous 188215

Only based thing a man ever did

Anonymous 188216

kek A+ show

Anonymous 188217

Omg I forgot about this song. Я звезда, ты звезда… нас приказано сжечь…

Anonymous 188222

Like I said, moid opinions are worthless, you shouldn't want to impress them. They think a woman shitposting about a fictional man is "random" because they have no idea husbandofags are a thing (they think all women are boring, stupid normies) or ignore all the female posters doing the exact same thing on the very same site they use. You are already based for having a husbando and loving him so much.

Anonymous 188223


I spent all day in my room with this thread open. So far my life improvement plan isn't going well because apparently when lolcow is down I'm only more interested in it.
At least I haven't masturbated in three days.

Anonymous 188224

Jesus Christ

Anonymous 188226



Anonymous 188227

this image makes me miss KT, wonder what her schizo ass is doing rn
high five for less schlickin nona air that room out, wash your sheets

Anonymous 188228


My vet didn't tell me when to take off my cat's compression bandage (she had her blood taken) and now her paw grew two times the size. I am exactly 4 hours of no betterment away from going full karen.

Anonymous 188229



Anonymous 188230

Post pic

Anonymous 188232

>wash your sheets
already did! They were musky as fuck if I'm being honest

Anonymous 188233

Oh well, I'm glad at least you had fun and didn't get called a roastie or something nasty like that. I would never post on /b/. Also I'm sure you can sperg as much as you want in the husbando thread (or was that before the husbandoposting thread was made?)

Anonymous 188234


wtf can we have LC back already im gonna start sperging

Anonymous 188235

>at least I haven't masturbated in 3 days
Please teach me your godly self-control.

Anonymous 188238

ayy I'm glad, might do the same. from sweaty nightmares though not from beanflicking sadly.

I clean therefore I am

Anonymous 188239


She won't let me go near her paw right now and is grooming it diligently, but it pretty much looks like pic related.

Anonymous 188241

Bless your poor kitty and her fucked up foot, I’m sure she’s still cute af tho

Anonymous 188242


Bless these two autists.

Honestly they and all the other women (except the sharkfucker) didn't deserve to be in this video and lumped in with the moids

Anonymous 188243

What the fuck is this

Anonymous 188245

fucking tvtropes.

Anonymous 188246

It's from TVTropes when they still had the blogposting section in their articles. This series of videos makes fun of them

Anonymous 188248

I have 2 cats and I love them with all my heart so I know you’re probably freaked out! Try not to worry about it, just keep an eye on it and I’m sure the swelling will go down soon.

Anonymous 188250

Just keep your pants on and when you're horny find something to do or take a nap

Anonymous 188251


He yearns for the return of /g/

Anonymous 188252

he is UGLY

Anonymous 188253

what cryptid is this

Anonymous 188255

I love my unconventional male attractions s

Anonymous 188257

what's kiwifarms current address? I'm bored

Anonymous 188258


regular incest

Anonymous 188259


yaoi incest

Anonymous 188260

nvm found it

Anonymous 188261

I don't know any yuri incest but I see no difference
Love is incest

Anonymous 188263

the yaoi one looks less painful

Anonymous 188264

They both involve one party wanting to kill the other in a loving way though.

Anonymous 188265


I'm going through ket wds and got picrel as an ad for the first time. Rude.

Anonymous 188269

My brain right now

Anonymous 188271

Honestly, same

Anonymous 188272

MAD posting time then?

Anonymous 188273

I used to be a namefag (thankfully for a very brief time) on a 4chan board. I wanna kms every time I remember that. At least I should've chosen a name that had nothing to do with my husbando

Anonymous 188274


how is everyone here feeling, like unironically?

Anonymous 188275

Who's in the pic btw? He's cute.

Anonymous 188276

Like a fuckign clown

Anonymous 188277


Anonymous 188278

I'm got a 500 server error on lolcow instead of the cloudflare page once, so perhaps something is happening? Any development is a sign to me.

Anonymous 188279

Not too great. Going through withdrawal (see above) + out of one of my meds + on my period. I think I'll take a hot shower and have steamed buns with tea, today is kicking my ass

Anonymous 188280


Anonymous 188281

didnt realise how much i depend on lolcow for entertainment until i kept checking to see if it was back and getting mad. the autism is terminal,, s

Anonymous 188284

Same. I told myself I'd get back into my hobbies and go on more walks. But instead I'm stuck on that godforsaken site. What boards/threads do you frequent?

