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If you had kids what would you name them Anonymous 188183

Doesnt matter whether you actually want kids or not

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 188213

Im thinking about tons of names currently..(girls only though)
Freya, Astrid, Alisa, Alice/Alicia, Breanah, Holly, Maya, Rhiannon, Katya/Katja, Evangeline, Janice, Norah, Ellie…

Anonymous 188237


If Boy:
Ambrose. That's the only boy name I like.
If Girl:
Whatever badass Japanese or Korean (my father is half-half) girl's name I can find. I already got the most badass name a Japanese girl can have so probably something Korean.

Anonymous 188256

Maybe it's because I don't want kids but I legitimately can't think of a single name I would want to give my children.
I have a lot of name ideas for OCs though

Anonymous 188266

As a Korean anon, Taegyeong (태경) is the first name that comes to mind. The name Taegyeong seen as a very badass name for a girl.

Anonymous 188270

<3 amby, that precious bb shrimp!

Anonymous 188291

It took months to grind my partner down to the point he'd agree to naming our daughter Lillian, after my great grandmother. He wanted either Aisling or Rosalind, after Rosalind Franklin. If we can have another child, I want either Elise or James, while he wants either Morgan or Murdoch.

Anonymous 188301

Boy: Casimir
Girl: Thalia

Anonymous 188304

Lillian sounds like a name tranny would choise for himself

Anonymous 188315

please dont name your child Murdoch

Anonymous 188326

If I had a girl I would name her Olga I think it's a pretty name. If it was a boy I would beat it with a rock until it died.

Anonymous 188341

You are utterly broken if that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Anonymous 188344

Anonymous 188346

girl: shayna

Anonymous 188350

I like long names that have easy, cute nicknames. I could call my kid by endearing short versions but they could still go by the long version if they wanted to come off as more professional when they get older.
Examples include Josephine/Josie, Judith/Judy, Matthew/Matt, Thomas/Tom, Nathaniel/Nate. Other names I like that don't fit that rule include Marcie, Holly, Jesse and Moira/Myra.
Realistically I'd never have kids, though.
Kek I genuinely really like Shayna or Shayla as a name but I could never name anything that because of the associations

Anonymous 188608

Artemis for a daughter

The first time I heard it I thought it was another variation of Artyom which is a boys name but apparently Artemis could be named for a girl too

Anonymous 188610

I love classic names , maybe Penelope and call her Penny, Clementine, Charlotte. I like Charles for a boy, Casper and Wilbur are also cute. My guinea pigs are named Ethel and Mabel

Anonymous 188621

my top 3 girls names are evelyn, charlotte or penelope. i like the nicknames evie, charlie and penny.
ive never really been obsessed with any names for boys. the only ones i can think of that i kind of like are levi, noah or bentley

Anonymous 188954

For a girl, I would do Genesis (gen for short,) Alice, Gemma, or maybe Erica. For a boy, maybe River.

Anonymous 189015

Juniper and Samuel

Anonymous 189142

Deathsmash and Deathfist

Anonymous 189158

Man, I always have all sorts of cool baby names pop up in my head at random times except for when needed. Anyways I have always liked girl names that end with the 'dee' sound ie Brandy, Judy, Cindy, Wendy, Mindy

Anonymous 189285

snart and krungle

Anonymous 189391

Plondris, Blendafern, Timotrestle, Glendisthrill, Brath, Yenstrendel, Parthesis, Moodgraft, Memphidae, Filly, Fendwend, Gwentistest, Ambyltha, Gemtryst, Pond, Trill, Gendrum, Kampf, Metrosis, Derblin, Gerdlin, Trontsticle, Nestmin, Munprince

Anonymous 189561

This is so beautiful anon, I too love greek/goddess names for a daughter. One of my names is Athena. Artemis is a gorgeous name too, I love unique but actual pretty names.

I'm latina but most of my names are anglo based/inspired I really don't like spanish/portuguese names. My name/surname are italian tho, I think names like Bianca, Giulia and Sara are pretty.

Male names, my absolute favorite (and only male name I really like) is Marvin. I've liked that name since I was six in 2003 and I don't know why, I just do! I found out its meaning is like sea friend and made me like it even more since I love the ocean, mermaid aesthetics and I surf/swim kek

I think I'd like to have boy/girl twins and name them Marvin and Marina to keep the sea theme

Anonymous 189586

That's such a good one.