Anonymous 188285

Some guy from Dies Irae, a shitty eroge

Anonymous 188286

Really? I thought it was supposedly good, then again VNDB has fucking terrible taste (Fate and Saya are both complete dogshit, yet are the two most popular VNs on the site).

Anonymous 188287

Earlier I had a really good post for the Things I Hate thread but I forgot what it was. Now I'm annoyed, I just know it would've been a hit

Anonymous 188288

Anonymous 188289

I just say it's shitty because it is an eroge for moids and the pseudointellectual scrotes on VNDB love it, kek I haven't actually read it so I can't comment on the writing quality.

Anonymous 188290

Why is everyone here so polite? Lately everyone is getting roasted for nothing on lolcow.

Anonymous 188292

lolcow has gotten way harsher and ruder lately lmao

Anonymous 188293

>Why is everyone here so polite?
did you miss the previous thread and the one before that

Anonymous 188294

since this is a bunker thread does anyone have any screenshots of shaynas nonsense from the last couple days they want to share

i read the rules that say we cant have any drama threads but 'general' gossip is allowed and im not sure what the difference is

Anonymous 188295

I'm relatively new on lolcow, but I've seen a lot of oldfags say that the userbase has changed a lot because of newfags such as retarded TikTok kids and Twitterfags invading the site

Anonymous 188296

samefag but an infight is probably gonna happen here too in a few hours once everyone's awake

Anonymous 188298


The absolute fucking state of/cgl/.

Anonymous 188299

I almost thought this was our catalog. I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE!

Anonymous 188300

There are women who want to fuck this ghoul? Say sike right now

Anonymous 188303


i thiugjt this shit was only planned yesterday the fuck are they doin over there

Anonymous 188305

went full retard and had a very creepy and hurtful mental break in front of my mom today. feels REAL bad. i don't think things can ever go back to how they were before this afternoon.

Anonymous 188306

Every time site is down I think to myself Ah, finally, some time to read my book and then I don’t anyway

Anonymous 188309


His hotness from 30 years ago still radiates to us from the past. Also he's sad and a little femme.

Anonymous 188310

>Too tall for lolita
Oh ok, at least there are still some decent threads-
>depressed trans girl

Anonymous 188311


Oh shit, nona, what did you do?

Anonymous 188312


i think he's cute too kek

Anonymous 188313


yeah courtney love

Anonymous 188314

god that looks like what my ex from my teens would have looked like if he grew up to be handsome instead of being a crackhead and teh image scared me

Anonymous 188316

Nigga forehead is literally a 60 degree plane

Anonymous 188317

got into a really weird disassociated mental state and said a lot of things that were true but i should never have said. like how doesn't it make her sad that she and my dad brought two people into the world who both don't want to live which is about the worst thing i could have said to fucking anybody and it was my mom. i shattered my carefully crafted illusion that i was the stable one and my sibling was the only one who's about one bad day away from jumping off a bridge. basically undermined the way she saw me for the past year or so by telling her even though it looked like i was happy it wasn't real, which now mean she'll feel even more obligated than ever to try to tend to me even when things seem to be going well which is an awful burden because no matter how hard she tries she will never be able to help and that's why i was never supposed to reveal any of that because it will bring her only pain and guilt. Basically i've done nothing but multiply my personal and spread it to someone who did not deserve it.

Anonymous 188319

she needs to take responsibility that you had a bad childhood without taking it personally as a fault.
its like if you have a cat and it gets sick and you dont notice and it dies, you were responsible for the care and you failed but its not directly your fault and you shouldnt feel guilty to an unhealthy amount. i hope you can build a positive relationship if you want one

Anonymous 188320

this is gonna make me sound like even more of a jackass because it's not like that at all, my mom has always been a great parent and did everything she could for my sibling and I throughout our lives. we just got really fucked up mental health genes from my dad's side. which is why it's particularly mean-spirited that I did what I did today but I didn't feel in control of what I was saying. it doesn't happen to me that often but when it does it destroys things and I feel completely unable to control it.

Anonymous 188322

Omg this nearly made me choke lmfao I love you

Anonymous 188324

I really think it's just 1 or 2 people that go on there to infight. They probably have no idea that we have a bunker thread over here, which is why things are pretty peaceful. Once lolcow is back up I'm sure they'll come and shit /ot/ up again

Anonymous 188328

People were literally just infighting here about whether or not the Kardashians use imageboards

Anonymous 188329

Did you miss the "do Stacies use image boards" infight in the last threads

Anonymous 188330

Those same people were here a thread or two ago.
Plus the fight between the anon who wanted a nigel or gf and the other one who couldn't understand why

Anonymous 188331

So when will the maintenance end?