Anonymous 189734

If I have a daughter I'd like to name her after one of my grandmothers or mother, but my husband doesn't like that idea.

He is Japanese so we want names that work in English and Japanese.

For a girl I like Hillary/Hirari.

For a boy my husband likes Ken. I like Noah. I don't like names that are nicknames so a lot of boys options are meh to me.

Anonymous 189756

If I had a daughter I'd name her after my mom. Almost all of the women in my family going back to as far as we can find written records have one of two names, firstborn girls would be named after their grandmothers, so the same names would keep getting used every other generation. My mom received a modernized/anglicized version of her grandmother's name, & I broke the pattern as my first name is something totally different (but I share a middle name with my grandma.) I think it's a cute tradition and would like to keep the pattern going.
I have no idea about what I'd name a son, I don't really like any boys' names

Anonymous 190133

For works that work in both japanese and english you have: Wren/Ren, Kira, Tori, Naomi, Rika, Mina, May/Mei, Ray/Rei, Hanna/Hana, Erika, Amy/Ami.

Anonymous 192182

>tranny names.
Anon, where do troons get their fake names from again?

Anonymous 192421

For a girl, I like Aleena, Gillian, and Ramona

For a boy, I like Jack, Thomas, and Virgil

Anonymous 192462

For girls I like Loujain, Selma and Sakiba. For boys- Younes, Taha and Seraj. I have others but I always forget.

Anonymous 192464

maria or magdalene or both.

Anonymous 192474

For girls:
Tulip, Lorrie, Delaney

For boys:
Graham, Toby, Otto, Theo/Teddy

Anonymous 192550

I think Moska is so pretty for a girl. I'd name my daughter that, no question! Also (Ame-)Lita, Natalia, Annika and Gaia are very nice imo. Honestly there are barely any men's names I find nice, I would probably name my son after my grandfather if I ever have one.

Anonymous 192554

For girls: Hope, Silence, Mercy,

For boys: If-Christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned, Fear-God

Anonymous 192560

it depends on the ethnicity of the father/my husband. the only certainty is that the baby’s middle name will be my mother’s first name if she’s a girl

Anonymous 192603

Lmao sp you’re raising a deaf french family gotcha sis


Girl: Aurora.
It's my dream but my country is quite old fashioned with names. Every cool sounding name in english if it has its equivalent in Polish they all. sound. like. shit. Like for old people/villagers names. Even though Aurora is a legit name if you have a rare name (not even talking about Ashleieghs and stuff, this doesn't happen) even such as Cassandra or any of the likes you will not be taken seriously.
More realistic: maybe Diana. All other names I hate or even if they were nice a shit person with it ruined it for me. I like only other name in Polish and it's taken by me LMAO.
For a boy: Felix or Sebastian. The latter has a bad stereotype in Polish and the former is too rare though. I also like Charlie but no equivalent in my language.

Anonymous 206711

I actually have a top 10 list

1. Summer
2. Cecilia
3. Vivian
4. Ivy
5. Hazel
6. Bianca
7. Lila
8. Aurora
9. Rose
10. Eden

1. Owen
2. Finn
3. Xavier
4. Adrian
5. Dominic
6. Wesley
7. Jasper
8. Theo
9. Henry
10. Vincent

Anonymous 206723


Anonymous 206734

Unique-ish names like this always make me think of troons sadly… especially
>Finn (le quirky enby)
>Vincent (TiF who strains her voice to sound male and makes misogynist jokes to try to seem more like a man)
>Aurora/Eden/Ivy (TiM programmer who posts about being a catgirl on twitter)

Anonymous 206741

nta but nooo these are just normal names, we can't let troons have everything

Anonymous 206810

The very definition of rent-free. Get help.

Based and Puritan-Pilled.

Anonymous 206828

Any name could be a tranny name at this point. What do you want me to do? Name my son Robert?

Anonymous 206842

Catherine Elizabeth ("Katie Bit")
Madeline Rose ("Rosie")
Alexandra Jeanette ("Alix")

Jonathan Richard ("JR")
Samuel Timothy ("Sam")
Nicholas Harold ("Nick")

Anonymous 206858

Those names sound super british

Anonymous 206873

I just like "traditional sounding" names. All the middle names are from grandparents, too

Anonymous 206874

*grandparents and great-grandparents

Anonymous 206886

Moreso the nicknames on the girls I think. Not the fact they’re traditional.