Anonymous 188332

Oop I stand corrected. I guess I'm lucky I was busy when those threads were up

Anonymous 188333

Never. CC is now your only option.

Anonymous 188335

KEK the answer to that question is not obvious? how could they infight about this….

Anonymous 188336

pls don't make it start again

Anonymous 188337

I feel like shit, I don't want to work.

Anonymous 188338


Friend is in the LC server there was this announcement there

Anonymous 188340

Anonymous 188342

>the downtime is perfectly normal

Anonymous 188343

lc is a pretty big/popular ib so i guess it makes sense

Anonymous 188345


Since everyone is here I hope you 's have a lovely Christmas.

Anonymous 188347

Feeling like shit, I'm sick but still decided to go to my classes because exams are coming in a few weeks.

Anonymous 188348

since when? most threads are inactive

Anonymous 188353

Right now, embarrassed and hungover — got extremely drunk last night and threw up for the first time in years, and sent a load of embarrassing voice messages to my friends, including a guy I met only two weeks ago (I started doing Ulysses analysis and rambled about a guy I sort of dated & badly broke up with to give you an idea). Listened back to some just now (it’s morning where I am) and I am more than a little ashamed lol.

Anonymous 188354


im hungry

Anonymous 188355

Anonymous 188358


well i'm not

Anonymous 188359

You posting this right under >>188353 has me picturing this as alcohol puke. Thanks for that

Anonymous 188361

Mmmm cake food and sex don't mix, yuck

Anonymous 188362

kek youre welcome

Anonymous 188363

I miss when I was a kid and thought dramatic murder was one of the worst things on the internet. unfortunately nowadays there are worse things

Anonymous 188364

If pakichan is in the house I want her to know I'm at a wedding in Lahore this week and at every party I've been scoping out the guests as if I could identify a farmer amongst them regardless of how unlikely the chance kek i don't know why but I've always wanted to meet a fellow farmer, what are we like when we're not online? Things I think about

Anonymous 188367


I'm so sorry . Maybe try doing some small task instead of naps (or start after you wake up from one since that gives a boost to you)? Not necessarily anything productive but some action that has a defined "finish" to give you a bit of that dopamine from completing a task you set out to do. Making something pretty you can put up somewhere can be a really nice mood lifter, you can find lots of lineart to colour or tutorials for different paper crafts that don't need any special materials (if you don't have a printer you can trace the templates on a paper). Pinterest and deviantart are good places to find things. It doesn't fix things but helps you slowly come back into a bit of a healthier state of mind.
I hope you are able to pull through

Anonymous 188369

i cant take this anymore i miss the shayna threads i miss /ot/ i miss the infighting i even miss the celebrity cow thread

Anonymous 188370

Ew no get a grip nona

Anonymous 188371


i could fix and love him

Anonymous 188372

i let everything pass except celebricows celebricows is a whole different breed of thread

Anonymous 188373


I read lolcow every morning while I'm in the train. If you see me, only talk to me if you are normal.

Anonymous 188374

Where did you find such a high quality image of this painting? Bless you.

Anonymous 188375


You too, dear !

Anonymous 188376

the bunker threads were so much better when we had no idea wtf was going on with lc tbh

Anonymous 188378


Your cake ma'am

Anonymous 188379


Are you a doctor or something cuz he had brain hemorrhages, love ‘em all you want but how are you going about fixing those blood puddling? Kisses?

Anonymous 188382

Nothing screams pedo like the "you're the one sexualizing it" comments when you call out inappropriate behavior, parents showing their children naked on the internet, or teens dressing inappropriately. A pedo would be up and down trying to encourage all of these, there's only a handful of cases where people are actually sexualizing something that shouldn't be sexualized like breastfeeding or swim suits

Anonymous 188384

D8Gygp5UIAEfoeT (1…

i feel so empty anons

Anonymous 188385

Omg this reminds me of a ex-popular influencer who kept posting pics of her children naked on the beach or in the tub. Kept telling anyone who was concerned with it being posted that no THEY were the pedo. It took until she found out a pedo saved those images and posted them on cp sites that she realized oh yeah maybe I shouldn't fucking post that online

Anonymous 188387

Gorgeous ! Love the colours

Anonymous 188388

Nice colors

Anonymous 188391

I need my daily shaynus content lolcor come baacckkk

Anonymous 188393


I want to post about Jason.

Anonymous 188394

the best part of w…

Anonymous 188395


She had a great flight injecting herself with God knows what in the airplane bathroom (image is of a text tweet but I'll spare non shaynons from her grossness)

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