Anonymous 206887

I'm probably showing my personality with these names kek
Just a unisex list

Names I like:
-Loup (French meaning 'wolf')

Normal names I like:
-Guadalupe, nn Lupe or Lupita

Multi-barreled names (as in their first name, or their middle name, but not both. Some of these have actually been used)
-Thunder in the Mojave
-Mist on the Mountains
-Dependable Hickory

Anonymous 206924

Christ, how pathetic. Trannies are mentally ill, but you're right on their heels constantly associating everything they try to take from women with them. If your first reaction to a fucking WOMAN's name is "I bet trannies have been here" then you are in deep, deep need of help. Seriously, it's not healthy to constantly, and so deeply, associate everyday parts of life with them.

Anonymous 206928

you know my stereotypes were spot-on

Anonymous 206943

I would want to name a son Diego, and if I had a girl Angela.

Anonymous 206944

Lol i thought the names ftm choose are along the lines of Elliot, Oliver, Milo, Ash, etc

And I see a lot of mtf called Alice for some reason.

Anonymous 207001



I really like names that sound kind of classical or just a teensy bit old fashioned. I also tend to like a lot of biblical names

Anonymous 207231

lara, rania
no boy names i would abort it

Anonymous 207239

I forget the wife's name
John Redcorn

Anonymous 207241

thank you anons for naming the next 60 generations of my sims kek
good taste

Anonymous 212646

>hey! my name's Coyote! and this is my sister, Antarctica
Please don't ever have children

Anonymous 212698

Anonymous 212713

ayrt idk I think Coyote and Antarctica both sound like names. Maybe I spend too much time around hippies. But it's a good sibset idea, so thanks for the rec!

Anonymous 212714

idk i just want to give one of my kids the middle name chrysanthemum

Anonymous 212823

I like the names Edith.. Anya.. Bianca (seems to be popular here too)
If I have a boy God Forbid I like the name Jonah, but my childhood friend recently had a baby with that name. Maybe, my kid would be more powerful and claim the Jonah Name. But, Jonah Prime is already older than my hypothetical Jonah… That being said, a photo was recently posted of Jonah Prime and he was pushing a pink stroller with a baby girl doll in it so perhaps he is One of Those and therefore weaker.
The moid wants to name our future child after his father figure, Tommy. Tommy Junior. What an awful name. I will not let this unconceived child leave the womb unscathed

Anonymous 213101

I know so many mtf called Alice and Bunny on fb…. They seem to love Amy Rose from Sonic for some reason

Anonymous 213394

girl: malin, leela, femke, liv, evi
boy: i would abort but i like the name nathanael

Anonymous 217156

Girl: Henrietta, Rico, Lucy, Mary
Boy: Jordan, Henry

Anonymous 217326

are you being serious

Anonymous 217478

Clementine, Jeanne, Quinn, Emily, Rosetta
Adrian, Lucas, Tristan, Remy, John

Anonymous 217498


Anonymous 217517

Hailey, Shannon, Claire
Matthew, Gavin, Jonah

Anonymous 217639

I love the name Leslie, but ONLY on a male. On a girl I think it's super lame but on a boy it's perfection.
I also love the name Barnabas, but in the 21st century, I'd probably only choose it as a middle name, especially considering the most popular nickname would be "Barney".
Other boy names I like are Westley, Jessie, Barry. You may notice a theme.

Girl names I like are Esther, Taylor, Margot, Margaret, and others that don't end in a or y. I don't really know why but that's just how I feel. They sound more interesting to me.

Anonymous 224935

mary-elizibeth, madeline, or quinn. If i became pregnant with a scrote I would abort that thing so quick.

Anonymous 224936

Gia, Clarabelle, and Bernard are names I really like.

Anonymous 225444

Snickerdoodle and Camelot

Anonymous 225670

Jeebus. Just remember that yer kids will be adults someday. In a few decades there are going to be 50 & 60 year old women with cringey kiddie names like Haylie & Kaylie. Hazel Elizabeth and Kathrynn Elizabeth would have made everyone happy. Unique spellings are a lifelong PITA too. Don't saddle your kid with that either.

Anonymous 225699

I agree with your post but it made me kek because my grandma is called Hailey and I can't imagine it as anything but an old lady name now

Anonymous 225974

I want to adopt, so they'd arrive pre-named. I would like to hyphenate my surname onto theirs, but only if the child was comfortable with it maybe a year or two after adoption (I would only adopt a child who is 8 or older).

Anonymous 225976


>Henrietta, Rico
good taste

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